Words to remember, let them be seared into your brain, jihad is a crucial function in Islam, in spreading the ideology so that the sharia can be instituted in the land.

mo tunic 29.12.2011

In another recording he added: ‘Seriously man, you lot got the Caliphate, praise be to God, Allah has accepted you, blessed you with so much. You know what, there is no other life to live because there is no life without jihad. It’s a simple reality.’

Imam’s son who claimed he travelled to Syrian border because he was ‘stressed over his A-levels’ found guilty of preparing acts of terrorism 

  • Zakariya Ashiq said he took trip because he was stressed about A-Levels
  • Three of his friends, all from Coventry, travelled to Turkey four days earlier
  • Radicalised 20-year-old recorded saying: ‘There is no life without Jihad’
  • Jury deliberated for less than two hours before a unanimous guilty verdict 
Zakariya Ashiq was found guilty of preparing acts of terrorism after trying to travel to Syria last year

Zakariya Ashiq was found guilty of preparing acts of terrorism after trying to travel to Syria last year

A ‘stressed’ A-level student has been found guilty of preparing acts of terrorism after dropping out of his studies and travelling to Turkey with his father to join Islamic State.

Zakariya Ashiq  made recordings on WhatsApp telling friends ‘there is no life without Jihad’ and ‘the second I get a chance I am doing martydom’, which were heard by the jury in the Old Bailey.

The unemployed 20-year-old claimed he fell out with his father, who is an imam, on the trip to visit aid projects on the Turkish-Syrian border.

He described how his mother travelled out to Turkey and tricked him into meeting her before taking his passport and escorting him home.

The parents had divorced ten years earlier and Ashiq lived with his mother and two younger brothers aged 15 and 17, in Coventry.

Ashiq then made two attempts to return to Syria, on one occasion posing as a tourist travelling to Corfu with condoms in his bag and on the other volunteering to be a suicide bomber after hitchhiking across Europe.

Three of his friends – Ali Kalantar, Mohammed Ismail, and Rashid Amani – all from Coventry, travelled out to Turkey on March 26, 2014, four days before Ashiq and his father.

Kalantar was killed in an Allied air strike on Tikrit University in December and Amani a few days later during an air raid on Kobane.

Ismail had been labelled ‘Osama bin Bieber’ by the press after the pop-star Justin Bieber, but Ashiq told him in one message: ‘I don’t know what you guys in Dawla [the State] look like, I don’t care. I’ve got more love for you than I have for the whole world.

‘I don’t care, I swear down, I’m willing to give everything, my life, my everything for you guys. I swear down if I had everything, anything I’ve got I’m willing to give for Dawla.’

In another Whatsapp message, Ashiq told them: ‘The second I get the chance, inshallah, if Allah accepts me, I am doing Ishtishadi [martyrdom] against all of these people Rawafid [shias].’


Ashiq told the jury at the Old Bailey he only went to Syria to escape ‘shadowy figures’ who kidnapped him from the street and water-boarded him.

Read more:

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This is an oped penned by both Dr.Gerstenfeld and Jamie Berk on the scapegoating of Israel. It appeared in the Jerusalem Post without footnotes. This published version by the TT has the footnotes and with the authors’ consent.

NOTE: The part in question highlighting those portions of Christian antisemitism that have in fact seeped into the Muslim world, does not mean all of Islamic antisemitism derived from it, as Dr.Andrew Bostom has adequately proven. It’s a shame that canonical classic Islamic antisemitism wasn’t mentioned in the piece when it should have been. Also a caveat from Andrew:

In fact the Christian blood libel” was a useless tool in Islamdom as the Damascus blood libel made plain in 1840

The infamous 1840 Damascus blood libel represents a classic Christian Antisemitic motif transferred to the Islamic world. One cannot simply affirm (while grossly exaggerating) the “catastrophic effect” of Christian motifs “at work” in Islamdom, relative to Islam’s own intrinsic Antisemitic motifs—the impact of the former has to be proven, and the historical “proof” is a negative proof, by any objective standard.

