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A truly convoluted vision of coexistence. How touching. The savages and the victims of those savages get treated together. This is why the world is the way the world is today.

Meet the Jewish doctor who saves Palestinian attackers and the Muslim doctor who saves Jewish victims

jewish arab doctors

From left, Ahmed Eid, head of surgery, and Elchanan Fried, head of the Intensive Care Unit, at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem on Thursday. (David Vaaknin/For The Washington Post)

By William Booth and Ruth Eglash October 26
JERUSALEM — This isn’t really a good-news story. This is a sad story about a special place where Jews and Arabs come together to heal the broken bodies of victims and their attackers, some of them children.

The staff call them “Bert and Ernie” or “Fried and Eid.”

Ahmed Eid, 65, is a Muslim from the Galilee village of Dabburiya. Elchanan Fried, 41, is a Jew from Petah Tikva in central Israel. They both live in West Jerusalem.

Eid wears green scrubs and a scrub cap. Fried wears green scrubs and a knitted kippa, or skullcap. Eid is the head of surgery at Hadassah University Hospital in Mount Scopus. Fried is head of the intensive-care unit. They both keep glancing at the time on their smartphones. They are on call.

[Israelis kill at least 4 Palestinians after reported knife attacks]

For the past month — during a wave of Palestinian attacks on Jews and harsh Israeli responses, including shoot-to-kill countermeasures — the two have worked side by side.

On Oct. 12, two Palestinian cousins, ages 13 and 15, from East Jerusalem stabbed a 13-year-old Jewish kid on his bicycle outside a candy store. They also wounded a 21-year-old Jewish Israeli man.

The 13-year-old victim, whose name is being withheld at his parents’ request, arrived at the hospital in terrible shape.

“No blood pressure. Pulse was 40. Ventilated at the scene,” said Eid, who rushed into surgery and began to work on his patient.

“More dead than alive,” said Fried, who came to assist.

So did a Palestinian anesthesiologist from the West Bank, who worked alongside Muslim, Christian, ultra-Orthodox Jewish and secular doctors and nurses, some from Israel, some from the Jewish settlements, others from Palestinian towns.

When the patient was stabilized, Eid went briefly to the waiting room to speak with the patient’s father.

Eid told him: “Listen, your son is still alive. It’s going to be okay.” Eid noticed the father was a religious Jew.

“I told him my name is Ahmed Eid, I’m director of surgery. Then I made a joke, I guess. I said, ‘An Ahmed stabbed your son, and an Ahmed is going to save your son.’ ”

Both doctors said they never ask whether the patient who comes through the door is a victim or an assailant.

“We don’t ask who you are. We treat the terrorist the same as we treat the victim,” Eid said.

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It’s because you can’t make peace with one side determined to annihilate you.

Survey finds each side perceives the other as constituting a threat to its very existence.

Old City of Jerusalem‏

A Jewish woman gestures at a Palestinian in the Old City of Jerusalem‏. (photo credit:FINBARR O’REILLY / REUTERS)

Israelis and Palestinians are increasingly pessimistic about reaching a deal for a two-state solution, a joint poll released Wednesday revealed.

According to the findings, following the summer’s conflict, 50 percent of Israelis and 38% of Palestinians support a permanent settlement package along the Clinton parameters and the Geneva Initiative, which includes a divided Jerusalem and territorial swaps for a final border agreement. However, these findings represent a drop in support for a package deal – down from 54% among Israelis and 46% of Palestinians in December of 2013.

The survey was conducted by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah, with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Given the Gaza war and the recent tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank, just 7% percent of Israelis and 24% of Palestinians think the two sides will soon return to negotiations.

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Muslim inter-faith dialogue.

Because lets face facts, the Arabs are Islamic supremacists, who are even more insidious than the KKK, though while overtly racist, sought for separation of the races, while the Islamic Arabs and fellow religionists not only want separation, but complete destruction of the Jews and anything non-Muslim.

Clashes rock flashpoint Jerusalem mosque compound

A member of the Israeli security forces aims tear gas in front of graffiti on Israel’s controversial separation barrier during clashes with Palestinian protestors on November 2, 2014 at the Qalandia checkpoint (AFP Photo/Abbas Momani)
 AFP24 minutes ago

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli police clashed with stone-throwing Muslim protesters inside Jerusalem’s flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound on Wednesday, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said.

