Typical BBC bullcrap

BBC Attacks Atheist Ex-Muslims As ‘Islamophobic’, Defends Islamists.

The hashtag #ExMuslimBecause began trending worldwide on Twitter last week. Many of those brave enough to speak out about Islamic apostasy taboos via the hashtag risked threats, intimidation and even violence. Yet the BBC chose to defend Islamists and attack the hashtag as “hateful”, “Islamophobic” and “bad timing” due to the Paris attacks. 

There are no less than thirteen Muslim majority nations on earth where apostasy and atheism are punishable by death. And in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and Mohammed, atheists are classed are terrorists.

Those lucky to escape with their lives face lashings, imprisonment and exclusion from the job market. Even ex-Muslims in the West face being disowned from their families, ostracised from their communities and even murdered by their own families in “honour killings.”

“Tell us why you gave up being Muslim. Go to #ExMuslimBecause. It’s an encouraging, uplifting hashtag to read. Maybe there’s hope”, tweeted biologist and famous atheist Richard Dawkins.

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A brief impulse of sanity met with Leftist rage…….

Swedish Leftists engage in cognitive dissonance on a daily basis, so much so, that they can never be counted on to differentiate between signs of actual misogynist oppression and liberating inclusion. They trumpet the outward symbol of the sharia (islamic headscarf) while condemning those of us (even ex-muslims) who point to it being symbolic of draconian, liberty quashing totalitarianism. They are completely off the rail.

Hijab mural painted over with hair at Swedish mall

Hijab mural painted over with hair at Swedish mall

The centre’s management insisted that hair (right) was painted over the hijab (left). Photo: Pia Jönsson/Facebook
Published: 28 Nov 2015 22:17 GMT+01:00

A shopping centre in Sweden forced a youth group it had commissioned to paint a mural to cover up a hijab they had put on a woman by concealing it under a new hair style.

“It’s so horrible you almost can’t believe it’s true,” complained Pia Jönsson, whose husband Magnus Heberlein works for a local anti-racism group, in a post on Facebook.

“What kind of message are you sending to customers? How can you play into the hands of racists in such a disgusting way.”

According to Jönsson, the management at Burlövs center, just outside Malmö had commissioned UNITY Burlov, and Ungdomsgruppen Burlov, two local youth groups, to paint the murals, which were intended to express the diversity of he local area.

But when the hijab started to appear, the group painting the mural were called in to a meeting and informed that the hijab was not acceptable, as the shopping centre was secular and did not want to display religious symbols.

“The young people are angry and sad. They have grown up in this municipality, and are proud of its diversity and want to show it off as something beautiful. But they have been trampled on.”

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Read the the leftist story and you’ll get the gist of the headline I chose…….

If your chosen ideology is giving you heartache because of overwhelming rejection by the host society due to its totalitarian nature, head for the nearest campus “safe space” with all the rest of the illiberal crybabies.

Islamophobia is giving Muslims mental disorders, studies suggest

Published: November 18, 2015
'Discriminatory behaviour towards Muslims is the largest contributing factor to their deteriorating mental health' PHOTO: THE ODYSSEY ONLINE

‘Discriminatory behaviour towards Muslims is the largest contributing factor to their deteriorating mental health’ PHOTO: THE ODYSSEY ONLINE

Muslims around the world have to deal with a spate of hate comments everytime there’s a terrorist attack by self-proclaimed guardians of Islam. Researchers say the negative reaction following such attacks is taking a toll on the mental and physical health of Muslim-Americans.

Hardly surprising.

A report published in ThinkProgress quotes a 2012 study by a group of Norwegian psychology professors: ”Studies have shown that many Muslims not only experience religious discrimination in their daily lives, but are fully aware of their devalued position in society.”

American Muslims fear a new wave of Islamophobia

The report also states that the discriminatory behaviour Muslims have to deal with on a daily basis is the largest contributing factor to the deteriorating mental health of Muslims living in the US.

