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mo tunic 29.12.2011

How Suspected Muslim Fanatics Hacked Female Redeemed Church Preacher To Death In Abuja

The husband of a female preacher hacked to the death in Abuja has shed more light into the gruesome murder of the 42 year-old mother of seven, Mrs. Eunice Elisha, the wife of a Redeemed Pastor who was murdered in cold blood in the early hour of Saturday July 9th by suspected Muslim fanatics while evangelizing around Gbazango and Pipeline area of Kubwa, a satellite town in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The husband of a female preacher hacked to the death in Abuja has shed more light into the gruesome murder of the 42 year-old mother of seven, Mrs. Eunice Elisha, the wife of a Redeemed Pastor who was murdered in cold blood in the early hour of Saturday July 9th by suspected Muslim fanatics while evangelizing around Gbazango and Pipeline area of Kubwa, a satellite town in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Eunice, who was a deaconess at the Divine Touch Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Old NEPA Road, Phase 4, Kubwa, was reportedly beheaded and stabbed in the stomach and leg by her killers, but a statement by the police has already debunked that claim.

It was learnt that her killers left her in the pool of her blood and carefully put her “severed head on her Bible, with megaphone and cell phone beside her dead body” but the Commissioner of Police in a statement said her body was intact.

Her death body was discovered by the residents who alerted the police and evacuated her to the police station where her husband went to identify her. The husband of the deceased, Pastor Olawale Elisha while narrating the blow-by-blow account of the incident to journalists when the wife of Vice President, Dolapo Osinbajo paid a condolence visit, said that his wife had gone out to preach in the neighbourhood at about 5 am only for him to hear the report of her murder.

According to him, “She goes out every morning for “Morning Cry” (Evangelism), which means when she wakes up in the morning, she takes her megaphone and preaches around the neighborhood.

“On Saturday she went out the same time, around 6:30 am, two of my children used to go out to play football at a field close to the house, but my children came back and told me that they heard some footballers saying that a woman preaching this morning was killed, and her megaphone was still there, that they cut her head and her legs.”

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Doing what the Muslim Arabs have always done to Jews since Islam became a political theory of military conquest…..

One Injured when Arabs Stone Worshippers at Kotel, Netanyahu Capitulates on Temple Mount

.”>Rioters' stones on Temple Mount
Rioters’ stones on Temple Mount
Photo Credit: Screenshot

On Tuesday morning, Arab rioters on the Temple Mount who presumably found no more Jews or police to attack up there, began throwing stones down at the Jews who were engaged in their morning prayer before the Western Wall. One woman, age 73, was injured lightly and was rushed to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital. (Update: The woman was released from the hospital late Tuesday afternoon).

Once again this week Israel has taught the Arab rioters on the Temple Mount that crime pays, and violent crime pays double. Following two days of violent riots on the sacred grounds, during which Arab youths threw stones and fireworks at security forces, police on Tuesday morning banned the entrance of Jewish and all other non-Muslim visitors, which is what the violent mob was demanding in the first place.

The announcement about the banning of Jews came before the Arabs started throwing rocks down on Jewish worshipers by the Kotel.

The Arabs argued that there had been a status quo according to which on the final ten days of the month of Ramadan no non-Muslim was allowed to set foot on the ground where a scene from dream of the prophet Mohammad took place back in the seventh century (he never actually set foot there).

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Daniel Greenfield

There are new Nazis in Berlin these days. Instead of shouting, “Heil Hitler,” they chant, “Allahu Akbar”, but they both mean the same thing. Leader worship and oppression of everyone else as inferior.

Violence against Jews has returned to Germany with Muslim migration.

According to the 21-year-old victim, three men of Arabic appearance reacted to his kippah – a religious cap worn by Jewish men – and then started to insult him.

The men then went on to kick and punch him before running away from the scene.

The young man was lightly injured but did not need to go to hospital.

Instances of anti-Semitic crime are on the rise in Berlin, as are hate crimes of various forms, according to a report published in March.

Hate crime monitoring groups ReachOut and Berliner Register reported at the time that there were 320 incidents of attacks motivated by anti-Semitism, racism, or homophobia in 2015, up from 179 in 2014.

Twenty-five of the attacks last year were connected to anti-Semitism, compared to 18 the year before.

