We all know how this will end.

That they weren’t immediately upon capture, brutally sodomized then shot on the spot, they should consider themselves somewhat more lucky than their fearless leader.

Ex-Gadhafi officials appear at trial in Libya, sons absent

In Libya, a trial against the sons of former leader Moammar Gadhafi and more than 30 of his ex-officials has been adjourned. The group faces charges relating to crimes allegedly committed during Libya’s uprising.

Das Regime von Muammar Gaddafi im Gefängnis

The men are accused of various crimes, including murder and kidnapping related to the 2011 uprising that led to the ouster and killing of Moammar Gadhafi.They have also been accused of embezzlement of public funds.

Two of Gaddafi’s sons that are facing trial, Saif al-Islam and Saadi Gadhafi, did not appear in the courtroom at a prison in the capital Tripoli. The other defendants, including ex-spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi and former Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, sat in blue jumpsuits behind a fenced-off section (seen above).

Many complained to the judge that they had not been given proper access to lawyers.

“I want to be treated like other prisoners. I want visiting rights. I don’t have a lawyer,” al-Senussi said.

Saif al-Islam had been expected to appear by video link in the courtroom. He has been in custody since November 2011, when rebels arrested him shortly after his father’s death, while Saadi Gadhafi was extradited from Niger earlier this month, where he had sought refuge.

More here.

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Islamonazis, this is what they do, who they really are.

Whether they reside in Ramallah or Gaza City.

ramallah slaughter of idf soldiers

Israeli killed, 2 wounded in suspected terrorist attack near Hebron

LAST UPDATED: 04/15/2014 03:23

Father killed, mother and son suffer light-to-moderate wounds after shots fired in West Bank at family car traveling to Passover Seder; security forces searching for suspects; Islamic Jihad laud attack.

Israel police.

Israel police. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Israeli man was killed and two others wounded after a Palestinian fired shots at a family vehicle Monday evening on Route 35 near the Tarkumia checkpoint west of Hebron, police said.

A 40-year-old man was pronounced dead after attempts at resuscitation, while a 28-year-old woman was in moderate condition after suffering injuries to her upper body, according to Magen David Adom. She was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem for further treatment.

A nine-year-old boy suffered light wounds from shrapnel in his chest. He was taken to Hadassah University Medical Center at Ein Kerem.

The victims were in their vehicle at the time of the shooting. The assailant fired at three different vehicles on Route 35, according to MDA.

An initial IDF investigation revealed that at least one armed gunman approached the road on foot, and shot at the first car that passed from only a few meters away.

More here.

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The lousiest kept secret around.


‘Not only that, but put him there, protected him, oversaw him, handled him in the terms of the secret intelligence services,’ she added.
‘And it’s all deniable, but I’m told the top bosses knew.’

The REAL enemy: How Pakistan hid Osama Bin Laden from the U.S. and fuelled the war in Afghanistan

  • New York Times reporter makes startling claims that Pakistan has been playing both sides since 9/11
  • Pullitzer Prize winner, Carlotta Gall worked out of the Times bureau’s in Pakistan and Afghanistan for more than a decade
  • Believes that Pakistan’s leadership intentionally hid Osama bin Laden and backed the Taliban against the United States and Britain


PUBLISHED: 18:56 GMT, 14 April 2014 | UPDATED: 21:39 GMT, 14 April 2014

The United States has been fighting the wrong war against the wrong enemy these past 13-years according to a damning new book – while behind closed doors Pakistan has been laughing in its ally’s face.

Pullitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Carlotta Gall claims that not only did Pakistan willfully hide 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden but also sponsored the Taliban insurgency after 2001 that has cost 2,625 American and British lives.

The respected reporter, who spent more than a decade in the region for the newspaper, alleges that Pakistan’s leadership have been tricking the United States into treating it as a friend for decades.

Did they know all along? Osama Bin Laden watching himself on TV in his hideout before the dramatic raid that ended with his death in May 2011

Did they know all along? Osama Bin Laden watching himself on TV in his hideout before the dramatic raid that ended with his death in May 2011


Read more:

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Head of boy found in his home…….

