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America’s Worst President?

I nominate Barack Obama, the anti-Lincoln.

July 10, 2016

”If you want to ignite race riots, a sure-fire way to do it is to stir up black hatred and suspicion of cops, which will in turn make cops warier of blacks and more trigger-happy, and so on, until an explosion occurs. So thanks, President Obama. You have set back American race relations by 50 years”

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It could have been much much more different if we had a conservative Black president.



Keeping his promise to defend Islam to the bitter end.

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Fascinating. Please tell us more about how the followers of a brutal xenophobic theocracy are responsible for our civil liberties.

In Obama’s voluminous Eid statement, he insists that, “Eid celebrations around the country remind us of our proud history as a nation built by people of all backgrounds; our history of religious freedom and civil liberties, and our history of innovation and strength. These legacies would not be possible without the contributions of Muslim Americans that make our country even stronger.”

Which contributions would those be again?

9/11? The World Trade Center bombing? Assorted synagogue bombing plots? The Orlando massacre? There have been so many Muslim contributions to our freedom and civil rights that it can be hard to keep track of all of them.

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He doesn’t really care…..

Just like here in Europe, Finland included. All kinds of frauds that include economic, military and jihadi elements were allowed in and no background checks on their social media sites.

Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq have fled to Europe in search of asylum. President Obama wants the U.S. to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year, but officials are not screening all social media accounts. (Associated Press)

 Obama administration fails to screen Syrian refugees’ social media accounts

The Obama administration isn’t vetting the social media profiles of all Syrian refugees despite promises made last year after the San Bernardino terrorist attack, which exposed holes in the U.S. immigration screening process.

Concerns over refugee screening spurred Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, a Republican, on Tuesday to cancel his state’s cooperation with federal authorities trying to resettle Syrians.

It was another blow to the administration’s attempts to reach President Obama’s goal of accepting 10,000 Syrians this fiscal year.

With a little more than five months left in the fiscal year, the government is 8,370 refugees short of its goal. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill say they fear the administration will reduce screening even more to speed up the process. To meet the president’s target, immigration officials would have to approve about 75 applications every workday for the rest of the fiscal year — nearly seven times the average so far.

“What is far more important than the arbitrary number of 10,000 is whether these refugees can be properly screened. If the answer is no, which is obviously the case given testimony by the FBI director and homeland security secretary, then we should not let a single one into the country,” said Rep. Vern Buchanan, Florida Republican.

Mr. Buchanan is sponsoring legislation that would force the Homeland Security Department to review social media accounts of anyone seeking entry to the U.S.

His bill has the backing of Rep. Devin Nunes, California Republican and chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and Rep. Michael T. McCaul, Texas Republican and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

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If Obama had left some portion of US forces in Iraq they wouldn’t be having to retake anything.



The US is providing airstrikes to aid both the Iraqi Army and Iranian Shiite terrorists in the retaking of Fallujah from ISIS:

The US is providing airstrikes to aid both the Iraqi Army and Iranian Shiite terrorists in the retaking of Fallujah from ISIS:

CBS NEWS – The Iraqi government said the long-awaited battle to recapture the city of Fallujah began in the early hours of Monday. Video published online overnight purportedly shows heavy bombardment of the city before the advance of ground troops.

Prime Minister Haider al Abadi made a televised announcement that the operation had begun, vowing that Iraqi forces would “tear up the black flags” of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Fallujah.

Backed up by U.S. and coalition airstrikes, a combination of Iraqi troops, police and Shiite militias made early progress, pushing ISIS militants back out of the farmland surrounding the city and toward Fallujah itself.

There are an estimated 800-1,000 ISIS fighters in Fallujah, which has been extensively fortified with trenches and minefields. Coming after them are upwards of 20,000 Iraqi forces, led by 1,500 members of the Counter Terrorism Services, 10,000 regular Army troops (many trained by the U.S.) and 8-10,000 Iraqi national police.

Nobody likes to mention that Iranian terrorists are apart of this operation. But they are because Iran is supporting these Shiite militia that are working with the Iraqi army and the US.

