He also harpoons the models used in the GW cottage industry. (9:30 mark)

“Co2 is so beneficial in so many other ways, it would be crazy in trying to reduce it.”


Video: Earth is actually growing greener

This week’s Conversation that Matters features Freeman Dyson a professor emeritus of the Institute for Advanced Study who says models do a good job of helping us understand climate but they do a very poor job of predicting it.

Dyson says, “as measured from space, the whole earth is growing greener as a result of carbon dioxide, so it’s increasing agricultural yields, it’s increasing the forests and it’s increasing growth in the biological world and that’s more important and more certain than the effects on climate.”

He acknowledges that human activity has an effect on climate but claims it is much less than is claimed. He stresses the non-climate benefits of carbon are overwhelmingly favourable.

Join veteran broadcaster Stuart McNish for this important and engaging Conversation that Matters. on The Vancouver Sun website. Each week McNish explores the most important issues shaping the future of B.C. Please become a subscriber and support the production of the program at

Watch the video here.

Also, Svensmark’s The Cloud Mystery:

Then there are these………………………….



The head islamonazi Turk is not amused.erdogan turk poobah

Meanwhile the Islamonazi run gov of Turkey gets key concessions from EU (dhimmi) leaders to allow the easing of visa requirements for Turks coming to the EU.

NOTE: The IHH is the islamonazi org that Erdogan uses as his brownshirts, they are the same group of jihadis who provoked violence on the Mavi Marmara that Ergdogan sanctioned.

Mystery over who bombed Turkish convoy allegedly carrying weapons to militants in Syria

© IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
A Turkish convoy, which according to some reports was transporting weapons to terrorist organizations, has been hit by apparent airstrikes in northwestern Syria.

Footage released online by the Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) shows plumes of smoke from the burning trucks and people running about in panic. At least 20 trucks were engulfed in flames.

The mission, however, wasn’t sponsored or organized by the IHH, the group said. No organization has as yet confirmed that the convoy belonged to them.

More here.


Typical BBC bullcrap

BBC Attacks Atheist Ex-Muslims As ‘Islamophobic’, Defends Islamists.

The hashtag #ExMuslimBecause began trending worldwide on Twitter last week. Many of those brave enough to speak out about Islamic apostasy taboos via the hashtag risked threats, intimidation and even violence. Yet the BBC chose to defend Islamists and attack the hashtag as “hateful”, “Islamophobic” and “bad timing” due to the Paris attacks. 

There are no less than thirteen Muslim majority nations on earth where apostasy and atheism are punishable by death. And in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and Mohammed, atheists are classed are terrorists.

Those lucky to escape with their lives face lashings, imprisonment and exclusion from the job market. Even ex-Muslims in the West face being disowned from their families, ostracised from their communities and even murdered by their own families in “honour killings.”

“Tell us why you gave up being Muslim. Go to #ExMuslimBecause. It’s an encouraging, uplifting hashtag to read. Maybe there’s hope”, tweeted biologist and famous atheist Richard Dawkins.

More here.


UPDATE: Islamonazi terrorist shot dead in stabbing attempt in Israel, wearing that symbol of Arab international terrorism. It’s why I call it an Islamonazi scarf:

female terror tard in islamonazi regalia 1.12.2015

Miscreants and malcontents dishonor historic figures in city’s center.

Leftist Youth Palestine division organized an international Palestinian solidarity day (30.11.2015) in the center of Helsinki, where the well-known statues were dressed in islamonazi scarves, as well as with their pathetic slogans.