H/T: EDL Buck

Boy’s HEAD found in home of Pakistani cannibals who had dug up more than 100 corpses from the local graveyard and eaten them

  • Three-year-old boy’s head found in home of convicted cannibals in Pakistan
  • Discovery made after residents complained of ‘stench’ at the house
  • One brother arrested while the other is being hunted by police
  • Men previously jailed for digging up and eating 100 corpses at burial site


PUBLISHED: 15:14 GMT, 14 April 2014 | UPDATED: 22:39 GMT, 14 April 2014

A convicted cannibal has been rearrested in Pakistan after a young boy’s head was discovered in his home.

The gruesome discovery of a three-year-old’s head was made in the house of Mohammad Arif, 35, and his brother Mohammad Farman, 30.

The pair, from the small town of Darya Khan in the country’s interior, had previously served two years in jail for cannibalism and were only released last year.

Mohammad Farman is pictured in 2011 after he was first arrested by police in Bhakkar, Pakistan. His brother Mohammad Arif has been rearrested after the head of a young boy was discovered at the home the two men shared.

Mohammad Farman is pictured in 2011 after he was first arrested by police in Bhakkar, Pakistan. His brother Mohammad Arif has been rearrested after the head of a young boy was discovered at the home the two men shared.

At the time, local police said the two men had dug up more than 100 corpses from the local graveyard and eaten them.

Mohammad Arif has now been rearrested as an investigation gets underway in to the grim discovery at his house.

His brother Mohammad Farman is still being hunted by police.

District police chief, Ameer Abdullah, said officers swooped after residents complained of a bad smell coming from the brothers’ home.

Read more:

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These bastards need to be stamped out for good.

Boko Haram strikes again

More than 70 dead and at least 124 injured in huge bus stop blast in Nigerian capital with Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram suspected

Rescue workers collect the bodies of victims after a blast rocked a bus station in Abuja, Nigeria this morning

  • The blast ripped through the crowded bus station in Abuja this morning, with witness describing scenes of carnage
  • Attack linked to al-Qaeda followers, Boko Haram, who are trying to carve out an Islamic state in north east Nigeria
  • Police confirm 71 dead and at least 124 wounded in the terror attack, the first in the capital for two years
  • The country’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, has visited the scene and insisted: ‘We will get over it’


PUBLISHED: 13:01 GMT, 14 April 2014 | UPDATED: 18:16 GMT, 14 April 2014

Police in Nigeria say the bombing of a bus station in the country’s capital, Abuja, has killed 71 people and wounded at least 124.

Witnesses described a horrific blood-strewn scene after a huge blast in the busy bus terminal about 10 miles from the city centre destroyed 16 coaches and 24 minibuses this morning.

Islamist militant group Boko Haram are suspected of carrying out what is the first attack in the Nigerian capital for two years.


Rescue workers collect the bodies of victims after a blast rocked a bus station in Abuja, Nigeria this morning

The bomb went off when the bus station, roughly 10 miles from the capital, was crowded with workers starting their morning commute

The bomb went off when the bus station, roughly 10 miles from the capital, was crowded with workers starting their morning commute.

Read more:

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Prince Charles is PC?

I truly hope that the reigning Queen passes her shmucky son over in favor of her grandson.

How Charles and Martin Amis had a dinner party row over Salman Rushdie’s fatwa: Prince of Wales refused to back author over The Satanic Verses because he thought book was offensive to Muslims

Salman Rushdie

What he really thought: But behind the scenes, Prince Charles refused to support Sir Salman (right) during his fatwa over The Satanic Verses because he thought the book was offensive to Muslims.
  • Author Martin Amis made the revelations in an article in Vanity Fair magazine
  • He says he had a dinner-party row with Charles over the Satanic Verses
  • Charles said he wouldn’t support someone who ‘insults someone else’s deepest convictions’
  • Rushdie’s fatwa issued for ‘insulting’ Prophet Mohammed and Koran in 1989


PUBLISHED: 16:10 GMT, 14 April 2014 | UPDATED: 18:12 GMT, 14 April 2014

Prince Charles refused to support Sir Salman Rushdie during his fatwa over The Satanic Verses because he thought the book was offensive to Muslims.

In an article for Vanity Fair magazine, Martin Amis claimed that the Prince’s views caused a row at a dinner party after Rushdie was issued with the death sentence by Islamic clerics in 1989.

Amis claims that Charles told him that he would not offer support ‘if someone insults someone else’s deepest convictions’.

Civil conversation: The Prince of Wales talks to Padma Lakshmi, the then-girlfriend of author Sir Salman Rushdie (right) at the British Library in 2001 – 11 years after Rushdie was issued with the death sentence by Islamic clerics

Read more: H/T: EDL Buck

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Under Islamic law females are evil chattel.

