Of course, this is the same mindset (perhaps even same feminists?) who say they would rather be raped than be helped by ”the wrong types”.

swedish feminazis - dont help us if raped by immigrants

'Look closer at the facts on Swedish sex attacks'

Young women with foreign backgrounds in Stockholm in 2015. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

‘Look closer at the facts on Swedish sex attacks’

Published: 09 Feb 2016 07:49 GMT+01:00

Since the start of the year, Sweden has witnessed a storm of reports about sexual offences and other crimes against women and girls by men who are assumed by the media to be from the migrant community.
This followed the events in Cologne on New Year’s eve and claims of a police cover-up at a Stockholm music festival which emerged shortly afterwards.
The media has reported on a near daily basis about crimes against women and girls in the streets and in public baths, both in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.
But when analysing these events, we need to begin by sorting out some statistical pitfalls. It would be refreshing for those engaged in this debate to observe the statistics, thus avoiding prejudice and stereotyping.

More here.


This is how to handle the lying, miserable and very tard orientated media.

Brian of London @ Israellycool caught the entire thing in a YT vid, here’s the story:

Can you criticise Islam or Mohammad in Qatar? No.

Tommy Robinson, one of the organisers of Pegida UK, appeared on Al Jazeera this evening in a panel discussion. But this 3 minute clip includes the part Al Jazeera cut out. You’ll see why when you hear it. And all that follows a pretty pathetic trick the presenter tries to pull by switching the Koran for the Hebrew bible!

Here’s more, from the same debate broadcast I captured and YT’d


Only a hard core idealogue could look at the Muslim sex attacks in Cologne and see no connection between it and the mass migration of muslim settlers. What buffoons.

Either way it spells bad for their pet project of mono-culture Islam being a model example for multiculturalism. If those muslims responsible for the mass rapes/sex assault on NYE in Cologne and elsewhere were already residents in these host countries, their stay hasn’t moderated their behavior one iota.

EU leaders insist there is ‘NO LINK’ between the migrant crisis and New Year sex attacks in Cologne – and vow to bring about an end to ‘false accusations’ 

There is 'no link' between the migrant crisis and the wave of sex attacks in Cologne during New Year celebrations, EU officials believe. Above, fireworks were thrown into the New Year's crowd outside Cologne's main station, prompting members of the public to flee
Some of the attacks are believed to have been carried out after fireworks were thrown into the New Year's crowd outside Cologne's main station, prompting members of the public to flee

There is ‘no link’ between the migrant crisis and the wave of sex attacks in Cologne during New Year celebrations, EU officials believe. Above, fireworks were thrown into the New Year’s crowd outside Cologne’s main station, prompting members of the public to flee.

  • European Commission wants to ‘unconditionally reject’ link, minutes show
  • Officials are also growing concerned about possibility of a public backlash 
  • Hundreds of women filed sexual assault complaints after wave of attacks 
  • Internal minutes were taken at a cabinet meeting for officials on January 13

There is ‘no link’ between the migrant crisis and the wave of sex attacks in Cologne during New Year celebrations, EU officials believe.

The European Commission wants to remove ‘false associations’ between the increasing number of some criminal acts and the arrival of migrants, documents show.

Internal minutes taken at a cabinet meeting on January 13 suggest officials are also growing concerned about the possibility of a public backlash in relation to the attacks.


Like I said earlier, we have the exact same problem here in Finland as well, just take a look at these supposed 14-17 year olds at a sporting event for ‘youths’ sponsored by a Finnish reception center for under age children.

refugee youths.......in finland

Just how old do you think these migrant ‘children’ are? Alarming pictures of refugees – including ‘the fastest 14-year-old in Sweden’ – that shed light on a growing scandal amid Europe’s asylum crisis 

Migrant 'children' pictures that shed light on growing scandal amid asylum crisis

Examine the three ‘children’ in these pictures. One is of Ahmad Farid, who claimed he was 16 but appears at least 18 or more in the snap in which he is laughing as he’s given a fluffy toy polar bear at a refugee reception centre (top left). The second is of Saad Alsaud (main), reported to have been the fastest 14-year-old in Sweden, dwarfing schoolboys and girls as they join him for a run.

