‘Sonic Boom’erang…….

In the words of the late Carl Sagan: “Incredible claims must be backed by incredible evidence”. The recent report by the PsySR concerning the effects of ‘sonic booms’ over Gaza, offers a biased assessment while failing in the evidence department.

The article by Phyllis Chesler does not offer any evidence to the contrary, but then, neither is she passing off incredible claims as scientific fact.


“The President of SPME, Dr. Ed Beck, writes: “It appears as if PsySR is making sweeping generalizations based on propaganda and not research…Such public statements may violate ethical canons of psychological practice as they border on making reckless claims with questionable methodology and data. SPME would welcome a PsySR condemnation of suicide bombings against innocent civilians…which result in lives lost on both side. That data is very quantifiable and is deserving of condemnation.”

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