Jihadi Sympathizers attack Iraqi Polling Station in Sweden…….

I recently mentioned that Islamists might be targeting the Nordic region, and it looks like they have attempted an arson attack in Sweden. They failed to do any damage in the Stockholm polling station, with Iraqi expats performing their civic duty with much the same enthusiasm as their fellow countrymen in Iraq. This is one major victory for the democratic movement, as it is a defeat for the Islamist totalitarianists. KGS

“A petrol bomb was thrown into an Iraqi election office in Stockholm early on Thursday, but did not catch fire and caused no injuries, officials said. “It was a Molotov cocktail, but it did not catch fire and no one was hurt. Voting is continuing as usual today,” Dara Ahmad, secretary to the Iraqi ambassador in Sweden, told AFP. “We had information that something might happen, so we had security. Now we have increased the security,” he added. The attack came just hours before people across Iraq turned out to choose the first four-year term parliament since the downfall of former dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003. Swedish police spokeswoman Diana Sundin said guards in the Stockholm facility had heard an explosion at around 12:30am.”

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