For example, morbid as such comparisons may be, the actual body count from the “watershed” 1840 Damascus event was paltry in comparison to the numerous Muslim anti-Jewish pogroms precipitated by purely Islamic motifs, like Koran 2:61 and the related apes (2:65 and 7:166) or apes/pigs (5:60) verses used to incite great massacres in Granada (1066), Baghdad (1291), and Touat, Morocco (~1490). Hundreds to thousands died in these earlier pogroms; despite the heinous accusations of the Damascus blood libel, only four of the thirteen Jews imprisoned for the 1840 Damascus blood libel died during their incarceration and torture. The other nine were released unconditionally, and one of these survivors, Moses Abulafia, became a Muslim in order to escape his torture.

Historical analyses of the 1840 Damascus blood libel by Tudor Parfitt and Jonathan Frankel emphasize these two key features which were independent of Christian anti-Jewish motifs, per se: the general support that the persecution of the Jews was given by the Arab Muslim population at large, in reaction against the various reforms introduced (under Muhammad Ali) which sought to ameliorate some of the most oppressive aspects of dhimmitude; the fact that this negative reaction by the Muslim masses to these reforms had much more serious repercussions—against Christians—during the anti-Christian pogroms which marred Damascus in the 1860s. Indeed as Frankel observes, despite their own bigoted anti-Jewish attitudes, it was the European consuls who drew the line in 1840,

… when it came to the threat of wholesale massacre…advising that the Jewish communities receive military protection. Just how real that danger was would become apparent twenty years later, when the Christian population of Damascus was decimated in a Muslim, primarily Druse, slaughter

jamie berk


Manfred Gerstenfeld and Jamie Berk

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldThe scapegoating of Jews has been a widespread phenomenon for over two thousand years. Probably its most damaging example is the claim by many Christians that all Jews throughout the centuries are responsible for the death of Jesus, the alleged son of God. This early scapegoating was partly fueled by the apostle Matthew who introduced1 the notion that the Jewish contemporaries of Jesus claimed responsibility for his death by saying, “His blood shall be on us and on our children!”2

Such an extreme accusation meant that in these Christians’ eyes, Jews were the embodiment of absolute evil: they were both capable and guilty of committing deicide. The accusation of Jews being the embodiment of absolute evil has, in turn, become the core motif of anti-Semitism over the millennia. It has provided the infrastructure for a variety of other forms of scapegoating the Jews, with contemporary versions including the scapegoating of Israel, and for an unlimited array of false accusations. Over the centuries, it has also led to massive pogroms, expulsions and many other forms of discrimination of Jews.

Much of the theoretical basis for analyzing the scapegoating phenomenon was laid several decades ago by the French-born philosopher Rene Girard. He wrote, “The victim or victims of unjust violence or discrimination are called scapegoats, especially when they are not punished for ‘the sins’ of others, as most dictionaries assert, but for tensions, conflicts, and difficulties of all kinds…Scapegoating enables persecutors to elude problems that seem intractable.”3 Girard’s definition covers many aspects of the scapegoating of Jews and Israel.

Part of the contemporary scapegoating of the Jews and of Israel is based on the mutation of recurring old hate motifs. A few examples will illustrate this.

A classic scapegoating motif claims that Jews intentionally make others ill. In the Middle Ages, when many Europeans died of the plague, known as the Black Death, Jews were scapegoated and falsely accused of having caused the epidemic by poisoning the water wells.

Similarly, in recent decades, Israelis have been malevolently accused by the Egyptian media of poisoning Israeli fruits and vegetables exported to Egypt.4 In 2007, panic ensued in Saudi Arabia caused, by a rumor that Israel had smuggled AIDS-infected melons into the country via a secret “ground corridor.” The Saudi Government had to go public to explain that this virus cannot be transferred to people via fruit. 5 At the height of the avian flu scare in 2006, the official Syrian state daily, al-Thawra, wrote that Israel had intentionally developed the virus in order to harm its Arab neighbors.6 These examples are but a small selection of contemporary samples of this scapegoating sub-motif.

