That is how whacky and farcical Western society in Europe has become.

Lars Hedegaard EU parliament

Not only did the police now in fact who the man was through fingerprints and DNA (from his handgun) the identity of the man was widely known in Denmark at the time of Hedegaard’s posting of his name.

NOTE: Here’s an excellent quote brought to my attention by Andy Bostom:

“Loved her question to Lars: “Is he {would be assassin] allowed to mention your name?”


This is as Kafkaesque as you can get…… 

Lars Hedegaard EU parliament

(TT photo)

Lars tells me that in the course of his court arguments, the public prosecutor himself mentioned Basil Hassan by name. No word yet on whether he has arrested himself.

The Post-Constitutional Election, Pt. 9: Muslim Bans and Gag Orders

Written by: Diana West
Friday, March 04, 2016 5:26 AM

“Lars Hedegaard vs Basil Mouse” by Danish artist Uwe Max Jensen

Pt. 8 is here.

One of the critically important issues ignored by the Fox panel in last night’s debate was Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigration into the United States.

Naturally, then, inquiring Fox minds also ignored the globe-shifting migration of hundreds of thousands of mainly Muslim men into Europe in the last year alone. Thus, there were no questions about how the candidates might seek to protect the USA from the effects of mass Islamic immigration, such as the largely Islamic epidemic of violence and sexual assaults against women and children that these `rapefugees’ have brought to cities and towns across Europe. Several possible reasons for such a “lapse” on the part of such intrepid journalists include: 1) only Donald Trump has offered the solution to such a crisis; 2) his solution is wildly popular with voters; 3) the outcome of the civil case against Trump University is so much more important to the future of this country.

Exit polling tells us that Trump’s proposed Muslim immigration ban, which is the only way for the USA to avoid Europe’s Islamizing tragedy, is an animating issue for GOP voters. I have little doubt this is why Fox imposed a kind of gag order on itself and avoided the question. Exit polling tells us that in New Hampshire, two out of three GOP voters support such a ban; in South Carolina, three out of four GOP; and across Super Tuesday’s 15 states, 60 percent of GOP voters also support the Muslim immigration ban.

This one proposal would do more to safeguard the First Amendment of the Constitution than anything any other candidate is proposing. This is due to Islamic prohibitions on freedom of religion and freedom of speech both. The simple formula is: the more Islam there is in a society, the less freedom there is in a society.

Having chronicled far too many chapters of the West’s surrender of freedom to accomodate and then submit to Islam’s increasing presence in the West (think Danish Mohammed cartoons, for example), I think it is fair to say that in this smoking aftermath of Islamic cultural conquest are sure signs of institutional madness. Nowhere is there stronger proof than in the continuing saga of Denmark’s Lars Hedegaard.

Today, the Danish court convicted Lars Hedegaard of violating a gag order by mentioning the name of Basil Hassan, the man widely reported in the media around the world and strongly suspected by the Danish security services and government of having tried to assassinate Lars three years ago.

More here. H/T: Andrew Bostom


You read that right…..



The terrorist who attempted to murder Lars Hedegaard a couple of years ago and fled the country, is being protected by the Danish state. They’ve decreed that the name of the terrorist, Basil Hassan, shall not be identified, something of which Hedegaard has rejected, and has disseminated his name via Facebook and elsewhere. Now he’s on trial for violating a statute.

Enter Tania, the Danish leader of PEGIDA who wore in protest, not only the name of Basil Hassan, but his picture as well, into the courtroom and was promptly arrested by the authorities. These are the heroes of our times, the brave souls that stand up to the lunacy that has taken grip of societies throughout the West, and expose it for all to see.

Denmark: Woman arrested for wearing anti-terror t-shirt

Tania, the leader of classical-liberal opposition group against totalitarian Islam and cultural Marxism, was arrested today for wearing a T shirt with a name on it, while attending a court procedure for Lars Hedigaard.

Denmark, the one stand-out from its nearby neighbors who are rapidly slipping into an Orwellian state of enforced thought and speech crimes, seems to be not that far behind after all.

