Finnish Newspaper Labels These Two As ‘Victims’…….

The Finnish media has never been taken to task concerning the way they report the news on the Middle East, its about time they were. Here is another example of a built in bias in the Finnish media, towards presenting the Palestinians in a more favourable way.

Finnish newspaper Keskisuomalainen :

Israel on iskenyt Gazaan.

Palestiinalaislähteiden mukaan kaksi palestiinalaista kuoli ja kolmas haavoittui, kun Israelin armeija ampui ohjuksen Gazan pohjoisosaan. Turvallisuuslähteet kertoivat, että yksi kuolleista olisi vapaalla ollut poliisi. Uhrit saivat surmansa poliisin kodin lähistöllä Beit Lahijan kaupungissa, lähteet raportoivat.

For those of you who are not fluent in Finnish:

Israel strikes Gaza.

According to Palestinian sources, two Palestinians died and a third was wounded when the Israeli army launched a missle into the northern section of Gaza. Security sources say that one of the dead was an of duty policeman. The victims were killed near the policeman’s home in the city of Beit Lahija, sources reported.

To those of us who follow the news coming from the ME, Palestinian sources are as trustworthy as the former Iraqi Information Minister, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf.

Just look at the picture and decide for yourselves whether these two morons are actually victims. The western press is played like a sore tune by the Palestinians, time and time again. The need to give space to Palestinian sources without a disclaimer (“source emanating from a society with a controlled media”) is totally irresponsible. KGS

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