It cost £6.4 million to run the facility last year, 2015, for 62 residents during that year, costing the UK taxpayers £152 000 per person.


One night at UK ‘Asylum’ center costs more than most luxury hotels. FOR FAILED asylum seekers!


Moronic, at a time of war, the enemy shouldn’t be freely allowed to propagandize the public, they should be pursued on the battlefield, and at home, placed with the confines of a prison wall.

Ken Macdonald, warden of Wadham College, Oxford, said a platform should be given to the organisation, which recently called British executioner Jihadi John a ‘beautiful young man’.

His sentiments echo those of Oxford vice chancellor Louise Richardson, who questioned whether extremist speakers should always be banned on campuses.

He also warned that anti-extremism law risks having a ‘chilling effect’ on academic debate at universities and a ‘deadening impact’ on research.

No moron, only extremists promoting an ideology we are at war with. The only chilling effect in this discussion is your idiocy upon the intellect of your supposed establishment for higher learning. No doubt his views would have been immediately smacked down, and calls for his removal heard, if he uttered them during WWII.

Let ‘jihadi group’ speak at Oxford, says former director of public prosecutions as long as students are given a ‘counter-argument’

Ken Macdonald, warden of Wadham College, Oxford, warned that anti-extremism law risks having a ‘chilling effect’ on academic debate at universities and a ‘deadening impact’ on research

Ken Macdonald, warden of Wadham College, Oxford, warned that anti-extremism law risks having a ‘chilling effect’ on academic debate at universities and a ‘deadening impact’ on research

  • Ken Macdonald said a platform should be given to the CAGE organisation
  • Warden of Wadham College, Oxford, claimed open discussion was needed
  • Said anti-extremism law risks having a ‘chilling effect’ on academic debate
  • CAGE recently called Brit executioner Jihadi John a ‘beautiful young man’

CAGE representatives should be allowed to speak at Oxford providing students are exposed to a ‘counter argument’, according to a former director of public prosecutions.

Ken Macdonald, warden of Wadham College, Oxford, said a platform should be given to the organisation, which recently called British executioner Jihadi John a ‘beautiful young man’.

His sentiments echo those of Oxford vice chancellor Louise Richardson, who questioned whether extremist speakers should always be banned on campuses.

He also warned that anti-extremism law risks having a ‘chilling effect’ on academic debate at universities and a ‘deadening impact’ on research.

He added that while he agreed it is fair to ask universities to stop terrorists, the move could mean lecturers having to shut down discussion.

Lord Macdonald – a barrister, whose role as director of public prosecutions between 2003 and 2008 made him one of the most senior legal figures in England and Wales – spoke amid growing dissent from academics over the Prevent programme.

Many have vowed to boycott it as they view it as a repression of freedom of speech and feel they are being asked to spy on students.

He said: ‘The Prevent duty goes far beyond [existing] constraints. It requires a university to do much more than to report a terrorist in the nest if we can possibly find one.

Read more:



Twee weken geleden was er een vechtpartij bij de opvang in Rosmalen.

Drugs and Threats in Rosmalen Asylum Center

In the temporary asylum center in Rosmalen, death threats, fights, fire-risk activities and frequent use of drugs have been present for months.  Tens of asylum seekers use drugs.  The governmental central body responsible for receiving asylum seekers (COA) says it knows nothing of any widespread breaking of the rules.  One Syrian asylum seeker said that the security forces are no help, as they run away when fights break out in the evening or at night.



We would not be needing these contraptions if the West would promote its own values and culture.

There was a time when the rest of the world looked up to the West, wanting to immigrate to it, in order to partake of its high quality of life and values and ways. Not they come here to take advantage and import their backwardness and anti-classical liberal views and lifestyles.

NOTE: No right thinking person would want to sit on such a contraption after someone was squatting above it releasing his bowels, spraying fecal matter everywhere. Disgusting!

‘Multicultural Toilets’ For ‘Global Defecation’ Seek To Stop Migrants Pooping On The Floor

German bathroom manufacturers are developing “multicultural toilets” to help ensure Middle Eastern migrants need not adapt to European sanitation norms.

