The campuses of many colleges/universities are fiefdoms of tyranny, which of course is where ISLAMONAZI thrive alongside their marxist buddies.

After Censorship Request, Author Cancels Reading on Columbia U. Radio

low_memorial_library_columbia_university_nyc_retouchedA student producer at Columbia University’s radio station WKCR abruptly cancelled a planned appearance by author Laurie Stone because her planned on-air reading did not match the station and university’s “values.”

According to the correspondence between the author and the WKCR producer, Sarah Courville, Stone was scheduled to read excerpts from her latest work My Life as an Animal, Stories on October 9. Three hours before the show aired, Ms. Courville emailed Ms. Stone to say that although “freedom of speech and expression are important for all writers…some particular lines in your selections do not reflect our station’s values and more importantly our university’s values.” Specifically, she objected to sections of Ms. Stone’s reading that argued “women who live in secular countries and conform to religious dress codes make the lives of all women less free and less safe.” Courville told Stone that  “we can continue this evening with the lines explicitly censored, but there is no wiggle room on the censorship.”

Ms. Stone refused, however, and cancelled her appearance. She proceeded to publicly post the email exchange on her Facebook page. WKCR’s Arts Department Head, Danielle Fox, then emailed Ms. Stone demanding that she remove the Facebook post on the grounds it contained “personal information” and “harassing comments.” In the Facebook post, Stone claimed Courville treated her like a “antichrist bitch.”

NCAC reached out to WKCR to express its concerns over the censorship of Stone. Journalistic ethos encourage non-partisan outlets to promote multiple and opposing viewpoints on a wide range of ideas.  It is, arguably, especially vital that college radio stations do so; universities are, after all, said to be the quintessential marketplace of ideas.

Indeed, Columbia’s Rules of University Conduct guarantee “the freedom to express opinions on any subject whatsoever.” While Ms. Stone’s views or may not align with University values, such values clearly support her right to express them.

After the incident generated considerable publicity, WKCR issued an apology and expressed regret for its actions and affirmed its strong belief in “robust freedom of expression.” NCAC encourages WKCR to demonstrate its commitment to free expression by re-inviting Ms. Stone and allowing her to read uncensored excerpts from her book.

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​This questionnaire has not appeared in any other English publication, and posted here with the author’s consent.


Manfred Gerstenfeld answers basis questions put to him


1. What are the most important issues about the upcoming American election, insofar as it concerns Israel?

Will the new president continue to veto anti-Israeli resolutions in the Security Council?

Will the new president ask Israel again for one-sided concessions? 

Will the new president ask Israel to halt building in the settlements as Obama did?

Will the new president react negatively to the huge criminality permeating Palestinian leadership and parts of Palestinian society?

Will the President pressure the Arab states to stop incitement against U.S ally Israel? 

2. Why do you think most American Jews are pro-Clinton and anti-Trump?

Traditionally most American Jews are Democrats and liberals. In the past 50 years in all presidential elections more Jews have voted for the Democratic candidate than the Republican candidate. In addition many Jews who live in more sophisticated social environments in the United States do not like Trump’s abrasiveness and his style.

3) What would be the result for Jews (both in the USA and Israel) if Trump Wins?

If Trump wins we will likely see soon provocations from Russia and possibly China to find out how he behaves and whether he makes an effort to invert the decline of the United States status’ in the world which took place under the Obama presidency. This decline affects U.S society in general and American Jews as part of society similarly.  

Under Trump most major Jewish organizations would probably gain far more access to the President and senior executives than was the case under Obama. This access might however exclude the more masochistic and extreme liberal Jewish organizations. At the same time Trump is likely to be more selective concerning the type of Muslim organizations his administration will invite. Overall the situation for Jews in the U.S will not change much due to his presidency. It may even improve if the Administration starts prohibiting the entrance of anti-Semitic immigrants into the U.S.

