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NOTE: Remember folks, GOP RINOS (including Paul ryan) have involved themselves in enabling this profligate spender (and GWBush before him) to balloon the debt. It’s not just 20 trillion, it’s actually 220 trillion when unfunded liabilities are added up.

$20 trillion man: National debt nearly doubles during Obama presidency

– The Washington Times – Sunday, November 1, 2015

When President Obama signs into law the new two-year budget deal Monday, his action will bring into sharper focus a part of his legacy that he doesn’t like to talk about: He is the $20 trillion man.

Mr. Obama’s spending agreement with Congress will suspend the nation’s debt limit and allow the Treasury to borrow another $1.5 trillion or so by the end of his presidency in 2017. Added to the current total national debt of more than $18.15 trillion, the red ink will likely be crowding the $20 trillion mark right around the time Mr. Obama leaves the White House.

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That’s what happens when a back bencher, anti-Reagan, marxist revolutionary gets elected to the top job, twice.

obama crazy face marxist

Many in America voted for this societal transformer to mark a historical racial crossing point, what they got instead was a destroyer-in-chief in charge of a wrecked economy and race relations set back fifty years. Of course I warned as many of my family and friends who would listen, but some heeded the advice, and others didn’t.

H/T: Dennis Mitzner

The Economy’s Worst 8-Year Run in 62 Years

With two more rough years on the horizon.


A couple of publications have noted that 2014 was the ninth consecutive year during which the U.S. economy grew by less than 3 percent.

They’re being too kind. Last year was the eighth year in a row of sub-2.5 percent growth, following four straight years (2003-2006) of higher growth.

It’s hardly a coincidence that the first year of that awful 2007-2014 streak just so happens to have been the same year that the Democratic Party took legislative control in Washington.

The nation’s political and media elites were quite pleased with themselves when the November 2006 elections brought about that result, largely because their daily hostility to all things Republican and/or conservative contributed mightily to it. They were absolutely ecstatic when Barack Obama, Mr. Perfectly Creased Pants, won the November 2008 presidential election and took office in January 2009.

As will be seen shortly, the former event marked the beginning of the U.S. economy’s worst eight-year stretch since 1945-1952. Obama’s presence in the Oval Office until January 2017 virtually ensures that we’ll have at least two more years of the policies which brought on that miserable result.

Raising the minimum wage was a key agenda item for new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority leader Harry Reid after their party took over Congress in 2007. The resulting effects on overall employment have been gruesome, to the point where the people who arbitrarily determine such things have absurdly decided, in the interest of covering their tracks, that the 4.5 percent unemployment rate seen during the middle of the past decade is no longer achievable, and that “full employment” is really a rate of 5.5 percent.

The higher minimum federal wage, and the even higher hourly minimums seen in many states and cities, have been especially disastrous for the very people supposedly targeted for help. Since the end of 2006, the seasonally adjusted black teen unemployment rate has risen by 5.5 points to 29.7 percent; that rate got perilously close to 50 percent during the recession. The only reason that the number of unemployed black teens is barely higher now than it was eight years ago is that far fewer of them are even bothering to look for work, and therefore aren’t considered part of that statistic. The average black teen labor force participation rate during 2014 of 27.2 percent was 6.8 points lower than that seen eight years earlier; the 2014 average employment-population ratio of 18.2 percent was 5.9 points lower.

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Obama couldn’t be happier 

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The game plan is to radically transform the US into a 3rd world backwater.


Navy pilot, combat veteran, and Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine, who sits on the House Armed Services committee, was denied entry to the Health and Human Services facility housing over 1,000 unaccompanied alien children at the Fort Sill military base in Oklahoma.

Appearing in an interview on Breitbart News Saturday with Editor in Chief of Breitbart News and host of the show Alex Marlow, Bridenstine recounted his experience on Wednesday when he visited the base to discuss military topics with the commanding general.

Afterward, the Congressman drove over to the area at the base where illegal alien detainees were being held. Immediately, he was thwarted from entering the holding area because of a surrounding, newly-built chain link fence blocking off the area. Other than the fence, Bridenstine said that the housing looked like a typical apartment complex, often seen on military bases. Marlow considered the incident ironic, saying “I thought America wasn’t good at building fences.” The Congressman replied that, for this administration, fences don’t work on our southern border, but they work on a military base.

