HO-Hum, The EU Warns Iran Over Holocaust Denial Remarks…….

OK,… what really could have been an impressive show of steel and nerves, would have been for the EU to haul Iran’s butt before the UN Security Council for sanctions. It would have been a no ‘skin off the nose’ resolution by the EU, because it would have faced a Russian veto. But lets back up a bit.

There shouldn’t have been a need for a resolution in the first place, becuase, the Iranians should already have been banned from the UN for violating its charter. Calling for the destruction of a fellow UN member, Israel, was a priori for kicking the Iranians out. Holocaust denial is just another reason why Iran is to be considered a rogue state.

I will venture to say that the Iranian Mullahs must be rolling themselves over on carpeted floor in laughter, at Europes’ latest ‘warning’. Just how threatening of an image do the EU diplomats think they really project, after issuing an umptheenth number of useless and meaningless warnings?

I dare say the Europeans are reading more into their statements than the Iranians are. KGS


Germany’s foreign minister warned Thursday that the international community is losing patience with Iran after its president denied the Holocaust as a “myth.”

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