“Dozens of masked protesters threw stones and firecrackers at security forces who then entered the Temple Mount and pushed the demonstrators back inside the mosque,” the spokeswoman said, using the Jewish term for the compound, which is revered by both faiths.

The clashes quickly spread into the alleys of the surrounding Old City, an AFP correspondent reported.

Near Lions’ Gate, one of the seven entrances to the historic heart of annexed Arab east Jerusalem, Israeli police fired tear gas and percussion grenades to disperse a large crowd of angry Palestinians.

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The problem with allowing any form of Islamic jurisprudence (sharia law) to deliberate cases with actual verdicts, couldn’t be clearer.

State agencies, including the police, are loathe to get involved in issues of inter-Bedouin law; it’s a sensitive, and potentially explosive issue. The traditional Bedouin legal system has no recourse for appeal. Most Bedouins are committed to the system and are afraid to go against it, fearing that opposition would hurt the Bedouin tradition, and they themselves could be targeted for non-payment of damages or fines.
A source in the Bedouin sector said of the issue that, “It’s time that the state intervenes and stops this joke called ‘Haq ​​Al-Arab.’ There are courts in Israel, and they alone are supposed to be the only jurisdiction in the State of Israel.”

NOTE: His ”dignity” was hurt, because he was filmed dancing with ”the Joooos”. Instead of standing up for his supposed friendship with Jews, he chooses to side with those who would murder them. This is a big wake up call for Jews who befriend Muslims, thinking that when the chips are down they’ll have their back, when in reality, there will be a knife in the hand.

Court Slaps $300K Fine on Israeli Bedouin Over Viral Facebook Video of Sheikh Dancing at Jewish Wedding

(screen shot)

Israeli Bedouin story 2. Photo Screenshot

OCTOBER 28, 2014

Author: Dave Bender

Israeli Bedouin story 2. Photo Screenshot.

A new desert storm is brewing up in the online Arab world, this time over a viral video of an Israeli Bedouin sheikh filmed celebrating at an orthodox Jewish wedding, Israel’s Ch. 2 News said Tuesday.

A Bedouin university student from the Negev village of Hurah shared a video on his Facebook pages showing his clan’s sheikh dancing and celebrating with other family and guests at the affair. Following criticism of the video, however, the sheikh turned to traditional religious authorities, who sentenced the young man to a 1.2 million shekel ($319,000) fine.

“They handed down a penalty as if I’d murdered five people!” the flabbergasted nursing student said. “The video had been online for ages,” he said, “so, all in all, all I did was share it,” the youth said, astonished at the uproar, and added that he was fearful for his safety.

After sharing the clip, and adding a hearty “Blessings and success!” hundreds of others watched the festive event, although many – including the sheikh – were less than amused at the perceived disrespect, not to mention sharing in a joyous Jewish occasion.

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Oh, now they want Israel’s help in containing a dangerous threat.

Israelis and Palestinians join forces to combat Ebola

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on October 7, 2014 (AFP Photo/Dan Balilty)

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli and Palestinian officials met at the weekend to draw up an action plan to prevent the Ebola epidemic from spreading to the territories they control, the Israeli military said Sunday.

“During the meeting (on Saturday evening), updates were exchanged between the parties, and transfer of information was agreed upon by way of additional meetings to take place in order to further track the issue,” said COGAT, the defence ministry unit responsible for Palestinian civilian coordination.

One proposal to combat the disease was for Israel to provide courses in advanced epidemiology for Palestinian and Jordanian medical staff, a health ministry official said on condition of anonymity.

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In a way, her attitude of the Arabs is as typical as it is understandable, they (the Arabs) commit atrocities at the drop of a hat and that’s what we’ve come to expect from them. On the surface, Arabs can be some of the nicest people on earth, and many a European is taken in by this warm display of hospitality, but cross one of their taboos, Islamic, cultural or otherwise, and your head will be handed to you on a plate.