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Islamic supremacists in action, the real apartheid happens at the hands of Islam’s marauders…

VIDEO: Muslim worshipers attack Jews trying to pray on Temple Mount

Video footage from Arab television emerged on Tuesday showing Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount attack a small group of Jews who ascended to the holy site and attempted to pray.

Israeli authorities on Tuesday evicted eight Jewish visitors from the Temple Mount complex in response to what security forces said was inappropriate behavior at the holy site.

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Open season on the Jew by devout Muslims and devout socialists of every stripe.


Sudanese attacks Israeli on Ethiopian Airlines flight

Muslim arrested for allegedly choking and beating man after finding out he’s Jewish on flight from N’Djamena to Addis Ababa BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF November 3, 2015, 9:12 pm Tweet

Ethiopian authorities arrested a Sudanese man Tuesday for allegedly attacking an Israeli on an Ethiopian Airlines flight from N’Djamena to Addis Ababa last week.

The suspect reportedly beat the Israeli man, identified by Ynet as a 54-year-old named Arik, with a metal tray and shouted “Allah is greatest” and “kill the Jews” in Arabic on the flight from Chad to Ethiopia’s capital on Thursday.

The Foreign Ministry said that there was an alleged assault on an Israeli citizen on a flight to Ethiopia, and that the suspected assailant was a Muslim from Sudan.

“On landing the Sudanese man was arrested by police, where he was questioned and has remained since the incident,” the ministry said in a statement. “The embassy was updated by local authorities.”

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NOTE: Oh, and the former secretary-general of the Organization of the Islamic cooperation, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu wouldn’t deem this an act of Muslim antisemitism because in his opinion it simply doesn’t exist.

OIC ishanoglu


Keeping it classy in the Netherlands.

tard netherlands called for beating up jews


Major Talk Show invites Inciter who called to beat up Israeli Tourists

The major Dutch talkshow Pauw of the Social Democrat Broadcasting Organization VARA has invited Youness Ouaali to participate. He had called on his facebook site to beat Israeli tourists until they are a “total loss.” The pro-Israeli defense organization CIDI has complained with the police about Ouaali’s statement.



There is no respect in islam for other faiths.

Palestinians set fire to Jewish shrine in West Bank: army

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Palestinians set fire to a Jewish shrine in the West Bank on Friday as the Islamist group Hamas called for a day of rage against Israel, and two weeks of turmoil in the region showed little signs of abating.

Israel’s military said about 100 people rushed the tomb of the biblical patriarch Joseph, which is located in the Palestinian city of Nablus. They were pushed back by Palestinian security forces who arrived on site, but not before setting parts of it aflame.

“We view this incident with gravity and strongly condemn any attack on holy sites. We will find and arrest those who set the fire,” the military said in a statement.

The unrest that has engulfed Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, the most serious in years, has claimed the lives of 32 Palestinians and seven Israelis.

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A Muslim murders a Jew and the police are flummoxed over the reason?

H/T: Sheik Yer Mami (pbuh): “The motive is of course a real head scratcher. The police just can’t figure out why a moderate Muslim would murder a young Israeli simply for being… a Jew.”

Albanian man arrested in connection with Israeli’s Berlin murder as new case details emerge


Obama couldn’t give a crap about this murdered people.

Kenyan Christian students butchered like dogs by Muslim jihadis from Somalia.

murdered kenyan christians

US Ignores UN Session on Christian Genocide in Mideast

As Christians and other minorities continue to be purged in the Middle East in general under the Islamic State and other jihadi organizations in particular, France sponsored an open UN Security Council meeting on March 27, to discuss “The Victims of attacks and abuses on ethnic and religious grounds in the Middle East. ”

While several Western nations sent high ranking officials to attend, the United States did not.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius opened by saying “Make no mistake, In the Middle East we are facing a barbaric, systematic process of ethnic and religious eradication. Although the majority of the jihadi terrorists victims are Muslim, non-Muslim communities are priority targets. ” Taking specifically about Christians, Yazidis and Kurds, the French minister said that they “all are threatened with the same triangle of horror: forced exile , enslavement, or death.”

Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said that the Islamic State’s actions must be seen as war crimes and genocide and must not go unpunished.

Poland’s ambassador, Boguslaw Winid, said that “The history of the twentieth century teaches about the need to act in the face of similar developments to prevent even bigger-scale atrocities.”