The other shows a Somalian named Youssaf Khaliif Nuur who claims he is 15 though he is 6ft tall and, according to one unconfirmed source, shaves his beard and moustache (bottom left). The word has spread across Europe about how easy it is to be accepted as a child migrant in Sweden. Now, the country has become overwhelmed with ‘unaccompanied minors’ in what critics suspect is a huge fraud.

More here.


It’s time to take a serious look at those (and marginalize them) who level the charges of “bigot and xenofauxbe”, than at their targets.

They champion the very type of people most likely to openly violate the morals and values they pretend to uphold and fight for. That’s the price they’re willing for society to pay in their pursuit of radically changing society to conform to their radical, utopian based ideology.

NOTE: It’s why they can on one hand, insist that they fight against Jew hatred (anti-semitism) and on the other, promote the full scale invasion of Jew hating muslims.

PC brigade ‘failing victims of sex abuse’: Minorities tsar slams liberals over Muslim criminals 

Louise Casey said some British officials were 'so wrapped up in political correctness' they ignored shameful scandals which led to vulnerable women and children being harmed across the country

Louise Casey said some British officials were ‘so wrapped up in political correctness’ they ignored shameful scandals which led to vulnerable women and children being harmed across the country

  • David Cameron’s integration tsar has blasted ‘hand-wringing’ liberals 
  • Says they fail to tackle forced marriage and abuses in Muslim communities
  • Louise Casey said some officials are ‘wrapped up in political correctness’
  • She’s carrying out review of how to boost integration for isolated groups

David Cameron’s integration tsar has blasted ‘hand-wringing’ liberals for failing to tackle forced marriage and other abuses in Muslim communities.

Louise Casey said some officials were ‘so wrapped up in political correctness’ they ignored shameful scandals which led to vulnerable women and children being harmed.

Miss Casey, who chaired the Government’s troubled families unit and led an investigation into social services in Rotherham – where Asian sex gangs had abused as many as 1,600 children – is carrying out a review of how to boost integration in the most isolated communities.

Commissioned by the Prime Minister, this is looking at how to help migrants learn English, as well as other ways of boosting women’s job prospects.

But Miss Casey claimed one issue was that the liberal elite had turned a blind eye to problems within some Muslim groups.

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I like the pick up on Baron Bodissey’s coined term of ‘wacist’.

The whole wristband brouhaha, is brainstorm of Leftist malcontents who have been the driving force behind the smearing of those who have been highlighting the mass migration of the muslim settler movement. This is a non-issue, but the Left loves drama, misinformation and the spreading of lies to paint their opposition in any which way that they can to achieve their goals.

‘Waycist Wristbands’: The Extremism-Linked, Foreign Funded Activists Behind The ‘Nazi Migration Policy’ Story

Watching the news this morning you’d have thought we were actually labelling migrants and asylum seekers in the United Kingdom with big yellow stars, then prodding them off to the gas chambers. Wristband Macht Frei – the new slogan of the UK Home Office, if the one-sided media reports are to be believed.

People – and I say “people” – I really mean wealthy, hard-left, “open borders” activists are apoplectic that a Home Office service provider has asked asylum seekers in Wales to wear wristbands so they’d know which meals to give them for free. I’m sure a lot of you reading this wouldn’t mind wearing a wristband for three free meals a day – but that’s besides the point. Let’s look at the facts behind this story, and more importantly, the groups involved and their funding.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.31.18

Lynx House – otherwise known as “Immigration Alley”


It is quite clear from the outset that the crimes the asylum seekers are alleging – mainly being shouted “go back to your country” at – are a load of old cobblers. They claim that they’re being abused by people driving past, because they’re identifiable by the wristbands. But I would suggest – whether it’s right or wrong – that they’re probably more likely being identified because they’re gathered in large numbers outside Lynx House – rented for them with our taxpayer money – causing a “nuisance”. There’s more about that here,but according to a neighbour of the hotel: ‘They are a nuisance just hanging around all day long with nothing to do. They congregate outside and clog up the pavements but apart from that they don’t seem to be any trouble”.

