Yeah, of course Islamic terrorism has not entered into their worst case scenario situations.

All Belgians to be given iodine pills for nuclear safety

  • 28 April 2016
Nuclear power plant in Doel, Belgium (12 March 2016)
Image caption Belgium aims to extend the life of its ageing reactors until 2025 despite safety concerns

The Belgian government has agreed to distribute iodine pills to the country’s entire population as a nuclear safety precaution.

Health Minister Maggie De Block said current rules requiring pills to be given within 20km (12 miles) of a reactor should be increased to 100km.

Belgium’s neighbours have criticised the state of its nuclear reactors.

However, the minister said the change was as a result of the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

An earthquake led to a tsunami and all three reactor cores largely melted down.

“Every country has updated its plans for a nuclear emergency,” Ms De Block told Belgian TV.

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No mention by the Times of India about the background of the family in question, this is not uncommon because they are as PC as other western media when it comes to Islam.

(File photo)

Shrotiya further said that a case under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code has been lodged against the four men. No arrests have been made so far.

Four brothers beat sister to death in ‘honour killing’

TNN | Apr 28, 2016, 10.35 PM IST

Bareilly: In a suspected case of honour killing, an 18-year-old girl was allegedly killed by her four brothers after she was found in the company of a man in Igrah village here.

The incident took place on Wednesday night. According to police, the girl’s brothers also thrashed her lover, who hails from the same village, but he somehow managed to escape. Later, they caught hold of her and beat her severely. The youth rushed to the nearby Baheri police station and informed cops about the incident. A case has been lodged against the four brothers under relevant sections.

The girl suffered serious injuries and was rushed to a nearby hospital by her mother but she succumbed to her wounds.

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Actually, I would never ask them to take it down if they were equally provocative against Islam, but since they aren’t, then dammit, take it down.



Trump sounded presidential insofar as he was able to speak using double syllables and in complete sentences, but his policies however were vague and incoherent.

“Trump pronounced the Iran deal disastrous because In negotiation, you must be willing to walk. The Iran deal, like so many of our worst agreements, is the result of not being willing to leave the table. When the other side knows you’re not going to walk, it becomes absolutely impossible to win. That is wrong. The JCPOA debacle is the result of being at the negotiating table in the first place. “

Trump Declares Iran Deal a Disaster — but Doesn’t Offer an Alternative


(Photo Illustration: NRO)


In Wednesday’s foreign-policy speech, Donald Trump accurately described President Obama’s Iran deal, the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as “disastrous.” But his understanding of why this is the case is elusive — formed through his deal-maker prism, not by history, ideology, and the American interests he vows to prioritize. His remarks also raised more questions than they answered about his intentions. That means the speech was counterproductive because undermining the Iran deal — which is very much in America’s interests — requires presidential contenders to affect the behavior of the relevant players right now, not a year from now.

Trump pronounced the Iran deal disastrous because

In negotiation, you must be willing to walk. The Iran deal, like so many of our worst agreements, is the result of not being willing to leave the table. When the other side knows you’re not going to walk, it becomes absolutely impossible to win.

That is wrong. The JCPOA debacle is the result of being at the negotiating table in the first place. We gave the store away simply by sitting down, absent any conditions or changes in behavior, with a committed enemy of the United States, the world’s prime state sponsor of terrorism, while it was actively fueling anti-American jihadists, calling for “Death to America,” holding American hostages, threatening the annihilation of Israel, persecuting its own people, and developing nuclear power and ballistic missiles in violation of international law. Just by coming to the table, Obama signaled that he was ripe for the taking. It was never a matter of not knowing when to walk away.

Iran policy should not be about how to get a better deal. It should not even be about nuclear weapons — not primarily. The U.S. strategy on Iran should aim to suffocate the jihadist regime.

Tehran is incorrigible. I have my doubts that Trump has read the JCPOA, but I am quite confident that he is unacquainted with Iran’s constitution (as amended in 1989). He should have a peek — he might find it almost as consequential as The Art of the Deal.

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There you have it….

