But these are not rational people.

These are very hard core socialists trying to implement basic socialist principles that many socialist states are little by little rejecting/moving away from.

At the time Denmark became rich relative to the rest of the world, it was not a welfare state. In fact, Denmark has historically been a low tax country by international standards. Until the 1960s, the Danish tax revenue to GDP ratio was at the same level as the US, and lower than the British. The sharp divergence in the Danish tax level really occurred in the second half of the 1960s, when first a left-wing coalition government and then a right-wing one increased the tax-to-GDP ratio by some ten percentage points.

The Danish Model: Don’t try this at home

The Danish Model: Don't try this at home

“It can hardly be claimed that introducing the welfare state made Denmark rich; it was rather the other way around.” Photo:Javier Lastras/Flickr

Published: 05 Nov 2015 08:34 GMT+01:00

I am increasingly, both in Denmark and abroad, being met by the claim that Denmark somehow is proof that a gentler socialism is preferable to free market capitalism, promising more happiness, greater wealth or both. Recently, the Democratic contenders to become the presidential candidate of their party, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, were declaring their love for Denmark.

I came across the rising attraction of the model myself at the Greek Emergency Summit in Athens, earlier this year, and I gave a talk about it at the Students for Liberty conference in Sofia last month. My advice was: Don’t try this at home; at least not until you understand what the Danish Model is about.

More here.


Who in the hell does this guy think he is?

A socialist statist, that’s who. I’m surprised he didn’t go full tilt and ask why she hasn’t euthanized herself yet, since in his opinion she’s no longer a productive citizen contributing to the “common good”.

I’m proud to be a home blocker: Why a woman who lives alone in a five-bed £850k house won’t move to make room for young families

Why Jeanette Kuppermann who lives alone in five-bed house won't move

Jeanette Kuppermann has lived in her house in the Home Counties for 45 years and is outraged by TV journalist Robert Peston’s suggestion that people like her should downsize. Jeanette says nothing will come between her and beloved home, which she is pictured standing in front of, centre, and where she has lived since 1970. The mother has built up many happy memories in her home with her late husband Jacques and children, including daughter Mina, who she is pictured with in 1971, left.

More here.


I never would have believed that I would see the day that an avowed socialist (old tottering fool) would be taken seriously as a credible democrat debate participant. 

Ronald Reagan or a Margaret Thatcher would be salivating at the chance to run against such a candidate, they would mop the floor with them with ease.


Do not feel sorry for him, I don’t, this is the mob in which he swims, just a more street gutter expression of ther socialist/statist mindset.

That thousands turn up to hear this dithering idiot speak tells you how much recent immigration and marxist Democrat policies have damaged America.


At a Saturday afternoon rally in Seattle, Washington, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was shut down by screeching Black Lives Matters protestors.

As Sanders was speaking, two women surrounded his podium and said they would shut the event down if they were not allowed to speak. When an attempt was made to ask the women to “be reasonable,” they began shouting. Soon, avowed socialist Sanders was forced to leave the stage where he shook hands with many white well-wishers in the audience.

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That The Local even asks that obvious question is laughable.

French presidential candidate Francois Hollande dust up

Of course hard-fisted wealth confiscation drives people to land their wealth on safer shores, it’s to be expected, and was widely predicted when the intention was first publicized. The Left are regressive, anti-Enlightenment no growth medieval throwbacks.

Are taxes behind rise in exodus of rich French?

Are taxes behind rise in exodus of rich French?

Are taxes behind a rise in number of wealthy French people heading abroad? Photo: AFP

Published: 07 Aug 2015 14:27 GMT+02:00

Actor Gérard Depardieu may have been the most high profile wealthy Frenchman to take his fortune abroad, but he’s not the only one.
Indeed French film director Luc Besson announced this week that in future he would be paying his taxes in California rather than France.
The leaving of the likes of Depardieu has helped fuel the image that any French person worth a bit of money was packing their suitcase to escape the country’s tax man – who shot to global fame in 2012 when François Hollande vowed to introduce a 75 percent levy on millionaires.
And new figures published by financial newspaper Les Echos, which came from the Ministry of Finance at Bercy, will only give ammunition to those on the right who accused the Socialist government of driving  the wealthy abroad.
In 2013 the number of French tax payers earning over €100,000 a year leaving for abroad rose by 40 percent, Les Echos says, with 3,744 individuals heading for the departure gates.
That compares to 2,674 in 2012, the year Hollande was elected and 1,330 in 2010.
And for the very, very rich who earn over €300,000 each year, the number of nationals quitting France rose by 46 percent from 451 in 2012 to 659 in 2013

More here.