Add this to the man in Denmark in February of this year who was recently fined for a Facebook post critical of Islam and you start to see a policy.

Tania went to court in Copenhagen to support Lars. In Feb. 2013, a Muslim immigrant attempted to assassinate Mr. Hedegaard for speaking his mind about Islam and its doctrines and effects on Western civilization.

Lars had been told not to say the name of the person who had tried to murder him, Basil Hassan, or show his picture to anyone.

But like any thinking person, Lars realized the odds of people catching Mr. Hassan would be considerably higher if people knew his name and what he looked like, given that he was on the loose and trying to kill him.

The police leapt into action and arrested Lars Hedegaard for this breach of his attempted killer’s rights. Tania and other supporters of his, wore T shirts with the name “Basil Hassan” on it in the court this morning as a show of support for Lars.

The rest was highly predictable even if highly disturbing.

The Rebel Media

Lars Hedegaard EU parliament

(A TT photo)


Muslims perpetrate vicious crimes and they’re supposedly the victims of non-Muslim backlashing that never happens.

praying for omar 17.2.2015

Imam Hajj Saeed of the Al-Faruq Mosque in Copenhagen, the day before the terror attack, rejected any thought of interfaith dialogue, and noted that the Prophet Muhammad waged war against his Jewish neighbors rather than engage in dialogue.

The day after the shootings, the political spokesperson of the main liberal opposition party went on television and said, “We are dealing with a small group that is abusing the Koran.” In other words, once again we are faced with one or more Muslims who have completely misunderstood their own religion. The implication, of course is that Danes have nothing to fear from the fast growing number of Muslims or the spread of Islam.

It would appear, however, that the killer, Omar el-Hussein, had not “abused” anything but simply followed Allah and his prophet.

“It is vital that we as Muslims do not distance ourselves [from el-Hussein’s actions] but put things in their right context. It is the Danish politicians and media that ought to distance themselves from the politics that have created the circumstances that lead to hatred, threats and violent attacks and eventually murder, regardless of who the victims may be. We must under no circumstances bow to the pressure or accept the premise that Islam is in the dock.” — From a press release issued by Junes Kock, spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir, Scandinavia.

In all likelihood, the politicians and the media will continue telling the Danes that they have nothing to fear from Islam.

It did not take many hours after last weekend’s two fatal terrorist attacks in the Danish capital before the usual phalanx of apologists of Islamism went into action.

Shortly after 3pm on Saturday, when 22-year-old Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein had shot and killed one of the guests attending a discussion on free speech at the Krudttønden cultural institute in Copenhagen’s Østerbro neighborhood, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt arrived at the scene to express her sympathy with the families of the victim and the policemen who had been wounded in the firefight with el-Hussein. She also stressed the need for national unity in this time of horror.

The discussion that came under attack was attended by the Swedish artist Lars Vilks — famous for his drawing of Muhammad as a roundabout dog, and probably the intended target — and the French ambassador.

The first question Thorning-Schmidt got from one of the journalists was, “How do you think this is going to affect Muslims in Denmark?” None of the journalists asked, “What are you going to do to protect us from Islamist savagery?” Or, “How can you allow the current mass influx of Muslims when we have so obviously been unable to integrate those already here?”

These questions are now being asked by a growing number of ordinary Danes, for example in social media; but so far no politician of any note has acknowledged any connection between terror, immigration, the build-up of Muslim parallel communities and Islam.

More here.


The man is truly a hero in the full western sense of the word.

This is not only about Dan Park, the Swedes are also censoring Pippi Longstocking – where does it end? Do you have to go through all Western culture and eradicate anything that might be considered offensive?

The seller of 'Sweden's most dangerous art'

Selling Dan Park’s banned artwork is hardly Lars Hedegaard’s firt forray into the free speech debate. Photo: Bax Lindhardt/Scanpix

The seller of ‘Sweden’s most dangerous art’

Published: 03 Oct 2014 16:36 GMT+02:00

As The Local reported on Wednesday, the artwork that landed Swedish artist Dan Park in jail on racism charges is being both sold and publicly displayed in Denmark.

