The Ghost of Vidkun Quisling Comes a Haunting…….

The decision of a local Norwegian regional parliament to boycott Israeli products is not only immoral, but racist in nature. For the Norwegian parliament to single out Israel for boycott, while overlooking more deserving states, reeks of ‘foul play’, or in other words…anti-Semitism.

Shimon Samuels, of the Simon Wiesenthal Center has hit the nail on the head, by labeling the Norwegian boycott as an act of anti-Semitism in the spirit of Hitler’s ‘Don’t buy from Jews’ campaign of the 1930’s.

Norwegian wrath and their subsequent boycotts don’t extend to states such as Saudi Arabia. The Norwegians must be content with the Saudi system of stonings, beheadings, segregated highways where no non-Muslim is allowed to drive on. Nor the fact that the Saudis treat their women as chattel, with little or no rights at all. Forbidden to even drive a car or to seek work outside the home.

The Norwegians must be ‘all a glow’ over the fact that Jews are forbidden entrance into the ‘Kingdom’, and all non-Muslim religious posessions are confiscated upon entrance into the Kingdom, even Christian crucifixes hanging around one’s neck. Still, no call by the Norwegians for a boycott of products coming from the Saudi Kingdom…what gives?

I’ll tell you why……..because its just so damn easy to do so. The international Jew (Israel)is singled out for opprobrium, as individual Jews were in their home countries during times of trouble. It was easy to single them out then as it is to single out the lone Jewish state now. These ‘mental midgets’ who are now moralizing the need to boycott Israel, have lost their moral compasses ages ago. It seems that some are just immune to the lessons of the past, driven to commit the same misdeeds of an anti-Semitical Europe, decades ago. KGS

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