Majority Of Palestinians Support Acts Of Genocide…….

In a poll conducted by the JMCC ( Jerusalem Media & CommunicationCenter )of Palestinians:

Though (43.0%) of Palestinians who voted for the Hamas said they did so with the hope of ending corruption, when asked to what extent the elected members of the PLC represent their viewpoints, A ‘whopping’ (68%) said that the elected members represent their viewpoints.

The study also goes to show that (56.2%) support suicide bombing operations against Israeli civilians, or in other words, over 80% either support or only mildly oppose suicide bombings against Israeli civilians.

Q18. How do you feel towards suicide bombing operations against Israeli civilians? Do you support them, or oppose them?

  • Strongly support 22.4
  • Somewhat support 33.8
  • Somewhat oppose 24.3
  • Strongly oppose 16.4
  • No answer 3.1

Lets face it, though trash removal and corruption was a factor in removing Fatah from power, the powerful elixir of ‘Jew removal’ through genocidal means was a far more important factor in Hamas’ victory. KGS

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