In very anti-gun law laden illinois…..

A MANHUNT is underway after up to nine shots were fired at the University of Illinois.

FILE PHOTO © Jim Young

Illinois University Shooting Live Updates: Multiple Shots Fired, Shooter At Large


Heipa hei!

Lauri Love loses fight against extradition

Finnish-British hacker Lauri Love has been told he must face trial in the United States for hacking into supposedly secure government and military systems.

Lauri Love Lontoossa 25. heinäkuuta.

Finnish-British hacker Lauri Love. Image: Mark Thomas / AOP

Lauri Love has lost his court case against extradition to the US to face hacking charges.

Love was indicted in US courts in 2013 after it emerged that he had hacked into servers at the Federal Reserve, NASA, Missile Defence Agency and the US Army as part of hacker group known as Anonymous.

He and his doctors have consistently argued in extradition hearings that he should not be extradited to the US from his home in south-eastern England because he suffers from Asperger syndrome and depression. Love has repeatedly told the media that he would rather commit suicide than face trial in America.

He could face up to 99 years in jail if convicted in a US court. He is likely to be charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse act and to face federal trials in New York, New Jersey and Virginia.

The UK newspaper Guardian reports that Karen Todner, Love’s solicitor, said she was very disappointed by the district judge’s ruling. She pledged to appeal against the decision, initially at the high court and, if necessary, to the supreme court and eventually the European court of human rights in Strasbourg.


Biden is the most stupid VP/Senator the US has ever had……….a totally incoherent maroon.

That’s the racialist aspect of the Democrat party, race matters to them, so much so that they’re own is of little significance in pursuit of the big vote, staying in power is the chief aim. They’ll bend their logic into pretzels to ensure their grasp on political power, they’re shameless.

NOTE: In a functioning republic built on the rule of law and unalienable rights, limited government and free market capitalism, it doesn’t matter what the color of the ears may be, just what passes between them.


Good Lord…………..

Gang-raped, shot and fed to ALLIGATORS: Horrific fate of US teen who vanished two years ago

Teen who went missing in 2009 'was gang-raped, shot, and thrown into an alligator pit'

Missing teen Brittanee Drexel (left), who vanished from Myrtle Beach in 2009, may have been raped, shot and fed to alligators by Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor (bottom right), then 16, and father Shaun Taylor, according to an FBI agent. Gerrick Munoz read a report at a bail bond hearing for Da’Shaun Taylor on different charges that a jailhouse confession by Taquan Brown (top right) reveals the girl’s horrific final days.

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Putin, China, Iran….all of the US’ traditional enemies are hacking it carte blanche during doofus’ two terms……

Has Putin hacked US newspapers? FBI launches probe into security breach by Russian spies

RUSSIA has been accused of hacking US newspapers after the FBI launched an investigation into a breach of the New York Times.



Russia has been accused of hacking the US

US security officials believe “Russian intelligence is likely to be behind the attacks” on the newspaper as reporters were targeted in the breach.

The officials said: “Investigators so far believe that Russian hackers are targeting news organisations as part of a broader series of hacks that also have focused on Democratic Party organisations.”

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SHOCK CLAIM: US is moving nukes from Turkey to Romania amid fears ISIS could snatch them

THE US is moving is stock of nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania over fears terrorists could gain access to them, it has been claimed.



It has been claimed the US is moving its nuclear missiles out of Turkey over terror fears

Around 50 US nuclear weapons are stored in Incirlik air base in southern Turkey.

But sources said the terror threat and worsening relations between Washington and Ankara means the nukes will be moved the Deveselu air base in Romania.

The source said: “It’s not easy to move 20 plus nukes.”


Around 50 US nukes are stored in the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey

And another source added relations between the two governments have “deteriorated so much following the coup that Washington no longer trusted Ankara to host the weapons”.

The shock claims come after a report by the Stimson Centre warned the stash of nuclear missiles could fall into the hands of terrorists such as Islamic State.

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Because some people believe they’re entitled to other people’s stuff, either through government coercive policies or through their own individual efforts.

Instead of helping other out, they’re helping themselves out.

