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And they are also to blame for stoking the anti-Semitic flames against the Jewish state as well.

Norway to blame for South Sudan war: AU

Norway to blame for South Sudan war: AU

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende after talks with President Salva Kiir in May 2014. Photo: Astrid Sehl / Foreign Affairs / NTB scanpix

The African Union has blamed Norway for the civil war which broke out in South Sudan at the end of 2013, arguing that the country had inadvertently created “a politically unchallenged armed power” when it brokered the 2005 peace deal with Sudan.

The accusation, made in an as yet unpublished African Union inquiry leaked to the Reuters newswire, calls for the oil-rich nation to be placed under the direct control of the AU in an effort to end the war. More here.


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Share Ugly Europe,  in that is allowed it on the airwaves to begin with, and just now only advocating that it be shut down. Government Official: Close Islamic Radio Station Down The National Coordinator for the Fight against Terrorism and … Continue reading →

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Share Minister Already Knew in November that he had Misinformed Parliament From a reply to questions from Parliament, it becomes clear that Minister of the Interior, Ronald Plasterk already knew in November 2013 that he had misinformed Parliament about the … Continue reading →


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Share Elou Akhiat:  “I want to be who I am: That’s how I teach my children that they should be in the world, instead of the one I grew up with that opening a wine bar might be contrary to Islamic … Continue reading →

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Share Eurozone banks face £42bn ‘capital black hole’ Government adviser Davide Serra says this year’s stress tests by European authorities are likely to find fresh problems in the eurozone banks. The ECB has hired about 900 people to stress-test banks Photo: …Continue reading →

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Share Minister reveals phone calls monitored by Dutch intelligence services instead of NSA   2014-02-06 THE HAGUE, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) — The Dutch intelligence and security services have collected data on 1.8 million phone calls, text messages, mail traffic and … Continue reading →

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Share The preventable death in hospitals in Germany The doctor said the risk is zero percent. A little later, the patient was dead Dramatic poor conditions in German hospitals cost many lives. But reforms are blocked. Dowideit By Anette Treatment failure in German … Continue reading →

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Share Corruption Costs European Union 120 Billion Euros a Year, Study Finds By DAVID JOLLYFEB. 3, 2014 Cecilia Malmstrom, the European commissioner for home affairs, said corruption “hurts the European economy and deprives states of much-needed tax revenue.” Yves Logghe/Associated Press PARIS … Continue reading →

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Share Major Exam Fraud in the Netherlands Again At the ROC Amsterdam school, stolen exams have been offered for purchase via SMS. More than 400 students of the school in the section for legal services have to pass 825 new … Continue reading →

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Share Anti-Semitism Largest Category of Discrimination on the Dutch Internet The 2013 annual report of the monitoring point for discrimination on the internet (MDI) mentions that once again, the largest category of discrimination on the Dutch internet concerns anti-Semitism, with … Continue reading →

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Share But first, BadNewsFromTheNetherlands: Russian Human Rightist Condemns Dutch Delegation to the Olympics Russian Human Rightist and former Chess World Champion, Gary Kasparov criticized the delegation of the Netherlands to the Winter Olympics in Sotsji, Russia. He said that the … Continue reading →

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Share Police provision of security in German cities at risk The police looks barely able to ensure security in Germany cities. “Our mission is to ensure the rule of law and enforce the monopoly of power, we can not guarantee availability … Continue reading →

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Share Ministry is violence against naked prisoners The Interior Ministry in Kiev has confirmed the authenticity of a shocking video that is sweeping the Ukraine for outrage. It shows police officers who mistreat a naked protesters. Ukrainian police officers humiliate naked … Continue reading →

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Share Minister Expresses Worry about Islamic University Minister Jet Bussemaker (Labor party) has morally distanced herself from the statements made by Rector Ahmet Akgunduz of the Islamic University in Rotterdam. There were several reports that he has anti-Western and anti-Democratic … Continue reading →

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Share Police Guard House of Rotterdam Mayor after Threats Security around the house of Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb (Labor) was strengthened after he received a serious threat which the police decline to detail. It is not known whether there is … Continue reading →

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Share Hackers crack 16 million online user accounts German authorities have encountered a huge record of stolen user accounts. Thanks to the BSI can check immediately whether he is affected by the attack every internet user. Photo: picture allianceBSI sounded the …Continue reading →

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Share German health care system is not worth the money Although insurers and patients in this country spend a lot of money, provide doctors and clinics only mediocre performance. Germany is compared in the lower middle. Especially what recovery is concerned. The … Continue reading →

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Share Syrian rebels kill Belgian commander linked to al-qaida activists By REUTERS 01/15/2014 16:58 BEIRUT – A Belgian commander of al qaida-linked forces in Syria was killed in fierce clashes between rival rebel groups for the northern town of Saraqeb on … Continue reading →

