Israeli ‘Eco’ Diapers For Tots…….

Its unfortunate that the Finnish ‘Greens’ Party advocates a boycott on Israeli products. Due to the necessity of building an anti-terror security fence, in order to keep suicide homicide bombers out of Israel, the Greens Party should seriously reconsider their short sighted proposal. The world benefits greatly from Israeli technology, with the world’s computers for example, being powered by micro chips invented/patented in Israel. On the local level, Israeli science and medicine is helping Palestinian Arabs.

This new 100 percent biodegradable absorbent polymer developed by Israeli startup company, Exotech, will greatly reduce the world’s landfills of an unwanted source of pollution and waste. Presently, all diapers use an acrylic acid that takes over 500 years to degrade, and with over 22 billion of these diapers being sold in the US alone, this Israeli scientific breakthough is as timely as it is badly needed. KGS

“Exotech, an Israeli company based in Kiryat Gat, claims that its unique new polymer, a macromolecular compound called ethylene-bis-stearamide (EBS), is not only as absorbent as its rival acrylic acid, but it is also cheaper, more available, and safer for both humans and the environment. When Arie Axlerad wants to make a point, he takes a spoonful of the super absorbent polymer developed by his company, Exotech Bio Solutions, and eats it. It’s a persuasive demonstration, because Exotech asserts that its new polymer, which can be used for anything from biodisposable ‘green’ diapers to a new bandage for burn victims, is 100 percent biodegradable and biocompatible.”

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