Danish Immigration minister prefers quality to quantity…….

According to the Danes, ‘slowing the flow’ directly translates into increased services rendered. Also interesting is the tough stance taken in defence of ‘democracy, equal rights, and freedom of expression.’ While the issue of ‘caricatures of the prophet Mohammed’ has caused a quite a commotion in the Muslim community, the Danish government still stands firm that that the whole affair was none of its business. KGS59

“Since Rasmussen’s government came to power and closed the door on many of the immgrants that had access before 2002, the number of annual residence permits granted to asylum seekers each year fell from 5156 in 2000 to 2447 in 2003. Residence permits for family reunification fell from 10,021 in 2000 to 4791 in 2003, according to national statistics office Statistics Denmark. Hvilshøj, whose slight build and girlish voice belie her importance as the minister in charge of the government’s most hotly contested policies, said there was no doubt in her mind that recent years’ restrictions on immigrant influx to Denmark had proved positive. ‘One of the things we have accepted is that the number of foreigners coming to the country makes a difference,’ she said. ‘There is a reverse correlation between how many come here and how well we can receive the foreigners that come here……’ “

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