I already hear the sound of screams stopped short by a bone crunching thud…..

Those achievements have given Ashour hope that LGBT people will one day have their rights recognized in Iraq.

“I’m not optimistic about it, I’m realistic about it. The increase in our numbers, the people we’ve been reaching out to, just the fact that this is happening is evidence enough things will change. I’m not telling you it’ll change next year, or in ten years. I don’t know when it will change the way we want it to, but it is already changing.”

Reality does in fact speak differently. That reality is grounded in the fact that Islam is unchangeable, Mohamed’s words immutable, death for homosexuality wherever Islam reigns supreme. That’s the law, that’s the sharia….that is Islam.

homosexuals and islam

‘Sweden is doing much better than most other countries’

'Sweden is doing much better than most other countries'

IraQueer founder Amir Ashour. Photo: Private

Published: 10 Oct 2016 06:59 GMT+02:00

“I started working with human rights six years ago, working with several international and local organizations on questions related to LGBT,” Ashour tells The Local. “That’s the main reason I ended up in Sweden. But then I started needing political protection, so that prolonged my stay.”

The idea for IraQueer had been in Ashour’s head since 2014: “I felt like there was no local initiative in Iraq, we didn’t own our cause”. The website was finally launched in early 2015, and the company officially registered as a nonprofit organization in Sweden earlier this year.

Ashour’s adopted home not only made the process of starting a nonprofit simple, it also inspired him.

“The legal system here makes it really easy to start organizations, I think that’s really important. Compared to other countries like the US for example, where it can take three or more years, in Sweden it took three months. That says a lot about the system, how it’s encouraging of cultural and social thinking,” he explains.

“Also in terms of working here, I was a part of the organizing team for Malmö Pride, and from what I experienced from my work there, I saw that society in Sweden at least among the LGBT community is interested in talking about the international fight, not only the local one.”

IraQueer has already made progress in its quest to increase visibility and awareness of Iraq’s LGBT+ community. Ashour points to a number of landmarks he is particularly proud of reaching within a short period of time.

“The organization started with me alone, and it now has around 40 members. So that’s a 4000 percent increase in a year. In the first month we launched, the site had 900 readers. Last month we had 13,000 readers. So the increase in reaching out to people – both who ended up joining and are exposed to the information we have – has been amazing. All in a year or so.”

There has also been some small financial progress: “We have been funded after less than a year, even if it’s a small amount, and other funders are asking if they could help. So people are seeing that we’re not just a bunch of young people who were bored. This is the first time in Iraq’s history that a group of people have organized a public queer movement”.

More here.

NOTE: The only area where his words will have any appeal, is in an audience filled to the brim with bubbleheads like in Sweden, who will swallow any kind of soft peddled nonsense that adheres to their utopian mindset.

Besides, homosexuals will soon be having to travel elsewhere as the society becomes more islamized.



Highly moronic.


It totally rips apart the fundamental understanding/law on asylum seeking.

Infamous IS jihadist arrested in Malmo

The man appeared nervous at Malmö Airport.

A 46-year-old Bosnian IS jihadist considered very dangerous has been taken into custody by police in Malmo, writes Sydsvenskan . The man has previously been denied entry to France when he was deemed to be a security risk. But since he applied for asylum in Sweden, the Swedish Migration Board stopped the deportation.

The 46-year-old IS-jihadist arrived with his four children at the Malmö Airport with a direct flight from Tuzla in Bosnia on Monday, the newspaper said. In the queue for passport control he behaved nervously which aroused border police suspicions.

When the man’s passport was checked against the Schengen SIS register, which will prevent criminals and terrorists entering the Schengen area, it turned out that he was detained for entry at the request of France. The Swedish border police took the man into custody waiting to expel him from Sweden. While the Security Service informed.

But deportation was stopped because the man sought asylum.The matter is now before the Swedish Migration Board.

