Swedish Leftists are the biggest morons around……

SVT broadcasting directly from the demonstration against the expulsion of Afghan refugee children. 


On Saturday an organized movement # vistårinteut demonstrations in 15 locations across the country in protest against the unaccompanied refugee children deported to Afghanistan. We protest against this inhuman in that they violate our rights, says Arif from Afghanistan, one of the demonstrators at Sergel Square in Stockholm.

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No matter where they (the spreaders of Islamic hegemony, both Muslims and stooges/enablers alike) congregate, the Counter-Jihad (defenders of classical liberalism) are there to challenge their jackass ideology and agenda.

Gates of Vienna was there to help capture the event for all to hear. This is a blatant disregard for the views of the civil society, it’s tyranny, and they’re very open about their obscuring the facts about what they plan to do.

Arlington Refugee Resettlement: No Questions Answered, No Reporting Allowed

As we reported last week, a presentation on refugees was scheduled last night at the St. Ann Catholic Church in Arlington, Virginia. The event took place as planned. It was entitled “Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.: A National and Local Humanitarian Response”, and was jointly presented by officials of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement and Catholic Charities.

Last night’s event was more important than it might seem at first glance. After all, it was just a little PowerPoint slide show given to a few dozen people by a government official about the wonderful cultural enrichment that will be brought to America by “Syrian” “refugees”, and about how essential it is for Americans to help these poor suffering people. What’s so important about that?

I’ll explain.

The presentation was led by Anastasia Brown, the Director of the Division of Refugee Services in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement. Ms. Brown is also the former Director of Refugee Programs for Migration and Refugee Services of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Anastasia Brown at a conference in 2015

She was assisted by Patricia S. Maloof, the Program Director of Migration and Refugee Services of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington.

Patricia Maloof at a conference at Virginia International University, ‘Dissecting a Complex Conflict: ISIS, the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and the Humanitarian Response’, October 2015

The event was sponsored by Marie Powell, the former superintendent of schools in the Arlington, Virginia Diocese of the Catholic Church and the retired executive director of the Secretariat of Catholic Education for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

So what we saw at St. Ann Church last night was, in effect, a joint venture by the United States Government and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Catholic charitable organizations rake in hundreds of millions of dollars every year for their assistance in the Refugee Resettlement program, so the Church and the Diocese of Arlington are hardly disinterested parties.

Ms. Brown told the audience that she was not there in her official capacity as an employee of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). However, as you’ll see in the more detailed report below, her slide show was watermarked not with her own name, but with the official logo of a federal agency. So Anastasia Brown seems to be Schrödinger’s bureaucrat — both official and unofficial at the same time.

The fact that she was ostensibly speaking ex officio provided the justification for her refusal to answer questions on the record. In addition, the organizers were at pains to emphasize their request that there should be no record of the event at all. Sources who were present say there was an implied attempt to intimidate attendees into keeping the presentation off the record. Marie Powell told the audience that they were “not allowed to write or blog about the event.” The leaders explicitly said “no press coverage” several times. They forbade any taping of the event.

Well, it got taped, anyway. A 90-minute audiotape recorded via a handheld microphone is below.

Why should such events go unrecorded and unreported?

Why the secrecy? What happened to the most transparent administration in history?

And, if they want to keep it a secret, why are they talking about it at a parish church in Arlington? Are they perhaps recruiting well-meaning but unpaid volunteer drones to help them with the resettlement process?

This is important, because these refugees — most of them unvetted Muslims — are, in effect, being parachuted into communities in the dead of night. Localities are not being consulted. Local residents are largely unaware of what is happening. And religious “charities” working in close cooperation with the federal government (thank you, George W. Bush, for those “faith-based initiatives”) receive lucrative contracts for managing the logistics and doing the initial placement of the migrants.

This audio is raw, and has not yet been transcribed. I’m calling on the distributed intelligence of the Internet for help with a transcript. In particular, readers who were actually present at last night’s event should be able to tell us which parts to focus on. Only some of the tape is interesting and worth transcribing, so listen to it and see what sort of nuggets you can find amidst all the dross. Unfortunately, the quality of the audio leaves something to be desired.