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Islamophobia gif


This marxist lunatic is a disaster, as all marxist/socialists/statists in general tend to be.

Were the Allied powers during WWII worried about diversity in face of the Axis Power’s onslaught of Europe and the rest of the world, so much so, that they imported hundreds of thousands of their refugee numbers into the West as a moral imperative while fighting these totalitarians?

Here’s this marxist with stinky Arafat…….

Mogherini: Fear of diversity can destroy Europe

Remarks by High Representative/ Vice- President Federica Mogherini at the press conference following the Foreign Affairs Council


I have shared with the Ministers one fear that I have: it is that European societies might think that it is diversity that weakens us or threatens us. Well, actually it is the fear of diversity that can destroy our societies from within. And this is another threat we are facing, together with the very concrete one that we have seen in the streets of Paris last Friday night. So, it is a cultural, a political response that we also need. The one of keeping the nature of open societies that make Europe what it is.

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A real moonbat worth boycotting……


The Dark Side Of Code Pinker Ariel Gold


A never ending cycle of stupidity.

collapsing EU

The very people that Africa needs to build their nations, are the very one Europe says can stay, which Africa always in desperate need of professionals and business people will result in less wealth creation and more economic and social dislocation.

As a Swedish friend of mine just stated to me a moment ago: “Sheer idiocy. That argument doesn’t hold and they know it. A handful of genuine professionals among 100,000 migrants is no justification.”

Migration crisis: EU gambles on sweeteners for Africa

European Union offer of cash and visa deals to African countries who take back illegal migrants is described as “madness” as David Cameron prepares for Malta summit

Thousands of migrants marched across the border between Croatia into Slovenia as authorities intensify their efforts to attempt to cope with Europe's largest migration of people since World War II

Thousands of migrants marched across the border between Croatia into Slovenia Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

European ministers have devised a dramatic plan to solve the migration crisis, offering a series of sweeteners in exchange for sending illegal migrants back to Africa.

They will provide cash and visa deals to persuade African countries to take back some of the 800,000 people who have flooded across the Mediterranean into Europe this year.

But in return, the proposed deal will give thousands of African students, doctors and entrepreneurs an open door to move into the European Union.

Officials are preparing to justify the highly controversial arrangement by saying only professionals who will contribute to society will be allowed into the EU.

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The New Vikings…….raping and pillaging the womenfolk of the former Nordic raiders.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

The headmaster explained groping away: “Boys will be boys” – when Ali raped  his classmate on the playground

Published November 6, 2015 at 18:59

EXAMINATION. The school management refused to intervene when an African student molested girls in middle school with sexual advances. In the end the student raped a Swedish girl in a schoolyard bush, but despite the protests of the parents, the school management has decided that he will remain at the school.

– We get spit in the face because we are Swedes, says a parent to the Free Times.

It was a Saturday in October as the two girls visited a middle school in Alvesta. During the evening, they were accosted by two African students attending the same school.

The father of one of the most vulnerable girls had already last spring found out that one of the Africans involved  had attacked his daughter with sexual advances and groping. Since then, the father brought a desperate struggle to get the school administration to do something about the situation at the school with a very high number of immigrant students.

– We had a meeting with the teacher and the assistant principal. The boys were not there, nor their parents, they can not speak Swedish. I told the headmaster that I wanted the police report it here but then she said that I need not to, that they would take care of it, he said today at Free Times.

– She said that “children are children and boys are boys, they are driven by their curiosity, and there is a lot happening in the body,” he continues.

School officials, however, chose not to do anything to increase security for the girls. Instead talking about the harassment, the deputy headmaster however gave a long explanation in which she stressed “human equality” and suggested, that the claims of the father, that he and the other parents’ concerns were due to prejudice and racial stereotypes.

– You shouldn’t divide them into us and them, there’s no such thing. We must keep this on an individual level, said the deputy head teacher during a meeting and then chose to let the two Africans go on as usual at the school.

