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Mohammed Was a Pig

Israeli police arrested a fourth person for calling Mohammed a pig. Avia Morris, the first person arrested described being taunted with cries of “Allahu Akbar”  and “Kill the Jews” along with signs of support for ISIS. But it only became a legal matter when the twenty-year-old woman retorted, “Mohammed is a pig.”

Calling for the death of infidels isn’t a crime. Insulting Mohammed is.

Avia got off lucky. When a young woman named Tatiana Soskin drew Mohammed as a pig scrawling in a Koran, the Clinton administration was more outraged by this than by the World Trade Center bombing.

Its spokesman said that it gave “great thought to this… at the very highest levels of our government.”

It denounced the “outrageous, crude and sick portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed” and claimed, “This woman is either sick or she is evil… she deserves to be put on trial for these outrageous attacks on Islam.”

That rant didn’t come from some storefront Mullah or Bin Laden clutching his assault rifle in a cave on an Al Jazeera video. It came from the twisted mind of a sick and evil appeasement administration.

Sick and evil might have been a better description of Mohammed’s practice of sex slavery than of a young woman who drew a cartoon of a rapist as a pig. When the Caliph of the Islamic State was revealed to have taken American hostage Kayla Mueller as his slave, he was following the law of Mohammed.

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NOTE: Even the OIC published Pig-Mohamed



I do know however through the historical record, that he was a blood thirsty, rapist,  slaver, paedophile and all around nut-job, whose scribblings have unloosed untold misery and horror upon the world for over 14oo years and into the future.

mo tunic 29.12.2011

Top Ten Reasons Muhammad is Not a Prophet

by, David Wood and Sam Shamoun | Answering Muslims | h/t Blazing CatFur & Alexis Worlock

muhammad-3-revisedThis is the first part of a five-part series in which we share 50 reasons Muhammad is not a true prophet (ten reasons per episode). In this episode, we cover our “top ten” reasons Muhammad was not sent by God. If you don’t see your favorite criticisms against Muhammad on our “top ten” list, be sure to watch upcoming episodes of “Jesus or Muhammad?” on the Trinity Channel (Tuesdays at 8:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time).

We post this video in a spirit of open dialogue and honest discussion, hoping that Christians, Muslims, and others will seek the truth in harmony. We invite everyone to share your relevant comments and criticisms below.

Islam stands or falls with one man, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, a seventh-century caravan trader who declared himself to be a prophet around 610 AD. Since many people have claimed to be prophets down through history, and since their messages often contradict each other, we need to evaluate so-called prophets, to see if they have been sent by God. What happens when we evaluate Muhammad critically? In this video, David Wood and Sam Shamoun discuss their “Top Ten Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet.”

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This just in!

lars vilks art exhibition dec 2013


On display are twenty or so paintings that are paraphrases of famous works of art, but with so-called roundabout dogs depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad painted on.

Vilks exhibitions of Muhammad depicted previously created quite a stir among Muslims. Because of this, Vilks subjected to several attacks. Among others, two Somalis tried to burn down his home and later convicted of arson. On several occasions, Vilks attacked by angry Muslims when he lectured at various universities in Sweden.

The exhibition runs between 7 and 18 December at Gallery Movitz Hornsgatan on journalist dense Södermalm. H/T: Baron Bodissey via Gothic Club and LN



I foresee seething and raging in the streets over this one.


Robert Spencer beat him to the punch, nice to see independent research backing his own conclusions though.

Muslim Professor of Islamic Theology Concludes After Research: Prophet Muhammed Never Existed

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Professor Hired for Outreach to Muslims Delivers a Jolt

Islamic Theologian’s Theory: It’s Likely the Prophet Muhammad Never Existed

By  ANDREW HIGGINS  |  The Wall Street Journal

MÜNSTER, Germany — Muhammad Sven Kalisch, a Muslim convert and Germany’s first professor of Islamic theology, fasts during the Muslim holy month, doesn’t like to shake hands with Muslim women and has spent years studying Islamic scripture. Islam, he says, guides his life.

So it came as something of a surprise when Prof. Kalisch announced the fruit of his theological research. His conclusion: The Prophet Muhammad probably never existed.

Theology Without Muhammad

Read a translated excerpt from “Islamic Theology Without the Historic Muhammad — Comments on the Challenges of the Historical-Critical Method for Islamic Thinking” by Professor Kalisch.

Muslims, not surprisingly, are outraged. Even Danish cartoonists who triggered global protests a couple of years ago didn’t portray the Prophet as fictional. German police, worried about a violent backlash, told the professor to move his religious-studies center to more-secure premises.

“We had no idea he would have ideas like this,” says Thomas Bauer, a fellow academic at Münster University who sat on a committee that appointed Prof. Kalisch. “I’m a more orthodox Muslim than he is, and I’m not a Muslim.”

When Prof. Kalisch took up his theology chair four years ago, he was seen as proof that modern Western scholarship and Islamic ways can mingle — and counter the influence of radical preachers in Germany. He was put in charge of a new program at Münster, one of Germany’s oldest and most respected universities, to train teachers in state schools to teach Muslim pupils about their faith.

Muslim leaders cheered and joined an advisory board at his Center for Religious Studies. Politicians hailed the appointment as a sign of Germany’s readiness to absorb some three million Muslims into mainstream society. But, says Andreas Pinkwart, a minister responsible for higher education in this north German region, “the results are disappointing.”

Prof. Kalisch, who insists he’s still a Muslim, says he knew he would get in trouble but wanted to subject Islam to the same scrutiny as Christianity and Judaism. German scholars of the 19th century, he notes, were among the first to raise questions about the historical accuracy of the Bible.