It doesn’t take a shooting to bring out the looters: Witness this disgusting story out of Louisiana

It doesn’t take a shooting to bring out the looters: Witness this disgusting story out of Louisiana

Looting, vandalism, riots in Ferguson (Image via KMOV)

Louisiana, as you doubtless know, is experiencing a disaster of biblical proportions. The flooding there has damaged or destroyed 40,000 homes. According to Gov. John Bel Edwards, more than 10,000 residents are now in shelters.

The pictures coming out of the storm-plagued region tell an even grimmer story. The photo shown here, as a case in point, shows coffins that were unearthed when the floodwaters swept through a cemetery and are now floating down a street.

If you’re wondering how these dire conditions relate to the headline of this post, consider another headline, this one from Baton Rouge CBS affiliate WAFB: “Authorities arrest 14 on looting charges during historic flooding.”

If your jaw is not yet on the floor, give it a moment.

The story goes on to note:

While many were displaced from their homes and uncertain about what will happen to them because of massive flooding, law enforcement said some people tried to take advantage of the situation.

Authorities said they arrested 14 people suspected of breaking into stores in areas affected by the natural disaster.


Baker PD reported Green, Aubert, Kinchen and Dunn were arrested around 11 a.m. They are accused of stealing alcohol and cigars from Brother’s Food Mart on Groom Road. All four are charged with looting, burglary and unauthorized entry during emergency or disaster. Green and Kinchen were also charged with possession of marijuana.

Here is a photo of some of the looters, courtesy of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office via WAFB:

looters louisiana

I have frankly never understood the tendency of the underclass to loot, which appears to be a kneejerk atavistic response to any perceived or real injustice or act of oppression. A “defense” of the practice(the author’s word) by one Willie Osterweil — “a writer, editor, and member of the punk band Vulture Shit” — was offered up in the midst of the Ferguson riots in 2014:

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Not to be confused with ”Afro-Finns”…..

The story of Finns’ distant cousins


Part Finnish, part Native American

In the Great Lakes region there are people with roots in Finland and among indigenous North American peoples. It’s impossible to know how exactly many of these so-called ‘Findians’ exist, but their numbers are estimated in the hundreds. Author Katja Kettu, journalist Maria Seppälä and photographer Meeri Koutaniemi documented their lives over the course of three years. Their experiences form the basis for their book, ‘Findian country’.

A pow wow is a social gathering held in many indigenous North American communities. Dancing is a way of honouring participants’ ancestors.

Descendants of immigrants

Between 1860 and 1924 some 370,000 people left Finland for North America to seek a better life. The main reasons to emigrate were unemployment, social problems and the period of ‘Russification’ before Independence–but a desire for adventure was also a factor. In America Finns worked in the forests and the mines. While out in the woods and at trade union meetings they met Native Americans and even married some of them. The majority of marriages were with members of the Ojibwa tribe, the largest in the region. Finns tended to have less knowledge about their new home country–and therefore also fewer prejudices about the people native to the land.

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All out war on cops…….

cops shot

Masked gunman shoots dead three cops and wounds at least four more in ambush before being killed by officers in Baton Rouge – the city where Alton Sterling’s death began wave of anger two weeks ago 

Baton Rouge shooting sees several cops killed weeks after Alton Sterling's death

Three police officers are ‘feared dead’ after at least seven were shot by a masked gunman in Baton Rouge – less than two weeks after the killing of Alton Sterling in the same Louisiana city. The man, who was wearing black, was seen firing indiscriminately at around 9am as he walked out between a shop and a car wash, a witness said.

A source said four officers are all in a critical condition in hospital. Police received a 911 call reporting a ‘suspicious person walking down Airline Highway with an assault rifle’, the source said. The gunman is said to have opened fire when cops arrived.

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Giving up a little bit of liberty for a little bit of security is fool’s errand.

Finland is circling the drain economically as it borrows financially to cover its losses in revenue. The highly centralized state has been trying to divest itself from its centralization of concentrated power, but to little avail, the unions have its collective grip around the present government’s lone testicle.

I was recently in Helsinki at an Israeli embassy sponsored event where I was told by a National Coalition MP that he was greatly disappointed by the lack of success by this present coalition government (which includes his party) in getting their reforms through. It’s nearly impossible.

