The Peaceful Reality…….

The battlefields in which the ‘War Against Islamist Extremism’ (WAIE) are currently being waged, take place not only in far away sounding names like Fallujah, and Tikrit, but also in familiar places such as Washington D.C. and Crawford Texas. In the ongoing war, its important to understand what one is fighting for, and against…and why.

In an article written by Ari Kaufman, titled ‘The Peaceful Reality’, Kaufman takes a closer look at the various peace movements which are in effect aiding and abetting the totalitarian forces presently arrayed against the west. I had early responded to a similar theme found here , in response to a poetical dream for peace.

I replied :

“Moral relativism, allows people to morally equate two sides in a conflict, and pontificate about ‘peace’, without the ways and means to get there. While I applaud his deeper meaning, (a world without violence is a world better for all) those that truly desire peace, must have the ways and means, as well as the resolve to get there, mere pontification is an empty substitute. Laying ones neck bare for the sword, will just get it lobbed off. The justness of a cause(defence of freedom for the weak as well as the strong) is worth fighting for and ….yes dying for. Those brave soldiers that stand ‘in harms way’, so that we may live to breath another days’ worth of air……..are the true poets, artists, scholars and intellectuals, and are deserving of our thanks.”

Ari Kaufman accurately describes the hypocracy and lack of discernment in the ‘Peace Now’ crowd, concerning the ‘who and ‘why’ we are fighting, as well as the all important ‘how’. In order to achieve total victory, we can’t afford to settle for anything less. KGS59

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