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Share Dutch Version of Mein Kampf Downloaded Often It is prohibited in the Netherlands to reprint and sell Mein Kampf. Yet, those interested find the digital verion of Hitler’s book without any problem on the internet. The free Dutch translation … Continue reading →

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Share SDOE chief admits only fraction of names on Lagarde list have been checked Of the 2,062 Greeks named on the Lagarde list of depositors with accounts in Switzerland, Greece’s Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) has so far conducted checks on … Continue reading →

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Share Cartel Office imposes high fines against Breweries The Bundeskartellamt has imposed for illegal price agreements for beer fines totaling 106.5 million euros. Almost all reputable major German manufacturers are concerned. Five German breweries have to pay fines in the millions … Continue reading →

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Share Jeremy Hunt says NHS doctors and nurses must apologise for care failings Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, says that doctors and nurses must ‘say sorry’ when things go wrong to end the ‘culture of defensiveness’ which developed under Labour … Continue reading →

Ugly Europe 12.1.2014

Bank was ATM to criminals

Just before Greece slid into the debt crisis, scammers took what they could get and ruined the Greek Postbank. Athens referred to the case as a “tip of the iceberg.” By Boris Kálnoky and Dimitra Moutzouri, Athens and Budapest

 Against Angelos Filippidis, the former head of the Greek Post Bank, there is an arrest warrant.  He stands in the center of the latest Greek corruption scandal

Photo: AFPcounter Angelos Filippidis, the former head of the Greek Post Bank, there is an arrest warrant. He stands in the center of the latest Greek corruption scandal.

Around the time, as in Greece, the great crisis came and it was foreseeable that the good times for gravy train coming to an end soon, they struck again as to correct. Manager of the state-owned postal bank and its largest customers arranged giant loans to steal the money.

The fraudsters disappeared abroad. The bank went under. Now the prosecution is going on against those who were not smart enough to settle on time.

In the center of the allegations is Angelos Filippidis, a man out of a picture book of classical Greek political and monetary elites who plunged the country into the abyss. Studying in the U.S., economist, from 1990 director of the Emporiki Bank, later in the 90s strategic business consultant for companies and “European programs”, 2000-2003 President of the Sports clubs Panathinaikos.

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UGLY EUROPE 8.1.2014

Business news and markets: as it happened, January 8 2013

US companies created 238,000 jobs in December, the highest in 13 months and above eceonomists’ expectations of a 200,000 jump.

People line up to enter a government employment benefit office in Madrid, Spain

Image 2 of 3
Spain has the second-highest unemployment in the eurozone, at a rate of 26.7pc Photo: AFP

By Denise Roland, and Ben Martin

5:00PM GMT 08 Jan 2014

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Meanwhile, you can find the rest of today’s news at Telegraph Finance.

Three day FTSE rally comes to an end

16.45 The first fall for four days on the stock market. The FTSE 100 has closed down 0.5pc at 6,721.8.

Another good day for financials, with RSA, RBS, Lloyds and Standard Life among the biggest risers. Aberdeen Asset Management fell 3.6pc, with Tate & Lyle the other big loser, down 3.25pc.

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Share No Alcohol Sales to Minors: Trade Union Afraid of Violence Since the beginning of this year, no alcohol can be sold to youths under the age of 18. On the basis of research, the trade union CNV Dienstenbond said … Continue reading →

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Share Protesters riot in downtown Frankfurt Protesters have smashed discs at a spontaneous demonstration in downtown Frankfurt and ignited fireworks. The police suspect a solidarity with protesters in Hamburg. Photo: APrampage in Frankfurt. In a spontaneous demonstration in downtown protesters threw dustbins … Continue reading →


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Share Police warns of further attacks in Hamburg The left-wing extremist scene in the Hanseatic city could strike again violent: In a secret analysis of state security is warned of new attacks on police and politicians. André From Zand Vakili Photo: … Continue reading→


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Share Seven Hundred People Arrived at Emergency Rooms after Firework Injuries On 31 December and 1 January, a total of seven hundred victims of firework injuries arrived at emergency wards of Dutch hospitals. Twenty-eight percent had injuries on their fingers, …Continue reading →


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Share Parts of Hamburg city a danger area The excesses of the past few weeks several times policemen were attacked in Hamburg. Now officials respond and explain much of the city until further notice is a danger area. Photo: Police Hamburg The new … Continue reading →


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Share New Year’s Eve Night 1067 cars burned, figures down By Anne-Laure Frémont Published 01/01/2014 at 19:28 VIDEO – The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, welcomed a “significant” 10.6% decrease compared to the first of the year 2013. “A significant drop” more than … Continue reading →

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Share  It burst like a bomb in the pre-Christmas peace of the Tuscan town of Prato: Italy’s top mafia investigator, prosecutor Franco Roberti said shortly before the holidays that the Mafia verscharre toxic waste here at Prato in Tuscany. “Investigators have …

