This interview appeared in today’s edition of Israel National News and republished here with the author’s consent.

This is not just a simple minded hearing of what all sides have to say, and coming to a conclusion, but also picking apart the logic behind the motivation and goals of those voicing their opinions (including those who oppose the Jewish state) and when that’s done, logic dictates a stronger affiliation with the only representative democratic government in the region, Israel.

NOTE: We shouldn’t be afraid of hearing differing opinions like the stalinist Left and Islam 101’ers, when logic dictates (based upon human experience and rational thinking) we win, and tyranny loses.

irwin mansdorf


Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Dr. Irwin J. (Yitzchak) Mansdorf

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldOver the past decade, I’ve developed a curriculum on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict for American Jewish students who are studying in Israel for the year. The idea behind the course is to educate Jewish students starting university in the US about the relationship between Israel and the Arab world.

The program, which lasts a full academic year, places an emphasis on how history and current events interact. It provides a thorough understanding of the perspectives of those with whom Israelis are ostensibly in conflict, namely, those who identify as Palestinian Arabs.”

Irwin J. (Yitzchak) Mansdorf, Ph.D. directs The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) program in Israel-Arab studies. He is a clinical psychologist and researcher in psychological warfare and has dealt with victims of terror as well as issues related to war-related trauma.

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That dead horse doesn’t need to be kicked any more.

Baker described the accords as a “contractual framework of obligations between Israel and the Palestinians, signed as witnesses and guarantors by the King of Jordan, the Presidents of the U.S. and Egypt, the Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation and Norway, the EU and endorsed by the UN.” But now that the Palestinian Authority is aggressively pursuing a unilateralist strategy, Baker said, by “petitioning the UN, the International Criminal Court and international organizations to recognize them and accept them as a full member state, and by their unification with the Hamas terror organization, the Palestinians have knowingly and deliberately bypassed their contractual obligations pursuant to the Oslo Accords in an attempt to prejudge the main negotiating issues outside the negotiation.”

Palestinian Breach Means Oslo Accords No Longer Valid, Israeli Think-Tank Declares

JANUARY 5, 2015 5:59 PM

Author:Ben Cohen

A leading Israeli think-tank has concluded that “Israel has the legitimate right to declare that the Oslo Accords are no longer valid and to act unilaterally in order to protect its essential legal and security interests.”

Signed in September 1993 between the late Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, and the late PLO leader, Yasser Arafat, the Oslo Accords – which earned both men a Nobel Peace Prize – committed Israel and the Palestinians to a land for peace deal and an end to terrorist attacks. The Accords stipulated that a final agreement would be negotiated after an interim five-year period; by 1998, however, the Palestinians were shifting away from negotiations, and by 2000, had wrecked the peace process by launching a second intifada.

More than a decade later, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has published “Ten Points Regarding the Fundamental Breach by the Palestinians of the Oslo Accords,” by Ambassador Alan Baker, a former deputy director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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This is why is is highly disingenuous as it is ludicrous to insist that Israel is ”illegally occupying another’s country.

Actually, Prof.Kontorovich, who is no stranger to TT readers, is not saying anything new per say about 242, he has been hammering away at this for years. After fully understanding his position on UNSCR 242, you would have to be a dunce or hardened ideologue in order not to understand, let alone not agree with his position.

Gold added, “Kontorovich has come onto something extremely important which reinforces the Israeli traditional interpretation of 242, which was also the consensus of the UN Security Council in November 1967.”

He claimed that this interpretation of the resolution also supports Israel’s arguments that the 1967 war was fought in self-defense.

New study of UN Resolution 242 could alter views of Israeli-Arab conflict

THE ISRAEL-JORDANIAN border fence. The future holds a very uncertain prognosis.

UN Resolution 242 is recognized as the key UN resolution relating to the Israeli-Arab conflict which could alter how many reveal the issues in dispute especially as regards to borders.

THE ISRAEL-JORDANIAN border fence. The future holds a very uncertain prognosis.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

As the UN Security Council and International Criminal Court return to focusing on Israel, an about-to-be-published study reveals new sides to Council Resolution 242, recognized as the key resolution relating to the Israeli-Arab conflict, that could alter perceptions of issues in dispute, especially regarding borders.