– We no longer have any responsibility for him. It is the Directorate’s fully now, says Commissioner Leif Fransson at the border police in the police district South to Sydsvenskan .

More here (Swedish). H/T: 


The human rights cult-of-thinking is going to kill us.

What a surprise! Now Albanian double killers uses human rights to try and stay in UK as it emerges he’s on bail accused of rape

  • Former Albanian gang henchman Avni Metra, 53, fighting deportation
  • Metra entered Britain in 1998 and has been on the run for 18 years
  • Albanian court sentenced him to 25 years in his absence for murder
Double killer: Avni Metra, 53, was in a defiant mood as he appeared at an extradition hearing in London

Double killer: Avni Metra, 53, was in a defiant mood as he appeared at an extradition hearing in London

An Albanian double murderer brought to justice by the Daily Mail invoked European human rights laws yesterday in a last-ditch bid to remain in Britain.

Avni Metra, 53, was in defiant mood as he appeared at an extradition hearing in London, where it emerged that he is currently on police bail facing an accusation of rape.

Slouched beside an interpreter, and wearing a black leather bomber-jacket with an upturned collar, the former Albanian gang henchman made it clear he was determined to fight deportation.

He listened as his lawyer, Helen Dawson, confirmed the findings of a Mail investigation into his background that resulted in his dramatic arrest after 18 years on the run on Wednesday.

She confirmed he had entered the UK in 1998 using a false identity and posing as a refugee from Kosovo.

When District Judge Sheila Bayane asked the man who calls himself Avdul Mekra his real name, he obligingly spelt it out. ‘A-V-N-I M-E-T-R-A’, he said gruffly, stumbling over the letters. He also gave his correct date of birth.

But when told by the court clerk that he had the choice to return voluntarily to Albania, he sneered and spat out a one-word answer: ‘Never!’

In his absence Metra has been sentenced to 25 years in prison by an Albanian court for murdering two brothers in 1997.

He is said to have gouged out the eyes and sliced off the ears of one of his victims. In other developments in the case yesterday:

÷It emerged that taxpayers now face a substantial bill to pay for Metra’s legal costs as he fights extradition;

÷The killer’s ex-wife told the Mail she was in fear of her life after deciding to tell the truth about his background;

÷Police came under fresh pressure to hunt down Metra’s murder accomplice, Kadri Hoxha, 56, who is also facing a 25-year prison sentence in Albania and is believed to be in hiding in the UK.

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That would be a shocker……

‘Thought we were going on a boat trip, ended up in SYRIA’: Three British tourists find themselves in war-torn region after a night out clubbing in Ayia Napa 

British tourists in war-torn region after night out clubbing in Ayia Napa 

Lewis Ellis, 25, Alex McCormick, 19, and James Wallman (pictured), 23, thought they were on a dolphin-watching trip but it turned out to be a boat transfer from Ayia Napa (inset left) to the Syrian port of Tartus. The club reps were oblivious until about halfway through their 100-mile trip across the Med on Monday, at which point they asked each other why they were so far from land and realised they were on the wrong vessel.

Upon landing in Tartus, which is 50 miles from the battle-scarred city of Homs (inset right), the trio were met by bemused military police stationed at a nearby Russian naval base. The hungover trio claim they still had no idea where they were until one of them was able to post on Facebook, revealing their location.

More here.


I would love to see it go ‘pfffffffffffft’ straight out of the harbor along with every other fraudugee.

NOTE: Snaphanen informs me that the port city of Elsinore is the pic in question.

‘Inflatable refugee’ visits Copenhagen on a mission

The ‘Inflatable Refugee’ is scheduled to arrive in Copenhagen on Monday afternoon. Photo: Schellekens & Peleman

Published: 23 May 2016 10:47 GMT+02:00

If you see a massive human sitting on a boat in the Copenhagen harbour on Monday, you’re not imagining things. Not have giants overtaken the Danish capital.