And email me first (gatesofvienna [at] chromatism [dot] net), before you get started on any transcribing. Let me know the start time and finish time of the section you intend to transcribe, and I’ll tell you if anyone else has already started work on it. We want to avoid duplication of effort, if possible. Then, when you send in the completed transcript, include the start and finish times, so Vlad will know where to cut when we produce shorter excerpts based on the tape.

Here’s the raw audio that we want to crowdsource. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

A Gates of Vienna reader named Belinda attended the event at St. Ann Church, and kindly sent us this description of what happened:

The audience was told by Marie Powell, who sponsored/led the event, that they were “not allowed to write or blog about the event”. She didn’t say that the speakers were merely speaking off the record but that “no press coverage” was allowed. They also forbade any taping of the event.

The federal employee presenting, Anastasia Brown, read off a PowerPoint presentation labeled “Office of Refugee Resettlement”. Every slide had “Administration for Children and Families” at the bottom. You can see the logo in her PowerPoint here, in the bottom right of the page right above “Department of Health and Human Services”. Her name did not appear to be in the presentation at all — just her office.

Ms. Brown claimed that she was not speaking on behalf of the federal government, and that therefore she could not be quoted, as she had not received permission to speak to the public. However, when questioned, she repeatedly declined to comment, implying that in fact she was speaking on behalf of ORR, and ORR did not want to comment.

She refused to answer how much the program would cost. She refused to answer what percentage of screened refugees were rejected. When members of the audience asked questions the presenters didn’t like, they shut down the Q&A and told attendees the event had concluded.

Belinda also included these observations:

There was a public hearing given by a federal official, and the public was instructed that they’re not permitted to write about it or record it. This is why people don’t trust the federal government.

They refused to answer any pertinent questions.

  • They refused to talk about the cost of refugee resettlement.
  • They refused to talk about the disparity between Muslim refugees and those who are Christians.
  • They refused to say what percentage of those who had been screened were rejected.

This was presented as though they were consulting the public, but in actuality they were telling the public how it was going to happen, and the public just had to accept it. They were not interested in the public’s input, or what the public thinks.

It was tantamount to attempted intimidation when they implied that there would be consequences if people wrote about it — they explicitly said “no press coverage” several times before the event. They could have simply said, “This is Chatham House rules, and therefore not attributable to any speaker.” But they didn’t say that.

The person who said, “You’re not allowed to write or blog” about the event was the representative of the sponsor, Marie Powell. Ms. Powell also introduced everyone, including the federal official who was speaking to the public.

Additional Information

Anastasia Brown is listed here at ORR as Director, Division of Refugee Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement, Department of Health and Human Services. Before joining the administration, she was with Refugee Council USA (RCUSA). From 1999 to July 2015, she wasDirector of Resettlement Services for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In case you missed it earlier, this was the announcement in the St. Ann Church parish bulletin[pdf]:

Refugee Resettlement in the U.S. — With Anastasia Brown and Patricia Maloof

Do you have questions about the need and process for resettling refugees in the United States? St. Ann Adult Religious Enrichment Committee is hosting a presentation by two experts in the field. On Monday, October 17, 2016, a program focusing on Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.: A National and Local Humanitarian Response will be held in the St. Ann Parish Hall from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. We are very fortunate that such knowledgeable persons have accepted our invitation to speak at St. Ann. Anastasia Brown currently serves as Director of the Division of Refugee Services in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement. Prior to this position, she served for many years as the Director of Refugee Resettlement for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Patricia S. Maloof is the current Program Director of Migration and Refugee Services of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington and has previous experience at the national level with resettling refugees and other legal immigrants. We hope many of you will come and participate in this very timely program.



Open arms him into the SDP as full member, but he’s a full fledged Islamonazi as well.

islamonazis in syria with koran and fascist salute 30.9.2013

This is the other angle to the story reported just an hour ago here at the TT.