Swedish ISM ‘peace activists’, one disguised as an orthodox Jew hamming it up with Kalashnikovs on loan from their Palestinian Arab buddy terrorists.

Swede ISM dressed as observant jew

I have no problem with the Arabs, but spare me the Europeans

A few weeks ago, a Palestinian threw a Molotov cocktail at a car driven by Jews on the road that connects east and west Gush Etzion. Miraculously, the mother managed to free her injured children from the car and they were taken to hospital in mild-to-moderate condition. The car was completely burnt-out.

Ever since, residents of east Gush Etzion have been picketing the nearby junction in order to encourage the Israel Defense Forces to maintain a regular presence there. An interesting addition to the usual mix of settlers, Arabs and soldiers has emerged in recent weeks – a group of leftist Europeans wearing vests with lots of pockets and keffiyehs tied around their necks.

Every party has a role to play in this roadside political theater. Our role is to stand underneath a shaded canopy and distribute bottles with flowers to drivers, as a way of showing that the bottles can be used for a more positive purpose than making firebombs. The Arabs’ role is to look like they’re being oppressed. The role of the IDF is to say they have insufficient manpower and that we are unnecessarily​ challenging them. The role of the newest actors, the Europeans, is ostensibly to protect the Arabs from us settlers.

I have no problem with the Arabs. They do what is expected of them. But I really don’t like these newest players. They are a group of people who don’t let the facts cloud their judgment – the fact that an attempt was made to burn us alive, and the fact that we are the ones under threat. We are invisible to them; as is our basic right to life. Most of the Arabs around us don’t want a war and don’t want to kill Jews. The Europeans incite them against us, and try to shatter the few moments of silence we get with general – and not particularly intelligent — criticism.

Last week a big party was held at the intersection. A huge tent was pitched, there was music and lots of alcohol. Soldiers asked us to move the tent and gestured towards the nearby field. The party organizer headed to speak to the Arab owner of the field, and asked him how much money he would like to rent out the space. The Arab told him he wouldn’t take any money for a one-night party. The next day, I saw a gathering of Europeans and Palestinians near the tent, and I’m willing to bet that they noted in their report that a Jewish tent was illegally erected on Palestinian land. But normal neighborly relations don’t make headlines or get photographed, and they don’t excite anyone. They can’t go home and say ‘Palestine? Oh, everything’s great there. Occasionally some Arabs try to kill some Jews, but apart from that they get along just fine.”

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This is an excellent video, and no one cuts through the dross (perhaps Netanyahu to a point) like Mordechai Kedar. He knows the Islamic/Muslim Arab mindset backwards and forwards. I would also posit the destruction of once Christian ruled Lebanon as a key example of the Islamic/Muslim Arab mindset in action as well. No non-Islamic political entity can be allowed in a region deemed part of Dar-al-Islam, and ”da var vill go on”.

Published on Nov 7, 2013

Dr. Kedar explains why there can never be peace as long as Palestinians are unwilling to recognize Israel. Dr. Kedar also reveals that Jerusalem has NEVER been an Arab or Muslim Capital in all of history.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar (Ph.D. Bar-Ilan U.) Served for 25 years in IDF Military Intelligence specializing in Arab political discourse, Arab mass media, Islamic groups and the Syrian domestic arena. A lecturer in Arabic at Bar-Ilan U., he is also an expert on Israeli Arabs.
– Jewish Journal

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Now this is an interesting proposal, game on.

Special thanks to Brian of London for the heads up. I believe that the PLO will find it difficult to dissuade the mayors of these cities from holding dreams of grandeur of running their own ‘city-states’.


Dr. Mordechai Kedar, the Director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam



Due to tribal rifts and local patriotism there will never be a successful unity government among the Palestinian Arab population centers in Judea and Samaria or Gaza. Like the PLO in the past, the PA/Fatah and Hamas do not represent the true ambitions of the majority of peaceful Arabs who just want a better future for their children within a traditional framework and local governance. The failed Two State Solution is rapidly heading to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

Successful Arab leadership must be independent, local and firmly rooted with a traditional and homogenous sociological foundation. Israel and the world should recognize and support local leadership in the Arab Palestinian population centers that desire lasting peaceful relations as independent city-states. Because of ongoing corruption and an overt anti-Israel agenda, the leaders of the PLO, PA/Fatah and Hamas have devoted almost a half century in a futile attempt to eliminate Israel and destroy all that her citizens have accomplished.

