Tard on tard violence.

French Citizen Who Drove At Soldiers Protecting Mosque Is ‘Muslim Of Tunisian Descent’

A soldier and an elderly Muslim man were injured outside a mosque in France yesterday when a Muslim man of Tunisian descent rammed his car repeatedly into a group of soldiers standing guard. The soldiers opened fire on the car, hitting the perpetrator in his arm and leg. His injuries are not life threatening; he was arrested and taken to hospital following the incident.

The 29 year old French citizen rammed his red Peugeot rammed his car into a group of four soldiers standing guard outside a mosque in Valence, France, as worshippers were arriving for Friday prayer sessions. Backing up, he then repeated the manoeuvre, knocking three of the soldiers to the ground and injuring one in the leg, LeDauphine has reported.


The soldiers responded by taking aim at the car, letting off more than 30 rounds into the base of the vehicle and accidentally hitting a 72 year old man arriving for prayers in the calf. The driver was also hit in the arm and the leg.

He was then arrested and taken to hospital, where he was operated on in the evening. Although he was seriously wounded his injuries are not said to be life threatening, according to a government statement. He was later visited at the hospital by his wife.

The man is said to be from Lyon, an hour away from Valance.


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I was right to hold off until further facts were in, the car was driven by a muslim screaming allahu akbar.

I’ve never heard of Jews or Christians burning, damaging their places of worship, or the property of other fellow co-religionists of different sects, nor any guards placed there to protect them, but Islam isn’t like any other religion.

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Until I find out exactly who the perp was, I’m looking at this as an alien vs.predator incident…….


France mosque attack: Soldiers open fire on car ‘attempting to ram mosque’

Three soldiers were reportedly injured, there also appear to be injuries among worshippers at the mosque in Valence, Drome

Several people have been injured after French soldiers fired on a car which attempted to ram them outside a mosque.

The driver of the car did not stop when ordered, Le Parisien reports, leading the soldiers guarding the mosque in Valence, Drome, to open fire.

The driver and another person in the car were injured.

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The big zebibah bruise on the tard’s forehead is a major indicator that he’s a serious carpet banger.

This is why you should never, ever, jump to conclusions whenever an Islamic beachhead is destroyed, 9 times out of ten it’s another muslim responsible for the damage.

Houston Muslim Charged With Lighting His Own Mosque On Fire

Using surveillance video from other area businesses to identify the arsonist, Gary Nathaniel Moore, 37, was arrested and charged with starting the Christmas Day fire that devastated a Houston, Texas mosque. Moore is a devout Muslim who attended this same mosque for years, praying up to five times a day every day of the week.

Also up in smoke is the DC Media’s hoped-for anti-GOP Narrative. Before any facts were known, numerous DC Media outlets immediately exploited the tragedy to place the blame for the fire on Donald Trump.

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But mosques are like synagogues and churches right….? Wrong! 

They’re staging areas for taking over that corner of society.



(Note: I differ with Raymond as far as Christianity “abrogating” Judaism is concerned. Yes Jesus laid down new understandings on Judaism which made up the new Christian perspective/faith. Jews however, can accurately lay claim to doing that themselves throughout their great diaspora period. How much impact Christianity had upon Jewish thought, is for others to decipher.)

Ammunition, IS propaganda found after France mosque closure

© AFP/File | Mohammed Ramdane, president of the Lagny-sur-Marne Mosque Association, answers questions December 2, 2015 after the closure of his prayer hall by French authorities in the wake of the November 13 Paris attacks The mosque was recently closed after a police search during the state of emergency following the November 13 attacks which killed 130 people. Ramdane lamented the closure of the mosque where the police “found nothing”.


Kalashnikov ammunition and Islamic State propaganda videos were seized in raids following the closure of a mosque in the Paris suburbs, French authorities said Sunday.

The prayer hall in Lagny-sur-Marne, around 30 kilometres (18 miles) east of the capital, was shut down last Wednesday following a large-scale police operation.