The display of Park’s works is being organised by the Danish Free Press Society (Trykkefrihedsselskabet) and on Friday it was announced that Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth will display the art at the Copenhagen gallery Hornsleth & Friends from October 23-31.

The sale of ‘Sweden’s most dangerous art’, meanwhile, is being doneonline by the Free Speech Library, a for-profit offshoot of the Free Press Society that is headed up by Lars Hedegaard, a noted Danish free speech activist and vocal Islam critic who is no stranger to controversy himself.

See also: Danish group selling ‘racist’ Swedish art

Hedegaard was at the centre of a high-profile legal battle over anti-Islamic comments including the insinuation that Muslim men rape their female family members. Although he was initially convicted by a lower court, he was unanimously cleared of racism charges by the Supreme Court in 2012.


Is Dan Park’s work racist?

One of Park's controversial works being sold by Hedegaard

Absolutely not. It’s a sort of snide comment on the activities of the so-called anti-racists.

Look at the picture of the three blacks hanging under the bridge. That was because the guy in the middle, Yusupha Sallah, was brutally attacked on a bridge in Malmö and almost thrown from the bridge. Immediately, Jallow Momodou, the guy on the left, who is the president of the National Afro-Swedish Association, went out and accused white Swedes of racism. But it turned out the guys who did it were not Swedes, but Kurds, and then suddenly he was very quiet about the attack.

More here.

NOTE: Therein lies the nub of the story. It’s a snide remark on the miserable actions of faux humanitarians adhering to the rules of political correctness, where only whites can be guilty of racism and bigotry.


Lars Hedegaard EU parliament

“Our Liberties Are Under Attack”

On November 2 a group of Counterjihad activists spoke at a conference in Copenhagen hosted by Trykkefrihedsselskabet (the Danish Free Press Society). The occasion was the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the assassination of Theo Van Gogh.

Below is the speech given by Lars Hedegaard, the former chairman of the Free Press Society and now a co-editor of Dispatch International. Mr. Hedegaard’s excellent speech includes a succinct explanation of sharia law, as codified in the book whose English translation is known as Reliance of the Traveller.

Many thanks to L. B. Knudsen, Wideseen, for recording, editing, and uploading this video:



Lars Hedegaard: ”

“It is scandalous and cheeky of Turkey that we needed to send a Danish delegation all the way down there just to find out what they could have told us a week ago,”
“The Turks have placed themselves outside of the regular legal system and with this decision they have also placed themselves outside of common decency,”

Lars Hedegaard EU parliament


This confirms Turkey’s slide into full blown Islamization.

Turkey confirms release of Islam critic’s assailant

Published: 20 Oct 2014 09:02 GMT+02:00

A Danish delegation that travelled to Turkey has returned home with a confirmation that the man who attempted to assassinate Islam critic Lars Hedegaard has indeed been released from prison as suspected. What the delegation did not find out, however, was exactly why he was released.

Denmark’s newly-named justice minister, Mette Frederiksen, addressed the release in a written statement.

“I understand that the recent rumours that a Danish citizen was released have been confirmed by the Turkish authorities. I find it completely incomprehensible that the man in question has been released,” she wrote.

More here.



You mean the Turk AKP didn’t throw him a party and name a street after him?

Hedegaard shooter wants extradition to Denmark

The man’s lawyer did not know how he would plead in regards to the Hedegaard assassination attempt

Copenhagen Police have been on the hunt since an unknown man tried to shoot the Islam critic in the head on 5 February 2013 (Photo: Scanpix)

May 22, 2014

After spending about a month in a Turkish prison, the 26-year-old man suspected of carrying out the attempted assassination of anti-Islam author Lars Hedegaard has revealed his identity and said he wants to be extradited to Denmark, according to his Danish lawyer, Thorkild Høyer.