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NOTE: From a Swede who just emailed me the following observation:

Sweden is crumbling. Fast. Only the MSM and state politicians don’t realise it. SD are all set to gain a massive victory in the next elections – and yet everyone will be scratching their heads and wondering why. Meantime, they are all spending immense resources working out how to ban SD – rather than deal with the issues that SD addresses.

Absurd beyond belief. Now education, geriatric care, job creation, housing for Swedes waiting in the housing queue for 10 years – all this is suffering immense cutbacks, all so every last krona can go straight to Muslims who pass through several EU countries but thumb their noses at them in order to get to Nirvana – Sweden – where they just “know” they can get everything. Which they can.

Care for the disabled is the latest to feel the financial crunch – Swedes requiring intensive home assistance are now going to see their assistance slashed to fund Muslims who arrived just yesterday morning.
Sick beyond belief.

The big debate now in Sweden is the way the government has completely slashed its overseas aid budget for aiding deserving people overseas, instead using the money to fund those people rich enough, young enough and strong enough to make it to Sweden.

It is a distortion of the most fundamental concept of what aid is all about – turning it on its head by deliberately ignoring the plight of people in genuine distress and instead rewarding people who travel through multiple EU countries (and who have the financial resources to do so) just so they can get to the one country that will give them everything for free – having taken away funding from its own citizens to finance this travesty.

Sweden, the socialist petri dish for every cockeyed idea.


Demented, sanctimonious and very dangerous punk.

This is the product of relentless indoctrination by Swedish leftists for decades on end. Interestingly enough, he advocates violence, the same kind of violence as do the Islamic State, and yet he dare criticize the Sweden Democrats.


Sweden should be “filled” with Islamist terrorists so that anti-mass immigration, rural, working class Swedes are forced into exile, the opinion editor of a left-wing news site has said.

Teodor Stig-Matz wrote on Nyheter24 that he would “honestly fill the land with IS soldiers” if it meant the sort of people who vote for the Sweden Democrats (SD) disappeared.

He wrote his column as an open letter to Kent Ekeroth, a senior SD MP who has previously said that mass immigration is “Islamising” Sweden.

The firebrand politician told Breitbart London in an interview in September: “Hand grenades, rapes, violence, it all comes with immigration, to put it simply. It isn’t immigration from Norwegians or British people – it is from Middle Eastern and African Muslims.”

Now Mr Stig-Matz has written in response: “I think that we are not so different, you and I, Kent. The attitude you and your party have towards immigrants resembles the way I look at your party and voters.”

He goes on to list a number of items from Swedish working class culture that he despises, adding that the sorts of people who vote for the Sweden Democrats “talk with disgusting dialects”.

More here. H/T: Kumitonttu


You’re a complete moron Eke, a real loathsome empty suit.

empty suit tuomioja

That’s like denying Jews were particularly singled out during WWII in the Holocaust, because more Christians were being killed than any other religious group.

Also, he deems islamonazis murdering Israelis as ”innocent Muslims”, including them in the number of Muslims killed in conflicts, placing Israel in the same category as Islamic State, al-Qaida and Assad’s regime. What a jackass.

yellow teeth erkki

Tuomioja: “Most Christians are killing other Christians – Muslims are the most endangered in conflicts”

MP Erkki Tuomioja (Soc.) Wonders why some MPs seek to paint Christians as a particular group at risk in the world’s conflicts. For example, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Timo Soini (ps.) has written that Christians are the world’s largest persecuted group.

– The fact is that most Christians are killing other Christians, just like most Muslims are kill other Muslims or Hindus killing others are Hindus. In conflict situations, the most endangered are Muslims, that Muslims are killing not only others, including by Jews in Palestine, by Hindus in India and by Buddhists in Myanmar.

Tuomioja writes on Facebook, that every life is just as much in need of protection, and that is a legitimate matter regardless of denomination or as an atheist.