This from the Long War Journal:

The leadership of Harakat al Nujaba, or Movement of the Noble, an Iranian-supported Shiite militia which operates in both Iraq and Syria, said it is clearing a road in eastern Anbar province in preparation for an upcoming offensive to retake Fallujah from the Islamic State.

Akram Abbas al Kabi, the Secretary General of Harakat al Nujaba, and Hashem al Musawi, his spokesman both recently commented on the group’s role in operations in and around Fallujah.

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Obama and the world

How Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy De-Stabilized the World


May 19, 2016 12:00 AM @VDHANSON

In 1939, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Prime Minister Édouard Daladier warned Adolf Hitler that if the Third Reich invaded Poland, a European war would follow.

Both leaders insisted that they meant it. But Hitler thought that after getting away with militarizing the Rhineland, annexing Austria, and dismantling Czechoslovakia, the Allied appeasers were once again just bluffing.

England and France declared war two days after Hitler entered Poland.

Once hard-won deterrence is lost, it is almost impossible to restore credibility without terrible costs and danger.

Last week, Russian officials warned the Obama administration about the installation of a new anti-ballistic missile system in Romania and talked of a possible nuclear confrontation that would reduce the host country to “smoking ruins” and “neutralize” any American-sponsored missile system.

Such apocalyptic rhetoric follows months of Russian bullying of nearby neutral Sweden, harassment of U.S. ships and planes, warnings to NATO nations in Europe, and constant threats to the Baltic states and former Soviet republics.

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Don’t worry, this jackass is a lame duck, Ted Cruz will be the next President.

Don’t you dare leave the EU, warns Obama: Fury as President threatens British people with ‘going to back of the queue’ for trade with America after Brexit

Mr Cameron shook hands with Mr Obama after the President's lengthy intervention in favour of Britain's EU membership

Mr Cameron shook hands with Mr Obama after the President’s lengthy intervention in favour of Britain’s EU membership

  • US President Barack Obama is in Britain for a farewell three day visit 
  • He and wife Michelle lunched at Windsor with the Queen and Prince Philip
  • Cameron and Obama were locked in talks for more than an hour today
  • The President set out his strong support for the EU in a press conference
  • Vote Leave immediately hit back at ‘orchestrated’ Obama intervention 
  • Obama’s answers sparked speculation they had been written in No 10 after it included typically British phrases like ‘queue’ instead of ‘line’

Barack Obama tonight warned Britain would be at the ‘back of the queue’ for a trade deal with America if it quits the EU.

In an extraordinary intervention standing alongside David Cameron at the Foreign Office, the US President warned there was no prospect of a deal ‘any time soon’.

Mr Obama defended his right to comment on Britain’s June 23 poll despite claims from Leave campaigners that he was being ‘hypocritical’ and had ‘double standards’.

The President insisted his remarks, which have been long planned by Mr Cameron’s In campaign, were not a ‘threat’ to Britain.

But the speech enraged campaigners who support Brexit, with Tory MPs immediately warning that drumming up support from foreign presidents was ‘not a good look’ for Mr Cameron.

The US President issued an powerful warning to the British people ahead of the June 23 referendum, exceeding even the hopes of In campaigners who were awaiting his endorsement 

The US President issued an powerful warning to the British people ahead of the June 23 referendum, exceeding even the hopes of In campaigners who were awaiting his endorsement

Mr Obama said as a ‘friend’ of Britain he had to be ‘honest’ about the impact of a Brexit vote.

And he insisted that if Out campaigners would continue to be ‘ascribing actions’ of the US after Brexit, they should hear from the President.

He said: ‘And on that matter, for example, I think it’s fair to say that maybe some point down the line there might be a UK-US trade agreement, but it’s not going to happen any time soon because our focus is in negotiating with a big bloc, the European Union, to get a trade agreement done.

‘The UK is going to be in the back of the queue.’

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Obama should have been impeached ages ago if not for the RINO elite guiding the disaster of the GOP led congress.


Obama Gives Iran Access to the U.S. Financial System, Flouting the Terms of His Cherished Iran Deal

President Obama and his subordinates blatantly lied to Congress in order win approval – or, more accurately, to escape disapproval – of his Iran nuclear deal. At a time when jihadist mass-murder attacks are surging, and when the Syrian regime’s war crimes are abetted by Iran’s jihadist armed forces (which include Hezbollah and the Quds Force, both formally designated terrorist organizations), Obama’s deal infuses Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and an unapologetic enemy of the United States, with over $100 billion in sanctions relief . . . some slice of which, the Obama administration admits, will be diverted to terrorism.

