For some reason YLE doesn’t want to discuss his talk of eradicating shiites from Syria.


Rami Adham didn’t resign from being an islamonazi though, he’s still an Islam 101’er and hates Jews….because Mohamed himself commands and expects it.


I’m also waiting for the story to break about the importation of classic canonical islamic antisemitism (Jew hatred) into Finland with these Muslim settlers. It’s the other non-discussed phenomenon that ruling elite and the media are totally uninterested to learn about.

Finnish-Syrian toy smuggler quits SDP after paper reports jihadi ties

Finnish-Syrian “toy smuggler” Rami Adham has quit his short-lived membership of the Social Democratic Party following newspaper reports that he had jihadi ties. Adham had become something of cult figure in Finland and abroad for running toys into Aleppo and other war-torn cities to hand over to children.

Rami Adham Idlibissä syyskuun lopussa 2016.

Rami Adham distributes toys and aid supplies in the province of Idlib. Image: Rami Adhamin arkisto

Celebrated Finnish-Syrian toy smuggler Rami Adham has given up membership of the Social Democratic Party after less than a month. Adham joined the party in early October but announced on Monday that he was leaving the party.

His decision to quit the SDP came after the daily Helsingin Sanomat reported that he had ties to jihadi groups in Syria. Adham said he was asked to join the party, adding that several party members had long called on him to sign up.

“They were the ones that asked me. Of course I had long had a positive view of the SDP and I value the party,” Adham said, without specifying who had asked him to join.

SDP party secretary Reijo Paaanen said he had heard that a number of party members had approached Adham. However he stressed that it was individual party members who had spoken to Adham, not the party itself.

HS: Toy smuggler with jihadi ties

Adham hit news headlines earlier this year for his actions in transporting toys into war-ravaged sities in Syria to distribute to children. The international media dubbed him the “toy smuggler of Aleppo” while reporting on the 28 visits he has made to hand over toys to Syrian children.

However, last weekend Helsingin Sanomat alleged that he had close ties to Sunni Muslim jihadi organisations in Syria. The paper pointed to his Facebook page, which displays photos of him posing with a jihadi cleric as well as members of extremist groups.

Adham has rejected the claims, saying that his work is strictly humanitarian and pointing out that he would be unable to deliver gifts to Aleppo without connections to rebel groups.

No pressure to leave

Both Adham and Panaanen said that the toy smuggler had not been pressured to leave the party, but stressed that he had given up membership of his own volition.


Of course they would, stuff like that destroys their narrative…….


Rami Adham is a sunni post-hijra Islam 101’er, he hates the shiia as much as Islamic State, al-Nusra and al-Qaida does, and according to the mindset of his fellow travellers’, would only think of joining up with them (shiites) if only they were fighting the Jews. Shared hate creates strange bedfellows. He definitely hates Israel.

He’s also a terrible liar, Islam (Sunni and Shiite) in fact preaches violence, intimidation and hatred of others. It’s called post-Hijra Islam, when mohamed left Mecca for the Jewish town of Yathrib (now Medina), and began to steer his newly founded ideology of Islam as being a political theory of military conquest.



On Finnish-Syria Association Facebook pages, Rami Adham, writes:

“the struggle in Syria is historic, and we do not give up before we drive all majuus out”.

Majuus of course refers to Shiite Muslims. Ethnic Cleansing.

Alleged jihadist links, health sector boom

Meanwhile top daily Helsingin Sanomat reports that the celebrated Finnish-Syrian Aleppo “toy smuggler” Rami Adham has ties to multiple jihadist organisations.

Adham has been praised in Finland for visiting Aleppo a full 28 times, bringing with him playthings for the children in the torn city and areas where aid organisation cannot go.

Adham is shown to pose with jihadist preacher Abdullah al-Muheisni, who Carnegia Centre researcher Aron Lund says in HS has worked with the al-Nusra Front. Other photographs show Adham dining with a group of men under a flag of the Islamic Front – an umbrella organisation that includes militant groups, many of them allegedly extremist.