The strange site is instead the latest work from Belgian visual artists Schellekens & Peleman.

Entitled “Inflatable Refugee”, the 6-metre high blow-up is a “symbol of the dehumanization of the refugee and the current refugee crisis happening in the world” according to a press release.

The floating political statement will sail from Helsingør to Copenhagen aboard the Hawila, a 25.5m long refurbished wooden galeas that was built in Norway in 1935.

It is scheduled to arrive in the capital around 3pm on Monday.

More here.


If he succeeded would the judge (maroon) reduce his sentence because of his age?

I think he would have.

‘Lone wolf’, 20, jailed after hatching a plot to behead a British soldier in a copycat of Lee Rigby’s murder has his sentence reduced because he’s too YOUNG

  • Brustholm Ziamani was said to be ‘within hours’ of executing murder plan
  • Intended on hacking British soldier to death in twisted Lee Rigby style plot
  • Judge sentenced him to 22 years behind bars following trial in March 2015
  • But appeal court today decided to cut three years off because of his age 
Brustholm Ziamani (pictured), 20, was said to be 'within hours' of executing his murder plan with a hammer and a 12 inch knife when he was arrested

Brustholm Ziamani (pictured), 20, was said to be ‘within hours’ of executing his murder plan with a hammer and a 12 inch knife when he was arrested

A Muslim convert who was jailed for 22 years for plotting a Lee Rigby-style beheading has had his sentence slashed by three years because a judge felt he was too young to serve such a length.

Brustholm Ziamani, 20, was said to be ‘within hours’ of executing his murder plan with a hammer and a 12 inch knife when he was arrested in east London on August 19, 2014.

After being hauled to jail he told a prison officer at HMP Wandsworth he intended to pose with the soldier’s decapitated head – his ‘trophy’ – in one hand and an Islamic flag in the other.

The extremist, who was groomed by members of a radical Islamic organisation, had researched the locations of Army cadet bases in south east London – as well as detailed information about Lee Rigby’s killing.

When police searched Ziamani’s house during an unrelated investigation in June 2014, they found handwritten notes vowing that ‘British soldiers’ heads will be removed’ as he ‘[waged] war against the British Government’.

Another note stated: ‘We should do a 9/11 and a 7/7 and Woolwich all in one day every day for eight years.’

Judge Timothy Pontius jailed Ziamani for 22 years with an extended licence period of five years at the Old Bailey last March after he was convicted of preparing an act of terrorism.

But the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Sir John Thomas, today reduced that custodial sentence to 19 years at the Court of Appeal on the basis of sentencing guidance under section five of The Terrorism Act.

Referring to Ziamani’s punishment, he said: ‘This offending was towards the very top end of the scale for offences under section five [of the Terrorism Act] but, given his youth, we consider that the custodial part of the sentence, namely 22 years, was too long.’

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Actually, not at all, and a lack thereof……

You call yourself a pencil eraser, and demand your right to be called a pencil eraser from everyone that you come into contact with (or you’ll take them to court), because you’ll have the necessary papers that prove you’re in fact a pencil eraser.

NOTE: And of course Shamnesty is there applauding the proposal like a bunch of clapping seals.

Norway preps ‘breakthrough’ on gender change

Norway preps 'breakthrough' on gender change

Health Minister Ben Høie presented the proposal on Friday. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Published: 18 Mar 2016 19:36 GMT+01:00

The ministry introduced a bill proposing that “people who want to change their legal gender are no longer required to undergo medical treatment.”
The bill is expected to pass with a broad majority in parliament.

“Norway is in the forefront when it comes to LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] rights. But our current system for changing legal gender is unacceptable and has been unchanged for nearly 60 years. This proposal is in accordance with human rights,” Healthcare Minister Bent Høie said in a statement.

The bill “is historic because it is now the individual and not the health services that decide when he or she has changed legal gender,” he said.