In 300 pages, Ms. Partanen offers an expanded version of what my Swedish antagonists could summarize before the herring and schnapps were served: America is a pretty horrible place and would be less horrible if it were more like Finland. Or Sweden. Or Norway.

Stockholm Syndrome

Spotify threatened to abandon Sweden if the government didn’t address over-regulation and sky-high taxes.

A May Day march in Malmö, Sweden, organized by the Left Party, 2016. A May Day march in Malmö, Sweden, organized by the Left Party, 2016. PHOTO: GETTY 

There are plenty of American runaways scattered around Sweden. The now elderly passel of draft dodgers and former Black Panthers; a recently arrived spy, dodging prison time for penetrating the State Department on Cuba’s behalf; and various others relying upon Sweden’s unwillingness to extradite those accused of “political crimes.”

My reasons for emigrating from Brooklyn to Stockholm in 2003 on the eve of the Iraq War, as its opponents loudly considered seeking refuge from George W. Bush’s America, were more prosaic. I was in pursuit of a woman.

But Sweden is Berkeley, Calif., in country form—a place where even romantic relocations are ultimately recast as political acts. Soon after my residency permit was affixed to my passport, I found myself before the first of many Stockholm dinner party tribunals, during which I would be held accountable for America’s manifold sins. Indeed, the job of volunteer war-crimes defendant was so onerous that I considered fleeing the country, declaring myself a refugee from First World political persecution.

As my language facility increased, I discovered that the country’s largest newspaper objected to Jimmy Carter receiving the Nobel Peace Prize because he was, apparently, a right-wing supporter of terrorism. A columnist at the same paper routinely hailed the armed “resistance movement” in Iraq because their “actions were mostly directed at the occupation forces.” When that paper’s automotive correspondent sat in judgment of a new series of Chevy pickup trucks, his review was punctuated with an attack on how America’s “Jewish lobby” ruined Christmas.


In a book allergic to nuance, one would nevertheless expect Ms. Partanen to confront Finland’s current position as “the sick man of Europe,” stemming from its long-declining GDP and steadily increasing unemployment rate. (Youth unemployment is above 20%, double the American figure.) The current government is now openly contemplating new limits on paid holidays, overtime and sick leave to constrain runaway budget deficits. Sweden’s vaunted health-care system, so fulsomely praised by Ms. Partanen for eschewing privatization, will soon be allowing patients more choice between public and private providers. Finnish economist Jan von Gerich recently said that “the only way for Finland to have a future is for the old model to be reformed.”

While Ms. Partanen insists that the Nordic social model is the answer to most of the U.S.’s problems, she all but ignores one social phenomenon long familiar to Americans: immigration. Convulsed by waves of migration that are straining resources and provoking the rise of the far right, Nordic social democracy is being challenged by a more heterogenous population. It’s the one of the most important issues facing Nordic countries today, but Ms. Partanen won’t go near it, instead commenting that “many immigrants to the Nordic region find its citizens cold, hostile, and closed-minded,” though “sometimes it is a misunderstanding.”

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NOTE: Finland’s highly vaunted healthcare system patterned on the rest of the Nordic region’s system, is full of holes, so much so that the private healthcare system rivals and surpasses it. The downside is that the taxpayer ends up being double dipped.

To show the difference between the American system (before Obama care, but taking note that it wasn’t close to being perfect) and the Finnish one, some years ago, both my mother living stateside, and my Finnish mother-in-law (both now deceased) were diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes.

My mother (medicaid) was in the surgery room 2 weeks after being diagnosed, then 3 weeks later having the other eye operated on and on the path to full recovery. My Finnish mother-in-law (who at the time, was handing out medicine to her husband) had to wait over 9 mos. before being taken in after receiving a plethora of cancellation notices.

Something tells me this would never make the pages of Anu Partanen’s book.


If he wasn’t a Muslim, he was sure energized by their hate filled rhetoric.


Micah Johnson, Dallas Cop-Killer, Was Black Militant and Army Veteran

The sniper who murdered five officers during a Black Lives Matter protest was a fan of anti-police groups and a reservist who deployed to Afghanistan.

DALLAS — He served his country overseas. Then he came home, became radicalized, and turned into a mass murderer.

