Instead of kicking the bastards out and refusing any more Muslim settlers, they place their aid workers in bullet proof vests.

This is the greatest danger to German/Western civilization, the normalization of violent tards in our societies, ”this is what they do so we have to be prepared from them”.

Fear of being attacked: Asylum Center purchases bullet-proof vests for its employees

An original translation by Tania Groth

(Please watch this site for a related post from German health institutes which are having the same problems)

From BT.DK

Text under photo: One of the advantages of Elite armors bullet- and stab proof vests are, according to the manufacturer, that they are so discrete that they can be worn under a regular shirt so that they cannot be seen. Photographer: Ólafur Steinar Gestsson.
The fear of being attacked by one or more residents of one of the country’s detention centers is, according to the staff, apparently so great that more people want bullet- and stab proof vests. On Langeland, all of the five asylum centers have stab proof vests. A sign of defeat, says FOA (trade union).

Daily life has become so uncomfortable for some employees at the country’s asylum centers, that several have begun to demand bullet- and stab proof vests they can wear under their work clothes.
At Langeland Municipality, Asylum Holmegaard who operates 17 detention centers around the country, has had several inquiries from concerned employees. The center management has now purchased 10 bullet- and stab proof vests.

“Some employees have come forward because they sometimes have felt unsafe. There have been some verbal threats they have been concerned about which they feel could have led to action, “says Ulrik Pihl, Center Leader of Asylum Holmegaard. He emphasizes that the verbal threats have not yet, according to municipal information, developed into a perilous situations where a vest would have made a difference.

The 10 vests are currently distributed between the five asylum centers on Langeland. It is a kind of ‘pilot project’, says Ulrik Pihl, who expects that Holmegaards stock of vests soon will be increased so that they will be available at all municipal centers in the near future. Exactly how many vests will be located at each of the municipal centers is still unclear, but it will probably be between 2 and 4, which the employees then can use as needed.

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They all bear the last same name of Timawayne…..

sweden somalis beat woman 27.5.2016

Police seek witnesses to serious domestic violence

The 23-year-old woman was walking home from the store when she was assaulted by three men. They jumped on the prone woman and the police are now looking for more witnesses to the event.

It was on the evening of 17 May that the 23-year-old woman walked by the Lagersberg area. Suddenly she was befallen upon by three men who beat her down.

The three men aged 20-24 are under arrest and the police have a witness who claims to have seen the men beat the woman.

But at the time of the beating there were several people at the scene near Lagersberg farm, and they want the police to now get in touch with, among other things, two people who were walking with a dog.

Read more: Rowdy in Lagersberg

It was at nine o’clock on Tuesday night as the two possible witnesses passed the site of the beating. Investigators would like to get in touch with them.

Police hotline of the matter is 070-307 59 30th

The 23-year-old woman is reported to have suffered serious injuries and was driven by ambulance to the hospital. She injured including jawbone and was bleeding heavily from the face, according to police data.


All self imported mayhem……..

Bar owners ordered to pay protection money to ‘Sharia patrols’ or risk attacks in Denmark after spate of threats, as minister is sworn at and called a ‘Nazi’ during a walkabout

Nørrebro (pictured) is one of Copenhagen's trendiest districts but the area has a high immigrant population and some Muslim youths resent the sale of alcohol and have been hassling customers

Nørrebro (pictured) is one of Copenhagen’s trendiest districts but the area has a high immigrant population and some Muslim youths resent the sale of alcohol and have been hassling customers

  • Bar owners in Copenhagen say they have been threatened by Muslims
  • They say youths in the suburb of Nørrebro have demanded ‘Sharia zone’
  • Barkeepers have called on Integration Minister Inger Støjberg for help
  • She visited Nørrebro this week and was sworn at and called a ‘Nazi’
  • Ms Støjberg called on Muslim youths to ‘get a job’ and ‘behave yourselves’

Bar owners in a suburb of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, have lobbied a government minister for help after being targeted by Muslim youths extorting money and demanding a so-called ‘Sharia zone’.