This is old news, of course. Yet, it is worth repeating, for two reasons.

First, these are impeachable offenses of the first order. As I recounted in Faithless Execution, the Framers of our Constitution counted presidential dishonesty in dealings with Congress and presidential concealment of dealings with foreign powers as among the most egregious high crimes and misdemeanors.

Second, Obama is doing it again.

To persuade the Republican-controlled Congress to refrain from rejecting the Iran deal, even under the shamefully indulgent Corker-Cardin process to which GOP leaders agreed, the Obama administration made two key promises. The first was that, if Congress went along with Obama on dismantling nuclear sanctions (for the purportedly greater good of winning the terror regime’s commitment not to build nuclear weapons), the administration would stand strong on other sanctions – sanctions that punish Iran for its terror promotion, ballistic-missile development, and related aggression. The second promise was that Iran would continue to be banned from the U.S. financial system.

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NOTE: If not corrected by the next president, this will be Obama’s legacy:

Obama and the world


The 8 mos left of this presidency can’t end soon enough…..

Peace out, fools! Obama plays the clown by flashing the peace sign in nuclear security summit world leaders ‘team photo’… but David Cameron does NOT look impressed

Barack Obama flashes the peace sign for nuclear security summit 'team photo'

Surrounded by world leaders (main picture), President Barack Obama (center and inset top right) gave the peace sign as they gathered for a ‘team photo’ during a two-day nuclear summit. All eyes were on Obama as 54 other presidents and prime ministers joined him in Washington, DC, for crunch talks on Iran and terrorist threats involving nuclear weapons.

There was one set of eyes, however, that was particularly focused on the President – those of Prime Minister David Cameron (inset top right). Relations between Cameron and Obama have been strained since the President criticized the Prime Minister for getting ‘distracted’ during the crisis in Libya and turning it into a ‘s**t show’.

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Remember, Obama believes that it’s his (unconstitutional) presidential duty to run defense for Islam.

obama winking

VIDEO: WH Censors French President Saying ‘ISLAMIST Terrorism

The White House website has censored a video of French Pres. Francois Hollande saying that “Islamist terrorism” is at the “roots of terrorism.”

The White House briefly pulled video of a press event on terrorism with Pres. Obama, and when it reappeared on the website and YouTube, the audio of Hollande’s translator goes silent, beginning with the words “Islamist terrorism,” then begins again at the end of his sentence.

Even the audio of Hollande saying the words “Islamist terrorism” in French have, apparently, been edited from the video.

According to the official White House transcript of Hollande’s remarks, Hollande refers to “Islamist terrorism.” The audio of the bold text in brackets is missing from the video – the only point in the video were the audio is absent:

“We are also making sure that between Europe and the United States there can be a very high level coordination.

“But we’re also well aware that the roots of terrorism, [Islamist terrorism, is in Syria and in Iraq.  We therefore have to act both in Syria and in Iraq, and this is what we’re doing within the framework of the coalition.]  And we note that Daesh is losing ground thanks to the strikes we’ve been able to launch with the coalition.”

Watch the video of Hollande’s censored comment:


The disastrous 8 years of Obama couldn’t end soon enough for me, this will be a very long 8 mos.


The Pentagon often gets a bad rap, but it’s been a voice of reason during Obama’s era of foreign policy irresponsibility. It went head to head with Hillary Clinton over the push to invade Libya to the point of usurping the State Department by trying to work out an agreement with Gaddafi. While the CIA continues running guns to any Jihadist with a Qatari connection and a pulse, the Pentagon has shown some common sense.

Now two foreign policies are colliding once again on the battlefield.

The fighting has intensified over the past two months, as CIA-armed units and Pentagon-armed ones have repeatedly shot at each other as they have maneuvered through contested territory on the northern outskirts of Aleppo, U.S. officials and rebel leaders have confirmed.