Finnish track great, Paavo Nurmi, dressed up in an islamonazi scarf……

pali propaganda in helsinki statues dressup in islamonazi scarves6

The Three Smiths in islamnazi drag………

pali propaganda in helsinki statues dressup in islamonazi scarves


pali propaganda in helsinki statues dressup in islamonazi scarves5The tribute to Zachris Topelius dressed in BDS and islamonazi garb……
pali propaganda in helsinki statues dressup in islamonazi scarves7

Convolvulus in the symbol of islamonazi terror…….

pali propaganda in helsinki statues dressup in islamonazi scarves8

And others……….

pali propaganda in helsinki statues dressup in islamonazi scarves3 pali propaganda in helsinki statues dressup in islamonazi scarves4


When never really did win the Cold War.

Crystal Ball Communism: “Toward Soviet America”

Written by: Diana West
Monday, November 30, 2015 5:23 AM 

Toward Soviet America by William Z. Foster, CPUSA chairman, was first published in 1932. Later, copies of the book would be purged and almost eliminated entirely from American bookstores and libraries in what was presumably the CP response to the latest Moscow line; but surely it was also to try to put this spitting Soviet-American cat back in the bag. Interestingly, the book would be reprinted in 1961 with a foreword and commentary by the chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Rep. Francis E. Walter, who recommended that every American read it as a blueprint of Soviet intentions much like Mein Kampf was a blueprint of Hitler’s. The 1932 version (sans HCUA commentary) is now available online.

For the first time, I just picked up my new 1961 copy, formerly from the library of the late, great Stanton Evans, opened it at random, and found myself reading about what the Soviet-American world of tomorrow looked like back in 1932 to a Communist Party official under Stalin’s tight control. Eight decades later, it is shocking how many of Foster’s Kremlin-approved prophesies have come true — more counter-conventional evidence of the extent to which our “victory” in the so-called Cold War was in fact an ideological rout, particularly at home. This is a main theme of exploration in American Betrayal. 

What continues to be clear is that none of this is “history.” Just from today’s headlines, for example, it is reported that the IMF is likely to promote China’s yuan into the “basket of currencies” on a par with the dollar. This isn’t a brand new, discrete development so much as it is the latest installment of a continuing Communist saga. That would be Communist China, of course, and that would be the same IMF whose first US director was Harry Dexter White, a Communist agent-extraordinaire inside the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, whose personal machinations on Stalin’s behalf greatly assisted, among other world-changing events, the cataclysmic Communist takeover of China in 1949.

More here



According to Teemu Lahtinen says his name Sajad Hasoon Shaseb Saad:


Man suspected of raping young woman in Hesperia Park arrested

Monday 11.30.2015 at 13.14 (updated at 14.39)

Man who suspected of rape Friday evening in Helsinki arrested

The rape occurred on Saturday 04.30 in the morning, in Helsinki’s Hesperia Park. Police are investigating the incident as aggravated rape, but are not telling any more at this stage, of the victim or the suspect.

Police caught the suspect in a nearby area. He was arrested on the decision of the Helsinki District Court  on Sunday.

According to Iltalehti’s information the imprisoned person is a young man born in 1995.



Citing they’re being free loaders.


NOTE: Also constantly being groped and propositioned for sex has to wear on the most tolerant of people after a while.

Thousands of Red Cross volunteers in Holland won’t help refugees

November 30, 2015    Red Cross workers in action. Photo: Maurits90 via Wikimedia

Thousands of volunteers for the Red Cross in the Netherlands say they are not prepared to help refugees, according to a confidential report in the hands of broadcaster Nos. The organisation carried out a survey of 1,300 of its 30,000 volunteers and found around one in five was unwilling to work with asylum seekers. The reasons given ranged from ‘I’d rather see our borders closed’ to ‘there is nothing for them here’, while others said most refugees are after an easy life.

Read more at H/T: Gaia


This is something I’ve been saying for a long time.

muslim rape

Middle East Arab culture expert to IS, rape is always the blame of the woman

Arab culture expert Päivi Kari-Zein notes Ilta-Sanomat that asylum seekers need training in Finland in ways not only of language but also in culture as well.

According to Käri-Zein, in the Middle East, rape is always the fault of the woman. In local interpretation the style of dress and behavior of the woman is seen as seducing the man.

