IAEA = Mediocrity…….

When one thinks of the IAEA chief, only one word comes to mind,..Mediocrity. Nobel peace prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei, has managed very well in living up to the same mediocre standards of that infamous league of ‘under achievers’.

In much the same way as Yasser Arafat or Jimmy Carter, ElBaradei did not deserve the peace prize awarded by the Nobel academy, unless gross inaptitude and spineless inaction are the qualities Stockholm deems worth honoring.

Now the international community finds itself once again at a crossroads. After many months of meaningless dialogue with an Iranian regime whose sole intent was to drag out the process as long as possible, the IAEA, now thoroughly exhausted, has ‘thrown in the towel’ of capitulation.

“IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei will make no recommendations in a broad report on three years of probes in Iran he is to give to board members on February 27, a week before they convene to weigh whether to urge a course of action by the Security Council. But he has already suggested in diplomatic circles that a compromise may lie in accepting small-scale enrichment in Iran in exchange for guarantees of no full nuclear fuel production that could enable diversions into bomb-making, diplomats say.”

The Iranian Mullahs have proven themselves to be worthy adversaries, showing just how well they can manipulate key UN Security Council states such as China and Russia. China needs oil as much as Putin’s Russia needs international recognition as a major player on the world stage. Catering to these basic needs, the Iranian’s have managed to raise the bar once more, sending a dangerous signal to the US that unilateral action is the only option left open as opposed to inaction. Tying the US down in Iraq by providing not only weaponry, funding operations as well as logistical bases to the jihadists to operate from, the Iranians must feel that the threat of US intervention is no longer a serious consideration.

Banking on the international community to provide a mediocre response, the Iranians are just playing for time until the reach their goal, a nuclear arsenol of their very own. I believe that the US of course not allow for that to happen, with US president GWBush eventually ordering a strike against the Iranian nuke facilities. I wonder if ‘W’ will win a Nobel prize for that? KGS

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