The eight city-states would comprise the areas of Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, Jericho, Tul-Karm, Kalkilya, the Arab part of Hebron and the Gaza strip. Local residents would become citizens of these eight independent countries. Any Arab leadership that attempts to circumvent or dominate the development of these Palestinian Emirates would inhibit a future of security and economic opportunity for the citizens of these eight independent countries.

The Arab refugee situation can only be solved if there is lasting stability in the region. In 1948 approximately 500,000 Arabs were uprooted in advance of an Arab attack on Israel. At the same time about 850,000 Jews were thrown out of neighboring Arab countries, and most of the Jewish refugees successfully resettled in Israel. The Arab refugees have since been discriminated against by the Arab countries in the region in conjunction with the biased policies of UNRWA, so not a single Arab refugee has ever been resettled. The former director of the refugee agency in Jordan, Sir Alexander Galloway, actually stated, “The Arab nations do not want to solve the Arab refugee problem. They want to keep it as an open sore… as a weapon against Israel.” The obvious failure of the peace initiatives, which have been based on false assumptions for so many decades, has only perpetuated the Arab refugee problem and human suffering.

Complex problems require simple, workable solutions. The development of the Palestinian Emirates is a viable alternative based on the sociology of the different clans and tribes in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. This initiative will bring about a stable peace to the region and added security for Israel.

Thank you for supporting the development of the eight independent Palestinian Emirates.



Arab ‘democracy’ = single party tyrannical rule.

If it were a Jew in an Arab country calling for the end of sharia and the Muslim state, he would have been dragged before a makeshift court and summarily executed (most likely murdered in a street full of mob vigilantes).

Why does Israel even bother with pieces of crap like Zahalka? He’s an elected official calling for the destruction of the state of Israel. Honestly, if not for  anti-Semitism, none of this crap would be going on, nor even allowed to begin. Throw his ass in the slammer, or at teh minimum, throw him out of the Knesset.

Arab MK: No peace without end to Zionist regime

04/07/2013 23:50

Balad chairman Zahalka tells ‘Post’ Israel has no future in Middle East; says he’s “quite sure” third intifada coming.

MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad)

MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad) Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski

Zionism is going to come to an end, as it “has no future in the Middle East,” Balad chairman Jamal Zahalka said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

“I am not a Zionist, I am an anti-Zionist,” he said.

Israel claims that it is a democratic country and that Arabs have rights and even Knesset members, Zahalka said. But Israeli Arabs are unhappy with this democracy and will continue to demand their rights, he said.

Zahalka sees the conflict as unsolvable as long as Israel exists as a Jewish state. At a recent conference in Canada he exclaimed: “In the long term there is no chance for democracy, peace and freedom without ending the Zionist regime.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and others have been suggesting to the media that the Palestinian issue is not the first Middle East issue that needs to be addressed, but rather the rising Islamist trend in the region, the Balad head said.

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Thank Lori for fleshing out the details.

First of all, all Israeli citizens are permitted to ride all Israeli transportation vehicles, whether they are Arab, Finnish or Lithuanian, Jewish, Muslim, Christian or Buddhist.

‘Palestinian Only’ Buses in Israel: Goebbels’ Big Lies are Back

Of course there are no “Jews only” roads in Israel, just as there are no Jews only buses or even ‘Palestinian only’ buses in Israel. But if you tell a big lie often enough, well, Goebbels was the master and look where that took us.


Afikim bus in Israel

Afikim bus in Israel
Photo Credit: Yori Yanover

The headlines roll out, the journalistic warfare continues, and the Jewish State once more is cast in the starring role of “evil, Apartheid empire.”  This time the story is that Israel is forcing the Arab Palestinians to ride separate buses from the ones Jewish Israelis ride.

