Pure fraud……….

The entire muslim settler movement (al-hijra) has been a trojan horse of immense proportions.

Where are all the girls? Third all-male group of migrant ‘children’ begin their journey from Calais Jungle to UK as facial recognition software suggests some may be THIRTY-EIGHT years old

Calais Jungle migrant 'children' heading to UK are possibly as old as THIRTY EIGHT

A third batch of ‘child’ refugees are on their way to Britain after being loaded into a minivan in France. It comes as it was revealed nearly two-thirds of those quizzed about their real age last year were found to be adults, according to the Home Office. In the 12 months to September last year, 65 per cent were found to be aged over 18. The figures show the scale of how adult migrants try to deceive the UK authorities in a bid to be granted sanctuary.

They emerged after Tory MPs raised questions about the ages of 28 refugees brought to the UK this week from the Calais Jungle. Today a group of child refugees were loaded into a minivan in Saint Omer ahead of their journey from Calais to the UK. It comes as concerns over the age of child refugees from Calais have intensified. One migrant (pictured left) was rated by a facial recognition program as having the features of a 38-year-old.

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Rebel Media: When a wheelchair-bound woman was gang-raped in Visby Sweden on October 2, 2016, by five migrants, it sparked a vigorous debate. Even more so when the five were released after only a few days. Some sources claimed it was because the crippled woman did not put up enough resistance.

Jan Sjunnesson, who did the interview below, managed to raise a decent some of money for the victim.

The lords and ladies of Swedish multiculturalism continue to dance around the object of their demise.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land


Is this the kind of lunacy you want to see unleashed upon the West, let alone inside it?


US fast food chain in Malaysia told to change hot dog name

In this Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016 photo, a customer buys Pretzel at Auntie Anne's at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hot dogs, or at least the name, will soon be off the menu for a U.S. fast food chain selling the popular snack in Malaysia. The chain, Auntie Anne's, has been told by Islamic authorities that its popular Pretzel Dog, which contains no dog meat, has to be renamed as it is confusing for Muslim consumers. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)
In this Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016 photo, a customer buys Pretzel at Auntie Anne’s at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hot dogs, or at least the name, will soon be off the menu for a U.S. fast food chain selling the popular snack in Malaysia. The chain, Auntie Anne’s, has been told by Islamic authorities that its popular Pretzel Dog, which contains no dog meat, has to be renamed as it is confusing for Muslim consumers. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) – Hot dogs, or at least the name, will soon be off the menu for a U.S. fast food chain selling the popular snack in Malaysia.

The chain, Auntie Anne’s, has been told by Islamic authorities that its popular Pretzel Dog, which contains no dog meat, has to be renamed as it is confusing for Muslim consumers.

The Malaysian Islamic Development Department has told the U.S. company to banish the word “dog” from its menu and suggested that the frankfurter wrapped in a pretzel be called Pretzel Sausage as part of conditions to obtain halal certification based on Islamic dietary laws. Dogs are deemed unclean in Islam.

“It is more appropriate to use the name Pretzel Sausage,” the department’s halal director Sirajuddin Suhaimee told local media.

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And I lay odds that this is one of the busses! Fresh from carting around illegals and other miscreants from place to place to cast their early vote.



Shooter already been found dead……

Media spinning it as ”mental problems” as they are wont to do, the CVE narrative demands it.

‘Turkish’ gunman opens fire in packed hair salon leaving several seriously injured

Police Dueren GermanyTWITTER

Police gather outside the hair salon in Dueren where one man was shot dead and a woman hurt

A GUNMAN opened fire in a crowded hair salon leaving one person with life threatening injuries before barricading himself into a nearby apartment, taking a woman hostage.


Germany Duren shootingGETTY

A gunman opened fire in a hair salon, leaving several people injured

Heavily armed police arrived at the scene and discovered one man was already dead and a woman was critically injured – she has been airlifted to hospital.

The shooter, understood to be a 27-year-old Turkish man, is believed to have fired indiscriminately into the bustling hairdressers’ shop in Dueren, Germany.

Witnesses report the gunman entered the salon, shouted at a woman and then opened fire, leading regional police spokesperson Ulrich Braun to say: “This may be a crime of passions.”

German police say the attacker fled the scene and holed himself up in a nearby apartment, taking at least one person hostage.


One person died in a separate shooting 60 miles away earlier today.

The incident took place in Hagen, located about, German N-TV reports.