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Share New suspects in police drug chief corruption case Helsinki prosecutor Jukka Haavisto says authorities have held former subordinates of ex-anti drug squad leader Jari Aarnio in a corruption case that has expanded to include suspected drug felonies, in addition … Continue reading →

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Share Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hinders Investigation of Huge Dutch Corruption Affair The daily Telegraaf wrote that the investigation of the Justice Department into the corruption accusations against the Dutch building firm Ballast-Nedam concerning work in Saudi Arabia is hindered … Continue reading →

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Share Swedish daily: TeliaSonera in shady deals in Kazakhstan TeliaSonera is in the headlines in the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter for allegedly engaging in unethical business dealings in Kazkhstan Image: Taneli Männikkö / Lehtikuva The Swedish-Finnish teleoperator TeliaSonera is in … Continue reading →


Germany becomes Kiffer-Republic

Between two and four million German regularly consume cannabis. With a petition proponents want to reach the legalization of the drug. Meanwhile booming clandestine plantations. By Per Hinrichs

<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Who would have thought?  The Garden Gnome, the symbol of the German smugness, but actually has a joint in his hand<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Photo: André Laame

Who would have thought? The Garden Gnome, the symbol of the German smugness has, but in fact a joint in hand.

Three stages are only separating the upper world of the underworld.Who descends, enters a basement room, hanging from construction foam from the low ceiling in the orange-colored stalactites.

Shelves full of hookahs, the hookahs, bongs and literature for plant breeding are bathed in black light, and behind the glass counter is Martin Slemties and strives to normality: “We sell completely legal commodity here, train apprentices and are certified by the Chamber of Commerce.” He points to the small sticker Chamber of Commerce from 2010 to 2013, which stick to the counter. And he’s got to smile, the 41-year-old man with the black sweatshirt and the beard. “Sure, the find of the chamber are already inclined.”

For as quite normal is the Head Shop, which is located precisely on grass path in Winterhude district of Hamburg, just not yet. “Tax Police, Customs and the grass-roots officials at the local police station check back regularly,” says Slemties. And right now he needs an intrusive fees collector of the GEZ get rid of the phone, although “we of course pay all charges”. Drug has as yet not found, not a crumb of marijuana or hashish.

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Authorities Investigate Auditing Firm Concerning Huge Bribery Case


The major Dutch accounting firm KPMG is being investigated by the Justice Department as to its involvement in the bribery with hundreds of millions of dollars, of Saudi Arabian government officials by Dutch builder Ballast Nedam. The prosecution thinks that not only the building company officials but also the KPMG auditors have played some role in this.

The focus of the investigation concerns falsified contracts, the use of false names, secret payments via Switzerland and the establishment of an internal administration in order to register bribes in the period 1997-2004. KPMG said that the investigation concerns an auditor who has since retired. Ballast Nedam said that the investigation doesn’t involve the current management.

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Thousands of Policemen take Anti-Depressant Medication

At least one thousand Dutch policemen take anti-depressant medication against the phenomena of post-traumatic stress. Researchers of the Police Academy consider it a serious security problem. This is being revealed in a new book by Joost van der Wegen (Under Stress). Anti-depressant pills affect judgment, cause double vision, diminishes focus and can make policemen less alert.

They also influence reaction capabilities. Driving a car also brings risks with it. According to Van der Wegen, some policemen have an inclination to murder or become suicidal on this medication. He is presently checking out 12 suicides by policemen to find their causes.

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[TT NOTE: If I lived in their multicultural hell, I would be prone to downing anti-depressants as well.]

Theresa May makes modern slavery her ‘personal priority’

Home secretary says slavery has ‘shocking presence in modern Britain’ as more details emerge of Lambeth case
Theresa May

Home secretary Theresa May: ‘The one positive is that it has raised awareness of the issue of slavery in the public and media mind.’ Photograph: Oli Scarff/PA

Tackling modern slavery in Britain is a “personal priority”, the home secretary has said following the discovery of three women allegedly held as slaves for at least 30 years.

Theresa May said details were still emerging in the case in Lambeth, south London, but it was clear that many other victims were “hidden in plain sight” across the country.

Scotland Yard revealed on Saturday that two of the three women rescued had lived in a “collective” with the man arrested after meeting through a “shared political ideology”.

A man and women, both 67, have been released on bail after being arrested on Thursday in connection with the investigation into slavery and domestic servitude.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, May said the “one positive” of the case was that more people were aware of the issue of slavery, which still has a “shocking presence in modern Britain”.

“It is all around us, hidden in plain sight,” she said. “It is walking our streets, supplying shops and supermarkets, working in fields, factories or nail bars, trapped in brothels or cowering behind the curtains in an ordinary street: slavery.

“Something most of us thought consigned to history books, belonging to a different century, is a shameful and shocking presence in modern Britain.”

More here.