Multiple reports have emerged of recent arrivals finding themselves utterly “mystified” by Western loos. Some have resorted to doing their business on the floor or outdoors, others have used showers, and many migrants will have never seen toilet paper before.

The issue caused some serious confusion last year, with one small German village being accused of racism after issuing leaflets politely asking migrants to use to the correct facilities.

With 1.5 million migrants from the Middle East and North Africa arriving in the country last year, solving the problem without facing such accusations of bigotry presents a sizeable business opportunity.

More here. H/T: Brian of London


Not mentioning however that those who are against classical liberalism (the leftist-muslim nexus) will be the ones causing tension, division and violence.

French Interior Minister Confirms PEGIDA Ban, Says Group Will Create Tension, Division, Violence

The French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has confirmed that the grassroots movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) has been banned from marching in Calais this Saturday, accusing the group of raising tensions and promoting division and violence. The movement’s leaders in the region have declared that they will march regardless.

Following a meeting with Calais mayor Natascha Bouchard, President of the Regional Council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, Xavier Bertrand, and councillor Yann Capet, Mr Cazeneuve declared: “I have asked the Pas-de-Calais prefect to proceed with the banning of all protests that have the potential of disrupting public order, no matter who the organizers are,” Le Monde has reported.

He said he was specifically referring to groups which seek “to create tension, division and violence,” and that the ban would stay in place “for as long as the current climate remains”.

Some of the French media, including national paper Le Figaro, have taken to calling the PEGIDA movement “Islamophobic”.

More here. H/T: Diana West



Yeah, the same ‘youths’ that the murdered woman was worried about due to their not actually being youths, but grown men.

Migrant centre banned from holding memorial to Swedish social worker ‘stabbed to death by Somali boy, 15’ in case it upsets refugee children

  • Staff at asylum centre banned from holding memorial for murdered woman
  • Social workers in Örnsköldsvik also told not to fly flag at half mast
  • Council said decision to ban was to secure the well being of the children
  • Alexandra Mezher, 22, was stabbed to death in Molndal last Monday  
Social worker Carl Lindahl was banned from holding a memorial for Alexandra Mezher in Örnsköldsvik

Social worker Carl Lindahl was banned from holding a memorial for Alexandra Mezher in Örnsköldsvik

Staff at a housing centre for child migrants in Sweden have been banned from holding a memorial service in honour of a fellow social worker who was murdered last week.

Alexandra Mezher, 22, was stabbed to death when she tried to break up a fight between two teenage boys at a home for unaccompanied minors in Molndal, Gothenburg.

When staff at a similar accommodation in Örnsköldsvik, north-east Sweden, wanted to hold a memorial for Miss Mezher, the council said no.

Miss Mezher’s murder sent shockwaves across Sweden, and has highlighted a number of issues that has followed in the wake of the large number of asylum seekers to arrive in Sweden in the past 12 months.

Staff and social workers at a home for unaccompanied minors in Örnsköldsvik, a town on the north-east coast, were deeply affected by the killing of a colleague in the workplace.

‘What happened in Molndal could have happened here. That’s how bad it is,’ Carl Lindahl told SVT Vasternorrland.

Mr Lindahl, who has worked in homes for unaccompanied minors for three-and-a-half-years added that housing facilities for child migrants all over the country are ‘unreasonably overcrowded’.

Mr Lindahl wanted to do a memorial service for ‘colleague’ Miss Mezher, but said that a superior immediately got in touch and forbade them from using council premises.

More here. H/T: Servando


The cults of multiculturalism and moral relativism has led to the mind slaughter of our (self deemed) intellectual elite.

They simply can’t be trusted to weigh in on anything. I can’t imagine the British empire telling its soldiers to try and understand the Indian practice of wife burning, sati. “They’ve been doing it for thousands of years, don’t you know?”

Professor on child marriages: – We must try to understand

Professor on child marriages: - We must try to understand
At least 61 minors were married when they came to Norway as asylum seekers last year. The youngest girl was 11 years old.

– Those who follow this custom are not despicable or morally primitive, says the Norwegian Professor, Per Fugelli.

