Palestinian Town Qalqilya Gives ‘Untouchables’ The Boot…….

Now that is something for the rest of the Arabs in the Palestinian administered areas to think about, their fellow Arabs just gave Hamas a pummeling in local elections. It appears that the promise of ”no corruption” and ”better administration” was not enough, if one fails on providing services.

Hamas competed in last year’s city council election in Qalqilya, winning all 15 seats, ousting the ruling Fatah from power. According to Samir Nassar, a 30-year-old Qalqilya resident who has spent nearly half of his life in Israeli jails, said: “All of my life I voted for Fatah but this time I voted for Hamas and it won the election because there is no competition. The people who ran things before were corrupt. Fatah is getting nowhere with Sharon. We will try the new people and judge how they do.”

Well it looks like they tried the ”untouchables”, and found them…. out of touch. More than likely the intrusion by Hamas into everyone’s daily business is what propably did them in, plus denying the use of a public building for a music festival (thereby causing its cancellation) was a bone head move by the party of the ”incorruptible untouchables”.

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