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Shirley Temper Is Real And Really Dangerous

ahed tamimi fb post

Just my quick note on the Shirley Temper story: the soldier is real. How he came to separate form his unit and why it took them so long to get support back to him are as yet unknown. That shouldn’t have happened.

He also wasn’t equiped for arrests and crowd control: where are his flexi-ties; he’s carrying a completely unsuitable and unwieldy weapon for example. Many have said using the general army for these highly instigated and controlled (by the other side) “riots” is wrong and we need the equivalent of an elite crowd control unit. I agree.
The boy with the allegedly broken arm is Shirley’s brother and the father claims his arm was broken (of course) by the IDF the day before. But of course the kid was still encouraged to go out the next day and throw rocks at the IDF. This is the core of the Palestinian child abuse problem.

So the incident is a combination of reality and Pallywood with the requisite number of NGO foreigners on hand to film and document everything for the world. Clearly everybody there knows the soldier will never use his gun unless they pull out a weapon. So they use little girls and the tears of women.

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Gullible media alert.

UPDATE: Back channels in Israel are telling me that it was in fact an IDF soldier involved in the melee, but, the fact that the family attacking the soldier is the notorious Tamimi family, one can be excused for doubting the validity of the entire fracas recorded on the video. Our friends at Israellycool have an update.

Are these actually IDF soldiers at all? Nope, i’m not convinced one bit., two ”soldiers” walking all by themselves in an empty wasteland with a bunch of palis, and charge after someone who threw a rock. not believable. And all this for a glowing camera, pure pallywood bull crap.

Thomas Wictor: ”The death of Palestinian perversity”: Here’s my prediction: Palestinian perversity will soon be a thing of the past. We won’t be subjected to repulsive, dehumanizing spectacles like this anymore.”

Scene 1, act 1

The Daily MailQuestions raised over shocking West Bank image of boy with a broken arm being held at gunpoint by an Israeli soldier after girl, 13, seen biting attacker is revealed as prolific ‘Pallywood star’

She rose to prominence after she was filmed confronting a soldier who arrested her brother, which resulted in her being presented with a bravery award
She rose to prominence after she was filmed confronting a soldier who arrested her brother, which resulted in her being presented with a bravery award.

NOTE: According to Brian of London (from Israellycool), ”This is the girl and the family in the pictures the Dailly Mail is so proud of. She and her family have been faking stuff like this for years.”

H/T Brian of London


AussieDave at Israellycool: There’s just one problem. It’s fake.

paleostinian fake selfie

The first clue were the uniforms – including sneakers – which are most definitely not IDF issue. Plus the pose of the “soldier” on the right looked distinctly fake.

Then I checked further and saw I was not the first to notice. In fact, Buzzfeed already covered it.

An associate of the band has confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the photo was staged, but did not want to be quoted on record as they’ve enjoyed watchingthe reaction the photo is generating online.

More here at Israellycool.


Norwegian government funded ‘Pallywood‘.

How can we be totally assured that they haven’t done this type of thing before?

Film crew in Malta

This is exactly how the Palestinians use the camera to paint Israel as the chief villain time and time again. This is how Pallywood is done, that it’s a Norwegian film crew makes it all the more ironic, for it’s Norwegians who are one of the biggest swallower’s of this evil genre. They certainly never intended it, but this will go a long way in debunking past and future attempts by the fake Pallywood media in besmirching Israel.

A film being shot in a desert setting

#BBCTrending: Syrian ‘hero boy’ video faked by Norwegian director

Millions of YouTube viewers have been captivated by the ‘Syrian hero boy‘ who manages to rescue a little girl while under gunfire. Now a group of Norwegian filmmakers have told BBC Trending they are behind it. They say it was filmed on location in Malta this summer with the intention of being presented as real.

Lars Klevberg, a 34-year-old film director based in Oslo, wrote a script after watching news coverage of the conflict in Syria. He says he deliberately presented the film as reality in order to generate a discussion about children in conflict zones.

“If I could make a film and pretend it was real, people would share it and react with hope,” he said. “We shot it in Malta in May this year on a set that was used for other famous movies like Troy and Gladiator,” Klevberg said. “The little boy and girl are professional actors from Malta. The voices in the background are Syrian refugees living in Malta.”