The man, who is of Lebanese descent, denied he was who the police say he was and said he had never been to Denmark when he was arrested at an airport in Istanbul on April 25.

“I received a fax from him admitting who he was and that he wanted to be extradited,” Høyer told TV2 News. “I haven’t had an opportunity to speak to him yet. In Turkey you can only visit every six months if you are a foreign lawyer.”

More here.



Yet another good reason not to let these jihadis back into Europe, and if captured, sent to GITMO, to be baptized through waterboarding.

Would-be assassin of Lars Hedegaard may have been holy warrior in Syria

Would-be assassin of Lars Hedegaard may have been holy warrior in Syria
“Danska” Jihadister

A 26-year-old Lebanese man accused of an attempt on the life of Danish journalist and Dispatch International editor Lars Hedegaard in February 2013 was arrested in Turkey five days ago. According to press reports, he is connected with extremist Islamic circles in Denmark and Sweden and has probably taken part in the fighting in Syria.

The Copenhagen police were tight-lipped at Sunday’s press conference when they announced that they had succeeded in catching the man believed responsible for the attempt on the life of Dispatch International editor Lars Hedegaard on February 5, 2013. The man, known as the ”postman”, was arrested in Istanbul on Friday, April 25 and incarcerated in a Turkish high-security prison awaiting extradition to Denmark.

The police have been largely unwilling to show their hand – probably because the investigation is still ongoing. Hans Erik Raben, daily leader of the Copenhagen murder squad, tells Dispatch Internationalthat there is still work to be done but that the police are convinced they have their man.

Among the few details revealed by the Danish police is that the suspect is 26 and a Danish citizen of Lebanese – which probably means Palestinian – extraction. At the time of his arrest, he was in possession of a fake passport. It has also come to light that he left Denmark on the very day the assassination attempt took place and that he has since been traveling between Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.

On April 28 the Copenhagen daily Politiken reported that the ”postman” – so-called because he was dressed up in a Danish postal jacket when trying to shoot Lars Hedegaard in front of his home – has connections to Islamist extremists in both Denmark and Sweden. That may explain why the police have conducted nine searches at locations in Denmark and two abroad. Politiken believes that they have taken place in Sweden and Turkey.

More here. H/T:; Fjordman


siren Arrest made finally!

There was an attempted assassination against sharia critic Lars Hedegaard last year, covered by the Tundra Tabloids, here. It appears that the police have kept themselves busy on the case, what’s disheartening is the lack of support by the notables in Danish society and in the media, in supporting Lars. Typically, there’s no mention of the nationality and ideology of the person arrested.

UPDATE: According to TT colleague Henrik R.Clausen:

They’ve been tracking him abroad for months, mapping his network, friends, activities. Now they found they had enough evidence and sufficient knowledge of his contacts, and had the foreign police arrest and extradite him. The guy was arrested in Turkey, has also been in Syria. He escaped Denmark on the day of the assassination already.

An arrest warrent was issued on November 7th, but it was difficult to apprehend him out there in the Syrian jungle. Police is still pretty tight-lipped, but they’re very confident to have the right guy. He’s still in Turkey, but should be extradited according to normal procedure. He was using a fraudulent passport. Danish police refuses to comment on speculation that he has been involved in fighting in Syria.

The investigation has been under media blackout, where the police routinely said “No progress”, even though they had a name and an arrest warrant. “Justified suspicion” means they’re pretty damned sure they have the right guy.

H/T: Fjordman

Man arrested for attempted assassination of Lars Hedegaard

A man on Friday was arrested abroad after a long time having been under investigation for being behind the attempted assassination of Islam critic Lars Hedegaard in 2013.

Copenhagen Police have arrested the alleged offender who in 2013 tried to kill Islam critic Lars Hedegaard. The police said in a statement.

The suspect was on Friday detained abroad, police said, the same day conducted nine searches in the Copenhagen area and two abroad.

There are also carried out interviews with people who have relationships with the suspect to “secure evidence and explanations,” says the press release.