He reacts to the terminology by the Norwegian Immigration and Inclusion Minister, Sylvi Listhaug, who considers it “absolutely disgusting to marry children.”

– We will not accept it, but try to understand that in parts of the world this is a custom. It has been that way for 1,000 years. And those who follow this custom are not despicable, they are not morally primitive. They will be met with good intentions, and we need to find arrangements which ensure that they comply with Norwegian law, says Per Fugelli, professor of social medicine.

He does not believe that Norway should accept child marriages among asylum seekers, but he is concerned that pedophiles who come to Norway are met with respect.

– I think it is important also for practical reasons. They come here from war. They are scared and vulnerable. Then we’ll try to meet them with good will. Instead of condemning them. It is not good integration, says Fugelli.

More here h/t: ChanahS.


The very same amoral degenerates who salivate for doing business with the islamonazi regime in Tehran.

Obama_shhh Abbas and Obama



Palestinian women watch the funeral of Fadi Hamadne in the West Bank village of Asira Ash-Shamaliya near Nablus on August 12, 2009. A Hamas prisoner, Hamadne, who committed suicide while in custody of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s security forces in the West Bank had been tortured, the Islamist group said on Monday.ABED OMAR QUSINI/REUTERS

This article first appeared on the Council on Foreign Relations site.

The invaluable group Palestine Media Watch (PMW) reported on February 1 on torture in the West Bank and Gaza. PMW carries an exposé from the Ma’an news agency, and here is the key portion:

General Director of the Independent Commission for Human Rights Dr. Ammar Dwaik explained that torture like “whippings, hanging a person from his hands while they are tied behind his back, verbal abuse, sleep deprivation and whipping the soles of feet” is being carried out in Palestinian detention centers by individuals despite the fact that it is against the law. The report stated that this happens with the knowledge of PA [Palestinian Authority] security forces.

This is not the first time such allegations have been made against both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. What’s worth noting is the reaction from Washington and among the donors to the PA: silence.

And what’s even more noteworthy is the reaction from the innumerable groups attacking Israel for human rights violations: more silence. Such abuses, which would arouse a global round of denunciations of Israel if Israel acted this way, arouse yawns when committed by the PA.

More here. H/T: ChanahS.


It’s reason why detention centers in secluded areas offshore are the best solution for these 7th century jackals. Or simply take no prisoners in combat at all.

This is the price we pay for allowing radical leftist ”yuman wights” activists into high levels of government. The enemy must really be laughing their soiled rears off at the buffoonery of the West.

Our troops may be forced to free prisoners of war… because of human rights! Soldiers face ‘lethal Catch 22’ where they cannot hold fighters or hand them over in case they are tortured

British forces may be prevented from detaining prisoners of war for more than a few days in case it breaches their human rights, the Supreme Court heard yesterday

If he wins the case, hundreds of other insurgents held by British forces in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than four days could all win substantial payouts.

  • British forces may be prevented from holding prisoners for over a few days
  • Troops may not be able to hold fighters or hand over due to torture fears
  • Comments come after a legal case in which a convicted senior Taliban chief captured by British soldiers is suing the Ministry of Defence

British forces may be prevented from detaining prisoners of war for more than a few days in case it breaches their human rights, the Supreme Court heard yesterday.

Troops could face a ‘lethal Catch 22’ in which they can neither hold enemy fighters or hand them over to authorities in case they are tortured, judges were told.

Instead, commanders would be forced to set militants free to potentially ‘kill and maim’ UK troops. The comments came at the start of a landmark legal case in which a convicted senior Taliban chief captured by British soldiers is suing the Ministry of Defence.

Mohammed’s case, taken on by controversial law firm Leigh Day, is the first to challenge the legal basis for UK detention and could have a major impact on every future war Britain fights in.

Ministry of Defence lawyer James Eadie QC said: ‘It is a lethal Catch 22. If you cannot detain and you cannot transfer – what are you going to do? The only alternative is to release. If you can’t detain and can’t transfer then you might not be able to capture in the first place.’

More here.


