The key issue here is the state media and security community calling this Islamonazi ”Finnish” and their refusal to divulge the name.


The islamonazi’s name is Cubeyda Hassan Jama, and he’s no more ”Finnish” than I am, and I’ve lived here for over 28 yrs. He’s a Somali Islam 101’er with dual nationality. That he has nothing to do with terrorism here in Finland is one thing, and that’s great, but he is someone who managed to acquire Finnish citizenship, someone who is completely alien to the Finnish way of life, being completely unwilling (I would say unable) to participate in a modern Western society. So why was he here, and who was the genius(es) who decided he should get citizenship in the first place? That’s the more troubling aspect surrounding this islamofascist.

Security police: Finnish terrorism suspect case “not linked to Finland”

Finland’s security and intelligence police Supo says that the Finnish citizen charged in London with terrorism-related crimes has been living outside of Finland for some time. Supo chief inspector Tuomas Portaankorva said the case is unrelated to Finland.

Suojelupoliisin ylitarkastaja Tuomas Portaankorva.

Supo chief inspector Tuomas Portaankorva. Image: Yle

Finland’s security and intelligence police Supo said that the case of the young Finnish national held in Britain on suspicion of terrorism had no direct links to Finland in light of current information.

“The individual has been abroad for several years, a long time, and the arrest took place overseas. This matter is not linked to Finland,” said Supo chief inspector Tuomas Portaankorva.

Earlier on Monday London Metropolitan Police disclosed that the 19 year-old suspect resided in southern London in the Thornton Heath area. The man appeared in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court Monday afternoon. The suspect faces charges of attempting to join the extremist organisation Islamic State. However he has denied the allegations.

Prosecutors say that the man tried to travel to Syria by way of Romania. He was detained last Friday as he attempted to leave Stansted airport on a departing flight. Prosecutors also say that police found instruments in the man’s possession that could be used in battle.

For its part Supo said that the number of people known to be leaving Finland for Syria or Iraq has remained the same: so far at least 70 people have traveled to conflict areas. It estimated that 15 – 18 have since been killed.



Looks like airport security has a terror mole…..

The more frightening aspect of this is, anyone in security could wave a laptop laden with explosives through the screening process. So ensuring of the integrity of security has to be of number one concern, as it is in the CIA or in other intelligence communities.



Handed a bomb once he had already cleared Customs: CCTV footage shows moment suspected bomber of Somali jet is handed a laptop in which explosives were concealed

Somali authorities release CCTV in connection with plane blast 

  • Video shows suspected bomber being given a laptop at Mogadishu airport
  • One of the two men handing the device is wearing a security jacket 
  • Explosives were concealed in the laptop according to Somali intelligence 
  • The alleged suicide bomber was then sucked out of Daallo Airlines jet
  • Somali authorities arrested 15 people in connection to the incident  

This is the extraordinary CCTV footage of the suspected bomber of a Somali plane at the exact moment when he is being handed a laptop in which the explosives were concealed.

The video, released by Somali intelligence officials, shows a passenger being given a laptop by two other men, one of whom is wearing a security jacket, after he passed through security.

The National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) believes the passenger is the suicide bomber who was blown from the Daallo Airlines jet creating a gaping hole in the fuselage and forcing the plane to make an emergency landing back at the Mogadishu airport.   

The suspected bomber approaches the two men after he passed through security checkpoint 

The suspected bomber approaches the two men after he passed through security checkpoint

He is being given a laptop, which investigators believe contained the explosives that ripped a hole in the Daallo airlines jet

It is believed the laptop-like device was the bomb that caused the explosion. The plane’s pilot said that if the explosion happened when the aircraft was at a higher altitude it could have caused the jet to crash.

‘There are investigations going on and about 15 people have been arrested so far in connection with the incident,’ a Somali security official who asked not to be named told AFP.

‘The initial investigation results indicate that the bomb was planted in a laptop and was carried by one of the passengers.

‘A CCTV camera recorded some of the activities and the attack is believed to have been coordinated by a network of individuals, many of whom have been arrested and are being investigated,’ the source added.

The authorities had initially attributed the blast to sudden air decompression.

More here


Quotation marks around ”Finnish” for all the obvious reasons…….


