Asemantie Kempele Tuesday.  Copyright: Str / press photographers.  Photo: Markku Ruottinen.

14-year-old girl rape suspects are Afghan asylum seekers (In Finnish)

The police took the suspects of 15 to 17 years from the Kempele reception center late on Monday night.


Yle just recently sounded its own trumpet, reporting that in a recent poll conducted, YLE was the most respected news media in Finland. 

yle propaganda

YLE forced to change headline to accurately reflect the perps in question, (h/t: Jari Kaijansinkko):Left side reads:

“Adolescent girl was raped in Kempele – Police apprehend two young men”

yle headline extreme makeover 24.11.2015

Adolescent girl was raped in Kempele – Police apprehended two young men of foreign origin

Two young men suspected of raping a young girl in Kempele. Police has arrested two young men suspected of aggravated rape and aggravated child sexual abuse.

Finland map with Kempele and Oulu
Image: Yle News Graphics

The 14-year-old girl was raped in Kempele Station Road on Monday, half past ten o’clock in the evening.

According to a Oulu police press release, the two young men of foreign origin had gotten ahold of her. According to the police she was raped by at least one of the men.

There were by accident to two men from Kemple who called for help.

The police dog patrol followed the traces of the perps that led to an apartment. The police found at the apartment two men, they are now apprehended on suspicion of aggravated rape and aggravated child sexual abuse. According to the police under the age of 18 years.

The pre-trial investigation has been started on Tuesday morning. The exact sequence of events is not yet clear.



Mission complete.

Either most Finns are indoctrinated ignorant boobs or the polling is skewed.

yle propaganda

Survey: Finns trust Yle more than ever

A new survey found trust in Finnish media increased since the last survey in 2014. Yle in particular scored well, with trust in Yle’s output higher than in any other previous survey.

Uutisankkuri Matii Rönkä juuri ennen lähetystä.
Yle is Finland’s most-trusted news source. Image: Yle

Yle is Finland’s most-trusted media, and trust in the mainstream media in general has increased since last year, according to a new survey conducted for Yle by Taloustutkimus.

Some 92 percent of those interviewed said they trusted Yle—a higher percentage than for any other media outlet and a four percentage point jump from last year. After Yle came the news agency STT (80 percent), local newspaper (74 percent), Helsingin Sanomat (72 percent) and MTV (69 percent).

More at the state funded propaganda outfit


This is what I said about him at the time: 

yle propaganda

Thanks to the genius of Teemu Sinkkonen, we in Finland need not worry about the potential headchoppers flowing into our country, because he’s got it all figured out. That he can’t say what these (former?) jihadis were involved in because he hasn’t the foggiest idea, doesn’t deter him one bit, just by the prowess of his intellect he is able to look past the huge lack in information of these jackals and tells us, all is well, there’s nothing to see.

Now what’s really a problem is the native Finns who see the muslim settler invasion as a threat to their civil society, and do not want to burden themselves, and saddle their children and future generations, with the problems that arise from importing mass numbers of people who will not assimilate, who hail from different cultures and embody different morals and values than themselves.

That’s right, Mr.genius is worried about Finns, because within us carries the seeds of racism and bigotry, not the Muslims, no not the muslims, even the ones running around with armed groups who are guilty of some of the most horrendous barbaric acts imaginable.

You jerk.

Sinkkonen backed up his view by saying that the extremist group has mostly operated in Syrian conflict zones and has not extended its destructive activities to other countries directly.

“The only thing that might have something to do with a terrorist threat is the recruitment custom whereby the group attempts to draw in more combatants,” he says. “It is very probable that people with this sort of background have abandoned such militant involvement and are genuinely seeking asylum.”

Researcher: Migrants unlikely to come to Finland to practice terrorism

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service held a press conference on Tuesday announcing its security threat assessment. The announcement was evaluated by international affairs researcher Teemu Sinkkonen on Yle’s morning show.


NOTE: It won’t be long before the fake media in Finland once again, will put this jackass before the cameras and ask him for his “expert opinions”


Just “attackers”, “perpetrators”, “extremist”……but they did mention Isis (because they had to).

Finland offers condolences and pledges to step up security following deadly Paris attacks

Patrols and surveillance in Finland will be increased, says police chief, in response to series of shootings and suicide bombings across the French capital which left at least 120 dead on Friday. Meanwhile prominent figures in Finland came forward to express shock and condemnation of the killings.

Poliisi partio Saint Antoine sairaalan läheisyydessä Pariissa.
Police patrols near the Saint Antoine hospital in Paris following the deadly attacks on Friday night.Image: Laurent Dubrule / EPA

Police patrols and online surveillance will be increased in Finland, in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris in which at least 120 people were killed on Friday.

Attackers armed with guns and suicide bombs stormed a packed concert hall and a number of other sites across the French capital on Friday evening. Eight perpetrators are so far reported dead.

In Finland, Interior Minister Petteri Orpo announced on Twitter that Finland will offer all possible support to France in the wake of the atrocities, and he offered condolences to those affected. He said that Finland’s terrorism readiness level will now be increased.

Finland’s chief of police, Seppo Kolehmainen, said that patrols have been increased in risk areas, and that online monitoring has been stepped up.

More resources will be directed at security around embassies, Kolehmainen said. He added that he expects the Paris attacks to have an ongoing visible impact in Finland.