I hate to say it, but it’s led to the death of the Republic, as Mark Levin repeatedly says, the U.S. is presently in a post-constitutional phase, Ameritopia.

Let’s Talk about Socialism

Written by: Diana West  Monday, August 03, 2015 11:49 AM

The quotations below are found (and end-noted) in American Betrayal.

In a 1951 letter to Norman Thomas, perennial Socialist candidate for president in the 20th century, novelist and onetime Socialist candidate for Congress Upton Sinclair wrote:

“The American people will take Socialism, but they won’t take the label.”

Norman Thomas  wrote in 1953:

“Here is America more measures once praised or denounced as socialist have been adopted than once I should have thought possible short of a Socialist victory at the polls.”

Thomas wrote in 1958:

“The United States is making greater strides toward socialism under Eisenhower than even under Roosevelt.”

Thomas wrote in 1962:

“The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: Democrats have accepted the ideas of socialism cheerfully, while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly.”


The racist ultra-nationalist wing of the socialist Left.


Security agency: Finnish Resistance Movement well monitored, has little support

Finland’s intelligence agency in charge of national security says it carefully monitors the extremist Finnish Resistance Movement group’s activities. They say the organisation is not widely supported in Finland, but maintains close contact with its sister organisations in the other Nordic countries, where riots like that which occurred Saturday in Jyväskylä are much more common.

Suomen vastarintaliikkeen mielenosoitus Jyväskylässä.
Police keep tabs on the August 1 demonstration in Jyväskylä, which ended in violence and 32 arrests.Image: Yle

Police in Jyväskylä were well prepared for Saturday afternoon’s Finnish Resistance Movement protest, says Jyri Rantala, Communications Chief for the Finnish Security Intelligence Service, known in Finland as Supo.

Supo had assisted local police to prepare for the demonstration and will continue to be an expert participant in the aftermath of the rioting that occurred.

Rantala says monitoring the activities of extremist groups like the Finnish Resistance Movement is one of Supo’s three main tasks in its efforts to safeguard national security. The other two being fighting against terrorism and counter-intelligence.

He says the neo-Nazi party enjoys little support in Finland, with only a few dozen active members. The group normally tends to focus on distributing propaganda: handing out flyers and spreading stickers. Yet the Finnish Resistance Movement works in close cooperation with similar extremist groups in other Nordic countries, including in Sweden, where there are many more incidents of similar riots. He says groups such as these promote the concept of white supremacy and a unified Nordic nation.

Eyewitness report

Eyewitness Anssi Koskinen told the Keskisuomalainen paper that he first saw the Finnish Resistance Movement group in the church park handing out flyers. One hour later, he was in the Sokos department store when he heard a woman crying for help. Once outside, he saw her trying to protect a man on the ground who was being beaten by Resistance members.

Koskinen says two or three men were beating the man while another took pictures with a SLR camera. Several other Resistance members surrounded them and urged bystanders to stay away. He says he also saw a friend of the man being beaten, who was also bleeding. He described both of the victims as representative of alternative cultures, “hippies or punks”.

32 arrests

Chief Inspector Mikko Porvali has been appointed head of the investigation. He says that the demonstration started out peacefully and was actually wrapping up, when suddenly the participants rushed to the department store. He now thinks this move had been planned.

The police are now investigating why the three people were targeted by the demonstrators. Fortunately, the police arrived at the scene very quickly, using force and pepper spray to allay the offenders.

The members who had started the brawl were arrested on the spot, but the remaining crowd of Resistance demonstrators would not obey the police’s orders to disperse and set off as a group towards the city centre. The police then apprehended the remainder of the group under suspicion of riotous conduct and conspiracy to riot. A total of 32 people were arrested.

The police were also tipped that the same group had planned a demonstration Saturday evening in the nearby city of Muurame, ten kilometres away. Inspector Porvali suspects that most of the group’s members that planned to participate in the gathering are now behind bars, and expected no more trouble.