Micah Johnson, 25, of Mesquite, Texas was identified by police as the sniper who shot 12 people during a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas on Thursday night. By Friday, the authorities had found “bomb making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition, and a personal journal of combat tactics” in the Army veteran’s apartment—evidence suggesting that the killings might have been only one part of Johnson’s violent plans.

And on social media, Johnson left traces of a militant mindset. Johnson’s profile photo on Facebook shows him in a dashiki, holding a clenched fist in the air. Johnson’s cover photos are a black liberation flag and a black power fist.

Dallas police chief David Brown said Johnson told police “he was upset about the recent police shootings” and “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” Activists at Thursday’s night Black Lives Matter march, however, said that the shooter behind the deadliest day for American law enforcement since 9/11 was not part of their protest. Three other suspects were taken into custody but Johnson is believed to have acted alone. Five officers are dead and six others are seriously wounded, in addition to one civilian.

Micah Johnson

via Facebook

Johnson did not explicitly identify himself as a member of the Nation of Islam, a militant black Muslim group, but liked pages relating to Elijah Mohammed, the group’s deceased founder. Johnson also liked several militant and black separatist groups such as The New Black Panther Party and the African American Defense League.

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And also influenced by this piece of crap.



Obama in Poland exploits, and twists in the knife:

Four gunmen shoot 11 police officers – killing at least five – and ‘leave bombs all over the place’ during Dallas protests over police shooting deaths of black men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile 

  • Four gunmen have shot 11 police officers – killing five – and may have planted bombs ‘all over’ downtown Dallas 
  • Snipers fired from ‘elevated positions’, picking off officers ‘ambush style’ during a protest over police brutality
  • Gruesome footage shows a cop being shot execution-style by one of the gunmen as they rampaged through city
  • Three shooters are in custody but the fourth is still engaged in a shootout with police and says ‘the end is coming’ 
  • Officers found a suspicious package near where one of the gunmen was caught and a bomb squad are on the scene
  • Two people are being questioned after being caught speeding away from the scene in a black Mercedes 
  • Police released a picture of a man carrying what appears to be an assault rifle and he has turned himself in
  • Horrifying footage shows protesters chanting ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ before suddenly scattering as shots are fired  
  • Thousands took to the streets across America to protest against the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile 

The ‘coordinated’ shooters opened fire from ‘elevated positions’, picking off officers ‘ambush style’. Pictured, a police officer lies stricken next to cop cars


The 'coordinated' shooters opened fire from 'elevated positions', picking off officers 'ambush style'. Pictured, a police officer lies stricken next to cop cars

Four gunman have shot 11 police officers – killing at least five – and may have planted a bombs ‘all over’ downtown Dallas.

The coordinated shooters opened fire from ‘elevated positions’, picking off officers ‘ambush style’ as they manned a protest over the deaths of two black men, police chief David Brown said.

Three of them are in custody but another is still engaged in a shootout with police. The remaining gunman, who is holed up in a parking garage, told officers bombs have been planted across Dallas and that ‘the end is coming’.

‘We have in custody a female who was in the same area as the El Centro garage,’ Brown said.

‘The suspect that we are negotiating with has told our negotiators “the end is coming”, and he is going to hurt and kill more of us and that there are bombs all over the place in the garage and downtown.

‘We still don’t have complete comfort level that we have all the suspects.’

Officers found a suspicious package near where one of the gunmen was caught and a bomb squad are dealing with it.

A gruesome video shows a heroic policeman taking on one of gunmen, but being gunned down by the shooter before being shot again execution-style, from point-blank range.

Police said two people are being questioned after they were spotted speeding away from the scene of the shooting in a black Mercedes. An officer saw one of the pair hurriedly putting a camouflage bag in the back of the car before driving off ‘at a high rate of speed’.

Another man, named as Mark Hughes, was pictured walking through Dallas with what appeared to be an assault rifle. He turned himself into police after cops made a public appeal and his family said he was an innocent bystander. He has since been released by police.

Five police officers have died and as many as three others are in a critical condition. A female member of the public was also shot.

It is not known if the shooters were protesters, however they appear to have been militarily trained. Their motive is not clear.

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The very very violent Left.

Snipers kill 5, injure 6 at Dallas protest *UPDATE* Coordinated attack; Explosions-police ending it?