Were they comfortable making a film that potentially deceived millions of people? “I was not uncomfortable,” Klevberg said. “By publishing a clip that could appear to be authentic we hoped to take advantage of a tool that’s often used in war; make a video that claims to be real. We wanted to see if the film would get attention and spur debate, first and foremost about children and war. We also wanted to see how the media would respond to such a video.”

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NOTE: The next time Palestinians come up with a video, supposedly being wounded or killed by Israeli IDF soldiers or border guards, just think back on this video.



And the Finnish (international media) lap it up like a dog to its own vomit.

That the media continue to believe and disseminate lies from Arab sources (which have over the years, repeatedly been proven to be credibility challenge, propaganda dispensers) is the main story here.

James Delingpole at BreitbartHowever as Thomas Wictor has incontrovertibly demonstrated using close analysis of film footage of the incident, the deaths were not caused by Israeli shrapnel but by secondary explosions from a vast cache of Hamas rockets. Oh, and the market wasn’t ‘crowded’ either: it had been closed for the day.


July 31, 2014 by Thomas Wictor

I decided to not wait until the Israel Defense Forces released an official statement about what happened in the Shijaiyah neighborhood of Gaza City on July 30, 2014. You’ll see for yourself that the self-inflicted massacre at Shijaiyah should never have happened. Hamas is entirely to blame.

Every news outlet on the planet is calling this “an air strike on a crowded/busy market street” and a deliberate followup attack on the ambulances that came to help. Both accusations are entirely bogus.

A short, low-quality video shows the first “strike.”

The photojournalist in the blue helmet is a twenty-three-year-old Palestinian man named Rani Rayan. He was one of the seventeen killed. Initially it looks as though a bomb or missile hit, but that isn’t the case.

This longer video shows the mayhem. There are some fairly gruesome scenes, as well as the sounds of fourteen explosions.

At 3:54 in that video, a bearded man goes into a long diatribe over the body of Rani Rayan. I could make out the word “Amriki,” so he’s blaming the US.

The state of reporting from Gaza is so abysmal due to the Hamas death threats against journalists that it took me hours to find out what had really happened. I pretty much knew, but I wanted to present ironclad corroborating evidence so that BagNews or Ali Gharib wouldn’t be able to dismiss this post as the mere ravings of a man who sees the ghost of his dead cat.

Just about every single news story says “The Israelis bombed a crowded market street in Shijaiyah” or “a busy market street in Shijaiyah” during a four-hour truce. Here’s a typical recounting of events.

‘Bloodbath’ as Gaza market hit by deadly strikes

Witnesses at the Shijaiyah market said a series of strikes hit at short intervals whilst people were shopping during the partial ceasefire announced by the Israeli military earlier today.

The military have not commented on the strikes.

The area next to a petrol station was hit and a fire engulfed the densely populated area near the market. Then more strikes hit the market directly, according to local reports.

It’s only after much, much, much searching that one finds three crucial details omitted from the overwhelming majority of the stories.

1. The four-hour humanitarian ceasefire did not include Shijaiyah because Hamas continued to fire rockets from there.

2. The open-air market was closed at the time, therefore the Palestinian assertion that it was crowded or busy with shoppers is a lie. Listen to the narrator at :30 in the video. You can see with your own eyes that this isn’t a crowded or busy market, nor were there 160 wounded.

More here. Via Breitbart



It’s standard fare for the Islamonazis.

Actually, Islam, and those who support its basic 101’sm, are the participants in the longest running horror show humanity has ever witnessed.

Hamas Uses Horror Movie Still of Headless Girl in Miniskirt to Depict Gaza Casualties on Social Media (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)

JULY 15, 2014 12:06 PM 3 COMMENTS


Joshua Levitt

A screenshot of a Hollywood horror movie being used to depict the death of Gazan civilians. Photo: StandWithUs.

A screenshot of a Hollywood horror movie being used to depict the death of Gazan civilians. Photo: StandWithUs.

As Hamas supporters are being called out on Twitter for posting photos of Syrian casualties from 2012 as victims of the Israeli Army in Gaza in 2014, Israel advocacy group StandWithUs on Tuesday posted a clip from Hollywood horror flick ‘The Final Destination 4′ that was used to create another fake that circulated widely on Facebook falsely depicting Israel killing civilians.