– All religions past and present have been associated with terrorism, without neglecting the fact that the atheists have , nor is it anyone’s installations are never acceptable.

More here in Finnish @ H/T: Kumitonttu



The brazen stupidity of economic illiterates……….

Just like the socialist Sanders


YLE is nothing more than a megaphone for the failed policies of the political status quo elite. It’s disgusting, and it’s all done all the time, and on our dime.

Asylum seekers have brought jobs and money – the salvation of unemployed people in Finland City?

municipalities suffering from Unemployment and empty homes  are receiving economic benefits with asylum seekers. In addition to new jobs, new entrants would also provide a boost to local shops.

Reception Center, a refugee

Photo: Karoliina Haapakoski / Yle

Asylum seekers bring economic benefits, for example, to societies that are wrestling with unemployment . This has been observed, for example, in Kotka.

– I think we have in this situation a moral obligation to take care of our share, but also asylum seekers have a positive economic impact, says service director Jorma Haapanen.

The City Service Director calculates that Kotka has created over 50 new jobs, among other things, in new reception centers.

[TT: This is all a ruse. The “economic benefits” they are describing is just the shifting of the Finnish taxpayers’ money from one program to another, as well as going deeper into debt that future generations will have to pay back.

Fake jobs to handle a situation that wouldn’t have to be handled if feckless politicians weren’t so…feckless, does absolutely NOTHING in growing the economy. You might as well pay two men to dig a useless hole with the other filling it back up again.

Each euro taken from the taxpayer (or borrowed in the ever expanding debt scheme) is money taken from the private sector in wealth creation. Basic economics 101 should be easy to explain and to understand, but these numbskulls are immune.]

Yet in September Kotka, Finland was one of the cities with the highest unemployment rate, 19.4. Also, the city’s economy has been in a bad shape for a long time.

New employment figures come next week.

A jack pot for shops

The state pays the cost of the reception centers, but municipalities receive a small administrative fee. In Kotka, this amount is approximately EUR 200 000 next year.

Asylum seekers are receiving money. Haapanen calculates that in Kotka use of these funds, for example, the local shops or services represents a a jack pot of about two million euros.

The municipality receives money from the state for children’s basic education. The amounts are calculated twice a year. Currently, Kotka has about 15 schoolchildren, who have come after the calculation date. However, the cost of a few tens of thousand euros will come back to the municipality the following calculation day.

[TT: Again, lifting money from one pocket and placing it into another’s does NOTHING to grow an economy, it’s a short lived spurt with nothing else to replenish accept for more artificially infused cash which adds to the physical debt. Money does not grow on trees.

These people are chopping off their noses in spite of their faces. After a short period (2-3 yrs, these same municipalities will be strapped hard for cash, as the reality of unassimilable muslims still on the dole will not be employed, and they have to start funding their upkeep.

Such it is within the boondoggle of the socialist welfare state.]

Creating Rented apartments 

Asylum seekers are also housed in rented housing. For example, the rental of the apartment complex owned by the City of Kouvola, the leader knows the power of the euro.

Each square, which can be rented, for example, to reduce the upward pressure on the other rentals.

– Auvo Viiru

– Kouvola suffers from negative migration, and there are enough empty homes. Each square, which can be rented, for example, to reduce the pressure on other rentals, says Kouvola Housing Ltd’s Managing Director Auvo Viiru.

Kouvola asylum seekers are settled in the rentals of apartment complex that were slated for dismantling, but were liveable apartment buildings. Also, the city’s vocational college in Keltakankaan was an empty real estate, has received new life and urban rental income.

Also Kotka suffers from negative migration, and Kotka City tenement company has had a challenge in finding inhabitants, especially for big family apartments. In Service Director Jorma Haapanen’s opinion, the rented housing for asylum seekers have given the city a few hundred thousand euros now in rent.