In mid-February, a CIA-armed militia called Fursan al Haq, or Knights of Righteousness, was run out of the town of Marea, about 20 miles north of Aleppo, by Pentagon-backed Syrian Democratic Forces moving in from Kurdish-controlled areas to the east.

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Everything that this street organizer-in-chief does is flawed.

netanyahu and obamination

Here is Dr.Gerstenfeld’s new article on Obama’s flawed doctrine. It was first published in Israel National News and republished here with the author’s permission.


Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldThe lengthy description of “Obama’s doctrine” recently published by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic, reflects the confusion of the American President’s behavior.1 Israel occupies a minor place in the article. Yet an analysis of Obama’s positions on Israel and Netanyahu as presented in this text reveals more than the President’s stance on these issues. It also serves as a prism bringing various flawed elements of Obama’s doctrine into focus.

One can begin a review of the article with Goldberg’s description of Obama’s admiration for Israel’s resilience in the face of constant terrorism. He added that “it is clear that he would like to see resilience replace panic in American society.” Such an American response is unlikely. A sizeable minority of Americans agree with Donald Trump regarding his proposal to temporarily prevent foreign Muslims from entering the US.2 3 This indicates that resilience, a more passive stance, is probably not on the cards, especially if more crimes are committed in the US motivated by Islamist views.

Obama stated that there are only a limited number of moral issues, not directly concerning the United States, where he would feel the need to intervene. Israel’s defense in extreme circumstances made the shortlist, supported by Obama’s words that “it would be a moral failing for me as president of the United States” not to defend Israel.

Yet Goldberg writes that Obama has “long believed that Netanyahu could bring about a two-state solution that would protect Israel’s status as a Jewish-majority democracy, but is too fearful and politically paralyzed to do so.” This view is bizarre. It is highly improbable that a lasting ‘peace’ agreement could be reached with Abbas and Fatah, who glorify murderers of Israeli civilians. Such an agreement with this Palestinian minority group would encourage the anti-Israel genocide efforts of the Hamas Islamo-Nazis even further. Goldberg would have done well to ask Obama what he meant when he said he wanted to help the Palestinians achieve “dignity,” a warped concept given that the Palestinians’ main “contributions” to humanity to date are their innovative terror and hate mongering techniques.

Obama also mentions that Netanyahu was publicly condescending in giving him “‘something of a lecture about the dangers of the brutal region in which he lives.’ Finally, the president interrupted the prime minister and said: ‘Bibi, you have to understand something … I’m the African American son of a single mother, and I live here, in this house. I live in the White House. I managed to get elected president of the United States. You think I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but I do.’” Obama’s words can be easily exposed as a non-sequitur, as it is not clear what the relevance is of Obama being the African American son of a single mother and having made it to the White House, as proof of understanding the Middle East.

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Obama most certainly couldn’t care less, his mission is to play defense for Islam.

obama mosque


The primary achievement of U.S. foreign policies is the unprecedented rise of Islamic forces bent on destroying America.

Originally published by the Gatestone Institute.

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

2015 was the “worst year in modern history for Christian persecution,” according to Open Doors, a human rights organization that has been documenting the persecution of Christians since 1955.

According to its latest data, more than 7,000 Christians were killed for their faith in 2015 — almost twice as many as in 2014. In addition, more than 2,400 churches were attacked, damaged or destroyed — again, more than double the number of the previous year.

In the words of Open Doors’ CEO, David Curry:

The 2016 World Watch List [which ranks the 50 nations where Christians are most persecuted] documents an unprecedented escalation of violence against Christians, making this past year the most violent and sustained attack on Christian faith in modern history. … This research has concluded that after the brutal persecution of Christians in 2014, 2015 proved to be even worse with the persecution continuing to increase, intensify and spread across the globe. … The level of exclusion, discrimination and violence against Christians is unprecedented, spreading and intensifying.

Who or what is behind these unprecedented levels of persecution? Some of it is related to the tendency of non-Western nations to associate Christianity with the “hated West.” Four are Communist nations — Vietnam (ranked #20), Laos (#29), China (#33), and North Korea (#1), where “Christianity is not only seen as ‘opium for the people,’ as is normal for all communist states, it is also seen as deeply Western and despicable,” notes the report. Three are reclaiming their religious heritage in contradistinction to what is portrayed as a depraved West — Hindu India (#17), Buddhist Bhutan (#38) and Myanmar (#23). And two — Mexico (#40) and Columbia (#46) — are fueled by organized crime and drug cartels.