This isn’t a symptom of “racism”, but rather frustration – perhaps not constructively put across – by hard working locals who see their roads being turned into “Asylum Street” or “Immigration Alley” (their words, not mine) – in turn a symptom of the UK’s flimsy border control, left-wing activism, and the European Court of Human Rights’ demands that Britain accept all those “entitled to a family life” into Britain


This is rich.

It’s rich because the death panel claim is true, and that the Obama administration and Dem operatives in general have used every trick in the book to fool the American people to swallow Obamacare in whole, and they keep refusing to do so, in spite of the Democrat Info-war memes they keep burping up.

Officials train info-war American expertise helps: Never repeat a false claim

Jed Willard (left.) And Adam Berinsky designed by Finnish officials information skills training 18 january 2016. Jed Willard (. Left) and Adam Berinsky planning information skills training for Finnish officials 18 january 2016. Image: Yle

About a hundred government officials this week have been delving into modern information influencing with the help of American expertise. Behind closed doors the clarification of Finland’s own message has been practiced. The most concrete piece of advice is not to repeat what is viewed as a false allegation.


Do not repeat the wrong information

Massachusetts University of Technology, MIT Professor of Political Science, Adam Berinsky, who has researched formulation of public opinion and dissemination, gives one concrete piece of advice: information considered to be wrong is never worth repeating.

– The argument may be familiar to the hearer, and it may be the only thing he remembers from your message, Berinsky guides.

Berinsky cites as an example the US health reform, around which rumors swelled loosely when it was alleged, for example, that it would bring death sentences to the elderly.

– Repeating rumors will not help get your message across, but it may on the contrary increase their power, Berinsky warns.


The trouble with that is, it’s indeed a fact that costs are taken into account in how to access the care of the elderly in Obamacare through (death) panels. They alone decide who is viable enough to receive care (as opposed to doctors on the scene) through setting policy in a traditional one size fits all, cookie cutter, big government bureaucratic kind of way.

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber quite correctly attributed the passage of Obamcare to “lack of transparency” and the “stupidity of the American voter” – because it turns out that Obamacare will ration care, and that the most well-respected bodies in terms of health rationing have already recommended cutting off services.

The US Preventive Services Task Force is an independent body authorized by Congress to make “evidence-based recommendations about clinical preventive services such as screenings, counseling services, or preventive medications.” And since the onset of Obamacare discussions, the Task Force recommendations for treatment and screening have become less and less generous. In November 2009, the Task Force recommended that mammography for women every other year between the ages of 50 and 74. They admit that they have insufficient information to suggest that it would be fruitless to screen after 74, and they say that case-by-case screenings should take place before 50.

The Mayo Clinic, by contrast, recommends annual mammograms for women above age 40; so too does the American Cancer Society. As Dr. Sandhya Pruthi of the Mayo Clinic writes, “Findings from a large study in Sweden of women in their 40s who underwent screening mammograms showed a decrease in breast cancer deaths by 29 percent.”


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Only the fringe of society watches these shows, so I can’t say just how far reaching this lying turd bucket in a scarf’s words will resonate throughout the country. But it’s never a good thing when liars are not confronted over their deceptions, being given a platform to spew their propaganda.


Sharia advocate goes on the Daily Show to explain why Islamic oppression of women is, hey, really cool.

Robert Spencer

Dalia Mogahed, formerly Barack Obama’s adviser on Muslim affairs, appeared on Trevor Noah’s sinking-like-a-stone Daily Show last week, to explain to a worshipful Noah and an adoring audience that the hijab represented nothing more or less than the “privatization of women’s sexuality” – and who on earth but the most benighted lout could possibly be against that? The burning outrage of Mogahed’s words was probably missed by most Daily Show viewers. It should not be missed by FrontPage readers.