It’s always amazed me in how Somalis in Finland have been able to scam the system. They’ve a plethora of NGO groups that receive public funding, and the only group that I know that are registered, forever it seems, as refugees, but come and go from Somalia and Finland like geese in a flying wedge.

Ministry confirms Finn injured in mystery Somali plane blast

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Helsinki confirms that a Finnish man was injured in an unusual air explosion over Somalia on Tuesday.

repeämä lentokoneessa
A screengrab shows the hole over the right wing. Image: Twitter

The Aviation Herald reported that an elderly Finnish man was severely burned when a mysterious blast blew a hole in the fuselage of a passenger plane that had just taken off from the capital Mogadishu.

The plane returned to the airport for an emergency landing. Several people reported injured, while one man was sucked out of the hole in the plane and found dead on the ground. The Finn is now in stable condition at a Mogadishu hospital. The cause of the explosion remains unclear.

Ministry: Avoid Somalia

Teemu Turunen, director of the ministry’s Unit for Consular Assistance, says the patient is in stable condition.

“Together with the man, his relatives and doctors, we’re now considering how he can next be helped. Assistance is made difficult by the fact that Finland does not have an official representation in Somalia. Our embassy in Nairobi handles matters there.”

Turunen declined to provide more details about the man. He pointed out that the ministry has issued a travel advisory warning Finns against visiting Somalia, noting repeated terrorist attacks. An estimated 17,000 people of Somali descent live in Finland.

Body found 30km from Mogadishu

The plane was a Daallo Airlines Airbus A321 en route to Djibouti.

Somalia’s civil aviation director, Abdiwahid Omar, told the state radio website that a person was missing after the Daallo Airlines plane landed on Tuesday and the body had been found.

“The investigation goes on,” Omar said, without mentioning any explosion or what had forced the plane to return except to say there was a “sudden defect” reported by the captain.

Local authorities in the Balcad area, about 30 km north of Mogadishu, said the body of man, believed to have been sucked out of the plane, was found in the area.

A police officer at Mogadishu airport said, “The dead body of the passenger is being transported to Mogadishu.” The officer, who asked not to be named, told Reuters that the man was about 55 years old.

Bound for Djibouti

Daallo Airlines said on its Facebook page on Tuesday that the plane, operated by Hermes Airlines, took off from Mogadishu with 74 passengers on board before it “experienced an incident” that forced it to return.

A hole of about a metre in diameter was ripped in the side the plane just above the engines on the right wing, with streaks of soot on the plane.

Yle, Aviation Herald, Reuters, AFP, BBC,


How dare The Local refer to these islamonazi jackals as ….Swedes.

Obtaining citizenship doesn’t make them Swedish, any more than my Finnish citizenship makes me an ethnic Finn. At least I abide by the rules, customs and traditions of the country.

Swedes jailed for fighting with Islamist terrorist group

Swedes jailed for fighting with Islamist terrorist group

Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for some of the worst terror attacks in East Africa. Photo: Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP

Published: 16 Jan 2016 13:30 GMT+01:00

Ali Yasin Ahmed, 31, and Mohamed Yusuf, 33, were sentenced by US District Judge John Gleeson in Brooklyn, New York, in light of their guilty pleas in May to conspire to provide material support to al-Shabaab.

Both men were Somali-born and returned to Somalia from Sweden in 2008 in order to fight.

The Swedes fought against US-funded African Union forces in Somalia, prosecutors said.

Yusuf appeared in a Al-Shabaab video to encourage recruits to travel to Somalia and join the group, and also threatened a cartoonist who depicted the Prophet Mohammed — considered blasphemous to many Muslims.

More here.


H/T: MEP JUssi Halla-aho (PS): 

“Resembles someone of east African appearance “? Would it not be simpler to say that the suspects are Somali?”

Jussi Halla-aho1

Youths robbed of their money in Helsinki – police looking for them (suspects) for robbery


Gee, I’ve lived here for 28 years and never once had a terrorist organization try to enlist me into their ranks.

Who and through what channel were these requests being made? What social sites is the guy using that he would be reached in such a way, and was it through the mosque itself, through family members etc? Alas, the substandard fake news service (YLE) doesn’t ask the right questions, from either stupidity/ignorance or sheer lack of interest.