“It should be emphasized that none of these persons are suspected in the case, and there is no suspicion that the assassination attempt was carried out by more than one person,” said police inspector Jørgen Skov, director of The Research Unit in Copenhagen Police press release.

More here in Danish




I agree with the late Ronald Reagan:

You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well I’d like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There’s only an up or down—[up] man’s old—old-aged dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. And regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course.

dispatch International

EDITORIAL: Who is the ”far right”?

EDITORIAL: Who is the ”far right”?

Posted by: Lars Hedegaard 24 November, 2013

Considering the epithets that the Swedish media normally use to describe Dispatch International, it is perhaps an improvement that Søren Villemoes writing for the Danish newspaper Weekendavise  makes do with calling us ”right-wing radical”.

Weekendavisen has great influence on public opinion and before Villemoes’ characterization becomes received wisdom, it seems appropriate to ponder what he might base his portrayal on – and what criteria he applies when partitioning people according to a left-right scale.

His comment comes in the wake of the current debate about the Danish poet Yahya Hassan, who has written and said many naughty things about Allah and his prophet.  Hassan has even said that the literary prize he received for his poems ought to have been shared with the utterly un-pc former leader of the Danish People’s Party Pia Kjærsgaard.

Does that mean that Yahya Hassan should now be called right wing or perhaps a far right radical? Nobody from the pc establishment – including the twelve Danish authors who condemned the ”tone” of the Danish discourse in 2005 but are now voicing new tones – would do that. And we must assume that Weekendavisen would refrain from sticking that label on him.

But there is still a difference between people. If those who for decades have been decried as racists, fascists and what not had said the same as Yahya Hassan, they would have been met with accusations of racism and dragged into court. But now the Danish tonal artists take their young colleague into their bosom.

That is cause for joy.

And fortunately Yahya Hassan has nothing to fear from the police or public prosecutor.

That is as it should be.

We have to conclude, however, that the criterion for what is right and what is left is not what is being said but who says it.

So we must return to the fundamental question: on what basis does Weekendavisen and other warm-hearted organs and people separate others as belonging to the left, i.e. the good ones, and the right, i.e. the bad ones?

More here.



Dishing out one lemon after the other.


Lars Hedegaard Experiences Irshad Manji, “The Used Car Saleswoman of Ijtihad”

September 20th, 2013 by Andrew Bostom |

Yesterday (9/19/13), I conveyed in tweet {@ingridcarlqvist @DispatchIntl@Fjordman1

 “Still the used car saleswoman of ijtihad”} my own longstanding discomfiture (see this 2005 essay, reproduced in my 2012 book, Sharia Versus Freedom), shared by Fjordman (see his essay from 2006), with the  shallow, self-aggrandizing “reformist” Muslim, Irshad Manji. My assessment of the disingenuous Manji then, and now, is that she was, and remains, “The Used Car Saleswoman of Ijtihad” (i.e., ijtihad being a formalized process of “independent reasoning” on Islamic Law, which ended in ~900 C.E.; see Schacht, An Introduction to Islamic Law, p. 70).

Here is a revealing commentary by Lars Hedegaard,  “What’s the Problem with Irshad Manji?”, based upon his own experience after a favorable articleon Manji  was posted in Dispatch International’s Swedish language publication (which Hedegaard co-edits with Ingrid Carlqvist),  just yesterday:

Moments after receiving a tweet from one of the many ultra-left Swedish outfits that Dispatch International had published an article about her and her recent book, that eminent ijtihad artist

Irshad Manji wrote to us that we had to take down her picture.

In fact it was a picture of the cover of her book.

We anticipate that her next move will be to seek a worldwide ban on book reviews in papers she doesn’t like.

Interestingly, Ms Manji’s move came before we had published Maria Celander’s article in English, so unless she is conversant in Swedish, she wouldn’t have a clue about the content.

As anyone can read for himself, it happens to be a kindly article. Not that it matters. Most authors will from time to time encounter bad reviews but in this part of the world, no dejected writer has ever demanded that newspapers remove a picture of their book from the review.