“The privatization of women’s sexuality.” A well-constructed and extraordinarily clever phrase, to be sure. With it, Mogahed suggests that the only people who could possibly object to women wearing hijabs are those who want to objectify women as sexual commodities. In this, we glimpse the subtle manipulation by which Islamic supremacists such as Mogahed have co-opted and silenced feminists whom one might otherwise have expected to have stood up against the Sharia oppression of women. How can one stand with the objectifiers, the pornographers, the users, the haters, against those who simply want to “privatize” their sexuality?

The audience loved this. Noah ate it up. But there are a few audiences before whom Mogahed’s extremely clever act might not play quite as well as it did before the Daily Show. Aqsa Parvez’s Muslim father choked her to death with her hijab after she refused to wear it. Aqsa might have a few choice words for Dalia Mogahed about “privatization” of her sexuality. And then there was Amina Muse Ali, who was a Christian woman in Somalia whom Muslims murdered because she wasn’t wearing a hijab. Forty women were murdered in Iraq in 2007for not wearing the hijab. They might wish that their sexuality had been a trifle less “privatized” – at least enough for them to be able to continue to breathe air.

More here.


Who would you rather believe, four separate personal accounts of a same-like conversation with this woman, or the she-devil herself?

On that same day, a State Department official in Tripoli, Libya, wrote to Washington to say that ‘it is becoming increasingly clear that the series of events in Benghazi was much more terrorist attack than a protest which escalated into violence.’

And while the inflammatory video had made waves outside of Libya, the writer added, ‘we want to distinguish, not conflate, the events in other countries with this well-planned attack by militant extremists.’ 

But Clinton, still secretary of state, told four different relatives of the fallen that the filmmaker would be held responsible, according to their public statements. Another week would pass before she publicly referred to Benghazi as a terrorist event.

Charles Woods, whose son Ty Woods was a Benghazi casualty, told The Weekly Standard in October that he had written down Clinton’s words, verbatim, in his notebook, as she spoke.

Reading from it, he recalled what Clinton had told him: ‘We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son.’

Who’s lying about Benghazi? ‘Not me!’ says Hillary Clinton as she insists she never told victims’ families the terror attack began as protest over an anti-Islam video

NOT LYING: Hillary Clinton suggested to a New Hampshire newspaper that family members of Benghazi terror attack victims aren't truthful when they say she told them an Internet video was responsible for their loved ones' deaths

NOT LYING: Hillary Clinton suggested to a New Hampshire newspaper that family members of Benghazi terror attack victims aren’t truthful when they say she told them an Internet video was responsible for their loved ones’ deaths

  • Clinton told a newspaper’s editors that she never told Benghazi victims’ families that an anti-Muslim YouTube video had sparked the deadly attacks 
  • Four of them have said otherwise – including the father of one of the fallen who wrote Clinton’s words verbatim in a notebook
  • ‘Somebody is lying,’ a columnist told her Wednesday. ‘Who is it?’
  • ‘Not me, that’s all I can tell you,’ Clinton replied, casting blame on the families and attributing any confusion to the ‘fog of war’

Hillary Clinton insists that if anyone is lying about the aftermath of the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks that left four Americans dead, it’s ‘not me.’

More than three years after the fires inside a U.S. diplomatic compound in the Libyan port city died down, the political heat is intensifying again – with Clinton facing tough questions along her road to the White House.

The Daily Sun, a newspaper in rural Conway, New Hampshire, hosted an editorial board meeting with Clinton on Wednesday. Columnist Tom McLaughlin recounted for her the claims of victims’ family members who said she had told them a crude Internet video that mocked the Islamic faith was responsible for inciting the attackers who killed their loved ones.

Clinton has denied making any such statement, despite the accounts of four people. One, the father of a slain CIA security contractor, took written notes of her words.

‘Somebody is lying,’ McLaughlin told her Wednesday. ‘Who is it?’

‘Not me, that’s all I can tell you,’ Clinton replied, casting blame on the families.

Read more:

Hillary marx beer cheer


So islam is not related to terrorism, but if you speak out against islam it will create terrorism. Got it.

“The more you speak about Islam and against all Muslims, the more terrorists we create”.