The reality is exactly the opposite – there are no “Palestinian only” buses. Instead, with its new bus routes, Israel is reducing crowded buses, attempting to relieve ethnic tensions and security concerns, and is assisting Arab Palestinians enter Green Line Israel to work. But we’ll get to the facts – which exonerate Israel from “Apartheid” charges – in a minute. For right now you can rest assured that despite efforts to cast the Arab Palestinians in the role of Rosa Parks, a closer fit would be to cast the purveyors of this latest attack as peddlers of the Big Lie.

First, the hysteria:

One headline, from the magazine formerly known as Newsweek, and now known as – more accurately – the Daily Beast, “West Bank Buses Only the Latest in Israel’s Segregated Public Transport,” and one from the uber-leftist+972, “Israel’ new ‘Palestinian only’ segregated bus line,” and even the Israeli news media outlet YNet fans the flames: “Ministry launches ‘Palestinians only’ buses.”

The claims are exactly as you would expect them, and made by those whom you would suspect.  For example, Jessica Montell is the director of the anti-Israel, pro-Arab B’tselem Rights group. “Creating separate bus lines for Israeli Jews and Palestinians is a revolting plan,” Montell told Army Radio. “This is simply racism.”

And the far-leftist political Meretz party chairwoman Zahava Gal-On reamed Transportation Minister Israel Katz, demanding that he “immediately cancel the segregated lines in the West Bank. Separate bus lines for Palestinians prove that occupation and democracy cannot coexist,” she said.

What are the facts?

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Everything to do with self survival.

I suggest that the ”Yentas” from the Leftard ‘Women For Civil Disobedience’ organization, to put their money where their mouth is, and ride exclusively only on these Arab buses to show their true grit. Their escapades would last about three blocks.

UPDATE: Yisrael Medad,  who was interviewed in the article, has more on it at his blog.

Yirsael Medad, a spokesman for the Jewish Settlers Council, said Israelis felt justified in refusing to share buses with Palestinians because of Israel’s experience with suicide bombers.
“Since we ride buses with Arabs every day in Israel, it’s not a racist thing but for some strange reason, Arabs blow themselves up in buses and Israelis find that very unnerving,” he said. “If you were to ask some bright young radical, he would say forcing Arabs to ride Israeli uses would be a form of colonialism. Having their own buses should be very much welcomed as part of a state-building process.”


Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of racial segregation

Israel has been accused of encouraging racial segregation after a new Palestinian-only bus service was launched following objections by Jewish settlers who claimed Arab passengers were “a security risk”.

From Monday Palestinians travelling to day jobs into central Israel from the West Bank will be urged to board special buses at a checkpoint instead of the regular services used by Israelis.

The scheme was drawn up by the Israeli transport ministry after residents in two Jewish settlements complained that Palestinians travellers on the Trans-Samaria road – also known as Highway 5 – between the West Bank and Tel Aviv were a potential threat.

There were also reports of overcrowding and fights between Israeli and Palestinian passengers.

The transport ministry insisted the move was “designed to improve the service for Palestinians entering Israel”.

But some (TT edit: faux) human rights groups called it “blatant racism” that resembled South African-style apartheid.

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If they only spent more time developing themselves than in tearing down the Israeli side, they would have an oasis instead of a dunghill. The EU is also in on the fix as well.

Unfortunately Attilli has been able to convince the international community that Israel is to blame for the slow development of the Palestinian water sector. A good example is Abdelkarim Yakobi, the project manager in the department of water, transport and energy at the Office of the EU representative for the West Bank and Gaza. Yakobi, who was interviewed by Burkart, also blamed Israel for the slow development of the Palestinian water sector.

This is strange; if a Swiss graduate was able to get access to all the relevant information, why did the European Union, with all of its resources, not do the same? Had it done so there is no doubt the EU would have found out who really is to blame.


How water became a weapon in Arab-Israeli conflict

The conflict between the Palestinians and Israel is fought on many fronts nowadays.

The conflict between the Palestinians and Israel is fought on many fronts nowadays. This is the result of a change in strategy decided on by the current Palestinian Authority leadership in 2008. A 2008 report by The Palestinian Strategy Group, which advises the PA, called “Regaining the Initiative” formed the basis of this strategic overhaul in PA politics vis-à-vis Israel.