As far as Israel is concerned it is difficult to forecast as Trump is rather unpredictable. Yet he will probably better defend Israel than the Obama administration in international forums. Probably the absurd one-sided condemnations of Israel by the Obama administration each time Israel builds a few houses in the settlements will stop or diminish. He may also be the first President to explicitly tell off the Palestinians about their incitement, widespread criminality and absurd claim of return of fictitious refugees in a possible peace agreement. This as it so obvious that true Palestinian refugees are a tiny part of the millions of Palestinians falsely claiming to be refugees. There is even a possibility that Trump will move the American embassy to Jerusalem. He might also diminish subsidies to the Palestinians if they continue to fund terrorists in Israeli jails and keep glorifying terrorists. While there is support of anti-Semites for Trump, he is very much his own man and does not owe much to others.

4. What would be the result for Jews (both in the USA and Israel) if Clinton Wins?

As far as Jews are concerned probably major Jewish organizations would gain more access to the President and her immediate staff than was the case under Obama. Overall the situation for Jews in the U.S will not change much due to her presidency. 

As far as Israel is concerned Clinton will probably have more understanding for Israel’s reality and be aware of the widespread ideological and other criminality in the Palestinian society. Obama and his administration have been ignoring this issue to a large extent. Dennis Ross a long-time  adviser to the Clintons has however said that she should ask Israel in private to make concessions to the Palestinians rather than in public as Obama did. 

Clinton has in her environment besides friends of Israel also Israel-haters. The Clinton Foundation has received funds from Arab states and that may influence some of her future decisions. One should not expect Clinton to follow the same policy as she did as Secretary of State under President Obama. There she had to follow Obama’s instructions. The current president has played a major role in deteriorating U.S.-Israel diplomatic relations.

Another consideration is whether vice presidential candidate senator Tim Kaine will have influence on American foreign policies. He is among the least sympathetic senators to Israel. He was one of the few senators who boycotted Netanyahu’s speech in Congress on Iran. 

5. Is there any reason for fear (both for USA-Jews and Israeli Jews), whatsoever?

There is reason for fear for the world due to Obama’s policies. These have led to an unprecedented decline in the status and influence of the U.S in the world. It is only due to Obama’s negligence that Putin is challenging the United States. There is always reason for fear in the increasingly disturbed world order and even more so in the Middle East, which has become far more chaotic under the Obama administration. The best environments for Jews have historically been in societies where tension is relatively low. 


And they are waiting to set up camp near you…..

CALAIS HORROR: Female journalist ‘raped by knife-wielding migrants’ at Jungle camp

The Jungle camp in CalaisPA

The woman was raped at the lawless Jungle camp

A FEMALE interpreter working on a documentary about the plight of vulnerable refugee children has been raped at knifepoint in the Calais migrant camp, French police revealed today.

The terrified 38-year-old was robbed by three armed men from the Jungle, one of whom raped her whilst the other two threatened her colleague with a blade.

The unidentified woman, who was helping a journalist from a French news broadcaster, was attacked in the early hours of this morning at the entrance of the notorious shanty town.

French prosecutors today confirmed that they had “proof” the woman was raped, and said they have collected DNA evidence to help them find the attackers. The trio are believed to be from Afghanistan, and are now on the run from the police.The woman was living in Paris, although originally from  Afghanistan, and had been employed to interpret for migrants speaking the Pashtun language which is common in her homeland and neighbouring Pakistan.

The Jungle campPA

The notorious camp is extremely dangerous for women

The Jungle campPA

Police say they have DNA evidence to try and track the attacker down

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And he joined the Finnish SDP party (social democrats)…..


I had heard received reports on Rami Adham some weeks ago, that Finland’s security police (SUPO) were investigating him, but was not given the go ahead to report on it till the story broke. Such it is with being a trusted blogger, given so much that you can’t use at times, but that’s the nature of the business if you want to be taken seriously.