Who cares what a little upstart marxist has to say anyways? It’s one of the reasons why I never jumped on the ”Malala bandwagon”. That she’s running defense for Islam only underlines my common sense decision to consider her irrelevant on any given subject.

Malala Yousafzai urges people not to blame Muslims for terrorism as it ENCOURAGES ISIS

THE teenage Nobel prize-winner Malala Yousafzai has urged people not to blame all Muslims for terrorism as it just helps terrorists recruit more jihadis.


 recent comments to ban all MuslimsGETTY

The inspiring young superstar even criticised Donald Trump’s recent comments to ban all Muslims

The inspiring young superstar even criticised Donald Trump’s recent comments to ban all Muslim immigration from the US.

She said the controversial United States presidential hopeful “could radicalise more terrorists” as the 18-year-old Pakistani campaigner urged politicians to think carefully before speaking.

She said that the rise in Islamophobia seen since the Paris terror attacks and San Bernandino shooting in California would only make matters worse.The education activist added: “I can just highlight one thing.

“The more you speak about Islam and against all Muslims, the more terrorists we create.

“If your intention is to stop terrorism, do not try to blame the whole population of Muslims for it because it cannot stop terrorism.”

More here.



That was quick………

I’m of the opinion that we shouldn’t care what the Islamic State, or any other Islamo-tardic organization has to say about us in the West, they should never be used as an indicator of how we live or should behave.

That said, in the context of Hillary Clinton’s bloviations on Donald Trump being a “recruiter for Islamic State terrorists (which is right on par with the Left blaming Israel for world terrorism because it refuses Islam’s determination to destroy it), it’s entirely fair to highlight who the Islamic State itself highlights….her bulbous nosed, serial rapist of a husband.

Bill Clinton Stars As ‘Fornicator’ In Islamic State Propaganda Video

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton is disparagingly featured as a “fornicator” in an Islamic State propaganda recruitment film.

Clinton is under fire for comments she made in Saturday’s Democratic debate, in which she claimed that the Islamic State is using videos of Donald Trump talking about Muslims in their terrorist propaganda videos. That statement turned out to be false.

Instead, the group known as ISIS is recruiting people based on their hatred of Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs and the marriage rights of American homosexuals.

A recent Islamic State video “No Respite,” released in advance of the holiday season, calls for the creation of an Islamic caliphate. “Not a secular state built on man-made laws whose soldiers fight for the interests of legislators, liars, fornicators, corporations, and for the freedom of Sodomites,” the ad states, showing Bill Clinton as the “fornicator.”

More here.



Trying to make us buy into this crap is their life’s mission.

obama mosque

An Islam of Their Very Own . . . Cont’d


The day after the San Bernardino jihadist attack that left fourteen dead and even more wounded, my old boss, Rudy Giuliani, came out and said what most sane people are thinking. After hours of pained, halting, incoherent babbling by public officials from President Obama on down about whether the mass-killing by two heavily armed, obviously well-trained Muslims constituted a terrorist attack, Rudy exploded:

You can come to one clear conclusion with the information they have right now. This is an act of terror. The question was motivation. . . . The question here is not, is it an act of terror. We’re beyond that. When you got two assault weapons, two handguns, you’re in body armor, you got a home that’s booby-trapped. You’ve [ACM: meaning “they’ve”] been practicing to do this. . . . If you can’t come to a conclusion at this point that this was an act of terror, you should find something else to do for a living besides law enforcement. I mean, you’re a moron.

Hard to argue with that.

But look, if you actually speak with the police and federal agents conducting the investigation into the attack, you figure out pretty quickly that they are not morons. They are actually very good at what they do. So why is it that, upon seeing two-plus-two, they can’t call it four when Islam is involved?

I’ve been trying to explain this for many years, beginning in Willful Blindness, a memoir about prosecuting terrorists in the Clinton era, and in a stack of columns here at National Review, including one from a few years back that described how our government, under administrations of both parties and the bipartisan Beltway ruling class, has constructed “an Islam of their very own.”

Rudy is right that what they’ve done is moronic, but there is a logic to it. It goes like this.