According to the report, the negotiation route standard between 1988 and 2008 was to be shut down indefinitely and terror (termed “resistance” by the PSG) would be replaced by a more sophisticated “threat power.” This would entail the refusal to cooperate and the push for boycotts.

Another important element in the new strategy was eliciting more third-party support and ensuring the Palestinian discourse would be the primary viewpoint in the discussion about the “Palestinian national project.”

Cognitive warfare, a form of propaganda, has become a successful element in this Palestinian attempt to elicit third-party support. Disinformation about the Israeli settlements in the West Bank spearheaded this campaign.

Today much of the world is convinced that the Israeli settlements are the main reason for the absence of peace.

But in many other fields, too, the Palestinian discourse dominates the international attitude toward the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The dispute about the water resources in the West Bank is a good example. The international community has been willfully misled by Palestinian propaganda on water issues.

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This is the crack we’ve been waiting for. Recognizing the wrong headed futility in the Arab position, this vastly important domestic newspaper’s editorial department at the Aamulehti, gets it right. They realize that Israel has been fighting for its existence and right to be an equal among nations in the region.

If the Arabs had taken a different route, accepted Israel and took to developing themselves along side the Jewish state, the region would be in much better shape. Continuing their war against Israel, will only lead to more sorrow and suffering on both sides.

NOTE: The ”Islam” element is completely left unexplored, but it is a start.

AAMULEHTI : “Arabs have wasted decades in hatred against Israel. The newest clash between the Islamist Hamas, which rules in Gaza, and Israel is a continuation in a long series of stupidities, of which the most miserable victims are the arabs.”

What have the Arab states won, by not recognizing the state of Israel in 1948, but took it as an arch enemy, wanting to destroy it from the face of the earth?

The Arab Spring, inspired by the free winds will bring self-critical and difficult questions, which has already been shown in the Arab press and elsewhere.

The Arab states have wasted hundreds of billions in the war against Israel.

What if they would have recognized the existence of Israel and used the saved money meant for war, in  education of the population, health-care and construction of infrastructure?

Writer for the Arab News,  Abdullateef Mulhim,  dares to doubt that Israel might be  the real enemy of the Arab world and the Arab people.

The Arabs’ own rulers, according to the author, have caused the Arab nations more atrocities, destruction and suffering than the Israeli army. As examples, he cites Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Yemen and Lebanon.

The real enemies of the Arab nations are corruption, lack of education, poor healthcare, as well as the level of freedom and lack of respect for human life, the author concludes.

Thus, the Arab world is in turmoil, despite its riches. Instead, Israel is a thriving democracy, and the most advanced scientific institutions, university excellence and infrastructure.

The living conditions of Palestinians in Israel, are usually better than their Arab brothers in the Arab world: they live longer, they have a much greater political and social freedoms.

This type of information has barely trickled the Arab nations thus far. Instead of information their minds are rooted in generations of deep hatred towards the enemy: Israel must be destroyed.

The Palestinians are hostages after decades of hatred sown .”Homeless”, they are useful against Israel, which continues in the propaganda war even when the guns do not speak.

Holding anger is a tremendous waste of human and material resources. News photographs of Gaza rubble from bombed out houses  tell of that lousy message.

All of it wraps around Israel’s right to exist. Arabs should recognize Israel, renounce terrorism and commit to a peaceful co-existence. Is it impossible for a turnaround?



 Jews simply wanted to visit it and all hell breaks loose.

I call that Islamic inspired religious supremacy and apartheid, as well as their being a bunch of nasty murderous minded folk.

Arabs Riot for Third Day on Temple Mount

For the third morning in a row, Arabs rioted on the Temple Mount, attempting to attack groups of Jews who sought to visit the holiest site in Judaism during the Sukkot holiday. Police again Thursday deployed large numbers of officers to keep the Arabs from attacking the Jews.

Police have reported that there were mild protests during recent days, butvideo footage showed dozens of young Arabs actively trying to attack Jews who were visiting the Mount. In one video, a Wakf official is seen threatening to break the camera of a Jew filming footage of the Arab rioters.