Rami Adhan is a Sunni Syrian Arab who has been in the news in Finland, running aid supplies and children’s toys to Syria. He even became an international name when his story hit the English news:

Rami Adham, a 44-year-old father from Finland, has been on a voluntary mission to help Syrian children, bringing them food, medicines, water, and most importantly, toys.


Well, Adham as it turns out, who has been the toast of the town, has joined the ranks of the SDP. Here he is with ”Karva Naama” (Scruffy Face) former FM and long time Israel hater, Erkki Tuomioja. The tweet has now been deleted.


SDP: “Today, Finnish-Syrian Rami Adham joins our ranks, who has become famous for his role in humanitarian efforts in bringing aid to war torn Syria. Rami, the bearer of children’s toys, wants to continue in building a better world, also within the ranks of the SDP. Welcome Rami!”

NOTE: Here is Adham with Sheikh Abdallah Muhammad al Muhaysini. (Al Qaeda).



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Leveling Mecca takes on new importance…….

Clinton’s soft approach to the very people who funds her husband’s foundation shows why she should never ever be allowed into the White House again.

Hillary In Leaked Email: Saudi Arabia And Qatar Are Funding ISIS

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sent an email to her campaign chairman John Podesta in 2014, who was then-counselor to President Barack Obama, that said Saudi Arabia and Qatar are both giving financial and logistical support to the Islamic State and other extremist Sunni groups, according to a recent Wikileaks release.

Clinton sent the email on August 17, 2014 to Podesta. It was an eight-point plan to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Clinton’s email said that the United States should support Kurdish forces on the ground with U.S. military advisers and avoid the use of a conventional ground operation.

“While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” Clinton wrote.

The former secretary of state added: “This effort will be enhanced by the stepped up commitment in the [Kurdish Regional Government]. The Qataris and Saudis will be put in a position of balancing policy between their ongoing competition to dominate the Sunni world and the consequences of serious U.S. pressure.”

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Actually it should be titled: The reasons why Europe is committing suicide by Mohammedan scimitar……

An accurate analysis of the European elite’s mindset. It should also be connected with their failed utopian based socialist policies that undergird their false sense of moral superiority. It explains their march into madness.

europe chop chop

Islamist Violence Will Steer Europe’s Destiny

by Daniel Pipes
Washington Times

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – On visits to predominantly Muslim suburbs emerging outside nearly all northern European cities, one question keeps recurring: Why have some of the richest, most educated, most secular, most placid, and most homogeneous countries in the world willingly opened their doors to virtually any migrant from the poorest, least modern, most religious, and least stable countries?

Other questions follow: Why have mostly Christian countries decided to take in mostly Muslim immigrants? Why do so many Establishment politicians, most notably Germany’s Angela Merkel, ignore and revile those who increasing worry that this immigration is permanently changing the face of Europe? Why does it fall to the weaker Visegrád states of eastern Europe to articulate a patriotic rejection of this phenomenon? Where will the immigration lead to?

A sign in the central Copenhagen train station in October 2016, temporarily negating the borderless Schengen area. (Photo credit: Daniel Pipes)

There’s no single answer that applies to multiple countries; but of the many factors (such as secularization) behind this historically unprecedented acceptance of alien peoples, one stands out as most critical: a west European sense of guilt.

To many educated western Europeans, their civilization is less about scientific advances, unprecedented levels of prosperity, and the achievement of unique human freedoms, and more about colonialism, racism, and fascism. The brutal French conquest of Algeria, the uniquely evil German genocide against the Jews, and the legacy of extreme nationalism cause many Europeans, in the analysis of Pascal Bruckner, a French intellectual, to see themselves as “the sick man of the planet,” responsible for every global problem from poverty to environmental rapacity; “the white man has sown grief and ruin wherever he has gone.” Affluence implies robbery, light skin manifests sinfulness.

The Washington Times illustration for this article.