Yet, in the words of the World Tribune:

Though many high level delegations from UN member states addressed the Security Council meeting, some at the Foreign Minister level, the United States failed to send UN Ambassador Samantha Power (and Secretary Kerry was busy negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran) or a high ranking member of the State Department. Why not?

Raymond Ibrahim.


Lebanese bishop

Islamic law overrides Egyptian law in case of recent church attack, says Coptic priest

egypt-christiansAccording to a local priest and Coptic spokesman, last Friday’s assault on a Coptic Christian church proposed to be built, with President Sisi’s permission, to honor the 21 Coptic Christians who were slaughtered by the Islamic State in Libya, was all too typical and a reminder that Islamic Sharia sentiment continues to trump the sovereignty of the Egyptian state.  During an interview he said:

First, what happened is that, when we make a decision for the church but then cannot implement this decision [to build the church] because some of the Muslims do not want it, because they don’t want the church—this is, first and foremost, a failure of the state and its authority and a failure of the rule of law.  When a group comes to oppose [with violence, several Copts were injured], and the police leaves them free, this is like a disease that will spread everywhere.

Today, for example, there is a decision, but there are say 3-4 Brotherhood or Salafis opposing it, and the government appears protesting with them—in this case, you have given everyone who wants to oppose [with violence] the opportunity to oppose.

 Jihad Watch


Just like the Arab/Muslim block in the UN behaves vis-a-vis Israel.

NYC Turf – Not Middle East – at Issue in Kosher vs. Halal Food Carts War

New York City’s food cart turf wars are tough enough without trying to turn them into the Middle East conflict
Holy Rollers, a glatt kosher food cart in Midtown West, Manhattan
Holy Rollers, a glatt kosher food cart in Midtown West, Manhattan
Photo Credit: Joshua Nass

The idea was just too tempting. When there were reports of territorial animosity and whose “higher authority” was really higher as between Halal-observant Muslim food cart vendors and a Kashrut-observant Jewish food cart vendor, the need to cast the animosity as reflecting the Middle East conflict was too strong for some  to resist.

But in order to help avoid a real religious conflict where none currently exists, The Jewish Press is happy to report the facts in the New York mid-town food cart war.

And what it boils down to is some people play dirty. And sometimes they play dirty simply because that’s who they are, not what they are.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Yisroel Mordowitz owns the kosher meat food cart, “Holy Rollers Kosher Cart.” He used to be located in the Queens borough of New York City. A food cart vendor friend of his left a location in Midtown which Mordowitz knew would be spectacular for his cart. After six months during which the “prime” Midtown spot remained vacant, Mordowitz rolled his cart near Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, at 48th Street and 6th Avenue. That happened about ten days ago.

And that’s when the turf battle began.

Mordowitz and his Holy Rollers cart became the object of intense intimidation. Those menacing him were Egyptian Halal food cart owners. Halal is the standard of food preparation required of observant Muslims. Although observant Muslims can eat Kosher food, observant Jews are not able to eat Halal, as the Kashrut requirements are stricter and more extensive.

The competition would show up before Mordowitz arrived, and blockade the curb where he had set up his cart the day before. Then his competitors blocked the space with umbrellas and beverage cartons, just to ensure that the Holy Rollers cart could not serve customers there.  The Halal cart owners complained Mordowitz was interfering with their business, even though those who flocked to the Holy Rollers could not eat Halal-certified meat.

There are many Halal vendors in New York City, but, according to Mordowitz, Holy Rollers Kosher Cart is the only glatt Kosher meat food cart in all of New York City.

There is no “right,” under New York City law, for vendors to “own” certain locations, so the vendors blocking Mordowitz had no legal position. But they were intimidating.

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When I was in Israel in the mid 80’s, I befriended a Yemenite Jew, actually two of them, they were brothers, some of the nicest people you could ever know. They were a part of the great exodus of Jews from Yemen to Israel in 1950.


Just a handful of Jews remain in Yemen, and the remaining few are said to be contemplating an emergency exodus to Israel or the United States after the Iran-backed Shiite Houthi militia staged a coup and overthrew the government.

On their march to Sanaa, the Houthis frequently espoused their motto, which reads, “Death to America, death to Israel, curse the Jews, victory to Islam.”