Sources Yle


Modern U.S. history is one of being under constant attack from within, by those adhering to dangerous, alien ideologies from abroad.


Tennessee ACLU: The Left’s Biggest Hypocrite (Part 1 of 5)

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #174 — Tennessee ACLU: The Left’s Biggest Hypocrite (part 1 of 5)

“The Bill of Rights contains no grant of privilege for a group of people to destroy the Bill of Rights.”

Eisenhower on Communism, October 1952.

The TN ACLU would like you to believe that it fights equally for everyone’s religious freedoms, civil liberties and Constitutional rights. It doesn’t.

The ACLU would like you to believe that it’s work promotes the ideals of democracy and social justice. It doesn’t do that either.

The ACLU would like you to believe that it is nonpartisan, and advocates for individual rights. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The ACLU’s work is about moving its socialist and communist DNA into the mainstream. It’s about the red-green alliance (the professional leftists and the Islamists), sharing a mutual goal of undermining the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western civilization. It’s about rejecting the individual initiative that drives capitalism in favor of collectivist redistribution of resources. It’s about partnering with groups willing to abuse and disassemble our Constitutional liberties to advance the leftist agenda. It’s about disenfranchising “the Establishment.”

It’s about socially advantaged elites showing solidarity with the “underprivileged” — that is, until they retire at the end of the day and drive their pricey hybrid cars to their children’s private school, then on to their expensive homes in privileged neighborhoods.

Socialists + Communists = ACLU

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), was co-founded by Norman Thomas, William Foster and Roger Baldwin. These fathers of the new left, defining themselves as the “counterculture,” came to power in the 1960’s.

These men from Chicago came out of the Midwest labor movement — they were the progressives. They wanted to help the oppressed workers raise economic standards and working conditions.

Norman Thomas, a Presbyterian minister, was a six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. He said,

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.”

William Foster, a Marxist, was the National Chairman of the Communist Party USA from 1945 to 1957. He said,

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The age of mediocrity coincides with the rise of socialism.

collapsing EU


Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in The Telegraph. We reprint in part here. 

What has a Papal Encyclical calling on the world to end its use of fossil fuels and to pray to God for the success of the global “climate summit” in December got in common with the Greek euro crisis, the ominous rift between the West and Russia, and the shambles Europe is making over the desperation of African and Syrian refugees to find safety this side of the Mediterranean? They are all different aspects of the two greatest acts of political make-believe of our time, so all-pervasive that it is hard for us to grasp just how much effect they are having on all our lives.

When future historians come to look back on our age, few things will puzzle them more than the extent to which our politics became so dominated and bedevilled by two belief-systems, each based on an obsessive attempt to force into being an immensely complicated political construct which defied economic, psychological and scientific reality.

One of these was the peculiar way in which Europe’s politicians, with full support from the US, had set out to unite their continent under a form of supra-national government unlike anything the world had seen before. The other was the way those same politicians fell for the idea not just that human activities were disastrously changing Earth’s climate, but that by taking the most drastic measures they could somehow change it back again.

More here.


Gee, what have I been saying over the many years? that the Dems no longer represent American values and it’s constitutional governing system.

If only the Republicans elect a strong, articulate conservative candidate to run for the WH, as well as the political inertia for Article V convention of the states increases to a level for voting on a number of amendments, can the US beat back the forces that are dragging it down.

American socialism’s day in the sun

Popularity of the more radical Democrat Sanders is dragging Clinton to left in presidential race
American socialism s day in the sun...American socialism s day in the sun K©Matt Kenyon

Leftwing politicians are in electoral retreat across most of the western world. The one exception is the United States. At 15 per cent in the Democratic polls, Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont, is riding higher than any US socialist since Eugene Debs ran for the White House a century ago.

The fact that Mr Sanders has very little chance of unseating Hillary Clinton is beside the point. His popularity is dragging her leftward. If he flames out, other left-wingers, such as Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland who entered the race at the weekend, are ready to pick up the baton. Elizabeth Warren, the populist Massachusetts senator, will continue to prod Mrs Clinton from outside the field. The more Mrs Clinton adopts their language, the harder it will be for her to reclaim the centre ground next year. Yet she is only following the crowd. A surprisingly large chunk of Democrats are happy to break the US taboo against socialism.

More here.



Actually it’s socialists/statists, cure thyselves.