Associated with the traditionalist Salafist branch of Islam, it is the third mosque in France to be closed after the coordinated jihadist attacks on Paris on November 13.

The prefect — the highest representative of the state — in the Seine-and-Marne department said Sunday “7.62mm ammunition for a Kalashnikov rifle and propaganda videos” for the Islamic State group had been found in raids linked to the closure of the prayer hall.

The locations of the raids were not given.

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Wise move by a usually dense leftist.


Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre says no to mosque-money from Saudi Arabia

 Saudi support for the building of a mosque in Norway again applicable. Floro Islamic Center holds today in one polling that has been insufficient and has applied for permission to receive money from Saudi Arabia. Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre says no. Pictured: Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (th) from Saudi Arabia meeting the then Foreign Minister Thursday in Parkveien 45.

Saudi support for the building of a mosque in Norway again applicable. Floro Islamic Center holds today in one polling that has been insufficient and has applied for permission to receive money from Saudi Arabia. Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre says no. Pictured: Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (th) from Saudi Arabia meeting the then Foreign Minister Thursday in Parkveien 45. Photo: Berit Roald (NTB Scanpix)

Muslims in the west country considering asking private individuals in Saudi Arabia for money to mosque. Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre is welcomed.

Gahr Støre is skeptical that states which do not practice religion will finance religion in Norway. It writes Our Country Monday.

Because Islam is the state religion in the powerful oil state, it is not allowed to build place of worship than mosques in Saudi Arabia. The ban meant that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) responded in 2010.

When two Norwegian Muslim congregations applied UD-approval for Saudi donations to mosque construction, put the then Foreign Minister foot down.

Asked by Our Country about Støre still feel the same today, he replies:

– Yes, I have the same general attitude today.  H/T: 


Oh of course, the beachheads (mosques) would have nothing to do with it!

NOTE: 80% of US beachheads (mosques) which are sharia compliant preach jihad.


95% of foreign fighters who join ISIS are recruited by friends and family and radicalisation ‘rarely occurs in mosques’ claims Oxford University terrorism expert

Nearly all foreign fighters signing up to ISIS, pictured, are recruited by family and friends and not radicalised in mosques, a terrorism expert has warned 

Nearly all foreign fighters signing up to ISIS, pictured, are recruited by family and friends and not radicalised in mosques, a terrorism expert has warned

  • Scott Atran said 75% of foreign fighters are recruited to ISIS by friends
  • He added that a further 20% of recruits are persuaded to join up by family 
  • Terror expert says that ISIS recruitment rarely takes place in mosques
  • Explains ISIS fighters from Christian families are the ‘fiercest’ of them all 

Nearly all foreign extremists who sign up to join ISIS are recruited by family and friends and are very rarely radicalised in mosques, a terrorism expert has warned.

Scott Atran from Oxford University said reseach has found that three-quarters of recruits are persuaded join the terror group by friends with a further 20 per cent signing up due to family members.

He also added that radicalisation very seldom takes place in mosques or through anonymous recruiters or strangers and that ISIS fighters from Christian families are the ‘fiercest fighters of all the fighters we find.’

Mr Atran was speaking at a meeting on ‘Foreign Terrorist Fighters’ organised by the UN Security Council’s counter-terrorism committee.

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It’s why I call them beachheads.


Pelda told Der Landbote he believes someone is masterminding the cell from the mosque, “let there be no doubt”.

 He added: “There is a whole bunch of preachers and prayer leaders who actively meet in the mosque or outside with young people and trying to radicalize them.”

The preachers are just preaching post-hijra Islam, the beginning of political Islam, when Mohamed became the prototype jihadist.

‘Isis cell operating out of Winterthur mosque’

'Isis cell operating out of Winterthur mosque'

Winterthur’s city centre. Photo: Simon Aughton

Published: 18 Nov 2015 08:33 GMT+01:00

Kurt Pelda, was who was named Swiss journalist of the year in 2014, told local newspaper Der Landbote the terrorist group established the cell around the An’Nur mosque in Winterthur’s Hegi neighbourhood.

“A man from Winterthur became radicalized in the last few months and recently travelled to Syria,” Pelda said.