Another popular anti-Semitic scapegoating motif is the blood libel. In Christian Europe it has its historical origins in Norwich, Britain. In 1144, the Jewish community was falsely accused of having killed a twelve-year-old Christian boy, named William, for ritualistic purposes. Such anti-Semitic blood libels have since been perpetuated for centuries in Christian environments, from where they spread to the Muslim world.7

A contemporary variant of the blood libel falsely accuses Israel of organ harvesting. In August 2009, the largest Swedish daily, the Social Democrat Aftonbladet, published an article by Donald Boström entitled “Våra söner plundras på sina organ” (“Our Sons Are Plundered of Their Organs”). Boström claimed there were rumors that the IDF was killing Palestinians and harvesting their organs for transplants – in collusion with the Israeli medical establishment.8

A new element concerning scapegoating is that quantitative data have become available regarding its importance. One illustrative example concerns the murderous 9/11 attacks on the United States by Saudi Muslims. Many Muslims in the world do not attribute them to their co-religionists who carried them out, but rather to Israel. A 2009 University of Maryland poll – eight years after the 9/11 mass murders in the U.S. – found that 31% of Jordanians, 19% of Palestinians, 17% of Egyptians, and 6% of Azerbaijanis believed that Israel was responsible for the September 11th attacks.9

A 2015 poll carried out by the official Palestinian Authority newspaper, Al-Hayat al-Jadida, shortly after the Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher terror attacks in Paris showed that 84.4% of Palestinians interviewed believed that “the attacks were suspicious, and that Israel may be behind them.” Only 8.7% of those interviewed blamed the attacks on rising Islamic fundamentalism in Europe.10

Since the Great Depression, Jews have also been scapegoated as being the cause of global financial crises. Jews and Israel have been blamed for the 2008 global recession and the Eurozone crisis. A 2009 Anti-Defamation League survey, held in seven European countries, found that 31% of respondents believed that Jews in the financial industry were responsible for the economic meltdown.11 A Boston Review survey of Americans held that same year found that 38.4% of respondents attributed some level of blame for the recession to the Jews.12

Israel is also scapegoated as being the cause for all the unrest in the Middle East. Some Western politicians claim in bad faith that if Israel would cease building settlements within the disputed territories, violence in the Middle East would cease; alternatively, and absurdly so, it is claimed that the establishment of peace between Israel and the Palestinians would put an end to the massive killing campaigns of Muslims and others by Middle-Eastern Muslims.13 Yet another scapegoating variant is blaming Israel for the persecution of Palestinian Christians by Palestinian Muslims.14

It is high time that the State of Israel begins to systematically expose those who are responsible for such frequent scapegoating and false accusations. Where possible, Israel should specifically attribute the crimes it is accused of to those who actually commit them, who are often Muslims, but sometimes others.

Manfred Gerstenfeld’s book, The War of a Million Cuts – to be published this month – analyzes how Israel and Jews are delegitimized, and how one can fight these attempts at delegitimization. Jamie Berk is a researcher working toward an MA in political science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Continue reading

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I guess they weren’t really really interested in ….”peace”.

Heavy fighting in Yemen as officials say peace talks delayed

Unconfirmed reports say UN peace talks on Yemen scheduled for later this week have been delayed. But they are much needed, as heavy fighting continues in the country’s month-long civil war.

Smoke rising from buildings after airstrikes on the city of Ibb. Adil Al-Sharay / Anadolu Agency

Senior Yemeni politicians said late on Sunday that a United Nations peace conference aimed at ending a bloody civil war sparked by a Shiite Houthi rebellion has been indefinitely postponed.

The officials from various parties, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that no new date had been set for the talks, which had been scheduled to take place on Thursday in Geneva, Switzerland.

UN officials have not confirmed the postponement, with spokesman Ahmad Fawzi saying in Geneva that plans were going ahead for the talks to start on schedule.