Adham himself staunchly denies his jihadist connections.

“My work is one hundred percent humanitarian and I can’t fathom how people can find the time to demonise it. My work cannot be done without the help of security attachments, who are all Free Syrian Army fighters,” Adham says in HS, adding that al-Muheisni is a non-Islamist imam lauded by all Syrians.



Cluebat for the Left, being handicapped is not a reason to grant asylum.


Fortunately the immigration dept. is holding tough in spite of the deluge of leftist hanky blowers demanding that he be allowed to stay.

Handicapped Iraqi denied asylum twice

So far this year some 6,300 Iraqis have received negative asylum decisions from the Immigration Service, and they all have to be turned away from the reception centres they are staying in. Dzwar Sahdoon has partial paralysis in his left hand and arm, waited six years for his negative decision, and says he would rather be in jail in Finland than back in Iraq.

Sahdoon Dzwar sairasti lapsena polion, ikä jätti vasemman käden ja jalan osittain halvaantuneeksi.

Dzwar Sahdoon suffers from partial paralysis of his left arm and leg due to childhood polio. He has been denied asylum twice. Image: Ghadi Bustan.

Dzwar Sahdoon applied for asylum in Finland in 2010, years after he fled Iraq in 2004. In August, 2016 he received his decision, which was that he would not be granted asylum in this country and would have to leave his reception centre within 30 days.

He says the police may come and remove him from the centre and put him out on the street any day.

“All this waiting, and now I am turned down. The mental anguish is much worse than the physical,” Sahdoon says.

During his six years of purgatory Sahdoon has stayed in reception centres in Turku, Joensuu, Imatra and Pietarsaari – all over the country.

Sahdoon now speaks fairly good Finnish; he has not seen his home country in 12 years.

“I’m scared to go back. If I return, it is certain that I will die.”

Immigration Service unwavering

Sahdoon says that his brother used to work with American soldiers at a military base as a minesweeper. Local extremists demanded that Sahdoon spy on his brother for information.

“They threatened me. My mother said it would be better if I left,” Sahdoon says.

Sahdoon left for Turkey in 2004. The document he shows indicates that he was granted refugee status by the UN in 2008. The United States was an option at the time, but the volatile relations between the US and Iraq persuaded him not to go.

Instead, Sahdoon chose to come to Finland, which he thought of as a “happy country with rule of law”. But when he told the Finnish Immigration Service his circumstances, they did not believe him; or rather, the terrorists’ threats did not count as persecution.

[TT: So upon having found out that Finland is a country based upon the rule of law and happy to deny him asylum, he cries foul, which undermines the veracity of his initial statement.]

Not only that, but Sahdoon’s region of origin was also questioned. Based on the FIS’s language test they decided that he was from Dahuk in Northern Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish state – deemed “safe”. By Sahdoon’s account, this description was false.

“I am a Kurd from Mosul,” Sahdoon says.

[TT: This should scare the hell out of anyone who correctly fears bad types being granted asylum. Since there is no proper ID database in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan that has both their names and pictures, all they have to do is manage to fool these screeners on language and a half believable/plausible story.

We’re fortunate in this situation because he’s such a lousy liar and couldn’t hid his dialect.

NOTE: Some time ago last year, a TT source within the Finnish asylum industry spoke to me about coaching going on, between Red Cross workers and these applicants.]

The decision would not be rocked despite Sahdoon’s attempts. He was not immediately dispatched to Iraq due to strained security circumstances, and was approved for a temporary residence permit.

Sahdoon applied for asylum again in 2013, this time based on his health, his time spent in Finland and his UN refugee status. None of this mattered. The FIS turned down his application.

FIS: “Decisions not based on emotion”

Sahdoon has partial paralysis in his left arm and left leg due to a bout of polio he suffered as a child, and has the papers to prove it. Doctors say Sahdoon needs help with everyday life due to his disability.

This, however, is not enough, despite the letter of the law.