As in many other countries, people who want to officially change sex in Norway must currently undergo a long slew of procedures that usually take many years.

They have to go through in-depth psychiatric tests, hormone treatments and surgery for irreversible sterilisation.

“It’s a very intrusive process,” said Patricia Kaatee of Amnesty Norway.

More here.


The judge should have immediately overturned the jury’s verdict.

The police should be following the bank accounts of these jurists for some time to come. Also, how much you want to bet that if the perp was the former leader of the EDL he would have been found guilty with the key thrown away.

Saudi millionaire acquitted of rape charge after claiming he tripped and fell on teen

Victor Ferreira | December 16, 2015 | Last Updated: Dec 16 9:14 PM ET
More from Victor Ferreira | @VicF77

Property developer Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, was accused of forcing himself on the teenager as she slept off a night of drinking on the sofa of his Maida Vale flat.

Property developer Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, was accused of forcing himself on the teenager as she slept off a night of drinking on the sofa of his Maida Vale flat.

A Saudi millionaire who claims he accidentally fell on and penetrated an 18-year-old woman in Britain has been cleared of one count of rape.

Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, was accused of raping the woman as she slept on his sofa after bringing her and her 24-year-old friend home from a London nightclub, the Telegraph reports.

The woman was with her friend, who was known to Abdulaziz, at the Cirque le Soir nightclub on Aug. 7, 2014. After inviting both to join him at his CA$2,000-a-night table, the millionaire brought the two women back to his home.

The court heard Abdulaziz gave the two women vodka to drink before leading the 24-year-old woman to another room to have sex. When the 18-year-old awoke the next morning, she told the court Abdulaziz was on top of her and raping her.

More here. H/T: ChanaS.


Minding his own business and creating good will while he does it is just too much for council officials.

My guess, the yearly tradition offended certain ears.

Threatened with court – for playing Christmas music at flower stall

Alan Poole, who raises money for the Children’s Hospital described council decision as ‘nonsense’

Rotunda Square stallholder Allan Poole with daughter Roxanne

A Birmingham florist is at the centre of a ding-dong with council officials after they ordered him to stop playing Christmas carols – or face court action.

But last night Allan Poole, whose city centre Yuletide display raises money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, refused to mistle-toe the line.

He has vowed to continue with the seasonal soundtrack and have his day in court.

There will be no silent nights – or days, for that matter – at his stall until magistrates ban the music.

The 52-year-old, who has manned Central Flowers stall in the city centre for close on 40 years and broadcast traditional tinsel songs for over a decade, told the Sunday Mercury: “This is a nonsense. It’s Christmas and I’m playing Christmas music like every other trader.”

Allan Poole’s Rotunda Square stall

More here. H/T: Tommy Robinson


Direct result from purging Islam, sharia, jihad from the public office lexicon.

So all that talk about beefed up screening (Syria has absolutely no database with which to check/screen names of potential terrorists) by US security agents is total crap. Paul Ryan is a fraud, but you knew that already.

obama blinking

Obama Officials Trained To Focus On Behavior, Not Religion Or Ideology

“The 2012 FBI directive to remove religious and political motivations from investigations and screening came at a time when the Obama administration was busy purging anything they believed might reflect poorly on Muslims, regardless of how it effected our national security,” national security consultant David Reaboi told The Daily Caller.

Reaboi explained, “Since then — and now, presumably, in screening refugees, investigators are trained not to ask about all the key identifiers that would allow them to spot Islamic terrorists or other Islamists who want to do harm to America. Because ISIS, al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood understand themselves in precisely those ways, they’re prevented from asking anything meaningful beyond, ‘are you a terrorist?’”

“‘Are you a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? What school of Islamic law do you follow? Where do you go to mosque? Do you believe someone who insults Islam deserves to be killed? Would you like to make America an Islamic country?’ All of these questions — the most important ones — are off-limits,” Reaboi said.

