France To Use Deportation

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, has called for the deportation of the foreign ‘insurgents’ captured in the streets of France. I had somewhat doubted ‘French resolve’ in confronting the ‘insurgents’, but now it appears France is finally rising to the challenge.

By deporting the foreign trouble makers, they are sending a clear message, that the French government intends to rule ‘all of France’. If you no longer ‘feel connected’ with the French state, Algeria or Morroco or else where ……..awaits you.

Smart move on Zarkozy’s part.

I hope the French largesse that is to be directed towards the Islamic buntastans in and around Paris, that they’ll remember the burnt properties of private business and the owners of all those ‘Car-B-Ques’ that the insurgents put to the torch.

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