The Congressman then drove around the fenced-off area, where unaccompanied illegal immigrant children are being held, looking for a security guard station or check in point. After driving around the barracks a couple of times, Bridenstine discovered that “there were no access points, all the gates were locked down tight, and there was no security person visible.” Finally, Bridenstine saw someone peering through a crack in the fence, so he walked over and introduced himself. “I’m United States Congressman Jim Bridenstine; I’m on the Armed Services committee; I represent the first district of Oklahoma, and I would very much like to speak to the person who runs this facility.”




Once you begin to understand that American decline during the past 5 years of this administration is not viewed as a net negative outcome by Obama and his handlers, then you’ll finally realize what his (Obama’s) fundamental transformation of America was all about. The Marxist leveling of the supposed ‘unjust’ playing field, domestically as well as abroad.


What they (the Marxists) are aiming for, is a return to the status quo of the aristocracy/oligarchy, where a self anointed ruling elite lays down the rules for the rest of ut to play by.Keeping the vast majority of the population (middle income earners) paying for the policies that the super wealthy craft, and the poor demand, the middle income earners are held in bondage to their masters.

Obama’s continued assault on the constitution in face of a highly weakened opposition further cements the Executive branch with more concentrated powers, thereby further weakening the congress (read = the people) to correct any course he, or future hard core socialists, choose to follow. Removing the many firewalls in the constitution is a must for the statist to exact control of the government, and in this they have proven themselves to be victorious.

It’s no longer enough to vote in a handful of constitutional minded politicians, while that’s commendable and needed, the course of the union will not be changed because Washington will not be changed, the apparatus in charge of huge amounts of the private economy and regulates the country in ways only imagined by Soviet commissars, will not be affected, enough. Now is the time to circumvent the whole mess in Washington and take the fight for the nation in our state legislatures. It is there where the solutions lie in saving the nation, with the people themselves.

Read Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments, and defeat the statists.

Alan Bergstein: ”In short, Obama is a cunning, calculating domestic terrorist, holding the highest and most powerful seat in the world and using it to bring down this nation. And we are seeing it play out before our very eyes. Obamacare is but the latest manifestation of his contempt. Will we ever be wake up to stop this maniacal meteor from crashing into and destroying our magnificent nation? It’s up to you and me. Good luck!”


Obama — Destroyer-in-Chief

By Alan Bergstein

Many of us, at the introduction of Obamacare on October 1st, initially diagnosed the problem as simply a poorly-constructed website. Wrong! It was planned that way. It would be an impossibility to spend almost four years, at a cost of over $600 million dollars, to create a site that never even made it through pre-opening trials.

Obama and his crew – Cass Sunstein, William Ayers, Kathleen Sebelius, Valerie Jarrett, et al. – all knew it would never get off the ground. They understood the mass confusion it would cause and the ultimate disruption of the lives of millions of helpless people who bet their bottom dollar on a utopian medical care system. Insurance companies have already dropped policies for hundreds of thousands of customers, and firms have discontinued employee coverage for millions of their employees – all in preparation for Obamacare.

With great fanfare it was thrust on the nation like no other scheme we have ever seen, utilizing massive advertising and “everyday” citizen support, only to come crashing down to earth. Like another 9/11, but even worse in its potential to destroy lives – yes, from the death panels former Governor Sarah Palin warned about so presciently and which are now factored insidiously in the Obamacare law for all to see.

Disaster! The nation is now in turmoil. This chaos was in the books from the moment Obama decided to run for office the first time – not for the presidency but for the Illinois legislature and then the U.S. Senate. Everyone knew of Obama’s record of voting “present” – in other words, his terminal inability to take a stand or make a decision.

Everyone knew that in his entire life he had never “run” anything – as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has said, he “never ran a state, never ran a business, never ran a lemonade stand.”

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I wouldn’t rust him to negotiate a curve in the road.