More here.

UPDATE: Brian of London forwards: Meatloaf: ”Life is a lemon and I want my money back”  🙂



lars dracula D-I 27.8.2013

My reaction is rage.

I’m afraid that I started shouting, when a kindly man from the Danish intelligence and security service, PET, called me yesterday. He wanted to assure me that the police are in full control of the Islamic groups that want me dead. ”We are keeping an eye on them,” he said.

So the PET, which to my knowledge has a staff of 800, is keeping an eye on every mosque and Islamic organization and network in Denmark, which ex-imam Ahmed Akkari has just said are all run by extremists.

No they don’t! The contact between them means that the sly rulers of the mosques, paid by well-heeled bandits in the Middle East, take the police in and use them and the politicians they advise to further their mendacious message that Islam is fundamentally peaceful and lovable.

More here.



I would prefer to label them the ”fecal headed media”, but that’s just me.

Steyn on Lars Hedegaard 15.3.2013

How does one report an assassination attempt on a writer for expressing his opinion? Most North American media didn’t report it at all. The BBC announced, “Gunman Targets Islam Critic Hedegaard” — which is true, although one couldn’t but notice that the Beeb and the Euro-press seemed far more interested in qualifying the victim’s identity (“Islam critic”) than in fleshing out the perp’s. And then there were the Swedes. Across the water from Lars’s home town, most prominent outlets picked up the story from the national news agency, TT, the local equivalent of the Associated Press. Here’s how they began:

Lars Hedegaard, once convicted for racism, has been subject to an assassination attempt. An unknown man reportedly shot at Hedegaard outside his Copenhagen home.

The author Hedegaard is one of the few Danes who is a certified racist, as he some years ago was fined by a High Court for having stated in a blog interview that Muslim fathers rape their children. He was later acquitted by the Supreme Court.

More here.



Now that’s proof that the media are gunning for Lars, that they have him in their cross hairs, the hammer cocked and their fingers on the trigger.

Is there any reason why we shouldn’t loathe the media? No matter the Western country in question, the profession is littered with abominable hacks with no ethics whatsoever. Utterly disgusting as it is amazing.

bo poulsen

EKSTRABLADET: Yesterday, Lars Hedegaard’s apartment on Pelargonievej 7 in Frederiksberg was cleared by a team of removal men. It’s barely a month after the 70-year-old Islam-critic was nearly shot dead in his home by a man who pretended to be a postman.

There was no visible presence of either police or PET at the address, but there was one police car, which explored the neighborhood once.

Moving the men spent a little over an hour to fill 3×34-trailer up, and after it went final against Lars Hedegaard’s new address.

Stopped by police’s two followed the moving van that ran through Valby, Vigerslev and Rødovre. But before that moving van carrying Hedegaard’s belongings reached its final destination, the two journalists were very convenient stopped by a motorcycle cop.

Without any justification, the driver was asked to show his license, while they could see moving van disappearing into the horizon. After a few minutes the officer returned and said that everything was in order and that they could continue.

They did so – but with the officer right in the rearview mirror and a few meters after the car. It did not take long before reporters were stopped once again.

Media Try to Report Lars Hedegaard’s New Address

Cynical as I am about the media’s stance toward critics of Islam, even I was taken aback by an article that was posted Thursday evening on the website of the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet,and that I assume appeared in Friday’s print edition.

Headlined “Lars Hedegaard moves” and written by Bo Poulsen, the article began by informing readers that on the previous day the possessions of the Islam critic, who survived an assassination attempt last month at his apartment in the Copenhagen suburb of Frederiksberg, had been loaded into a moving van and driven off. The article is accompanied by a picture of the moving van outside Hedegaard’s former residence.

Here’s the kicker. Two Ekstra Bladetstaffers, presumably Poulsen and a photographer, were in a car watching the moving men load the van, after which they followed it. And Poulson – here it is – actually describes the route taken by the van. If you plot the course of the van on Google Maps, to be sure, it looks rather meandering, as if the moving men were aware of the two reporters on their tail and were trying to shake them off.