– In the Middle East young men are accustomed to, that if a woman wears clothing a certain way, she is sending a clear message, Kari-Zein notes.

The National Police Board estimated last week that the police have had a dozen rape stories in which a suspect is an asylum seeker. Last week, it was revealed two distinct suspicions of rape, where the victim was a 14-year-old girl. The asylum seeker is suspected of raping in Raisio, a 14-year-old girl on Tuesday. The police took over on Wednesday to catch a 19-year-old male suspect.

Police suspect that a 14-year-old girl was raped late last week, on Monday in Kempele. On suspicion of the act a 17-year-old young man was incarcerated, who is suspected of aggravated rape and aggravated sexual child abuse.

Police have said that the suspect is of a foreign background. However, it has not been confirmed according to media reports that he would be an asylum seeker. H/T:  Retweeted  49m

 NOTE: So we import them by the truck load with “magic dirt” beliefs that they’ll behave just like us just because we want it to be so.


Smack the Euros in the puss, they play a highly disingenuous game laden with double standards.

Turkey is still illegally occupying northern Cyprus.

The next time anti-Israeli demonstrators shout about divided cities, refugees, walls, settlers and occupied land, let us understand that those are not necessarily the issues in the Middle East. If they were, the Cyprus tragedy would also be center stage. Likewise, crowds would be condemning China for occupying Tibet, or still sympathizing with millions of Germans who fled a now-nonexistent Prussia, or deploring religious castes in India, or harboring anger over the tough Russian responses to Georgia, Crimea and Ukraine, or deploring beheadings in northern Iraq.

Israel suspends EU contact over peace process

eu netanyahu

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini (L) at a media conference with PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem November 7, 2014. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Israel on Sunday stepped up its battle with the EU over its decision to label products from the settlements, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suspending diplomatic contacts regarding the Middle East peace process pending completion of a “reassessment” by the Foreign Ministry of the EU’s role in that process.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement, Israel will continue to have diplomatic contacts with individual EU countries – such as Germany, Britain and France – but not with EU institutions. Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with French President François Hollande and new Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło in Paris on Monday.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman did not provide details of any other practical consequences stemming from the decision, such as whether this would mean that Netanyahu would not meet with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on issues pertaining to the Palestinians. The decision comes at a time when there is very little movement in the diplomatic process with the Palestinian Authority.

More here.

NOTE: Never, ever let these anti-Israel nutjobs take the high moral ground while they themselves stand in a pit full of muck.


Islam so repugnant locals rediscovering what was before islam (BI).

According to local media reports, around 10,000 have converted to Zoroastrianism in the last year alone.  Some local media reports purport this figure to be as high as 100,000.


Mullah Abbas Khidir Faraj, preacher at Awal Bakrajo Mosque and Head of Public Relations for the Islamic Scholars Union in Sulaimania, concedes that ISIL has had a negative impact on the public’s perception of Islam.

The curious rebirth of Zoroastrianism in Iraqi Kurdistan


Lara Fatah is a communications consultant based in Iraqi Kurdistan. She is also a PS21 global fellow.

Faced with the barbaric actions of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on their doorstep, a growing number of Kurds, particularly among the youth, are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the various interpretations of Islam on offer in the region.

There is an age-old Zoroastrian mantra: “Good words, good thoughts and good actions.”

It still holds for the small but growing number of Zoroastrians living in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region.

While some look to secular, Western cultural ideals, others are looking to the past and exploring ancient Kurdish beliefs. Up until the seventh century Islamic conquests, Kurds across the region were followers of various pre-Abrahamic faiths, such as Zoroastrianism and Yazidism.

In August this year, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officially recognised Zoroastrianism as a religion. The move elicited mixed reactions.

According to local media reports, around 10,000 have converted to Zoroastrianism in the last year alone.  Some local media reports purport this figure to be as high as 100,000.