The French import Jew hating muslims who then drive out the Jews, the very remnants from these centuries old Jewish communities who were murdered by national socialist animals during WWII.

French synagogue to be converted into a mosque due to ‘the shift of the Jewish community’ reveals religious leader

Faith swap: The Or Thora synagogue (pictured) in Marseille is to be converted into a mosque due to 'a shift of the Jewish community' to other neighbourhoods in the city

Faith swap: The Or Thora synagogue (pictured) in Marseille is to be converted into a mosque due to ‘a shift of the Jewish community’ to other neighbourhoods in the city

  • Muslim group to buy synagogue in Marseille after a fall in Jewish attendees
  • Jews flocked to Marseille after Algeria was granted independence in 1962
  • But Jewish community has shifted to other districts over the last 20 years
  • City’s Muslims are still awaiting the construction of a Grand Mosque

A synagogue in Marseille is to be converted into a mosque, reflecting demographic shifts in the southern French city.

A Muslim cultural association, Al Badr, is to purchase the Or Thora synagogue, which is used less and less by the Jewish community, the city’s top Jewish leader Zvi Ammar said.

‘For the past 20 years or so we have seen the shift of the Jewish community to other neighbourhoods,’ Ammar said, adding that he viewed the sale ‘positively’.

‘We all have the same God, the main thing is for this to proceed in harmony,’ he said.

The site near the city’s main rail station was built as Jews flocked to Marseille from Algeria after the north African country gained independence from France in 1962 following an eight-year war.

Al Badr currently runs a mosque nearby that is too small for its congregation.


It’s why the MB Salafis (and other Sunni/salafists) hate the Sowdy’s……

Sheikh who likes to shake: Saudi prince worth $10BILLION dresses (a long way) down to sneak into Manhattan nightspot

Saudi prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd  dresses down to sneak into Manhattan club

He is one of the richest royals in the world with a rumored $10billion fortune funding an extravagant lifestyle as he travels to luxurious destinations including Paris and New York. But Saudi prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd looked far from regal on Monday night (pictured left on Monday and right in traditional garb) as he was spotted in the Big Apple wearing jeans and open-toe sandals. The 43-year-old was pictured outside exclusive hotspot Avenue, a club favoured by Manhattan’s elite, clutching a wooden cane and a plastic drink carton.

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Yeah, and Finland always features high up there in these international studies as being the least corrupt.

How in the world can Finnish politics allow for members of parliament, let alone a minister within the government, have a direct controlling interest in a business (actually a sitting board member) the same time they’re an elected official? This stinks.

Minister apologises, admits to misleading statements on Belgian tax planning company

Foreign Trade and Development Minister Lenita Toivakka has publicly apologised for misleading the Parliament by saying that she had nothing to do with establishing a Belgian holding company for a family business. Toivakka had previously accused SDP MP Timo Harakka of lying when he claimed that the family business had set up the holding company for tax planning purposes.

Lenita Toivakka.

Foreign Trade and Development Minister Lenita Toivakka. Image: Petteri Paalasmaa / AOP

On Thursday morning Foreign Trade and Development Minister Lenita Toivakka issued a public apology on MTV’s breakfast programme Good Morning Finland (Huomenta Suomi), saying that she had mislead the public by claiming that she was not involved in a family business when it set up a holding company in Belgium.

Toivakka’s climb-down followed statements by SDP MP Timo Harakka in Parliament Tuesday, when he accused Toivakka of involvement in setting up a holding company in Belgium for tax planning purposes. At the time Toivakka, who is a National Coalition MP, heatedly denied the claims and accused Harakka of lying to the Parliament. Toivakka insisted that she was not in any way personally involved in setting up the Belgian holding company.

However on Yle’s A-Studio current affairs discussion programme Wednesday night, Harakka repeated his claim that Toivakka had played a role in establishing the shadow company. He referenced Finnish corporate law to back up his allegations and produced a sheaf of documents, which he said proved “in black and white” that Toivakka did have a hand in the business.