StandWithUs created a short clip of the scene from the movie to show how it was transposed into a screenshot used for Hamas propaganda.

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In Israel, homosexuals are protected people.

The same can’t be said for Islamic states.

Muslims murder Palestinian gay youth and then riot across Jerusalem blaming Jews for ‘revenge attack for killed Israeli teens’

Always lying. Always trying to stir up problems and create conflicts and division by spreading lies across the Arab world.

Hundreds of Arabs riot across Jerusalem after Palestinian teen was found murdered. Arab rioters believe boy killed by Israelis as revenge for 3 Israeli teens; police tried to clarify motive for crime.


The motive was finally determined. The boy was killed by Muslims for being gay, a crime in Islam that calls for murder by all gruesome means, for being a shame and hated in the Muslim community. Police caught three Muslims fleeing in a car responsible for the murder.

Israelis have had enough of their foreign invaders and occupiers savagery:

Source: MEMRI via The Muslim Issue



In other words, EPIC FAIL.

No serious minded person is buying it, just the usual anti-Israel nut-cases.

Full ‘Nakba Day’ Footage Notable for Absence of Blood, Coordinating Cameramen

MAY 28, 2014 


Joshua Levitt

Screenshot of the location of the alleged 'Nakba Day' shooting, in Beitunia, with yellow circles around two of the security cameras that recorded the day's events. Photo: B'Tselem / Facebook.

Hours upon hours of security camera footage of the supposed ‘Nakba Day’ deaths of two Palestinian Arabs, in Bitunia, raised further doubts over the allegations that the two teenagers were actually shot by the Israeli Defense Forces, which is still investigating the case, though it has denied that its soldiers used any live ammunition that day.

Rather than support the case made to international media based on an edited 2-minute clip, the hours of recorded footage show a loosely organized team of cameramen and photographers being coordinated into position to record the falling teenagers, who keel over dead in the wrong direction, and without a drop of blood ever falling onto their clothes or onto the ground below. What is even more odd, according to one blogger who reviewed all of the footage, the two teens fall in the exact same spot.

On Facebook, activist group B’Tselem said it has so far uploaded half of the 11 hours of security camera footage to YouTube, and blamed “technical reasons” for why “only small parts of the footage showing the shooting incident in Bitunia were published in the media and on our website.”

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And of course, when looking deeper into the incident, things just don’t add up.

Israeli Ballistics Expert Casts Doubt Over Bullet Claimed to Be Found in Bitunia Shootings

May 23, 2014

Author:  Joshua Levitt

The bullet supposedly found at the scene of the Beitunia shooting. Photo: CNN / Screenshot.

As the Israeli government continues to investigate what really happened in Bitunia, where edited security camera footage showed two Palestinian Arabs dying from off-screen fire, an Israeli ballistics expert on Friday cast doubt over the bullet claimed to be found on one of the victims.

In a report on Thursday, CNN broadcast an interview of Siam Nouwaran, the father of one of the victims, who held up a bullet he said was found in his son’s backpack.

Nouwaran told CNN that it was found “Inside, the backpack, a blood-stained textbook and a bullet, not a rubber-coated projectile.”

The CNN reporter asked, “You think that this is the bullet that killed your son?”

Nouwaran responded, “Yeah, of course. Inside the bag. I found it inside the bag.”

Ballistics expert Yosef Yekutiel, according to an interview Friday on Israel’s Channel 2 television, flagged by CAMERA, said that if the bullet actually went through the victim’s body the way it was claimed by the Palestinian doctors who said they examined him, the shell would look entirely different.

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Never let facts or inquisitiveness enter into the reporting.

CNN Corrupt News Network



CNN Overreaches in Early Coverage of Betunia Deaths

CNN Betunia Bullet.jpg
Did this bullet enter and exit a young man’s torso? An Israeli ballistics expert says no. (CNN screenshot)

The deaths of two young Palestinian rock throwers in Betunia in the West Bank on May 15, 2014, has generated a huge amount of attention in part because their deaths were apparently caught on tape.

One video, which was distributed by the Palestinian branch of Defence for Children International (and which has gotten more than 466,000 views on Youtube), shows the two young men falling to the ground.