According to an article by Prof. Eugene Kontorovich of Northwestern University, to be published soon in the Chicago Journal of International Law, a new side has emerged in the unending debate over the meaning of UNSC Resolution 242, which establishes principles for setting Israeli borders and withdrawal from territories conquered in 1967.

Kontorovich’s study compares Resolution 242 to all 18 other Security Council resolutions dealing with territorial withdrawals and finds that the resolution was unique in its ambiguity as to how much territory Israel needs to withdraw from, with other resolutions being explicit about a full withdrawal.

In the article, Kontorovich writes that there has always been a debate as to whether the phrase in UN Resolution 242 “withdrawal from territories” obligates Israel to withdraw from the entire West Bank and Golan Heights, or merely some portion of them as agreed upon in negotiations.

Some Israeli critics claim the resolution means that Israel has been illegally occupying the territories conquered in 1967 for five decades, while some supporters claim it means that Israel has already complied by withdrawing from the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza, parts of the West Bank, and small parts of the Golan Heights.

Kontorovich cites five pre- 1967 UN withdrawal resolutions: the USSR from Iran in 1946; the parties to the Israeli- Arab 1948 war to withdraw to positions held on October 14, 1948; North Korea to withdraw from South Korea to the 38th parallel in 1950; Belgium to withdraw from Congo in 1960; and India and Pakistan to withdraw to the August 5, 1965 positions.

He writes that the USSR had to withdraw from “the whole” of Iran, that Belgium had to withdraw from “the territory” (whereas 242 is missing the definite article “the”) of Congo, and that the other three resolutions give definitive dates or markers for withdrawal.

In contrast, Kontorovich writes that 242’s intentional dropping of “the” and not setting a set date or geographic marker shows that the UN intentionally left the issue vague – which he argues could be a decisive proof for the pro-Israel reading of the resolution that Israel only has to withdraw from some territories, as agreed in negotiations.

Next, the article cites 13 additional territorial withdrawal resolutions, including a 2012 resolution ordering Sudan and South Sudan to withdraw to their borders, where the word “the” appears five times, signifying an obligation of a complete withdrawal, while the other 12 resolutions also appear to signal a full withdrawal.

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Abbas GIF animated

NOTE: There is no such thing as a ‘peace process’, there is either hostilities, or an end to them with a peace contract forged between the two or more sides. Seeing that they (Paleostinians) refuse to end their conflict, and honestly negotiate with the Jewish state, da var vil go on.

Palestinian Statehood Resolution Rejected by UN Security Council in Blow to Abbas

DECEMBER 30, 2014 7:37 PM

The UN Security Council has rejected a resolution that would have compelled Israel to agree to a final peace deal with the Palestinians twelve months from now, with a further deadline in the form of a full withdrawal from the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem by 2017.

The United States and temporary UNSC member Australia were the only two states that voted against the resolution, submitted by Jordan after the text was agreed with the Palestinian Authority and the Arab League.

Votes in favor included France, Russia and China, along with temporary members Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan and Luxembourg.

The four remaining states – the UK, along with temporary members Lithuania, Nigeria, the Republic of Korea and Rwanda – abstained.

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It’s because you can’t make peace with one side determined to annihilate you.

Survey finds each side perceives the other as constituting a threat to its very existence.

Old City of Jerusalem‏

A Jewish woman gestures at a Palestinian in the Old City of Jerusalem‏. (photo credit:FINBARR O’REILLY / REUTERS)

Israelis and Palestinians are increasingly pessimistic about reaching a deal for a two-state solution, a joint poll released Wednesday revealed.

According to the findings, following the summer’s conflict, 50 percent of Israelis and 38% of Palestinians support a permanent settlement package along the Clinton parameters and the Geneva Initiative, which includes a divided Jerusalem and territorial swaps for a final border agreement. However, these findings represent a drop in support for a package deal – down from 54% among Israelis and 46% of Palestinians in December of 2013.

The survey was conducted by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah, with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Given the Gaza war and the recent tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank, just 7% percent of Israelis and 24% of Palestinians think the two sides will soon return to negotiations.

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The beginning of ”bad to worse” began the moment the Left in Israel resuscitated the rotten but alive corpse of Stinky Arafart, allowing him to set up camp in Israel’s back yard.