More here. Via TROP



The New York Times, all the news fit to wrap fish in.

Diana: In Timesworld, writing articles — such as the one quoting the openly murderous intent of a key Muslim leader, for example — “provokes” an assassination attempt. It’s those strident views of Hedegaard’s (words!) — and the “activities” the Free Press Society (speeches, usually requiring heavy state security just to make them!) that is the cause of all the trouble. So shut up already, Lars.

NOTE: What Diana is showing here, is the Times reporter invoking the concept of Marxist determinism, that one is bound, or even expected, to behave in such a way when driven to it by outside forces. It’s hooey, but it’s become mainstream thinking within these circles. It gives the miscreant a supposed ”moral licence” to commit crimes due to the level of their perceived victimization.

Times Demonizes Hedegaard, Lionizes Danish Muslim Instigator of Murderous Cartoon Riots

February 28th, 2013 by Andrew Bostom | 


walter_duranty-2Reporting “worthy” of this man, Walter Duranty

Andrew Higgins’ “inspirational” muse must be the ignoble New York Times reporter Walter Duranty, who deliberately concealed Stalin’s campaign of mass starvation and murder (or “dekulakization”) of 14.5 million in the Ukraine, from 1930-1937 (see Robert Conquest’s magisterial Harvest of Sorrow, pp. 299-307). This travesty was compounded when Duranty was awarded a 1932 Pulitzer prize for his despicably whitewashed, agitprop “reporting”.

Eight decades later, ostensibly reporting on the recent failed assassination attempt against Danish journalist and historian Lars Hedegaard for the New York Times (or more appositely, the New Duranty Times, since the “paper of record” has never denounced Duranty’s illegitimate receipt of the Pulitzer), Higgins demonizes Hedegaard as a purveyor of “ anti-Muslim bile and conspiracy-laden forecasts,” while lionizing Copenhagen’s Islamic Society, in particular, its current leader, Imran Shah.

Higgins selectively quotes Shah’s statement, “we knew that this was something people would try to blame on us. We knew we had to be in the forefront and make clear that political and religious violence is totally unacceptable.”

However, as reported in an English language story at Jyllands-Posten on February 19, 2013, but not Higgins, it is only now, more than 7-years later, that Imran Shah and his predecessor, Ahmed Akkari, who formerly headed Copenhagen’s Islamic Society, have acknowledged their direct role in fomenting the murderous Muslim “cartoon riots”—which according to Jytte Klausenresulted in 200 dead, and over 800 wounded—by disseminating particularly inflammatory images never included amongst the published Jyllands-Posten cartoons.

The rest is here at Andy’s blog.



The Tundra Tabloids’ good buddy, Dr.Andrew Bostom informs that the International Free Press Society’s, Lars Hedegaard, was given some op-ed space at the Wall Street Journal. Excellent, and as Andy observes,

And now, at last, perhaps that other News Corp entity, Fox News will gird its loins and interview Lars Hedegaard, as Michael Coren of Sun News, Canada, has already done—twice.

Lars Hedegaard

The Assassin at the Door

A Danish free-speech advocate on the day a gunman disguised as a postal worker tried to kill him.



A police psychologist has told me that after an attempt on your life, things may appear somewhat fuzzy. After a while details of what happened may all of a sudden become clear as you remember more and more of this most distressing occurrence.

That hasn’t been my experience. What took place on Tuesday, Feb. 5, is as clear and vivid to me now as it was seconds after it happened.

Shortly after 11 a.m., I was preparing to leave my apartment for the half-hour commute to my newspaper office in Malmo, Sweden, when the door-phone buzzed. The phone doesn’t work properly—I can hear that I have visitors but not communicate with them. Nor can I buzz them in.

I opened a window in my apartment to see who was down below at the front door. A man dressed in a red jacket with the logo of the Danish postal service was waiting at the door. He said he had a package for me. I answered that I couldn’t buzz open the door and would instead come downstairs to get the package.