“According to the security services Supo, the likelihood of an attack in northern Europe and the Nordic countries has grown, but remains low,” he said. “We must take this reality into account with our operations.”

Meanwhile prominent figures in Finland have come forward to express shock and condemnation of the attacks.

Foreign minister Timo Soini called the killings a brutal attack against democracy and the whole of Europe.

President Sauli Niinistö extended his condolences to President Francois Hollande and the people of France, and to the victims and their loved ones, on behalf of the Finnish people. “Finland will do everything it can to help France in the fight against terrorism,” Niinistö pledged.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä posted a tweet in English expressing his shock at the killings. “Our thoughts are in France,” he said.

Former foreign minister Erkki Tuomioja said that the attacks bear the hallmark of the extremist group Isis, who have been responsible for a number of deadly atrocities in Europe and around the world in the last few months alone. “Many people have been involved in preparing and planning these killings, and the security mechanisms were overcome completely,” he said.



And YLE, the Finnish state broadcaster (fake news media) can be expected to highlight such news, because it fits the narrative like a hand to the glove. Cute kid though.

H/T: Fjordman

Born into asylum: Recent refugee arrivals celebrate healthy baby girl

A newborn baby girl was born in Finland a week ago in Suonenjoki to asylum-seeker parents, meaning that the as yet unnamed child is considered an asylum-seeker as well.

Tummaihoinen tyttövauva pipo päässä.
Image: Varpu Mäntymäki / Yle

A baby girl was born in the Kuopio University Hospital a week ago, and the early November arrival is the toast of the local asylum seeker community. The child, who has not yet been named, was conceived in Iraq and made the long and dangerous trip to northern Finland.

When the family arrived in Suonenjoki, the mother was first diagnosed as overdue, but her condition was later re-appraised and she delivered a healthy baby girl. For the time being, the family is calling her “our Finnish girl”, according to interpreter Haidar Al-Musawi.

The girl’s father Omar and doulah Hanna Ripaoja were on hand to assist Rawaa, the mother, in her delivery.

“A birth is taxing to anyone, let alone if you’re thousands of kilometres from home,” Ripaoja says.

Anna Mikkonen from the Federation of Mother and Child Homes says she is delighted to hear of the family’s good fortune. But she also says that Rawaa was lucky, as not all asylum-seekers with small children have experiences as positive as hers.

“Traumatic experiences and long asylum battles tire parents out, and workers at the reception centres are very rushed,” Mikkonen says. “Family coffee klatsches and the like are great because they are communal, but some centres can feel cramped and dreary.”



YLE spewing more crapola……

yle propaganda

Thanks to the genius of Teemu Sinkkonen, we in Finland need not worry about the potential headchoppers flowing into our country, because he’s got it all figured out.

That he can’t say what these (former?) jihadis were involved in because he hasn’t the foggiest idea, doesn’t deter him one bit, just by the prowess of his intellect he is able to look past the huge lack in information of these jackals and tell us, all is well, there’s nothing to see.

Now what’s really a problem is the native Finns who see the muslim settler invasion as a threat to their civil society, and do not want to burden themselves, and saddle their children and future generations, with the problems that arise from importing mass numbers of people who will not assimilate, who hail from different cultures and embody different morals and values than themselves.

That’s right, Mr.genius is worried about Finns, because within us carries the seeds of racism and bigotry, not the Muslims, no not the muslims, even the ones running around with armed groups who are guilty of some of the most horrendous barbaric acts imaginable.

You jerk.

Researcher: Migrants unlikely to come to Finland to practice terrorism

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service held a press conference on Tuesday announcing its security threat assessment. The announcement was evaluated by international affairs researcher Teemu Sinkkonen on Yle’s morning show.

Teemu Sinkkonen

Senior researcher Teemu Sinkkonen. Image: Yle

Senior researcher Teemu Sinkkonen from the Finnish Institute of International Affairs says he finds it “highly unlikely” that individuals would travel to Finland to practice terrorism.

Sinkkonen gave his evaluation on Yle’s morning politics show on Wednesday. He refers to Interior Minister Petteri Orpo’s statement on Tuesday that there are ISIS fighters among the asylum-seekers who have already entered Finland.

Sinkkonen backed up his view by saying that the extremist group has mostly operated in Syrian conflict zones and has not extended its destructive activities to other countries directly.

“The only thing that might have something to do with a terrorist threat is the recruitment custom whereby the group attempts to draw in more combatants,” he says. “It is very probable that people with this sort of background have abandoned such militant involvement and are genuinely seeking asylum.”

Sinkkonen pointed out that ISIS has undertaken internal purges, meaning that it has killed ex-militants from its ranks.

Combatants returning to Finland raise concerns

The Intelligence Service (Supo) raised Finland’s terrorist threat level from very low to low on Tuesday. Sinkkonen says he takes this to mean that Supo think the potential threat of terrorist activity from Finnish ISIS fighters returning to Finland may become realised.

Such combatants from Finland number at 70 people, of whom some have returned.

“We do not know all the reasons for their return. We don’t even know the ways in which all of these people were involved in the fighting in Syria or who they fought for,” Sinkkonen says. “In any case a very small portion of these few to have come back may continue their radicalism in Finland.”