The barkeepers in Nørrebro say they been harassed for months by so-called Sharia patrols, which have threatened them and vandalised bars in broad daylight.

Heidi Dyrnesli, who runs the Cafe Heimdal, told Radio24syv: ‘Recently some young men came into the bar and shouted that all guests should leave.

‘They shouted so that the site belongs to them and that Nørrebro is Sharia zone, so there is no drinking alcohol.’

On Wednesday local businesses in Nørrebro collared Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Støjberg and demanded to know what he planned to do about it.

Ms Støjberg said the youths needed to stop harassing bar owners and get ‘an education and a job, so they can become part of Danish society.’

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We should not be sanctioning any of this…..



Daniel Greenfield

This is what happens when the inmates are running the asylum. And the refugee policy.

Some child brides are living with older husbands in asylum centers in Scandinavia, triggering a furor about lapses in protection for girls in nations that ban child marriage.

That ban child marriage currently. How long will that hold up? It’s all about the numbers. As it is there are layers upon layers of special exceptions for Muslims. Case in point…

Authorities have in some cases let girls stay with their partners, believing it is less traumatic for them than forced separation after fleeing wars in nations such as Afghanistan or Syria.

Would child rape victims from Denmark or Norway be allowed to stay with their rapist because it was deemed less traumatic for them? That seems to be a special rule for Muslim refugees. And how did the authorities determine this? Were they able to talk to the girls directly, without an interpreter or their “husband” in the room? Did they even bother to try?

Both these issues have caused unease in Scandinavia, where critics say that the authorities risk complicity in child abuse.

Risk complicity? They are complicit. If you house a girl together with her abuser, you are complicit.

More here.


A total waste of our time and resources, and placed (still does) our civil society at risk.

Suolahti fake refugees

What should have been done was to not allow them into Europe, force the wealthy Gulf states to take them, and then offer them some kind of assistance to help maintain them there, in their region. The lionshare of these ”refugees” would never have left Iraq or from elsewhere. This has been pure fraud.

Almost 35 000 asylum seekers have come – 25 000 people still waiting for the decision

Last year, Finland which was returning from summer vacation had to ponder what to do and how to deal with an unprecedented number of asylum seekers. When previously asylum seekers were about a few hundred per month, in August the arrivals was almost ten times that amount. In September, almost 11 000 people already applied for asylum . More than half of the applicants were from Iraq.

[Trans: Asylum seekers 2015 – 31.3.2016, Nationality of top 5 asylum seekers arriving, Those receiving asylum 2015-31.3.2016, cancelled, approved, rejected and to be examined]


Nearly 35 000 asylum seekers came to Finland from the beginning of 2015. Nearly two-thirds of them are Iraqis. The Finnish Immigration Service has dealt with almost 13 000 applications. Of these, approximately 40% is expired, ie the applicant has withdrawn the application itself, or left the country Image: Yle News Graphics

The number of asylum applications rose sharply in the autumn of 2015. Applications for the whole year came to about 32 500.

During the first three months of 2016 about 2 300 applications were received. In total, since the beginning of last year, for more than 34 700 people applied for asylum.

The number of applications have decreased significantly during the beginning of the year: now, the amount of asylum seekers is about the same or even less than before in 2015.

The Interior Ministry estimates that approximately 10 000 asylum seekers will arrive this year in Finland. Ministry of the Interior has anticipated, however, 50 000 asylum applicants.


The overwhelming majority of Iraqis

The Iraqis are by far the largest group of asylum seekers. Seven out of ten applicants who came to Finland are Iraqis. Almost 21 000 came at the end of 2015 and March of 2016.

More here in Finnish YLE



We all knew this would happen, at least those of us who have been warning about it for years on end.


