Palestinians See Hope in New Party to Rival Hamas And Fatah……. Kadima Redux?

Palestinian Finance Minister Salem Fayad, who is the IMF ‘s resident representative in the Palestinian authority is reported to have had enough. The straw that broke the camel’s back, appears to have been a request made by Mahomoud Abbas, to pay salaries to hundreds of additional Fatah members recruited to the security organizations. Reports say that Fayad is intent on forming an alternative party to Fatah and Hamas, and is currently making overtures to other moderates in Fatah to make a break with him.

It appears that Sharon’s move to form an alternative party (Kadima) to Likud and the Labour, has given rise to new found hope within Palestinian circles, that there may be a ‘third way’ out of the morass in Palesitnian politics as well. KGS

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