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U.S. Trade Representative Mike Froman and his predecessor have said TPP is not about trade between independent nations, but about “integrating our economies” under a flag of global government. The European Union superstate, a graveyard of sovereign nations, was originally sold to citizens as a plan for “integrating economies.”


by LTC ALLEN WEST (USA, RET.) 15 Oct 2013, 8:45 AM PDT 

allen-west-tallPresident Obama is seeking power the Constitution has assigned to Congress. Soon, he will formally ask Congress to surrender its constitutional authority and grant him “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority.

And House Republicans are inexplicably ready to give it to him.

Members of Congress who take our Constitution seriously will follow Nancy Reagan’s advice and Just Say No.

Article One, Section 8 of the Constitution assigns Congress the exclusive responsibility to set the terms of “commerce with foreign nations” — trade. The Founders established this clear check and balance to prevent the president from unilaterally negotiating deals that reward his supporters while harming opponents or the nation as a whole.

Under Fast Track, Obama would be able to sign commercial trade agreements before Congress votes on them. Congress would not even be able to amend the agreements in any way — it would only have an up-or-down vote when the president says so, before members could even read it.

While Congress has delegated authority to presidents in the past, it was based on the premise that the legislative branch could trust the executive branch to respect Congress’ constitutional role. This administration has breached that trust.

From the abuse of executive orders, to recess appointments, to the stonewalling of congressional oversight on Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA, IRS intimidation, and other scandals, this administration has shown contempt for the constitutionally mandated co-equal role of the Congress.

Given this record, Congress must not cede its constitutional authority and instead reject President Obama’s request for “Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority.”

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Obama dark-clouds white house

This is how a demagogue and ideological hack with imperial inclinations behaves. Telling flat out lies, Obama laid his plans before the American public, telling them without blinking an eye that he plans to circumvent congress and act unilaterally through the EPA, the U.S.’s Environment Protection Agency.

Calling what you and I both exhale ”carbon pollution”, he plans to scale US business back even more through over the top regulations and restrictions, effectively nixing the Keystone pipeline, thereby tossing over a 100 000 jobs under the bus that in due time, will be close to running on fumes due this disastrous president’s disastrous policies.

obama pounces on global warming 26.6.2013

Even major liberal media outlets are admitting that the whole Global Warming thing isn’t panning out. So that’s the perfect time for His Majesty Barack I, Protector of the Planet from the Carbon Devil, to announce that he will be bypassing Congress and going all Imperial Presidency on a problem that even its enthusiastic backers are backing away from. While raising electricity rates sky high.

“The question is not whether we need to act. The overwhelming judgment of science, of chemistry and physics and millions of measurements, has put all that to rest,” Obama said in a major policy address at Georgetown University. “So the question now is whether we will have the courage to act before it’s too late.”

Outlets that have questioned whether we really need to act recently include Warmist boosters like the New York Times and the New Republic. More and more scientists are challenging the Global Warming-Green Energy complex’s fable about the endangered earth. But they must all be members of the Flat Earth Society.

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First of all, there is no such thing as a ‘middle class’ in America, regardless of the politicians’ and media’s constant aping of the Marxist term. Secondly, there is no need to divide people into income brackets, none whatsoever. Government should only be involved in providing the allowing the freest market available, and with least amount of regulations in order for the free market, to expand and allow businesses to hire and produce needed products.

obama commie glasses

Obama Warns Growing Middle Class is Threatening the Environment

June 20, 2013 By Daniel Greenfield

The one consistent thing with Obama is that the middle class is always the enemy. The middle class the enemy of the poor. The middle class is the enemy of big government. The middle class is even the enemy of the planet.

Darn that middle class. If only there was some way to tax and regulate it out of existence.

“Peace with justice means refusing to condemn our children to a harsher, less hospitable planet,” he said in a speech at Berlin’s Brandenberg Gate. “The effort to slow climate change requires bold action.”

Obama touted his first-term work on green energy and boosting auto efficiency rules, but added: “We know we have to do more – and we will do more.” …

“With a global middle class consuming more energy every day, this must now be an effort of all nations, not just some.  For the grim alternative affects all nations – more severe storms, more famine and floods, new waves of refugees, coastlines that vanish, oceans that rise. This is the future we must avert,” Obama said.