A man armed “with a sword or a long knife” was shot dead by police after refusing to drop his weapon.

The killer’s motives are not yet clear.

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Well, it isn’t working, in spite of all the promises and smiles from the usual suspects….

eu super commish

If you look at prior posts of mine during the height of the renegotiation on the debt for EU southern states(Portugal, Italy Greece and Spain), I said then as I say now, “it’s a Rube Goldberg construct, needing the alignment of all the planets in a row and no major calamity to upset the balance in order for the plan to work, and it won’t.”

Is this proof Italy is dumping ‘doomed’ euro? Huge sums of cash being pulled out of Rome

HUGE sums of cash are flowing out of Italy amid fears the country’s banks could fail and Rome may abandon the euro.



Is Italy about to leave the euro?

A whopping €354billion (£317bn) has been pulled out of troubled Italy this year – up €118bn (£105bn) from the same period last year, figures show.

Worried investors are fleeing with their cash, driven by worries the eurozone’s third largest economy could crash out of the single currency if Prime Minister Matteo Renzi loses a looming referendum over constitutional change.

The leader promised to quit if the vote goes against him, which is likely to strengthen the anti-Brussels Five Star Movement.

The political party has been growing in popularity and has called for a referendum over the euro among other measures.

money flowsBloomberg

Money is flowing out of Italy and into Germany

There’s now a growing belief the Five Star party could come to power in Italy.

Concerns over the country’s banking system is another possible reason for the large amounts of cash leaving.

Italy’s banks saw their share prices crash earlier this year, as investors feared they could buckle under the weight of billions of pounds worth of bad loans.

Lenders in the Mediterranean around £270bn of bad loans – a third of the eurozone’s total.

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broken euro


We’ve had the same thing happen here with Muslim adult males pretending to be “children”.

refugee youths in finland with beards

Fury at ‘soft checks’ on child migrants: Adults pretending to be children say aid workers

ANGER erupted last night over a lack of checks to stop Calais Jungle migrants posing as children to get to Britain.


Children migrants from Calais arrive in UKGETTY

Britain is allowing in children from the Calais Jungle before it is demolished by the French

“Lax” Home Office rules were said to be letting in “hulking young men” instead of those genuinely in need of sanctuary.

Officials yesterday admitted the arrivals are being given asylum without any proper medical checks on their age because they are considered “intrusive”.

As more arrived in Britain yesterday, the Home Office said they are given the “benefit of the doubt” if their age is in question.

Tory MP David Davies said: “They are giving hospitality to hulking young men. I think we have been taken for a ride once again.”

Giving migrants the benefit of the doubt was “wrong”, said the MP for Monmouth, adding: “It is absolutely certain some people do lie about their age. We should start from the principle people will do or say anything to get into the UK.”

Britain is allowing in children from the Calais Jungle before it is demolished by the French.

The first 14 arrived on Monday and it is thought as many as 400 could end up being given a new home in the UK.

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They really are open about their intentions…….

erdogan the protest breaker

Turkey tells EU: Give us visa-free travel by end of 2016 – but we WON’T change terror law

TURKEY has threatened to walk away from a commitment to help tackle the migrant crisis unless its citizens are given visa-free access to the EU by the end of the year.


Omer Celik/refugee campGETTY

Turkey’s EU Affairs Minister Omer Celik

Ankara agreed to stop illegal migrants from crossing into Greece back in March but in return demanded financial aid for refugees that stayed there, accelerated EU membership talks and the promise of visa-free travel across most of the bloc’s 28 member states.

Under the so-called ‘one-in-one-out deal’ migrants arriving in Greece are sent back to Turkey if they do not apply for asylum or their claim is rejected. For each person sent back, the EU accepts a genuine refugee from Turkey.

But the agreement, negotiated by German leader Angela Merkel, is now in jeopardy because Turkey’s refusal to revise its anti-terror laws, which Brussels insists are not compatible with European justice standards, has led to deadlock over the visa liberalisation part of the deal.

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No matter where they (the spreaders of Islamic hegemony, both Muslims and stooges/enablers alike) congregate, the Counter-Jihad (defenders of classical liberalism) are there to challenge their jackass ideology and agenda.

Gates of Vienna was there to help capture the event for all to hear. This is a blatant disregard for the views of the civil society, it’s tyranny, and they’re very open about their obscuring the facts about what they plan to do.

