Swedish Iranians Support Israel

Ealier this month, Ahmed Rami, the voice of racist ‘Radio Islam’ openly supported Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s call for Israel’s extermination. Here is why I believe that there is hope for the future. These Swedish Iranians are calling for the Islamist Extremist government in Iran, to be marginalized by the democratic free world. Lets hope that the west is listening. KGS59

“Protesters carried a dozen Iranian flags and two Israeli flags. The speaker of the group Ali Etemadi explained that the demonstration was “a popular protest in defense of the existence of the Israeli population”. “President Ahmadinejad organises terror acts in Europe and the Middle East. His goal to manufacture nuclear weapons is a global threat, not just a threat to the Middle East,” he told the crowds. Guest speaker Fredrik Malm, the chairman for the Youth Section of the Swedish Liberal Party, said: “Iran espouses an extremist ideology, gives fanatical support to terrorism, and deprives its own population of their human rights.”

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