Brad Parker, a representative of the Defence for Children International Palestine declared that the videos “clearly show two kids being hit directly with something other than a rubber bullet.”

It’s tough to know how Parker can discern what hit the young men, but it is pretty clear that he’s accusing Israeli soldiers of using “live” ammunition against the rock throwers.

This accusation gained further momentum when CNN aired a segment that showed Israeli soldiers shooting in the direction of one of the young men at the time he fell and then pans to a crowd putting him into an ambulance. During the segment the anchorwoman boiled the controversy down as follows:

It comes down to two very different accounts. Israelis say their military was firing only rubber-coated bullets, essentially ball bearings with a thin coating of rubber designed to hurt, but not penetrate. But the video apparently shows the two teens hit with what’s called “live fire,” real bullets that doctors say passed through their bodies, killing them.

During the remainder of the segment, CNN reporter Ivan Watson speaks with Siam Nouwaran, the father of one of the young men who died. During the course of the interview, Watson describes the contents of a backpack he was wearing at the time of his death. “Inside, the backpack, a blood-stained textbook and a bullet, not a rubber-coated projectile.”

The father holds a plastic bag that contains a bullet.

“You think that this is the bullet that killed your son?” Watson asks. “Yeah, of course,” the father answers. “Inside the bag. I found it inside the bag.”

The image of a father holding the bullet that caused his son’s death makes for a compelling story, especially on television.

But is it true?

One Israeli ballistics expert doesn’t think so. Appearing today on Israel’s Channel Two, Yosef Yekutiel stated that if the bullet actually went through the victim’s body the way Palestinian doctors say it did, it would look entirely differently from the one displayed by the boy’s father.

This bullet, if it did what the doctor claims, passed through the chest, came out through the body hit the backpack and passed through several books – this bullet didn’t do that.

Everyone who understands bullets, knows that the moment it passes through the chest, the torso and hits some sort of bone, it ends up with a distortion. The moment it enters and hits the papers of the books it is expected to be crushed in the front section in a very prominent manner.

Clearly, CNN has some more reporting to do.



Pallywood op.

No blood, no bodies, no autopsies and no burials, sounds like a classic Pallywood operation to me, especially on the day it occurred, and the need to demonize the Jews for the ”failure” of the recent ”peace talk” attempt that John Kerry helped to instigate.


Last week, “something” happened in a confrontation between masked and violent Palestinian youths and the IDF on the West Bank, a.k.a. Judea and Samaria.

The world is still talking about it and their voices are growing louder by the minute. Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s executive committee, has condemned Israel’s “deliberate execution” of these boys and described it as a “crime against humanity.”

Ashrawi’s hysterical hyperbole never disappoints.

Today, both the United States and the United Nations have called for a “transparent probe” of the so-called Nakba Day shootings.

The IDF is conducting its own internal investigation. They have no indication that “live fire” was used by Israeli forces.

But, the same world which still cannot find the missing Malaysian plane or the captured Nigerian girls, can be diverted from their inevitable failure in the face of unsolved mysteries and evil.

Here is a new focus. The hoped-for scenario: Tarnish Israel’s name at precisely that moment when there is no possibility of a “peace” process and, when the Middle East is so unstable, so dangerous, that even the terrorists in Gaza and the Islamists on the West Bank are between a rock and a hard place in terms of possible alliances with other Muslim countries. (Thank you, Caroline Glick, for making this point crystal clear).

Let’s get the world up-in-arms against Israel, let’s have a replay of the most successful Blood Libel in the 21st century, that of Mohammed Al-Dura, the boy supposedly killed by the IDF at the Netzavim junction. The fact that Al-Dura’s death did not happen and that Israel did not kill him does not matter. The truth has no place in this propaganda war.

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FM: Israellycool

Old man with crutch in front of rubble of mosque in Khirbet Al-Taweel

Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t

We have to admit it, the other side is bloody clever. Look at this headline and byline fromReuters:

Israeli forces demolish West Bank mosque as peace talks deadline passes
KHIRBET AL-TAWEEL, West Bank Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:16am EDT

Genius stuff. It’s not until paragraph six that we get some balance:

The Israeli army said in a statement that eight structures, including a “mosque in use”, were demolished because they had been built illegally inside a dangerous live-fire military training zone.