For a woman in an Islamic court room, it’s like being a first time black jack player in a Las Vegas casino playing against an experienced dealer, where house rules always ensures ultimate victory for the latter.

H/T: Barbara L.

Iran to Hang 26-Year-Old Rape Victim

Court docs, evidence go missing under strange circumstances, family says

Rayhaneh Jabbari

Rayhaneh Jabbari

BY: Adam Kredo

The Iranian regime is slated to hang on Tuesday a 26-year-old woman charged with fatally stabbing her accused rapist, theWashington Free Beacon has learned.

Rayhaneh Jabbari, a 26-year-old former interior designer, is scheduled to be hanged this week after serving the last seven years in prison for stabbing a doctor who she claims drugged her and attempted to rape her.

The case has drawn international outrage from human rights activists, who are fighting to stay the execution. These activists have cast a spotlight on Iran’s flawed judicial system, which executed more than 500 people in 2013 and is on pace to kill even more this year.

petition aimed at pressuring Iran to stop the hanging has already drawn more than 126,700 signatures online, but has not appeared to sway the Iranian judiciary, the head of which recently upheld the execution order and insisted that it be carried out on Tuesday.

More here.

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Welfare maroons

Check the cognitive dissonance on display in this paragraph:

”The Scandinavian welfare state provides care for the elderly, childcare and education. This gives individuals the freedom to express themselves and be independent,…”

The thinking behind the statement is clear (the Lefty kind of ”clear” that is), ”free this, free that, the state pays for everything,” though in reality the taxpayer becomes an indentured servant to the state which hands over their hard earned cash to others.

Not everyone  however, is ‘entitled’ to ”free education” at the higher level, you have to compete for those university bench seats, and in many cases, those who really want an university education, but fail to achieve it, end up paying for the education of others.

Do adults owe their parents anything?

April 11, 2014 – 06:59

The welfare state has set us free, so we no longer have any obligations to our parents after we turn 18. So what can family members expect of one another when the legal obligations stop?

When we are 18, we are free to do as we wish, but we still maintain relations to our family. A new research project aims to find out what unwritten expectations the generations have of one another in the Danish welfare system. (Photo:Shutterstock)

When you’re 18, you have no ties that bind you. You are free to do as you wish: you can move out of your parents’ place, get a driver’s licence and you can even vote in elections.

In Scandinavia, the state pays your education costs, and in principle there is nothing that ties you to your parents. In fact, you don’t really need to see them ever again.

But you probably do. There’s even a good chance that you maintain a healthy relationship with your parents throughout your life.

”Although adult generations have no legal obligations to one another in Denmark, that does not mean that we no longer have any family responsibilities when we grow up. The parent-child relationship continues to be something special,” says Bella Marckmann, an assistant professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen.

The moral economy of families

In a new research project, titled ‘The Moral Economy of Families – Intergenerational Exchanges and Normative Expectations’, she has set out to study the unwritten expectations that generations have of one another in the Danish welfare state.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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 arab man crying

Student killed in Egypt university clashes

April 14, 2014 06:09 PM

Egyptian students walk past soldiers standing guard in armored personnel carriers in the street in front of Cairo University during clashes following a demonstration outside the university on April 14, 2014 in the Egyptian capital.  AFP PHOTO / MOHAMED EL-SHAHED

Egyptian students walk past soldiers standing guard in armored personnel carriers in the street in front of Cairo University during clashes following a demonstration outside the university on April 14, 2014 in the Egyptian capital. AFP PHOTO / MOHAMED EL-SHAHED

CAIRO: A student was shot dead Monday during clashes between supporters of Egypt’s ousted Islamist President Mohammad Morsi and police in Cairo University, security officials said.

Clashes erupted when student supporters of Morsi staged protests on university grounds, the officials said, adding that police fired tear gas at from outside the campus and arrested 13 demonstrators.

Clashes were also reported in the University of Zagazig, north of Cairo, where three students were wounded and three were arrested.

Student backers of Morsi have regularly protested on university campuses as a police crackdown on the ousted leader’s supporters has weakened their ability to stage large street protests.

A journalist was wounded while covering the clashes in Cairo University, his employer and witnesses said.

Youm 7, an independent newspaper, said Khaled Hussein was shot in the chest.