Swedish Jew files for asylum… in her own country

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein’s unprecedented move aims to draw attention to rising anti-Semitism, manifested in neo-Nazi marches, bans on kosher slaughter and ritual circumcision

BY SPENCER HO AND LAZAR BERMAN November 19, 2013, 10:25 pm 81
Annika Hernroth-Rothstein. (photo credit: Anders Henrikson/Flickr)

Historian: The Dutch Committed Genocide in Indonesia

American historian William H. Frederick said that the Dutch have always repressed the huge wave of ethnic violence in Indonesia, then-Dutch Indies, which started in 1945. He also said that what happened there can best be described as genocide. Frederick further stated that what has happened since with the Dutch authorities in the Netherlands can be called, “post-colonial loss of memory.”

He has published an article in the scientific paper the Journal of Genocide Research. Frederick says that he knows no country which has so easily accepted mass murder in order to forget it. He criticized Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans who considers that institutes should do research on this issue, but from their own budgets.

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Statoil in Sweden sued for Roma discrimination

Statoil in Sweden sued for Roma discrimination

Published: 20 Nov 2013 12:00 GMT+01:00

Sweden’s Equality Ombudsman is suing Statoil after petrol station workers turned down members of the Roma community who were looking to hire a car during a test carried out by a Swedish broadcaster.

For the test, which took place last summer, Sveriges Radio (SR) asked people dressed in traditional Roma clothing to attempt to rent cars from 65 petrol stations across the country, including stations operated by Statoil, OKQ8, andPreem.

On 22 occasions, the Roma-dressed customers were told that the stations had no cars available. But when a reporter from SR came to the same stations 30 minutes later, there were no problems renting a vehicle.

“It’s very insulting and it’s really unbelievable that people can look you in the eye and lie to your face,” Pirjo Lindström, a Finnish Roma who helped carry out the test, told SR at the time.

More here.

Nazi hunter to probe Norway for war crimes

 Nazi hunter to probe Norway for war crimes

Published: 20 Nov 2013 09:31 GMT+01:00

The world’s leading Nazi hunter is planning to come to Norway for up to three months to investigate Norwegians who may have committed war crimes as part of the Waffen SS’s Wiking division

Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, wants to meet justice minister Anders Anundsen to lobby for a commission to investigate the elite international Panzer division.

“I want to ask the government to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate what happened in the Wiking division and what role Norwegians played in war crimes committed during the Second World War,” Zuroff told Norway’s NRK news channel.

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Who were the democratic world’s most unpopular leaders?

With François Hollande’s popularity languishing at 15 per cent, who joins the French president in the unpopularity stakes?

With François Hollande's popularity languishing at 15 per cent, who joins the French president in the unpopularity stakes?

François Hollande’s approval rating has fallen to 15 per cent Photo: AFP

By David Hopkins

4:33PM GMT 14 Nov 2013

A poll on Thursday found that François Hollande’s approval rating stood at 15 per cent. The staggeringly low approval rating follows the exposure of record unemployment, rising taxes and weak growth. But who joins him in the ranks?

Gordon Brown (GETTY IMAGES)

According to one survey carried out in 2009, Gordon Brown, dubbed the ‘squatter of No10′, received the lowest approval ratings since opinion polls began in 1943. The poll which was released shortly after the MPs’ expenses scandal found that 23 per cent of voters supported Labour.

Harry Truman (AP)

The worst approval rating for a US president came from Harry Truman, in office from 1945 – 1953. He started out his presidency at an approval rating of almost 90 per cent, but this gradually declined to an all-time low of 22 per centBarack Obama for the record suffered his worst rating earlier this week, with 39 per cent job approval.

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Mad truckers block over France

The protest against the plans of the toll franzöischen President François Hollande escalated. Thousands of truck drivers block traffic. Here, the reason of the protest is actually passé.

<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Truck as far as the eye can see: French trucker blocking motorways and highways throughout the country<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Photo: APtrucks as far as the eye can see: French trucker blocking motorways and highways throughout the

Several thousand trucks have blocked with protest rides against the eco-toll traffic on French motorways and country roads part. According to the MOI trucks were involved in the action on Saturday across the country over 2000, in and around Paris, there were about 230thTransport unions counted up to 4,000 cars across the country.

The demonstrators demanded the total abolition of tolls. Long convoys of trucks covered with flashing warning lights and honking horns to a collection point in Paris. “We are not sheep” and “Down with the toll” could be read on posters.

More here.

NHS winter crisis as 40 per cent rise in cancelled operations

Alarming signs of an NHS winter crisis emerged tonight with official figures showing a 42 per cent rise in cancelled operations and a 23 per cent increase in elderly people stuck in hospital

NHS winter crisis as 40 per cent rise in cancelled operations

The NHS statistics show that over a 10 day period ending on Wednesday, more than 2,000 surgical procedures were cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice Photo: Alamy

By Laura Donnelly and Edward Malnick

10:00PM GMT 15 Nov 2013

Despite mild weather, little flu and lower than usual numbers of patients arriving at Accident & Emergency (A&E) units, thousands of patients, including those requiring urgent surgery, have had operations cancelled since last week.