The government denies that terrorism is caused by Islamic doctrine. This is a triumph of willful blindness and political correctness best illustrated by former British home secretary Jacqui Smith, who might as well have been speaking for our government when she branded terrorism as “anti-Islamic activity.” That is: the savagery is not merely unrelated to Islam but becomes, by dint of its being violence, contrary to Islam. This must be so because the British government, like our government, insists Islam is a “religion of peace.”

Read more at:


A real moonbat worth boycotting……


The Dark Side Of Code Pinker Ariel Gold


Moonbat: Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila: Don’t believe your lying eyes…….


YLE: Child brides……..

This Friday Finland’s print media goes into a variety of domestic issues, with tabloid headlines proclaiming the presence of “child brides” coming to the country accompanied by older asylum-seeker men. Ilta-Sanomat, for instance, reports that it isn’t just other European countries such as Holland that have seen underage girls migrating for asylum – the chief of the Espoo Group Home Mikko Välisalo says he recalls cases of child brides arriving in Finland, too.

The IS piece claims that there are a handful of cases a year and that each marital situation is dealt with case by case.

“The point is that underage children are treated as such. If the age difference between a man and his child wife is very great then the couple is separated and the girl is taken to an underage migrant centre,” Välisalo says.

The article’s headline seems misleading when compared with one of the piece’s paragraphs saying that the Finnish Immigration Service has noted only few individual child bride cases in many years, and that no data yet exists on whether the number of underage brides has risen due to the refugee crisis. Middle East expert Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila says in Ilta-Sanomat that child brides are very rare.

“There are cases in Saudi Arabia, but the majority of asylum-seekers coming to Finland are not from there,” he says in the article insert. “It’s hard to believe that there would be child brides in Iraq or Syria.”

More here.

NOTE: You can count on Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila to be half-wrong to completely wrong on just about any issue remotely related to Israel, the Middle East and Islam in general. It’s why he’s always sought after by the fake media at YLE and other back bench journalists at under performing news outlets in the country.



He’s being billed as Sweden’s version of Baghdad Bob

“I reject your reality and substitute it with my own”

baghdad bob Löfven

From one of my Swedish speaking colleagues, 

“The Swedish PM is basically, in the clip, fumbling for words a bit, he says “we have control over our borders” and then repeats the cliche “We are going to have ‘ordning och reda'”, which translates to when you have “everything in order” and have it all organised, all is known as …..yada yada

swede pm lying through his teeth on border control 8.10.2015

Video in Swedish available here.


Like I told them when I visited the center in Suolahti, “you really don’t know who these people are.”

This jackass makes it known that he DOESN’T want to return home…no clearer example of a Muslim settler.

novi the commie tard

Jukka Laitila asks in a Facebook post:

Isn’t this Nafaw Nabeel and the other is Novi Aljevari. Does this raise any questions? There’s another profile picture.


TT: This guy’s other facebook post says he’s from Basra, Iraq, a Shiite stronghold, far from the fighting. He also parrots the guidebook’s instructions of saying that you’ve been personally threatened, he’s an employable person and threats against him are permanent.

4. The applicant for asylum, or his or her family, shall be under imminent threat. Otherwise asylum will not be granted.

5. Do not mention in your story any weapons or the fact that you know how to use weapons. Show to be the victim, not the executioner.

6. Highlight in your story that you are under imminent threat.

7. Tell the interviewer, that you were in the country of origin, either employed or that you had your own business. If you were unemployed, do not mention this, because it negatively affects the outcome of the interview. Leave the interviewer the impression that you are an asylum seeker, not someone looking for work.

9. Assure that the threat you against is real and genuine. Highlight this as much as you can

12. The threat against you has to be continuous, not temporary. Temporary threat does not justify the invocation of a safe haven.

13. If possible, show written evidence of threats in the interview. If there isn’t such evidence, tell that you have been threatened in various communications and that you were not able to record the threats. You can say, for example, that you got threats by letter, but tore them up and then tossed them away.