Also, there’s this line meant to stigmatize the non-racist Finnish society:

“Once on the bus I thought I would be nice and give my seat to a woman who was standing, but she didn’t want to sit where a black person had been sitting. Every day you meet racism out there. It makes you feel bad,” Habat declared.

Finns do not want to be pestered nor noticed on public transprotation, even if it means choosing to stand next to an empty seat, or waiting at a crosswalk though the driver motions with his hand (mine) signaling that he’s giving the right-of-way. The jackasses at YLE know this, but they play up the racism card because it fits neatly with their meme and agenda.

IS wants me: Young refugee resists extremist scouts

The extremist organisation Islamic State is recruiting underage asylum seekers in Finland to join ranks of fighters. That’s according to one young refugee who’s been five years in the country, Habat Wardhere. He told Yle that particularly during the long and idle summer months, there are dozens of young drifters ripe for enlistment.

Habat pakeni Mogadishusta viisi vuotta sitten 14-vuotiaana.

Habat fled to Finland from Somalia at the age of 14 five years ago. Image: Tuomo Björksten / Yle

Espoo resident Habat Wardhere came to Finland when he was just a boy of 14. Estimates put the number of young men like him in the hundreds. They come from places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. Many have no jobs and aren’t in school.

Habat said that the extremist recruiters know just whom to talk to. They point out that the youths are in a country where they have no future. If they joined Islamic State they would get money, status, they’d go to paradise and would even be considered holy.

“Come join us to free the faithful, we have the power to control the world. Blah, Blah,” Habat said, quoting the recruiters’ pitch.

The young refugee said that he came to know many youths in similar circumstances at the refugee centre in which he lived. Most of them, like him, had no family in Finland.

Making it against the odds

In spite of the staggering odds against him, 19 year-old Habat now has a summer job at an elder care facility in Helsinki. Otherwise, he’s studying to become a pharmacist and is receiving on the job training.

He pointed out that all of his peers would like to work, but aren’t given the opportunity to make a breakthrough into the job market, not even in low-paying positions like warehouse work or cleaning.

He said that sport is another area to constructively channel young men’s energies. However in Finland, playing football costs money.

“Everyone plays football. I believe that some of them could even play for the national team. But you have to belong to a club and that costs. A friend and I were in Espoo FC, but the player’s license was too expensive and we had to give it up,” he explained.

The temptations to go abroad looking for self-validation are huge, Habat explained. He said that men claiming to be imams urge rootless young men to go abroad to fight.

“And the boys believe them. How can I explain it? When you’re nothing it doesn’t take much,” he added.

Pull from social media

The pull to leave also comes from those who’ve already been recruited to join the fighting abroad.

“In social media guys from Syria say, ‘Look, out here I’m a king, we have everything.’ Some might comment, ‘Wow, good for you.’ The recruiters check to see who has commented and go to speak to them,” Habat remarked.

He claimed that there are many scouts, most of them older men who either live in Finland or visit the country. He noted that in the Somali culture, youngsters respect their elders.

“A man may follow you looking for the right moment to talk. In public transportation, on the bus, at some event or in the mosque. It could be anywhere. You are his target,” Habat said.

Luring young men to leave Finland seems to be easier during the summer Habat noted. That’s when the days stretch out and many youths are idle for extended periods. There’s no school or work and everyone is fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. It’s more difficult during the winter when people tend to stay indoors.

More here.


Not a good indicator for a healthy society if it’s allowed to continue.

Jussi Halla-aho on Facebook via HS:

Because the EU’s external border is leaking like a sieve, and internal borders are non-existent, Finland cannot prevent Somalis from applying for asylum here. Finland can only affect just how attractive a destination it is for asylum seekers.

As Migration Board Representative also notes, the nothing has changed in the Somalis circumstances, which would explain the growth in asylum applications. The Somali overall security situation has developed in a positive direction in recent years. Entrants are social welfare seekers who exploit the Mediterranean sea taxi services, who are attracted to Finland’s generous social welfare security and liberal family reunification policies.

A major problem is that the bigger the Somali population in Finland is grows, the more powerful magnet it will be for those who are just planning to depart. In Finland in 2013 there was a little less than 16 000 Somalia speakers. More recent figures are not available, but since 2006 the number of somalis have grown n. 1000 per year, so the current number seems to be at 17-18 000.