“Islamic extremism” is cited as the source of persecution for the remaining 41 nations that make the list of 50 worst persecutors of Christians. North Korea aside, the rest of the eight nations where Christians experience the worst form of persecution (“extreme persecution”) are all Islamic. In 35 nations, Islamic extremism “has risen to a level akin to ethnic cleansing” of Christians.

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Truth of the matter, Obama couldn’t be more happy over the Iranian taunting of U.S. forces……


Daniel GreenfieldIRAN TO BUILD STATUE COMMEMORATING ITS CAPTURE OF US SAILORS “Maybe once Obama leaves office, he can stop by and say a few words. Since he is the man who made this happen.”

U.S. sailor incident: What Carter couldn’t put on record to Congress – plus Iran’s new taunt

U.S. sailor incident: What Carter couldn’t put on record to Congress – plus Iran’s new taunt

Our finest hour. (Image: IRIB News)

In case you were wondering, the leaders of Iran’s military despise America.  If they hadn’t made that clear before, they have now.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is planning to build a statue of the US sailors who were captured in Iranian waters earlier this year, a senior officer said.

The provocative proposal is likely to cause outrage in the US and be seized on by Republicans opposed to President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

Commander Ali Fadavi, the head of the Guard’s naval forces, said the monument of the surrendering Americans would be a “tourist attraction”.

“There are very many photographs of the major incident of arresting US Marines in the Persian Gulf in the media and we intend to build a symbol out of them inside one of our naval monuments,” he told Iran’s Defense Press news agency.

The knife-twisting is getting a little silly at this point – seriously, they don’t have something better to do? – but it’s probably going to continue.

That’s in large part because Obama is still afraid to have it said that Iran did anything wrong in the incident.  The Tower pointed out something interesting this week in that regard.

In testimony given to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter offered vigorous criticism of Iran’s behavior during the incident (transcript from The Tower; emphasis added):

I want to say some words about Iran’s treatment of our sailors on Farsi Island back in January. As I made clear then Iran’s actions were outrageous, unprofessional and inconsistent with international law and nothing we’ve learned about the circumstances of this incident since then changes that fact. It’s because of Iran’s recklessness and destabilizing behavior in that part of the world that DOD remains full speed ahead in our investments, our planning, and our posture to ensure that we deter Iran’s aggression, deter its malign influence and uphold our ironclad commitments to our regional friends and allies, especially Israel, to whom we maintain an unwavering, and unbreakable commitment.


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Which will only serve to energize even more the move to Brexit, and the arrogant elite don’t even see it coming.

Obama and the world


Obama’s “Iran-Deal” is chock full with such concessions. 


US Cravenness Gave Iran Green Light for Missile Launches

The U.S. is condemning Iran for making use of the ballistic missiles concessions the US gave to it in the Nuclear Iran Deal.
By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus
The Nuclear Iran Deal gave a green light to Iran's missile launches.

The Nuclear Iran Deal gave a green light to Iran’s missile launches.

This U.S. administration’s  desperation to conclude the Iran Nuclear Deal – whatever its actual terms or deterrence power – led to the likelihood that Iran’s latest militaristic provocations are immune from censure. That is so, despite America’s stated horror at Iran’s actions and even despite the Obama administration’s claim that Iran’s actions are a breach of its international law duties.

On March 8 and 9, Iran conducted missile tests from several different locations within its borders. The missiles were launched by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps with the express intent “to demonstrate Iran’s deterrent power and the Islamic Republic’s ability to confront any threat” against it, according to an official statement.

A Revolutionary Guard commander was quoted as saying that the missiles were designed to hit Israel, “our enemy the Zionist regime,” from a safe distance. The missiles were reportedly stamped with the words, in Hebrew: “Israel should be wiped from the pages of history.”

Obviously what Iran did was belligerent, but did it violate any agreements to which it should believe itself to be bound, and which would provide for international censure?