“This is the global threat of our time.  And for the sake of future generations, our generation must move toward a global compact to confront a changing climate before it is too late. That is our job. That is our task. We have to get to work,” he said, according to a White House transcript.

Peace with justice used to mean welfare and affirmative action. Now it means a global ecofascism with carbon taxes administered by his Green crony capitalists so that the big donors of the left have more stolen money to stuff into their swollen pockets while the middle class bleeds.

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Life couldn’t be better.

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More than a Vacation a Month for Obamas in 2013

8:36 AM, MAR 26, 2013 • BY DANIEL HALPER

In the first three months of the year, members of the first family have been on three vacations, averaging a vacation a month. And now it’s being reported that the first daughters are on a spring break vacation in the Bahamas.

Obama Photo


The Obamas began the new year in Hawaii. “President Obama departed Hawaii this morning for Washington, after spending NINE days vacationing with family and friends in his native state. Here’s a quick look at how he spent his vacation,” ABC reported on January 6, 2013.

“Obama played FIVE rounds of golf with SEVEN different partners, spending roughly THIRTY hours on TWO different courses on Oahu. The president made FIVE early morning trips to the gym at the nearby Marine Base at Kaneohe Bay. The First Family spent TWO afternoons enjoying the beach on the base and went for ONE hike to a local waterfall. The president spent ONE father-daughter afternoon with Malia and Sasha, bowling and going out for shave ice, an annual tradition.”

Then the first lady and their daughters vacationed in Aspen over President’s Day weekend. “First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Aspen on Friday afternoon and is here with her daughters for a ski vacation,” Aspendailynews.com reported in February. “Few details about her trip were available. Sources said she is staying at the home of Jim and Paula Crown, owners of the Aspen Skiing Co. She is reportedly skiing at Buttermilk today, where the Crowns, of Chicago, own a home on the Tiehack side.”

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The truth about Obamacare was well known in advance of this report.

The massive amount of debt already accumulated is so massive, that the thought of extra 6.2 trillion of debt on top of what the country has hanging over its head, is just too  staggering to contemplate. Obama and the Democrats, as well as those Republican governors that are preparing to go along with it for their states…..deserve to be in orange jump suits.

NOTE: I have warned close relatives, I have blogged about it repeatedly at the TT, and will continue to rail against it in the future. Obamacare is a FREAKING NIGHTMARE and his administration is spending the country into oblivion.

Obama cash

GAO Report: Obamacare Adds $6.2 Trillion to Long-Term Deficit

Obamacare will increase the long-term federal deficit by $6.2 trillion, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released today.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), who requested the report, revealed the findings this morning at a Senate Budget Committee hearing. The report, he said, “confirms everything critics and Republicans were saying about the faults of this bill,” and “dramatically proves that the promises made assuring the nation that the largest new entitlement program in history would not add one dime to the deficit were false.”

President Obama and other Democrats attempted to win support for the health-care bill by touting it as a fiscally responsible enterprise. “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future,” Obama told a joint-session of Congress in September 2009. “I will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.”

The new report exposes the “lack of honesty” surrounding such claims, Sessions argued. “The big-government crowd in Washington manipulated the numbers in order to get the financial score they wanted, in order to get their bill passed and to increase power and influence,” he said. “The goal was not truth or financial responsibility, but to pass the bill. This is how a country goes broke.”

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And they still  intend to spend like the drunken politicians that they are.

Obama cash

Real Federal Spending Up $822.90 Per American Since 2008

February 22, 2013
Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Boehner

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner before the State of the Union Address. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

(CNSNews.com) – Inflation-adjusted per capita federal spending went up $822.90 from fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2012, according to official data from the U.S. Treasury and the Census Bureau.

Real federal spending also increased $2437.64 per household between 2008 and 2012.

In constant 2012 dollars, the federal government spent $3,176,376,470,000 in 2008 and $3,538,446,000,000 in 2012, according to the U.S. Treasury. (The 2008 spending number was adjusted to 2012 dollars using the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator.)