Bruckner labels this the “tyranny of guilt” and I encountered some colorful expressions during my recent travels of such self-hatred. A French Catholic priest expressed remorse over the record of the Church. A conservative German intellectual preferred Syrians and Iraqis to his fellow Germans. A Swedish tour guide put down fellow Swedes and hoped he would not be perceived as one.

Indeed, many Europeans feel their guilt makes them superior; the more they dislike themselves, the more they preen – inspiring a strange mix of self-loathing and moral superiority that, among other consequence, leaves them reluctant to commit the time and money required to bear children. “Europe is losing faith in itself, and birth rates have collapsed,” notes Irish scientist William Reville.

The catastrophic birth dearth underway has created an existential demographic crisis. With women of the European Union bearing just 1.58 children as of 2014, the continent lacks the offspring to replace itself; over time, this far-less-than-replacement rate means a precipitous decline in the numbers of ethnic Portuguese, Greeks, and others. To maintain the welfare state and the pension machine requires importing foreigners.

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Sweden: Muslims sex attack nine-year-old “whore”. School staff calls it normal because she’s ‘blond and cute’

Mother: “They pulled down her pants and dry-humped her”

1 flicka skola jpg

The girl in middle school were at one point slapped on the school yard (the picture does not represent the girl or the school the article is about). Photo: TT

A girl in middle school had her pants pulled down in the dining room at a school in Eskilstuna. She was called a cunt and whore – and was beaten in the school yard. Finally, the girl was forced to leave the school. The perpetrators were left. This according to a report, which will now be examined by two different authorities.

The girl was nine years old when she was new to a class in Eskilstuna. Attacks from some peers boys at the school began immediately. The story has emerged from a report to the School Inspectorate, which is now under investigation by both the Child and Student Delegate and the Equality Ombudsman.

“She was blonde and cute”

“We got explained to us by the school staff that our daughter was blond and cute and it was therefore exciting to target her. She had thick skin and it made it even more fun for them,” says the mother to the SVT News Sörmland.

Although the parents complained of problems with clothes and things that disappeared and verbal abuse against the girl nothing tangible happened.

Pulled down the girl’s pants

Instead it worsened her situation. At one point the girl was beaten in the school yard, which the social worker at the school became witness to and then reported to the police. But the complaint was dropped because the boys were not of legal age.

The attacks became more and more sexual, according to her mother.

“My daughter was standing with a tray in the dining room. They then pulled down her pants and dry-humped against her while all looked on.

– The harassment was known at school.

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Courtesy of Gates of Vienna:

Gagging Tim Burton (Again)

Britain, Sweden, and Germany are vying with each other to see who can spiral down the multicultural drain the fastest. It’s hard to tell which one is ahead — every time Sweden comes up with some new monstrosity, Germany pushes ahead with its own politically correct absurdity. And then the UK puts someone new on trial for “hate speech”.

As far as I can determine, Britain leads the Western world in the number of hate-speech prosecutions per capita. More British people are fitted up, hauled before a judge, and bunged into chokey than in any other supposedly free country. Tommy Robinson’s case is the most well-known, but it’s important to remember that there are many, many others.

Tim Burton of Liberty GB has already been through the multicultural mill, asreported here two and a half years ago. But the Crown Prosecution Service was evidently disappointed with his acquittal, and has decided to have another go at him for “Racially/Religiously Aggravated Harassment”.

Here’s the report from Liberty GB. There’s a donate button there — please considered clicking it to help Tim out:

Freedom of Speech under Attack — Again

18 Sept, 2016

Long-time supporters of Liberty GB will recall that memorable day just over two years ago when, in a rare moment of sanity afforded by the British criminal justice system, freedom of speech was upheld at Birmingham Magistrates Court. On Tuesday 8th April 2014, Tim Burton of Liberty GB was acquitted of unjust and trumped-up charges of Racially Aggravated Harassment. These charges resulted from several innocuous tweets that had been sent to the infamous Mendacious Grievance-Mongering Taqiyya-Artist-In-Chief, Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama UK.