“We do not know exactly what he has done in Syria but there is every indication it has to do with Isis.”

This follows reports of four other young people travelling from the city to Syria.


Finns with backbone met by Finns with drumsticks.

Thanks to Vlad for the heads up on the vid.

Demonstration in Helsinki against grand mosque plans

The Saturday protest against plans to build a grand mosque for the Muslim community was planned before the Paris terrorist attacks that occurred late Friday night. A counter-demonstration also took shape alongside the protest, but police were on hand to separate the two groups and ensure that the demonstration proceeded peacefully.

Haastattelu moskeijamielenosoituksesta
Image: Yle

A demonstration to protest plans to build a grand mosque in Finland took an unexpected turn on Saturday when a separate group appeared to demonstrate against the protestors.

“Only the anti-mosque demonstration had been planned, but then a group of leftist demonstrators decided to march to the Senate Square from the Government Palace,” said Yle reporter Riikka Luukkonen.

Some 150 protestors gathered at the square to protest the grand mosque plan, but no accurate count of the number of people who took part in the counter-demonstration is available.

Helsinki Police kept the two opposing groups separate during the demonstrations.

The protest against the grand mosque was arranged by the Finnish Defence League, a group that says it is against radical Islam and for democracy and freedom. Members say the nationalist group condemns racism and violence, and is politically and religiously unaffiliated.

Lahti resident Lasse Koskinen says he opposes the grand mosque because it serves as a kind of symbol.

“We must defend our Finnish culture, and it seems as though we will have to defend ourselves against terrorism too, during the invasion we are experiencing at present,” he said.

Koskinen says the demonstrators opposing the grand mosque don’t hate religion. Rather, they are opposed to the mosque because they don’t believe it fits into the Finnish landscape.

“We are not opposed to Islam, but we are against extremist Muslims and terrorism – of which we saw a shocking example today in Paris. We are frightened all the while that something will happen in Finland before long.”



Say no to being a beachhead for Islamic subjugation of the non-muslim society!

NOTE: Basima Faysal is calling for 11.11.2015 as a non-violent jihad day


If you want to be above reproach and included among those who believe in a classical liberal democratic society in which citizens live in peace and co-existence, sign Sam Solomon’s:

Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding.

I express my sincere gratitude to all those who contributed to this proposed Charter. Thank you to those who have read and have helped in editing and to everyone who gave suggestions and advice, with especial thanks to Paul Diamond whose legal expertise was invaluable.

I am most indebted to Gerard Batten MEP for his kindness, leadership, sincerity and all his help. Last but not least my esteemed colleague and researcher Al Maqdisi who is simply indispensable.

Sam Solomon December 2006

The Western European view of religion, achieved after centuries of bloodshed, conflict and division, is that religion is a matter of private belief and conscience. Islamic fundamentalists do not share this view. They do not believe in the nation state, democracy, the equality of women, or toleration. They believe in Islamic theocracy, a universal Muslim society, the Umma, based on political rule according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Such views are simply incompatible with Western liberal democracy, and we have seen where such extremist beliefs can lead, for example in Afghanistan and Iran. The West has been amazingly lax in recognising the threat posed to its security, freedoms, values and the cohesiveness of society by Islamic fundamentalism. The terrorist atrocities in London of July 2005 showed just how dangerous these beliefs can be.

Islamic fundamentalists have however made great gains in the propaganda war by convincing many non-Muslims that they are the true representatives of Islam, whereas they are not. The vast majority of Muslims that non-Muslims meet in every-day life are decent, respectable, law-abiding and hardworking. Western governments and societies have to offer them their support while standing firm against the extremists.

A great step forward in this process is Sam Solomon’s Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding. The Charter allows Muslims from all strands of belief to make it plain that they reject those extremist interpretations of their religious texts that promote or excuse violence and bring Islam into conflict with the modern world. It affirms that they want to enjoy the freedoms of the West and live as law-abiding and peace-loving people. I very much hope that those groups claiming to represent Muslims will decide to sign and embrace it.