Supo also estimated that asylum-seekers coming to Finland in large numbers will increase interest in extremist Islamism. Sinkkonen said on the TV show that he believes this has to do with ISIS recruiters approaching at-risk migrants and offering them a community that they may not otherwise find.

Increase in anti-migrant violence

The Supo assessment indicates that the threat of violent hate crimes has risen due to the large number of asylum-seekers and ensuing anti-immigrant sentiment.

“In plain terms this means that violent, racist crimes committed against asylum-seekers by Finns – throwing stones and firebombs and other nasty things – are becoming more common and will continue to become more frequent,” says Sinkkonen.

He says all kinds of violence are worrying regardless of the ideology behind it.

“But certainly the only violence of this sort is being propagated by the far right extremists. Throwing an explosive device into a building full of migrants is extremely serious. No other people or groups are behaving like this.”



Get this attempt at verbal gymnastics: 

According to Saarni, crimes committed by asylum seekers will be reported just as those committed by others. If the person who committed the crime is an asylum seeker, that’s not mentioned just as the ethnic background of a person who has committed a crime is not mentioned.

So they are in fact keeping mum about the asylum seeking background of these suspected perps. The story stands, verified by the police chief denying the initial claim. Official police policy demands it, kudos to the Uusi Lahti paper for accurate journalism.

Police chief denies charge of keeping mum about criminals who are asylum seekers

Uusi Lahti newspaper claims that the Häme Police Department circulated an internal memo forbidding police to report whether a crime was committed by an asylum seeker. Police Chief Tapio Saarni says that’s not the case and that police are following normal procedures that forbid reporting a person’s ethnic background when information about a crime is made public.

Poliisin merkki moottoripyörässä
When a crime is committed, police don’t report ethnic background or asylum seeker status — unless there’s a reason to do so. Image: Nina Keski-Korpela / Yle

An article in Uusi Lahti newspaper claims the Häme Police Department circulated an internal memo instructing police officers that they were forbidden from reporting whether a crime was committed by an asylum seeker.

Häme Police Department Police Chief Tapio Saarni says that’s not the case.

“The newspaper’s headline was over the top and incorrect,” says Saarni. “We have not made any changes to our communications policy, we only reminded our staff that a person’s ethnic background should not be reported — unless there is a good reason — when issuing information about a crime,” he says.

According to Saarni, crimes committed by asylum seekers will be reported just as those committed by others. If the person who committed the crime is an asylum seeker, that’s not mentioned just as the ethnic background of a person who has committed a crime is not mentioned.

“Ethnic background is only reported if it holds some significance. In each case, it’s important to be very careful,” he says, adding that reporting ethnic background is not part of normal police communications.

The Police Board’s Head of Communications Marko Luotonen agrees.

“Nothing in police communications has changed, the police follow the laws regarding these issues and according to the law, refugee status is secret information and the police are not allowed to publicise it,” says Luotonen.



They can’t even manage to say that “3 Jews were murdered by Arabs in J’lem.”

The Finnish media (especially the state media) are pathetic. They refuse to name the victim and the perpetrator in the same headline. But when Israel is the active role in the story, then it’s “Israel kills Palestinian” ect….

In Jerusalem three die in Palestinian attacks – the violence intensified from day to day

Israel’s Homeland Security is considering the isolation of  the Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. The violence began about a month ago from rioting on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The place is holy to both Jew and Muslim.

The Israelis policemen guarding the house from the roof of Jerusalem vanhaakaupunkin 8 October 2015.

Israeli policemen guarding the old city of Jerusalem from the roof of a house on 8 October 2015.Photo: Abir Sultan / EPA

Palestinian attackers killed on Tuesday at least three people and wounded several in attacks in Jerusalem and near Tel Aviv, Israeli police told news agencies.

In Jerusalem two Palestinian men got on a bus and began to stab and shoot people at random. Two Israelis were killed and at least four were wounded. According to Reuters, another of the attackers were killed and one was captured.

Almost at the same time a separate attack took place, in which a Palestinian man drove towards a  bus stop situated in the center of Jerusalem, got out of his car and began to stab pedestrians. At least one died and six were injured. According to police, the attacker was “neutralized”, which is explained in more detail.

YLE (TT translated)


Twisted logic and muddled thinking…


A large proportion of asylum seekers find employment over time

Maahanmuuttajia työskentelee paljon mm. lähihoitajina.

Economics Research charted opinions about on asylum seekers painted a pessimistic picture.  Of asylum applicants a big part are employed, and overall in immigration groups studies have shown them to have a better employment rate than ethnic Finns.


Most asylum seekers Coming to Finland are currently by far from Iraq. The most recent statistics in 2013 was that there were 6 353 in Finland, a considerable number of them of young age outside the workforce or because of their studies.Their unemployment stood at 74.6 per cent of the labor force.

On the other hand, for example, Kenyan (966 Kenyans in 2013) had been unemployed for 12.4 per cent of the labor force, while the corresponding figure position in Finland was 11.9 per cent of the workforce. Somalia type of unemployment was 68.6 percent of the workforce, the Swedish unemployment was 17.6 per cent, 14.8 per cent of Estonians.