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One thing we do know, if the muslim fraudugee had never been let in, that 10 yr. old boy would not be living with a horrific nightmare for the rest of his life.

An Iraqi asylum seeker has admitted to raping a 10-year-old boy at a public swimming pool because he was having a ‘sexual emergency’ after being separated from his wife for four months.

Frauds like him leave their families (in supposed harms way) while they rape the inhabitants of the host country they came to. I loathe the people who fawn over these 7th century barbarians and demand that we take more of them in.

Married migrant who raped a ten-year-old boy at a swimming pool because he had not had sex for four months and it was ‘a sexual emergency’ pleads guilty in Austrian court

The Iraqi man admitted in court to raping the 10-year-old boy at the swimming pool (pictured) in Vienna

The Iraqi man admitted in court to raping the 10-year-old boy at the swimming pool (pictured) in Vienna

  • The Iraqi asylum seeker is facing at least 10 years jail for raping boy, 10
  • He attacked the youngster while using a public swimming pool in Vienna
  • Amir A called it an ’emergency’ because he hadn’t seen his wife for months
  • Judges are awaiting reports on victim’s condition before sentencing him

An Iraqi asylum seeker has admitted to raping a 10-year-old boy at a public swimming pool because he was having a ‘sexual emergency’ after being separated from his wife for four months.

The 20-year-old, who has a child of his own, reportedly grabbed the youngster and dragged him into a changing cabin before assaulting him at the pools in Vienna.

Afterwards, the man identified only by his first name and initial, Amir A, had carried on with his swim and was practising on the diving board as if nothing had happened when police arrived.

The badly injured youngster however had raised the alarm with a lifeguard, who had in turn called the police and the boy’s mother.

After he was arrested, he initially claimed that the teenager who had been acting as a translator for him had encouraged him to have sex with the boy and had told him it was okay.

He also claimed not to know how old his victim really was, Kurier reported.

He reportedly faces 10 years in jail, but the court case was adjourned after it was revealed that the schoolboy was suffering serious psychological problems.

The psychiatric report is now being prepared, and if the serious psychological consequences are confirmed, then the possible jail sentence could be increased to 15 years on a charge of aggravated GBH.

During the court hearing the man said that he still wanted to bring his young wife and child to Austria, even though he was now facing jail and his asylum application had not been granted.

Asked why he had come to Vienna, he admitted it was because he wanted to improve his economic situation.

When the case reopens after the reports have been prepared, it will take place behind closed doors after a request from both the prosecution and the defence.

Prosecutors said they wanted to spare details being revealed that might embarrass the victim, while the defence said they wanted to avoid a public debate over their client’s sexual orientation.

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The Paleostinian ”Authority” is THE biggest scam outfit in the international aid industry.

Fatah and Hamas and their wheelbarrows of cash

Just think of how many people in real trouble could have been helped if not for these aid addicts hadn’t siphoned it off for themselves. End the aid to them and you’ll end the conflict for it’s the aid money that keeps their jihad going.

The PA’s billion dollar fraud

The Palestinian Authority is deceiving Western donor countries, falsely claiming to have stopped paying salaries to terrorist prisoners, and reaping more than a billion dollars/year in return

by Itamar Marcus

This special report by Palestinian Media Watch reveals a major fraud by the Palestinian Authority, through which it is reaping more than a billion dollars in foreign aid yearly.

In 2014, the PA announced that in order to continue receiving more than a billion dollars in financial support annually, it was acceding to US and European donor countries’ demands that the PA stop paying salaries to terrorist prisoners. The PA claimed the money for prisoners salaries would no longer be paid by the PA but instead by the PLO.

Even though PMW warned at the time that this was a “ploy,” the US and EU countries accepted the PA’s assurance, and continue to give the PA over a billion dollars in financial aid every year.

This PMW special report cites numerous official PA sources and statements by officials, showing that the PA is violating the trust of the US and EU donor countries. According to all these sources, the PA Ministry of Finance continues to make the decisions and remains the source of the money for paying salaries to terrorist prisoners.

