The Egyptians are having a hard time getting on top of it……

Worrisome developments in a post disengaged Gaza

The illegal flow of both weapons and personnel is a worrisome development that many warned about before Israel emptied itself from the Gaza and portions of the WB area. According to intelligence officials, the flood of weapons and ammunition along with the infiltration of Al-qaida operatives, does not bode well for the near future. According to the Israeli Shin Bet, thousands of rifles, tens of RPG’s and two tons of explosives are smuggled into Gaza Strip every month.

What we should be asking ourselves is, why is it, that a total Israeli withdrawal from an area mostly under their control since the 67″ war, would bring an escalation of Palestinian violence? One would think that gaining territory would produce some measure of Palestinian reciprocity, of the kind that would include a complete cessation of violence, not one volley of Kassems after another. I can only conclude that the Palestinians have nothing positive to offer the Israelis for future concessions, other than more of the same. And the EU observers…….observe, when they’re not being driven away. KGS

“Israeli leaders have never found a strong Palestinian leader trading terror for a state. There have been three Jewish states here but never once an Arab state. However unwillingly and with a wary eye on its many enemies – all in the Arab and/or Muslim sphere – Sharon was attempting to create history with something no Arab had ever achieved before.”

Ilya Meyer, Gothenburg, sweden

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