[The money it’s receiving (for now) is from the Finnish taxpayer, not from the needles of pine and spruce trees. Soon enough, when the reality bites that these same people are living in rent free housing, and are still not at work, with the municipalities paying their rent themselves, with their words now ring hollow then.

Remember, the reason for the lack of Finns not renting their apartments, is due to the lack of job opportunities that the socialist welfare state is quashing to smithereens. That situation has not turned around and nor will it any time soon.]

The reception center also purchase services

Kotka is currently looking for additional space for asylum seekers. According to Kotka’s Service Director Jorma Haapanen at the end of this year,Kotka is likely to have more than 600 asylum-seekers.

The Finnish Immigration Service calculates that a variety of reception service units such as reception centers or emergency accommodation centers in Finland at the moment to be around a hundred places.

– The reception center will employ, for example, in addition to their own staff, transportation, and food services. The center also often stimulates the economy, because a lot of everyday purchases are made there, says Finnish Immigration Service spokesman, Verna Leinonen.

Increase in the number of asylum-seekers also requires more and more asylum applications processors. The Finnish Immigration Service estimates that at the beginning of next year, a total of 500 handlers have been recruited.

[TT: The hammer will strike the anvil soon enough. There is no such thing as free money, at least in the private sector. There is no actual wealth being created here, this is nothing but the shifting of money around, and these asshats just can’t figure that out, that’s why “stimulus” money giveaways are always short lived experiments.

Yes more money is now in the hands of people, but it was artificially taken away from them in larger sums, and artificially implanted in communities that are not going to benefit from new job creation (that creates new wealth). This will all come crashing down on their heads, as it must.]

NOTE: A TT translated article


Yeah, that’s what the Scots over the centuries were fighting England for…….


islam scotland


New migrants to Scotland are set to outstrip the number of babies born within the country by nine to one over the next ten years, according to new figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Overall, the UK’s population is expected to grow by nearly 10 million over the next 25 years, with the majority of new arrivals settling in England. However, the estimates are based on figures recorded before the migrant crisis, and are therefore likely to be a gross underestimate.

For the UK as a whole, the ONS has estimated that the population will grow by 9.7 million over the next 25 years, from an estimated 64.6 million in mid-2014 to 74.3 million in mid-2039. 51 percent of the assumed increase comes from net migration, whereas the rest is expected to come from births within the country.

“Because immigration is concentrated at young adult ages, the assumed level of future net migration has a more immediate effect on the projected number of women of childbearing age and hence the projected number of births,” the ONS said.

Focussing in on Scotland, the ONS has suggest that around 14,000 people will arrive in Scotland per year for the next decade, two thirds of whom will come from outside the UK. That equates to nine new arrivals to the country for every baby born in Scotland.

The figure actually falls below the Scottish government’s target of attracting 25,000 newcomers each year, and represents a downgrade on previous population projections, Herald Scotland has reported.

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It’s why they’re called Dummycrats……..

bernie and sharia


Once again, the party of treason is leading the fight not against those who are waging a holy war to destroy us, but against those who oppose jihad terror.

The Hill reported that “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 16% (I-Vt.) on Wednesday invoked his ancestors’ deaths in Holocaust concentration camps as he embraced a Muslim student and promised to lead the fight against racism.” His ancestors’ deaths in Holocaust concentration camps he is likening to the fictional construct of “Islamophobia”? What craven pandering.

“Let me be very personal if I might. I’m Jewish, my father’s family died in concentration camps,” Sanders said. “I will do everything that I can to rid this country of the ugly stain of racism that has existed for far too many years.”

It’s ironic that Sanders would invoke the Holocaust in saying that he would fight against “Islamophobia,” since during World War II, the Islamic world aligned with Hitler. Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and effectively the leader of the Muslim world, raised Muslim armies for Hitler, waged war on behalf of the Nazis in Iraq, and conducted pogroms against the Palestinian Jews in the British Mandate of Palestine.