In terms of the Finnish population a thousand new Somalis a year doesn’t sound like much. A 1000 new demanding, subsidy dependent and culturally challenged Somalis moving to the suburbs of Vantaa, Helsinki and Turku every year, however, is quite a lot.

Government should not imagine that the problem will go away by itself. The good news is that fix doesn’t have to be very radical. The most important thing is to send a message to those migrants wanting employment that they shouldn’t bother coming here. Deporting criminals and returning  those who have been denied residence permits  should be intensified, and family reunification rules must be tightened.

Government programme will give a good framework for the necessary changes. The program is not enough, but we also need determination and political courage.


Sharia tops Finnish law, has five kids already, and many of his close friends have multiple wives as well.

This was published at the social site of Finland’s state broadcaster, (YLE) on their ”Kioski” page. No where in the article does the ”journalist” Marja Sannikka ever mention/question as to whether Omar’s arrangement is even legal under Finnish law (it isn’t). Neither does this jackass of a journo think to discuss the facts surrounding polygamous marriages in Islamic states, depleting the number of available females which leaves the streets teaming with frustrated men (already screwed up from daily doses of Islam).

Also, why in the hell is this tard going back and forth from Somalia and Finland? This also eludes the ace reporter,

Officially, Omar has only one wife, Fardowsa, but in Omar’s view, it’s of little importance.

– According to Sharia law, I can have two wives, and Sharia law always comes first. If I die, it goes without saying that the wives will act in compliance with the Sharia law and would share everything equally, says Omar.

Kuvitus: Jami Nurminen​

Man in Vantaa (Finland) has two wives and he wants more – why?

His first wife, Omar Luqman got as a prize. The 25-year-old ethnic Somali, Omar, was driving a truck in South Africa and helped a local woman with work so much that she wanted to donate to him her daughter.

– Desire is an understatement, my future mother in law liked me so much that she demanded to give me her daughter Fardowsan’s hand, says Omar.

Omar had no intention or desire to marry, but in the end he bowed, even though he had never even met the daughter. The mother explained it very well, and Fardowsa sounded like a good person.


And there was an evening, during which Omar met his future wife for the first time. He waited for Fardowsaa at the bus stop, and was nervous. What if she would be ugly or nasty? Omar tells that both were scared of the meeting, but was positively surprised and fell in love at first sight. But even this would not have happened, Omar would have married Fardowsan.

– I certainly would certainly not have backed away at that stage, the hand had already been given and received. It was good luck that Fardowsa was beautiful, says Omar.


That first night was nine years ago. At the moment, Omar lives in Finland, attends high school for adults, and has a happy marriage with Fardowsa in addition to another woman, with Deeqa.

But why a second wife? Is not one enough? The question according to Omar is foolish. The reason is simply that it is possible. According to Sharia law, a Muslim man can have up to four wives. Omar has always thought that if he falls in love with another woman, he does not in any way betray his wife, but rather his taking this another wife.

Thus, when Omar, three years after meeting Fardowsa, he met and fell in love again with his childhood sweetheart Deeqaan, the decision was easy. Omar says his first wife Fardowsan responded to the second marriage well from the very beginning. The matter was facilitated by the fact that Deeqa was in a way already familiar, because Omar had told about her, and at home was even showed her pictures.

Now the family has five children with 8, 7 and 5 years with the first wife and the 3 and 1 year old with the second wife. Of these, only Omar and the two oldest children currently residing in Finland, but Omar is trying to get all of them here.

More here in Finnish H/T; Kumitonttu


The online petition to deport the rapist, murdering Somali, Abdigadir Osman Hussein from the country when his parole comes up, is gaining steam, 59, 152 people have thus far signed it.


Deportation for Abdigadir Osman Hussein

We demand that Abdigadir Osman Hussein be expelled from Finland after his prison term, or even before it, and a lifetime ban placed on him!

Sentenced to life in prison for exceptional felony sexual offences and for murder, he is to be released soon from prison.

Helsinki Court of Appeal decided on Friday that Abdigadir Osman Hussein against Accessed September of next year. The liberation were opposed not only to the Criminal Sanctions Agency in Turku prison and a psychiatric prison hospital.

