Wishing this brave man a speedy recovery.

“The plan was to be in London on 19 November and then proceed directly to New York. Invitations were sent out, and the publishing world and the media from all over the world showed considerable interest. However, it turned out that the chosen venue was too small, and we were offered larger premises,” says the Danish publisher.

John Lykkegaard received the first request in May 2012, but due to the European Football Championships, the Olympic Games in London and the Tour de France, he consulted the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, and chose to postpone the event until November 2012. Now, though, because of Mr. Westergaard’s health, they have had to cancel altogether.

“Kurt Westergaard was to have signed his book and promoted it in the Anglophone world, but now he is now regrettably too weak to travel. We started by cancelling New York, hoping he would still be able to manage the event in London and had planned to fly home immediately after the presentation, but we have had to cancel this event as well,” John Lykkegaard explains.

More here.



Buy em’ by the crate! KGS

The surplus for the sale goes to Kurt Westergaard and the Free Press Society.

The mug costing 50Kr. (excluding postage) can be ordered by writing to trykkefrihed@trykkefrihed.dk and provide name, address and the number of cups you want.

On the back of mug reads: www.Trykkefrihed.dk and www. International Free Press Society.org.

Right now it is being produced, so you must expect a delivery time of approx. two weeks. DFPS.

H/T: Henrik R.Clausen


Fjordman give the TT the heads up on this situation, as well as reminding:

This Danish newspaper article claims that if cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who currently lives virtually as a prisoner in his own home where he has earlier been attacked with an axe by a Muslim man, can potentially be handed over to Jordan if he loses the blasphemy case against him there a few days from now. This is because of the European Arrest Warrant, which we warned against at the Gates of Vienna blog nearly 3 years ago.

According to this Arrest Warrant, which very few Europeans have even heard of, a citizen of one European country can be handed over to another country if he is involved in a “serious crime” like racism. This was originally intended as an internal EU thing, but as Bat Ye’or keeps reminding us, these regulations are often expanded to include the EU’s Mediterranean “partners,” that is, the Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa, Jordan included.

NOTE: As the Tundra Tabloids has often stated, the EU is an evil institution that needs to be disbanded before they can irreversibly destroy the nation state and the sane rule of law.

EU: Westergaard extradited to Jordan

EKSTRABLADET: Denmark has, via the EU, agreed to a special convention, which requires that Kurt Westergaard will be extradited to Jordan if he is convicted here because of the Muhammad cartoons

15:51, 18 April 2011 | Soren K. Jacobsen

Kurt Westergaard risikerer udvisning til Jordan pga. EU-lov, skriver Morten D.
Kurt Westergaard risks deportation to Jordan due to EU law, writes Morten D.

– Kurt Westergaard may now be on trial in Jordan for his drawings. What’s on 25 April in Amman. What will the Minister for Justice Brian Mikkelsen do about it?

To ask the nation! Member Morten D. in a letter to the editor as he continues:

– Together, the EU some time ago adopted ‘The European Arrest Warrant’. To begin with, it was a purely a EU scheme. You would not be able to sit in an EU country and carry out ugly crimes against people in another EU country. But then came a convention expansion.

Punished for things allowed in Denmark

– In accordance with the customs of the finest in the circles of money – just like the countless other conventions – not bothered to inform the public that Jordan – and who knows how many other barbarian States? – Already the subject of “The European Arrest Warrant ‘. Should there be someone who is not aware of the contents of this order, the map illustration, a Dane who is doing or saying something that is not illegal in Denmark, on request and without further fuss extradited to a country where the is illegal. There has been extradited Danes punishment abroad for acts that are perfectly legal in Denmark.

Teach your Koranic verses by heart

– Must we in future be able to survive safely in Denmark, one must first familiarize himself with all the Koranic verses, all hadith’s fatwa and the countless pre-and orders by heart before you open your mouth. If just one person in convention countries, such as Jordan, might feel aggrieved, you can with the Danish judiciary help get the Dane returned to punishment.

Brian Mikkelsen glad Convention

– It is a regime which is praised by former Justice Minister Brian Mikkelsen in high terms. But who on earth has accepted that dictatorships like Jordan can become a member? If Westergaard is convicted, we will find that he will be arrested by Danish police and then put on a plane to Amman. After the election, we should review all the conventions over the years we have joined.

