Apologies and Condemnations Are Not Enough…….

The tragic terrorist bombing in Netanya, did not break any ”period of calm”, but was one out of many attempts by Palestinian terrorists to inflict murder and mayhem upon Israeli society. Since February this year, Islamic Jihad has carried out 11 attacks on Israel, murdering 29 and wounding hundreds. How can the media refer to that as a period of calm? In addition to the Israeli decision to withdraw from Gaza, Israel has agreed to an international border with Egypt, along with the possibility of truck convoys to the WB. In the spirit of reciprocity, the Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist groups continue to launch rockets towards Israeli cities and towns.

During the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, has shown that he can deploy his 60 000 man police force to secure any border and in any area when he is inclined to do so, why is he failing to do so now? Is Abbas going to fall back on Yasser Arafat’s old worn out excuse that ”he is incapable of stopping terrorism”? Though Arafat clearly was lying back then, Abbas has no excuse to do so now.

Apologies are a poor excuse for inaction, and his lack of assertiveness in controlling the Palestinian Authority, will only serve to undermine his government in the future. If President Abbas is serious about the future of Palestine, he has to start acting like it. Abbas has to start condemning terrorism as being both immoral and never again as an option to political negotiations. KGS

From INN news:

Al-Agha is also featured in a clip glorifying violence and terror, which can be viewed by clicking here.”That the PA allowed such a sign to be erected at the site is a powerful message to Palestinians, emphasizing once again that terrorists are heroes,” Marcus said.Other examples of the PA’s continued glorification of suicide bombers include the naming of summer camps for suicide terrorists, a soccer tournament named for the suicide bomber who murdered 31 at the Passover massacre in Netanya’s Park Hotel, a girls’ school near Hevron named by the PA Ministry of Education for a woman terrorist who murdered 37 and a poetry collection produced by the PA Ministry of Culture named in honor of the suicide bomber who killed 21 at a restaurant in Haifa.

“As long as the PA features exciting, terror-promoting videos on its websites, and names streets, schools, summer camps and tournaments after terrorists, its isolated condemnations of terror attacks – worded to placate Western leaders – will be long forgotten by Palestinians, while the infrastructures of hate and terror will last and reverberate,” Marcus and Crook conclude. “This leaves lasting impressions on PA youth and creates a new generation of PA terrorists waiting for another target.”

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