Op-Ed: Going from Bad to Worse

Why from bad to worse? The two state solution mantra, EU boycott, PA unilateral moves, Obama’s favoring the PA, but mainly what the Arabs say in Arabic.

Published: Sunday, December 14, 2014 8:21 AM

The world is totally committed to the two-state solution. European country after country is passing non-binding resolutions to recognize Palestine in principle. The parameters of the deal which have been set in stone, notwithstanding that all issues are to be decided by negotiations, are the ’67 lines plus swaps and the division of Jerusalem.

Never mind that such a deal is not good enough for the Arabs.  Hamas rejects it outright. Mahmoud Abbas, as President of the PA, is still clamoring for the so called right of return and is unwilling to recognize Israel as the home of the Jews while at the same time insisting that “Palestine” be yudenrein.

The EU has already put a boycott on goods from Judea and Samaria and is drafting legislation imposing sanctions on Israel. It is even rumored that the US is contemplating doing the same. That’s ironic considering that both want to ease sanctions on Iran.

Israel, for its part is going along to get along, at least that is, to a degree. Netanyahu has agreed to negotiate the two-state solution subject to three pillars, “One, genuine mutual recognition; two, an end to all claims, including the right of return; and three, a long-term Israeli security presence.” This is according to his remarks to the Saban Conference.  He did not mention borders. Would he accept ’67 lines plus swaps?  He didn’t say but I think it is implied. Even so, there are no takers.



This is how feckless and nefarious the fake media is, continuously spinning the Arab propaganda narrative, they promote the myth of the conflict being solely about real estate and ”statelessness”, when in fact it’s all about stripping the Jews from their state as they (the Muslims) did from the Christian Maronites in Lebanon.

Lebanese bishop

It has always been about Islam, the original Zionists in the early 1900’s tried to appeal to the local tribal Arabs with reason and rational thinking as they set about building a modern society in their ancient homeland, wanting to turn the immediate and border state areas into a dynamic region where commerce, shared history and respect for the other, would usher in a brighter future, not just for the Jews, but for the Arabs as well.

They either were ignorant of the 1400 years of Islamic/Arab supremacist history full of conquest, murder, dhimmitude and suffering, or simply chucked aside that knowledge of the past in an attempt to cause a new reality (some would call it utopian minded). While some Arab tribes welcomed them and the relief they offered from miserable Ottoman misrule, many others did not, and Islam was there waiting to school the rest as to why it never could be.

palis kill four jews in synagogue

Is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict dissolving into a religious war?

Halting the slide into religiously fueled conflict lies with the Israelis and Palestinians, regional analysts say. But neither of the leaders of the two sides appears inclined to redirect energies toward a renewed peace effort.

The spiral of violence in Jerusalem that reached a shocking point this week with Tuesday’s deadly attack by two Palestinians on a West Jerusalem synagogue is stoking fears that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is shifting into a religious war.

But that outcome is not a foregone conclusion, say some regional analysts who point to signs that the wider publics on both sides want to avoid such an incendiary development.

At the same time, however, prospects for this latest spike to prompt leaders to renew efforts to turn the surge in violence into progress toward peace – as has occurred in the past – look unlikely now, some say.

The reason for that downbeat assessment, they add, is that neither of the leaders of the two sides appears to have either the strength or the inclination to respond to tensions that have been rising for months with an initiative that involves engaging the other side.

“This is not what I would consider a game-changer in the conflict,” says Aaron David Miller, a former US diplomat with long experience in the Middle East who is now a distinguished scholar at Washington’s Wilson Center. “That would require a degree of support and sustainability on both sides,” he adds, “that at least so far we just aren’t seeing.”

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“What we need is not just recognition [of a Palestinian state]. We need  the building of a Palestinian state that can live next to the Israeli one in peace and security,”

They’ve been saying this ever since stinky Arafat was flown from Tunis to Ramallah, no amount of money (already in the tens of billions) and time spent will make them any closer to that realization. Their end game is Israel’s destruction, and milking the international community as much as they can while they try to wear not only Israel down, but the IC as well.

New EU foreign policy chief: Recognizing a Palestinian state is not enough

European foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels Monday morning to discuss the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process amid growing calls by local politicians for the member states to unilaterally recognize Palestine as a state.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini of Italy, told reporters that the topic in front of the EU council of foreign ministers is boosting the EU’s role in a renewed peace process.