These townspeople are worried about what will happen to their daughters once warmer weather begins and they have to walk past muslim men on their way to school. Like I said earlier:

 ” the next time a Left-wing moron (is there any other type?) tells you to cover yourself in a ‘more moderate way’ to keep from being raped by these jackals, remember this:”

muslim groper

Published on Jan 31, 2016

Last Thursday a worried grandfather voiced his concerns about the increasing incidents of sexual harassment of young girls on their way to school by migrants in a meeting in the German town of Bad Schlema. His own granddaughter has been victim of sexual harassment and he fears it will be much worse when girls will wear less clothing in the summer or dress for physical education. The mayor’s reply angered the over 100 citizens who were present: “It’s simple, don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

The crowd went furious, some mocked the absurdity of not being able to walk to school in your own town, some demanded he step down immediately. Later the situation escalated and the Mayor threatened to call the police and clear the room because of incitement of hatred (sources below).

He said it’s “technically not necessary to walk near the refugee shelters, there are alternative routes.”

H/T: Tommy Robinson


Enough with the appeasing of these 7th century Wee Willie Winkies……


Daniel Greenfield

Italy’s government became the laughingstock of the world when it covered up nude statues in its bid to court Iran. France is still welcoming the head of the terrorist state, but it draws the line at no wine.

A formal lunch between the French president and his Iranian counterpart during this week’s historic meeting was scrapped after the Elysée Palace reportedly refused Iran’s request to serve up halal meat and no wine.

Rouhani, whose country has strict laws governing the consumption of alcohol, had requested a meal with a halal, alcohol-free menu. But this proved unacceptable for the Elysée, who politely declined citing France’s “republican traditions” surrounding Elysée dinners.

In an attempt to reach a compromise, the Elysée suggested a breakfast meeting instead, but this was reportedly rejected by the Iranians as being “too cheap”.

Rouhani’s visit comes after his trip to Italy, where not only was wine off the menu, but nude statues at a museum in Rome had to be covered up so as to spare the head of state’s blushes.

More here.


Please don’t rape and abuse our women pretty please…….

Do you think a piece of paper from a guy in a carnival hat is going to have any effect on these people? Really? Once again, as an ex-pat American who moved to Finland almost three decades ago, no one had to hand me a pamphlet telling me not to rape and abuse people, and not to urinate in public. I wonder why that is?

Cologne carnival organisers hand out leaflets telling migrants not to rape women or urinate in public in the wake of New Year sex attacks

Warning: Bonn carnival chief Christoph Arnold hands out a leaflet to refugees in Bonn, Germany, warning them about the rules for next week's Carnival - including not sexually assaulting women or urinating in public

Warning: Bonn carnival chief Christoph Arnold hands out a leaflet to refugees in Bonn, Germany, warning them about the rules for next week’s Carnival – including not sexually assaulting women or urinating in public

  • Refugees are being warned about assaults, alcohol and urinating in public 
  • Cities on edge after hundreds of women were assaulted on New Year’s Eve
  • Carnival is massive week-long celebration in cities like Cologne and Bonn
  • Heavy police presence will try to ensure there is no repeat of mass attacks 
  • For more on the Cologne sex attacks visit

The cities are on edge after mass sexual assaults by immigrants against hundreds of women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. The number of complaints resulting from the frenzy in and around the main station now stands at over 820.

Carnival is, if anything, even bigger than New Year in the Rhineland where cities like Bonn, Cologne and Dusseldorf go crazy in a week long celebration of parades, parties, dances and fetes.

A million people are expected on the streets of Dusseldorf alone next Monday when the party gets underway.

A massive police presence, both uniformed and undercover, will be deployed to try to ensure there is no repeat of the scenes which marred the last day of the year in Cologne and in several other German cities.

Read more: 


The question remains, why in the world would you show respect to, let alone invite, someone who advocates the genocide of the Jewish people?

The feckless dhimmis.

rome jackassery

Rome spares Iranian president’s blushes by covering nude statues

Sculptures in Capitoline Museum obscured by large white panels for Hassan Rouhani’s meeting with Italian PM

Italian officials keen to spare the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, any possible offence on his visit to Rome covered up nude statues at the city’s Capitoline Museum, where Rouhani met Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister.