“An applicant’s permanent disability is not grounds enough for an asylum decision,” says the FIS’s Juha Similä. “Certain situations such as heart disease may be different, but if treatment is available in the applicant’s country of origin, that is grounds enough for denial of asylum.”

Similä says it is “perfectly understandable” that negative decisions in cases such as Sahdoon’s are startling.

“But our decisions are not based on emotion, we look at every applicant case by case. We act according to the law.”

“I just want to live”

None of the more than 6,000 Iraqis to have their applications turned down can simply be shipped off to Iraq in a plane, because Iraq and Finland do not have a bilateral return agreement.

Dzwar Sahdoon himself has no intention of returning to his home country. In fact, he says he would rather be in a Finnish prison than in Iraq.

“I’ll tell the police to take me in. I could be at ease there. I’m ashamed to live on the street,” says Sahdoon. “I have no plan at all. I just want to live.”

YLE (claptrap propaganda)

yle propaganda


These people are insane……..

No one, and I mean no one, can keep the pedal exactly on the limit without periodically without their knowledge going over it, this is draconian and is just a big government gimmick to rake in more cash. It has NOTHING to do with saving lives.

Speeding crackdown will lower threshold for spot fines

Starting in October, police are to adopt a new policy toward speeding that will see them slap motorists with spot fines for driving seven or more kilometres per hour above stipulated speed limits. The current threshold for the summary fines is between eight and 20 kilometres per hour above the limit.

Kaksi autoa poliisin ratsiassa.

New national guidelines to take effect in October will see the lower threshold for issuing summary fines reduced from 8km per hour over the speed limit to 7km per hour. Image: YLE

Following reports that government has not pulled in the income it anticipated by hiking fines for traffic offences such as speeding, police have decided to reduce the threshold for issuing spot fines for speeding.

Starting in October, motorists who drive between seven and 20 kilometres per hour in excess of marked speed limits will receive summary fines for the infraction. The current threshold for spot fines is between eight and 20 kilometres per hour above the limit. Additionally motorists whose speed is between three and seven kilometres per hour above the limit will get off with a warning.

“The goal of police is to influence driving behaviour, so that average speed will fall, road accidents will be reduced and the repercussions will be less serious,” police chief inspector Samppa Holopainen of the National Police Board said in a statement.

Last week, police noted that the administration’s plan to hike spot fines for traffic offences had already changed driving habits, as motorists eased off the gas pedal, resulting in fewer fines issued. The result also undermined the government’s plan to boost revenues by raising the fines.




So far ten variations of the notes have been found on campus, the first last spring and the most recent on Wednesday. They contain texts such as “Islam is a threat to Finnish culture”.

Unbelievable stupidity, they only have to take a look around the region, let alone at Islamic history to figure out that it’s as Ayaan Hirsi Ali has described it, “a political theory of military conquest.”

Here’s the dimwitted university dean, Jukka Mönkkönen, who takes a dim view of the notes.

University plagued by Islamophobic notes

The University of Eastern Finland is resuming its effort to find of source of anti-Islam notes that have been spread around its Joensuu campus and slipped between the pages of university library books. Police investigated the matter last spring, but did not determine who is responsible.

Itä-Suomen yliopiston Joensuun kampus.

University of Eastern Finland Joensuu campus. Image: Esa Huuhko / Yle

So far ten variations of the notes have been found on campus, the first last spring and the most recent on Wednesday. They contain texts such as “Islam is a threat to Finnish culture”.

“We became increasingly concerned when one of the notes mentioned the name of a university researcher. When that happened, it became one degree more serious,” the Joensuu campus head of security, Heikki Loikkanen, told Yle.

The notes have been found in several university buildings, at information desks and brochure racks. Some have been slipped between the pages of books in the university library and some left beside a library printer.

The researcher named in one note has been involved in activities in aid of immigrants.

No tolerance of racism

Last spring the university contacted police about the notes. Police did not identify who was responsible for writing and distributing them and closed their investigation. Chief Inspector Sami Joutjärvi of the Eastern Finland police says, however, that the case can be reopened.