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Tzofar This Week

Obama and Tactical Terror

In a retrospective interview with The Atlantic, U.S. President Obama griped about being lectured by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, being badmouthed by Jordan’s King Abdullah, and being let down by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. What a messy Middle East it is that refuses to lie down and roll over the way Obama would like it to play! Obama recalled how he had to point out his own (unrelated) credentials to shut up Netanyahu when he presented the Israeli perspective. It is odd that someone with an academic background and a rambling, lecturing style himself cannot bear anything resembling a lecture from anyone else.

Professor Obama owns pig-headed ideas, and no modus operandi for reality except favoring bad actors. Years of Iranian negotiations resulted in the U.S. giving away the store in financial assets and sanctions repeal in return for an unsigned piece of paper. A red line in Syria was simply erased and forgotten, as were the human targets of President Assad’s chemical weapons attacks. Obama’s three prior defense secretaries have criticized his handling and hog-tying of the military. Apparently, he couldn’t listen to them either, and so under Obama’s watch the Middle East has spiraled out of control as with human misery and death tolls still rising.

While Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers get the carrot of staying in power, Obama has wielded the stick in dealing with Israel. His shabby treatment of Netanyahu at the White House is legendary in Israel, where Obama’s approval ratings have been so low that the margin of error included sub-zero numbers.

The pursuit of “Middle East Peace” has become a presidential tradition, pushing Israel to give up tangible assets for an intangible peace. The real results of Israeli withdrawals are Hamas missiles from Gaza, a strengthened Hezbollah in Lebanon, and a vicious and lawless mess in the Sinai where the Egyptians authorities struggle to maintain control. In the relinquished towns of the Palestinian Authority, chief Abbas is using the current wave of incited terror to maintain “street cred” in his fiefdom. Looking just as Jew-hating and brutal as the P.A.’s competitor Hamas and keeping peace very intangible is key to Abbas’ survival.

No wonder Israelis are largely disillusioned with this whole game.

Palestinians still use terror to make foreign visitors sit up and take notice. Following this week’s series of bloody attacks on Wednesday, one of the first questions asked even in left-wing Israeli media was “is this escalation linked to Vice President Biden’s visit?” One thing few outsiders are aware of is that there is a long history of increased terror attacks linked to diplomatic visits. The police are not ruling the possibility given the planned shooting attack in Jerusalem.

One diplomacy-linked attack was the Jaffa Road terror bombing which took place when then-Secretary of State Colin Powell was here in 2002. The bomber self-detonated just as Powell was taking off nearby for a helicopter survey of the Lebanese border. This was a big publicity coup, as Powell dramatically surveyed the damage from the air. CNN reported the incident including Palestinian spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi’s blackmailing call for U.S. pressure on Israel, the bookend to the bombing:

We need genuine intervention. Sharon’s policies are bringing death to both peoples…We need to stop Sharon.”

Terror is a pressure tactic. U.S. interventions have pushed Israel to make concessions hoping this would end terror here and abroad. The result has been demonstrably disastrous, teaching terrorists that terror pays. This is the actual “cycle of violence”.

It is no wonder that a Pew survey released this week shows that Jewish Israeli opinions are shifting further to the right. Cynicism regarding the Palestinians’ desire to build a state has increased as it has become clear to most Israelis the destruction of Israel is the only goal the Palestinians have in mind. Nearly half of all Israelis surveyed now would support transfer or expulsion of the Muslim Arab population—not that this is a likely or even realistic scenario.

Had the Pew survey asked about U.S. interference, the numbers would show that the average Israeli on the street is not interested in having visits from American officials which at worst spur terror attacks and at the least tie up traffic for hours. Many feel that the Americans “just don’t get it.” It seems Obama still thinks solving the “Palestinian problem” is the main goal in the Middle East. With ISIS on our Syrian border and the Iranians test-firing missiles, Israelis know better than to beat that dead horse.

The Atlantic interview shows that Obama blames the current situation not on himself but on those irritating people who fail to see his vision. Israelis have lost patience with Obama’s willful insistence on seeing the Middle East through his own ego-tinted perspective. We have reality to handle, Mr. President, just let us get on with it.