It also bears mentioning that the Muslim world never apologized for its role in the Holocaust. Instead, it continued to pursue Hitler’s objectives, and Mein Kampf has for years been a perpetual bestseller in Egypt, Turkey and elsewhere among Muslims.

“Sanders,” according to The Hill, “chronicled racism and discrimination’s historical roots in American culture, arguing that groups have always tried to play one group off against each other.”

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How about the bad image that Muslim settlers on the hijra jihad in and around Europe have created all by themselves?

tard battalion

In Finland, the term used to describe people at the forefront of the open borders movement who fling themselves (and by default  the rest of society) into the asylum seeker tar-baby, are called “suvaki” (suvaitsevaisuus/tolerance), Finnish slang for those who sanctimoniously beat their chests in showing their “tolerance”.

In a civil society toleration is a good thing, but when done by radicals as a knee-jerk response to anything and everything that they (the Left) wants to shove at society, then it becomes a detrimental ideology and a de facto threat to the civil society. Here is a case in point.

NOTE: Normally I would take time to debunk this nonsense, but it’s so plain to all, and I trust my readers to read between the lines, and laugh out loud.

We tolerate! – Suvakit regret the unilateral obtained asylum seekers images

The refugee crisis causes unfortunate row between Suvakkis and opponents. Opponents told their thoughts in the last paper, now it’s the Suvakis turn.

 Pekka Häyhä and Leena Nicolaou are professing tolerant people.

I’ve always advocated multiculturalism as a resource. Now is a situation where people are in particular need of assistance, because they are in distress, says Häyhä.

Häyhä has done relief work in Helsinki, Africa and in neighboring countries. He does not admit to being an extremist suvaki. Nicolaou admits with a laugh that had not even heard of before the whole suvakki designation. Flower Hatted Aunties or Daisy Maids are words, which are also used to describe Suvakis.

BOTH recognize Finland’s tight financial situation. The Finns are concerned about the wellbeing of the elderly, the unemployed and education. Why shouldn’t these problems be dealt with first?

– Finland’s problems have been known for a long time, Nicolaou exclaims and adds:

– Why didn’t they take care of them prior to this refugee crisis? Our problems shouldn’t be the refugees’ fault.

Häyhä agrees. He believes that Finns need to help refugees in the best way that they can, at the same time taking care of the vulnerable in society. The man is particularly concerned about youth unemployment, which affects both immigrants and the host society as well.

– We must invest in the training of young immigrants, which would benefit the entire society.

Nicolaou who for over twenty years has done relief work  is convinced of the refugees readiness.

– Doing nothing will be costly. By working they are useful to themselves and to society.

Both say that the refugee crisis has come as a surprise to Finns. Finland did not have any time to prepare for the arrival of refugees, because society is wrestling with internal problems. Both stress that information and assistance should be initiated as early as possible.

– Only now are they looking for a route in solving the refugee crisis, says Nicolaou.

-Yes, aid workers and those needing assistance have been confused by the situation, says Nicolaou who helped the Kivilahti asylum seekers.

Häyhä believes that refugees should be informed about the Finnish society, customs and laws as early as possible. Here’s how to avoid conflicts, to which many people refer to in the refugee debate.

– Foreigners can be foreigners, while Finnish culture is nurtured. We need to respect each other’s cultures.

PART OF FINNS are afraid for their safety, once a a reception center is set up in a small community, and foreigners can be seen more on the town’s streets. They fear that the influx of refugees bring with them crime and other unpleasant side effects. Häyhä says that he understands people’s concerns, the asylum seeker men come from cultures where women dress and movement is limited. Nicolaou believes that worry is unnecessary:

– My three sons have grown up in Greek culture with immense respect for a woman.The mother is not dared to be talked back to. A woman is not touched without her permission.

Foreigners have not harassed them either, even though both have spent long periods abroad, and have done volunteer work with foreigners in Finland.

– The problems may be exacerbated in more rural areas, which are not used to foreign people, says Häyhä.