Helsinki Court of Appeal decided on Friday that Abdigadir Osman Hussein is to be released in September of next year. The parole was not only opposed by the Criminal Sanctions Agency, but also the Turku prison and the psychiatric prison hospital.


Why was it allowed to be built inside Kenya in the first place?

Kenya orders U.N. to move massive Somali refugee camp after attack

NAIROBI, April 11 (Reuters) – Kenya said on Saturday it had given the United Nations three months to move a massive refugee camp mostly used by Somalis over the border into Somalia, after militants from that country killed 148 people in a Kenyan university.

Kenyan authorities have in the past accused Islamist militants from Somalia of hiding out in Dadaab camp.

The Kenyan government has come under increasing pressure to do more to secure its citizens after a series of attacks claimed by Somalia’s al Qaeda-linked group al Shabaab. (Reporting by Duncan Miriri; Editing by Andrew Heavens)

Read more:  H/T: Vlad


Massacre as Muslim Al-Shabaab extremists storm Mogadishu hotel


Remarkable scenes of hostages desperately attempting to escape their attackers have emerged from Somalia (pictured), where a suicide bomber has detonated an explosives-laden car at the gate of a Mogadishu hotel and at least four gunmen taken hostages inside the building following a furious shootout with police. Nine people were killed in the initial blast, while an unknown number of government hostages remain trapped inside the building amid sporadic exchanges of gunfire, officials have said. More here.


Rape in Finland becoming a regular phenomenon as in Sweden.

This is in connection with the five Somali Muslims who raped a Finnish woman after harassing her on a train and followed/raped her after she got off. The eldest of the group was in court on Friday. Here are some of the pictures taken at the scene, the rapist had his family and friends along who then subequently left the venue after the judge ordered the weeping mother to be removed.

H/T: JT, who provides the TT with pictures from the court hearing

Somali rapist finland in court pics 15.3.2015

Tapanila gang rape in court

The suspect’s weeping mother removed from the hall

Iltalehden paikalla olevan kuvaajan mukaan paikalla oli runsaasti epäiltyjen sukulaisia ja ystäviä.

Friday, 03.13.2015 at 13.54 (updated 17:00)

A young woman’s rape  that occurred Tapanila was discussed in court today.

According to the Iltalehti’s photographer at the scene, the suspects had plenty of relatives and friends. (JOHN Palmen)

Police suspect the five from 15 to 18-year-old boys, of aggravated rape. Police said Friday afternoon that all suspects have been detained.

The rape took place on Monday evening in Helsinki Tapanila near the train station.

The first person detained to be presented was of full age. His mother was involved in the district court hearing, but the judge was forced to remove the crying woman from the Chamber. According to the Iltalehti’s photographer at the scene, the suspects had plenty of relatives and friends. According to him, plenty of people went into the Chamber, but they soon came back out of the room with the crying woman in tow.

The deadline for bringing charges against the defendent is Wednesday, April 15, 2015. The case will be tried behind closed doors. ILTALEHTI

Somali rapist finland in court pics 15.3.2015b

Somali rapist finland in court pics 15.3.2015c

Somali rapist finland in court pics 15.3.2015d



But then again, this biting culture is seen time and again in Saudi Arabia and other Arab/Muslim states.

Mother-of-two bit chunk out of fellow worshipper’s head at mosque ‘with a crunching sound’ and spat skin on the floor

Somali-born Suad Awad, 41 (pictured outside court left), lunged at extended relative Amina Essa (right) at Shepherd's Bush Mosque in west London
Awad bit a chunk out of Ms Essa's face before spitting the skin on the floor

  • Suad Awad bit extended relative Amina Essa at Shepherd’s Bush Mosque
  • The 41-year-old bit a chunk out of her face before spitting skin on the floor 
  • Ms Essa said she could ‘think of no reason’ why there could be bad blood
  • Victim has been left needing plastic surgery to heal wound below left eye 
  • Somali-born Awad admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm but spared jail

A mother-of-two who bit a chunk out of a fellow worshipper’s face at a mosque before spitting the skin out on the floor has been spared jail.

Suad Awad, 41, lunged at extended relative Amina Essa at Shepherd’s Bush Mosque in west London on May 4, 2013.