NOTE: The main idea of the piece (and headline) is the state media’s attempt to aussage fears that these Iraqi male Muslim settlers (who are 7-1 the total number of foreigners currently invading Finland) won’t be a drain on society. But buried deep into the article they reveal that this same demographic have proven to be largely unemployable for well over +2 years.

Also the fact that, Finland currently has, and has had for many decades, a systemically stubborn unemployment rate well over +10% (230 000), with no clue on how to solve it, in spite of “all the job vacancies they keep howling on about.

H/T:  Jussi Hallaaho


Yes, I agree, but for other reasons.

Finland’s image as a cautious nation, not given to the foolhardy social re-engineering as in its neighboring state of Sweden, has taken a bad hit in the international social media. Yes there are the few who still view Finnish society as worth protecting, but the political, social and media elite have fully thrown themselves into a tailspin over how to best placate these mostly fake refugees flowing into the country.

NOTE: If not for socialism, and blowhards (like these leftist hack politicians and the neo-statists, KOK, Center) who drive group rights/identity driven politics, we would not be involved in this mess.

Former President Halonen: Finland’s reputation has received a blow

Finland’s 11th President Tarja Halonen is of the opinion that Finland’s image on the world stage has suffered in response to recent attacks on asylum seekers. In an A-Studio interview Friday evening, the former leader said that in the eyes of many Finland is now seen as growing closer in affinity to Eastern European countries like the Baltics, Romania and Hungary.

Tarja Halonen
Image: Yle

Tarja Halonen served from 2000 to 2012 as Finland’s President and for years prior to that as a Social Democrat MP. In addition to her political career, Halonen has had a long and extensive career in trade unions and different non-governmental organizations.

In an A-Studio interview on Friday, Halonen agreed that violent acts and protests against refugees entering the country have directly influenced Finland’s image abroad.

“And in a negative way, of course. The person wrapped in sheets was one such incident. The fact that Finland has traditionally been associated with the Nordic countries, which have been seen to be prosperous, supportive of international cooperation and tolerant has now been called into question. Some people are thinking whether Finland can really identify itself as a Nordic country anymore”, the former president said.

Dislike of the foreign or strange

Halonen says when it comes to talk of xenophobia, for example, Finland is often grouped with Eastern European countries over its Nordic neighbours.

“There are Finns whose behaviour is in line with the classic definition of a racist. The majority of us are nevertheless just reticent, inclined to express slightly more negative emotions than positive ones. On an international scale, however, we Finns tend to have a very calm attitude towards most things.”

Should have thought twice

Attacks on refugees fleeing violence in their homelands and criticism of the European Union’s immigration policy are commonplace in Europe in recent months, but news of a Lahti protester dressed in a Ku Klux Klan outfit nevertheless made its mark in international headlines.


NOTE: Here’s a clue for Mama Moonbat, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland do not think Finland is really a “Nordic country”, the language difference being a major contributing factor, though Swedish is the second official language of the state.


Save it for Finns at nearby food shelters.

Iraqis protest against further stiffening of asylum policies: food strike

At Lahti’s Hennala center there is 359 Iraqi asylum-seekers. Their goal is to get Iraqis in other reception centers on a food strike.

Asylum seekers Hennala.

Photo: Markku Luoma We left / Yle

Iraqi asylum applicants are planning a food strike Lahti’s emergency accommodation unit. Their goal is to get Iraqis in other reception centers involved to protest against the immigration agency’s plans.

The Finnish Immigration Service has decided to freeze the decision-making on Iraqi and Somali asylum applications so far.

The security situation in the countries are being studied. In the future, more and more asylum seekers may be returned to their country of origin.

Currently the idea of Iraqis staying in Lahti  is to miss Thursday’s lunch and dinner. Lahti’s Hennala has 359 Iraqis and 22 Somalis.

The majority of asylum seekers all over the country by Tuesday, about 70 per cent, are Iraqi.  17 350 asylum-seekers have arrived in Finland this year.




Check the YLE headline: “anti-immigration”. These protestors are not against immigration, they’re against mindless open borders inundation of fake refugees of whom we know nothing about, and have no money (outside of increasing the public debt) to fund it all. The jackasses!

Anti-immigration protesters urged to stop wearing hockey shirts

The Finnish national hockey team has asked people to stop wearing Finland hockey jerseys to anti-immigration demonstrations. Over the weekend hockey shirts were spotted at several protests, but now the hockey federation has asked people to stop wearing its merchandise at protests.

Kansanmielinen ja pakolaista vastustava mielenosoitus Rajat kiinni! Tornion matkakeskuksen edustalla lauantaina 19. syyskuuta.
Demonstrators in Tornio on 20 September Image: Jussi Nukari / LehtikuvA

Finland’s national hockey team does not want to be associated with anti-immigration protests. The team’s official Twitter account asked on Wednesday for people attending demonstrations to avoid wearing Finland hockey jerseys.

“Attention fans: Can we agree that hockey jerseys belong in the stands and not on demonstrations,” read the tweet.

Former goaltender and current National Coalition MP Sinuhe Wallinheimo also tweeted his hope that the jersey would not become associated with anti-immigration sentiment.

“A reminder to Lion jersey-clad demonstrators. The Lions play fair and hard on the ice. Elsewhere they’re international and tolerant,” tweeted Wallinheimo.