In addition, PMW has studied records of the PA Ministry of Finance that show money transfers the PA made to the PLO in the years 2012 – 2015. These transfers show a noteworthy money trail used to transfer money that is needed for terrorist salaries from the PA to the PLO. In 2015, after the PA had assured Western donors it was no longer paying the salaries, and after it had closed the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, it suddenly transferred more than double what it had transferred to the PLO in previous years. The additional amount transferred by the PA to the PLO in 2015 was almost identical to the budget the PA Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs used to have. This extra money the PLO received from the PA in 2015 matches the amount the PLO now needed to pay the salaries of terrorist prisoners.

The payments may be made by the PLO, but the money is still PA money.

Since it continues to fund salaries to terrorists, thereby clearly violating its promise to donors, the PA should be ineligible to receive Western donor money. However, through this deception the PA is still reaping over a billion dollars in foreign aid.

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It’s a direct result of Islam wanting to Shmerkel the West.

German Dissidents Outsource Their Dissent to Switzerland

Dissent against the multicultural orthodoxy of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German political establishment is being increasingly suppressed, so much so that a group of German dissidents was forced to publish an ad in a Swiss newspaper, since almost no German paper would accept it.

The following article from Berlin Journal was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation.

Michael Müller — April 26 2016

Citizens place advertisement against Merkel in Switzerland

Page 2 of the Neue Züricher Zeitung on Monday shows a half-page advertisement with the title “Merkel still cheating. How long will this continue?” The authors criticise Merkel sharply. The German chancellor is portrayed as a smiling shell-game player

[Translator’s note: This type of play is illegal in Germany].

The advertisement in the Swiss daily cost more than 16,000 Swiss francs [$16,000].

It is not aimed at a Swiss audience, but a German one. The NZZ is widely read in Germany, too. The text of the ad obviously aims at German citizens:

Merkel cheats on!

For how long?

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Freedom scarf my eye, it’s political/religious oppression.

It’s a sharia symbol to tell the neighbourhood that you’ve arrived, and takeover is just a matter of time.

On the surface, a wide garment, scarf, or hijab looks like a piece of cloth. But, in fact, the dominating power of this piece of cloth is extraordinary. The idea is that once I can control your body, and once I can confine your body, I basically own you.


The widespread misconception about Islamic covering among leftists in the West.

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

I spent most of my life in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria until a few years ago. Now, living in the West, I am stunned with all misconceptions and misleading information about Islam. It seems to me that this stems from a large propaganda campaign coming from various platforms ranging from the dominant liberal media to Western Muslim scholars who have never lived in an Islamic country, but only read books published in the West. Liberals are brainwashed to view the West as the victimizers and the Muslims as the victims.

While covering all the misconceptions would require hundreds of books, I am going to only address the truth about the hijab in this article and the fallacies that are taught to ordinary people in the West about veiling, Muslim women, and the idea of victimhood.

(I have covered other truths and aspects of Islam in my memoir, Allah: A God Who Hates Women.)

Two of my own sisters have gone through the phases of wearing the hijab. I believe that the repression and domination of women in the Muslim world begins with the dress code — wearing a scarf, or hijab; wearing wide garments, chador; and hiding the body. In other words, the religion of Islam provides the language for men to dominate women by Sharia law, which takes possession of a women’s body from the moment a girl is born.

On the surface, a wide garment, scarf, or hijab looks like a piece of cloth. But, in fact, the dominating power of this piece of cloth is extraordinary. The idea is that once I can control your body, and once I can confine your body, I basically own you.

I believe and personally witnessed that wearing a scarf and wearing a wide garment, do not have anything to do with divine religious rules, as some ignorant imams or Muslims attempt to promote. Hijab is the first crucial step to possess a woman and make her follower of Islam.

I argue that the process of enforcing the hijab on women and making it feel natural to them is carried out through several institutional and psychological steps.

The First Phase: Indoctrination

The first phase is indoctrinating the idea of hiding one’s hair and body in the mind of a woman. The process of indoctrination begins from the moment a baby girl is born.