Ms Essa, who said she could ‘think of no reason why there could be bad blood between them’, was left needing plastic surgery for the wound above her left eye.

Awad, a Somali-born unemployed part-time student who lives in Shepherd’s Bush, has now pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm at Isleworth Crown Court.

Read more:




Somalis have long been the front leaders of Muslims in Europe heading to the jihad, long before it became a fad. The interesting thing is, European leaders keep turning the blind eye to supposed ”refugees” travelling back and forth from the countries which they originally fled.

epa04628649 An injured person is carried away on a stretcher in front of the Central Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, 20 February 2015. Reports say some 20 people, including senior officials, have been killed after a car bomb explosion outside the hotel was followed by a suicide bomber who blew himself up inside. Islamist militant group al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack. The fatalities included lawmaker Omar Ali Nur and Mogadishu deputy mayor Mohamed Adan Gulled Aano-geel, security official Mohamed Hassan told German news agency dpa.

Dutch Somalis Kill 25 People in Mogadishu

The press agency, AFP, quotes the Somali intelligence services that say that the homicide bombing in the Somalian capital Mogadishu was carried out by two Somalians with Dutch passports.  They blew up a hotel and 25 people were killed. The woman was a part-time employee of the hotel, and the two had both Dutch and Somalian passports.



This is a case of falling out with one’s own Islamo-terror pals and to save his own skin, turned himself over to the police.

Al Shabab leader surrenders in Somalia



Nah, it’s just jihad, commanded by Mohamed that’s to blame.


Surah 9 is one of the last entries of the koran.

saudi flag

And of course they refuse to deal with the main issue at hand, Islam calls for the faithful to fight the non-believer, wherever they reside, till the end of time. When looking at the entirety of the koran, hadiths and sira, they all point to the violent nature of Islam, and its open ended call for violence against the non-Muslim till they are either converted to the mohammedan creed, subjugated as 3rd class people and paying the jizya poll tax, or dead.

Surah 9.5 And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush.

So they do admit that mosques are being used as staging grounds for jihad, and that by default, authorities are correct in monitoring them for subversive activity.=>

So far the community leaders haven’t come up with any easy answers. They say they need help tracking down the jihadi head hunters and establishing strong links with local authorities will be an important part of how they operate.

“When we detect extremists spreading the word in our mosques, we can report them to the authorities,” Farah explained.

Nordic Somali communities join forces to fight extremist recruitment

Somali organisations from across the region gathered in Finland Tuesday to establish a cooperative aimed at heading off recruitment of their youngsters to join extremist groups. The community leaders expressed concerns about the growing radicalisation of Somali youth.

Miehiä lentokentällä.
Volunteers from Kanava, a Finnish youth organisation providing activities for Somali children and young adults. Image: Yle

Reports of Finnish youngsters being recruited to join extremist Islamist groups and leaving to fight in conflicts abroad have shocked the local Somali community.

It turns out that the problem spans the Nordic countries. A few dozen young people are known to have left Finland to engage in battle abroad,  but countries like Sweden and Norway have also been troubled by youngsters egnaging in war tourism.

In an article published in September, the US news service CNN conducted a study of 25 countries where local Muslims had gone to fight in Syria. It found that Finland had the highest percentage of jihadis abroad, mainly because of its small Muslim population.

Other Nordic countries also posted similar numbers of Muslims traveling overseas to fight. Finland’s 30+, was matched by the same number in Sweden, but was bested in Norway (40 – 50) and Denmark (100).

Finding alternatives for Somali youth

The Nordic support group established at a meeting in Espoo Tuesday aims to nip the trend in the bud by encouraging young Somalis to engage in alternative activities such as community projects. However elders say they know they’re facing an uphill battle in some cases.

“In the United States for example, it’s easier to integrate and feel American. But here in the Nordics you will always be just a little immigrant,” said Mohamed Farah of the Swedish Somali Association.

Abdulrahman Abdi Rage of Finland’s Somali Association said the groups are looking to find common ground on how to head of the problem.

“When we discuss and put our heads together we will come to some kind of understanding on how to deal with this issue. At least that’s what we hope,” he added.

More here.