However, freedom of speech is once again under threat, as Fiyaz Mughal — ‘Old Fizzy Bollocks’ as he is currently known in the public domain — has persuaded the Metropolitan Police (via the Crown Prosecution Service) to pursue more charges of Racially/ Religiously Aggravated Harassment against Tim, this time for the heinous crime of applying (tongue-in-cheek) for the advertised job of caseworker — in the belly of the beast so to speak — at the offices of Tell Mama UK themselves. Like many of us, Tim felt that Tell Mama UK were doing quite enough damage on their own without an additional caseworker to further threaten our freedoms.

Needless to say, it transpires that the rock-dwelling bottom feeders at Tell Mama UK lack any sense of humour whatsoever, as may be deduced from the extremely heavy-handed and pompous response that emanated from that organisation, which, rather than taking Tim’s email as a bit of light-hearted banter, promptly informed Tim that they were passing his email to the authorities — specifically, the Metropolitan Police.

You may be surprised to learn that Tim was rather taken aback by this response, and he wrote several more emails to Tell Mama UK (in the same light-hearted vein) to say as much. After all, at no time had he written anything that could be construed as causing harassment, nothing to cause fear, terror, alarm or distress, and at no time did he write anything of a persecuting or threatening nature, or anything that could be construed as in any way aggressive. And yet the Crown Prosecution Service subsequently saw fit to authorise charges of harassment, and not just your run-of the mill, everyday harassment either. This was full-blown, red-in-tooth-and-claw, Racially/ Religiously Aggravated Harassment, the kind of harassment charge that strikes fear into the most stalwart heart and is capable of making strong men tremble in their boots.

Because, make no mistake, conviction on this charge carries with it a substantial jail sentence and/ or a hefty fine. Contrast all this with the treatment of Tim by the Crown Prosecution Service last year, when the CPS refused to press charges against a gang of Muslims who had assaulted Tim in the street — in front of a witness — as he was campaigning as a Parliamentary Candidate for Liberty GB in the 2015 General Election. On that occasion Tim’s campaign materials were stolen and he was left badly shaken up. Even though the perpetrators were identified by the police, the CPS stated in writing that prosecution would “not be in the public interest”.

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The irony (gross stupidity) here, is that the Green party across Europe have been one the more vocal supporters of muslim settler migration.

There already has been confrontations at designated nudist beaches between naturalists and muslim gawkers, now they want a place to let it al hang out in the heart of Muslim occupied Paris. What could go wrong?

Photo: AFP

Nudists could soon be allowed to get naked in Paris

Published: 23 Sep 2016 12:18 GMT+02:00
Updated: 23 Sep 2016 12:18 GMT+02:00

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Naturists in Paris have not felt themselves for a long time. 


The problem: They’ve never had anywhere to let it all hang out.


Sure, there is the Roger Le-Gall swimming pool in the 12th arrondissement that allows nudity on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, but members say it’s getting too cramped there. 


“There were 150 of us on Wednesday night,” Denis Porquet, a member of the Nudist Association of Paris (ANP), told the 20 Minutes newspaper


The group’s 372 members are forced to look elsewhere for their nudist outings, hiring out bowling venues, spas, archery clubs, and even restaurants for private events.


And with French law stating that nudists found baring all can be slapped with a €15,000 fine or the prospect of one year in prison, it’s no surprise that Paris naturists are keen on the idea of having their own designated spot to strip off.


And all this could be about to come to fruition, with the Green Party of Paris set to propose a designated nudist park during a meeting at the Paris city council on Monday. 


The exact proposal for the nudist spot remains unclear, but some nudists have already shared their ideas. 


Jacques Frimont, vice president of the Association for the Promotion of Naturism in Liberty (APNEL), envisions a designated area at the near the Daumesnil lake in Bois de Vincennes to the east of the city, the same lake that the government plans to turn into a public swimming zone by 2019. 