One concrete example is my sisters. They were forced to wear the hijab at the age of 8 in the schools of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria. So even before girls reach the age that they can make decisions, before they know right from wrong, they are indoctrinated to hide their body.  From age 3 or 4, they are repeatedly told about the “nice” things that will happen to them when they wear their hijab, and how they will be a good girl and be treated as a mature girl when they hide their body.

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With success in Germany, they think that they’re on a roll…..

And because it was the Swedes, you could understand how confident they were in achieving the desired result.

It reminds me of what the Iranian regime tried with ME analyst Alan Salehzadeh’s report citing Israel as region’s only democracy. It was placed back online after the JPost report highlighted the incident.

Turkey Attempted to Stop Broadcast of Assyrian Genocide Documentary

By Bar Daisan
(AINA) —
The Turkish Embassy in Sweden officially asked the Swedish television channel TV4 last week to not air a documentary on the Assyrian Genocide. The documentary Seyfo 1915 — The Assyrian Genocide by the director Aziz Said and produced by the Assyrian Federation of Sweden was scheduled to be aired on Sunday 24 April, the day Assyrians and Armenians commemorate the victims of the genocide perpetrated by the ruling Young Turks during the late phase of the Ottoman Empire.

TV4 received an email note from the Turkish Embassy, signed by Arif Gulen, the press counselor of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm. The editors of TV4 published the note on the TV4’s media blog in Swedish and English.

The Embassy’s press officer asks the TV4 editors to reconsider airing the documentary, because “conventional wisdom suggests that broadcasting of a documentary film comprising one-sided views of ‘the 1915 events’ will fail to serve the principle of objectivity of broadcasting.”

The letter goes on stating that “there is no historical, academic or legal consensus on how to define ‘the 1915 events'” and that “only a competent international tribunal can determine whether a particular event is genocide.”

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The comparison between the mohammedan creed and national socialism ( and traditional socialist thinking as well) is a credible one. It will anger many, and perhaps amuse some, but the facts are there.

ein mo and ad

National Socialism is the ideology of peace

Since this (post) was removed a moment ago for being “inappropriate”, I put it back in a slightly revised version. If this is removed, I would like to see the point where I am posing inappropriate content to anyone. The text is plain facts of history and picked from the Koran and Mein Kampf.

Before I was wondering how that Islam is a religion of peace, because the whole Qur’an is full of hate speech, racism, sexism and incitement to war and call for the killing of infidels. I heard the imam supporting the religion of Islam to be of peace, because when the whole world is subjected to Islam, and all adhere to Sharia law, there will be world peace.

In this same logic, National Socialism is the ideology of peace and the Nazis are holy, peaceful apostles who spread the message of peace.

National Socialism and Islam are very much similar to each other and both of their history, teachings, and disseminations are very much alike. In this post I compare Hitler, the leader of National Socialism, the holy book of Mein Kampf, as well as the leader of Islam, Muhammad, and his holy book the Koran.

Both of them are on an equal footing, dictators, who came to power through violence and seized power.

Both have a dictator’s holy book, the Koran and Mein Kampf.

Both think they are on God’s errand. The views of God are different in each other yes, but the ideas are substantially the same.

Both feel that they are privileged, and their violence is justified.

In Islam, people are divided into broadly two categories, believers and non-believers.

In Mein Kampf people are classified into three different groups, the founders of culture, the bearers of culture, the destroyers of culture, Eg. Aryans developed, Asians bore it, and the Jews destroyed it.

In these books of the conquering of the world and the killing of people is based on a slightly different perspectives: Islam wants to kill infidels, just because they are infidels.

8:39. “And fight them until there is no longer the worship of idols, but God alone”

In Mein Kampf Hitler again sees the survival of the Aryan race of vital importance that there is enough land on which to live. During the thousands of years of the Reich, this would mean the subordination of the whole world.

More here in Finnish. H/T: Kumitonttu

NOTE: It’s not bigotry and intolerance to point out bigotry and intolerance and pure tyranny.