Arlington Refugee Resettlement: No Questions Answered, No Reporting Allowed

As we reported last week, a presentation on refugees was scheduled last night at the St. Ann Catholic Church in Arlington, Virginia. The event took place as planned. It was entitled “Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.: A National and Local Humanitarian Response”, and was jointly presented by officials of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement and Catholic Charities.

Last night’s event was more important than it might seem at first glance. After all, it was just a little PowerPoint slide show given to a few dozen people by a government official about the wonderful cultural enrichment that will be brought to America by “Syrian” “refugees”, and about how essential it is for Americans to help these poor suffering people. What’s so important about that?

I’ll explain.

The presentation was led by Anastasia Brown, the Director of the Division of Refugee Services in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement. Ms. Brown is also the former Director of Refugee Programs for Migration and Refugee Services of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Anastasia Brown at a conference in 2015

She was assisted by Patricia S. Maloof, the Program Director of Migration and Refugee Services of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington.

Patricia Maloof at a conference at Virginia International University, ‘Dissecting a Complex Conflict: ISIS, the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and the Humanitarian Response’, October 2015

The event was sponsored by Marie Powell, the former superintendent of schools in the Arlington, Virginia Diocese of the Catholic Church and the retired executive director of the Secretariat of Catholic Education for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

So what we saw at St. Ann Church last night was, in effect, a joint venture by the United States Government and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Catholic charitable organizations rake in hundreds of millions of dollars every year for their assistance in the Refugee Resettlement program, so the Church and the Diocese of Arlington are hardly disinterested parties.

Ms. Brown told the audience that she was not there in her official capacity as an employee of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). However, as you’ll see in the more detailed report below, her slide show was watermarked not with her own name, but with the official logo of a federal agency. So Anastasia Brown seems to be Schrödinger’s bureaucrat — both official and unofficial at the same time.

The fact that she was ostensibly speaking ex officio provided the justification for her refusal to answer questions on the record. In addition, the organizers were at pains to emphasize their request that there should be no record of the event at all. Sources who were present say there was an implied attempt to intimidate attendees into keeping the presentation off the record. Marie Powell told the audience that they were “not allowed to write or blog about the event.” The leaders explicitly said “no press coverage” several times. They forbade any taping of the event.

Well, it got taped, anyway. A 90-minute audiotape recorded via a handheld microphone is below.

Why should such events go unrecorded and unreported?

Why the secrecy? What happened to the most transparent administration in history?

And, if they want to keep it a secret, why are they talking about it at a parish church in Arlington? Are they perhaps recruiting well-meaning but unpaid volunteer drones to help them with the resettlement process?

This is important, because these refugees — most of them unvetted Muslims — are, in effect, being parachuted into communities in the dead of night. Localities are not being consulted. Local residents are largely unaware of what is happening. And religious “charities” working in close cooperation with the federal government (thank you, George W. Bush, for those “faith-based initiatives”) receive lucrative contracts for managing the logistics and doing the initial placement of the migrants.

This audio is raw, and has not yet been transcribed. I’m calling on the distributed intelligence of the Internet for help with a transcript. In particular, readers who were actually present at last night’s event should be able to tell us which parts to focus on. Only some of the tape is interesting and worth transcribing, so listen to it and see what sort of nuggets you can find amidst all the dross. Unfortunately, the quality of the audio leaves something to be desired.

And email me first (gatesofvienna [at] chromatism [dot] net), before you get started on any transcribing. Let me know the start time and finish time of the section you intend to transcribe, and I’ll tell you if anyone else has already started work on it. We want to avoid duplication of effort, if possible. Then, when you send in the completed transcript, include the start and finish times, so Vlad will know where to cut when we produce shorter excerpts based on the tape.

Here’s the raw audio that we want to crowdsource. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

A Gates of Vienna reader named Belinda attended the event at St. Ann Church, and kindly sent us this description of what happened:

The audience was told by Marie Powell, who sponsored/led the event, that they were “not allowed to write or blog about the event”. She didn’t say that the speakers were merely speaking off the record but that “no press coverage” was allowed. They also forbade any taping of the event.

The federal employee presenting, Anastasia Brown, read off a PowerPoint presentation labeled “Office of Refugee Resettlement”. Every slide had “Administration for Children and Families” at the bottom. You can see the logo in her PowerPoint here, in the bottom right of the page right above “Department of Health and Human Services”. Her name did not appear to be in the presentation at all — just her office.