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In what should be a real gut retching experience.

mo tunic 29.12.2011

I guess the big money has been found after all for the Mo-project reported on back in 2009. The big money production is a major dawa effort by the Qatari, and they have a Hollywood stooge doofus to help it out. The ax grinding irony of having uber-liberal Hollywood helping out in the production of a movie by anti-liberal 7th century Qataris  about their loathsome ‘prophet’ Mohamed, shouldn’t be lost on anyone.

NOTE: That it includes the equally loathsome Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who as a devout Muslim believes Mohamed to be the supreme example of human behavior, and has talked about how much he would love to murder Jews, should tell you all that you need to know about the project.

H/T: Holger Danske

Lord of the Rings producer on board for Qatari biopic on Prophet Mohammed, Iran to create rival film

Published: Sunday, Mar 17, 2013, 22:31

The fear of controversy has failed to deter two film-makers from Iran and Qatar, who are producing a pair of rival biopics on the seventh-century Prophet of Islam.

As a protagonist, the Prophet poses a unique challenge, as much of the Muslim world forbids his depiction on screen, reports The Independent.

Iranian director Majid Majidi, whose 30 million-dollar biopic began shooting last October, reportedly intends to show parts of the Prophet’s body, though not his face.

Cairo’s Sunni-led al-Azhar University has already demanded the unfinished film be banned.

In December, in Sunni-majority Qatar, Alnoor Holdings, the media arm of al-Hashemi construction group, announced plans to spend 1 billion-dollar on its own series of epic movies about the life of Mohamed.

The team has hired the Islamic theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi and producer Barrie Osborne as technical advisers.

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Is this the closest thing we have to a Life of Brian publication for Islam?

life of brian2

As a dear friend just relayed to me:

”This comic book Life of Muhammad just published by Charlie Hebdo — supposedly just a dispassionate biography in comic strip fashion based on the Muslim sources–may turn out to be quite important.”

I truly hope so.

NOTE: Anyone fluent in French and has obtained a copy, it would be great of you to run a day to day translation of the comic book for my English speaking readers. Get in touch with me and lets talk about it.

hebdo prints the mo-comic book 3.1.2013

Charbonnier, who has received death threats, lives under police protection

PARIS – A French satirical magazine, whose offices were fire-bombed after it published cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed, on Wednesday published a comic book biography of Islam’s founder.

The editor of Charlie Hebdo weekly has insisted that the new book, titled “The Life of Mohammed”, was a properly researched and educational work prepared by a Franco-Tunisian sociologist.

“It is a biography authorised by Islam since it was edited by Muslims,” said Stephane Charbonnier, who was also the illustrator of the book whose front page shows the prophet leading a camel through the desert.

“I don’t think higher Muslim minds could find anything inappropriate,” he said last week.

Charbonnier said the idea for the comic book came to him in 2006 when a newspaper in Denmark published cartoons of Mohammed, later republished by Charlie Hebdo, drawing angry protests across the Muslim world.

“Before having a laugh about a character, it’s better to know him. As much as we know about the life of Jesus, we know nothing about Mohammed,” he said.

Satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has on several occasions published cartoon versions of Islam’s prophet in a declared effort to defend free speech, to the fury of many Muslims who believe depicting Mohammed is sacrilegious.

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This ought to make 2013 an interesting year.

Robert Spencer at JW has a good piece on it, follow it here.


A French weekly known for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to the ire of conservative Muslims said Sunday it plans to release a comic book biography of Islam’s founder that will be researched and educational.

Satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has on several occasions depicted Islam’s prophet in an effort to defend free speech and defy the anger of Muslims who believe depicting Mohammed is sacrilegious.

“It is a biography authorized by Islam since it was edited by Muslims,” said Charlie Hebdo’s publisher and the comic’s illustrator, who goes by the name Charb.

“I don’t think higher Muslim minds could find anything inappropriate,” Charb said.

The biography will be published Wednesday and was put together by a Franco-Tunisian researcher known only as Zineb, Charb said.

The publisher said the idea for the comic book came to him in 2006 when a newspaper in Denmark published cartoons of Mohammed, later republished by Charlie Hebdo, drawing angry protests across the Muslim world.

“Before having a laugh about a character, it’s better to know him. As much as we know about the life of Jesus, we know nothing about Mohammed,” Charb said.

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A pervert by modern standards.

Come on folks, how much more proof does one need that islam from its very inception, was a dangerous cult, with the leader of the cult fixated with sex, murder and misappropriation of other peoples’ wealth? The founder of islam still haunts the world for over 1400 years after his death, making him the most iconic mass murder and creator of mayhem and misery the world has ever known.

Raymond Ibrahim: Apparently the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was something of a sexual superman—indeed, possessing the sexual appetite and potency of 4,000 mortal men.

According to Islam’s most trusted and traditional sources, the story is as follows: Muhammad used to visit and have sex with his nine wives in a single hour (other accounts indicate 11 wives in a single hour). This averages to about six minutes per wife (not counting traveling time from tent to tent). When one of Muhammad’s companions wondered at the prophet’s superhuman feats of libido and speed, another companion, the famous Anas, responded that the prophet had the potency of 40 men.

This account was deemed authentic enough to include in Sahih Bukhari—the most canonical hadith collection, second in authority only to the Quran itself—meaning that mainstream Islam accepts it as fact.

But alas, the matter doesn’t just end there.

Another, more fabulous, account says that Muhammad had the strength of 400 “heavenly men”—each of whom are said to have the strength of 100 mortal men. Strength for what, you ask? In the words of Islam’s prophet, “a [heavenly] man will be given the strength of a hundred men to eat, drink, feel desire [i.e., libido], and have sexual intercourse.”

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