I went down and opened the front door. The man repeated that he had a package, which he handed to me. As I held the package (which the police later determined was empty), he immediately pulled out a gun and fired at my head.

Between my taking the package and the shot there was less than a second, so I had no inkling of what was going on.

The distance between us must have been less than a yard. Nevertheless, he missed. He then proceeded to fumble with the gun in order to cock it for a second shot. I swung my right fist at his head, and my action confused him sufficiently for him to drop the gun. After a scuffle, he recovered the gun but couldn’t make it fire. He then fled.

Regrettably, he managed to run off with the gun. The police found a bullet hole in the wall and a cartridge.

More here.



In other words, interview him on TV and radio, and keep close tabs on his situation like Michael Coren on Sun TV. Get it?

Last week I published Andy’s observations on the lack of interest certain US conservative outlets had in the case of Lars Hedegaard, who was nearly assassinated by a Muslim posing as a deliveryman with a package for him. The silence has been deafening at Fox News, and outside of TheBlaze’s piece by Tiffany Gabbay on Lars (which I and a few others helped to facilitate) and since that time, there has been no interview on Glenn Beck’s radio program or television station. If I’m wrong about the latter, I’ll update this post, but I’m not.

The TT’s good friend and colleague, Andrew Bostom, has been making every attempt in trying to get the conservative media to rise up and take notice of its glaring mistake and lack of good judgement, and get Lars front and center of the camera and radio microphone. A fellow journalist has been targeted, and the media we trust is just sitting their, listlessly, twiddling its collective thumbs.

What are you waiting for, an encore?


ICLA Lars Hedegaard accepts award

Lars Hedegaard and the Enemies of Truthfulness

February 16th, 2013 by Andrew Bostom |

Last week I noted how Michael Coren of Canada’s Sun TV was far bolder than any of his US television network colleagues in dealing with Islam’s threat to Western free speech, epitomized by Coren’s interview of Danish journalist and historian Lars Hedegaard, who survived an assassination attempt by a likely Muslim assailant, still at large. No such interview with public airing on television was conducted by any major US television network—ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN—not even the self-proclaimed “alternative” to “stultifying political correctness,”  and “champion” of free speech, The Blaze TV.

Emphasizing, yet again, the ongoing, complete dereliction of duty of not only the mainstream legacy media, but so-called conservative outlets such as Fox News and The Blaze, Michael Coren opened his follow-up interview  of Lars Hedegaard, yesterday (2/15/13), with this observation:

You [Hedegaard] should be on every single TV show. This should have been [on] the front page of every newspaper in the civilized world.

To add insult to bitter irony, as described in this news item Friday (2/15/13)from Dispatch International, which Lars Hedegaard continues to edit while in protective seclusion, and reiterated during Coren’s latest interview, Hedegaard has been compelled to sue several Swedish media (including Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet, Sveriges Television, Sydsvenskan and Helsingborgs Dagblad) for libel. The libel charge was filed with Allmänhetens Pressombudsman, (the Press Ombudsman) as well as the Chancellor of Justice.

Here is the wording that several Swedish newspapers elected to publish from the Swedish national news agency TT:

Lars Hedegaard, once convicted for racism, has been subject to an assassination attempt. An unknown man reportedly shot at Hedegaard outside his Copenhagen home. The author Hedegaard is one of the few Danes who is a certified racist [emphasis added], as he some years ago was fined by a High Court for having stated in a blog interview that Muslim fathers rape their children. He was later acquitted by the Supreme Court.

Of course Lars Hedegaard never received a “racist certification,” nor has any court verdict ever stated anything to that effect. Journalist and expert on freedom of press Nils Funcke rejected this repeated characterization as pure mendacity:

Writing in this way as if the conviction were final is nothing but an outright lie. The only existing conviction is an acquittal.


Canada’s Sun TV & Michael Coren stand head and shoulders above the rest.