The Houthi rebels had said they would participate in the talks. But exiled Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi had demanded that the rebels comply with a UN Security Council resolution calling on them to withdraw from cities they had seized before taking part.

The demand could have precipitated a delay in the talks, as the rebels have so far failed to heed the resolution taken by the Council last month.

More here.

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It all comes at a price.

Muslim Brotherhood infiltration no doubt, as well as the Sowdies. This should be rejected in large measure, but it won’t be, modern day Finns never want to be confrontational so they’ll welcome this Islamo-crap trap with open arms and marvel at their own multicultural expression of goodwill. The idiots.


But raising finance for the project from the Muslim population has proven problematic, the paper says, because 80 percent of Finland’s Muslims don’t belong to an association. However Turun Sanomat reports that the Muslim Association and other small groups have now managed to raise significant starter funds for the project from overseas.

Grand mosque for Helsinki?

Long-standing plans to build a large mosque in Helsinki could soon come to fruition, Turku’s Turun Sanomat reports.

The paper says that possible sites have been identified for a “grand mosque and multicultural centre”, measuring up to 20,000 square metres. Negotiations are underway with Helsinki’s planning department, and the paper claims that one potential location for the centre is the area around the Hanasaari power station, between Helsinki’s Kalasatama and Merihaka districts.

It’s estimated that there are up to 60,000 Muslims in Finland, around half of whom live in the capital region. But raising finance for the project from the Muslim population has proven problematic, the paper says, because 80 percent of Finland’s Muslims don’t belong to an association. However Turun Sanomat reports that the Muslim Association and other small groups have now managed to raise significant starter funds for the project from overseas.

Although Helsinki is home to a number of religious buildings belonging to non-Christian faiths, such as a synagogue, the paper points out that in Finland these tend to be hidden. Most of the country’s so-called “mosques” are currently simply prayer rooms above a shopping centre or in a block of flats, the paper says.

More here.

NOTE: Interview with Sharia expert and former Muslim, Sam Solomon, on the importance of mosques (beachheads):

To provide the groundwork for answering your question more specifically, the basic principle is, that a mosque, totally unlike a church or synagogue, is a “sign” and a “symbol” of the establishment of “authority”—both religious and political—not just a place of worship for its adherents.

A mosque is the symbol of the establishment of an Islamic authority, and an announcement of the beginning of the “rightful restoration” of the land according to Islamic claims that the “whole world is a mosque,” and is echoed in Muhammad’s words, “the whole earth has been declared unto me a mosque.” Therefore it is a matter of “restoring” rather than “claiming” the land to Islam, as any land not in current submission is at virtual war with Islam, and must be brought “back” according to the Qur’anic version of history.


The most important thing for a non-Muslim to understand about Islam is that Islam is not simply a religion. Islam is a social and political system, an indivisible melding of religion and state.

It is a socio-political, socio-religious, socio-economical, socio-educational, socio-judiciary, legislative militaristic system cloaked and garbed in religious terminology.

We must never forget that Islam is an all-encompassing ideological system, and as such wherever there is a Muslim community there will be Sharia and wherever there is a Sharia there is an Islamisation of the territory and ultimately of the nation.

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You guys better come up with something, effective, soon.

Italy to revisit anti-Isis plan amid growing fears

Italy to revisit anti-Isis plan amid growing fears

Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said the anti-Isis coalition would soon meet in Paris. Photo: John Thys/AFP

Published: 22 May 2015 15:59 GMT+02:00

The militants this week entered the Unesco World Heritage site of Palmyra after seizing the town near the ancient ruins.

Pictures emerged on Thursday purporting to show the decapitated bodies of men killed by the group in the city.

Isis is now thought to control about half of Syria. The group also recently captured Ramadi in Iraq and has vowed to take control of Baghdad and Karbala.

“The Italian government is worried not only about what’s happening in Syria but also about the maybe more threatening situation in Iraq,” Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni told La Repubblica.