On April 1, 2008 (the midpoint in the federal fiscal year which ends on Sept. 30), there were 303,381,938 people in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and on April 1, 2012 there were 313,336,712.

The $3,176,376,470,000 that the federal government spent in fiscal 2008 equaled $10,469.89 for each of the 303,381,938 people who lived in the United States that year. The $3,538,446,000,000 the federal government spent in fiscal 2012 equaled $11,292.79 for each of the 313,336,712 people who lived in the United States that year.

Thus from fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2012 inflation-adjusted federal spending per person increased by $822.90.

That means that over the past four years, the federal government has increased its spending on average by about another $206 each year for every man, woman and child in the country.

There were 111,115,000 households in the country in April 2008 (the midpoint in the fiscal year) and 114,055,000 households in April 2012. The $3,176,376,470,000 the federal government spent in fiscal 2008 equaled $28,586.39 per household. The $3,538,446,000,000 the federal government spent in fiscal 2012 equaled $31,024.03 per household. Thus from fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2012 inflation-adjusted federal spending per household increased by $2437.64.

That means that over the past four years, the federal government has increased its spending on average by about another $609.41 each year for every household in the country.

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Happy days are here again!

Remember all that ‘stimulus’ money robbed from future generations of children yet to be born in the U.S.? Well it was all for naught.

Obama cash

GDP Shows Surprise Drop for US in Fourth Quarter

The U.S. economy posted a stunning drop of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter, defying expectations for slow growth and possibly providing incentive for more Federal Reserve stimulus.

The economy shrank from October through December for the first time since the recession ended, hurt by the biggest cut in defense spending in 40 years, fewer exports and sluggish growth in company stockpiles.

The Commerce Department said Wednesday that the economy contracted at an annual rate of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter. That’s a sharp slowdown from the 3.1 percent growth rate in the July-September quarter.

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This is what to expect in the future as the federal government focuses more an more on redistributing private wealth to create more public dependency upon itself, than on removing its boot heel from the neck of the economy to allow the private sector to grow and create jobs.

All of  this house voucher flimflam is entirely unnecessary, people should be able to pay off their home mortgages from being at work, but that’s not the anti-Lincoln’s priority.


Section 8 housing voucher distribution canceled after thousands waiting in line get out of control

TAYLOR, Mich. (WXYZ) –

A chaotic scene erupted at the Taylor Human Services Center when the crowd waiting for a Section 8 housing voucher distribution got out of control.

The center is located at Eureka and Lange Roads. That’s on Eureka, between Beech Daly and Inkster.

Police say thousands of people from all over the area were at the center. Many were homeless, single moms, or disabled.  They were hoping to get help paying for their housing from the government.

“There was elderly, disabled people, pregnant single women. They were here for help, to get their Section 8 vouchers.  It just shows you what a desperate need… some were here since yesterday,” said Rhianna Rodriguez.

7 Action News is being told there were 1,000 vouchers available and 5,000 people showed up trying to get one.

The crowd had grown overnight as more and more people arrived.  Witnesses say the line stretched for a mile down Lange Road.

Police say, when the time came for the vouchers to be distributed, there was a mad rush for the door.  Officers tried to control the crowd, but couldn’t.

Officers had to shut down several lanes of Eureka Road until the situation could be brought under control. The road is now reopened.

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Our friend Weasel Zippers has video





Just like Obamacare, you had to vote for him to see and understand his policies later. Now own it.

Obama cash



On Friday, millions of Americans began getting a taste of higher taxes as the expiration of the payroll tax holiday took a bigger bite out of their paychecks, leaving them with less cash in their wallets.

Gabriella Hoffman, a 21-year-old nonprofit worker, told Fox News that the tax hike will mean about $780 less in annual take home pay:

As a newly-graduated person, someone coming straight out of college, I don’t like the idea of having less money coming to me due to the selfish interests of people in Congress who don’t have any interest in reducing our financial problems.  This is an impediment for future economic growth. It’s going to make it harder for young people like myself to get married, find a better job, you name it.

Employees who make over $113,700 can expect to see $87.46 evaporate from their bi-weekly paychecks. The end of the payroll tax holiday, which involved a 2% Social Security reduction, is expected to affect an estimated 160 million American workers.