– In larger cities, foreigners do not stand out so much in the street scene.

Nicolaou believes that extreme negative cases are reported in the news.

– Each basket has a rotten apple. Both foreigners and Finns.

Häyhä is unimpressed when told the news of sad cases in which people create a one-sided picture of foreigners. Positive things should be told more.

– Fortunately, it has been observed that immigrants would correct the sustainability gap resulting from the aging of our population, says Häyhä.

THE SUVAKIS both agree that Finns are a tolerant people.

– There is nobody out there walking around on the street, carrying an “I’m a suvakki” -sign, says Nicolaou.

– Most are tolerant deep down, Häyhä believes..

Volunteers for crisis relief is needed more. Now, the work rests on the shoulders of certain groups. Nicolaou says that the Finns did not dare to ask for and provide assistance, but helpers are found, when they are asked – also people of Äänekoski.

XENOPHOBIA should be gotten rid of according to Nicolaou.

– Oh, you can question, to be concerned about and reflect upon the situation, but you shouldn’t be crude. No one should be allowed to call someone a monkey or to spit on people.

Häyhä and Nicolaou would like to see more everyday meeting places where Finns and foreigners could meet with each other. Prejudice is lessened in this way, where interaction  of Finns and foreigners increase.

– I’ve always believed in the goodness of people. If you treat others well, so they too will treat us well, says Häyhä.





Leftists never really bother with thinking out their chess moves too far in advance.


You can have feminism or you can have Islam

Here’s the future of European feminism in a nutshell.

Gatestone’s Soeren Kern conducts another roundup of “refugee” stories in Germany. One story stood out for me as exemplifying the New Europe.

One woman described how Muslim men repeatedly cut in front of her at the supermarket checkout line. “Twice while shopping at a German supermarket I was shown that I am a second-class citizen,” she wrote. In one instance, an adult Muslim male with a full shopping cart cut in front of her. In broken German he said: “I man. You woman. I go first.” In another instance, a young Muslim male elbowed the woman while cutting in front of her. “When I said that I would let him go ahead of me if he asked me for permission, I was instructed by his sister that boys do not need to ask, they just demand.”

This reminds me of the closing lines of Christopher Caldwell’s great piece in the Standard.

There was a pretty young woman standing in front of an escalator in the Westbahnhof collecting money for refugees a few weeks ago. She was wearing a T-shirt bearing the Gloria Steinem slogan “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” What did she think she was doing? Attacking men? Or summoning the kind of men who won’t be spoken to that way?

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These nuts mirror their racist socialist cousins of the ultranationalists.



EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Extraordinary Moment Pro-Migrant Rioters Overrun Police At London Train Station

Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London

by RAHEEM KASSAM24 Oct 2015

LONDON, United Kingdom – A throng of nearly 200 pro-migrant rioters descended on London’s St. Pancras mainline station tonight – the terminal that connects the UK’s capital city with Europe – to demand “no borders” and “no nations”. The scenes, brought to you exclusively by Breitbart London, shows violent clashes between police and protesters, with London’s cops looking woefully unprepared.

Calais Migrant Solidarity, an umbrella group of hard-left protesters, descended on the station after attending an “Anarchist Book Fair” – seemingly undeterred by the hypocrisy of anarchist philosophy wanting less government intervention, while most of the protesters in attendance are familiar faces from left-wing marches demanding more government interference in the marketplace, and in civil society.

And what they experienced tonight was just that – government in action – as they came head to head with London’s police. But in this case, it seems they were successful, breaking through police lines, and hurling smoke bombs into one of the busiest railway stations in the country, endangering themselves, police, members of the public, and tourists with their demands to welcome unlimited numbers of “refugees” into Britain.



Police officers can be seen in the clip above forming a line outside the main entrance to the station, protecting members of the public and commuters from the group of masked and hooded individuals.

But the thin blue line soon broke, as smoke bombs were kicked towards the hapless police, and the horde rushed through the entrance.