The Lions’ shirt has been visible at several demonstrations in the last week, including one in Tornio where several hundred people marched to the frontier with Sweden and demanded that the border be closed.

Tornio has been the entry point for hundreds of asylum seekers in recent weeks. The authorities have expanded capacity at reception centres to cope with the influx, and thousands of volunteers have also stepped forward to offer their assistance.


Big difference being, they’re not the product of the multicultural ideology, but mostly people who married Finns and moved to the country.

The state news broadcaster is working over time to spin every story it can to provide enough teflon for the mass of these non-refugees coming into the country. Pathetic.

Daisy Ladies take asylum seekers shopping

A grass-roots group of older immigrant volunteers in Turku who arrived to the country years – sometimes decades – earlier, welcomes newly-arrived asylum seekers with the wisdom of their own experiences.

Hülya "Hissu" Kytö, of grass-roots group of older immigrant volunteers the Daisy Ladies, greets a young girl in Turku.
Hülya “Hissu” Kytö, of grass-roots group of older immigrant volunteers the Daisy Ladies, greets a young Iraqi girl in a Turku shop. Image: Yle

The Daisy Ladies, or Daisy Eläkeläiset, is a group of senior-aged volunteers in Turku who’ve already learned the ways of life in Finland. They’re offering the newly-arrived migrants vital support and wisdom from years of experience of living here.

The organisation’s executive manager – who arrived to the country from Turkey decades ago – Hülya “Hissu” Kytö says that their members provide everyday support to newly-arrived elderly immigrants.

“Everyone in our organisation knows what it’s like to come to Finland as an immigrant and now we have a chance to help those that are coming here,” Kytö says.

“Since many of us older immigrants have similar experiences, it’s relatively easy to build the trust of asylum seekers coming to Finland,” she says. “To gain this trust is important, because then you’re able to discuss everything in a completely different way.”

“No one suddenly leaves everything behind and moves”

Kytö arrived to Finland in the beginning of the 1970s and says a lot has changed since then.

“I still hope that working together, Finland can make this work out. But there are strong prejudices – that can be plainly seen,” Kytö says.

“I don’t know why things are this way. Because no person leaves everything behind and suddenly moves to a place they know nothing about,” she says. “I think people should take a look in the mirror and turn this around. How would it be if it was you that was forced to leave everything you have?”

“Nothing better than to make people happy”

Kytö says that she found that many of the male immigrants needed help learning basic tasks like as cooking for themselves.

“When we noticed that the men cannot cook and just lived on boiled eggs we started to help with that,” Kytö says. “We cook food that’s similar to the food they’re accustomed to and then they can buy prepared portions from us for two euros. Then they get a hot meal with vegetables.”

“We also have courses planned in Finnish, textile and handicraft courses for the women,” she said.

Kytö says that the organisation has contacted local sports clubs to arrange athletic activities for the men, and drawing courses for children.

“I think that everyone who comes here appreciates what we do and that means very much to me,” Kytö says. “This is my life. I enjoy seeing people smile – there is simply nothing better than to make people happy.”

A young girl named Maria and the rest of her Iraqi family, are being helped by Kytö at a Finnish grocery store. The family has been in Turku for the past four days, but Maria appears to have already made a friend.

“‘Hissu’  and her friends are very nice to us,” Maria says. “They give us clothes and shoes and today we get help food shopping. ‘Hissu’ is very kind.”

There are several branches of the Daisy Ladies volunteer organisation in Turku that address other immigrant demographics: Daisy Pensioners, Daisy Gentlemen and Daisy Youngclub.



Yle: If it looks, sounds, and walks like PC, you’re in!

A publicly funded propaganda machine in need of disbanding. ”Lets pretend we really explore the population for independent voices representing mainstream thinking, and then use only those who sound well in our carefully manufactured echo chamber .”

yle propaganda

“Yle is constructing a brand-new publishing channel to facilitate the best and the brightest of grass-roots journalism, young media-savvy talent, foreign correspondents and civil activists. We are on the lookout for the next generation of comedians, investigative journalists, and Internet sensations. As a by-product, we have the benefit of expanding our Helsinki-centric coverage with more content from the rest of the country,” he says.

Yle launches new FOLK service for sharing media content, contributions welcome

A new media content sharing service has been launched by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, designed to gather content from contributors around the country and make it available on Yle’s web, TV or radio outlets. Yle publication manager Risto Kuulasmaa says everyone with a desire to create, express or participate should feel free to submit their original content to the new Yle FOLK service for consideration.




The lunacy of YLE.

yle propaganda

The fake journos over at the publicly funded news broadcaster don’t even realize the cognitive dissonance in their own headlines. Didn’t even think to ask her how integration should be achieved within the multicultural dynamic that doesn’t require foreigners to integrate.

Somalia’s lone female presidential candidate mulls Finland’s “failed integration policies”

News flash for YLE: ”Failed integration” is in fact full throated multiculturalism, where supposedly peoples of different cultures float around together in a sea of tranquility and harmony, from each according to their own ethnicity, to each according to their own culture.

Somali-Finn Fadumo Dayib is looking to make history by becoming Somalia’s first female president. Dayib, who holds masters’ degrees in health care, public health and public administration, is currently a PhD researcher at University of Helsinki. She recently spoke with Yle News about the heated debate arising from anti-multicultural statements by Finns Party MP Olli Immonen, what she calls Finland’s failed integration policies and its flawed discourse about migrants.