The 70 or so remaining members of Yemeni Jewry, who have a history that predates Islam by thousands of years, live in a situation that remains comparable to “house arrest,” the New York Times writes.

“Since last September, our movements have become very limited for fear of the security situation, and there are some members of the community who preferred to leave Yemen,” chief rabbi Yahya Youssef told Reuters.

Because of the hostile Iran-backed Houthi militia that now runs the country, “there isn’t a single one of us here who doesn’t want to leave,” Suleiman Jacob, 45, told the New York Times.

Under Muslim rule, Yemen’s Jews remain a heavily persecuted minority. They are subject to a jizya tax for their faith, and live very much as second-class citizens. Jews are also forbidden from even touching Muslims or eating within their vicinity. In return for their compliance, Yemen’s former governments protected its Jewish community, but the Houthi takeover has created an unpredictable situation for its remaining few.

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Sharia always trumps everyone else’s rights, including the non-Muslim.

Egypt court bans Jewish festival for ‘moral offences’

Jewish pilgrims light candles at a shrine dedicated to Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira in Damanhur, Egypt (1999)The court also ordered the removal of the tomb from Egypt’s antiquities and monuments list
A court in Egypt has banned an annual Jewish festival held in honour of a 19th Century Moroccan rabbi.

The Alexandria Administrative Court said its decision was due to “moral offences” committed in previous years.

Locals had reportedly complained about the consumption of alcohol and mingling of men and women at the tomb of Yaakov Abuhatzeira in the town of Damanhur.

Jews, mostly from Israel and Morocco, have made pilgrimages there since Egypt’s 1979 peace deal with Israel.

However, they were prevented by court orders in 2001 and 2004.

And in 2012 the festival was cancelled by the Egyptian authorities because of security concerns after the uprising that forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign.

Monday’s ruling will make the ban permanent unless a higher court overturns it on appeal.

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Turkey for the most part, has been emptied of its Christians and Jews. All that love, peace and good will coming from the ROP just wasn’t enough to keep them there. No, wait, they were either killed or driven out.

Sheik Yer’Mami (H/T Enza Ferreri) has more via Israel Matzav:



That’s Islam. If its not the fast jihad, they do it little by little.

The BBC reported that the Pope visited the Blue Mosque in Istanbul as part of a three-day visit to Turkey. According to the BBC reporter, the Pope offered a moment of “silent prayer…next to the Grand Mufti.” The BBC man said that it was, “a moment of rich symbolism in terms of the inter-faith dialogue” that the Pope is trying to promote. (Enza Ferreri)

More here at the Sheik’s. (pbuh)

Israel Matzav

Guess what country is more Muslim than Iran

The BBC reports that the Christian population of Turkey has declinedfrom 20% to 0.2% in the last 100 years. No, that’s not a typo. And it’s not an accident either.

“No country in the region – including Iran – is as homogenous in terms of Islam as Turkey,” says writer Cengiz Aktar. “It’s a mono-colour country – it’s a Muslim country.”

After the Turkish Republic was born in 1923, it carried out a “population exchange” with Greece to create more ethnic and religious consistency. More than a million Greeks were forced out of Turkey to Greece while around 300,000 Muslims from Greece were relocated here.

The Greeks of Istanbul were initially saved but after a crippling wealth tax, (jiziya-extortion) anti-Greek pogroms in 1955 and mass expulsions in 1964, the Greek community was left in tatters. And so was the Orthodox Christianity they practised.


The whole thing at Israel Matzav here.



palis kill four jews in synagogue

Paleostinian savages attack a synagogue leaving four dead (three were Americans) and several dead.

“I see Arabs all the time and I am friendly, but you don’t know who will kill next – especially with the younger generation,” he continued. “You can see it in their eyes – they look at you like you are garbage.”

Terror attack scene in Jerusalem

Axes, knives and guns pierce the heart of a once peaceful community

The stormed the synagogue and shouted ‘God is great!’ in Arabic and started killing people with axes and knives,” said a man in disbelief, holding his head in his hands. “They are animals!”

The profoundly incongruous juxtaposition of an unimaginably violent mass murder in a sacred house of worship Tuesday morning by two Palestinian terrorists transformed a picturesque and peaceful Jewish neighborhood in Western Jerusalem into a scene from a horror film.