Rest here in Danish.



This was a political-religious (sharia law) motivated murder attempt, therefor an act of terrorism. KGS

H/T: Henrik Clausen

NOTE: This is a Google trans, so grammarical errors are present

Somali convicted of terrorism

03. February 2011 01.09 Inland Updated.: 03 February 2011 12.05
NyHeder: The 29 year-old Somali who is accused of an ax attack on Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard on January 1 of last year, is found guilty of terrorism and attempted murder, a court in Aarhus has decided.

Thus the terror case surrounding the ax attack on Kurt Westergaard is approaching its completion. Sentencing has been cited for Friday.

A verdict was expected late Tuesday afternoon, but the three professional judges and the six tried by jury realized that, because of the complexity could not keep the plan and was therefore the order to postpone until today.

Terrorism clauses of the law would be used.

Continue Reading


The Muslims will seethe over this one, just you wait. KGS

(Reuters)– German Chancellor Angela Merkel risked angering Muslims by speaking at an awards ceremony on Wednesday for a Dane whose cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed provoked sometimes violent protests by Muslims five years ago.
The 75-year-old cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, whose drawings of Mohammed that offended Muslims worldwide first appeared in Danish paper Jyllands-Posten in 2005, was due to receive a prize on Wednesday evening at a conference on freedom of the press.
At a time of fierce debate in Germany over disparaging remarks about Muslim immigrants made by a central bank member, some Muslims criticized the center-right chancellor and the media said she was taking a risk by honoring a man whom many Muslims believe insulted their faith.
Aiman Mazyek of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany said in a statement: “Merkel is honoring the cartoonist who in our view trampled on our Prophet and trampled on all Muslims.”
“By having her photo taken next to Kurt Westergaard, Merkel is taking a huge risk,” wrote the conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung before the ceremony.
“It will probably be the most explosive appointment of her chancellorship so far.”

H/T: Zip


Kurt W: ‘Draw Muhammad Day’ a major showdown with censorship

Although both violate Muslims ‘feelings and Kurt Westergaard own copyright, so the cartoonist believes that today’s’ Character Muhammed’ initiative is an important showdown with self-censorship. It says in an interview with Journalisten.dk.
“It is actually a very fun initiative.”
That is the immediate response from the world famous cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, as he speaks with Journalisten.dk.
The reason is that people in several countries have appointed the day today to mark International Muhammed days . On Facebook, citizens from around the world as upload their own drawings. And the time of writing the group has received over 6,700 drawings. Visit the group here.
Kurt Westergaard, who drew it probably most famous drawing of them all – Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, has also made his mark on today’s generation of new Muhammad caricatures. Scripture Proof of the new designs are namely based on his original drawing, which back in 2005 caused a sensation worldwide.
“The initiative must surely be understood as a manifestation of freedom of expression, where Muhammad and my drawing has become icons of this culture struggle. I always think it is excellent when it is touched by the debate. There is obviously a risk that it may provoke some of the dark forces which then inspired terror. But it is not so much to do, we must not let ourselves be cowed, “said Kurt Westergaard to Journalisten.dk.
The noise in the background, the Police Intelligence Service is putting the finishing touches to it, Westergaard himself calls “a transformation of my home into a fortress”. It happens after a man armed with an ax broke into the artist’s home in January to kill him.
The controversial cartoon represents believe that the international manifestation comes at a time when freedom is under severe pressure – including from journalists, cartoonists and debaters in Denmark.

More here.

H/T Baron Bodissey


The proceeds from the sale were to
have gone to help the needy in Haiti

Intimidation by Islam forced auctioneers, Lauritz.com, to reject Kurt Westergaard’s contribution. And they (many Muslims and their apologists) say Islam has no connection with terror. Think again. KGS
NOTE: Not only does the Ideology of Perpetual Outrage (IPO = Islam) keep noticeably silent on “their aid” contribution to Haiti, but their religion helps stop the flow of aid.