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Triple face palm

Kaj Wahlman of Helsinki police is not looking forward to that, as the actual deportations have to be carried out by police officers. He suggests that, if Finland rejects around half of the 20,000 asylum claims made this year, the state offers people financial incentives to return home. That way fewer resources will be needed to deal with the process.

Now wrap your mind around that for a moment. If rejected for asylum, they then will be offered taxpayer money to return home. What in the world are they being offered any taxpayer money whatsoever? Many of these people are flush with cash, confiscate their money, from those who have it, and use that for air fee in flying their lying butts out of the country. What is wrong with these public officials?

Asylum lessons and deportations

Asylum seekers still lead the news in Iltalehti. The paper’s first four inside news pages are dominated by the topic, with the first two covering the integration support currently winging its way to reception centres nationwide. The teaching material has been created by the Immigration Service and Finnish NGOs, and explains some of the mysteries about Finnish society.

Among other things, the newcomers will learn that Finns don’t talk much, like their personal space, try to uphold principles of gender equality, and abide by the laws. Food also gets a mention, with Karelian pies, rye bread, potatoes and Karelian hot pot all described as Finnish favourites.

Sex is perhaps the biggest controversy. Asylum seekers will be informed that gay relationships are perfectly acceptable in Finland, and that sex education is an important part of the Finnish schooling system.

Deportations on agenda

The next asylum story is less banal. It focuses on what IL describes as a ‘wave of deportations’ on the way, when the asylum seekers who arrived this year get their decisions–and those refused residency will have to leave.

Kaj Wahlman of Helsinki police is not looking forward to that, as the actual deportations have to be carried out by police officers. He suggests that, if Finland rejects around half of the 20,000 asylum claims made this year, the state offers people financial incentives to return home. That way fewer resources will be needed to deal with the process.



No words needed here.

A £50,000 stretch limo was hired for £3,000 to ferry asylum seekers from London to Manchester, it was claimed yesterday.

The 16-seat Hummer took seven Africans from the village hotel they had been staying in to their new homes. The chauffeur told astonished locals that the Home Office was picking up the tab.

Residents in Longford, near Heathrow, say they are ‘overwhelmed’ with migrants who have turned their village into a transit camp.

Finding a home: Dozens of migrants are arriving on coaches and being transferred to houses, residents say(men in question not in this picture)

Asylum seekers ferried around in a stretch limo: £50,000 Hummer chauffers migrants from London to Manchester after village was ‘overwhelmed’ (and guess who’s picking up the £3,000 bill!)

£50k luxury stretch Hummer used to ferry asylum seekers from London to Manchester

Typically the preserve of hen and stag parties, this 16-seater luxury vehicle pulled up in the historic village of Longford. The village, in the London Borough of Hillingdon, is currently home to dozens of migrants who are being put up by the Home Office in residential properties. Normally they are taken from Longford to longer-term accommodation around the country in buses or coaches. But villagers were shocked when the Hummer (pictured) turned up earlier this year, reportedly to ferry migrants to their new homes.

More here.



Where a Jew prays determines one losing his/her gun permit, is way beyond me.

Jewish Woman Loses Gun For ‘Praying on Temple Mount’

More here. H/T: Gladiator

NOTE: Now is not the time to be disarming those who can fire a weapon.


Excellent take down of the incredibly dense and dumb. 

New Israel Fund’s Amiram Goldblum Knows Who The Real Terrorists Are

Meet my friend David Zlotnick (a terrorist) and his wife (a terrorist too) and his kids (not quite terrorists yet). Here he is taking his family on a break to the coast away from their busy schedule of occupying the ancestral homeland of the Jews in the hills above Jerusalem:

David Zlotnick, terrorist settler, and his terrorist settler kids according to New Israel Fund - Photo: David the Terrorist

He, and his wife (but not his kids yet), are all terrorists according to Amiram Goldblum of theNew Israel Fund.