The Rector of the University of Eastern Finland, Jukka Mönkkönen, told Yle on Wednesday that the university is taking a very dim view of the matter and that it does not tolerate any political or racist propaganda on campus.

Head of Security Heikki Loikkanen said that personnel have been instructed to keep a watch on the situation and to intervene if they see these kinds of notes being distributed or left in university facilities.


NOTE: Islam is not a race, anymore than Christianity is, or the alt-Right (Trump) nationalist/populist/agrarian movement.

Islamophobia gif



Translation: YLE still has not written anything about the murdered officers. Instead they’re building a case of victim-hood for the shooter’s camp.



Only a moron would conclude that shifting money around outside of the free market (robbing Peter to pay Paul) is conducive to growing the economy.


Paying someone to dig a useless hole, then pay another person to fill it up doesn’t create wealth, it’s an illusion of “job creation” translating => into building an economy.

yle bullshit........

Asylum questions

This morning’s Aamulehti leads with a report that claims last autumn’s influx of asylum seekers is continuing to keep people employed in Finland. The country’s six interview centres, where applicants must go to be questioned by asylum officials who will decide on their claim, employ 80-100 people each, the paper says.

The reporter questions an Immigration Service official about why asylum seekers have to travel sometimes long distances in order to reach an interview, to which the answer is that it is a more efficient use of public resources for the claimants themselves to travel to appointments than for the officials to spend their time touring the country.

In response to the paper’s query about why a town the size of Tampere doesn’t have its own interview centre, even though there are 1,500 asylum seekers in the region still waiting for their claims to be processed, the official promises that Tampere will be first on the list if a new wave of arrivals this autumn makes it necessary to open a new regional office.

More here.


And much of the other Finnish media as well…..

yle propaganda

When Finnish political consensus is solidified, it’s almost impossible to break.

Brexit on their minds

Several papers carry stories about Thursday’s EU referendum in the UK. It’s a source of great anxiety across Europe, and Finland is no exception. That manifests itself in Ilta-Sanomat, which has a ’10 things Brexit would mean for Finland and Finns’ article warning of economic uncertainty, cheaper holidays in Britain, trickier entry for Finns to the labour market or universities in the UK, increased pressure for Finland to leave the EU, reconsideration of Finnish security policy and heightened discussion of Nato membership.

Helsingin Sanomat, meanwhile, has been to visit Finns in Britain to see what they think about the upcoming vote. In short, they’re scared. Some students think they might be charged higher tuition fees, those in working life fear the uncertainty, and some think that the harsher rhetoric will make the country so unpleasant that they simply don’t want to live there any more regardless of the referendum result.



Their headline doesn’t even name the perpetrators…..

yle malfeasence

Who cares where it took place (near government buildings), the people attacked were inside a shopping mall. They refer to it as a ”shooting incident”.

yle propaganda

A TT translation:

Number of victims in Tel Aviv attack rises – four dead

The shooting happened in the mall near the headquarters of the Israeli army and the Defense Ministry building. According to police, this is a terrorist attack.

Three heavily aseistaunutta security forces members passing on the street.

Israeli security forces patrolling the shooting on Wednesday in Tel Aviv at the scene. Photo: Jim Hollander / EPA

In Israel, four people have been killed and three seriously injured in a shooting incident, at the popular open-air shopping center in the center of Tel Aviv. 13 people received minor injuries, says the Israeli Haaretz .

According to Israeli police, it was a terrorist act, and the attack was made by two armed Palestinians from the West Bank. In the attack which occurred on Wednesday evening there were initially reported that three people died, but after midnight the number of deaths increased.

Israeli police spokesman told the news agency AP that according to preliminary data the attackers were at least two, and both were apprehended.

map of Israel.

Image: Yle News Graphics

The police grabbed the second of the attackers and have taken him in for questioning, tells Haaretz. Another wounded by police gunfire  is hospitalized and in serious condition.