Ms. Brown claimed that she was not speaking on behalf of the federal government, and that therefore she could not be quoted, as she had not received permission to speak to the public. However, when questioned, she repeatedly declined to comment, implying that in fact she was speaking on behalf of ORR, and ORR did not want to comment.

She refused to answer how much the program would cost. She refused to answer what percentage of screened refugees were rejected. When members of the audience asked questions the presenters didn’t like, they shut down the Q&A and told attendees the event had concluded.

Belinda also included these observations:

There was a public hearing given by a federal official, and the public was instructed that they’re not permitted to write about it or record it. This is why people don’t trust the federal government.

They refused to answer any pertinent questions.

  • They refused to talk about the cost of refugee resettlement.
  • They refused to talk about the disparity between Muslim refugees and those who are Christians.
  • They refused to say what percentage of those who had been screened were rejected.

This was presented as though they were consulting the public, but in actuality they were telling the public how it was going to happen, and the public just had to accept it. They were not interested in the public’s input, or what the public thinks.

It was tantamount to attempted intimidation when they implied that there would be consequences if people wrote about it — they explicitly said “no press coverage” several times before the event. They could have simply said, “This is Chatham House rules, and therefore not attributable to any speaker.” But they didn’t say that.

The person who said, “You’re not allowed to write or blog” about the event was the representative of the sponsor, Marie Powell. Ms. Powell also introduced everyone, including the federal official who was speaking to the public.

Additional Information

Anastasia Brown is listed here at ORR as Director, Division of Refugee Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement, Department of Health and Human Services. Before joining the administration, she was with Refugee Council USA (RCUSA). From 1999 to July 2015, she wasDirector of Resettlement Services for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In case you missed it earlier, this was the announcement in the St. Ann Church parish bulletin[pdf]:

Refugee Resettlement in the U.S. — With Anastasia Brown and Patricia Maloof

Do you have questions about the need and process for resettling refugees in the United States? St. Ann Adult Religious Enrichment Committee is hosting a presentation by two experts in the field. On Monday, October 17, 2016, a program focusing on Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.: A National and Local Humanitarian Response will be held in the St. Ann Parish Hall from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. We are very fortunate that such knowledgeable persons have accepted our invitation to speak at St. Ann. Anastasia Brown currently serves as Director of the Division of Refugee Services in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement. Prior to this position, she served for many years as the Director of Refugee Resettlement for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Patricia S. Maloof is the current Program Director of Migration and Refugee Services of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington and has previous experience at the national level with resettling refugees and other legal immigrants. We hope many of you will come and participate in this very timely program.



It’s why they’re referred to as the New York Slimes, all the news fit to wrap fish in.

saudi flag

If he was a ”favored son” he would never have been thrown to the chopping block. The NYT spews Saudi propaganda to polish a shine on barbaric, discriminatory and very arbitrary, sharia law.


BEIRUT, Lebanon — Saudi Arabia on Tuesday executed a member of the royal family for murder, the first time in four decades it had done so, after he was convicted of shooting another man to death during a brawl.

Prince Turki bin Saud bin Turki bin Saud al-Kabeer was put to death in the capital, Riyadh, according to a report by the Saudi state news service. While the report did not detail the method used, most death penalties in Saudi Arabia are carried out by beheading in a public square.

The rare event rocketed around the kingdom’s social media networks, with some Saudis saying they never imagined such a thing would happen and others arguing that it showed the quality of their justice system, which follows a strict interpretation of Shariah law and is often criticized by human rights groups and Western governments for what they consider harsh and arbitrary punishments.

“The greatest thing is that the citizen sees the law applied to everyone, and that there are not big people and other small people,” Abdul-Rahman al-Lahim, a prominent Saudi lawyer, wrote on Twitter.

Other Saudis lauded the monarch, King Salman, on Twitter under an Arabic hashtag that translated as, “Decisive Salman orders retribution for the prince.”

More here.

NOTE: He’s the brother of princess Deema Turki al-Saud, the same Saudi inbred who sent her attack dog lawyers against the Tundra Tabloids some years ago, for publishing an interview of a British woman who was in her service for 10 years, who witnessed her alleged horrendous behavior towards her staff during that time period.


By commenter QiPo:

The DNC is well documented as having degenerated into a neo-communist party following the old rabble rousing patterns of the communist agitators for a very long time. The current crop of older elite educated simply continue to follow their family, social, or educational training. The younger ones, denied either a normal or rational education, simply follow the examples laid out by perverted heads of state to the most cognitively impaired citizens imaginable. With all of the “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards being liberally passed around, they can enjoy the unbridled excitement of mayhem and destruction.