Ferocious battle at Paris migrant camp: Refugees armed with metal poles clash with vigilantes under Metro station as terrified residents flee in panic 

Ferocious battle at Paris migrant camp: Refugees armed with metal poles clash with

Footage from the Stalingrad metro station, in Paris 19th arrondissement, showed hundreds of migrants brawling with a so called vigilante group. The violence was sparked when a drunk man, who was later arrested, threw a missile at the migrants, local media reported.

The members of the called ‘anti-crime brigade’ was then chased by hundreds of men who have been sleeping rough underneath the elevated tracks since the beginning of March. Most of them are thought to come from Eritrea, Sudan and Afghanistan.

They were seen attacking the vigilantes with metal poles, planks of wood and other debris. At least four migrants were injured in the street battle and rushed to the nearby Lariboisière hospital for treatment.

More here.


How many Jews, Christians or Hindus do you know named Khalil….?

Well, The Media Won’t Report It, But The African Migrant Who Savagely Murdered A Beautiful 18-Year-Old University Of Texas Co-Ed, Likely Was A Muslim

By BI: His name is Meechaiel ‘Khalil’ Criner, and while neither his country of origin nor religion are mentioned, ‘Khalil’ seems to be the operative Muslim word here.

Meechaiel Khalil Criner

Meechaiel Khalil Criner  Meechaiel Khalil Criner has been arrested for the murder of Haruka Weiser, the 18-year-old freshman student at The University of Texas-Austin. Police released CCTV footage of Meechaiel yesterday afternoon, footage that shows a black man with a red or pink bicycle carrying two bags (one of which looks like a woman’s purse).


Meechaiel is being described as homeless 17-year-old. It’s being reported that he was arrested on Monday.

Sources told KVUE that Austin firefighters provided an important tip to police after they responded to a small fire involving a backpack and that they may have recovered some of Weiser’s belongings.

Haruka Weiser, 18

Haruka Weiser, 18

At the news conference in the morning the police confirmed that the firefighters had responded to a fire on Monday morning. The fire department claims that the suspect who started the fire strongly resembled the person in the video, who we now know is Meechaiel.

Meechaiel is being charged with murder. The investigation is still ongoing, but the police are confident they have their man.

More here.



They know how to play the system and the public…..

Syrian refugee ‘started fire and sprayed swastikas to get better hotel room’

A SYRIAN refugee has admitted starting a fire at an asylum centre and spraying swastikas on the walls because he wanted the authorities to move him to a better location.


A 26-year-old Syrian man admitted starting a fire at an asylum centreGETTY/ UNIVERSAL IMAGES GROUP

A 26-year-old Syrian man admitted starting a fire at an asylum centre

The blaze destroyed parts of the hotel, which is being used to process refugees in the town of Bingen am Rhein in south-west Germany.

The apparent racist attack caused outrage in Germany, and was widely reported in local media with demands that those responsible be tracked down and punished.

The swastikas had been sprayed on the wall above an entrance to the cellar of the building.

Malu Dreyer, 55, who is the Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate, visited the site to show her solidarity with the victims and posted on Facebook how outraged she was at the destruction.

More here. H/T: Tommy Robinson


When they’re not busy islamizing society, they’re brutalizing it through crime……

EU candle burning at both ends

Berlin Underworld is lost to the Arab clans

Criminals Arab extended families dominate entire neighborhoods, especially in Berlin. Now they recruit in refugee camps. Their main argument: Even in prison, it is better than war.

An amazing sight: luxury sedans before refugee camps. Who probably belong? Refugees certainly not. Hardship and poverty, concern for relatives and friends in the Syrian War are written on the faces that look out of the windows. These people have lost everything. Wondering what to do next. Exactly why park the expensive cars in front of the home. Berlin infamous Arab extended families have discovered the refugees.

Policemen watch for information the “Welt am Sonntag” for some time that these multi criminal clans try to recruit selectively in lodging offspring. “During the whole of Germany on the refugee crisis discussed, these gangs exploit the situation of the people,” said an investigator.