Senior doctors said they fear that hospitals will be unable to cope when the weather turns, with arctic winds and freezing temperatures forceast from next week.

The NHS statistics show that over a 10 day period ending on Wednesday, more than 2,000 surgical procedures were cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice – including 122 urgent operations, such as those for patients with cancer.

Dr Cliff Mann, President of the College of Emergency Medicine, said: “It is really worrying; this is a very significant rise so early in the season, when it is barely winter at all. It is especially concerning that so many urgent operations are being cancelled, because that clearly can put patients at risk.”

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Norway: Newsreader banned from wearing cross

Siv Kristin Saellmann with her cross

Newsreaders on Norwegian state TV are banned from wearing crosses, it seems.

NRK’s dress code discouraging journalists from wearing jewellery “with religious or political significance” came to light after viewers complained about a gold cross necklace studded with black diamonds worn by Siv Kristin Saellmann, who reports on southern Norway.

The reaction apparently prompted regional editor Anders Sarheim to tell her not to wear it again. Saellmann complied but told the Local online newspaper: “I don’t like people out there just being able to call in and tell my boss what I should or shouldn’t wear.” Saellmann is a Christian but says she wore the cross – a gift from her husband – as a fashion item.

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Absence of Monitoring System Creates Safety Risks in Railway Infrastructure

Parliamentarians from the Socialist Party and the Christian Union asked for clarification about information that railway infrastructure company ProRail has hidden from Parliament that the system which prevents trains from driving through red signals is not fully safe. If the system is not working properly, train drivers can drive through red signals without seeing any warnings on their dashboards. ProRail replied that Parliament knew when the system was installed, that there was no monitoring of it and Parliament has accepted this.


Police tried to spy on Cambridge students, secret footage shows

uk police spying

Officer is filmed attempting to persuade activist in his 20s to become informant targeting ‘student-union type stuff’

Police sought to launch a secret operation to spy on the political activities of students at Cambridge University, a covertly recorded film reveals.

An officer monitoring political campaigners attempted to persuade an activist in his 20s to become an informant and feed him information aboutstudents and other protesters in return for money.

But instead the activist wore a hidden camera to record a meeting with the officer and expose the surveillance of undergraduates and others at the 800-year-old institution.

The officer, who is part of a covert unit, is filmed saying the police need informants like him to collect information about student protests as it is “impossible” to infiltrate their own officers into the university.

The Guardian is not disclosing the name of the Cambridgeshire officer and will call him Peter Smith. He asks the man who he is trying to recruit to target “student-union type stuff” and says that would be of interest because “the things they discuss can have an impact on community issues”.

More here.

Disgraced German ex-president on trial on corruption charges


HANOVER, Germany Thu Nov 14, 2013 9:49am EST

Former German President Christian Wulff (R) arrives for the trial at the regional court in Hanover November 14, 2013. REUTERS-Fabian Bimmer

1 OF 2. Former German President Christian Wulff (R) arrives for the trial at the regional court in Hanover November 14, 2013.


(Reuters) – Christian Wulff on Thursday became Germany’s first post-war president to go on trial, charged with corruption for accepting some 700 euros for a hotel stay and meals during an Oktoberfest beer festival when he was a state premier.

Once seen as one of the country’s brightest political talents, Wulff served just 20 months as president before he resigned last year over accusations he accepted favors before he was elected president in 2010.

Wulff, 54, a former ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, denied the allegations, saying he hoped to clear his name with a victory in court after rejecting an offer from state prosecutors to settle the case with an out-of-court payment.

In court, Wulff delivered a 50-minute statement in which he criticized state prosecutors for a case he called a “farce”.

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Swedes arrested in global child porn probe

Swedes arrested in global child porn probe

Officers announced the arrests at a press conference in Toronto on Thursday. Photo: Toronto Police/YouTube

Published: 15 Nov 2013 07:13 GMT+01:00

Seven Swedes were among 341 people arrested on suspicion of being part of a global child pornography ring broken up following a three-year-long operation, police in Canada announced on Thursday.

The operation, dubbed Project Spade, was launched in 2010 and has also resulted in 386 children being rescued from sexual exploitation, Toronto police said in a statement.

The Sweden arrests were confirmed by Björn Sellström, head of the child pornography unit at Sweden’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

“We’ve filed around ten reports that have led to seven arrests,” he told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

He added that the arrests didn’t take place in a coordinated fashion, but were carried out over time by police departments in various Swedish counties as new information arrived from police in Canada.

The probe began in October 2010 when undercover police in Toronto made contact with a man who was allegedly sharing images of child sex abuse.

The investigation revealed the man, 42-year-old Brian Way, ran a company, Azov Films, that allegedly produced child pornography movies and then sold them online.