H/T: Kumitonttu: Erkki Tuomioja shaking hands with sunni-rebel who demands ethnic cleansing in Syria.

SDP: “Today, Finnish-Syrian Rami Adham joins our ranks, who has become famous for his role in humanitarian efforts in bringing aid to war torn Syria. Rami, the bearer of children’s toys, wants to continue in building a better world, also within the ranks of the SDP. Welcome Rami!”


NOTE: Erkki Tuomioja was an empty suit when he was at the Foreign Ministry as acting FM, and nothing has changed since that time. Still a doofus.

empty suit tuomioja


In a previous article about Syrian Sunni aid activist, Rami Adham, who holds classic Sunni held beliefs about Shiite Muslims, I mentioned leftist agit-prop meister, Sysky Räsänen, who is calling out the Finnish SDP party for enrolling into its ranks someone who has called for the genocide of Shiite muslims.

Well here he is, using an analogy of ‘what would they do if one of their members disparaged Jews in the same way?


Räsänen: “Think about it, what if a SDP member called Judaism a “sick cult” and supported the genocide/ethnic cleansing of Jews?”

Well, he just described the koran and many hadiths that support just that, and would call anyone a bigot/racist for pointing that out. No doubt sharia complaint Muslims in the ranks of the SDP believe firmly in the following texts which are immutable commands by allah:

Quran (2:191-193)“And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun(the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)”

Quran (9:29)“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”




All too little, all too late……

French presidential candidate Francois Hollande dust up

pardon our muslims

President Hollande has admitted ‘France has a problem with Islam’ and warned that the country’s national symbol will one day be a woman in a burka

  • Hollande said France ‘has a problem with Islam’ in a private conversation
  • Said ethnic minority footballers are ‘guys from the estates without values’
  • Conversation contained in book called ‘A President Should Not Say That…’

French president Francois Hollande has admitted the country ‘has a problem with Islam’ and warned France’s national symbol will one day by a woman in a burka.

Hollande also branded ethnic minority football stars as ‘guys from the estates, without references, without values, who leave France too early’, it emerged today.

The words were all part of a more general attack on people from Muslim backgrounds whom the Socialist Mr Hollande views as a major difficulty for his country.

French president Francois Hollande has admitted the country 'has a problem with Islam' and warned France's national symbol will one day by a woman in a burka

French president Francois Hollande has admitted the country ‘has a problem with Islam’ and warned France’s national symbol will one day by a woman in a burka

He claims France ‘has a problem with Islam’ and warns that the national symbol of his country could one day be a woman in a veil.

In explosive revelations made by investigative journalists, the Socialist Mr Hollande emerges as every bit as right wing as his hated opponents from the National Front and Republican parties.

Read more: 


The buffoonery and hubris here is stunning, even for leftists.

Diane Abbott spoke out against ban on al-Qaeda months before 9/11

LABOUR’S Diane Abbott opposed a ban on the heinous al-Qaeda months before the 9/11 terror attacks, it has emerged.


Diane AbbottGETTY

Diane Abbott has spoken about why she opposed a ban against Al-Qaeda

The Shadow Home Secretary, a close ally to Jeremy Corbyn, said in March 2001 that historically many of the groups had been “described as terrorists but survived to take tea with the Queen”.

And months after the July 7 terror attacks in London in 2005, Ms Abbott voted against legislation to make it an offence to glorify the commission or preparation of acts of terrorism.

Defending her decisions this weekend, she told The Times: “I have consistently voted against laws that provide too broad a definition of terrorism or that fail to provide due process.

“I believe that we best protect our security with a strong sense of our liberties. In 2005, ‘glorification’ was a particularly vague and dangerous speech offence threatening journalistic freedom and other peaceful dissent against oppressive regimes around the world.”