Video: Somali-Finn Fadumo Dayib


— “If migrants were to leave, Immonen and the True Finns would have no traction in Finnish politics. They came into office on xenophobic rhetoric. This is their business. It puts bread on their table. Their affiliation with hate forums, Nazi groups and bigotry is common knowledge and highly alarming,” she said.

[TT: False. The Finns Party has wide attraction for its anti-EU views as well. Having negative views on mass migration, multiculturalism, and speaking about them openly, is what living in a representative open democracy is supposed to be all about, not just promoting status quo’s viewpoints that twirl around in an endless echo chamber. Dayib is an ignorant boob.]

— “I believe that the fact Immonen is an MP and that he’s making such irresponsible statements have legitimately opened the doors for hate crimes. I believe that if the government does not take a strong stance on this, that the peaceful Finland we know will be but a distant memory,” she remarked.

[TT: False. Immonen’s statements are carefully weighed out opinions, on the disaster that the proponents of multiculturalism have foisted upon their perspective societies throughout Europe. One burning suburb after the other is living proof of the debacle. The more Finland introduces into its society multiculti nutjobs like Dayib, the worse it is for the Finnish state.

— “Nowadays integration has become a million-euro business. People have their own projects without measurable impact and the majority of those who benefit are Finns, not migrants.”

[TT: False. The Finnish taxpayer props the whole mess of multiculturalism up, being forced to fund every single jackass of a program and policy, and then gets a shiv between the shoulderblades by the very same people brought to this country, who label them as ”racist”, ”xenophobe”, ”bigoted and Islamophobic” for simply asking these people to live by the laws of the land. Stop pushing your culture on us, for it is you who chose to live with us, not the other way around.]

— ”We are rehashing the same integration policies year in, year out, yet we see they haven’t yielded results. Why should government spend this money on something that’s not productive? We need to go back to the drawing board instead of blaming migrants for these failed policies.”

[TT: False. What we are hashing out are objections to multiculturalism, something that you champion, though you call for integration which is diametrically opposed to the ideology of multiculturalism. You show yourself to be a fraud, you don’t either understand the words you’re using, or are being disingenuous in their use which makes you a fraud.]

— “There’s a condescending way of looking at people to say they’re not capable of being productive citizens. The system allows one to be on welfare for 20 years. No one wants to be on welfare. People want to be appreciated, respected, self-sufficient, productive,” she stated.

 — “It is a myth that people want to live off the system. This is a certain rhetoric used by some politicians, but no one wants to be on welfare. Integration policies have failed. We need to re-evaluate the system,” the recent Harvard graduate  added.

[TT: False. Now you’re disparaging huge portions of Finnish society, using the very same wide brush that you blame The Finns party for using (they don’t). Most Finns look with respect upon people who refuse to milk the system, who strive to be better than what they came here as. Then in a striking display of cognitive dissonance, you say no one is coming here to seek welfare, then admit that the system allows for them to be on it for 20 years! Which is it genius? Damned either which way!]

— “This thing of looking at human beings as numbers is really shocking. More than a million Finns have gone abroad as economic refugees; no one keeps track of that. They’re going abroad because they can’t find jobs. Ultimately no one wants to leave their country, they’re forced to. Finland should do what they signed up to,” she said.

[TT: False. Most Finns who left Finland for America did so when the States hadn’t developed a welfare state, they did not live off subsidies, they worked wherever they could, and thrived. If Finns are leaving now in search of employment, its done the legal way, and have valid professions, unlike the overwhelming majority of illiterates flooding Europe’s borders from failed states. A mighty big difference.]

Dayib charged that the failure of Finnish integration policies are reflected in the Tapanila case, in which four young men with migrant backgrounds were given suspended prison sentences for rape.

“If you don’t give people the tools you have no right to demand anything from them. The fact that you gave me the opportunity to be in Finland isn’t the end, it should be the beginning. That’s where the work starts,” she observed.

Dayib noted though, that following the incident she had been targeted for what some saw as a lenient stance on the rape case. However she stressed that she did not condone the act.

“What I find shocking is for a Finnish judge to say that what happened was a mild form of rape. How can you use the words mild and rape in the same sentence?”

[TT: What do you expect after years of multiculti indoctrination and PS intimidation? The judge is handing out justice according to how leftists like Dayib think. They’re foreigners, or of immigrant extraction (especially if they’re not white like myself) so the sentence is lightened. can’t be too hard on them now can we, that would be inviting charges of ”racism” from the very same blowhard being interviewed by YLE.]

The intrepid activist said little had materialised despite political rhetoric about integration spouted over the past 25 years. She called for comprehensive integration programmes that would teach migrants not only the Finnish language, but how Finnish society functions, including its values and principles. This she said, would take upwards of one year.

[TT: Intrepid. Yeah, that’s what YLE now calls the marxist posterchildren of the multiculti project. Intrepid!]

She also called for politicians and groups that use xenophobic rhetoric to move away from a culture of ascribing blame toward finding solutions to the problems the country now faces.

Sources Yle News

NOTE: It’s a fact that people use refugee/asylum status as well as normal immigration for social welfare services, if not for these publicly funded social programs they wouldn’t be heading this way. Sweden is the top destination, and Finland further down the ladder of importance due to the difficulty in language.