Read more:

Two Al-Manar journalists killed in Syria

April 14, 2014 05:36 PM (Last updated: April 14, 2014 06:41 PM)

This Facebook profile picture shows Al-Manar journalist Hamza Hajj Hasan who was killed in Maaloula.

This Facebook profile picture shows Al-Manar journalist Hamza Hajj Hasan who was killed in Maaloula.

BEIRUT: Two Al-Manar journalists were killed Monday after the television crew came under attack in the Syrian town of Maaloula, a security source told The Daily Star.

The journalists were identified as reporter Hamzah Hajj Hasan and cameraman Halim Allaw, the source said.

The Hezbollah-affiliated TV reported earlier in the day that its four-member crew came under fire in the predominantly Christian town.

“Al-Manar team was shot at by armed groups when [journalists] were covering the Syrian army’s takeover of the Maaloula town in Qalamoun,” the report said, without giving further details.

Read more: 

Iraq car bomb kills at least 16 people

Associated Press

April 13, 2014: Iraq civilians inspect the site of a suicide car bombing in the northern town of Dibis, near the city of Kirkuk, 180 miles north of Baghdad, Iraq.AP

BAGHDAD –  Bombings targeting security forces in northern Iraq killed at least 16 people Sunday, authorities said, as the country prepares for a crucial election later this month.

In the deadliest attack, an explosives-laden parked car exploded as a joint Iraqi army and police patrol passed through a busy commercial area in Mosul, killing five civilians and five security personnel, a police officer said. He said the blast wounded 12.

A medical official confirmed the figures. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to release the information.

Mosul is located about 225 miles northwest of Baghdad.

More here.

Gunmen kill NATO truck drivers in Pakistan

Updated: April 14, 2014 15:44 IST

At least two drivers in a convoy of Afghanistan-bound NATO tankers in Pakistan’s restive north-west were shot dead on Monday, an official said.

The attack occurred days after a ceasefire declared by the Taliban insurgents expired last week.

Gunmen fired rocket-propelled grenades and bullets at oil tankers in the Jamrud area near Peshawar city on the main highway leading into Afghanistan, administration official Amjad Khan said.

A driver was killed in the similar attack last week.

More here.

Nine killed in Afghanistan attacks

Afghanistan: Ambush Kills Anti-Taliban Militiamen

KABUL, Afghanistan April 14, 2014 (AP)

An Afghan official says a Taliban ambush has killed three members of a local militia that rose up against insurgent control of the area.

The local chief of police, Lutfullah, said Monday that the militiamen were patrolling in Andar district in the eastern province of Ghazni when they were attacked Sunday night. He said three of the armed village men were killed and three others were wounded.

Lutfullah, who uses just one name, said those killed were members of an “uprising unit” that two years ago took up arms against Taliban dominance of the area.

More here.

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Requests in 2014 will no doubt surpass that epic threshold.

Sharp rise in asylum requests in 2013

Monday 14 April 2014

The number of people requesting asylum in the Netherlands rose by 4,000 last year to 17,190, the immigration service said on Monday.

The increase was largely driven by the civil war in Syria, which led to 2,670 requests for refugee status.

Somalia topped the list with just over 3,000 requests, followed by Syria and Iraq (1,090).


ING director Rob van Lint said the increase mirrored growth in other EU countries, news agency Novum reports.

Van Lint said 74% of requests were reviewed and decided within eight days and 85% of asylum claims were dealt with within six months.

Almost six out of 10 claims were approved last year, compared with four in 20 in 2012.

- See more at: H/T: Fjordman

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The Islamic brothel in the sky is no place for a mother.

Axed Saudi woman’s son killed in Syria same day

By Staff Published Monday, April 14, 2014

The son of a Saudi woman who was axed to death by an Ethiopian housemaid in the Gulf Kingdom died on the same day of his mother’s murder.

Mohammed Al Harthi was reported killed in battles against Syrian troops in the northern town of Aleppo on the same day when his mother was axed on the head by her maid in the Western Saudi town of Taif on Saturday.

“As if the two had agreed to meet in Heavens. May Allah have mercy on them,” Harthi’s cousin said on her Twitter page, according to ‘Ajel’ newspaper.

More here.

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Instead, I call for the reduction of bureaucratic hacks in the Finnish government/bureaucracy.  

I have had it up to here with these bureaucratic idiots who have never created an ounce of wealth in the private sector, but who only know how to reduce wealth for the greater society in pursuit of their utopian dreams.