Charity cartoon rejected over terror fears

Controversial cartoonist’s drawing in aid of Haiti relief is rejected from auction over fear of reprisals TV2’s morning lifestyle programme Go’morgen Danmark was the latest in a long line of those trying to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake….
TV2’s morning lifestyle programme Go’morgen Danmark was the latest in a long line of those trying to help the victims of the Haitian earthquake. The show organised an auction through auctioneers, Lauritz.com, and asked well known politicians and personalities to donate personal items for the charity fundraiser.
A signed copy of Bill Clinton’s book dedicated to the head of the Social Democrats, concert and sports events tickets and a porcelain doll owned by Pia Kjærsgaard, head of the Danish People’s Party, are already listed in the auction.
However, when cartoonist Kurt Westergaard – forever to be associated with the Mohammed cartoons and terror threats – was asked to submit a new drawing for the auction, the auctioneers refused to accept it.
According to Mette Jessen of Lauritz the decision was taken because of the latest attempt on Westergaard’s life when an alleged assassin broke into his house on New Year’s Day.
‘We must recognise that the terror threat is still of such a character that we can’t predict the consequences of a sale. We value the safety of our employees quite highly, which is why an eventual risk assessment was used in our consideration,’ she said.
Westergaard was disappointed in Lauritz’s decision, saying it was just another example of how his name creates fear.
‘The drawing was in no way controversial, but it seems my name is. I’m sorry for the fear it causes people. When even my hairdresser, who is Muslim, told me with sadness that she didn’t dare keep me on as a customer for fear of reprisals, then there’s reason to be sad about this development,’ he said.
Lauritz has now come under fire from all sectors of the art and political world, even Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen highlighted the matter at his weekly press conference.
He outright criticised the decision taken by Lauritz and what it represents in Danish society.
‘I won’t dictate which auction house sells what and who should cut someone’s hair but I want to warn against the stigmatisation it creates,’ the prime minister said.




Gunfire reported at the home of Kurt Westergaard, artist known for his Bomb-in-Turban Muhammad Cartoon.

According to the report three men tried to enter the premises but were stopped by police who guard the house 24/7.

One of the 3 perps was shot in the leg.

Police confirm that they now have massive presence at the address.

REMINDER: Last year US authorities arrested two men in Chicago who were suspected of planning attacks on Mr Westergaard and his newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which published the caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.

UPDATE: The man did break in, Kurt Westergaard hit the alarm and hid in his safe room, and the man was shot by approaching police while leaving.

Axe-wielding man shot and wounded trying to enter home of Danish ‘Mohammed’ cartoonist

Danish police have shot a Somalian man wielding an axe and a knife who tried to break into the house of a controversial cartoonist.
The 28-year-old with links to Al Qaeda tried to enter Kurt Westergaard’s home in Aarhus last night but the artist managed to press an alarm and hide.
Officers arrived within minutes to find the man with ‘an axe and a knife in either hand’ and shot him in the knee and on his left arm.
Jakob Scharf, head of Denmark’s intelligence agency, said the attack was ‘terror related’ and that the man, who was not seriously injured in the shooting, would be charged with attempted murder.
Westergaard, 75, sparked outrage in 2005 when he drew a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb-shaped turban.
Westergaard’s five-year-old granddaughter was staying in the house at the time of the attack.
They sought shelter in a panic room when they heard the suspect try to break in, Preben Nielsen from the Aarhus police said.
According to Danish intelligence, he has ‘close relations to the Somali terrorist group al-Shabab and al-Qaida leaders in eastern Africa,’ Scharf said.
He is suspected of involvement in terror-related activities in east Africa and had been under surveillance, although not in connection with Westergaard, he added.
The man had a permit to be in Denmark. He is expected to be charged for attempted murder of Westergaard and a police officer today.
It was unclear whether the suspect actually managed to get inside the home of the cartoonist in Denmark’s second largest city, 125 miles northwest of Copenhagen.
Westergaard he told his employer, the Jyllands-Posten daily, that the assailant shouted ‘revenge’ and ‘blood’ as he tried to enter the room where he was hiding.
‘My grandchild did fine. It was scary. It was close. Really close. But we did it,’ he said.

Read more:

H/T: Henrik

Previous interview of Kurt Westergaard on Canadian radio station CFRA with Nick James:

CFRA Nick James KurtW from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.