The search for identity

Kurds across the Middle East have generally clung to their ethnic identity rather than their religion. Though Islam has played a more pivotal role in marking out regional identities in recent years, this has not really been the case among Kurds. Islamic parties usually garner only 10-15 percent of the vote in the Kurdistan Regional Government and Kurdish Provincial council elections.

With the Kurdish identity and culture under threat from ISIL, the perceived “Kurdishness” of Zoroastrianism adds to its appeal.

“All Kurds are nationalists and we take pride in our heritage, so of course the Kurdish nature of the religion influenced my decision to convert,” says Shwan Rahman, a recent convert to Zoroastrianism.

More here. H/T:  Retweeted  


This is important, and in spite of it being a few months old, (July 2105) it’s crucial to understand the significance of the people represented in these public displays of islamic expression on the streets of our cities.

The men in the santa hats are considered the cremé de la cremé in Sunnis Islam, these are bona fide imams given the graduation seal of the white and red turbans of Al-Azhar university, the premier seat of Sunni Islam. They are de facto islam 101’ers, the very same miscreants we do not want in our countries spreading their poison.

H/T: Tommy Robinson 


My guess is that the Norwegian government will blink first……..

Russia sends denied migrants back to Norway

Russia sends denied migrants back to Norway

The asylum seekers returned from Russia will be sent back again. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Published: 30 Nov 2015 07:54 GMT+01:00

Asylum seekers whom Norway has expelled to Russia are being sent back to Norway in violation of a bilateral agreement between the two countries, Oslo said on Sunday.

“It is our opinion that Russia is obligated to take back those people whom we are sending back to Russia,” Joran Kallmyr, a state secretary in the justice ministry, told AFP.

Kallmyr would not disclose how many asylum seekers were concerned.

Since the start of the year, at least 4,000 asylum seekers have made a long detour through the Arctic to cross the border between Russia and Norway, which is a member of the Schengen agreement on free movement even though it is not a member of the European Union.

More here.


Stunning turn in politics.

If so, and the trajectory looks like they will, it would be an amazing achievement given the fact that they’ve been brutalized by the Swedish iron triangle (political elite, media and academia) on a daily basis. They have been the only ones daring to tell the truth about mass immigration and islam in Sweden.

NOTE: There is no “right-wing” (conservative) in Sweden or anywhere else in Scandinavia, just “not as much Left-wing”.

Sweden Democrats eye power after border move

Sweden Democrats eye power after border move

Jimmie Åkesson at the Sweden Democrat’s national day in Lund. Photo: Björn Lindgren/TT

Published: 28 Nov 2015 11:33 GMT+01:00

“Our analysis was completed a long time back,” he boasted. “Now the other parties come — with a knife to their throats — and do exactly the same thing. ”

Åkesson argued that, with the centre-right Moderate and Christian Democrat parties now taking ever harder lines on immigration and border controls, his party’s pariah status in Swedish politics would soon be at an end.

“The more they take after us, the lower the threshold to step over and talk to us,” he said.

In an interview with Sweden’s TT newswire, Åkesson said he saw common ground between SD, the Moderates the the Christian Democrats on immigration, crime and taxation, with the main differences limited to employment and the welfare state.


A brief impulse of sanity met with Leftist rage…….

Swedish Leftists engage in cognitive dissonance on a daily basis, so much so, that they can never be counted on to differentiate between signs of actual misogynist oppression and liberating inclusion. They trumpet the outward symbol of the sharia (islamic headscarf) while condemning those of us (even ex-muslims) who point to it being symbolic of draconian, liberty quashing totalitarianism. They are completely off the rail.

Hijab mural painted over with hair at Swedish mall

Hijab mural painted over with hair at Swedish mall

The centre’s management insisted that hair (right) was painted over the hijab (left). Photo: Pia Jönsson/Facebook
Published: 28 Nov 2015 22:17 GMT+01:00

A shopping centre in Sweden forced a youth group it had commissioned to paint a mural to cover up a hijab they had put on a woman by concealing it under a new hair style.