According to Haaretz, the attackers were masked as ultra-orthodox Jews. The men were according to Israeli police, members of the same family from the Yattan village near the city of Hebron.

Surrounding streets are closed and people are urged to stay away from the area.

Rescuers patrolling the attack to have been the restaurant's front of the bra.

At least three people were killed when gunmen attacked a restaurant in the popular district of Tel Aviv. Photo: Jim Hollander / EPA

The incident took place in the area of the Sarona Market shopping center, which is located with popular cafes and restaurants. The venue is also close to the headquarters of the Israeli army and the Defense Ministry building.

Israeli police said that it had no advance intelligence information on the threat of the attack. The number of attacks by Palestinians in Israel has decreased in recent months, but the situation is still very tense.

According to AFP’s calculations, Israel has since October a series of attacks that killed 28 Israelis and 205 Palestinians. Individual Palestinians have attacked Israelis with knives or handguns or by driving a car into the crowd.

Most of the Palestinians dead in the clashes are according to Israeli authorities have been the attackers.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  who has just returned from Moscow has directed the Ministry of Defence to discuss the situation with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and their counterparts and other security authorities.

YLE sources:
AFP, AP, Reuters


Any ”news” organization that uses PC terms in order to push a meme, cannot be considered a real news organization, but a propaganda outfit.


The seriousness of the fact that these people could be anywhere in Finland can’t be overstated, especially when we know that the overwhelming majority are complete frauds and that the Islamonazis have made it clear that they will, and have, infiltrated their numbers.

Growing underground?

The Kuopio-based newspaper Savon Sanomat reports that Interior Minister Petteri Orpo is worried that there will be a rise in the number of undocumented immigrants in Finland.

Police recently reported that around 2,500 asylum seekers had vanished from reception centres last year and so far this year. Interviewed by Savon Sanomat on Sunday, Orpo said that most of these people have probably left the country.

“I am more concerned about those whose applications have been rejected and don’t want to leave the country. If those getting a negative decision do not want to leave, there is a danger of the creation of a sub-culture, and that these people will go underground,” the Interior Minister told Savon Sanomat.

He said an effort is being made to prevent this through the use of special, higher-security centres for people being returned and upgraded police monitoring of aliens.

Orpo also expressed concerns that if local governments do not accept the placement of more people who receive asylum, they will congregate in the capital region and create immigrant “slums”.

“I don’t want the situation to get out of hand even for security officials, as it has in Sweden,” stated Orpo.

According to Orpo, the provision by local governments of places for refugees to live and integrate is poor at the moment. The situation is a bit better in municipalities along the west coast, he said, but more need to be taken in by local governments nationwide.


NOTE: This is the reason as to why these people needed to be sequestered in an asylum processing center until given the green light to enter.


YLE’s best and brightest… Lol!

In a tweet between YLE producer, Juha Kulmanen and US correspondent Laura Saarikoski, they mention a radio program on YLE’s Areena channel, 3.9.2016, highlighting how much of a nostradamus the producer was in a report from 1984 on the US’s southern border.

I noticed that the bio to the program included the fraud term of ”undocumented” in describing illegal aliens coming into the U.S., 11 million of them. So I tweeted to them both the following:

YLE’s Producer, Juha Kulmanen responds:

I add:

YLE correspondent in the US, Laura Saarikoski responds:

I respond back:


YLE runs defense for the Islamonazis persecuting Christian Arabs of the Palestinian Authority.

yle propaganda

A TT reader send the Following:

Yle’s Ulkolinja aired yesterday, 24.3.2016, a documentary on persecuted Christians in the East Middle by the BBC. Today I found out that YLE had cut off part of the documentary (about 7 minutes worth from the very end), which told of Christians in the Palestinian Authority / Israel. This is censorship, as is clear from paragraph that Muslims ”make life difficult for Christians in Bethlehem and therefore Christians want to move abroad. The State of Israel will continue to fight against Palestinian terrorists attacks, which also complicates the lives of Christians.”

