Palestinian Homicide/Suicide Terrorist Tries to Infiltrate Israel, Roadblock Saves Countless Lives…….

The next time you hear someone complain about Israeli roadblocks in the West Bank, kindly refer them to this story. An Israeli officer was killed and others injured when a Palestinian homicide bomber blew himself up at an Israeli temporary roadblock. While Israel tries to limit its military’s contact with the civilian Palestinian population, terrorist groups cause the IDF to maintain a series of check points and roadblocks to stop would be murderes from crossing into Israel.

Critical voices demand an end to these types of necessary roadblocks, but as this story shows us, without them, civilians would be randomly murdered in the streets of Israel. KGS

“An IDF officer and two Palestinians were killed, an IDF soldier was severely wounded and two additional IDF soldiers were moderately wounded in a suicide bombing attack carried out this morning, December 29, 2005, at a roadblock near the village of Jbara, south of Tulkarm. The officer’s family has been notified.

An initial inquiry into the incident revealed that the suicide bomber who was on his way to carry out a suicide bombing attack during the Hanukkah holiday season inside Israel, arrived at the roadblock in a Palestinian taxi at 9:30 a.m. Following high security alerts of a suicide bomber who intended to infiltrate into Israel, IDF forces had set up temporary roadblocks in the Tulkarm area in an effort to prevent the bomber from entering Israel.” Read More

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