He has since been charged with several crimes, including possessing and distributing child pornography, as well as instructing the commission of offence for criminal organization, the first time someone in Canada has been charged with such an offence in connection with a child sexual exploitation case.

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Scottish Soccer Fans: Amsterdam Police Abused Us

Fans of the Scottish soccer team Celtic, have collected video material about the violence they encountered from Amsterdam police before their team played against Ajax Amsterdam.

They said that they knew that the Ajax supporters had a bad reputation, but not that the police did also. Even the Scottish police are shocked by the behavior of the Amsterdam police.

A group of Ajax fans stole a Scottish flag and ran away, followed by the owners of the flag. The police intervened, aided by tens of undercover policemen whom the Scottish fans thought were Ajax hooligans. Earlier that day, 50 Scottish fans were attacked in a coffee shop by 200 Ajax hooligans.

From the security camera in the café, it can be seen how they broke windows with hammers and attacked the Scots. In the picture posted on the official website of the Celtic team, one can see how two undercover cops hold a Celtic fan while a third one knees him in the stomach.

In another picture, a policeman holds a man while a dog bites his leg. A Scot is hit and wounded by a police car and his leg is broken in three places. He didn’t ask for help out of fear of the police and only agreed to be treated in a Glasgow hospital. He was one of tens of wounded among the Scots. BadNewsFromTheNetherlands Via:

OECD issues warning on French economy

HollandeFrance is lagging behind other European countries in reforming its economy and needs to take comprehensive steps to restore its competitiveness, a stark report from the OECD, the club of rich countries, has warned.

In one of the most wide-ranging critiques by an international institution of France’s competitive weaknesses, the 87-page report sent a clear message to President François Hollande’s Socialist government that it has not done enough to overhaul Europe’s second-largest economy.

The Paris-based organisation said France had seen “no significant improvement” in its external position since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008.

“Over several years, many European countries have accelerated the adoption and implementation of essential reforms. This adjustment has not happened in France,” the report said.

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Sweden Democrat retracts 'parasite' jibe

Jonas Åkerlund pictured in 2010 in the Swedish parliament. Photo: Claudio Bresciani / TT

Sweden Democrat retracts ‘parasite’ jibe

Published: 13 Nov 2013 11:56 GMT+01:00

The deputy leader of the far-right Sweden Democrats party Jonas Åkerlund has backtracked on comments he made in an old interview where he labelled immigrants as “parasites” and that he wanted to deport 500,000 foreigners.

Åkerlund,64, made the statements on his party’s community radio show back in 2002. He gave his views on a monthly radio slot using the false name ‘Viktor’ where he spoke widely about immigration and refugees.

“We should return 500,000 of the most obvious and worst parasites…those who are in Sweden for no other reason than to exploit us financially,” said Åkerlund 11 years ago.

He added that deporting foreigners would boost Sweden’s economy and suggested that most of the bullying carried out in Swedish schools was done by immigrant children.

“It was 11 years ago. I was not so mature at the time,” Åkerlund, who was 53 when he made the comments, told Aftonbladet.

He added; “I was not so mature politically…but I said many terrible things at that time that I don’t stand behind today.”

The leader of the Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson, said his deputy’s choice of words back in 2002 was “unacceptable.”

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NOTE: In Sweden, a mosque was brought before the Swedish justice system for selling antisemitic tapes that incited violence towards Jews. The then Chancellor of Justice, Göran Lambertz, refused to bring charges of incitement against the mosque because, ”that’s how they behave in the Middle East” (paraphrased).

Neo-Nazi politician in court over 'racist' CDs

Photo: DPA

Neo-Nazi politician in court over ‘racist’ CDs

Published: 13 Nov 2013 16:47 GMT+01:00

A top neo-Nazi politician appeared in a Berlin court on Wednesday facing incitement charges after police found CDs with racist music on, in his military shop. He claimed he never knew they were there.

National Democratic Party (NPD) Berlin branch leader Sebastian Schmidtke denied accusations that he was intending on distribute the CDs – something which has landed him with charges of representation of violence and incitement of the people.

Police found the discs in 28-year-old Schmidtke’s military artefacts shop in March 2012, the Berliner Morgenpost regional newspaper reported.

He told the court on Wednesday that the suitcase containing the CDs, which had been stashed under the counter, did not belong to him and that he had never looked inside it.

But according to two policemen present at the time of the search, Schmidtke admitted to owning the case when it was discovered, said the Berliner Morgenpost.

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'Capital of rubbish': Germans blast Madrid

Photo: Javier Soriano

Capital of rubbish’: Germans blast Madrid

Published: 12 Nov 2013 17:39 GMT+01:00

A leading German newspaper has labelled Madrid “the capital of rubbish” as the city’s street cleaners’ strike enters its second week with no end in sight.

“Madrid has no money left, not even for cleaning the streets,” Germany’s influential Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper wrote on Tuesday.

The daily said people in Madrid are “suffering their way through the garbage strike”.