The Tundra Tabloids’ readership are among the best informed in social media.


And they are waiting to set up camp near you…..

CALAIS HORROR: Female journalist ‘raped by knife-wielding migrants’ at Jungle camp

The Jungle camp in CalaisPA

The woman was raped at the lawless Jungle camp

A FEMALE interpreter working on a documentary about the plight of vulnerable refugee children has been raped at knifepoint in the Calais migrant camp, French police revealed today.

The terrified 38-year-old was robbed by three armed men from the Jungle, one of whom raped her whilst the other two threatened her colleague with a blade.

The unidentified woman, who was helping a journalist from a French news broadcaster, was attacked in the early hours of this morning at the entrance of the notorious shanty town.

French prosecutors today confirmed that they had “proof” the woman was raped, and said they have collected DNA evidence to help them find the attackers. The trio are believed to be from Afghanistan, and are now on the run from the police.The woman was living in Paris, although originally from  Afghanistan, and had been employed to interpret for migrants speaking the Pashtun language which is common in her homeland and neighbouring Pakistan.

The Jungle campPA

The notorious camp is extremely dangerous for women

The Jungle campPA

Police say they have DNA evidence to try and track the attacker down

More here H/T: James Boom


Hillary marx beer cheer

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke at the National Immigration Integration conference.

a katz | Shutterstock

In 1993, the president of Wellesley College approved a new rule upon being contacted by Bill Clinton’s White House. The rule stated that all senior theses written by a president or first lady of the United States would be kept under lock and key. The rule was meant to keep the public ignorant about the radical ties of the first lady,Hillary Rodham Clinton, to the radical Marxist organizer, Saul Alinsky. The 92-page thesis was titled, “There is only the fight…: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.”

The thesis became unlocked after the Clintons left the White House and is now posted online. After being ruled by Barack Obama, another Alinskyite, for 8 years, perhaps one might think the fact that the modern Democratic Party is completely taken over by Alinskyites is old news, but the connection between Alinsky and Hillary is special.

Hillary describes Alinsky as a “neo-Hobbesian who objects to the consensual mystique surrounding political processes; for him, conflict is the route to power.” Alinsky’s central focus, she notes, is that the community organizer must understand that conflict will arise and to redirect it and, as she quoted him in her thesis, be “…dedicated to changing the character of life of a particular community [and] has an initial function of serving as an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions… to provide a channel into which they can pour their frustration of the past; to create a mechanism which can drain off underlying guilt for having accepted the previous situation for so long a time. When those who represent the status quo label you [i.e. the community organizer] as an ‘agitator’ they are completely correct, for that is, in one word, your function–to agitate to the point of conflict.”

…it could very well be that Hillary’s model, which was to gain political power and wield it to gain social change, is simply her thesis finally realized.

The thesis in and of itself is limited to whether or not “social justice” can be attained through the tactics described by Alinsky in “Reveille For Radicals,” and the numerous speeches he gave on hundreds of college campuses in the 1950s and 1960s. What had become clear was that Alinsky’s previous organizing had fallen apart and almost all attempts to recapture the original intent had gone by the wayside.

Hillary noted that, “Alinsky’s lessons in organizing and mobilizing community action independent of extra-community strings appear to have been lost in the face of the lure of OEO money.” Pointing out that the power of the government took away the work of the “local organizer.” It is here that we see her light bulb illuminate. With this reasoning, the better approach would be to be the government who had the power to force social change.

But just because Hillary criticized Alinsky’s model in 1969 doesn’t mean she disagrees with his politics. In fact, it could very well be that Hillary’s model, which was to gain political power and wield it to gain social change, is simply her thesis finally realized. She criticized Alinsky, not so much for his tactics, but for his focus on organization. What is possibly the best way to put Hillary’s philosophy is what she told the Black Lives Matter movement, saying, “I don’t believe you change hearts, you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate.”

More here.


Screwing themselves over big time……


Choosing the right person for immigration is crucial, doing so in a managed way is crucial as well. Acting to the contrary however, by allowing anybody and their brother to waltz into a grossly in debt (failed) welfare state, unable to properly to pay its bills any longer……is state suicide.


Doubles since 1990, with Arabic fastest growing
Published: 3 hours ago

A new report shows explosive growth in the number of U.S. residents 5 years of age and older who speak a language other than English at home.