“It’s so horrible you almost can’t believe it’s true,” complained Pia Jönsson, whose husband Magnus Heberlein works for a local anti-racism group, in a post on Facebook.

“What kind of message are you sending to customers? How can you play into the hands of racists in such a disgusting way.”

According to Jönsson, the management at Burlövs center, just outside Malmö had commissioned UNITY Burlov, and Ungdomsgruppen Burlov, two local youth groups, to paint the murals, which were intended to express the diversity of he local area.

But when the hijab started to appear, the group painting the mural were called in to a meeting and informed that the hijab was not acceptable, as the shopping centre was secular and did not want to display religious symbols.

“The young people are angry and sad. They have grown up in this municipality, and are proud of its diversity and want to show it off as something beautiful. But they have been trampled on.”

More here.


Unbelieveable…….there only to be deported if the committed crimes in their own country, but not while in Finland.

Now they really want to get in……….


Then stick these felons in this guy’s neighborhood with crime scene tape at the ready. Then both this bureaucratic hack, and any laws backing his claims, need to be scrapped.

This is pure contempt for the civil society, the government’s first and most important responsibility is the protection of the civil society, not any supposed “rights” of a migrant, criminal or otherwise. Full stop.

“Asylum is not granted to foreigners who have committed or who [authorities] have reason to suspect have committed anything other than political crimes outside of Finland before they come to Finland as refugees,” Repo added.

Immigration official: Crime no obstacle to favourable asylum decisions

Another tabloid daily, Ilta- Sanomat, overturns statements by Prime Minister Sipilä, who claimed that serious crimes committed in Finland could affect asylum decisions.

“It’s clear that a sentence for a serious offence committed in Finland will affect asylum decisions. We’ve found that our legislation is in fact, very much up to date,” Sipilä told daily Helsingin Sanomat.

However according to IS, the head of the Finnish Immigration Service’s asylum unit had a different view. The paper spoke with Esko Repo, who said that as long as an individual meets the requirements for asylum, serious felonies present no obstacle to a favourable decision.

“In Finland it is possible to commit an aggravated offence and be granted asylum,” Repo said.

The immigration official said that not even offences such as murder or rape are sufficient to block asylum, if they were committed in Finland. However if the crimes were committed abroad, they would automatically disqualify an applicant from receiving asylum in Finland.



They really are muslim settler now aren’t they?

Are you listening Timo Soini?



“Police now have 21,000 deportation cases piled up”

Daniel Greenfield

Sweden has been forced to announce it can’t take any more of the migrant invasion. Meanwhile an interesting statistic turned up by Ingrid Carlqvist in Gatestone shows that even those whose asylum applications are rejected, and Sweden is fairly liberal in that regard, are not going anywhere.

October 16: Internal police documents were revealed that show 70% of people who have their asylum application rejected ignore the decision and stay illegally in Sweden. Of the 9,000 deportation cases sent to the police by the Immigration Service this year, 70% had vanished from their registered addresses, and had left the police completely nonplussed. Patrik Engström, head of the Swedish border police, told Swedish public radio, “This means we put out an all-points bulletin for these people but then do not actively look for them. We wait for tips and things like that. We do not have the resources to go out and look in a random fashion.” Police now have 21,000 deportation cases piled up.

Now Sweden is one of those countries that has residence registration. This is an alien idea to most Americans. It means that you must register where you live with the government. As the Swedish Tax Agency states, “You are in the register until the day you move abroad or die.”

Now it’s supposed to be technically rather difficult for someone to just live in Sweden without being on the books. Sweden is not the United States. Like a lot of European countries, it has a tightly regimented bureaucracy. And yet, also like a lot of these countries, the influx of migrants has long since made that bureaucracy and its databases meaningless. A change of address is supposed to be reported within one week.

