Finnish FM Tuomioja Forgets Call For Israel’s Recognition…….

In the wake of last week’s Palestinian elections and subsequent victory by Hamas, its been enlightening to follow both the reactions, as well as the responses generated by the international community. Just how is the Hamas win exactly being interpreted by the US and the EU, and by other western governments independently?

In his recent State of the Union Address to Congress, US President George Bush warned Hamas; ”The Palestinian people have voted in elections — now the leaders of Hamas must recognize Israel, disarm, reject terrorism, and work for lasting peace.” EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said in Brussels that; “they (Hamas)have been a terrorist organization. They have to change their methods and they have to accept that violence is incompatible with democracy.” According to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair; “I think it is important for Hamas to understand that there comes a point and the point is now… where they have to decide between a path of democracy or a path of violence.”

The comments coming from the Finnish Foreign Ministry also stated the need for Hamas to; “renounce violence and to honor previous commitments,” while leaving out the fact that Hamas needs to recognize Israel. The EU ambassador to Israel, Ramiro Cibrian-Uzal didn’t make the same ommission as the Finnish FM, including it as one of the three demands.

  1. Be committed to non-violence
  2. Recognize Israel
  3. Accept previous understandings and agreements, including the road map

Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja went even further,claiming that; “The result must therefore be respected as the will of the Palestinians, rising from the frustration with corruption and governance failures during the Fattah rule as well as from the stagnation of the peace process in the Middle East which has not brought relief to their daily lives. The result cannot be interpreted as endorsement to the religious fundamentalism of Hamas nor to its previous violence.”

What I find troubling with Finnish FM’s statement, is that it leaves out any possibility that the Palestinians who voted for Hamas in overwhelming numbers, did so, because they agree with Hamas’s politically racist and genocidal platform. In an article by Jonah Goldberg published in the National Review, Goldberg mentions an elected Hamas candidate who; ” exhorted her youngest living son, Mohammed, 17, not to come back alive from a mission against the Jews. Indeed, she hopes all three of her remaining sons will die in the process of slaughtering Jews.”

How is it that the Finnish FM, refuses to acknowledge such extremism as being an intricate part of the Palestinian psychology? What more evidence would be needed to convince him that the election victory by Hamas, was not simply a vote for better trash removal or for shorter waiting lines at a health clinic? Hamas is an extremely violent and racist movement, whose charter is based on a radical interpretation of the Koran, that demands no alternative solution to the conflict with Israel, other than its removal with an Islamist Arab state in its place. Any other practical solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, would be in contradiction with Hamas’ radical Islamic teachings. To say otherwise, you would have to be willing to believe that Hamas would except a Jewish state it abhors, while voting itself out of existence, when the exact opposite is true.

‘Eki’ has his head placed in a very deep hole, the question is, what will it take for him to remove it? KGS

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