Photographs of Monday’s visit show both men standing near a grand equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor. Nude statues in the vicinity were covered by large white panels.

A spokesman for Renzi did not immediately return a request for comment. A spokesman for the city of Rome, which manages the museum, said any decision regarding the ceremony with Rouhani and display of artwork had been made by the prime minister’s office.

The decision to cover the artwork was seen as a sign of respect for the Iranian president, according to the Italian news agency Ansa.

In another placatory gesture by Italian officials, alcohol was not served at an official dinner held in Rouhani’s honour, abiding by a standard diplomatic gesture for visiting Muslim dignitaries.

More here.


And we have lots of traitors facilitating it in the ranks of the political class.

The former Czech president, Václav Klaus, was speaking in German at this appearance.

H/T: Vlad Tepes subtitling, Nash Montana translation.

GOV: Below are excerpts from a report in the Prague Daily Monitor on similar sentiments voiced recently by Mr. Klaus:

Former President Václav Klaus Says Immigration Crisis is Calculated Means to United Europe

Prague, Jan 3 (CTK) — The pro-Brussels elites want to use the migrant crisis to unify Europe and to reduce the influence of EU members, which is the same evil as that wanted by dictators such as Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, former Czech president Václav Klaus told the commercial television station Prima yesterday.

Euro-sceptic Klaus is a fierce opponent of the growing powers of the EU to the detriment of individual countries.

“Migration is a method with which to dilute the current European countries, to create a sort of docile mass that will become the future new European,” Klaus said.

“These is what dictators in the past always wanted, the Hitlers and Stalins,” Klaus said.

“The collectivity of European elites is doing the same evil as that done by the individuals in the past,” he added.

More here

NOTE: They really do think that they can manage the radical transformation of Europe, they’re crazy enough to believe it. This is why philosophy based upon the enlightenment instead of ideology based upon how one feels in the morning, will always trump Leftist statism and faux conservative neo-statism.


So that means only two asylum seekers are facing charges…..

Almere: Asylum Seekers in court for sexually assaulting four girls

Two male inhabitants of the Almere Asylum Seeker Center have been summoned to appear before the Lelystad court on charges of sexual assault of two girls.  The incident took place on 27th September 2015 in the city center.

Although four suspects and four victims are involved, only two of the four girls have submitted complaints to the police.  The father of one of the victims claimed on facebook that the police discouraged the girls from submitting complaints.



So I guess that would include female vicars as well, or will just wearing a jihab suffice?

You do not bend towards them, otherwise you’ll end up bending towards Mecca.

Vicars should grow BEARDS to reach out to Muslims in their areas, says Bishop of London 

  • Rt Rev. Richard Chartres praised two priests who had grown bushy beards 
  • Applauded their desire to reach out to the ‘majority of their parishioners’
  • Bishop described his own beard, which he grew in the 1970s, as modest 
  • He also said ‘saint’ David Beckham encouraged men to grow facial hair 
Rt Rev Richard Chartres, pictured, applauded vicars who have grown beards to reach out to Muslims in Tower Hamlets 

Rt Rev Richard Chartres, pictured, applauded vicars who have grown beards to reach out to Muslims in Tower Hamlets

Clergymen should grow beards to emphasise their holiness to Muslims, the Bishop of London has suggested.

Rt Reverend Richard Chartres said the modern fashion for facial hair should not be the preserve of hipsters, but would also be likely to impress those from Eastern cultures where wearing a beard could mark a man out as holy.

He singled out two priests in Tower Hamlets – the Rev. Adam Atkinson, Vicar of St Peter’s church in Bethnal Green, and Rev. Cris Rogers of All Hallows Bow – who have grown bushy beards.

Writing in the Church Times, Rev. Chartres, who himself sports a ‘modest’ beard, said: ‘The discovery that two of the most energetic priests in east London had recently grown beards of an opulence that would not have disgraced a Victorian sage prompted me to look again at the barbate debate throughout Church history.

‘The two priests work in parishes in Tower Hamlets. Most of the residents are Bangladeshi-Sylheti, for whom the wearing of a beard is one of the marks of a holy man.’