The report by the Center for Immigration Studies, which breaks down new Census data, shows a record number of new immigrants in the country whose primary language is not English, and the fastest growing language is Arabic.

In 2015 a record 64.7 million U.S. residents spoke a foreign language at home – up 5.2 million since 2010 and up 1.5 million in just the last year. The largest percentage increase from 2010 to 2015 was for speakers of Arabic, Hindi (an India language) and Urdu (Pakistan’s national language).

More than one in five U.S. residents now speaks a foreign language at home, according to the CIS report.

“A common language is the means by which immigrant groups communicate with each other and with the larger society,” said Steven Camarota, the center’s director of research and co-author of the new report.

President Obama has been issuing more than 130,000 green-cards per year to persons from Muslim-majority countries using various legal programs such as refugee resettlement, the visa lottery, employment-based programs and other channels.

School systems from St. Cloud, Minnesota, Wichita, Kansas, and Twin Falls, Idaho, to Amarillo, Texas, and Fargo, North Dakota, have been overwhelmed by Third World refugees over the past 10 years, forcing them to hire expensive linguistics experts and translators. The language barrier also presents new challenges to 9-1-1 emergency centers, hospitals, jails and other public institutions.

More here.


You have to be a special kind of sick and evil (Islam 101) to do what this piece of human excrement did to a 90 year old woman.

Migrant arrested in Germany after 90-year-old grandmother rape while returning from church

GERMAN police have arrested a 19-year-old Moroccan migrant on suspicion of raping a 90-year-old woman who had been attending a church service.


Dusseldorf policeGetty

Dusseldorf police on patrol

Dusseldorf police announced on Sunday that they had arrested the man after they had launched a search for the assailant after the daylight attack on the grandmother.

The elderly woman had left in the church in the heart of the German city centre on October, 2, when the assailant pushed her into a narrow alley between two pubs.

In the alley, which is usually closed off to the public and used for storing rubbish from the pubs, the perpetrator is said to have demanded money from the woman before sexually assaulting her.

More here. H/T: Fjordman


Yeah, his sausage fingerprints are all over this one…..

Martti Ahtisaari

Yeah, he achieved real ”peace” in Aceh, go try and sell that to the women having their flesh flayed to pieces just for being normal. What a maroon.

NOTE: In years to come if there hasn’t been any noticiable change in how we react to Islam, dopes like the former Finnish president, Martti Ahtisaari, can be counted on to arrange similar deals with Muslim enclaves in Finland, for sake of ”peace”.

Muslim woman lashed 23 times for breaking Sharia law by being ‘close’ to her boyfriend

THIS is the moment a Muslim woman was brutally lashed 23 times in public for being “in close proximity” to her boyfriend.


Indonesian woman lashedGETTY

The Indonesian region of Aceh is under sharia law

The woman was seen crying in agony as she was lashed in front of a baying crowd for breaking Sharia law.

She was just one of 13 women who was punished in the orthodox Indonesian province of Aceh.

Each woman was lashed between nine and 25 times, depending on the severity of their crime.

The alleged crimes they were deemed guilty of included inappropriate acts, such as khalwat, which is affectionate contact by an unmarried couple, and ikhtilat, which is intimacy or mixing – both of which are in violation of Islamic bylaw.

One of the women, just 22-years-old, had her lashes delayed as she is currently pregnant.

More here.


Well on his way to hating the ”infidels” around him, so he uses victimhood to silence his critics as he seeks to overthrow their society.


jihadi speaks

School orders Muslim pupil to shave his beard or face expulsion over radicalisation fears

A MUSLIM pupil was threatened with expulsion for refusing shave his beard after his headmaster deemed the facial hair a “sign of radicalisation”.


Pupil told to shave off beardGETTY

The pupil has been told to shave off his beard

The student, who did not want to named for fear of “stigmatised even more”, told his headmaster he was growing the facial hair for religious purposes.

When recalling the conversation he had with his headmaster, the 21-year-old, from Saint Denis, Paris, said: “The Prophet was wearing one. It is something important to me.

He [the headmaster] gave me a few days for reflection to see if I change my mind and shave [the beard… but I will not!

French pupil

“He [the headmaster] gave me a few days for reflection to see if I change my mind and shave [the beard… but I will not!”

The student is the son of a non-practicing Muslim and an atheist.