Snipers kill 5, injure 6 at Dallas protest *UPDATE* Coordinated attack; Explosions-police ending it?

Dallas BLM protesters flee from shots fired. (Image: Screen grab of CBS11 video via twitter)

** This was clearly a premeditated attack.  See later updates near the bottom.**

*UPDATE 3* — 10:20 PM CDT: (See earlier updates below) — one police officer in Dallas confirmed dead in shootings at BLM protest.  As many as 6 others injured.  3 said to have “non-life-threatening” injuries.

*UPDATE 4*: 10:34 PM — Official report being made according to Fox in Dallas.  2 snipers, shot 10 police officers from elevated positions; 3 officers dead.  2 in surgery, 3 in critical condition.  (10:50 PM) Now hearing 4 officers dead: 1 DART transit officer, 3 DPD officers.  (Source: Dallas Morning News)  It’s not clear right now which forces the other injured officers belonged to.

*UPDATE 5*: 11:00 PM CDT — The KIA count is now said to have been incorrect earlier.  I’m going to let it stand for now and just give you the update from the police chief on the hour: 3 KIA, 2 from DPD, 1 DART.  A CIVILIAN NOW REPORTED TO HAVE ALSO BEEN INJURED.  It sounds like 11 total people have been killed or injured, including the civilian.  3 police officers still in surgery.  Will correct the KIA count when confirmed. — Latest on KIA count (11:15 PM): 4 confirmed dead.  3 DPD, 1 DART.

1:50 AM CDT — Very last lick for the night: the KIA count now stands at 5.  It appears, although not absolutely confirmed, that the 5th fatality is a DPD officer, bringing the total to 4 DPD officers and 1 DART officer killed.

(Additional updates, #6 and following, down at the bottom.)

This is a breaking report from about 15 minutes ago (as I type; it will be later when this goes to post.  It’s about 9:10 PM in Dallas right now). [Note: this was originally posted at 9:30 PM CDT/10:30 EDT.]

The protest is being held in Dallas, Texas.  The most recent pretexts for the event are the shootings at a St. Paul, Minnesota traffic stop of Philando Castile, and during the Baton Rouge, Louisiana arrest of Alton Sterling.

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Oscar, you’re a brave soldier and a real American……

Goes to show that Latinos are as much American as the rest of us, if properly assimilated. America is an idea, if that idea is rejected (like many Lilly skinned Leftists do) then they’re a threat (an anti-American fifth column) to the country as a whole. It was that Left who edited that flag folding speech, and are totally un-American.

NOTE: Shame on those who physically escorted him out.

NOTE: It’s a relatively little known fact that the overwhelming majority of those who died at the Alamo, where of Mexican heritage. Heroes all.


For countless years, service members have given the “flag-folding speech” at military and civic events, including retirement ceremonies. Traditionally, this speech explains the colors, symbols, and history of the flag.

The flag-folding speech also contains several religious references, including, “Let us pray that God will reflect with admiration the willingness of one nation in her attempts to rid the world of tyranny, oppression, and misery. It is this one nation under God that we call, with honor, the United States of America.”

The speech closes with, “God bless our flag. God bless our troops. God bless America.”

In 2005, the Pentagon changed the speech to remove all references to the divine, substituting additional historical facts such as Neil Armstrong’s planting of an American flag on the moon in 1969. But many service members prefer the traditional speech and desire that version given at their own retirement celebrations.

Rodriguez retired from the Air Force in 2013 after 33 years of service to his nation. He has a clear and distinctive voice and is frequently asked to deliver the flag-folding speech at retirement ceremonies.

On April 3, 2016, Master Sergeant Charles Roberson was retiring from active duty. Roberson had heard Rodriguez give his stirring rendition of the traditional flag-folding speech and asked Rodriguez if he would give that speech at Roberson’s retirement celebration at Travis Air Force Base where Roberson served in the 749th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

According to a demand letter sent by First Liberty Institute on Monday, when the squadron’s commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Sovitsky, learned that Rodriguez would give the traditional speech mentioning God, he expressed his opposition and allegedly tried to block it. As Roberson explained in a video interview seen for the first time on Breitbart News, Roberson asked Rodriguez to press forward.