Buffoonery To The Umpteenth Power…….

As I said before, there will be an immediate drive to ”overlook” all of what Hamas stands for, in the rush to get more concessions from Israel. Though Finnish FM Erkki Tuomioja correctly repeated in a recent interview, the need for the Hamas to recognize Israel, the Finnish Foreign Ministery nonetheless needs to consistently repeat the demand for all three conditions to be fulfilled by the Hamas every time, and that means on the Finnish MFA’s own website as well.

In Sunday’s televised discussion on Finland’s YLE 1, Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja said concerning Hamas that:

“he has a cynical view of a Hamas offer to mediate. However, he went on to describe the organization’s ”new more peaceful role” as “encouraging”. He added that while he does not believe that Hamas will be the prime mediator, it must be an important party in this dialogue aimed as ending the violence. “

This is the type of buffoonery I am talking about that keeps Europe from ever being taken seriously as a part of the peace process in the ME. Finnish FM Erkki Tuomioja, actually believes that Hamas has attributes worth using, even the role of being a secondary ‘mediator’ in the resolving the Mohamed cartoon fiasco. How can any rational thinking person believe that the Hamas, (a fascist movement) has the makings of a peace negotiator.

This is nothing more than an ‘Orwellian’ attempt at whitewashing a racist, intolerant movement that seeks the destruction of a fellow democracy. What is incredible, is that FM Tuomioja actually finds it ‘perhaps logical’ in reaching out to an intolerant group to help bridge the gap between Europe and the Islamic world concerning…… religious intolerance. Pure buffoonery.

Lets take a look at the following points taken from Meshaal’s recent speech, which was relayed live on al-Jazeera on February 3:

  • “We say to the West that you will be beaten in Palestine and the defeat has already begun. Israel will be vanquished, and all those who have supported and continue to support it will also be vanquished. America will be defeated in Iraq. The nation of Muhammad will triumph in Palestine and Iraq and on all Arab and Muslim soil… Tomorrow, our nation will rule the world; this is a fact. Tomorrow, we will rule the world.”
  • “Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated. Before they die, they will experience disgrace and humiliation… They relied upon Sharon and he has left them, and today they have defeated leaders….”
  • Today, we have imposed a new equation in the war. In this equation, we have stronger weapons, and we will therefore defeat them. We will defeat them psychologically and destroy their security before we defeat them militarily in the field. Gaza is the first triumph, and the elections are the second stage – and so it will continue.”
  • “I say to America, Europe, and the West: You have an interest in improving relations and changing your policy toward the Arab and Islamic nation, as well as maintaining ties with the victors instead of with the defeated. Israel will be vanquished and the Arabs will triumph. The Muslims will win. Palestine will win. Change your policy immediately.”

When Hamas is looked at through the words of its own leaders, rational thinking dictates that they are not of use for anything positive and need to be shunned like the National Socialists should have been in the 30’s. Like his soul mate Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, they want us to just look the other way when it comes to Hamas and other racist Islamists in the ME, and “understand” their prejudice and brutality becuase they are just in the cradle of their civilization. We therefore should be “patient” and wait perhaps a couple of hundred years until they ”wake up and smell the tahina”.

What’s wrong with that type of naive and dangerous thinking, (as a friend recently said) :

“is that history has proven to us that we now KNOW that fanatic leaders do not only talk, they also act (like Hitler, whom nobody believed in the 20’s and 30’s in Germany!), and, in contrast to medieval times, such leaders can nowadays

  • get access to nuclear weapons
  • threaten and blackmail the whole world with that
  • use effective local and world-wide propaganda to incite bloody conflicts.

    We do not need to look any further than recent history to decide for us on how to treat Hamas, that being with disdain ………and a very stiff arm. KGS

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