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She didn’t say all migrants, just migrants……..

Danish politician who said migrants ‘steal, rape and kill’ in speech probed by police

A DANISH politician has been reported to the police over a shocking anti-immigrant speech in which she claimed foreigners “steal, rape and kill”.


Danish politician Cheanne NielsenFacebook/GETTY

Danish politician Cheanne Nielsen has been reported to the police for her comments

Cheanne Nielsen, a member of the far-right Danish People’s Party (DPP), will be investigated for alleged racism following the remarks at its annual conference. 

In a shocking speech to the party faithful the Copenhagen delegate questioned benefits hand-outs to recently arrived migrants and accused them of “making a mess” of the country. 

Police in the Danish capital confirmed they were investigating the remarks after a member of the public complained that they breached the country’s race hate laws. 

During her hate-filled rant, Ms Nielsen said: “Why should foreigners take care of themselves, now that they can require rent and pocket money from the state as soon as they come here?

“They make a mess, they cheat, they steal, they rape and they kill.” 

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They have every justified right and fear to do just that, because their islamization is happening before their very eyes.

MERKEL’S MIGRANT FALLOUT: More than HALF of Germans fear ‘Islamisation’ of their country

MORE than half of Germans fear the rise of Islam in their country, a shock survey has revealed.


The results hint at a dramatic changing attitude of the nation’s population towards the religion over the past year, which has seen the arrival of more than one million migrants. 

A new poll published by a leading Christian organisation reveals 57 per cent of Germans fear the Islamisation of their country – with more women (61 per cent), fearing it than men (51 per cent). 

Churchgoers and non-religious people were equally afraid. 

While the young were the least fearful, with just a third of 18 to 24-year-old’s scared of Germany becoming more Islamic.

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Personally I am always thankful to those who both built it, and dropped it.

Instead of US soldiers having to die in massive numbers, the Japanese were forced to, in an end to their murderous rule and empire.

The hidden horrors of Nagasaki: Confiscated photographs of the devastating effects of America’s atomic bomb – taken 12 hours after the blast – are revealed 70 years on

Nagasaki atomic bomb horrors revealed in confiscated photographs


The pictures were taken by Yosuke Yamahata, pictured here in the inset, a Japanese military photographer, who was tasked with documenting the destruction for propaganda purposes in the immediate aftermath. His collection show the flattened landscape, mass death and desperate plight of survivors following the nuclear blast. An American military policeman kept hold of the images, which have since been acquired by a collector, and are now being sold in the US by RR Auction with an estimate of £38,000.

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Alt-headline: Muslims run riot igniting stuff into flames….

Scandinavian fire epidemic: Arsonist attacks ‘out of CONTROL’ as vile thugs stone police

ARSONIST attacks are spreading uncontrolled throughout Scandinavia as Sweden and Denmark have suffered yet another night of violence and car fires amid a growing epidemic.


The escalating violence in Denmark comes as the Malmö fire attacks and assaults on the police have spread to Gothenburg. 

Overnight angry youths wreaked havoc in the city in south Sweden after officials cracked down on criminal activity in the area. 

The rampaging thugs launched a fierce attack on the on-duty officers with stones and firecrackers.

Hans Lippens, of the Gothenburg police, said the aggression was sparked by the hardline-approach taken to stop the increasing levels of crime in the area.

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We really shouldn’t put up with it, ever..

I couldn’t imagine putting up with it as a daily routine.

Image result for soldiers covering ears

Dutch Elite Soldiers are fed up with Calls for Prayer from Mosque

Dutch soldiers from the elite Dutch Corps of Command Soldiers (KCT) are fed up with the weekly call for prayer from a mosque close to their barracks in Roosendaal. They have hired a lawyer to end the noise. The soldiers say that the call for prayer is imposed on them against their will. It creates negative associations among soldiers who have served in Muslim countries




Sweden on the BRINK: Malmö in flames as vengeful thugs set cars alight | World | News | Daily Express 

Car of fireYOUTUBE

SHOCKING footage from Sweden shows police struggling to keep the deal on the unprecedented levels of crime as cars burn across Malmö.

