Finnish Magazine Sacks Editor For Mohamed Cartoon Strip…….

The very long arm of Islam has left its mark in the far reaches of the north, here in Finland. Self censorship was thought to have been a thing of the past, something that supposedly disappeared with the demise of the USSR. Finns were now free to print in their media taboo subjects that would have been deemed offensive by the late totalitarian regime of the Soviets.

Finns, more than anyone else, should be keenly aware of what is happening, and take a united stand against this newer type of intimidation that is using religion as a pretext for silencing criticism.

What the Western world today is doing in regards to the dangers posed by radical Islam, could be accurately termed as a ‘collective repression’. By collectively repressing the imminent danger of Muslim fundamentalism, as demonstrated by the western response to the pictures of Mohamed, the free west is placating to an intolerance found in another utopian ideology.

As with the USSR, many in the West now hope to forestall any irrational responses by an aggressive Islam, by being submissive to their irrational demands, even if it means betraying some of their most cherished rights, free speech. By ‘looking the other way’, many in the West are refusing to acknowledge the intolerant force that has arrayed itself against it. The same phenomenon can be seen in the communities of the traditionally discriminated, with Jews avoiding the issue of anti-Semitism. In ‘Freudian Repression: Conversation Creating the Unconscious’, by Michael Billig:

“Apparently it was a widespread practice for Jews of the Europe of that time, especially middle class Jews, to avoid the issue of anti-Semitism, and their oppression by their society. Perhaps this was the main reason that so many of them failed to escape from that oppression. Freud himself fled Vienna so late that it was only the intervention by a third party on his behalf that allowed him to escape.”

There are now many in the West who are behaving in the very ‘same like’ manner, by collectively repressing the imminent danger of Muslim fundamentalism. That spells doom not only for Israel and the Jews (but first for them), but for the whole world as well. KGS

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