He admitted to missing lessons to go to Friday prayers and did not shake the hands of his fellow pupils for “decency” reasons.


A top French court has ruled out banning the burkini

The unnamed pupil said he had previously agreed to stop wearing harem pants at his headmaster’s request as he agreed they could be interpreted as a religious dress wear.

Religious symbols in schools were banned in 2004 due to French values which say there must be a separation between the state and religious activities – however beards are not part of the legislation.

The pupil said: “I am not the only one with a beard, both among students and teachers.”

More here.


These Islamonazi State jackals couldn’t be put down fast enough…..

Jihadists GRAFFITI prisoner and blast him to death with shotgun for spray-painting anti-ISIS slogans before using drone to film mass execution of ‘spies’

Gruesome: Video shows jihadists spray-painting a prisoner and blasting him to death with a shotgun for daubing anti-ISIS graffiti on a wall in Iraq

Gruesome: Video shows jihadists spray-painting a prisoner and blasting him to death with a shotgun for daubing anti-ISIS graffiti on a wall in Iraq

  • ISIS fanatics filmed themselves spray-painting the top of a prisoner’s head
  • Footage shows them using paint as target in gruesome shotgun execution
  • Clip taken in Mosul captures five ‘spies’ being shot in the back of the head
  • It comes as a major assault was launched to reclaim the northern Iraqi city

This is the moment jihadists spray-painted a prisoner and blasted him to death with a shotgun for daubing anti-ISIS graffiti on a wall in Iraq.

Fanatics filmed themselves spraying the top of a man’s head and using the black paint as a target before shooting him at close range in Mosul.

The gruesome killing is followed by a mass execution of men accused of being spies with some of the footage captured by a drone hovering above.

The video emerged as a huge military assault – backed by coalition airstrikes – was launched in a bit to recapture the northern city.

Fanatics filmed themselves spraying the top of a man's head and using the black paint as a target before shooting him at close range in Mosul

Fanatics filmed themselves spraying the top of a man’s head and using the black paint as a target before shooting him at close range in Mosul

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These jackasshats are everywhere trying to impose their warped views upon the rest of us, and those of us who disagree are racists. This is Stalinist bull crap.

“Gender is just one feature among many features. The idea of continuous over-emphasized mentioning of it is to give your child the significance of gender roles. “

No, it’s to brainwash these children into believing the delusional individual choices that people make for themselves are in fact “normal”, or risk punitive measures if they refuse. This is very sick stuff, the cultural marxists never stop, they’re always on the move to over turn the existing societal norms in pursuit of their utopian nirvana.

Teachers could be soon no longer talking about girls and boys in school, only first names


The beginning of next year, Finnish schools will no longer be talking about girls and boys, if the recommendations given to schools are realized.

At least we should not talk about it. It is related to the gender equality plan, which will be mandatory in Finnish comprehensive schools.

The Board of Education has drawn up its implementation to facilitate the practical guide , providing suggestions on how gender equality can be added to education. It starts as early as pre-school education.

The guide states, inter alia, that the children, it is important to speak with children, but not as a set of “girls” and “boys”:

“Gender is just one feature among many features. The idea of continuous over-emphasized mentioning of is it is to give your child the significance of gender roles. “

“In the past, schools have been able to share things unnecessarily, such as girls and boys own food queues,” says Counsellor Satu Elo National Board of Education.

The change is part of an international development:

For example, in schools in the Australian state of Victoria  there will be at the beginning of the year training program named “Respectful relationship”. Victoria is Australia’s second largest state, whose capital is Melbourne. Concerns have been reported on, for example, the BBC and Mashable .

A training program has been compiled by the Australian Our Watch, which is an organization struggling against and intimate partner sexual violence. It also oversaw the Victoria pilot project.

The purpose of the program is to dismantle gender stereotypes and preventing domestic violence. To this end, education is recognized in strict guidelines.

Primary school teaching materials must include photos with the girls and boys involved in housework, hobbies or sports and in the same work and same occupations, such as fire fighters or as secretaries.

The stories must be given concrete examples of gender stereotypes dissipative. They are told that the girls are allowed to play football and to act as doctors while the boys can cry when they are hurt and take care of babies.

Secondary school students are taught, what do the terms panseksuaali (does not want to define their sexual orientation to cover only some of the sexes or do not experience sex as an essential interest in setting), cis-sexual (indicates the sex innate their gender characteristically) and transgender (experience of their own gender is not responsible for gender as defined at birth).

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