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Keeps the printing presses rolling.

Obama cash


by WYNTON HALL 26 Dec 2012, 3:12 PM

The number of individuals collecting disability benefits has hit a record high 8,827,795, according to new figures released from the Social Security Administration. On average, beneficiaries receive a$1,130.34 monthly check.

The explosion of individuals now applying for federal disability means applications are being awarded without proper vetting. A congressional report examining a sample of 300 cases found that over a quarter of them “failed to properly address insufficient, contradictory or incomplete evidence.”

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My only comfort is in knowing that the economic bombshell that’s going hit the US, will not recognize party lines, the leftists who voted for Obama and the Democrat Marxists are going to hit as well. Their taxes, the middle income earners is the real target, that’s where the vast wealth is in America. The ‘wealthy’ has never really been the target, the federal government is coming after you!

Black Friday: Treasury Borrowed $211.69 Per U.S. Household on Day After Thanksgiving

November 26, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – The U.S. Treasury increased the net debt of the United States $24,327,048,384.38 on the day after Thanksgiving, which equals approximately $211.69 for each of the nation’s 114,916,000 households.

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Yes folks, it’s that obvious to those who should know.

One of the very few times I find myself in agreement with both Pravda and Vladimir Putin.

Make no mistake, Pravda is not a Jeffersonian institution nor is Putin a Reaganite conservative libertatian, contrary to what the article depicts, but I have yet to see in the foreign media anyone capture the essence of what Obama is all about as in this article.

Obama’s Soviet Mistake


By Xavier Lerma

Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with Obama but failed miserably in Russia with Zyuganovwho only received 17% of the vote. Vladimir Putin was re-elected as President keeping the NWO order out of Russia while America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake.

After Obama was elected in his first term as president the then Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin gave a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January of 2009. Ignored by the West as usual, Putin gave insightful and helpful advice to help the world economy and saying the world should avoid the Soviet mistake.

Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them.


He is a Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so. How shrewd he is in America. His cult of personality mesmerizes those who cannot go beyond their ignorance. They will continue to follow him like those fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia.  Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.

Reading Putin’s speech without knowing the author, one would think it was written by Reagan or another conservative in America. The speech promotes smaller government and less taxes. It comes as no surprise to those who know Putin as a conservative. Vladimir Putin went on to say:

“…we are reducing taxes on production, investing money in the economy. We are optimizing state expenses.

 The second possible mistake would be excessive interference into the economic life of the country and the absolute faith into the all-mightiness of the state.

There are no grounds to suggest that by putting the responsibility over to the state, one can achieve better results.

Unreasonable expansion of the budget deficit, accumulation of the national debt – are as destructive as an adventurous stock market game.

During the time of the Soviet Union the role of the state in economy was made absolute, which eventually lead to the total non-competitiveness of the economy. That lesson cost us very dearly. I am sure no one would want history to repeat itself.”

President Vladimir Putin could never have imagined anyone so ignorant or so willing to destroy their people like Obama much less seeing millions vote for someone like Obama. They read history in America don’t they? Alas, the schools in the U.S. were conquered by the Communists long ago and history was revised thus paving the way for their Communist presidents. Obama has bailed out those businesses that voted for him and increased the debt to over 16 trillion with an ever increasing unemployment rate especially among blacks and other minorities. All the while promoting his agenda.

Read it all here.



Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for radicals

The thirteenth rule: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. — P.126-129

Barack Obama is a student of Saul Alinsky, who himself was a student of Karl Marx. Mr.Alinsky developed a set of tactics that if used properly and to their maximum effectiveness, will turn society against itself, pitting one group in constant turmoil against the other, the supposed ”have nots” against the ”haves”.

Obama held a press conference yesterday in which he hammered home relentlessly the class warfare meme of the 2% ”not paying their fair share at the expense of the middle class”. Never mind the fact that it’s totally irrelevant how much a person earns and what their net worth is, or whether or not the ”2%” pays 40%-50 % or even 100% of their earnings to the federal government, it would never make a dent into the staggering debt load regardless.