NOTE: Notice that the meme of the failure of ”integration” being the focus of the article, and not on what the jihadis themselves have said on what is motivating them, that being, Islam 101 (the basic fundamentals of Islam). Muslim youths from Finland are not travelling to Syria/Iraq due to exclusion from society, but out of a sense of duty to the calls of the koran, for jihad against the non-believer.



‘Not guilty’ but up to her neck in the jihad.


TT colleague says:

“An ex-wife of Al-Shabaab leader lives in Finland. Didn’t know that… It comes out in this story which focuses on another Somali woman. It seems like there’s a lot more going on than we thought… So in other words, there has been a whole lot going on! several people have been suspected of sending money from Finland al-Shabaab. Crap, this whole story is revealing so much more information than what Iltalehti means to. Its evident now, that there are strong links between some Finnish muslims and al-Shabaab!

According to Islamic law, they (Muslims) have to send money for the jihad, 1/8 of the zakat, (alms) is automatically sent to those fighting in the jihad. Proceeds from halal sales goes to it as well. The following is a TT translation.

After three years of hell

Somali woman suspected of terrorism tells Iltalehti of her plight 

Iltalehti Sunday 10.05.2014 at 07.01

Plain-clothes police knock on the door of Somali women living in the metropolitan area on 7 September 2011.

– Olen joutunut kantamaan kaikki tärkeät tavarat mukanani siltä varalta, että poliisit tulevat hakemaan minut, somalinainen kertoo.

– I’ve had to carry all of my essentials with me in case the cops come and get me, the Somali says. (JARNO Juuti)

A knock began the torment that ended until three years later.

Deputy Prosecutor General Jorma Kalske and the State Prosecutor Juha-Mikko Hämäläinen outlined on 16 September 2014, that there isn’t a probable cause to suspect the woman accused of financing terrorism.

Iltalehti met with the released thirty something woman who was suspected of a crime at a restaurant.

The woman is accompanied with a lawyer who does not want her name to appear in the story, an interpreter and Finnish-speaking Somali.

The woman is dressed in a face veil, or niqab, which she did not previously use.

Because of suspicion of terrorism, the woman has become fearful, and she dares only to reveal to outsiders her eyes.

– Doctors may read from my face, that I have a problem. I do not have the courage to tell everyone what I have been suspected of, the woman says through an interpreter.

Sending money to blame

Why did the woman come to the authorities attention?

– Do I have to answer? I am not connected to the story in any way, I am innocent, the woman says.

In the reading of the decision not to prosecute, it was revealed that the woman knows the man who is alleged to be the leader of the al-Shabaab organization, as well as being his ex-spouse living in Finland.

According to attorney Matti Nurmela, the woman knows these people and has been in text messaging with them, but is not aware of the people’s background.

Prosecutors view is slightly different: according to them, the woman has been aware of the nature of the activities of the al-Shabaab-organization, as well as its the persons supporting it.

The authorities became interested in 2.9.2009 $ 50 cash shipment.

Pre-trial investigation could not “obtain evidence to support the assertion that the remittance would be intended for the al-Shabaab’s use”.

The woman said that the money had been allocated to her cousin, who needed money for debt payments.

Somali community shunned

Back in September 2011 a plain clothes policeman came to the woman’s apartment. Police officers overwhelmed the apartment through the balcony. A camera on the home was installed.

The woman was caught, arrested and imprisoned for a month.

– I can not tell you in one sentence what it felt like.

More in Finnish here.



If you can’t stand American ways, get the hell out!

Somali Muslims in US Demand Halal Welfare from Americans

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.


Somali settlers. They’re just the gift that keeps on giving. Or maybe we’re their gift that keeps on giving.

Muslims in Minnesota facing poverty and tapping local food banks say they need a program that recognizes their pork-free needs.

Somali-Americans in one Minneapolis community have called for local government officials to create a no-pork zone via a special food shelf just for foods that conform to their faith, a local CBS News affiliate reported.

“It’s about human rights also — basic human rights to get the proper food and also healthy food,” Imam Hassan Mohamud told the affiliate.

“Some food shelves are trying to meet the need, but some of them already got canned beans that have already been mixed with pork — and there is a literacy issue here,” Mr. Weli said, CBS reported.

So Americans need to cater to illiterate unemployed Muslims on welfare. Human rights doesn’t mean having the government give you pork-free products. It means not being forced to eat pork products.

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