He added that the anti-Isis coalition will soon meet in Paris to discuss strategy.

“It will be fundamentally important to verify the strategy that we move forward with.”

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How else do you think they manage to inculcate / indoctrinate, successfully, one generation after the other, to murder and maim in the path of allah?


Hamas executed Palestinian ‘collaborators’ with AK-47s in front of hundreds of spectators including children for ‘assisting Israel’ during last Gaza conflict, reveals Amnesty International 

  • Shocking 44-page report reveals torture, unlawful killings and abductions
  • Men awaiting sentencing and appeals were ‘executed’ during 2014 conflict
  • Families were not told of executions until after their loved ones had died
  • Survivors describe torture with acid and beatings to get them to confess

Islamist terror group Hamas publicly executed six men using AK-47s outside a mosque in front of hundreds of spectators including children, a report will reveal today.

Hamas, the largest of several Palestinian military Islamist groups, announced the men were ‘collaborators’ who had been sentenced to death in ‘revolutionary courts’.

The hooded men were dragged along the floor to kneel by a wall facing the crowd, then each man was shot in the head individually before being sprayed with bullets fired from an AK-47.

Shocking: The conflict between Israel and Gaza lasted for just over six weeks last summer, during which time a number of 'collaborators' were executed unlawfully, according to Amnesty International

Shocking: The conflict between Israel and Gaza lasted for just over six weeks last summer, during which time a number of ‘collaborators’ were executed unlawfully, according to Amnesty International

Read more:

NOTE: This is not really news, at least to those of us (and TT readers) who follow these IslamoNazi movements.

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There’s a reason for the sword in their flag.

saudi flag

Execution toll hits 88 in Saudi: Number killed passes total for whole of 2014 despite activists’ concerns over fairness of trials 

Family members of beheaded Indonesian maid Siti Zainab hold a poster bearing her portrait at their family home in Bangkalan in East Java province

Family members of beheaded Indonesian maid Siti Zainab hold a poster bearing her portrait at their family home in Bangkalan in East Java province

  • Latest to be put to death are Saudis Awad al-Rowaili and Lafi al-Shammary, who were convicted of smuggling amphetamines
  • They were executed in northern region of Jawf, interior ministry said
  • Tops figure of 87 executed by conservative Islamic kingdom in 2014
  • Amnesty International says court proceedings in country ‘fall far short’ of global norms of fairness 

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday carried out its 88th execution so far this year, surpassing the total for all of 2014 despite activists’ concerns that trials are not conducted fairly.

The interior ministry identified the latest to be put to death as Saudis Awad al-Rowaili and Lafi al-Shammary, who were convicted of smuggling amphetamines.

They were executed in the northern region of Jawf, the ministry said in statements carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.

Another Saudi, Mohammed al-Shihri, was separately put to death in the southwestern region of Asir for murder.

Lebanese human rights activists hold signs saying 'Do not kill' outside the Saudi embassy in Beirut. The conservative Islamic kingdom has executed 88 people already this year

Lebanese human rights activists hold signs saying ‘Do not kill’ outside the Saudi embassy in Beirut. The conservative Islamic kingdom has executed 88 people already this year

The conservative Islamic kingdom executed 87 people in 2014, according to an AFP tally.

Those beheaded this year include Siti Zainab, an Indonesian domestic worker convicted of murder despite concerns about her mental health, according to the Indonesian newspaper Kompas.

Jakarta summoned Riyadh’s ambassador over her case, a rare diplomatic incident linked to Saudi Arabia’s executions, around half of which involve foreigners.

Also among this year’s dead are at least eight Yemenis, 10 Pakistanis, Syrians, Jordanians, and individuals from Myanmar, the Philippines, India, Chad, Eritrea and Sudan.

Saudi Arabia ranked among the world’s top five executioners in 2014, according to rights group Amnesty International.

Read more:

NOTE: Face it, the world has become numbed to the Saudis beheading machine for as long as these issues have become a matter of importance. With the arrival of the Islamic State, even more so now.