“What we need is not just recognition [of a Palestinian state]. We need  the building of a Palestinian state that can live next to the Israeli one in peace and security,” she said before the council meeting.

The meeting is the first one to be chaired by Mogherini who entered her post at the start of November, replacing Catherine Ashton. She immediately made a two-day trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories, including Gaza.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiations broke down in April and have yet to be revived, although the US has been speaking with both Palestinians and Israelis about that possibility.

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Muslim inter-faith dialogue.

Because lets face facts, the Arabs are Islamic supremacists, who are even more insidious than the KKK, though while overtly racist, sought for separation of the races, while the Islamic Arabs and fellow religionists not only want separation, but complete destruction of the Jews and anything non-Muslim.

Clashes rock flashpoint Jerusalem mosque compound

A member of the Israeli security forces aims tear gas in front of graffiti on Israel’s controversial separation barrier during clashes with Palestinian protestors on November 2, 2014 at the Qalandia checkpoint (AFP Photo/Abbas Momani)
 AFP24 minutes ago

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli police clashed with stone-throwing Muslim protesters inside Jerusalem’s flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound on Wednesday, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said.

“Dozens of masked protesters threw stones and firecrackers at security forces who then entered the Temple Mount and pushed the demonstrators back inside the mosque,” the spokeswoman said, using the Jewish term for the compound, which is revered by both faiths.

The clashes quickly spread into the alleys of the surrounding Old City, an AFP correspondent reported.

Near Lions’ Gate, one of the seven entrances to the historic heart of annexed Arab east Jerusalem, Israeli police fired tear gas and percussion grenades to disperse a large crowd of angry Palestinians.

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My suggestion:


Israeli soldier, 23, feared kidnapped by Hamas is declared dead after Netanyahu vows to make Gaza militants pay an ‘intolerable price’ for more attacks

Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, left, who was thought to have been kidnapped by Hamas while fighting in Gaza, was confirmed dead by the Israeli Defence Forces this morning, as his grieving family were pictured addressing the media outside their home (top right). It came as Palestinians buried their dead in hastily-constructed graves as the death toll approached 1,700. Israeli tanks (bottom right) were seen withdrawing after military sources said most of the work destroying Hamas’s network of tunnels into Israel was done.

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I’m for total victory over Islamofascism.


To be honest with myself, despite the fact that I am sad for the loss of humans lives anywhere in the world, but due to the actual situation, I feel about the same way as a an American Jew in 1944 watching the American aviation carpet bombing Nuremberg and Berlin. And we must, once for all, stop feeling sorry for our enemies.

Would it be just for one reason : they dance and distribute candies when they kill us, they call us pigs and apes, they call for the destruction of our country, they call their terrorists “martyrs”, they kidnapped innocent kids and killed them, they sent, in the past, hundreds of suicide killers who massacred entire families, and they lie, lie, lie about everything all the time. Well, this is indeed more than just one reason.

Just to say : I will never dance or distribute candies when I see casualties on their side. I wish the conflict ends and we might be, one day, living side by side in peace and harmony. 

But, till then, I am not gonna lie. I don’t give a single shit on their casualties.
Not any more than an American Jew in 1944 watching the destruction of Nazism and… some collateral damages.

It had to be said.



Finland’s state broadcaster YLE continues to pimp Hamas claims.

yle propaganda

Israel-Hamas ceasefire between started in the morning. Gazalais officials tell eight Palestinians died in Israeli fire.

Despite truce, fighting in Gaza continues

LAST UPDATED: 08/01/2014 12:29

Rocket fire into Israel continues two hours into 72-hour cease-fire; Palestinian sources report 25 killed from IDF artillery fire, three others shot by IDF sniper fire in the southern Gaza Strip.


An Israeli soldier sits atop a mobile artillery unit in a staging area outside the Gaza Strip Photo: REUTERS

Just two hours into a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire brokered by the US and the UN, fighting resumed in Gaza, with Hamas rockets continuing to be shot into Israel and reported heavy artillery fire in southern Gaza

At least 25 people were killed in the Israeli shelling of southern Gaza, according to the Gaza Interior Ministry.