“Especially young and physically strong men are targeted by the clans. These are then used for the dirty work.” So burglaries, trafficking in drugs, fractures in competitors. The word has spread in the underworld scene. Even the police and prosecutors, this phenomenon is known files fixed could not be made, however.

More here.


And to think that this was allowed to go on because the police were politicized by political correctness to do anything meaningful to both name the problem, let alone to stop it.


Rochdale sex ring jailed for more than 100 YEARS for appalling attacks on underage girls

A GANG of men who groomed underage white girls in Rochdale have been sentenced to more than 100 years behind bars for a catalogue of horrific offences.


The Rochdale sex gangGreater Manchester Police

A Rochdale sex gang who targeted underage white girls have been jailed

The crimes were discovered as part of a wider investigation into child sexual exploitation when a sex ring in Rochdale was uncovered in 2012.

Operation Doublet saw the 10 men, one who was sentenced last year, arrested after police began to look into sexual abuse in the whole region.

The men, mainly of Pakistani descent, were rounded up after a victim walked into a police station, following media coverage of original attacks and informed police she had also been groomed.

From the age of 14 the girl, described as an “extremely vulnerable young women”, had been repeatedly sexually groomed by a large number of men in Rochdale.

The victim, who had “a very difficult home life”, said her phone received “hundreds” of calls from men who wanted to have sex with her.

More here. H/T: ServandoS.


Of course the rest of the Swedish parties wouldn’t put the security of their own citizens above that of a bunch of islamonazi criminals.


  • Sweden Democrats:The other seven parties chose yesterday to vote against the Sweden Democrats’ motion of expulsion should be the norm for foreigners who commit serious crimes.  We want expulsion for sex crimes, violent crimes and other serious crime should be the norm. The Sweden Democrats are and will remain the party advocating law and order.

sweden dms stand alone on expulsion vote


In the culturally enriched Sweden……

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

Tortured Syrian takes to the stand in Sweden

Tortured Syrian takes to the stand in Sweden

File photo of a district court in Stockholm. Credit: Henrik Montgommery/TT

Published: 07 Apr 2016 08:28 GMT+02:00

The victim, Enes Abi Ahmed, was tracked down by a Swedish journalist, after a previous trial in Stockholm last year saw his attacker, Mohannad Droubi, convicted of aggravated assault under international law and handed a five year jail sentence.

The case made global headlines as the first time anyone was sent to prison in Sweden for acts committed in Syria since the war broke out there in 2010.

At the time of the trial, prosecutors did not even know if the victim — whose brutal beatings were captured on video — was still alive. But Expressen later published a report by its foreign correspondent Terese Cristiansson, who found him in a small town in Turkey, where he was working as a painter.

After Enes Ani Ahmed was interviewed by officials in both Turkey and Sweden, Södertorn District Court, which hosted the original trial, decided that he should be given the opportunity to give his side of the story on the stand, in the light of Droubi filing an appeal against his sentence.

More here.



First female Muslim Lord Mayor arrested as officers probe ‘misconduct’ allegations

BRITAIN’S first female Muslim Lord Mayor has been arrested in connection with allegations of perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office.



Labour’s Naveeda Ikram was Britain’s first female Muslim Lord Mayor

Labour councillor Naveeda Ikram took on the role in 2011 but was suspended by her party amid allegations of “financial irregularities” last year.

The former Lord Mayor of Bradford, 42, was arrested and questioned by officers in Halifax, West Yorkshire last week.

Councillor Ikram, who denies the allegations, emphasised she has not been charged with anything.

The mother-of-three said: “This is a very difficult time for myself, my family, friends and children.

“To avoid any prejudice or bias, it would be best to avoid speculation on social media, Twitter and Facebook.

More here.