He said the desire of the clergy of Tower Hamlets to ‘reach out to the culture of the majority of their parishioners can only be applauded’.

He went on to say that David Beckham – who he describes as the ‘nearest thing to a secular saint’ – has ‘stimulated countless imitators’.

One of the priests praised by the Bishop of London, the Rev. Atkinson told The Telegraph he found having a beard had helped provide a connection with many people in his parish, around 85 per cent of whom are Muslim.

He said he was persuaded to grow a beard by the staff at his local pub, the Hound Dog Barbers on Hackney Road.

Applauded: Rt Reverend Richard Chartres singled out two priests in Tower Hamlets - the Rev. Adam Atkinson (pictured), Vicar of St Peter's church in Bethnal Green, and Rev. Cris Rogers of All Hallows Bow

Rev. Cris Rogers (pictured) of All Hallows Bow

Applauded: Rt Reverend Richard Chartres singled out two priests in Tower Hamlets – the Rev. Adam Atkinson (pictured left), Vicar of St Peter’s church in Bethnal Green, and Rev. Cris Rogers (right) of All Hallows Bow

Read more:   H/T: Buck


Islamization in the raw.

Due to ill treatment of women on public transportation by Muslims, the city council of Regensburg is actually entertaining the idea of creating gender separate public transportation. My source in Germany says they’re also discussing the same for taxis. This is in fact proof of Islamization, instead of resisting the foreign culture being foisted upon the people of Europe, they’re succumbing to their aggression, normalizing their anti-social behavior. This is dhimmitude in the raw.

NOTE: Google trans of the original German. H/T: Goran:

“Sharia is already here. There is also “lady-taxies” offered. It’s happening right before my eye, I can feel the change every week. It’s creepy. Even if no more refugees came into Germany, the ones that are already here will be enough to take over this country. And at least 1,000,000 more will come this year. Finland should bar them from entering.

You share borders with an Islamic country (Sweden) it would be difficult to prevent them from entering Finland, I guess. Europe thinks attacking Israel will spare them from this inevitable end and make ‘muslims happy.’ But even if Israel did not exist now, muslims would definitely and immediately find another reason to be ‘offended’ and continue jihad.

It’s not what we do or don’t do, but that we exist at all that causes them to attack us like this

“So that women and girls can feel safe from sexual harassment, discussed the Regensburg city council special “Lady-zones” in city buses.”

Councillor brings “Lady-zones” to buses 

In Regensburg it could soon enter city buses with separate “Lady-zones”. This discusses just the city council. The application was made in November, by a local politician – before the attacks in Cologne.

Regensburger politician calls for "Lady-zones" in city buses

In order for women and girls to feel safe from sexual harassment, the Regensburg City council is discussing specially designed “Lady Zones” in its city busses. They are also imagining “Women only Taxis”.

Christian Janele of the Christian-Socialist (CSB) had turned in an application in November of 2015 – before the mass sexual assaults in Cologne took place. The city planning commission will discuss this issue on Tuesday.

Janele says that many citizens had expressed their concerns with him: “How will my daughter, how will my wife arrive home safely in the evenings?” These fears among the citizenry have to be taken seriously. Markings on the bus floors could establish safe zones, in which only women and children are allowed to be in. Additionally there should be offered women only taxis in which women drivers will bring female passengers to their destinations – and the city will subsidize the taxi fares. Heidelberg has had a similar project ongoing for years, says Janele.

It doesn’t have to be pink

On the social network Facebook, the Christian-Socialists have published a photo montage with a pink “Lady Zone” in a public bus. But the post adds that the safety zone doesn’t have to be pink. Any other color would be possible as well.

Janele rejects the fact that his “Lady Zones” could bear any reminiscence on the US-segregation against black people where they were made to sit in the back of the bus. For him it is solely about “that women feel unsafe on busses”. And the same goes for senior citizens, he adds.

Transportation Authority not particularly fond of the idea

Special markings on the floors of busses are easy to apply with minimal effort – and only need to be effective at night. “During the day this topic is irrelevant.”

But the Regensburg Transportation Authority (RVV) doesn’t think much about these ideas. “There really is no necessity in that regard. We don’t have problems in that matter”, says the manager, Kai Müller-Eberstein.