Palestinian news agency Ma’an also reported that three other people were shot by IDF sniper fire in the southern Gaza Strip.

An IDF spokesperson said she was looking into the incidents.

Around the same time, two Code Red sirens were heard in Eshkol Regional Council. Two rockets landed in an open area, reported Channel 10.

Israel Radio reported that over 15 rockets and mortars had been fired into Israel since the fighting resumed around 10 a.m., and that seven rockets had been successfully intercepted by Iron Dome.

It was not immediately clear

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Alternative headline: ”Hamas gets extra time to move heavy weaponry around in civilian areas.”

Since a dead Paleostinian is a good Paleostinian in Hamas’ eyes (PR purposes), the cease-fire can only be used by them for digging deeper and setting more land mines and booby traps for IDF soldiers ferreting out Islamonazis.


NOTE: Remeber folks, jihad, it’s a family affair.

12-hour hiatus in fighting tentatively takes effect in Gaza

07/26/2014 08:00

Israel, Palestinian groups in Strip agree to abide by temporary humanitarian cease-fire; IDF to continue searching for terror tunnels amid pause in hostilities; Kerry in Paris attempting to forge longer truce.


Givati brigade in Gaza Photo: IDF SPOKESMAN’S OFFICE

GAZA/JERUSALEM – A UN-requested 12-hour humanitarian cease-fire between the IDF and Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip tentatively went into effect at 8 a.m. on Saturday as efforts to secure a longer truce moved ahead.

The IDF said it would continue searching for tunnels used by terrorist amid the temporary halt in fighting.A spokesman for the Islamist group Hamas said all Palestinian factions would abide by the brief hiatus.

Fighting continued overnight and early Saturday morning as US Secretary of State John Kerry, on a visit to the region, has been spearheading international efforts to end 19 days of fighting.

Gaza officials said five people were killed in Israeli air strikes, bringing the said Palestinian death toll to 865. Early Saturday morning, the IDF announced that two more Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza on Friday as the military death toll reached 37 since the start of the army’s ground campaign in the Strip.

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Gaza-Israel Dateline Paris: Dispatch No.3 by Nidra Poller 

The Christians of Mosul had 24 hours, the infidels of the West have a bit more time.

The just and merciful caliph gave the Christians of Mosul 24 hours to convert, leave, or die. The payment of the jizya (= dhimmitude) option, initially included in the multiple choice injunction, was withdrawn. A church dating back 1800 years, before the advent of Islam, was burned to the ground before the Christians left. The infidels of the West were too busy decrying the “massacre” in Gaza to ask for whom the bell tolls.

Ali Khamenei proposes the elimination of Israel by referendum. Former French MFA Dominique de Villepin thinks an imposed peace plan enforced by UN peacekeepers would do the trick. Hamas leaders, safely hunkered down in tunnels or abroad, exult in victory. Western media launch lethal narratives from morning to night and Jews look for the nearest shelter. Israel’s bosom buddy, the United States of America, wants an imposed ceasefire, presumably before joining in on an imposed peace plan, while slapping a brief but telling blockade on air travel to and from Israel. Did you get the message, haverim? Do unto the blockaders as they do unto Gaza.

In the aftermath of the shocking violence unleashed last weekend in Barbès and Sarcelles, benevolent French judges smiled upon the meager handful of culprits who were arrested after the Barbès operation. Suspended sentences of 4, 6, or 10 months were handed down like feeding candy to the wolves. The justice ministry has exercised its right to appeal these lenient sentences. Those arrested for mayhem in Sarcelles will theoretically go to jail, but perhaps not. Short sentences rarely lead to actual imprisonment here. It’s hard to prove that a given actor in an enraged mob actually committed this or that infraction. And it’s hard to have confidence in the government when thousands of punk jihadis show up for a banned demonstration and are not immediately dispersed. All the more so when a political party, the anti-capitalist NPA formerly led by the phony mailman Besancenot, brazenly maintains its call to demonstrate.

62% of French people polled said the pro-Palestinian demonstrations should be banned. But who’s listening?

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This means that the tards rioting were not using normal demonstration means.


Two Palestinians Killed In West Bank Protest

A 25-year-old man is among two killed as 10,000 people stage a massive protest at a checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Middle East conflict

Israeli security forces have shot dead two Palestinians during a massive protest in the West Bank, according to medical officials.