Gerard Batten MEP


If Islam is a religion of peace, as portrayed by the Muslim community and its clergy, and those acts of terrorism committed in its name are the acts of few misguided individuals who have misunderstood and misinterpreted its teaching, then Islam is completely innocent of the violence and the terrorism that is sometimes attributed to it.

Consequently, in extrapolating from this premise, one should expect that in the light of the current terrorist threat perpetrated by some in the name of Islam that the faithful ones and the authorised scholars and experts call a general conference of its Ulema, the learned scholars of Islamic religion, to discuss provisions such as laid out in this Charter. They should have no objection to being signatories to it, and upholding its content both in letter and spirit in the name of Islam and for the welfare of their host societies and that of humanity at large.

We call on organisations representing the Islamic faith such as the European Council of Fatwa, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Al-Azhar, the Organisation of Islamic Conference, the Muslim World League and all its affiliates, national and international Islamic bodies, to endorse and sign this proposed Charter as an example to all European Muslims.

It is hoped that the Muslim leaders would agree that whosoever deviates from the path of this Charter would have gone on an unIslamic path and thus such a person would be regarded as outcast from the religion of Islam; hence a non-Muslim.

It is hoped that at least all European Muslim leaders and their institutions both national and Europe-wide will be signatoriesto this Charter as the first expression of their desire to live in peace within their host countries, as law-abiding and peaceloving and peace-promoting communities alongside their nonMuslim neighbours.

Whatever their real or perceived grievances these need to be addressed through proper channels and not through violence and terrorism.

A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding


We the undersigned as the representatives of Muslim communities in our capacity as leaders at various levels as Muftis, Ulemas, Imams, community leaders, heads of Islamic madrassas, Muezzins, Mazuns and all other Islamic relevant offices including those of free thinkers and leaders of NGOs as well as NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations), youth leaders, women leaders at all levels of all Islamic institutions commit to uphold, promote, propagate and abide by these articles in letter and spirit of this Charter of Muslim Understanding.

We commit to the fostering and promotion of peaceful coexistence across Europe in the spirit of one brotherhood amongst all humanity treating all as equals in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the charter of the United Nations, the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (General Assembly resolution 217A(III) of 1948), and the United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966).

Whosoever breaches any of the articles stated and detailed below will be regarded as a person outside the House of Islam, and shall be denounced as a non-Muslim, and will find no protection in the Muslim community.

Article 1

We will respect all other non-Muslim religions in word and deed by issuing a clear fatwa with an immediate effect prohibiting:

  • a) The use of force and violence of any kind against the followers of any1 or all non-Muslim religions
  • b) The issue of threats through any religious fatwa threatening with violence against institutions or assassination of individuals or groups and followers of other religions who may be domiciled in the affected localities or any other country be it a Muslim majority or a otherwise
  • c) The use of any force in any form for whatever grievances felt or actual
  • d) Forbidding the killing or targeting of any civilian or civil institutions2 in Islamic and non-Islamic countries as a way and means of addressing any of our grievances.

Article 2

We will respect and honour all civilisations, cultures, and traditions of other nations and people irrespective of their ethnic or religious backgrounds.

This will be achieved by introducing a clear educational programme through all Islamic institutions and outlets, as well as organising special meetings to address youth:

  • a) By promoting brotherhood of all mankind without any religious or ethnic discrimination or differentiation
  • b) By declaring the equality of all men and women and the profanity3 of none
  • c) By promoting the validity and the viability of the national domestic law to be fully adhered to and taking precedence over the Shari’ah.

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No to this beachhead.

Most leaders interviewed by Yle believe it will help immigrants to integrate while preventing radicalisation.

What a load of crap. Every time Muslims push Islam on society, it’s said to help “integrate them, while we all know that more Islam means less freedom and more demands from the muslim community for yet more Islam.

NOTE: Sharia scholar and former Muslim Sam Solomon peels back the layers of the mosque onion dome for us.