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These hapless people have endured enough, time to carpet bomb these Islamo-savages into the dust.

ISIS burn woman alive for refusing to take part in ‘extreme sex act’, reveals UN official, as the Islamist fighters’ sadism becomes even more depraved 

Abducted: A United Nations investigation discovered Islamic State is committing horrendous sex crimes on young women – particularly from Iraq's minority Yazidi community (pictured in April being freed by ISIS after almost a year of captivity)

Abducted: A United Nations investigation discovered Islamic State is committing horrendous sex crimes on young women – particularly from Iraq’s minority Yazidi community (pictured in April being freed by ISIS after almost a year of captivity)

  • ISIS committing horrific sex crimes against girls, United Nations has found
  • ‘They are sold naked to Islamic State leaders and soldiers at slave markets’
  • Terror group is targeting young girls from Iraq’s minority Yazidi community
  • It has previously abducted hundreds of Yazidis from across northern Iraq

A woman was burned alive by depraved Islamic State militants after she refused to take part in an ‘extreme sex act’, a United Nations official has revealed.

Hundreds of women have been kidnapped by jihadi fighters who send the ‘prettiest virgins’ to slave markets in the Syrian city of Raqqa, where they are sold as sexual objects to the highest bidder.

Many are stripped naked and forced to undergo virginity tests before being sent to the twisted auctions, the UN’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict has said.

Zainab Bangura discovered the gruesome extent of crimes against young women – particularly from Iraq’s Yazidi minority community – after collecting information from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

Read more:

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And given the chance, Islamic 101’ers will use it on non-Muslims in heartbeat.

Again, why are these bastards being allowed back into UK, let alone the West?

Rising fears of chemical attack by UK jihadists

Isis has already been using chemical bombs in Iraq
A member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waves an ISIL flag in Raqqa June 29, 2014. The offshoot of al Qaeda which has captured swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria has declared itself an Islamic “Caliphate” and called on factions worldwide to pledge their allegiance, a statement posted on jihadist websites said on Sunday. The group, previously known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as ISIS, has renamed itself “Islamic State” and proclaimed its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi as “Caliph” - the head of the state, the statement said. REUTERS/Stringer (SYRIA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
  • Isis has already been using chemical bombs in Iraq

Counterterrorism police are focusing on the “growing threat” of a chemical weapons attack by British jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria, The Times has learnt.

Bombs laced with chlorine, a substance that is freely available in large quantities in Britain, have become the “chemical weapons of choice” for Islamic State, security experts have warned.

More here.

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Just like the potentates of old, no doubt Turkey’s Erdogan is jealous.

Erdogan1 CALIPH

Turkmenistan unveils massive gold-leaf statue of president

People gather for the monument unveiling ceremony in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Monday, May 25, 2015. (AP Photo/Alexander Vershinin)

People gather for the monument unveiling ceremony in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Monday, May 25, 2015. (AP Photo/Alexander Vershinin)

– Associated Press – Monday, May 25, 2015

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan (AP) — Turkmenistan has unveiled a grandiose gold-leafed statue of the president carrying a dove and riding atop a horse — a move aimed at burnishing the leader’s burgeoning personality cult.

The 21-meter (69-foot) monument presented to the public Monday in the energy-rich but isolated Central Asian nation includes a statue of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov mounted on a towering pile of marble.

Turkmenistan is dotted with gold-leaf statues to Berdymukhamedov’s eccentric predecessor, Saparmurat Niyazov, who died in 2006, but this is the first such monument to the current leader.

Read more: H/T: Fjordman

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Nothing said of traditional Saudi discriminatory measures against the Shiites within desert kingdumb.

Saudi king vows to punish those behind ISIS-claimed mosque attack

Saudi Arabia’s king on Sunday vowed to punish those responsible for a rare suicide bombing that killed 21 people at a Shiite mosque in the country’s east, calling it a “heinous terrorist attack” that runs against Islamic and human values.