An overall strategy is needed against sexualized violence

The Federal Association of Women’s Advisory and Women’s Emergency Services says: “Of course women only spaces such as Taxis and parking places could be a sensible measure for women to feel more safe in public spaces.”

But spokeswoman Katja Grieger also points out that such demands could also derail the debate in the wrong direction: “Studies show us unanimously that most assaults take place in the most near social settings and that the actual crime scene often turns out to be the place where the victim lives. There is a societal overall strategy needed against sexualized violence, no matter where it happens.”

Assaults are a topic elsewhere as well

Sexual harassment and assaults in public transportation vehicles is a topic again and again. For instance the Paris local traffic enterprise RATP is starting a campaign against verbal harassment in busses, metro trains and streetcars. In a survey 71% of the women asked, reported to have been victims of sexual harassment in public transportation at least once.

And in Vienna the city council has published behavioral tips for women: “When you are waiting at a stop, it can be sensible to stand with your back against a wall or to be near other people.” Another suggestion: Women should sit next to the driver or in a car with multiple other passengers when riding a bus, a tram or a subway at night.

NOTE: Thanks to Vlad for getting Nash Montana to translate the article, much appreciated, I’ve replaced my  google trans text with Nash’s.


Breitbart reporter, Raheem Kassam, has an excellent take on yesterday’s disgraceful debate in the British parliament on whether to ban Donald Trump entry into the UK or not. 

When Nigel Farage talked about a fifth column in the United Kingdom, he was hung out to dry by the media. But there’s not just a fifth column in this country living amongst us. There’s a fifth column inside our parliament. And a fifth column at the heart of our democracy.

The ‘fifth column he’s (Kassam) referring to is the collection of Muslim and their extremist Left-wing  MP allies (yes Muslims can be Leftists as well, but they’re always Muslim first) who form a political/social nexus that has seated itself within the halls of British government.

At a time when Islamonazis are running amok worldwide pursuing their (Islamic valid) post-hijra Islam, we have a fifth column actively pursuing those who call out what is obvious to us all, the problem with Islam and the danger its adherents pose to our Western societies built on classical liberalism.

Read also: Geller: The Nation That Gave the World the Magna Carta Is Dead

[According to documents released in our lawsuit against the British government under the Duty of Candor, my support for Israel was also cited as grounds for the ban. An official in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office wrote that the dossier that the government had assembled as the case for banning me was “particularly citing pro-Israeli views.” If supporting Israel can get you banned from Britain, opposing the unrestricted entry of Muslims (including jihad terrorists) into the U.S. certainly can.]

Donald Trump Wins UK Parliament Debate On Banning Donald Trump… Without Even Being There

Hundreds of years of parliamentary tradition, British expectancy over free speech, and indeed decades of the “special relationship” were tossed out of the window today as hard-line left-wing Members of Parliament, combined with virtue-signalling pseudo-conservatives gathered in a British Parliament committee room to debate banning U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Some of the language – “Trump’s an idiot” – was quite unparliamentary. But what was MOST unparliamentary was the way in which MPs conducted themselves today, and the fact that the debate went ahead at all.

Because around half a million lefties signed a government e-petition, Parliament was forced to debate the matter. But when half a million people signed a petition to “Stop All Immigration” into the UK – it scarcely got any news coverage.

Instead, the political and media establishments of Britain today once again coalesced to lampoon themselves unknowingly, discussing why a U.S. presidential candidate should be banned for calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to the United States.

I’ve already written about what a joke the premise of the debate was. But the proceedings were worse than anyone could ever have expected.

Notable were the thick Scottish accents, in the packed out Committee Room, slating Donald Trump for being a “bigot” and a “racist”. Many of these are the same Scottish MPs you’d often find in their constituencies slagging off the English. But that’s not racism. That’s patriotism, right?

But what concerned me most, as a man born into a Muslim family in Britain, was the clear abdication of any modicum of “Britishness” by the Muslim Members of Parliament in the chamber.

They whinged. They whined. “Islamophobia! Our feelings are hurt!”

More here.