Amid dozens of heavily armed police officers, ambulances and helicopters hovering above, the site of the massacre, Bnei Torah Synagogue, nestled in a normally tranquil street in the ultra-Orthodox community of Har Nof, took on the visage of a war zone.

Hundreds of shocked residents watched police and paramedics enter and leave the crime scene behind red tape cordoning off the area.

“There were people hacked with axes on the floor screaming,” said Ezra Batzri, a 24-year-old yeshiva student. “I heard seven gun shots and people were running in all different directions. The cops came and told us to go back home because they thought one of the [terrorists] was still out there.”

In the aftermath, four rabbis, all wrapped in teffilin, were either hacked or shot to death, while six others, including two police officers, were rushed to area hospitals in critical or serious condition.

The two suspects, Odai Abed Abu Jamal, 22, and Ghassan Muhammad Abu Jamal, 32, of Jabel Mukaber in east Jerusalem, were killed in a shootout with officers at the shul’s entrance.

According to Batzri, a number of young Arabs work in the neighborhood’s grocery stores and synagogues.

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The situation is obviously still developing, but I wanted to make sure you had Kerry’s immediate statement on the attack.

In addition to calling for a condemnation by the Palestinian leadership “at every single level” – a gesture toward among others Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas – Kerry drew an explicit link between recent PA incitement and today’s murders. Video via the Associated Press:

This morning, today, in Jerusalem, Palestinians attacked Jews who were praying in a synagogue. The people who had come to worship God in the sanctuary of a synagogue were hatcheted and hacked and murdered in that holy place, in an act of pure terror and senseless brutality and murder. I call on the Palestinian leadership at every single level to condemn this in the most powerful terms.  This violence has no place anywhere, and to have this kind of act, which is a pure result of incitement, of calls for days of rage, of just an irresponsibility, it is unacceptable. So, the Palestinian leadership must condemn this, and they must begin to take serious steps to restrain any kind of incitement that comes from their language, from other people’s language, and exhibit the kind of leadership that is necessary to put this region on a different path.

Some more links and background on recent Abbas statements, in case you’re following the incitement debate:

Nov 2: “Abbas says Glick shooter will go to heaven as martyr” (you’ll be hearing more about this stmt – Glick is an activist for expanded Jewish access to the Temple Mount; he’s also a rabbi and when he was shot earlier this month Abbas hailed the terrorist as a hero; today 2 other terrorists walked into a synagogue and started murdering other rabbis)

Nov 11: “Abbas accuses Israel of ‘religious war'”–Israel-Palestinians/id-156e0bad8ed04655bcb92f5007e7244f

Nov 11: “Abbas: We won’t let Israeli extremists ‘contaminate’ Temple Mount in Jerusalem”

Paleostinian terrorist garbarge:

Mideast Israel Palestinians


ISIS Pressure on Human Rights: Dangerous Developments in Pakistan

By • on November 12, 2014

Our friends in Pakistan at the FarrukhSaif Foundation made us aware of the following developments in Pakistan. These developments have huge implications for human rights in the Indian Subcontinent in particular. They are also likely to have a broader strategic impact that will likely have human rights implications across a much wider area.

 photo FarrukhSaif-Foundation-Feature_zps8491f626.jpg

Ready or not they are coming: By Farrukh Harrison Saif

South Asia: Pakistani intelligence agencies have warned the provincial governments and other law and enforcement agencies regarding the mounting threat from the ISIS militants. Recently a secret document was leaked in which Pakistani Agencies were sending information about the ISIS (Daish) activities in Pakistan.

According to the letter, dated 31st October, Daish or ISIS has recruited 10,000 to 12,000 fighters from the Hangu district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Kurram tribal district in FATA. In that letter it is also mentioned that ISIS has offered some banned Islamic organizations like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) and Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ) to join hands in Pakistan. Both of these organizations are Anti-Shia like ISIS. ISIS (Daish) has also formed 10-members Strategic Planning Wing, which will target the Army installations in Pakistan as Pakistani Army is working hard to eliminate these terrorists from the North of Pakistan.

Moreover, Pakistani Military Intelligence revealed that there are more than 370 ISIS terrorists in Pakistan and the majority of them have made their strongholds in Karachi and Southern Punjab.Different media groups are revealing that hundreds of Islamists are joining ISIS in Punjab and currently five top ISIS commanders have shifted to Lahore from Karachi and all of them are Australian Nationals.