Earlier in the week, Arutz Sheva reported on a large Arab riot that greeted Jews who attempted to visit the Temple Mount on the first day of Chol Hamo’ed, the intermediate days of Sukkot. “When we went up on the Temple Mount, we were greeted with cries of ‘Allah is Great,’” said Asaf Fried, one of the members of a group that visited the Mount Tuesday. “The police again did nothing, even towards the end of the visit when the Arabs really came close to us and blocked our exit, shouting, ‘We will expel the Jews in blood and fire and will butcher Jews.’ The police still did nothing,” and the group of Jews escaped without harm, Fried said.

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The Tundra Tabloids was one of the first to stand up and give Irish film maker, Nicky Larkin a round of applause. I said then:

Here’s a film maker who has chosen to walk a lonely path in Ireland’s artist community, due to his awakening to the truth behind the Arabs’ conflict with Israel, which speaks greatly of his courage and moral compass. He’s been confronted with a reality that runs counter to the one carefully prepared for him by his peers and society at large.

Nicky Larkin not only challenges himself, but his countrymen as well, by sharing this completely different Irish perspective on the conflict. It’s a perspective rarely discussed in Ireland, let alone mulled over, which speaks greatly of the vice-grip hold anti-Israel forces have on that society. Larkin’s efforts offer a ray of hope that rational and reasonable debate on the conflict is indeed possible in Ireland, lets hope that his colleagues take up the challenge.

Now he has an op-ed out telling of his experiences since news of his film has come across the airwaves and print media.

The blogs and boards have been hopping

Nicky Larkin has received both private support and very public abuse since he wrote about his view of ‘the Israel issue’

‘I BET you’re a Protestant.” The opening line of an email I read as I horsed down my toast. A fine thing to say to a man from Birr. We’ve a lovely castle.

The previous week I’d written an article that was published in this paper. It explained how my political ideologies had shifted, following a seven-week stint in Israel and Palestine. I wrote how it wasn’t acceptable to have a difference of opinion on the Israel issue in this country. How being pro-Palestinian has become part of our Irish national identity. How the Left can be Right, as in right-wing.

The fall-out has been quite spectacular. I’ve been called everything from a Protestant to an agent of Mossad. Letters to the editor have been flying in since, like rockets from the Strip. But, unlike the rockets from Gaza, not all the letters have been sent with spleen.

I expected hate mail. And I got it. But I didn’t expect the support from a largely silent group of people — Irish people. It seems there are true liberals out there; people prepared to listen to both sides of the story. Unfortunately they are surrounded by foaming scarf-wearers, clutching their boycott sheets and Bic biros.

It’s the foam that gives the fear. Nobody wants to be bitten by a rabid dog. Or a Bic biro. So, as a result, the Irish support I’ve received has been largely by private correspondence. Strictly for health reasons. I’m contagious.

Private support, but very public abuse. The blogs and boards have been hopping. My favourite so far: “As far as Larkins go, Nicky is clearly more Celia than Jim.”

I like it. Funny, but loaded.

But the most interesting forum has been on Facebook. Since becoming an agent for Mossad, I have also turned my hand to international matchmaking. As a result of the article, new Facebook friendships have been popping up all over the place.

Women who wouldn’t be allowed to walk in public with

a man outside the internet cafe are now firm friends with chest-thumping provos. Bound together online by a mutual hatred of Israel.

Solid foundations are vital in any new relationship. I’m glad I’ve brought some love to the world. Unfortunately, none of this love has been extended towards my film. The mud-slingers have been quick to write off a film they haven’t yet seen. It seems in our bid to become a socialist state, we’re also doing Socialist Realism. But we drank too much Fanta at the party conference. Now we’re fully fledged Soviets, sending dissenters to Siberia. Online.

Stalin would be proud. He’d have loved Facebook these past couple of weeks. One of his pre-Facebook mates had some similar ideas on Jews in Germany in the Thirties, as some of the online sentiment shows in reaction to the article.

Is it too far a stretch to conclude that the rise of anti-Semitism on this island is in tandem with the death of a certain Tiger? Are we just bitter that there’s a financially thriving state out there? A financially thriving race? And, worst of all, one that doesn’t need our approval? Is that what we are really talking about when we dispute Israel’s “right to exist”? Or is it just plain old anti-Semitism?