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Nasty people attract other nasty people……


Paleface appeared in the video with man jailed on suspicion of murder – the popular rapper was shocked

Paleface points out that Finland is the rule of law.  The judicial task is to investigate and judge the possible offender.Paleface points out that Finland is the rule of law. The judicial task is to investigate and judge the possible offender. (PHOTO: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva )


According to Paleface, there are unlikely to be changes to the We must refuse to fear music video, although one assistant is suspected of stabbing someone.
– Really terrible, unfortunate and a sad case. I unequivocally condemn all forms of violence. In Finland, there are just too many acts of violence, the rapper Paleface says to the Ilta-Sanomat, referring to the man who appears in his music video.

The man of foreign origin appeared in the video, is suspected of killing an 86-year-old man in Puotila Helsinki at the end of July. The suspect has been arrested for probable cause.

Paleface released in the summer a music video called we refuse to fear. Its purpose is to dispel the fears and suspicion towards foreigners.

Paleface says that he doesn’t know the man in any more detail.

– The guy ended up in a video in a way that he is a familiar face in my gig events. He was an aspiring rapper and a fan. My gigs circled the word that describe this video. He ended up in the group setting.

Paleface reminds that the video has about a hundred other people.

Disclosure of violent crime is not expected to affect Paleface, the video distribution and content. The video can hardly be described as new, if the Court finds man guilty.

– After all, he flashes out there in the crowd, with a lot of familiar faces and many other songs to sing.

Paleface points out that in Finland is the rule of law. The judicial task is to investigate and judge the possible offender.


Moronic. During the debate, gas bag @TuomasEnbuske on Finnish TV says gay politician’s call on Facebook for fascistic ideology (islam) to be kicked out….”fascistic”.

Video: Enbuske grills Sebastian Tynkkynen of the Finns party for questionable stunt


Chairman of the Finns party youth league, Sebastian Tynkkynen, had to endure an evening of grilling by Tuomas Enbusken on the Enbuske, Veitolan & Salminen program. The situation developed into a heated debate.

According to Enbuske, Tynkkynen decided to make a game of the Peli Poikki (End It) demonstration (in Helsinki last week), because he showed up dressed as Batman. Anti-racism demonstrations wanted to break the silence, which allows the operation of racism and the extreme right.

In the background there is a case at Station Square, where an under thirties man died due to the actions of the extreme right. There were about 15 000 people, among them the members of the Finns party youth league who were dressed as a set of super heroes.

Here’s the story here in Finnish.

Here’s a pic I took of both of them in the same row as myself earlier this year at a YLE free speech event in Helsinki.


Finnish TV personality, Tuomas Enbuske, is a self serving blowhard, and an aggrandizing opportunist. He talks a big game about ”liberalism” (classical sense) but he’s a throw in coward when the rubber hits the road. Where Islam is concerned, he’s proven to be yet another ignoramus ”talking head” on issues he knows little about.


Very, very transparent……..

‘He is doing this to take citizenship’: Facebook friends of Syrian refugee who is marrying female British aid worker he met in Calais Jungle claim ‘he always dreamed of flying to Britain’

Facebook friends of Syrian refugee marrying British aid worker say 'he dreamed of flying

Their Calais Jungle romance has captured the public imagination – one a Syrian refugee and the other a British aid worker 17 years his senior.

But now Facebook friends of the 24-year-old Romeo in this love story, Hamoude Kahlil, right, have raised suspicions that his intentions towards Sarah Gayton, left with Kahlil, may be less than straightforward.

A Facebook friend who has known Kahlil since they studied together in Syria told MailOnline that he loved Sarah but added: ‘I understand he is doing this to take citizenship.’ Another former classmate and friend who is now living in Germany, said: ‘I don’t think it’s love.’

More here.


They’re lunatics.

The very same has happened here in Finland, as leftist aid workers wanting to show their caring and altruistic credentials become human beds for Muslim settlers. They should drop the pretext of being ”aid workers” and come out as sex workers (for free).