NOTE: A word to Congressman Paul Ryan. I realize that you are speaking over Obama’s head directly to the American people about what really spurs economic growth, but you also have to educate the people about what Obama is up to. Mark Levin is right, Obama is actually attacking middle income earners in the long run, but first wants to appear that he’s on their side against the ”super rich”. Then after he’s done with them, he’ll turn his sights upon this group as well, for they represent a far greater source of wealth than the highly demonized 2%.


House Budget Committee chair Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has rejected President Barack Obama’s demand to raise taxes as part of Obama’s proposal to achieve $1.6 trillion in additional tax revenues to avoid the “fiscal cliff.”

Instead, Ryan backed Speaker John Boehner’s position, which is that any new tax revenues must be achieved without passing higher tax rates.

In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News, Ryan specified that new revenues should come through economic growth and tax reform, not tax hikes:

Speaker Boehner has outlined a bipartisan way forward to avoid the “fiscal cliff” and get our economy growing: common-sense entitlement reform coupled with pro-growth tax reform. We can find common ground on responsible spending restraint and greater revenue through economic growth, but we have yet to see either a serious plan or leadership from President Obama. Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have delivered both.

Earlier today, President Obama signaled an openness to tax reform, but said that “closing loopholes in deductions” would not cover the cost of extending the current tax rates for the top two percent of earners.

More here.

NOTE II: Boehner has not delivered a serious plan, he has already proven himself not up to the task of confronting Obama. The man is consistently out maneuvered by the marxist-in-chief.



Never mind the fact it will cripple the economy.

The Republicans have such weak leadership, that it wouldn’t surprise if Team Obama actually steam rolls this one over Boehner & company with some vague promise in return. What most people have yet to figure out, is that Obama’s chief goal is to reduce the US to an impoverished 3rd rate banana republic. That includes the present day Republican leadership, who are still convinced that Obama is a nice guy who lives his country, but who just happens to have wrong headed policies.

NOTE: Get used to it folks, nothing is going to turn around, one self induced fiasco will lead to another, until the entire country is mired in abject poverty. Mission accomplished.


President Barack Obama has responded to House Speaker John Boehner’s gesture last week towards reaching a deal to avoid the Jan. 1 “fiscal cliff” of tax hikes and spending cuts, putting a specific demand on the table: $1.6 trillion in new tax revenues, reached by raising tax rates on the wealthy in addition to other “tax revenues.” The offer is twice as high as a deal Obama scuttled last year, suggesting he may be prepared to let talks fail again.

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Remember the story of the nation’s wealthiest counties voting for Obama, well the fix is in, big time. To round matters off, Obama saved the auto unions from future worker contract cuts that would have resulted from normal bankruptcy procedures, as well as divertingt taxpayer money to nonprofitable green businesses and swelling the ranks of the food stamp crowd. That’s a demagogue populist does it, and the ill-informed lap it up like a pup on its mother’s teat.

H/T: Fjordman

Marc Faber’s Asset Protection Plan: “Buy A Machine Gun”, No Really, “You’re Right, Buy A Tank”

Trish Regan and Adam Johnson do their best to hold themselves together in this sublime rant by ‘Gloom, Boom & Doom’s Marc Faber on Bloomberg TV as he sees Obama’s re-election as “very negative for the economy”. From his view that the market should be down at least 20% – and maybe 50%, to the implied ignorance of both of the candidates, he believes fervently that the “standards of living of people in the western hemisphere will continue to decline.”

Faber views Obama’s re-election as one of many unintended consequences of market manipulation (since Democrat attacks on the wealthy were ‘enabled’ by their profiteering from Bernanke’s money printing) and sees the need to protect one’s assets “with a gun, a machine gun… or perhaps a tank.” He concludes with a stunner as he exclaims his view doubting Obama will make it through the whole four-year term because “there will be so many scandals” since “there is so much smoke, there must be some fire!”

The pre-amble is useful and well worth listening to as Faber describes exactly what is occurring in the world…

The good stuff begins around 7:30 as Faber goes Baumgartner… and gives the Bloomberg hosts a taste of reality we suspect they have not heard from their run-of-the-mill portfolio manager sheep guests…

Read the transcript of it all here at Zero Hedge