All In The Family…….

In this post 9/11 world, the unpleasant truth that every nation must come to terms with, is the fact that international terrorism is a real and deadly threat for all concerned. The Nordic states cannot and should not rely on the flawed reasoning of some who view non-participation in the War On Terror, as the ‘litmus test’ for being immune to the activities of ‘Islamist Extremists’. Such thinking is as naive as it is demonstratively dangerous, when the recent bombing attempt by a Swedish Al-Qaida cell group is taken into consideration.

The stated goals of the ‘Islamist Extremists’, are not only directed against the US and Israel, but also against its Western allies as well. All European liberal democracies, (by virtue of being a part of the international community), fully cooperate in many mutual security organizations, whether it be in NATO or EU governmental bodies. This fact alone is enough to place any European state fully in the cross hairs of any Islamist Extremist group.

The threat of terrorism is a reality we all must come to terms with, and the stated goals of the terrorists, (no matter how ludicrous) have to be taken seriously, that they actually mean what they say. Christopher Hitchens got it right when he stated :

“The great point about Blair’s 1999 speech was that it asserted the obvious. Coexistence with aggressive regimes or expansionist, theocratic, and totalitarian ideologies is not in fact possible. One should welcome this conclusion for the additional reason that such coexistence is not desirable, either.”

I agree, and those pre-9/11 European ‘fence sitting’ states, (especially here in Scandanvia) should carefully consider those words as well. KGS

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