More importantly though, the FAZ said the Spanish capital was enduring the failed leadership of city mayor Ana Botella.

The paper recalled Botella’s comments that people in Madrid had got used to a standard of cleanliness that was a “a bit too high”, and mentioned that the mayor had said the city’s cleaning firms could adapt to the new lower salaries and limited staff numbers.

The paper then sank the boot into a city with “the blues” after its failed Olympics bid and with projects like the massive Eurovegas casino project in flux.

The comments from the German paper com as unions put adherence to the Madrid cleaners work stoppage by street cleaners and public park gardeners in the Spanish capital at 97 percent.

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Pope Francis ‘is mafia target after campaigning against corruption’

Prosecutor says pope’s attempt to bring transparency to Vatican is making mobsters agitated

The Guardian
Pope Francis
Pope Francis is ‘dismantling centres of economic power in the Vatican’, said Nicola Gratteri. Photograph: AGF srl/Rex

Pope Francis’s crusade against corruption has made him a target forItaly’s all-powerful mafia clans, a leading anti-mob prosecutor has warned.

Nicola Gratteri, who has battled Calabria’s shadowy ‘Ndrangheta mafia, said on Wednesday that Francis’s attempt to bring transparency to theVatican was making the white collar mobsters who do business with corrupt prelates “nervous and agitated”.

He told the Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano: “Pope Francis is dismantling centres of economic power in the Vatican.

“If the bosses could trip him up they wouldn’t hesitate. I don’t know if organised criminals are in a position to do something, but they are certainly thinking about it. They could be dangerous.”

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basil muslims call for murder of jews openly 13.11.2013

Four to five men in caftans and long beards, their women always remain invisible to the public, are on the first Saturday of the month at Clara Place and distribute free books for Allah and Paradise.There are, for example, Guide to Islam , a translation of the Qur’an into German or beautiful prose about the Prophet “Muhammad”, which is said to have preached social equality, and has therefore been treated with hostility in his life. All German-language documents and papers that could get on their rounds Lilo Roost Vischer, coordination Responsible for religious affairs and director of the “Round Table of Religions”. It is ultimately fonts that were found “for louder” and fit into the picture of peaceful Islam that draws the Institute for the Integration and Diversity for years by the Basel Muslims.

Finsterstes Middle Ages

What the “Islamic Central Switzerland» (ICCS) distributed on Clara Place in Arabic, shows the other face behind the mask of peaceful Islam – a word that means submission and peace as. In the program, the Arab men propagate the darkest late Middle Ages to the heyday of the Inquisition. But the above is still no report from the Mayor by Guy Morin.

The Basler Zeitung has the fonts on 2 Submitted on November Clara Place to the population concerned and they translate from experts.Noticeable is especially “The Book of simplified legal science.” A few samples from the modern design and interpretation of the Koran and Sharia: On page 365 is that unmarried people who have sex with each other, shall be punished with 100 lashes and must be banished from their current living environment for a year. Steals a person’s hand is cut off in accordance with the Sura 5 verse 38 of the Koran. For armed robbery case, the penalties are a bit harder. Graded according to severity level is “Death” to “death by crucifixion” provided. Page 373 is then from the punishment of persons who drink alcohol. They must endure at least 40 lashes. Depending on the decision of the Imam but up to 80 beats are provided.

Converts have it hard

May not know the contents of the Basel Muslims distribute the book among the Arabic-speaking population. All those present at the court said Clara to the BaZ they understood not speak Arabic. However, it was a good book, otherwise you would not distribute it on the stand.

Strong stuff when it comes to human rights, are the sanctions that threaten so-called

apostates and doubters. They are summarized «penalties for apostasy” in the subchapter.It also explains the finding that the “Blick” made the tabloid newspaper in recent days over converts: “It convert almost Muslims to Christianity.» The text in the book says simply: Changes one’s faith (away from Islam), then kill him. A Defector have three days to repent and receive the opportunity to return to Islam. Otherwise, he or she must be killed. The sanction to impose is the Imam or his deputy reserved. In the strict interpretation of Islam, as practiced in Iran, parts of Pakistan or in Saudi Arabia, one quickly comes under suspicion as an apostate. According to a list that is found on page 384, is an apostate who accepts the law of another country, who gives his expressed doubts about the Qur’an and who is not, keeps the law of Mohammed, the Sharia.

Extent to which the bearded men live by Clara place here in Switzerland for their criminal laws? Would they kill their children or women? When asked what would happen if one of his daughters were to convert to Christianity, there Present a father of five daughters said: “She is not my daughter.”

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Politician takes 'time-out' after aid fraud probe

Politician takes ‘time-out’ after aid fraud probe

Published: 12 Nov 2013 18:07 GMT+01:00

Swedish Centre Party politician Abir Al-Sahlani has been forced to take a break from parliament after being accused of fraud relating to an Iraqi aid project.