Novi Aljevari (a.k.a. Nawaf Nabeel)

novi the shiite in suolahti

Here he is being interviewed in the Central Finland paper, Keskisuomalainen:

An asylum seeker in Suolahti: “They should have remained in Iraq”

Iraqi Nawaf Nabeel, 35 is one night at Suolahti’s Kivilahti camp center which is receiving asylum seekers.He wonders why the group of Iraqi men decided at ten o’clock in the morning to continue their journey elsewhere.

– Why do they then came to Finland, they should have remained in Iraq, Nabeel says.

He says he is satisfied with the current lodgings at the Kivilahti camp center.

– Here it is peaceful, good food and a room with two friends. I feel very safe.

Nabeel says he left Iraq Basra a month ago. He has traveled to, inter alia, through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Germany in every possible transport. A boat trip from Turkey to Greece paid according to him, $ 1300.

– The trip was very dangerous, Nabeel says.

Iraq, he left because of the war. Nabeel says it has received threatening letters from armed extremist organizations.

– I was very scared. They will kill me if I go back to Iraq.

In his home country, Nabeel worked at the South Oil Company administration. He has a wife and four year old daughter, who are currently in Basra with his wife’s parents. His wife works as an engineer Sout Oil Company and Nabeel is also very scared. So far, they stayed in Iraq, because the trip involved a lot of risks, and it would have cost a lot.

– I hope that my wife and daughter able to enter as soon as possible to Finland. I am very scared for them and think about them a lot. I am almost every day with my wife in connection with the internet.

Nabeel wanted to come to Finland because he thinks Finland is interested in refugees and helping them. He hopes that there could stay in Finland permanently with his family and would receive Finnish citizenship.

– I would like to work as a teacher. In Iraq, it was not possible, because there is no freedom of opinion. I could not decide for myself what kind of work I do, Nabeel says.

NOTE: What we are doing to ourselves will go down as the biggest treachery in the history of the West.

novi the commie tard II


Follow the link to EOZ’s blog post and see for yourself how A.I. are proven liars, and an untrustworthy source that every media org should avoid like the plague.

I had my own run in with Finland’s own branch of A.I, Frank ”Israel is a scum state” Johansson, who in spite of apologizing to the then Israeli ambassador to Finland, Avi Granot – due to a Tundra Tabloids’ report – still nonetheless proved himself to be a biased source against Israel during his initial defence of his blogpost.

FM: The Elder of Ziyon:

Proven liars at Amnesty say my research is not credible without pointing out a single error

An EoZ reader wrote to Amnesty International with a series of questions. An excerpt:

I can see that the information provided in the [Gaza] platform has been collected from Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and yourselves. Could you not at least have pretended to be in any way balanced by providing input from the most left-leaning Israeli groups such as B’tselem when putting this data together? If you really had wished to take an impartial look at these incidents, you could have also included data from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre who have looked through various war crimes allegations in Gaza last year and provided a different version of events to what Al Mezan and the PCHR have claimed. I must also refer you to the Elder of Ziyon blog which has consistently highlighted claims of war crimes on “innocent civilians” (many included in the platform) where it is known that terrorists were present at that location and time. Here are some of these documented cases:



Amnesty’s response did not address the research done by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre which exhaustively documented hundreds of terrorists, many of which Amnesty’s Gaza Platform called “civilian.” The UNHRC quoted the Meir Amit Center a number of times in their report but apparently it is too unreliable for Amnesty.

B’Tselem also noticed militants that Amnesty pretended didn’t exist. I documented one, Ahmad Sahmoud, here, Although the Gaza Platform did count him as a militant, Amnesty quoted family members as saying that there were no militants in the area without pointing out that they were lying – and Amnesty knew they were lying.