King Salman made the pledge hours after the Interior Ministry confirmed that Friday’s attack in the village of al-Qudeeh in the eastern Qatif region was the work of an Islamic State militant, backing up an earlier claim of responsibility by the group.

“Every participant, planner, supporter, collaborator or sympathizer with this heinous crime will be held accountable, tried and punished,” King Salman said in a message addressed to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who is deputy premier and minister of interior. “Our efforts will never stop … fighting the deviant thought, confronting the terrorists and wiping out their hotbeds.”

More here.

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How about studies on leprechauns and elves?

Islamophobia gif

Legitimizing Censorship: ‘Islamophobia Studies’ at Berkeley

Legitimizing Censorship: ‘Islamophobia Studies’ at Berkeley
By Cinnamon Stillwell and Rima Greene

“Islamophobia studies” is the latest addition to the academic pantheon of politicized, esoteric, and divisive “studies” whose purpose is to censor criticism of differing views by stigmatizing critics as racist or clinically insane. The University of California, Berkeley’s recent Sixth Annual International Islamophobia Conference—organized by the Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project (IRDP)—was titled, “The State of the Islamophobia Studies Field.” The fact that this “field” doesn’t yet formally exist in the U.S. may explain why speakers the first day of the conference barely mentioned it. As in years past, the conference featured victimology, academic jargon, and anti-Western rhetoric.

The audience, including a number of women in hijabs (headscarves), ranged from twenty to fifty students and faculty members. Because the conference was preempted by another event, it had to shift between two venues. Adding to the confusion, the schedule was made available online only days before. While IRDP director and Near Eastern studies lecturer Hatem Bazian bragged at the outset that the conference livestream had garnered “seven thousand” viewers in 2014, this year, visual and audio problems often rendered it unwatchable.

More here at Jihad Watch

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This news comes amid observations that Iraqi soldiers are unwilling to take the fight to the Islamic State, so you can look at this report with a justified amount of scepticism.

Iraq, Syria armies prepare counterattacks against ISIS amid massacre reports

Iraqi and Syrian armed forces prepared to launch two counterattacks against ISIS militants over the weekend after losing two key cities to the terror group last week.

Reuters reported that Iraqi forces launched a counterattack Saturday to retake the city of Ramadi in Anbar province. The reported offensive was backed by locally recruited Sunni tribal fighters and Shiite militiamen trained by Iran. A Sunni pro-government fighter told Reuters that his forces had retaken the town of Husaiba al-Sharqiya, about 6 miles east of Ramadi, though that had not been officially confirmed.

The U.S. has sought to reach out on its own to Sunni tribes and is training some Sunni fighters, but those efforts have been limited by the small number of American troops on the ground. On Sunday, the Pentagon announced that four airstrikes had been carried out near Ramadi by the U.S.-led coalition, destroying 19 armored vehicles.

More here.

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You can’t fight an enemy that you’re unable/unwilling to name.

Congressional Dems, Republicans agree Obama’s Islamic State strategy is now, at best, stuck in neutral


FILE: May 21, 2015: Iraqi Shiite militiamen check their weapons against ISIS, in the predominately Sunni city of Nukhayb, in southwest Iraq. (AP)

Top congressional Democrats and Republicans agreed Sunday that President Obama is not winning the fight against the Islamic State, with one of his top House supporters acknowledging a “stalemate” at best.

The criticism from Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard was not unexpected following the Islamic State last week taking over the Iraq city of Ramadi, then pushing into the Syrian city of Palmyra.

“Clearly ISIS has gained momentum … as we’ve seen the ground that they have gained both in Iraq and Syria,” Gabbard, an Army combat veteran who has criticized Obama for not calling Islamic State “Islamic extremists,” told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

More here.

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Not to worry, the hack bureaucrats in the EU will think of yet another way to screw the taxpayer and call it by another name.

greece euro exit

Greece ‘cannot afford IMF repayment’ in June – minister

  • 24 May 2015
  • From the section

Greece cannot make a repayment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) due on 5 June as it does not have the money, the interior minister says.