But then again, I doubt that the Swedish authorities want to deal with this. So they don’t. That is how no-go zones form.

More here. H/T: 


Tundra Mail

Regarding a rape case in Kempele, Finland, allegedly by 2 asylum seekers.

Supposedly a refugee is coming to Finland due to the conflict in his/her own home country, looking for safety and stability. Unfortunately however, majority seem to be these gold digging migrants who have paid hefty sum of money in hope to get a good paying job in Europe and have some fun on the side. Keeping this investment, mentality and attitude in mind, it is no wonder that these migrants don’t care about and respect the culture and laws of the host country.

Exchanging few words in a public transportation does not construe an invitation to harassment. Cleavage does not mean that the woman is available. Cultural difference doesn’t give reason for rape. Not even in muslim country. These refugees are having very weird ideas of the laws and culture in Finland.

I don’t ask for servility and bowing but a little bit of gratitude and respect it would get you, The Asylum seeker, in much better books instead of ranting of how the food is bad, beds are hard and there are no good TV shows.

Inability and disinclination to cope with and integrate to culture is sending very clear message. One is really not in dire distress if he doesn’t feel the need to respect the host country. We will not change our laws and customs to please you and if what we have in here doesn’t satisfy you or you can’t respect of what we are offering, then fuck-off.

Kempele is the home municipality of Finland’s Prime minister Juha Sipilä, who promised his home for the asylum seekers.

Kyllä Vituttaa.

TT: The ”magic dirt theory” is pernicious, it demands us to believe that the mere touching of another country’s soil will transform the new arrivee ( eventually) into a solid citizen and patriot, when contrarily, it greatly matters what is between the migrants ears long before they arrive.


But first, an observation from a friend of mine, Lev Vladimirovich, who asks a salient question in a FB post about the central meme surrounding the mass immigration /population transfer frenzy. Why should we believe in open borders and that people will assimilate themselves (or at least integrate) in the host culture over the course of their lifetime?

muslim intergration

Probably my biggest problem with many libertarians, and why I no longer consider myself one is their belief in the Magic Dirt theory and open borders.

Namely, that anyone immigrating from a foreign country, no matter their culture and beliefs, will be miraculously transformed by the soil into a patriot American fully understanding and embracing the Constitution, individual rights, limited government, and separation of powers that made the US so successful for so long.

This wasn’t even valid 50 years ago, when schools taught civic pride and the foundations of our government, and it was reinforced through broader culture. Nowadays, of course, schools teach that the US is evil, foolish, and patriotism is wicked.

This Magic Dirt theory even fails when applied to certain members of my own family, which immigrated legally (after a lengthy number of interviews spanning months) from Moscow when I was young.

And we’re talking about a very well-educated family from a fundamentally Western country that knew English prior to arrival, was exceptionally grateful to the US, and thought the Constitution was a marvelous document.

So if Magic Dirt doesn’t even completely work in that case, what about others? How well do they assimilate?

Well, the following article provides a revealing look;

Muslim Mizzou Professor Charged with Assaulting Teen Girl at School Without Hijab

University of Missouri assistant professor Youssif Zaghwani Omar was arrested after an altercation at a high school in Columbia, Missouri, where he physically attacked a 14-year-old girl for going to school without wearing a hijab, according to police.

The girl, who was reported as being Omar’s relative, was attending Hickman High School in Columbia on November 24 when the Libyan-born Omar arrived at about 3 PM and allegedly confronted the girl for not wearing the traditional Muslim head covering in public.

According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, Omar grabbed the girl “very violently by the hair,” then pulled her outside of the class and down a flight of stairs.

Omar was reportedly  seen slapping the girl’s face as he pulled her by the hair into his car outside the school.

The following day, police arrested the Missouri professor at his home on felony charges of child abuse. He was later released from the Boone County Jail after posting a $4,500 bond.

 More here.