Thanks to Vlad Tepes for sending this. The dynamic duo are interviewed by Michael Coren. VT has this to say of the show: “This was the one and only TV interview for Kurt Westergaard, the creator of the infamous ‘Moetoon’ which represented the riots in 2005 and arguably caused them. It is an excellent show.”

Moe: Watch the show,
Kurt and Lars explain why I needed to be drawn

Link: Michael Coren Kurt W


Canada IFPS: Would you say that you were surprised from what you would expect from prestigious university?
IFPS president Lars Hedegaard about Yale: We’re talking about an elite university, where I think people pay 50 000 a year tuition. One would have expected that, they would have studied michelle de maintenon, they might have studied Spinoza, they might have studied Milton “Aeropagitica, 1644″, Hume, Mill. All the foundational documents of our civilzation, they didn’t seem to know anything about anything. Singularly illinformed and singularly stupid, I would say”

Link: Interview james kurt Lars4-desktop

IFPS Canada had the opportunity to spend the day yesterday with several extraordinary men, one of whom, was Kurt Westergaard, the creator of the infamous ‘Moetoon’.

In this interview, I speak at a private house, which is why there is a fair amount of background noise as we prepared dinner after a day of interviews in Toronto, with Kurt, as well as Lars Hedegaard, the creator and president of the Danish Free Press Society, now the International Free Press Society.

Kurt I must say, is a man who history has handed a tough role, and a role which he did not ask for, but accepts with grace, dignity, and a rare humility. I do not get the impression that it was Mr. Westergaards ambition to become a martyr for free speech and to live in a bunker as he does now, or in hiding as he did for years. But he has unflinchingly defended free speech and has not once turned away from his values for the illusion of safety.

Below, is a conversation with Kurt and Lars and their views on freedom of speech, and their recent experience at Yale, a once great institution of western education.

Gates of Vienna has posted a portion of the interview with Rabbi Jon Hausman, one of those who had invited Kurt Westergaard to speak at Yale. The Baron has this to say:

Kurt Westergaard’s visit to Yale on Thursday provoked plenty of Muslim outrage. The Iconoclast at the New English Review covered the occasion, and interviewed Rabbi Jon Hausman about what happened:
Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard appeared at the Master’s House at Yale’s Branford College (Yale has a system of residential colleges akin to that of Oxford and Cambridge Universities) October 1st. Accompanying him in the International Free Press Society contingent were Lars Hedegaard, Paul Belien, and Bjorn Larsen and, by invitation, Rabbi Jon Hausman.
Security was tight at Yale allegedly because of the appearance of the controversial Danish Cartoonist who penned the Mohammed cartoon-the one with Mohammed attired in a Turban shaped like a bomb. After all, Yale didn’t want its students threatened with violence by the appearance of 73 year old Westergaard attired in his ‘rouge et noir’ costume.
The Yale Daily News report on the Westergaard visit, “Cartoonist’s visit causes stir, focused on the protests of Muslim Students and Alumni never revealing what Westergaard said at the Branford College Master’s House event, eschewing why Master Stephen Smith brought Westergaard to the New Haven Campus, Freedom of Speech:
“We are here protesting what we think is a despicable act,” Syed said.
Ghani also called for Smith’s resignation, saying that inviting Westergaard to speak ran contrary to a master’s mission of protecting the students.
“A master is entrusted with protecting the well-being of all Yale students and yet Smith gave a warm reception to a man racist toward members of the Yale community,” she said.
But Smith defended the decision to invite Westergaard to speak on campus and called it “a teachable moment.”
“At Yale, if we stand for anything, we stand for the free expression of ideas,” Smith said.
Alumni voiced their opinions from afar, as well. Alumni Sharyar Aziz ‘74, a member of the Yale President’s Council on International Activities, said he thought that having Westergaard on campus could give the wrong impression about Yale’s attitude toward the Muslim world.
“I’m all for freedom of speech,” he said. “But I’m deeply concerned that somehow an institution that has been so sensitive and so caring and so wonderful about the Muslim community in general and stuff that they’ve done in the Middle East, that somehow this event creates an adverse environment or adverse opinion of Yale’s sensitivities.”
Read it all here.