Either way, we’ll all have something to say about it. On laptops, while eating toast.

‘Forty Shades of Grey’ will premiere in Dublin in May;

www.facebook.com/fortyshades ; www.nickylarkin.com


Couple the clampdown on free speech in which only the views from one side of the debate are ever heard, and the complete brainwashing of society with that one sided view, and you’ll have an Ireland completely at odds with Jewish self determination and the right to defend itself.

Here’s a film maker who has chosen to walk a lonely path in Ireland’s artist community, due to his awakening to the truth behind the Arabs’ conflict with Israel, which speaks greatly of his courage and moral compass. He’s been confronted with a reality that runs counter to the one carefully prepared for him by his peers and society at large.

Nicky Larkin not only challenges himself, but his countrymen as well, by sharing this completely different Irish perspective on the conflict. It’s a perspective rarely discussed in Ireland, let alone mulled over, which speaks greatly of the vice-grip hold anti-Israel forces have on that society. Larkin’s efforts offer a ray of hope that rational and reasonable debate on the conflict is indeed possible in Ireland, lets hope that his colleagues take up the challenge.

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Nicky Larkin: Israel is a refuge, but a refuge under siege

Through making a film about the Israeli-Arab conflict, artist Nicky Larkin found his allegiances swaying

I used to hate Israel. I used to think the Left was always right. Not any more. Now I loathe Palestinian terrorists. Now I see why Israel has to be hard. Now I see the Left can be Right — as in right-wing. So why did I change my mind so completely?

Strangely, it began with my anger at Israel’s incursion into Gaza in December 2008 which left over 1,200 Palestinians dead, compared to only 13 Israelis. I was so angered by this massacre I posed in the striped scarf of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation for an art show catalogue.

Shortly after posing in that PLO scarf, I applied for funding from the Irish Arts Council to make a film in Israel and Palestine. I wanted to talk to these soldiers, to challenge their actions — and challenge the Israeli citizens who supported them.

I spent seven weeks in the area, dividing my time evenly between Israel and the West Bank. I started in Israel. The locals were suspicious. We were Irish — from a country which is one of Israel’s chief critics — and we were filmmakers. We were the enemy.

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It could have ended up like this

These are the ‘fifth column’ Arabs that Israelis have to worry about all of the time. Look at the head of the soldier in the picture, you can clearly see that something was carved into his skull.

‘I felt they wanted to murder me’

Two off-duty IDF soldiers will likely never forget the trauma they endured early Saturday, when an Arab gang nearly lynched them in a vicious, unprovoked mob attack.

“At certain moments I felt my end was nearing,” one soldier told Yedioth Ahronoth, as shocking new details of the Haifa assault emerged Sunday.

Meanwhile, police arrested two additional suspects in connection to the assault. It is suspected at least six assailants currently in custody attacked the soldiers on the assumption they had hurled stones at their house earlier. Officers are currently of the opinion this was a case of mistaken identity.

“This is a very serious incident and we will hold a comprehensive investigation but it should be noted that this appears to be a case of pure hooliganism,” a Haifa police official said. The suspects will face a remand hearing at the Haifa Magistrate’s Court later on Sunday.

The two 19-year-old soldiers, who were back home for the weekend, decided to go out Friday night. During the outing, one of them felt intense pain in his arm and the two headed to Haifa’s Rambam hospital.

“After we parked the car, another vehicle approaching quickly stopped next to us,” one victim said. “They asked us whether we’re Jewish, and then started yelling ‘Jews, Jews.’ We ran in different directions but they chased us.”

“They caught up with me and started to beat me up with clubs all over my body. I felt they wanted to murder me,” he said. “I saw about 15 or 20 people and felt I was finished.”

Arabic words engraved on head
According to the second victim, the assailants came out of three vehicles equipped with clubs and metal rods.

“Seven or eight people grabbed hold of me, beat me up and kicked me all over my body,” he said. “They also tried to hit my head with a club, but I protected myself with my arms. That’s why my arms were pulverized. They hit also my head and pelvis with a rock.”

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