Dad dies from stabbing at Swedish asylum home

Dad dies from stabbing at Swedish asylum home

Police at the asylum accommodation in Rättvik on Thursday. Photo: Fredric Gustafsson/TT

Published: 24 Mar 2016 15:58 GMT+01:00

Police were alerted just after noon on Thursday after a man had arrived at a local doctor’s surgery in the town of Rättvik with serious stab wounds. He died from his injuries shortly afterwards.

“The man was staying in asylum housing nearby, where the incident is also said to have occurred,” said Dalarna police in a statement on their website published around 1.30pm.

Details remained unclear late on Thursday afternoon, with a police spokesperson only telling the TT newswire that judging from the nature of the man’s injuries, they “could not rule out that a crime had taken place”.

“We’ll be interrogating a large number of people who have been close to where this has happened. We have already started that work,” said control room officer Jonas Häll.

No arrests had been made by 4pm, but forensic teams were working at the Turisthotellet premises, a former hotel which was recently converted into refugee accommodation. The first residents, 85 asylum seekers, arrived at the centre late on Monday, according to regional newspaper Dalarnas Tidning.

More here


The new norm that multiculturalists turn a blind eye to until it smacks themselves or someone thy love right in the face.

Straight outta Edmonton: Chilling video captures moment gunman dressed in Muslim robes opens fire on a teenager in broad daylight in a quiet north London cul-de-sac 

A gunman who appeared to be wearing Muslim dress was filmed chasing four teenagers past houses and parked cars before allegedly trying to shoot one of them as they cowered next to a house

A gunman who appeared to be wearing Muslim dress was filmed chasing four teenagers past houses and parked cars before allegedly trying to shoot one of them as they cowered next to a house

  • Shocking footage of four teenagers trying to flee an attacker was taken outside of a north London shopping centre
  • Man can be seen pointing weapon directly at one of the young boys, who then appears to ‘limp’ to a nearby vehicle
  • Metropolitan Police confirmed it was aware of an incident in Edmonton, which happened in broad daylight at 2pm
  • See more news from London as Edmonton shooting video sees gunman fire on teen at

It could be a scene from the heart of one of Los Angeles’ infamous ganglands – but this chilling video was in fact shot in a north London suburb just yards away from a busy shopping centre.

A gunman who is believed to have been wearing Muslim dress was filmed chasing four teenagers past houses and parked cars before appearing to shoot one of them as they cowered next to a house.

The shocking footage, taken outside Edmonton shopping centre around 2pm, showed the man following the young boys as they desperately tried to flee the scene, which is less than half a mile from a nearby primary school.

Man wearing Muslim robe opens fire on teens in North London

A daylight clip taken from a nearby balcony appears to suggest the terrifying situation followed a disagreement in the shopping centre as a seven-strong group of men can be seen dispersing across a car park as a shot and shouting can be heard at the beginning of the footage.

The gun-toting man then chases the four boys across a nearby busy road, forcing drivers to slow down as they swerve around the group.

Read more:


For you see, there is a hierarchy in cultures…….

Riot Migrants Claim They Didn’t Understand German Norms, Were Just Following Afghan Law

Migrants who were part of a gang that tore apart asylum accommodation and savagely attacked police officers in a riot last year are now in court, charged with aggravated breach of the peace.

Violence broke out in the migrant receiving centre in Suhl, Thuringa in August 2015 after a disagreement between migrants belonging to different sects of Islam living there turned bitter. One Afghan migrant in the centre was driven to tear pages out of a Koran and stuffed them into a toilet, and it was at this point that things took a turn for the worse.

As Breitbart London reported at the time, after other migrants attempted to kill the man, police had to move in to give protection. The wrath of the mob then turned on the officers, who had to retreat to a nearby building under a hail of thrown objects including stones and glass. The Thuringan court has now heard the testimony of a young female police officer, one of the first on the scene who was caught in this melé.