So this was edited out from the documentary, the hardships Christian Arabs are enduring, and leaving because of Islam/Muslim 101’ers. The 59 minute BBC documentary was whittled down to just under 52 minutes.

BBC this world censored by YLE on Finnish TV

YLE sucks, and on the taxpayer’s dime.

UPDATE: TT reader gets feedback from YLE on reason why the documentary aired was shortened (and it was).

Thank you for the feedback.

Yle has not censored any scene or image from the BBC produced a document “in the Middle East Threatened Christians”.

I assume that your knowledge of the documentary, a longer duration, is based on the BBC’s own use, the duration of which is usually 58 minutes. International supply of BBC documentaries usually makes 52-minute versions and a longer version is impossible to obtain for presentation outside the UK. In this way the BBC can sell the performing rights from the same version for commercial channels, so that the document fits-hour program slot. Shortening is often influenced by other copy right issues, such as outside photographers, graphic designers or authors’ fees, not so much related to the program content issues.

That said, it’s always suspicious when things appear to always go the way of their preferred ideological perspective. This is not the first time nor the last.


”Brussels blasts”…..what, a gas line exploded? 

Oh wait, the sub-headline isn’t any better, no mention of Islamic terrorists or even suicide/homicide bombing, you have to read further into the story where it’s finally mentioned. Pathetic

Finnish leaders offer condolences over Brussels blasts

President Sauli Niinistö, Prime Minister Juha Sipilä and Finance Minister Alexander Stubb have offered condolences to the Belgian people following deadly blasts Tuesday morning that rocked the capital’s airport and a metro station, resulting in at least 34 deaths.

Pelastustoimia Brysselin lentokentällä

More here


So what……?

You mean 1/4 of the one allowed to stay or 1/4 of all who came here, of which 2/3 were found to be complete frauds? What about the number of Finns on unemployment, how many of them have ”higher education”, and why don’t they matter at all?

This is how it is in a society with a statist/welfare state mentality, masterminds and geniuses are always finding pet projects (identity politics) to shower the people’s money with. One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. Just look at Blacks in America now looking over their shoulders at Mexicans coming over their southern borders. They are somehow deemed more noble and righteous than the people forced to fund their upkeep though they violated their laws.

Study: More than 25% of asylum seekers have higher education

A study published by the Ministry of Education and Culture calls for sweeping changes in how refugees and other immigrants are trained to enter Finnish working life. It says practical hands-on training and work experience should begin at the same time as language studies, not afterwards.

Turvapaikanhakijat suomenkielen tunnilla

Asylum seekers studying Finnish in Tampere Image: Marko Melto / Yle

A review of reception centres in the Uusimaa region suggests that a majority of asylum seekers have completed primary education, while around half have attended high school or other secondary school. Seven out of 10 asylum seekers said they have completed at least seven years of basic education.

The study was aimed at predicting future needs for refugee education.

Twenty-seven percent said they have had higher education, with 16 percent holding degrees, typically bachelor’s degrees. Some seven percent have no formal education, with about the same proportion being completely illiterate.

The study, commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture, was handed over to education minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen on Monday. She commented that migrants’ face too lengthy a path to education and employment in Finland.

The survey was carried out by the language testing firm Testipiste. Since January, it has interviewed more than 1,000 asylum seekers from 32 countries at 14 reception centres in the southern Uusimaa region, which includes Helsinki. The interviewees were aged 18-39, and 90 percent were men. Nearly two thirds were from Iraq.

More here.

NOTE: Big (crony) business loves the open borders as well. The increase in those looking for work drags down wages. This can be seen in high tech jobs in the US, where H1B visas have severely crimped domestic employment in high tech IT jobs, they simply draw cheaper labor into the job market from abroad which effectively locks the local work force out.