Finnish Muslims broadly back Helsinki mosque – but question funding sources

The city of Helsinki has not yet agreed on a site for the new building – an issue that has already aroused controversy among city residents. Muslim leaders hope that can be resolved by year’s end.

moskeija muslimi islam
The capital’s mosques are often crowded. Image: Yle

Plans for a major new mosque in Helsinki are broadly supported by the country’s various Muslim communities. Most leaders interviewed by Yle believe it will help immigrants to integrate while preventing radicalisation. However some are concerned about the source of the funding. Under the current plan, the mosque is to be partly funded by the Gulf state of Bahrain.

“I’d be worried if financing comes from countries Saudi Arabia or Qatar, where there’s an extremely hard-line form of Islam. We’d like to avoid those kinds of problems here,” says Abbas Bahmanpour, imam of the Resalat Shia mosque in Mellunmäki, eastern Helsinki.

“Five more mosques needed”

However Anas Hajar, imam of another mosque located on Helsinki’s Lönnrotinkatu, says he’s not worried as long as the mosque will be run by Finnish Muslims.

He says there is a desperate need for more space for Muslims to worship in the capital region, estimating that it needs five new mosques.

“There are already 10,000 Muslims who pray at our mosques in the capital region, men, women and children. Now we have to rent spaces for holiday prayers. One large mosque would hold a maximum of about 1500 worshippers at a time. That’s simply not enough,” says Hajar.

Ongoing location debate

All the Muslims interviewed by Yle take a positive view of the envisaged new mosque. Finland’s oldest Muslim group, the Finnish Tatar Community, stresses that Muslims themselves should take part in paying for the mosque – though foreign money is not seen as a problem in itself.

“I’d still see it as positive that some of the funding would be gathered from Muslims living in Finland. I thought it would in a way commit them to it and advance this integration process,” says the president of the Tatar Community, Atik Ali.

There will apparently be plenty of time to consider the financing of the large mosque, as the city of Helsinki has not yet agreed on a site for the new building – an issue that has already aroused controversy among city residents. Muslim leaders hope that can be resolved by the end of this year. A proposal for the mosque to be built on the site of the former Hanasaari power plant in the Sörnäinen neighbourhood was rejected by the city power utility Helen.

According to the daily Helsingin Sanomat, two other locations have been suggested by city officials: Verkkosaari, just north of Sörnäinen, or in next to the Mäkelänrinne swimming hall in East Pasila.

Once the location is set, there are plans to arrange an international architectural competition for the mosque and a neighbouring conference centre.



Immigration/hijra jihad inevitably leads to cultural jihad.

Once you open up the floodgates, Islam pours in like Orcs over a castle wall. The solution is to not open your doors to them at all.


Moral relativism is killing us faster than the hijra of Muslims into the West. If we are allowed to freely promote our values and to criticize the ideologies of others, namely Islam. We win. It renders the ”reform of Islam” discussion as moot and Muslims will seek others areas where their ideology will not be challenged.


According to Hajar, grand mosques reduce radicalization, as Muslim young people can feel accepted in this society.

NOTE: This is a bunch of bull crap. More Islam you have, greater the likelihood of Islam 101’ers pursuing their goal of turning Finland into an Islamic hell hole. Actual violent terrorism is the least troublesome of scenarios when looking at the progression (or actually regression) of society as it takes on a more Islamic character.

Influential Imam: “The capital district needs up to five great mosques”

islam, moskeija, imaami, helsingin islamilainen yhdyskunta

Helsinki’s Lönnrotinkatu mosque Imam, Anas Hajjar, calculates that one large mosque in the capital of Finland is not enough. We need at least three, even five mosques, says Hajjar.

The planned Helsinki Grand Mosque project chaired by the imam of the Islamic Society of Finland and the Finnish Islamic Council, Anas Hajjar, says it’s a good project, but not sufficient.

– Helsinki needs up to three grand mosques, Anas Hajjar says.

According to Hajjar, particularly during the Muslim festive times the existing prayer rooms are full. The Muslim fasting period, ie Ramadan, as well as the associated id festivities existing prayer rooms and mosques premises to pray in some cases even the hallways and outside are used. Also, additional space has had to be rented for large celebrations.