“The four instalments for the IMF in June are €1.6bn, this money will not be given and is not there to be given,” Nikos Voutsis told Greek TV.

Greece has to come to a deal with the IMF and EU to secure the final tranche of its bailout from the institutions.

The finance minister meanwhile told the BBC that progress was being made.

‘Do their bit’

Yanis Varoufakis said Greece had worked hard to meet its end of the deal with its lenders, and that now it was up to the international institutions to reciprocate.

“Greece has made enormous strides at reaching a deal,” he told the Andrew Marr Show.

“It is now up to institutions to do their bit. We have met them three-quarters of the way, they need to meet us one-quarter of the way.”

More here.

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Once again the utopians confronted with stark reality, but that never bothers them, really.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

So the country gets further balkanized, and the civil society suffers in the process, but that will never faze the utopian, there is always yet another golden ring to grab just beyond the horizon.

Asylum seekers face ‘years’ without Swedish

Asylum seekers face ‘years’ without Swedish

An SFI class in Stockholm. Photo: TT

Sweden’s commitment to give free Swedish classes to all asylum seekers is failing, according to the Red Cross, which says that too many are being forced to wait “several years” before they can attend lessons. READ  

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Not a shock to me, not at all.

Almost 40 000 responding said they approved of the Islamic State’s gains.


In a recent survey conducted by, the website for the Al Jazeera Arabic television channel, respondents overwhelmingly support the Islamic State terrorist group, with 81% voting “YES” on whether they approved of ISIS’s conquests in the region.

The poll, which asked in Arabic, “Do you support the organizing victories of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)?” has generated over 38,000 responses thus far, with only 19% of respondents voting “NO” to supporting ISIS.

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Al Jazeera Arabic’s television audience is largely made up of Sunni Muslims living in the Arab world. Its biggest viewership numbers come from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, along with a large amount of satellite television viewers in the United States, according to research estimates. is most popular in Saudi Arabia, the United States, Egypt, Morocco, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the Alexa webpage analytics site. Al Jazeera claims that it has over 40 million viewers in the Arab world.

The news that an overwhelming majority of respondents to the Al Jazeera Arabic poll strongly support ISIS may not surprise long-time trackers of the controversial network. The news outfit, which is run by Qatar’s ruling family and headquartered in Doha, has a track record rife with allegations that the organization supports the narratives of Sunni terrorist groups.

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Yet another Leftist redistribution of wealth scheme: ”a library for the illiterate.”

How about an archery school for the blind?

muslims library praying

Finns Party oppose Somaliland’s library project

The City of Turku is approving possibly, EUR 300 000 for the building of a library for Somaliland.

The total budget for the year 2016, is EUR 109 150, and support for the next two years is being sought again. The city’s share would be EUR 16 370 in 2016 and € 92 780 comes from the State Treasury. Behind the project are, in particular, the Social Democratic Party and the Greens.

The Finns Turku council group deem the project as pathetic.

About EUR 100 000 was cut from the Martin and Michael libraries in Turku for saving reasons. Now, the Social Democratic Party and the Greens, however, are spearheading what could possibly be a EUR 300 000 Library project in Somaliland paid for by the taxpayer.

Councilor Group also points out that library services are not the first function for society. Development aid should be granted primarily in the form of education and health care. Somaliland also has a lot of illiteracy.

“Naive world huggers are here to build with taxpayers’ money a library in Africa, while small libraries are run-down at home,” commented Chairman of the councilors and MP Ville Tavio.

Finns Party Turku H/T: Jukka Ketonen

NOTE: Exactly what literature would fill the building? Nothing non-Islamic for sure.

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Turning the U.S. into a third world backwater state.

Democrats want Obama to relocate 60,000 Muslims from SYRIA into the U.S.!

dems 60 000 syrians

MORE HERE. h/t:  Marybeth Paytash

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