It’s because of socialism and the rise of neo-statism, that not only the UK but Western civilization in general, is in decay. Every one except for true conservatives have given up on the enlightenment, that alone is responsible for any ”lack in temperament” for sensible self government and most importantly civic involvement.

Britain ‘is experiencing same decline as Rome in 100BC’

Dr Jim Penman believes Britons no longer have the genetic temperament that sparked the Industrial Revolution

Thomas Cole's 'The Fall of Rome'

Thomas Cole’s ‘The Fall of Rome’

Britain is experiencing the same decline as Rome in 100BC, with the collapse of civilisation inevitable, a scientist has warned.

Dr Jim Penman, of the RMIT University in Melbourne, believes Britons no longer have the genetic temperament to advance because of decades of peace and a high standard of living.

He claims that the huge success of the Victorian era will not be repeated because people in the UK have lost the biological drive for innovation.

Instead, Britain is existing in a period similar to the decades before the fall of the Roman Republic where social tensions were rife, the gap between the rich and poor was increasing and extremism was growing.

And when added to a growing distaste for military action, which has seen huge cuts the armed forces, by the end of the century the UK will no longer have the power, or will, to protect itself against a serious invading force, he predicts.

“There are certainly parallels between 100BC in the Roman Republic where things are starting to get pretty dodgy,” he said.

“It was a time when democracy was moving towards despotism, and in Britain we now see that politics is becoming much more about individuals rather than political parties. It’s about personalities. The two party system has started to break down.

“We live in a golden age where there have been no major wars in Europe for three quarters of a century. But the economy is stagnating and we’re having fewer children.

More here.



I loathe the American media and its faux ”the peoples party” Democrats.

Lets face it, Dems and their supporters all want one party rule, in D.C. as well as on the local level, which can be seen in the major urban hubs of the nation, as well as in California and whose final outcomes can be predicted.


Hollywood executives are opening their checkbooks–and new Super PACs–for Hillary Clinton as she makes a second run at the presidency. Ted Johnson and James Rainey report for Varietythat Hollywood is far more unified behind Clinton than they were in 2008, when Barack Obama successfully split the liberal donor base. This time, heavyweights such as Jeffrey Katzenberg are joining Clinton loyalists like Haim Saban to provide the big money to fuel her 2016 campaign.

The authors recall the pain of 2008:

Clinton entered her last campaign — “I’m in, and I’m in to win” — as the presumptive front-runner, but in the entertainment industry that quickly was countered by Barack Obama’s entrance in the race. Katzenberg, David Geffen and Steven Spielberg hosted the cycle’s first major industry event for Obama in February, 2007, and a the next day, a Maureen Dowd interview with Geffen in which he bashed both Clintons triggered the first signs of acrimony between the two campaigns.

More here.

NOTE: The top down iron fisted old guard that runs the GOP (the Bushies, Chamber of Commerce) are just as bad. Ronald Reagan’s once proud state (now voting Democrat) is belly up as well.


Only 18 million people underfed. Looks like nirvana has more to accomplish to get that number down, and we already know how they aim to achieve that goal.

North Korean hunger unrelenting, says UN

The United Nations has again highlighted widespread hunger in reclusive nuclear-armed North Korea, saying 18 million people are underfed. The UN report follows more short-range missile firings by the North.

Welthungerhilfe Nordkorea

The UN urged donor nations to give $111 million (103 million euros) in food and other aids for North Koreans during 2015 on Thursday while acknowledging that international sanctions were hampering deliveries.

The UN report released by UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said the scale of the need for North Koreans was of “grave concern.”

Seventy percent of North Korea’s population of 24 million, or around 18 million, did not have sufficient nutrition. Nutritious food was needed especially for “approximately 1.8 million children, pregnant and lactating women,” it added.

Potential donors were asked to contribute two-thirds of the $111 million for food and the balance in the form of sanitation, health, and educational services.

More than 6 million North Koreans need essential health care such as vaccinations, the report added.

North Korea’s leadership headed by President Kim Jong-un remains under UN and US sanctions imposed in recent years to deter its nuclear ambitions.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

NOTE: Read the last line in this article I posted carefully, the UN and US still has ‘sanctions’ on N.Korea to deter its ‘nuclear ambition’, though it already has nukes, lots of them.


Utopia denied as social services/healthcare gets deep cuts.