– In the Helsinki metropolitan area, the Muslim festive times of id prayers there are currently already about 10 000 worshipers. Men, women and children. If an individual (a planned) grand mosque can accommodate for pray up to a maximum of 1 500 worshipers at one time, there will still be a lot of people deprived of space Hajjar states.

We need more space

In Greater Helsinki, there are some thirty Muslim prayer spaces at the moment. The number of mosques in Finland are estimated to be about 80. The facilities are small and can accommodate at one time up to hundreds of people. The grand mosque being planned has up to 20 000 square meter space, but in its entirety would have both sports and youth facilities, as well as other services for Muslims. Prayer spaces would just fit some 1 500 people.

  • Grand mosques are needed at least in Helsinki’s center, but also to the east and north of it. At least three of these. In addition, of course, Espoo and Vantaa are in need of theirs, Hajar counts.

According to Hajar, grand mosques radicalization, as Muslim young people can feel accepted in this society.

– Now we are already behind schedule. Finland has already at least 65 000 Muslims, and the number is increasing all the time. The need for new large places is increasing, says Hajjar.

YLE, TT translated, H/T: Kumitonttu


Mosques are not houses of worship like churches and synagogue, they’re also beachhead command centers for operations in taking over the area.

Teenage terrorist was given gun he used to shoot dead accountant at the mosque where he skipped school to pray

Farhad, 15, is thought to have got hold of the gun inside Parramatta Mosque he went to before he murdered Mr Cheng on Friday afternoon

Farhad, 15, is thought to have got hold of the gun inside Parramatta Mosque he went to before he murdered Mr Cheng on Friday afternoon

  • Middle Eastern crime group supplied the gun used by Parramatta shooter
  • Farhad Jabar, 15, got hold of the weapon inside his Parramatta mosque
  • The schoolboy murdered Curtis Cheng outside NSW Police headquarters
  • But NSW Police deny knowing where the gun came from on Wednesday 

A Middle Eastern crime group reportedly supplied the gun used by Parramatta shooter Farhad Jabar who used it to killed police accountant Curtis Cheng.

Farhad, 15, is thought to have got hold of the gun inside Parramatta Mosque, which he went to before he murdered Mr Cheng on Friday afternoon, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The teenager was given the .38 Smith and Wesson by an extremist inside the mosque who got the gun from a crime identity. The gang member had no idea what was going to unfold.

Investigators had unearthed the origin of the gun but asked the newspaper not to publish this information before Wednesday’s early morning terror raids.

But NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn told reporters police had not yet discovered where the weapon was sourced.

Read more:


And the downside to all this is?

beachhead fire

The largest mosque in Europe is on fire

  • Untitled-1-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered.jpg

More than 50 firefighters are tackling a huge blaze at a mosque in South London, reports the Mirror.

Most of Baitul Futuh – said to be the largest mosque in Western Europe – is on fire, according to the fire service.

London Fire Brigade sent eight fire engines to the scene in Morden just after midday.

The blaze is affecting the ground and first floor. Huge pillars of black smoke can be seen from some distance.

London Ambulance Service is on the scene and has taken one person to hospital for smoke inhalation.

Roads have been closed and drivers are being advised to avoid the area.

Fire at mosque


Because mosques and explosives and weapons go hand in hand.

Arabs Planned to Explode Pipe Bombs at Jews on Temple Mount

Police have confirmed they found pipe bombs that could be filled with explosives at the Al-Aqsa mosque,

Police sapper holds pipe bombs found Sunday at the entrance to the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount.

Police sapper holds pipe bombs found Sunday at the entrance to the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount.
Photo Credit: Police photo

Masked Arab rioters had prepared pipe bombs to be filled with explosives in a planned pogrom against Jews and non-Jewish tourists on the Temple Mount Sunday.

Advanced intelligence helped police foil the attack, and law enforcement officers startled the Arabs shortly after dawn, as reported here.