That’s what I went through before learning the language, it’s what is expected from every immigrant who chooses to shift tent stakes for another land. So again, so what?

Finnish language hindrance

Meanwhile, immigrants are facing headwinds as educated workers coming from abroad are being snubbed for not knowing Finnish. Main daily Helsingin Sanomat tells the stories of the Australian Jason Wallace, a construction worker, and Estonian engineer Doris Sarapuu – both of whom have faced obstacles and have tried to overcome them in their own ways.

“I need to find a balance between running my new one-man company and learning Finnish,” Wallace says in Hesari. “I work twelve-hour days as it is.”

Sarapuu is highly educated but has worked in a café in Tampere for a year while applying for work in her own field. The paper says that moving to Finland from abroad can be a “risk” to people’s careers.



Master of Science Doris Sarapuu worked in the cafe

Iisakki Härmä
Estonian engineer Doris Sarapuu worked in the café in Tampere.  Now he is looking for a job.
Estonian engineer Doris Sarapuu worked in a café in Tampere. Now she is looking for a job.
NOTE: And……how does that affect me as an immigrant in Finland, should I lock arms with you, demand everyone speak my language or a dozen of other languages just to suit you? What a whiner.


A YLE (taxpayer funded) goofball presentation.

yle propaganda

A bunch of leftists bloviating on issues they know nothing about, who could even be bothered to listen, let alone watch?

Yle’s “human trafficking simulator” a very lightweight version of reality, producer admits

From Thursday evening four Finnish celebrities will lock themselves in a shipping container for 24 hours in a bid to generate discussion about immigration policy. But with air conditioning, extra space and a supply of water and chocolate, their experience won’t be a patch on the reality for the thousands of migrants seeking to make it to Europe, the project leader says.

Konttiin on jätetty noin metrin levyinen kulkutila "lastin" keskelle, kertoo Catarina Salo.
Project leader Catarina Salo shows off the inside of Yle’s human trafficking simulator. “There’s more space than in reality,” she admits. Image: Antti Haavisto / Yle

Passers-by in Vaasa’s market square are likely to have noticed a new arrival in recent days – a bright orange, four-tonne shipping container, fitted with infra-red cameras and plastered with posters reading “One way ticket to Europe”.

The installation is in fact the scene of an experiment by Yle’s Kioski magazine show and Yle Radio X3M, in which four volunteers will spend 24 hours getting a taste of what it’s like for the thousands of migrants who try to enter Europe by being stowed away in a shipping container.

First in to the 3 x 12 metre container, which is filled with wooden cargo boxes with just one metre between them, will be the rapper and activist Paleface, at 8.30 on Thursday night. He’ll be followed by Yle presenters Rakel Liekki and Dan Granqvist, and journalist and filmmaker Susani Mahadura.

The co-ordinator of the project, Catarina Salo, says the hope is that the stunt will get people talking about human trafficking and the humanitarian disaster of people trying to cross the Mediterranean. So far this year thousands of migrants have drowned attempting to reach the European Union in overcrowded, makeshift boats. And dozens of people have suffocated or starved to death in recent years trying to get to the continent by hiding inside a container.

“This project is perhaps also a statement that we need to think about immigration policy, and the EU’s responsibility,” Salo says.

While inside, the volunteers’ movements will be tracked by infra-red cameras mounted on the roof, and viewers can follow the celebrities’ experience via a live stream.

Extremely lightweight

But Salo says she’s the first to admit that what the volunteers go through will be a far cry from the experience of actual migrants.

Yle’s participants will go into the container armed with a supply of water and chocolate, the space will be air conditioned, and with a one-metre gap between the boxes they are likely to have more room than in the real thing. Most importantly, an emergency handle will allow them to get out whenever they like.

”If we’re honest, there is quite a bit of space in there compared to the real thing. Our container is an extremely lightweight version of what it’s like in reality,” Salo says, adding that the journey to Europe inside a container can last considerably longer than 24 hours.

But she says she hopes the stunt will at least get people thinking about the big issues behind the project.

“I hope the four people inside the container can add to the discussion on racism, human trafficking and the EU’s refugee policy,” Salo says.



If there is any reason given to end publicly funded state TV, at least the news media portion of the enterprise, this is it.

yle propaganda

Yes ladies and gentlemen, not only do they (the iron triangle of the status quo political elite, media and academy) promote these ideologically driven policies, but they then deny that they are not the product of an ideology at all, ”it’s a fact”, and smear those who call it out for what it is.

What an idiotic statement, multiculturalism isn’t ideology based, it’s just a fact”. When I moved here from the U.S. 28 years ago, multiculturalism was not even in the public lexicon, it only came into use a mere 10 or so years ago. What this academic is describing now, and attaching ”multiculturalism to it, is just plain ”melting pot” immigration policy that mirrors that of the US.

These academics and state bureaucrats, along with the media and hack politicians are the worst of the worst, they are both ignoramuses and devious at the same time, and foist their bubble-like echo chamber bull crap on the rest of society.

Researcher: Populists use misleading immigration language to their advantage

In her study of incidents of racism, sociologist Anna Rastas has has come across multiple examples of purposely confusing terms associated with immigration in order to drive political and social agendas. Politicians in particular are guilty of utilizing racist sentiment to gain power, she says. Finland’s Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä agrees.