When David is not engaging in acts of (invented) terror by living on the indigenous land of the Jews, he runs one of Israel’s most spectacular networks of emergency health clinics which employs and treats numerous Arabs and Jews without reference to ethnicity (obviously)because Israel isn’t an apartheid state.

He masterminds this from his terrorist hide out of Neve Daniel, a town which was is part of the Gush Etzion block which was violently ethnically cleansed of Jews and illegally occupied by Jordan from 1949 to its liberation in 1967.

More here by Brian of London @


So now Austria is stuck with three Islamic State-bound Chechens.

They were out of Austria, and in Turkey heading for Syria, now they’re back in Austria and in little over two years, once again roaming their streets.

Austria jails three Isis-bound Chechens

Austria jails three Isis-bound Chechens

Photo: Victor/Flickr

Published: 01 Oct 2015 15:59 GMT+02:00

The 20-year-old man, his 21-year-old wife and the man’s 39-year-old mother were intercepted in Turkey. They had travelled there with the help of a people smuggler, via Bulgaria. The smuggler testified in court that the three had planned to travel on to Syria.

However, they told police they were in Turkey to obtain medical treatment for the man’s mother who suffers from depression and panic attacks.

But presiding judge Daniel Rechenmacher ruled that their arguments were “completely implausible” and “disproved by objective evidence material”. The man was given two years in jail and the mother 21 months.

More here.


The kind of man you wouldn’t want around under any circumstances, and government officials set him loose upon the people of the UK.

He shouted: “I am Isis and my people will cut off your b—s, Christians.”

Iranian man who threatened to behead passers-by not deported because officials couldn’t get him passport

A man who threatened to behead members of the public was set free by authorities because they could not get him a passport

Muslim fanatic Noureden Mallaky-Soodmand, 41, who has been jailed for four years at Teesside Crown Court

Muslim fanatic Noureden Mallaky-Soodmand, 41, who has been jailed for four years at Teesside Crown Court Photo: North News

An Iranian man who threatened to behead members of the public was set free by authorities because they could not complete the paper work required to deport him.

Officials lost track of Noureden Mallaky-Soodmand, 41, who should have been sent back to Iran following arrests for carrying knives on the streets of London.

But because Iranian embassy officials could not issue travel documents, he was never deported and was simply re-housed 250 miles away in Stockton-on-Tees, a court has heard.

On April 2 this year he ran amok with a curved knife – specifically designed for decapitating victims.

The blade that was brandished by Mallaky-Soodmand

More here. H/T: Fjordman & Buck


How about sending a letter to his family in Shiraz Iran for a copy of his birth certificate? Numbskulls.

Do they even realize how this angers the average citizen to no end, that the government, that supposed to look out for their security, can’t even send someone back who wants to go?

No way home: Iranian immigrant desperate to get out of Manchester will be stuck there for a while yet as it emerges the Iranian Embassy in London has no record of his passport application

Take me home: Iranian born Arash Aria who walked into a Greater Manchester police station and demanded to be deported has said he did so because he was 'fed up' with living in Manchester.

Take me home: Iranian born Arash Aria who walked into a Greater Manchester police station and demanded to be deported has said he did so because he was ‘fed up’ with living in Manchester.

  • Arash Aria, 25, walked into a police station and demanded to be deported
  • He said he’d been living illegally in the UK for 10 years and has had enough
  • But Home Office revealed he has indefinite leave to remain, so was let go
  • But Mr Aria can’t return home because his Iranian passport has expired 

The Iranian migrant who walked into a Manchester police station and begged to be deported may be stuck in the UK for a while longer because he hasn’t got a passport to get back to his home country.

Arash Aria, 25, who said he was desperate to leave because of the ‘rudeness and violence’ in the city, can’t actually return home because his Iranian passport has expired.

He says he is in limbo waiting to be sent a new one, but it has now emerged the Iranian Embassy in London has no record of his application.