The discussion was on people’s fear over the crime wave that cropped up with the flood of these fake refugees (muslim settlers).

yle propaganda

Yle, the state funded broadcaster tried to steer the debate into the direction of the people’s fear being unjustified, crime stats not that much different than before the economic migrants came to Finland. But there were some shining moments, stories of elderly and women too afraid to travel at night, and happy that civilian street patrols have cropped up to give a sense of security to the areas.

What’s also of interest to me was YLE’s using the story of a Syrian from Koban, who was living in Russia for over two years before coming to Finland as a ”refugee”, crossing over the Russian border with Finland at Salla. He spoke solely of economic reasons for his decision to come to Finland. While I can be sympathetic with his plight, it is not however the worry of the Finnish public to provide a comfortable life for him and his family.

That YLE was brazen enough to use his story to pull at heart strings, while clearly the man by default of his actions, can no longer be considered as a refugee once he leaves a safe haven, speaks a lot about the taxpayer funded org.. If his rationell is used to cement refugee policy, then anyone and everyone in the world is free to move wherever they wish, and on the taxpayer’s dime.

From YLE’s Insecure Evening televised event:

omar yle 3.3.2016

Translation: “I’ve had a long trip”

omar yle fm koban 3.3.2016

“I lived for over two years in Russia. My Children were born there”.



Once in awhile they actually do something right.

Now do the same about mohamed, as well as host of subjects Muslims find detestable.

Marja Hintikka Live nakuilusta talked about today.

Marja Hintikka Live talked about nudity today. (PHOTO: Marja Hintikka Live / Yle )

This is not the first time full nudity has been shown on Finnish TV, countless commercials, usually involving a sauna, but there have been comedy shows as well that stretched the limits.

The situation here is, they invited the go-to-muslim for anything to do with Islam in Finland, Somali, Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein, and it’s obvious they didn’t warn him before hand. It was a “When in Rome” attempt by the producers of the state funded show.

Hussein smiled and shrugged it off in an attempt to show he wasn’t bothered by it, that he’s “as Finnish as the next person” he was seated with, but all know that if he had his way, according to sharia law, everyone would be feeling the whip.

Yle shakes things up: Naked male studio guest on Marja Hintikka Live – shows all

(PHOTO: Marja Hintikka Live / Yle )

MARJA HINTIKKA LIVE -The latest section of Marja Hintikka Live dealing with compatibility with children’s sexuality.There is also a studio guest who’s tolerance was tested.

YLE TV2’s Marja Hintikka Live program discussed today children nudity (in Finland it’s not taboo) and sexuality and how these things would be natural for families to deal with. The episode was titled nudity confuses.

In the studio discussing the proposal was media personality, father of four children under ten-years-old Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein, and a doctor, as well as a mother of a 10-year-old girl Emilia Vuorisalmi . Vuorisalmi is actor Mikko Leppilampi’s ex-wife.

When the body of the naked man, Ilkka, parked itself next to the interview table, an exchange of views with the words inevitably went a little haywire, red cheeks and laughter was hard to hold back. In particular, “Husu” Hussein lost his thoughts.

– Hello to you too … ah yes I lost my thoughts, Husu laughed.

More here at IS. (in Finnish)


A TT colleague observes:

“A search on YLE’s website on the words Israel, Palestiina , Israel, Palestina (Swedish) gives the following headlines. Israel is always the aggressor the Palestinians are never the aggressor. (Two first pages) It was even worse than I expected.”

yle propaganda

All this in light of the current Arab Islamonazi knife-jihad presently being waged against the Jewish state of Israel. This finding mirrors exactly the research I did with the Central Finland newspaper (Keskisuomalainen) over a 3 mos. period some 8-10 years ago. Exactly nothing has changed.

finnish media cycle_of_violence1

YLE’s headlines on Israel:

Netanyahu: Israel to be surrounded by the wall – protective against “wild beasts”…
Israel closed traffic to Ramallah
Truce over, Israel to expand in Palestinian territories …
The Palestinian family living in fear – boy stabbed Jews …
Israel killed suspect in Tel Aviv bar murder
Israel gave the police permission to isolate Arab areas of East Jerusalem …
Israel closed the Old City of Jerusalem to those less than 50 years old …
Syria: Israel made an air attack in Damascus, and slew …
Israel agrees to tougher measure against the Palestinians
Israel condemned two Jewish youths as guilty …
Israel is looking for shooters of Jewish couple
Syria: Israel made an air attack in Damascus, and slew…
Israel prohibits Palestinians in the West Bank from using the same …

YLE’s headlines on the Arabs of the PA

Israeli security forces killed three Palestinians …
Israeli troops shot dead five Palestinians in the West Bank and …
Marjut Helminen writes about the plight of the Palestinians
Israeli soldiers shot dead four attempting stabbings …
Israeli soldiers have killed four Palestinians …
Israelis defend against Palestinian knife attacks by shooting …
Palestine: Little baby died by Israeli tear gas
Israeli troops shot dead two Palestinians in the West Bank …
UN emergency session on the Israeli-Palestinian violence
The Palestinians defy death – “knife attacks justified against Israel’s occupation”
Two Palestinian teenage boys killed in Israeli gunfire …

YLE Swedish

YLE’s headlines on Israel

Israel expands settlements
Israel shelled Lebanese village after bombings
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
New attack in Israel – man mistaken for a terrorist was killed …
Three Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers
Continued violence in Israel
Israelis prosecuted for fatal fire attack against Palestinians
New attacks during the “Day of Wrath” in Israel
Israeli police shot dead suspected pubmördare
Tough-level security in Israel
New knife attack in Israel

YLE’s headlines on Palestine

13-year-old Palestinian girl shot dead in knife attack
Palestinian man with knife shot dead in the Old City of Jerusalem …
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Three Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers
Palestinian authority
New Palestinian uprising in the bud?


Who really cares what this marxist hack has to say?

empty suit tuomioja

That YLE (a marxist enterprise on the public dole) deems anything this hack has to say, worthy of repeating, is more newsworthy than their actual story concerning him.

MP bemoans lack of information on US military exercises

Veteran MP Erkki Tuomioja lamented in his blog on Saturday that parliamentary members have been left in the dark about US military manoeuvres planned in Finland this spring. He says MPs have had to read about the details in the media instead of being informed directly, something that has vexed members of the parliamentary defence and foreign affairs committees, who should have been consulted before the decision.

Kansanedustaja Erkki Tuomioja (SDP) eduskunnan täysistunnossa 16. helmikuuta 2016.
Erkki Tuomioja during the February 16 plenary session. Image: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

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And those of us who have been pointing out the fact that, it’s buffoonish to allow the importation of an enormous amount of military aged men into the country, are lampooned as fanatics and bigots.

asylum seeker with head on finnish tv

The man circled in the picture above, was in a state YLE broadcast during a segment in ”refugee night” broadcast. He was seen in pictures in a military uniform holding a decapitated head.

Survey: A “considerable” amount of asylum seekers coming to Finland with police and military training”

Hennala reception center

Stock Photo Hennala reception center, which unrest have employed the police constantly. The persons not related to the news. Photo: Lehtikuva

According to a Police College report,  Finland has received a considerable amount of asylum seekers with a background in police and military training​​. The majority of them come from Iraq. 

The applicants’ backgrounds have been revealed in the asylum investigations by the Migration Board and police. The study was used as a source in the Iltalehti’s Immigration Service’s asylum interview given by the head of the unit in December.*

The matter has raised concerns, inter alia, Federation of Finnish Police, who are afraid for safety of police officers in connection with calls to reception centers.

The report states that the ability to use violence and resist guards, and police authorities have been higher than usual in people who have worked in security, police and in military missions.

“From an occupational safety point of view it is problematic, if the rioting party has operated in the country of origin as a security personnel and has tactical methods of a police expert. They have, of course, a greater capacity than the usual asylum-seeker to use violence and weapons, “the report states.

Police and military background is mentioned in a recent survey as one of the possible reasons behind the unrest in reception centers.

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