Police spokesmen stated:

Masked protesters who were inside the mosque threw stones and fireworks at police. Suspect pipes that could be filled with homemade explosives were also found at the entry to the [Al Aqsa] mosque.

Police later removed any doubts that the objects were not pipe bombs.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said the presence of pipe bombs at the on the Temple Mount “requires all of us to think again about arrangements” at the holy site.

Almost exactly a year ago, violence on the Temple Mount appeared to be on the verge of an all-out religious war, but a secret meeting between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Jordan’s King Abdullah resulted in a mutual understanding that Jews would continue to be prohibited from praying on the Temple Mount and Arabs Muslims would put a stop to violence.

The understanding lasted for several months, but a new round of escalation began several months ago.

More here


This is the same Muslim woman, Pia Jardi, (a pro-Hamas convert who keeps her Finnish name to promote the ”face of Finnish Islam”) who said she rejects Muslims being buried next to non-muslims:

Pia Jardi: ”People’s last wish is to have an Islamic burial. That means being put to rest in an Islamic cemetery where one’s neighbours are Muslims.”

Photo courtesy of James Gonzo

NOTE: Well, they’re many against being forced to live among live Muslims, who would gladly let them have their own graveyards, and living arrangements, elsewhere. Also the the many islamic groups in Finland are not happy that the funding for the mosque (there are already 60 in southern Finland) is coming from big Sunni gulf state money bundlers and that they even need such an edifice.

SPIN MODE: It’s only a professional relationship!

Mixed interpretations on mosque project – “I have not promised free plots of land”

Mosque Ritva Viljanen Koran

 Pia Jardi, driving the Grand Mosque project, says that thepublic support given for  the project by the Deputy Mayor of Helsinki, Ritva Viljanen  (sd.) is her friend. According to Viljanen, her role in the project is overstated and Jardin’s relationship is purely a professional one. 

 According to a Yle News story published last month, Viljanen said that the city could provide the future use of the public land for free or at very low cost.

Yesterday, deputy mayor Sinnemäki  (Green.) said in an interview with MTV News, the plot is not to be given for free, but non-profit organizations rentals are typical for lower commercial projects.

More here in Finnish H/T: Vasara Hammer

NOTE: Sinnemäki is a big Leftist Green pro-Paleostinian political activist, very islamo-friendly



Mega-Mosque Plans Scrapped, Council Refuse £325,000 Muslim Group Inducement

Plans for a controversial new mega-mosque in Dudley will not go ahead, after a £325,000 out-of-court settlement to end the eight-year planning dispute was unexpectedly turned down by Dudley Council. Instead, an “action group” will be set up to find a new site for a mosque by the end of the year.

Feuding between Muslim community leaders was exposed during a two-day hearing last month. Afterwards, Dudley Council’s overview and scrutiny management board recommended not accepting the out-of-court settlement offer from the Dudley Muslim Association (DMA) to build on the proposed site.

Councillor Dave Tyler, chairman of the scrutiny board, said that after hearing evidence from all sides, it was clear that “significant historical opposition” to the Hall Street site was “likely to be exacerbated if a development there went ahead,” Dudley News reports.

A dispute over the appropriateness of the planed construction and the proposed Hall Street location of the mosque, Muslim community center, sports facilities, Islamic school and two-story car park has raged since 2007.
More here.


With talk of a ”mega mosque (beachhead) in Finland, we need all hands on deck to mount a media offensive against it as well.



How To Stop A Mosque

I will try and use this method myself in Copenhagen. I will let you know via our 10News newsletter how it goes.