Once inside, protesters were wrestled to the ground and turfed out, while others continued screaming in the faces of policemen and women, who are, as usual in Britain, unarmed.

Incredibly, no arrests were made.

A police spokesman said of the incident:

“At around 6pm a number of protesters arrived at St Pancras rail station and officers are currently facilitating a peaceful protest… Around this time a number of other individuals arrived at the station causing disorder, and missiles, including smoke bombs were thrown at police officers. This group were dispersed by police and officers remain at the station.”

The protest also moved into the nearby Kings Cross station – home of the famous Harry Potter “Platform 9 and 3/4s” tourist attraction. Rioters gathered there, and were “kettled” or “penned in” by police.


More here


The mind of the Left is a steamy pile of muddled goo.

There is no reason whatsoever for a non-muslim woman to don a hijab while visiting a mosque (beachhead), taking off one’s shoes is more than enough. As a non-muslim, putting it on is engaging in Islamic rituals, like a man visiting a synagogue and donning a prayer shawl reserved for observant Jewish men alone. She’s an ignoramus about everything else so it stands to reason why she would walk around with that sign of infidel hatred on her head.

NOTE: Not even the Queen of Sweden is cajoled into wearing one, and she even has slippers on.

swede queen in mosque

H/T: Kurt L Vangsness


Hillary Clinton, by wearing the Hijab, is advertising that she is the property of a man

Daniel Greenfield

Hillary’s latest campaign video tries to build up her non-existent foreign policy experience. That means making as much as possible out of her feminist speech in China… which avoided criticizing a Communist regime that forces women to have abortion. (Or as her Planned Parenthood pals call it, health care outreach.) And showing her travel photo slideshow.

It’s basically like those travel videos friends force you to watch… except this is a really expensive commercial and no one can force you to watch it.

But in odd contrast to touting Hillary’s feminism and strength, is this shot of her wearing a Hijab; an Islamic garment of submission.

Not only has the Hijab consistently been a source of Muslim violence against women, both in punishing women who don’t wear it and punishing women who take it off, but its origins lie in an Islamic commandment distinguishing Muslim women, who couldn’t be raped, from non-Muslim slave women captured by Mohammed’s rampaging gang.


If only they could have looked deep inside and saw his inner beauty.

The mind of the Left is sticky gooey mess, isn’t it? These are the same morons who champion homosexual lifestyles, all the while they walk arm in arm in solidarity with those who would brutally throw homosexuals off of tall buildings. Big disconnect here.

OPEN BORDERS ACTIVIST Beaten and Stabbed in the Back By Arab Migrants

An open borders activist was stabbed outside a pizzeria in Germany.
The activist, Julius G., was very sad after Arab migrants stabbed him in the back.

pizzeria stabbing germany
A high profile open borders activist was nearly killed in Dresden. He was attack by six or more Arabs and stabbed in the back outside a Pizzeria. (Stop Hate Crimes)

** Julius has protested the PEGIDA anti-immigrant invasion movement, and campaigned for illegal alien rights.

No doubt, Julius still supports the migrant invasion of Germany. reported:

A pro-migrant, open borders activist is reported to be “very sad” after being stabbed twice in the back by a gang of “Arabs” as he stood outside a pizzeria in Dresden, east Germany.

Twenty-nine year old ‘Julius G.’ involved himself in political activism while reading his degree in industrial engineering Technical University of Dresden. Now he may have fallen victim to his own politics, as the refugee advocate was attacked while waiting for friends in Dresden’s Neustadt, known as the city’s ‘left wing’, or ‘alternative’ quarter.

Germany’s Bild-Zeitung reports police were called to Pizza 5 on Alaunstraße on Saturday after a group of six to eight men jumped the student in the early hours and stabbed him twice in the back, leaving him in a serious condition. A police spokesman said: “Several police vans searched the surrounding area, unfortunately without success. According to witnesses, the attackers were said to be North Africans”.

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