New year, new taxes: Here’s what changes in 2015

The changing of the year brings in a host of changes to taxation and benefits in Finland. We’ve collected the most significant adjustments here.

Bensaa tankataan autoon
The cost of petrol is set to jump in 2015 as a result of tax changes. Image: Timo Heikura / Yle

Not quite everything changes at the start of the year, but you might need a short guide to understand what’s new in 2015. Here’s our roundup of what you need to know.

Social services, benefits and insurance

Income support benefits go up by 1.1 percent, while changes to housing benefit will see many recipients have their benefits re-assessed.

Child benefit will be cut by 8.1 percent. The new benefits will amount to 95.75 euros for the first child in the family, 105.80 euros for the second, 135.01 euros for the third, 154.64 euros for the fourth and 174.27 euros for each child after that.

Income-related unemployment benefits will be cut for all those whose income for the purposes of assessing the benefit is greater than 3,116 euros per month.

The Social Insurance Institution Kela will only reimburse costs for dental visits every other year. The amounts Kela pays for private dentist treatments will also be reduced.

Changes to alcohol advertising laws will drastically reduce the number of alcohol adverts visible on the streets and in the media in Finland. The new rules are intended to reduce the alcohol advertising seen by children.

Payments for social and healthcare services rise by as much as 9.4 percent. These are the payments for visits to the doctor or nurse, home help or other social services.

Unemployment insurance contributions increase by 0.15 percent.

Taxation up on tobacco and fuel

More people will be paying the highest rate of state income tax, as the threshold is lowered from 100,000 euros to 90,000 euros.

The tax deduction on interest paid on housing loans is to be reduced in stages, to 65 percent in 2015 and then by a further 5 percent each year until 2018.

Cigarettes are to get more expensive, with a pack of 20 set to cost 7.1 percent—or 38 cents—more from 1 January.

Petrol is also on the tax man’s hit list, with the tax on a litre set to go up by 0.84 of a cent. Diesel is hit harder, with an increase of 0.95 of a cent per litre in store. Those rises will cause a slightly bigger increase in the price at the pump.

The cost of heating oil, district heating and electricity are all set to rise by between 2.5 percent and 4 percent.

And finally….

From 1 January changes to bankruptcy laws will allow more small entrepreneurs and young people to enter payment plans in exchange for a reduction on their debts.

New legislation will make training for the commission of terror acts a crime, while the scope of legislation covering funding for terror will be broadened.

Plea bargains will become possible in Finnish courts, with prosecutors expected to make the greatest use of the legislation in complicated fraud cases.

Three municipal mergers will come into force (Pori and Lavia, Kuopio and Maaninka and Tarvasjoki and Lieto), while the Swedish-speaking towns of Korsnäs and Larsmo will officially become bilingual authorities. That will leave mainland Finland with 32 bilingual municipalities and one solely Swedish speaking council, Närpes. Local government in Åland is unilingually Swedish.

The price of a passport will drop to 44 euros for those applying online and 48 euros for those who do so in person.

Higher education institutions will have to reserve a quota of places for first-time applicants, in an effort to speed up the progress of young people through the education system and into working life.


Ok, I get it, the girl was shot by the Taliban, but for crying out loud, so has tens of thousands of other people as well. What I really take an objection to, is turning this marxist into some kind of secular saint.

NOTE: The over 130-150 million dead victims of the socialists of both stripes, communist socialists and national socialists, all have their own set of bloodied clothes to showcase, but they were usually buried with them, tossed into unmarked graves.

Malala weeps at sight of bloodied school uniform

Malala weeps at sight of bloodied school uniform

Photo: Fredrik Varfjell/POOL/AFP

Published: 12 Dec 2014 11:21 GMT+01:00

The uniform is on display in an exhibition dedicated to the 17-year-old education campaigner and her fellow 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Indian Kailash Satyarthi, which the activists jointly inaugurated in Oslo.

While touring the exhibition Malala came across the clothes she was wearing when the Taliban shot her in the head in Pakistan’s Swat valley in October 2012 for insisting girls had a right to an education.


Alternative headline: ”The grooming of yet another Marxist politician begins.”

I refuse to join the ”Malala bandwagon. I’m glad she survived her bullet wound, but she represents just another form of tyranny, just as fanatical and totalitarian as Islam itself. Marxism.