But there are other examples of B’Tselem being more honest than Amnesty:

  • Amnesty says Amjad Zaher Moussa Hamdan was a civilian. B’Tselem reported he was a militant. (GP event 1190)
  • Amnesty says that Mohammed Mahmoud al-Maqadma was a civilian. B’Tselem knew he was a militant. (GP event 2264.)
  • Amnesty said that Yazid al Batsh was a civilian. B’Tselem reported him as a militant. (GP event 1619.) Six other from that family were also terrorists, as I have shown.
  • Amnesty said Wissam ‘Abdul Raziq al-Ghannam was a civilian,. B’Tselem knew he was a militant. (GP event 1405.)
  • Amnesty says Ashraf Mahmoud Al Astal was a civilian. B’Tselem knows he was a terrorist. (GP event 2584.)
(There were a couple of others that B’Tselem identified that I couldn’t find immediately in Amnesty’s Gaza Platform.)

So the letter writer was right – Amnesty ignored even B’Tselem’s reports that shows some of their “civilians” were terrorists.

All of this information was published by B’Tselem over a year ago. Amnesty’s researchers did not deem it important enough to incorporate into their Gaza Platform.

Now, Amnesty’s dismissal of my research is interesting. In order for them to say I’m not credible, they must have read my research and pretended that my facts, all with supporting evidence in the form of links to source materials in militant websites or videos, are not true.

This proves that Amnesty is familiar with my articles and cannot argue with them. They cannot find any fault in my facts. So they try to discredit me without giving an iota of proof.

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Groups like Hope Not Hate are incredibly sinister and dangerous for quite a few reasons. So utterly convinced are they that their totalitarian vision of the world is what’s best for all of us, they do not do not question the morality of activities they undertake. Their sole consideration is how on much damage they can inflict on to those who disagree with them. Disagreeing with a leftist vision for the world is an unpardonable sin, as anti-Islamist, communist activist Maryam Namazie knows well.


When people become newly involved in political campaigning, particularly any kind involving Islam, they often do so with apprehension. Many are afraid of violence, or of being labelled a “racist” and therefore ostracised, and they invariably fear losing their jobs.

This fear is partly caused by deceitful, and particularly nasty attacks from people and groups on the extreme left. The left’s attacks on its opponents can be venomous. It’s important to note that I said attacks on its opponents there, because rarely do leftists trouble themselves with political discussion of issues actually raised, nor does it often concern itself about whether or not the ammunition it will use for its attack contain any truth.

So today I was left with the rather tedious job of picking apart a little bundle of lies produced by the hate-spreading, extreme-left organisation that so ironically calls itself “Hope Not Hate”.

The lies began early, as did Hope Not Hate’s directions as to what we are and are not allowed to say about Islam. The report is built on one acutely egregious lie – that I, and others, are using a Muhammad Cartoon Exhibition deliberately to whip up violence and incite “civil war”.

This is all based on a post by a member of a blog called “Knights Templar International”.

There’s an article about a meeting the author of the blog had with myself, Tommy Robinson and Alan Ayling. That meeting did take place – to talk about building a website (which I believe the writer does for a living). If there was any talk of ‘civil war’, then it will have been by way of conversation, not some cartoon-like plot. In any case, aren’t people allowed to speculate on the potential for discord, especially given the current state of “multiculturalism” in Britain?

Regardless of what people do or don’t believe about war in this country is irrelevant to the fact that we were there to talk about a website. There is no evidence whatsoever that I have ever called for, or endorsed any civil war (and if Hope Not Hate has some, I suggest they produce it). I have never done so in private or in public, because it is not what I believe in or want. It is to avoid violence that I am keen to include voices that are not being heard because they are not approved of by the left.

The Muhammad Cartoon Exhibit was organised by me, in partnership with Vive Charlie. It has nothing to do with Alan Ayling, or Tommy Robinson, and they have no involvement in it whatsoever.

The entire Hope Not Hate report is a self-declared “expose” of something that never happened. I was going to work with Tommy Robinson on my Sharia Watch website, because he represents a large voice that is ignored by the state; usually at the insistence of groups like Hope Not Hate. If we can agonise over what drives people to join ISIS, why can’t we talk to people about why they join the English Defence League (EDL)? Why don’t we discuss their concerns? (TT emboldened)

The desperation to smear me means that, as usual, the report is full of quotes from other people – but where are mine?

The ‘profile’ of me is particularly amusing – they can’t get even the smallest facts right.

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