The victims were among an estimated 10,000 people who clashed with soldiers and border police at a checkpoint in Qalandiya, between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

The protest came hours after 15 people were killed and more than 200 injured when a UN school in the city of Beit Hanoun, Gaza, was hit by an artillery shell.

At least 90 people were injured in the checkpoint clashes, with some reports that live fire was being used.

An Israeli army spokeswoman told the AFP news agency soldiers used “riot disposal means” to control the protest.

She said: “There are thousands of rioters there. They are rolling burning tyres and throwing Molotov cocktails and fireworks at soldiers and border police.

“The soldiers are responding with riot disposal means.”

The Qalandiya violence came ahead of a meeting of Israel’s security cabinet to discuss a US-drafted proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza, Israeli public radio said.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was “appalled” by the attack on the UN school.

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I’ve been saying it for years, for many of the same reasons as Brian.

arabs.waving.entrails.butchered.israelis.ramallahWhat they (Hamas) recently did to Tel Aviv, resulting in the U.S. FAA’s suspension of all flights to Israel, proves Israel CANNOT allow a similar situation in Judea and Samaria to be created. The two state solution is dead.

H/T: Brian of London

Two States For Two People Is Dead

This is not Ben Gurion Airport. The remains of a burnt airplane is pictured at the Tripoli international airport in the Libyan capital on July 16, 2014

So. Farewell
Two State Solution. 

Impractical and
Little loved
Source of
Untold corrupt wealth

Yes. Diplomatic

Gravy Train.

And after Madrid
And Oslo
And Camp David

All it really took
To kill you
Was a single boom

E.J. Thribb (17½)

Yesterday a single, solitary Hamas rocket got through our multi layered defences and landed near our airport. And the American FAA and then the Europeans ran screaming to their keyboards to BAN flights to Israel.

Kabul airpot in Afghanistan remains open. Flights to and from the Ukraine are even largely unaffected (more on this in the piece I’ll link to).

Tripoli is having trouble: 47 dead two days ago in battles actually at the airport (I wonder if they took their shoes off). Pictures from last week show that every plane on the ground when fighting started a week or so ago has been destroyed or damaged beyond flight.

But the biggest casualty is the preposterous concept that the Palestinian people can ever have a modern state within the borders of Israel. That another state could exist in Judea Samaria as it is today is unthinkable. As long as there is the chance that people with the same ideology as Hamas (who cares what Jihadi name they pick next) can come to power on the hills overlooking Tel Aviv and our airport, they can’t have a state.

The entire population of that mythical state, to a man, woman, child and donkey would need to renounce Jihad forever. And we’d have to make sure they didn’t have their fingers crossed behind their backs. As I’ve said before, absent an effort to “de-Islamize” in line with the denazification of Germany, there isn’t a snowball’s hope in hell of trusting these people with what they believe a state should entail.

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It’s a rhetorical question, but it’s worrisome that it even has to be asked. An increasing number of people don’t believe that they do, or at least give half hearted support to the notion of Israel’s right to fight back.

Does Israel Have The Right To Self Defense: Continuing The Lethal Narrative Against The Jewish State





Special Report by Nidra Poller – Paris, July 22, 2014 – Israel, they say, harumph, has the right to defend itself, but… But not entirely. Both sides are asked to act with restraint. Not exactly both. Because the conflict is lopsided: 37 then 58, 102, and now more than 200 Palestinians killed. The vast majority, according to Palestinian sources, are civilians. Women, children and the elderly, to say nothing of the thousands of wounded. On the other side, zilch. That’s it, the stage is set, the lethal narrative has wheels and it’s going to be fueled daily, automatically, unapologetically.

How might Hamas act with restraint? Its goal is to kill all the Jews and occupy all the territory from the Jordan to the sea. Whereas the Israelis want zero dead, zero wounded, and the pursuit of a productive life in an intact nation. So what would restraint amount to? Hamas would kill half the Jewish Israelis? There is no justification for this cooking-the-books vision of a confrontation with worldwide ramifications: The frontier between civilization and savagery runs along the Gaza-Israel border.

Mourners at funeral for Jewish victims of terrorism.

Mourners at funeral for Jewish victims of terrorism.