Pakistan is currently going through the hard time in its history , religious extremism is at its height and if, as with this situation, terrorist organizations like ISIS made their strong hold in Pakistan, then religious Minorities and Moderate Muslims will be in great tribulation.

Altaf Hussain, the Chief of MQM, is the only person who raised this issue in public on the same day when this report was leaked.

More here.



No difference between Abbas/Fatah/Hamas and Islamic State.

Abbas GIF animated

Clue bat for the paleostinian poobah, the founder of his ideology created a global religious war when he left on his hijra from Mecca to Medina (Yathrib, the former Jewish town after he and his thugs decapitated all their men and sold the women and children into slavery/Islam)

Abbas: We won’t let Israeli extremists ‘contaminate’ Temple Mount; warns of global ‘religious war’

PA president says Palestinians want all the Jerusalem, West Bank territory captured in 1967; al-Aqsa rioters have ‘right to defend themselves’; slams Hamas for ‘destroying’ unity

November 11, 2014, 2:56 pm Updated: November 11, 2014, 3:57 pm
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas visits the grave of his predecessor Yasser Arafat during a ceremony to mark the tenth anniversary of Arafat's death, November 11, 2014, in the West Bank city of Ramallah. (Photo credit: Issam Rimawi /POOL/ Flash90)
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas visits the grave of his predecessor Yasser Arafat during a ceremony to mark the tenth anniversary of Arafat’s death, November 11, 2014, in the West Bank city of Ramallah. (Photo credit: Issam Rimawi /POOL/ Flash90)

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday warned that the Palestinians will not allow Israeli extremists to “contaminate” the Temple Mount, and said that allowing Jewish prayer at the site would risk a global religious war.

The PA leader also maintained that the rioters at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the disputed holy site had the right to defend themselves, and said Muslims and Christians would never recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Abbas’s remarks (Arabic link) came in an address to thousands who gathered in Ramallah in honor of the 10th anniversary of the death of PLO leader Yasser Arafat, during which he cautioned the Israeli government against changing the status quo at the Temple Mount.

“Keep the settlers and the extremists away from Al-Aqsa and our holy places,” Abbas demanded. “We will not allow our holy places to be contaminated. Keep them away from us and we will stay away from them, but if they enter al-Aqsa, [we] will protect al-Aqsa and the church and the entire country,” he said. It was unclear what church Abbas was referring to.

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Wikipedia: The Hebron massacre refers to the killing of sixty-seven Jews (including 23 college students) on 24 August 1929 in Hebron, then part of Mandatory Palestine, by Arabs incited to violence by false rumors that Jews were massacring Arabs in Jerusalem and seizing control of Muslim holy places.[1] The event also left scores seriously wounded or maimed. Jewish homes were pillaged and synagogues were ransacked. Many of the 435 Jews who survived were hidden by local Arab families.[2][3] Soon after, all Hebron’s Jews were evacuated by the British authorities. Many returned in 1931, but almost all were evacuated at the outbreak of the 1936–39 Arab revolt in Palestine. The massacre formed part of the 1929 Palestine riots, in which a total of 133 Jews and 110 Arabs were killed, and brought the centuries-old Jewish presence in Hebron to an end.

The instigator of these Arab riots/pogroms against the Jews, was none other than Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem.

hajj amin al-husseini nazi mustard

One of the Youngest Survivors of Hebron Massacre Dies at 86

The 18-month-old survived the Hebron massacre because he was covered by the corpses of his parents.

Shlomo Slonim (L), at 18 -months-old when he survived the Hebron Massacre, died today at 80.

Shlomo Slonim (L), at 18 -months-old when he survived the Hebron Massacre, died today at 80.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

In 1929, after years of relatively peaceful existence, the Arabs of Hebron responded to the call of the Mufti of Jerusalem and slaughtered the Jews in their midst.

A Jewish child, Shlomo Slonim, 18-months-old at the time of the massacre, survived the brutality.

The Slonim baby lived because after being struck in the head with an axe, he lost consciousness and was covered by the dead bodies of his slain parents. His four-year old brother and grandparents were also slaughtered.

In all, 24 of the 67 Jews butchered in Hebron that day died in the Slonim house. People hid there because it was thought to be the safest place, given the close relations Shlomo’s father had with the Arab neighbors who had promised him protection.

But none were spared.

More here.