Saddam Hussein’s Attorney Proclaims Him to be Guilty as Charged…….

Saddam Hussein’s newly appointed (‘moon bat’) attorney Ramsey Clark, has already been seen provening the former dicator to have been guilty. The charges Saddam faces, involve the 1982 massacre of 148 men and boys in the Shiite town of Dujail. After Saddam’s motorcade came under fire, he ordered all 148 to be tortured and shot. According to Christopher Hitchens in an article at Slate.com :

“Ramsey Clark, in a recent BBC interview, he offered the excuse that Iraq was then fighting the Shiite nation of Iran: He (Saddam) had this huge war going on, and you have to act firmly when you have an assassination attempt. Just go back and read that again. Ramsey Clark believes that A) the massacre and torture did occur and B) that it was ordered by his client and C) that he was justified in ordering it and carrying it out. “

I would expect nothing less from the former Attorney General (Carter administration), who once tried to convict Dr.Spock for his anti-Vietnam war protesting. KGS

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