The Israeli army could crush Hamas in the space of 24 hours, simply by disregarding the fate of civilians caught in the interstices of a war machine built instead of a decent place for living creatures. Israel doesn’t use its power that way.

If the heroic Iron Dome were struck with a malediction and all eight batteries suddenly went dead, if ever Hamas got the upper hand, the rockets launched from Gaza could quickly balance the books. Would that be okay? 200 victims on each side. A draw? The competing teams shake hands and go home happy to have played a good game? No. Hamas would pursue its genocidal enterprise without the slightest restraint. What would they say then? The president of the United States, his secretary of state, European leaders, the General Secretary of the United Nations, journalists and readers eager to comment on the “conflict.” If ever Israel became weak like the helpless people of Iraq or Nigeria, what would public opinion say? Sorry, guys. It turns out you should have hit the enemy with all your might. Contemporary public opinion has taken a strong stand on that old-fashioned genocide, the Shoah. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out: it was a terrible tragedy that is sincerely regretted Or almost.




What we need is overall victory, the kind that the Allied Forces had over the Nazis and Nips.

h/t: Doris Wise Montrose who observes:

Sun Tzu:
There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare. What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations.

Op-Ed: Israel Must Abandon the Obscene “Purity of Arms” Mantra

This military morality, which Jews call “purity of arms”, ultimately is a form of surrender, of saying that IDF soldiers’ lives are worth less than enemy civilians.

Published: Thursday, July 17, 2014 11:01 PM

Is the Israeli army more Christian than the Christians themselves?  After all, it has, in fact, adopted the maxim of turning the other cheek. In Hebrew it is called havlagah.

The Israeli military disrupt missions against Hamas when in the radar they observe the presence of women and children.

The Israeli military calls the families of Palestinian neighbors of terrorists shortly before launching a raid.

The Israeli military evacuate entire Palestinian areas before an operation, with good manners, not with the nerve gas, like Assad in Syria, or phosphorus, like the Americans in Iraq.

Israeli soldiers heal Palestinians in Gaza in the Jewish hospitals.

The IDF is the only army which employed unprecedented efforts meant to minimize injury to non-combatants, including warning leaflets, phone calls, and non-lethal warning fire.

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Truth be told, Israel only targets those Islamonazis actively carrying out terror attacks on Israeli citizens, rational minded people understand this crucial point. That said, Hamas and Fatah (as well as other Islamic terror groups) use children, namely boys in their fighting.

Watchdog: Al Jazeera’s Gaza Fatalities Data Indicates Israel Killed Mostly Combatant-Age Males, Not Women or Children

JULY 15, 2014 11:17 AM 15 COMMENTS

A post on Facebook showing how a photo of a dying Syrian child on the cover of The Telegraph homepage was being used to portray a Gazan child being shot by Israel. Photo: Twitter / @docnatecohen.

Data published by Al Jazeera on Monday shows that in its ongoing operation in Gaza Israel killed mainly combatant-age males, not women or children, according to CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, contradicting media reports that tried to paint Israel’s Operation Protective Edge as indiscriminately killing civilians.

In a study published on Monday, CAMERA said that a close read of the data“shows that, as in past hostilities, the fatalities are disproportionately [compared to the overall population] among young males, which corresponds with the characteristics of combatants. Males over 40 years old are also disproportionately represented. Some of the fatalities in those over 40 years of age likely represent senior members of terrorist organizations.”

CAMERA based its conclusions on comparing the data of 150 men and 20 women reported to have been killed to the broader population make up in Gaza, where men and woman each account for 50 per cent of the population and the median age is 15 years old.

“Notably, only about 12 percent of the total fatalities are female, though females make up half the population,” CAMERA said. “Also, the median age of Gazans is reported to be around 15. Males under 15 make up just 13 percent of the total fatalities even though they represent half of all males in the Gaza Strip.”

CAMERA graphed a breakdown of the 150 reported male fatalities, excluding 19 whose ages were not listed, though the group noted that one of those was described as a member of Islamic Jihad. Due to space constraints, it also excluded three deaths of males over 65, with a total of 128 on the chart.

The chart shows that 83 deaths were of men between the ages of 16 and 39, 28 were men over 40 years old and 20 were under 16 years old.

More here.