By Lizzie Stromme

More than 20 vehicles were set on fire in the southern city, which has been plagued by increasing levels of violence amid growing tensions.

The video shows chaos in Malmö as vandalism is only one of many incidents to have occurred as police crack down on organised crime.

Saturday saw Sweden’s third largest city suffer the worst surge of violence since July, with at least 70 cars burned out in less than three months.

Over the weekend more than 20 vehicles were set on fire in the southern city
Vid here beneath the fold

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Rest assured, while the police/FBI have yet to go through all of the evidence, I would be greatly surprised if it wasn’t linked to the jihad.

New York explosion on Chelsea street leaves dozens injured

Saturday night leaving at least 29 people injured – and police are investigating a second suspected bomb in a pressure cooker. The blast at 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue in Chelsea around 8.30pm is thought to have come from a dumpster and was the result of ‘an intentional act’, according to the NYPD. Although Mayor Bill de Blasio has claimed there’s no connection to terrorism, the incident follows the pipe bombing of a military fun-run in New Jersey hours earlier. He also admitted the explosion was ‘intentionally’ set off, suggesting the intent was to injure people in an attack on Manhattan. The second device at 27th Street and Sixth Avenue is in a pressure cooker, according to both NY 1 and Fox News – raising chilling memories of the Boston bombings in 2013. The Fire Department reported that there were at least 29 people injured, including an eight-year-old, in the blast, but their injuries don’t appear life-threatening. The victims of the explosion have been taken to several different hospitals. The NYPD Special 



Developing: Soldier stabbed in Efrat, sixth attack in 48 hours


Sun, 18 Sep 2016, 06:29 AM

An IDF officer was moderately to seriously wounded in a Palestinian stabbing attack in the West Bank settlement of Efrat Sunday morning, in the sixth incident of violence in the last two days.

It marks the first time since the wave of Palestinian violence against Israelis began last year, that an attack has occurred in Efrat, even though repeated incidents have occurred at the nearby Gush Etzion junction.

Efrat’s security team had been on alert for hours prior to the attack after it saw a person wandering around 400 meters outside of the settlement and notified the IDF.

Eventually the Palestinian terrorist managed to infiltrate the settlement and hid in the bushes. Around 6 a.m. he jumped out and stabbed the officer in his upper body.

The soldier was transported to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center in Ein Karem.

Another soldier shot and disabled the terrorist, who had a number of knives on his body. The terrorist was also transported to a nearby hospital.

In spite of the attack, the settlement decided to hold school as usual.

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Because when it’s all said and done, both violent and stealth muslim post-hijra islam 101’ers are islamonazis.

New London Integration Deputy Linked to Islamists

Thu, September 15, 2016

Matthew Ryder speaking at CAGE in 2013. (Photo: © Screenshot from video)

Matthew Ryder speaking at CAGE in 2013. (Photo: © Screenshot from video)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has appointed a new “integration deputy” who spoke at an event run by the extremist-linked group CAGE.

Matthew Ryder, a prominent human rights lawyer, spoke at a 2013 event hosted by CAGE titled “Travelling While Muslim.” He spoke about a case he was working on defending a woman who was prosecuted for failing to answer questions as mandated under Schedule Seven of the 2000 Terrorism Act. He specializes in human rights, media and privacy and is trained to speak at both the International Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights.

CAGE is most notorious for praising Islamic State executioner Jihadi John (Mohammed Emwazi) as a “beautiful young man.”

Asim Qureshi, then CAGE director, who praised Jihadi John, introduced Ryder at the event.

International human rights group Amnesty International severed ties with CAGE over its Islamist links in 2015 after the incident. The Islamic State advised its supporters in the West to visit the CAGE website for tips on how to evade the authorities.

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