Anna Rastas ja Kirsi Pimiä.
Sociologist and author Anna Rastas and Non-Discrimation Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä. Image: Yle

The topics of multiculturism and what it means to be Finnish have been discussed widely in Finland of late, after a Facebook comment from a sitting parliamentarian that was widely interpreted to be racist. Finland’s Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä and sociologist and writer Anna Rastas appeared on television Thursday to offer their take on the issue.

“Multiculturalism is not an ideology, it is a fact,” say Kirsi Pimiä, Finland’s first-ever Non-Discrimination Ombudsman.

[TT: BULLCRAP, it’s the product of statist run government ideologically supportive of group rights and identity politics at the expense of the individual. Full stop. That’s ideology driven, utopian, meaning, not based upon human experience, reason and rational thinking.]

Finland approved a new Non-Discrimination Act in 2014, which entered into force at the start of this year. One result of the reform was that the Ombudsman for Minorities was replaced by a Non-Discrimination Ombudsman, who is empowered to consider a broader range of discrimination issues and advance equality in Finland.

“Most of us understand the concept of multiculturalism to mean that we possess a wide range of cultures and languages and colours. This has always been the case in Finland,” she says.

[TT: Here she describes what existed before cultural marxist thinking came into play, before entering the statist driven EU. Pimiä is the one who doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. Again, what existed before Finland got really involved with the EU (radically influenced by it)was the melting pot, after getting entangled in that tar baby, we’re now dealing with it’s multicultural ideology that has come here to roost. What an idiot.]

The interviewees say that behind the misunderstanding is a mixing up of terms and concepts – on purpose.

“Many Finns Party representatives talk about the ideology or politics of multiculturalism,” says Rastas, a sociologist and non-fiction author. “But multicultural politics only exists if that is what an issue is named. Tax money being used to fund activities for minorities could be called multicultural politics.”

[TT: The art of playing semantics. They themselves, due to ideological reasons, are playing fast and loose with terms, shifting them this way and that to confuse the listener. It’s typical leftist schadenfreude to sit there and pontificate knowing full well that you have the full weight of the state behind you, that your full of crap, and that many people are going to be hurt by all these destructive policies.]

More here.


And the died in the wool Leftist state media hacks at YLE pile on with the ”populist” smear tag.

Finns Party MPs pick freshman Terho as leader

The new head of the populist Finns Party parliamentary block, Sampo Terho, has only been in the legislature for a few weeks. His deputies include a former bodybuilder-pop star and a fireman.

Sampo Terho
Sampo Terho ran unopposed for the post of parliamentary whip. Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

The Finns Party parliamentary group has unanimously chosen former MEP Sampo Terho as its new leader.

Terho is a newcomer to the Finnish Parliament, having been elected for the first time in April. However he has been as a Member of the European Parliament since 2011, when he took over from party chair Timo Soini. That seat in Strasbourg has now been filled by Terho’s predecessor as parliamentary whip, Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner.

The 37-year-old Terho, who holds a degree in history, has served as a researcher at the National Defence University and as an EU peacekeeper in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also on Monday, the nationalist party chose two deputy chairs: former bodybuilding champion and pop singer Ritva “Kike” Elomaa and Ari Jalonen, a former fireman from the west-coast town of Pori known as an ally of immigration critic and MEP Jussi Halla-aho.

Since the election, the party delegation was led by Jari Lindström until Friday, when he was sworn in as minister of justice and labour.




Because we all know that a handful of masterminds and geniuses always know better than the people themselves.

Hey, I’m all for ending YLE today, they can shove that close to 300 Euros a year fee we have to pay for state propagandizing by Leftist hacks. It’s however rather amusing that these Leftists who have already ”diversified” the network (at taxpayer expense) are being told that it still isn’t good enough, they have to do more, way more, in a public name and shame scam.

European Broadcasting Union urges Yle to boost diversity

In a report published this week, the umbrella organisation of European broadcasters calls on Yle to better represent all segments of society, including immigrants.

Ylen uutisten työntekijät odottavat palohälytyksen loppumista Radiotalon aulassa.
Yle employees await the all-clear sign after a fire alarm. Image: Tiina Jutila / YLE

A peer-to-peer review issued on 28 May by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) urges Finnish public broadcaster Yle to better “reflect the diversity of Finnish society, and the changes it is going through.”

The 70-page report evaluates Yle’s management practices and content according to public service values defined by the EBU three years ago. The paper is based on a self-assessment carried out by Yle and a visit to Helsinki by an international group of peers in January. The team included six broadcasting executives, consultants and specialists from Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland and the Netherlands.

In their view, “Yle programmes/content should better reflect Finnish society in all its developments and diversity. Minorities such as the immigrant populations are not really represented. Yle should work on diversity and adopt a segmented vision of its audiences to better understand their needs and expectations.”

Yle, which the paper defines as a “national free-to-air public media service company,” currently offers news in Finnish, Swedish, Sámi, Karelian, English, Russian and Finnish Sign Language, as well as short weekly programmes in the Finnish Roma language and classical Latin.

Equality plan falls short

More here.

NOTE: Leftists, always thinking in group identity politics first, about individuals ….dead last.