Feel very welcome to translate and try yourself:

How To Stop A Mosque
By: Nicolai Sennels

First I want to stress that stopping mosques is absolutely possible. Gavin Boby’s organization Law And Freedom Foundation has managed to stop 20 out of 24 mosque projects in the UK – and counting (Law and Freedom Foundation). The below recipies is inspired by Boby:

The problems with mosques are that:

1) They spread fundamentalist, unmoderated Islam by not publicly and actively rejecting the Quran’s and Muhammad’s criminal incitement to violence and murder. Instead they preach the Quran (Allah’s revelations to Muhammad) and the Hadiths (Muhammad’s own deeds and sayings which are equally holy to Muslims) as faultless, even though they include hundreds of verses urging and even ordering Muslims to persecute, forcibly convert, rob, rape, harm,maim, enslave and kill non-Muslims, apostates and hypocrites (Muslims not fully subjugating to Islamic law, Sharia) and suppress, beat and rape their own Muslim women.

2) By spreading Islam, mosques spread Islam’s oppressive rules and regulations among Muslims and leads to radicalization. This does not only include Islam’s obligation to wage war, so-called Jihad, on non-Muslims on every level, including economical, cultural and physical. This also includes the many rules and regulations in the Sharia that revoke Muslims’ basic human rights to choose their own partner (e.g. a non-Muslim partner), women’s right to freely divorce (e.g. divorcing a violent partner), religion, clothing and life style. By strengthening the religious tenants of Islam in the Muslim society, Mosques contribute to the well-known social control among Muslims, which tend to radicalize vulnerable youths and put pressure on moderate, secular Muslims.

3) Mosque buildings, especially the dominating minarets, are not fitting into Western architecture and by allowing them in our cities and towns we Islamize the architectural landscape of our countries. All types of islamization, including changing our townscapes to accommodate to fundamentalists’ dream of building Arab style mosques and “cultural centers” in Western cities, is reshaping our society to make it easier for Islamic fundamentalists who prefer Islam to Western culture and values, to come and live among us. We do not need more of that, we need less. Every time we give into Muslims’ demands for special treatment and allow our countries to be Islamized, however little, our own culture is being pushed aside to some degree. None of this is counter-productive in the struggle against fundamentalist Islam and it is an affront to Western society and culture.

More here.

NOTE: Former Muslim and sharia scholar, Sam Solomon on mosques, what they really are about.

Comparison of Non-Islamic vs Islamic views of one’s freedom of choice and options in life.

So we see that a mosque is a seat of government. A mosque is a school. A mosque is a court. A mosque is a training center. A mosque is a gathering place, or social center. It is not a place of “worship” per se as understood and as practiced in Western societies.

Specifically, how is a mosque a threat to the community within which it is built?

Every single mosque in the world, by definition, is modeled on the mosque of Muhammad in Medina in accordance with the Sunnah. The Sunnah interprets the Qur’an by reporting exhaustively on everything that Muhammad said, did, or consented to. Therefore, his Medina mosque, the first mosque, was a place where he gave judgments, where he decided who would be executed, where he instituted policy—domestic and military— where Jihad war strategies were designed. Consequently, it was a storage place for arms, a military training base, and was where troops were blessed and dispatched. Literally they were sent to conquer – first the whole of Arabia, and then the rest of the known world. Therefore if the present-day mosque is modeled as per the Sunnah of Muhammad then there should be very serious concern. As is well-known, Muslims are required to follow the example (Sunnah) of Muhammad—and according to Sura 33:36 it is not an option or a matter of opinion: “It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allâh and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision. And whoever disobeys Allâh and His Messenger, he has indeed strayed in a plain error.”  This explains and establishes beyond doubt why arms have been found in mosques in various countries, and in different capital cities.

In addition to the undisputed significance of the Medina mosque as the role model for all Mosques, there is also the Islamic policy of establishing strategic Mosques as beachheads with interconnected networks. Taken together, these two policies do constitute a clear and present danger—and a need for concern.

For example, when Abu Hamza[1] was the Imam of the Finsbury Park mosque in the United Kingdom, he trained people, he sent out terrorists  and British authorities found arms stored there.  He was well within his Islamic mandate as these activities were sanctioned by Islam. He didn’t find it wrong because it is in the Islamic manuals. Another prime example of a mosque being found to have engaged in high-level political, military and intelligence activities is the Munich Mosque, which is now considered by Islamists to be on a par with some  of highest-ranked Mosques in Muslim countries.[2]