So lets get this straight, illegally build a mosque and “three one-storey family houses, animal shelters and a communal well.” Then allow “around 30 people” to live there.

In the middle of a live fire army training area!



A traffic accident used to smear the Jews.

PA Spreads False Story of IDF Shooting Arab Motorist

PA security forces spread, then retract, false story of IDF opening fire; Arab driver actually died in car accident.

By Ari Yashar

First Publish: 3/11/2014, 5:09 PM
Car crash (illustration)

Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces spread a false story on Tuesday, claiming to AFP that IDF forces had opened fire on a car driven by Arab residents near the western Samaria town of Tulkarem, killing one. The death turned out to have simply been a traffic accident.

The initial report claimed IDF bullets or a car crash resulting from the “shooting” killed the driver and injured the passenger. It added that the car veered off the road as a result of gunfire.

PA security forces later retracted the story, admitting their information on IDF gunfire was incorrect.

Tulkarem Governor Abdullah Kamil told the Arab Ma’an News Agency that the man who died was Fidaa Muhye Addin Majadlah, and that Ibrahim Adnan Shukri who accompanied him in the car received moderate to serious injuries. Both are residents of Attil, a village in the Tulkarem district of Samaria.

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Elder of Ziyon is on it: 

H/T Brian of London

The truth behind the “State of Palestine”/Gaza patient story


I spoke to the COGAT spokesperson for Gaza, and found out the real story.

For several months, the Palestnian Authority has been sending requests on the new letterhead. Every single time, COGAT rejected it, and each time they were resubmitted with the Palestinian Authority letterhead – and approved. This was not new, and the PA knows very well that this was the case.

As recently as Sunday, several patients whose requests were on the new stationery were rejected, and then the PA re-faxed the request the old way and they were approved.

Today’s story is a propaganda ambush. Some 50-70 patients (apparently non-life threatening) were submitted on the new stationery at once, an unusually high number. As has been the case for months, they were rejected. But this time the story was leaked to the media. (There was a Haaretz story about this in January with only one patient, but it didn’t get much coverage. Much better to use 50 or 70 if you want Reuters and AFP to take notice.)

Existing agreements are between Israel and the PA, not the fictitious “State of Palestine.” It is obvious that the PA is trying to embarrass Israel and will happily use Gaza patients as a means to do so. It is equally obvious that the “State of Palestine” is a final status issue, and that Israel cannot act otherwise without jeopardizing its negotiating position.

As usual, instead of dealing with Israel directly, the PLO is passive aggressively using the media to demonize (and weaken) Israel on its behalf. And, as usual, the media is happy to play its part in this charade.

Read it in it’s entirety here.



Lying Arabs.

jihadi speaks

We know that the Arabs lie, it’s the uncritical media that’s the problem, without their participation, this bogus story would have been found only in a handful of discredited papers… Arabic

NOTE: Very possible the Pallywood machine is dusting itself off in preparation for wider use. I recently read of Hamas instructing Fatah to prepare for war against Israel. This could be a ‘dry run’ operation.

Finally we spoke with Col. Samuel Ben-Ruby, spokesperson for the Jerusalem Police.  The Jewish Press asked him whether 40 Arabs, including Al Quds students, had been shot on Nov. 17, as had been reported in Ma’an. “Absolutely not,” Ben-Ruby said. “What happened was there was a long investigation with the police and the Shin Bet working together, and it concluded on that day.  We arrested about 40 Arabs, mostly from the Hamas terrorist organization.   We detained about eight students, five were taken to court, of those, three were released.  In two weeks time we will know the results of the two who are still being held.”

Did Palestinian Media Fabricate ‘Israeli Attack’ on University?

MEMRI video of demonstration at Al-Quds University on Nov. 5, 2013

Photo Credit: MEMRI video screen capture

Despite Nusseibeh’s claim and a Ma’an report, 40 Arab Palestinians were not shot by Israelis, there were no tear gas canisters thrown nor were any sound bombs used.