The British women ‘going to the jungle for sex with migrants’ – whistleblower claims some aid workers have ‘multiple partners in a day’

Aid workers volunteering at the Jungle camp in Calais, pictured, have been accused of sexually exploiting refugees living in the squalid conditions according to a whistleblower 

Aid workers volunteering at the Jungle camp in Calais, pictured, have been accused of sexually exploiting refugees living in the squalid conditions according to a whistleblower

  • Calais volunteers have been accused of having sex with camp migrants 
  • Whistleblowers claim some are having several sexual partners in one day
  • It is alleged some volunteers are suing the camp as ‘a free for all festival’ 
  • Some aid workers said the allegations should have been kept private  

Calais aid workers volunteering in the Jungle have been accused of having sex with migrants, some of whom are believed to be underage, according to a whistle blower.

The revelations have caused a furious row on Facebook, with some volunteers claiming the allegations should have remained secret and criticised the whistle blower for expressing his concerns.

According to the whistle blower, some volunteers avail of the service of the Jungle camp prostitutes, while others have multiple partners in one day.

Read more:


Yet another example of cultural marxism influences holding sway in Western society.

These are brainwashed youth, the problem also (mostly) lies with those in positions of power/authority and who hold classical liberal values, who over the many decades have not made the case to the next generation. These are the fruits of that failure, the illiberal Left has run amok, sowing countless generations of youths with nonsense and our societies are reeling from it.

The children of privilege who loathe the system that gave them every advantage: The truth about the (white) Black Lives Matter protesters who closed London City airport… and why you’ll want to protest against THEM

Black Lives Matter protesters who closed London City airport profiled

GUY ADAMS investigates the nine Black Lives Matters protesters who blocked London City Airport recently. He discovers they are all the product of wealthy white families. They include Natalie Geraldine Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes (bottom left), a well-connected cousin of actors Ralph and Joseph Fiennes.

District judge Elizabeth Roscoe handed out conditional discharges and a £95 fine each for aggravated trespass. But it will doubtless be only a matter of time before these surprisingly privileged young men and women try to once more cause untold misery for airport passengers.

More here.


The dumbing down and islamizing of America for the naked eye to see.


ILSP/SHARIAsource Open House

Come learn from ILSP/SHARIAsource, a new initiative at Harvard Law School’s Islamic Legal Studies Program, which offers content and context on Islamic law. ILSP/SHARIAsource will feature a portal built in partnership with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. Meet the faculty and staff involved in the project as well as other interested students and fellows. Brief remarks at 4:15p. Light refreshments will be served.

Wed, Sep 21 | 4.00-6.00p | Austin 102

Paul Beran  Executive Director, SHARIAsource

Islamic Legal Studies Program, Harvard Law School


NOTE: Paul Beran’s wife is Palestinian Christian, Hilary Rantisi, who works at the Kennedy School. She used to work for (anti-Israel) Sabeel in Jerusalem.


A total useless article……

It would actually mean something if it was describing pay differences between men and women working IN THE SAME POSITIONS, but it’s describing differences of pay in general. Idiots.

Of course there’s differences in pay, when men and women are allowed to pursue work according to their own preferences, men gravitate to work (in the aggregate) that generates more income compared to that of women. Totally useless article, and a thick-as-a-brick news organization,

Report: Huge gender pay gap among migrants

A new report shows that employment among immigrants has improved in recent years—but that female migrants are still paid a lot less than men with a foreign background.

Maahanmuuttajien kotoustuskoulusta.

Integration classes are often held for migrants when they arrive in Finland. Image: Yle

Employment among immigrants has improved since the 1990s, according to a new report from Pellervo Economic Research.

Researchers followed people some 58,000 foreign citizens who moved to Finland in 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2005 and 2006. They tracked their progress in working life either until 2013 or until the individual left Finland.

They found that those who moved to Finland in the mid-90s had accumulated an average of just one year’s employment during their first four years in the country. Those who came a decade later had more than double that amount of working time in their first four years.

More here.

NOTE: Upon moving to Finland 29 yrs ago, within a year I was earning more than my Finnish wife due to our choice in professions.