Al-Sahlani, 37, is suspected of fraud in relation to two democracy projects in Iraq run by the Centre Party. The projects, which took place in 2009 and 2010, were funded by state money from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). An estimated 3.2 million kronor ($480,000) of aid money is unaccounted for according to Swedish Radio’s Ekot programme.

A statement posted on the Centre Party’s website said that Al-Sahlani was taking a “time-out” and added that it was because of “deficiencies in the financial records concerning an aid project in Iraq.”

Both Al-Sahlani and her father Abid handled the aid project in Iraq where they were both born.

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Head of Helsinki drug squad suspected of accepting bribes

Chief Inspector Jari Aarnio, head of the Helsinki drug squad, was taken into custody today on suspicion of a conflict of interest that involves accepting bribes.

Rikosylikomisario Jari Aarnio Helsingin poliisilaitoksen tiedotustilaisuudessa 4. huhtikuuta 2012.
Chief Inspector Jari Aarnio of the Helsinki drug squad was taken into custody today. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

YLE: Late Tuesday afternoon the head of the Helsinki drug squad, Chief Inspector Jari Aarnio, was taken into custody on suspicion of accepting bribes, a serious conflict of interest.

During an initial investigation launched in September into claims that Aarnio allegedlly helped start up and run a prostitution service, other issues arose that gave investigators reason to suspect that Aarnio had received preferential treatment from a certain company and operated under a conflict of interest in his role as a policeman.

State Prosecutor, Jukka Haavisto, who launched the initial investigation into Aarnio’s actions, said that the company in question is a private company that many police officials have procured services or products from.

According to Haavisto, Aarnio is suspected of receiving benefits from the company in question on several occasions. “This is not just about one single event,” said Haavisto.

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Kristallnacht speaker receives death threats

Florence Aryanik – Facebook

Kristallnacht speaker receives death threats

Published: 11 Nov 2013 17:39 GMT+01:00

One of the leading figures in Norwegian campaign group Youth Against Racism was forced to pull out of an event commemorating Kristallnacht on Sunday night, after receiving a death threat over the phone.

Florence Aryanik (20), whose Muslim parents fled to Norway from Iran, was due to make a speech at a torchlit procession to commemorate the Nazi attack on German Jews.

 “It was a very difficult decision to withdraw from the event tonight,” Aryanik told NRK on Saturday. “Because I’m actually more frightened of being silenced than of any threat to my life. But I decided to withdraw because of my family.”

After NRK reported the threat on the evening of the event, which was jointly organised by Norway’s Centre Against Racism and the country’s Jewish community,  Aryanik received a further threatening call.

“First it was completely silent, then there was a male voice saying that it was wise of me not to attend the commemoration, but that it was not so wise to talk with NRK afterwards,” she said.

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Calls for ban on French race slur magazine

Minute carries a photograph of Christiane Taubira with the caption: “Clever as a monkey, Taubira has got her banana back.”

Pierre Andrieu/AFP/Getty Images

  • Minute carries a photograph of Christiane Taubira with the caption: “Clever as a monkey, Taubira has got her banana back.” Pierre Andrieu/AFP/Getty Images
Adam Sage Paris
Last updated at 12:10AM, November 13 2013

A far-right magazine was threatened with closure last night after comparing France’s West Indian-born Justice Minister to a monkey.

Minute, a weekly that backs the National Front, carries a photograph of Christiane Taubira on the front cover of the edition due out today with the caption: “Clever as a monkey, Taubira has got her banana back.”

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Norway to bring in circumcision law

The synagogue in Oslo – Senia L Flickr

Norway to bring in circumcision law

Published: 12 Nov 2013 15:06 GMT+01:00

Norway is planning to introduce new regulations on circumcision following a push to ban the practice from Norway’s leading child rights official.Health Minister Bent Høie said he would introduce new legislation on the non-medical circumcision of boys under 18 before April next year.

“We will review submissions on the matter before we can decide what should be the government’s position. We aim to present a bill before Easter,” he told Aftenposten.

Norway’s Children’s Ombudswoman Anne Lindboe this month reiterated her call for a ban on non-medical circumcision.

“This is not due to any lack of understanding of minorities or religious traditions, but because the procedure is irreversible, painful and risky,” she told Aftenposten.

More here.

NOTE: Leftist politics of intrusion into the private affairs of the individual, is more painful and intrusive than a human birth or male circumcision could ever be.


Dutch Meat full of Bacteria and Harmful Enzymes

The Dutch Food and Commodities Authority warns that Dutch meat often contains mrsa bacteria and damaging esbl enzymes. The Authority takes about 2,000 samples a year. In 20% of the cases, the meat contains these enzymes. It can cause the inefficacy of antibiotics in people. Twelve percent of the samples contain mrsa – a bacteria which becomes increasingly difficult to fight with medication. One of the reasons of the bacteria explosion is that so many antibiotics are used in cattle raising.


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