More here. H/T: Tommy Robinson


A lot of credit for this belongs to many of us in the Counter-Jihad (defenders of classical liberalism) who have been exposing the lies of Swedish (self anointed) elites concerning the problems they alone have created in the building of their socialist nirvana.

sweden ship of fools

It’s so bad, that it’s become standard fare for the international media to report on, and now they’ve (Swedes) begun to take umbrage at the negative (but truthful) press. Just think how they wrongfully maligned Israel all these years, now they get struck between the eyes with actual facts, facts so staggering and frightening, that they just do not know (nor dare) how to respond.

Migrant attacks and a conspiracy to hide the truth in Europe’s most liberal country: How Sweden has stopped its citizens discussing the refugee influx 

Unsettling: Groups of men gather outside Stockholm’s railway station as commuters hurry past

Unsettling: Groups of men gather outside Stockholm’s railway station as commuters hurry past

  • Stockholm train station is where a ‘group of neo-Nazis attacked refugees’
  • Around the same time as woman, 22, was allegedly murdered by migrant 
  • Despite reports no migrants have told police they were assaulted at station
  • If exaggerated, it could have made Swedes less ready to voice their worries

Stockholm railway station isn’t a nice place at nine on a winter evening. Smart young Swedes run to catch trains to the suburbs watched by groups of men in hoodies leaning against pillars in the shadows as they swap plastic bags of cannabis or heroin for wads of krona, the national currency.

Occasionally, police in twos and threes patrol through this scene of Nordic Noir as chimes ring from the nearby 16th century St Clare’s Lutheran church, with spires piercing the dark sky.

Yet the police rarely stop and no one takes much notice of them anyway. ‘I am here to buy cannabis with my friends,’ Mustapha Drummeh, a 31-year-old Ghanaian who came to Sweden seven years ago told me, as he hung around the station amid other African and Arab migrants.

Suddenly, his friend, a 43-year-old Eritrean called Mahoud, darts off to dance a circle round two Swedish women in their early twenties, walking briskly by us towards the trains.

The girls, who show no surprise, sidestep him neatly as he tries to pat their bottoms. ‘The Swedish women, they’re nice,’ says smiling Mahoud on his return, unabashed by the rebuff. ‘People here are kind to us, but it’s difficult without a job, nothing to do, and more migrants arriving all the time.’

Stockholm station is, remember, where a disturbing event happened a few weeks ago. According to Left-wing Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, there was a violent, unprovoked rampage by a masked mob of neo-Nazis and football hooligans who were targeting migrants, including north African street children. Aftonbladet’s reports, based on police information, made newspaper and TV headlines around the world.

Read more:

NOTE: One of the major reasons why the DailyMail is focusing on Sweden, is not that they have a grudge against Swedes, it’s that they want to wake up their own people to the dangers of what Sweden has done to itself, and not to repeat it.

Kent Ekeroth was in Finland last year trying to warn the Finns ”not to repeat our mistakes”, so the message is out there, but who will be smart enough to heed it?


They were all asylum seekers….

That lovely class of people whom everyone (goofballs) showers accolades on, who are more righteous and deserving than the very people who are funding the entire enterprise, the taxpaying citizen.

Three held for murder at Swedish asylum centre

Three held for murder at Swedish asylum centre

Photo: Kicki Nilsson/Scanpix

Published: 04 Mar 2016 10:12 GMT+01:00

Three men, all aged 25-30, are suspected of murder after the victim was stabbed in the throat.

Police declined to release the nationalities of the casualty or the three alleged attackers.

Two suspects were detained immediately after police arrived at the Storå asylum centre, located 200 kilometres west of Stockholm, and found the victim seriously wounded. He was taken to hospital where he died from his injuries at around 9.30am.

The third man ran into the woods but was later arrested when he turned himself over to the police in Lindesberg.

“We don’t yet have any information about a motive,” police spokesman Stefan Wickberg told the TT newswire.

The victim and his attackers all lived at the asylum centre, police said. Officers began questioning the suspects over the course of Friday morning.

More here.