By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus

Published: December 2nd, 2013

MEMRI video of demonstration at Al-Quds University on Nov. 5, 2013

In what threatened to become a public battle between two university presidents vying to prove each one’s constituency as the true victim, Sari Nusseibeh, president of Al Quds University, cited what appears to be a completely fabricated news report, one that he would have to know was fabricated. That article described the Israeli army’s “vicious incursion” on Nov. 17, during which Al-Quds students were shot.

Nusseibeh complained that the Brandeis University president “did not express sympathy” for the plight of his university. The president of Brandeis University refused to engage in such a media debate.

Al-Quds University has been the subject of many news articles recently.  Brandeis University, founded in 1948 as a refuge for Jews who were largely shunned elsewhere, began a sister university relationship in 2003 with Al-Quds University, the Palestinian Arab university located in eastern Jerusalem.

Read more at:



Just think Muhammed al-Durrah….

This is how its done, and the international media soak it up like a sponge. We’ve seen ‘Pallywood’ in action in Lebanon, with pictures being doctored for the media and faulty stories about ambulances being targeted by Israel, when in fact it wasn’t a missile strike, just a vent hole with the cover removed.

This however says more about the international media covering these stories, than about the Arabs’ gross manipulation of the facts, or outright fraud in these stories. The media is suspect of gross bias and malfeasance, and justifiably so.

H/T: POTB, my trusted eyes and ears.



Biggest hoax in the Frankenstian’s war against Israel.

muhammed-al-durrah fraud

Muhammad Al-Dura: The boy who wasn’t really killed

05/12/2013 20:06

Defense Minister formed secret investigative committee that concluded Al-Dura had not been hurt and the video was staged.

Dura was allegedly killed by IDF fire during the second intifada as he crouched behind his father, Jamal, crying. He became the most potent symbol of the Palestinian struggle; his name can still be heard around the world as a symbol of the Palestinian struggle.

At first, Israel did not deny that its forces had hit Dura, who had been caught in the crossfire between Palestinian and IDF forces at the Netzarim junction on September 30, 2000. The IDF admitted that it had hit and killed the boy. Following an investigation, however, the official army version changed: the IDF did not actually hit the boy.

But it was too late – the narrative had already gone viral.

In the meantime, 13 years have passed, during which various and sundry conspiracy theories have been suggest- ed, including claims that the boy was never even injured.

A few days ago, MK Nachman Shai met with Ya’alon to give him a copy of his new book, Media War Reaching for Hearts and Minds , which deals with the role of media in cur- rent military conflicts, including the Dura affair. Ya’alon then surprised Shai by saying that an investigation carried out by Israel shows that Dura was never hurt.

This theory has been circulating on the Internet for a few years already, but this was the first time that an Israeli defense minister was stating so publicly.

Today, Dura should be about 25-years-old, alive and kicking somewhere (unless he was killed later in a separate incident).

Kuperwasser confirmed the committee’s conclusion that that Dura had not been hurt at all and that the video clip, which was filmed by France 2 TV and aired around the world, had indeed been staged. This means that the France 2 TV channel report was erroneous, perhaps even knowingly.

More here.



The Pallywood hoax still endures.

Al-Dura: a lethal narrative that just won’t die

This Wednesday, April 3rd, The French Supreme Court will render its decision in a case pitting the state-owned France 2 News Agency and one of its senior news producers, Charles Enderlin against media critic Philippe Karsenty, a citizen media critic, whom they seek to convict of criminal defamation. The legal action, winding its way through the French legal system for eight years, involves an event that occurred 12 years ago but still reverberates mightily today.

On September 30, 2000, at the start of the second Intifada, France 2 broadcast approximately one minute’s edited footage of an episode filmed by its Palestinian stringer Talal Abu Rahma at Netzarim Junction in Gaza. Abu Rahma was the only one of the scores of cameramen filming at Netzarim that day to record the incident, which he claims occurred over the space of a full hour. Charles Enderlin, France 2′s Jerusalem correspondent – who did not witness the scene – broadcast the footage informing his viewers that 12-year-old Mohammed al-Dura and his father, Jamal were “the target of fire from the Israeli position” as they took cover behind a barrel near a wall at the Junction. In later interviews, Abu Rahma accused the Israeli soldiers of murdering Mohammed “in cold blood,” firing “hundreds of bullets” while the boy bled to death of a stomach wound.

More here.