On Monday Mr Aria handed himself in at a police station where he told officers he had been in the UK illegally for ten years. But he was released two hours later after immigration officials found he had indefinite leave to be in the country.

Read more:  H/T: Buck


According to PC mind think, we’re supposed to believe she’s actually black, just like were supposed to believe Bruce Jenner’s name & dress change make him into a woman.


NOTE: I don’t mind people doing what they want as long as it has no consequences to me and/or society at large, but don’t expect/demand that I adhere and buy into their lunacy. Remember, it wasn’t enough that Winston Smith admitted he was wrong and got his mind straight in order for Big Brother to finally dispatch him from the land of the living dead, he also had to show sincere love for him as well.

H/T: Buck

Rachel Dolezal the black hairdresser: Former lecturer now does weaves and braids for women in a salon after losing her job in race row

  • Dolezal revealed to Vanity Fair she resorted to styling skills she learned in college after Eastern Washington University didn’t renew her contract
  • The former NAACP officer and African Studies professor claims people’s perceptions of race are to blame for the outcry – and not her own actions
  • She added: ‘I wouldn’t say I’m African American, but I say I’m black… it’s not something that I can put on and take off any more’
  • The 37-year-old divorcee was outed as white by her parents last month 

Former NAACP official Rachel Dolezal has resorted to doing weaves and braiding hair three times a week to make ends meet after losing her job lecturing on the history of black hair at a university.

Dolezal, who still insists she is black six weeks after she was publicly outed by her parents as white, did not have her contract with Eastern Washington University renewed after all of the controversy.

Now the ex-African Studies professor is using the styling skills she learned while attending college in Mississippi to put food on the table for her 13-year-old son Franklin at their Spokane-area home

Rachel Dolezal, pictured last month, insists she is black six weeks after she was publicly outed as white. It's been revealed she has resorted to weaving and braiding hair three times a week to make ends meet

Rachel Dolezal, pictured last month, insists she is black six weeks after she was publicly outed as white. It’s been revealed she has resorted to weaving and braiding hair three times a week to make ends meet

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Which proves the point all along, reacting to his ”inner male” he chooses violence over words.



Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro has filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department alleging battery against transgender Inside Edition reporter Zoey Tur, née Robert Albert Tur.

Shapiro filed the report Sunday morning, two days after a contentious exchange with Tur on the HLN program Dr. Drew. On a panel discussion over Bruce Jenner’s receipt of ESPN’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award, Tur grabbed Shapiro’s neck and growled, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” Shapiro later alleged that Tur had threatened him after the appearance, “I’ll see you in the parking lot,” and that CNN security had escorted Shapiro to his car after ensuring Tur had left the premises. Tur also tweeted out on Friday that he would like to “curb stomp” Shapiro.

Tur’s threats against Shapiro followed Shapiro arguing that referring to transgender people by their preferred instead of biological sex is “mainstreaming delusion.” Of Jenner, Shapiro declared, “How he feels on the inside is irrelevant to the question of his biological self.” After Tur suggested that Shapiro knew nothing about genetics, the following exchange then occurred:

Shapiro asked if the discussion was supposed to be on genetics and asked, “What are your genetics, sir?” Pinsky said to Tur, “I’d stay away from the genetics and back to the brain scans.”

Tur then said to Shapiro, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” Shapiro responded, “That seems mildly inappropriate for a political discussion.” Oduolowu said that, to be fair, Shapiro was being rude, to which Shapiro answered, “I’m sorry, it’s not rude to say that someone who’s biologically a male is a male.” Tur stated, “You just called me a ‘sir.’”

After some of the other panelists, particularly radio and “Chain Reaction” host Mike Catherwood, objected that Shapiro knew that what he said would be “insulting” and “inflammatory.” Shapiro responded, “It’s not a matter of insulting or inflammatory. It’s a fact. You are a male. Dr. Drew is a male.”

More here