I am convinced Socialism is the only answer and I urge all comrades to take this struggle to a victorious conclusion. Only this will free us from the chains of bigotry and exploitation.”

Malala sees herself as premier in 20 years

Malala sees herself as premier in 20 years

Malala Yousafzai was speaking at a press conference with Norway’s female premier Erna Solberg in Oslo. Photo: Odd Andersen/AFP

Published: 11 Dec 2014 14:24 GMT+01:00

“I want to help my country, I want my country to go forward and I’m really patriotic,” said 17-year-old Malala, the youngest Nobel laureate ever.

“That’s why I decided that I’d join politics and maybe one day people will vote for me and I get the majority, I’ll become the prime minister,” she said.


The Local article is about Sweden, but since Finland beats Sweden by one ranking,…..

What angers most is the fact that for the last eight years or so, (pseudo) conservative parties have been in control of the parliament. This shows them for what they really are though, moderate neo-statists. The economy is in the crapper, the state has a systemic ‘class’ of the unemployed averaging yearly about 200 000 (out of a five million population), they’re cutting back on services (making it harder for people living outside of the main population centers) while they send ”humanitarian” money abroad and take in more refugees and migrants onto the dole.

Who pays for it all?

Well the geniuses in government are borrowing money like drunken sailors on shore leave, (with full apologies to the sailors, who actually are spending money that they have/had) thereby increasing the national debt. These feckless ”conservative” in the National Coalition and Center Party, who have embraced the progressive movement, embodied in the welfare state, are, like their U.S. GOP RINO colleagues, the managers of state socialism.

Sweden ranked fifth in global tax burden report

Sweden ranked fifth in global tax burden report

Swedish bank notes. Photo: TT

Published: 10 Dec 2014 13:26 GMT+01:00

A newly-released report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has revealed that the tax burden in Sweden stood at 42.8 percent in 2013, placing it fifth in the ranking of the OECD’s 34 member countries around the world.

At 42.8 percent, Sweden’s tax-to-GDP ratio has kept a relatively stable overall rate in recent years. The figure was 42.3 percent in both 2012 and 2011 while the 2010 tax burden rate was measured to be 43.1 percent.

Sweden’s Scandinavian cousins Denmark topped the chart for the most taxed country with a figure of 48.6 percent – 5.8 percentage points higher than across the border in Sweden. Next up was France (45 percent) and Belgium (44.5 percent) while Nordic neighbours Finland were placed fourth with a rating of 44 percent.

More here.


It makes it easier and more comfortable for them (lying leftist bastards) to place him on the right.

All socialist movements are statist and utopian, traditional U.S./British conservatism is neither, as Mark Levin likes to remind us, it’s based upon the Enlightenment, which recognizes and embraces human experience, reason and logic.

H/T: Doris Wise Montrose


They Didn’t Call It the National Socialist German Workers Party for Nothing

Modern Leftists still in denial about Hitler

From across the pond, our friend and fellow Irish diasporan Dan Hannan makes a point I’ve often made as well, and in any case is one well worth making, oh, pretty much on a daily basis, just to keep the historical record straight and keep our friends on the Left in a constant state of agitation:

On 16 June 1941, as Hitler readied his forces for Operation Barbarossa, Josef Goebbels looked forward to the new order that the Nazis would impose on a conquered Russia. There would be no come-back, he wrote, for capitalists nor priests nor Tsars. Rather, in the place of debased, Jewish Bolshevism, the Wehrmacht would deliver “der echte Sozialismus”: real socialism.

Goebbels never doubted that he was a socialist. He understood Nazism to be a better and more plausible form of socialism than that propagated by Lenin. Instead of spreading itself across different nations, it would operate within the unit of the Volk. So total is the cultural victory of the modern Left that the merely to recount this fact is jarring. But few at the time would have found it especially contentious. As George Watson put it in The Lost Literature of Socialism: “It is now clear beyond all reasonable doubt that Hitler and his associates believed they were socialists, and that others, including democratic socialists, thought so too.” The clue is in the name…

Leftist readers may by now be seething. Whenever I touch on this subject, it elicits an almost berserk reaction from people who think of themselves as progressives and see anti-fascism as part of their ideology. Well, chaps, maybe now you know how we conservatives feel when you loosely associate Nazism with “the Right”.

More here.