NOTE: Send him off to North Korea to fact find how great it is to live in a state with no ‘carbon footprint’.

“At the moment, we are moving in the exact opposite direction. The situation looks very daunting; the world’s population is growing and consumption is increasing. The world’s middle class, to which we too belong, is also typically the one that consumes the most.”
We drive cars, we live expansively and we eat meat, lists Taalas, all of which are factors that bring about climate change. All is not lost, however.

The bureaucracy is littered with these marxist no growth, flat earth, environmental nut cases.

Finnish climate change expert calls for energy reductions

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Finnish co-chair Petteri Taalas singles out the growth of greenhouse gas emissions as the most worrying development noted in the latest IPCC Assessment Report, published on Sunday. Many emissions records were unfortunately broken, he says. It is a comfort, however, that the report lists many alternative pathways to substantial emission reductions.

Ilmatieteen laitoksen pääjohtaja Petteri Taalas
Petteri Taalas is also Director General of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Image: Juho Liukkonen / Yle

Working under the auspices of the United Nations, the IPPC is the leading international body for the assessment of climate change. The IPCC’s previous Assessment Report was published in 2007 and since that time, emissions have risen to unprecedented levels.

“In 2007 we imagined that we would gain control of the worst-case scenario when it came to emissions, but now it seems that we are breaking old records,” says Taalas.

More from the Finnish state propaganda machine YLE.

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Drop the ”far-right” meme.

These Fascist groups rest on the ‘right’ side of the aisle within the socialist camp, they are not to be confused with conservative, classic liberals who champion free markets and limited government. They’re racist Leftists.

A Rising Anti-Semitic Storm in Greece

APRIL 13, 2014 2:35 PM

Author: Ronald S. Lauder

The so-called Affair Baltakos in Greece is one of those eye-opening moments that throws into sharp relief the problems posed by far-right extremist parties in Europe.

As I said in a press statement last week, the affair underscores that Europeans need to establish a common policy forbidding dealings with neo-Nazi, racist, and anti-Semitic elements, and create a clear “cordon sanitaire” vis-à-vis these parties.

Here’s what happened: Takis Baltakos, a top adviser to Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, had to resign recently after Baltakos was caught on videotape discussing a government investigation of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party with a Golden Dawn official. In the apparently secretly recorded videotape, Baltakos seems to insinuate that the charges against Golden Dawn are politically motivated.

A virulently anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant group, Golden Dawn stands accused of major crimes. Police and magistrates are investigating charges that the party’s members and supporters were involved in a series of violent attacks, including the killing of a left-wing rapper in September.

More here.

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It just goes to show the hollowness of these Leftist organizations, their main focus is on obtaining power, not the actual pursuing of rights for the people they claim to represent, regardless of which side of the political / religious fence they reside.

Where is the feminist anger at Brandeis?

Women should support Ayaan Hirsi Ali for exposing terrible abuses in many Muslim cultures

‘HONOR DIARIES” might not be coming to a theater near you, at least not if CAIR gets its way. The award-winning documentary about “honor” violence against girls and women in much of the Muslim world was released last month in honor of International Women’s Day, and it didn’t take long for the Council on American Islamic Relations to slap its all-purpose “Islamophobic” label on it. The film has been shown in dozens of venues, but CAIR has raised enough of a stink to get screenings cancelled on several college campuses, including the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois.

CAIR — a front group for Islamist extremism that masquerades as a civil rights organization (its first executive director, Nihad Awad, was an open supporter of Hamas) — is good at raising stinks. Last week Brandeis University caved in to demands that it rescind its offer of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a heroic defender of women’s rights in the Islamic world. With a life story that reads like a screenplay, Ali has personally experienced many of the evils she fights, including genital mutilation, forced marriage, and savage “honor” crimes. Her remarkable accomplishments should easily merit the honor of any university that upholds reason and intellectual diversity. But Brandeis apparently has different priorities now, like giving CAIR and the Islamophobia-phobes a veto over honorary degrees.

Ali was involved in making “Honor Diaries,” which goes out of its way to convey respect for moderate Islam. It spotlights nine eloquent women with roots in the Islamic world, several of whom are devout Muslims — “Islam is my spiritual journey,” says one — and all of whom are passionate about exposing the terrible abuses women and girls in many Muslim cultures suffer in the name of family honor. None thinks such horrors should be excused or neglected out of a misplaced cultural sensitivity or political correctness.

More here.

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