The Tundra Tabloids received this announcement from the IFPS last night, and from tomorrow on, the TT will be celebrating this day and every anniversary of this day, which commemerates the day the dreaded Danish Mohammed cartoons were first published in Jyllands-Posten, on September 30th, 2005. KGS

The International Free Press Society declares
September 30 International Free Press Day

New York, NY — September 28, 2009: On September 30, 2005 the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 drawings of Islam’s prophet Mohammed by 12 Danish artists in order to demonstrate that prohibitions on depictions of Mohammed as stipulated by Islamic law (sharia) did not trump Denmark’s freedom of the press.
In an era in which the act of speaking out in the Western world has become increasingly subject to the pressures of what we know as political correctness, this bold affirmation of free press rights by Danish journalists makes September 30 a banner day. In commemoration of their courage, then, the International Free Press Society declares September 30 to be International Free Press Day.
To mark the occasion, the International Free Press Society is presenting artist Kurt Westergaard on his first public tour in the USA, where he will be making appearances in New York City, Yale and Princeton. Since publishing his cartoon, the now-iconic Turban-bomb Mohammed image, Westergaard, 73, has required state security to protect him from violent retribution for violating the tenets of sharia in Denmark. Such threats have included an assassination plot uncovered by Danish police in February of last year. The day after the plot was uncovered, a number of Danish newspapers joined Jyllands-Posten in reprinting the Westergaard cartoon in solidarity with the cause of freedom of the press.
To further advance the cause of freedom of the press, the International Free Press Society will use the occasion of this first International Free Press Day to salute Kurt Westergaard, and to call, once again, for the repeal of all blasphemy and hate speech laws that currently inhibit and restrict vital exchange and debate.

Mohamed Turban Bomb Print Finally Hitting MSM…….

Selling like hotcackes!

Lars: Hedegaard: “All we are doing is starting a debate”

The international media is finally getting wind of the Danish Free Press Society’s selling of Kurt Westergaard’s famous cartoon of Mohamed in a turban bomb for $250. The more publicity the better, and it serves a great cause! KGS

Fox news: COPENHAGEN — A Danish press freedom group said Wednesday it is selling copies of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad that caused outrage across the Muslim World. Some 1,000 printed reproductions of a drawing depicting the prophet wearing a bomb-shaped turban are being sold for 1,400 kroner ($250) each, said Lars Hedegaard, chairman of the Danish Free Press Society. “All we are doing is starting a debate,” Hedegaard said. “We are using our freedom of speech.”

al-AP: “Hedegaard said Danish artist Kurt Westergaard, who drew the cartoon in 2005, had given the society permission to produce the copies and sell them. Each numbered copy has been signed by Westergaard, Hedegaard said.”

NYPOST: CONTROVERSIAL CARTOON ON SALE FOR $250 “We have not, and are not, breaking any laws,” Hedegaard told The Associated Press.”

UPDATE: More media reports.

National Post: COPENHAGEN — Denmark’s Free Press Society is selling prints of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed published by a Danish newspaper in 2005 that angered the Muslim world, it said on its website Wednesday.

Miami Herald: COPENHAGEN — A Danish press freedom group said Wednesday it is selling copies of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad that caused outrage across the Muslim World.


Now you can ensure an exclusive printing of our era’s famous image

Who does not remember the Mohammed crisis? Violence and trouble, trade boycott, burned embassies, over 100 deaths during violent demonstrations, death threats against the artists and editors. All this as a result of the Jyllands-Posten’s decision to publish 12 cartoons of Prophet Muhammed, 30 september 2005.

Now is your chance to own an exclusive reproduction of this icon which has not previously been put up for sale. In collaboration with Kurt Westergaard, The Press Freedom company printed a limited run of 1,000 copies. Each print is individually numbered and signed by the artist. The image is printed in lysbestandige colors and fine paper size 42 x 21.5 cm. We provide a solid tube.

We pay for shipping and postage. Proceeds from the sale goes to Free Press Society’s struggle for freedom of expression.

Especially one of the drawings elicited a world covered the Islamic fury and has since acquired the status of today’s iconic image: Kurt Wester’s drawing of the Prophet with a bomb in a turban. The picture got Kurt Westergaard world fame, but also he has since then been forced to live under constant police protection. Despite threats and actual attempted murder planned by Islamists, he has never expressed any regret and never said sorry to be a free artist.