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“A horrible week. Italy. The U.S. now wants “settlement labeling”.  Trudeau couldn’t say “Jews” at a Holocaust memorial ceremony. France shoving Paleostinian statehood at us as a threat.

Italy Licks Rouhani’s Jackboots

Giorgio Vasari published his celebrated work The Lives of the Artists in 1551. In his life of Michelangelo, Vasari presented Michelangelo as a gift of the Divinity to the city of Florence to perfect the development of the arts. For over four and a half centuries, Western Italy and civilization agreed with Vasari that the arts were an aspirational and inspirational component of the drive to human achievement.

As of last week, however, the Italian government turned this cornerstone of European civilization into a shameful shibboleth, and disowned its own history and accomplishments.

The occasion was the visit of the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani. Bowing and scraping to the Islamic potentate, the Italians took their wine off the tables and put sculptures likely to offend Rouhani’s Shi’ite sensibilities under white boxes. Entertaining a Holocaust denier on International Holocaust Remembrance Day was a self-shaming bonus.

But the actions of the Italian government were more than an exercise in self-degradation; they were a clear signal that the Italians are willing to throw their support behind a fascist regime that represents a total rejection of the rest of the Western enterprise. Perhaps the government justified its cultural self-censorship in pursuit of trade deals as an insignificant sacrifice. This is the way deals with the devil begin, but they don’t end there.

France, which also entertained Rouhani last week, was not much better—they told Netanyahu that without meaningful negotiations very soon, they will recognize a “Palestinian state”. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that other nations will follow Italy and France in various degrees of flat-out bootlicking that go beyond just doing business.

The last time we saw this kind of toadying, Neville Chamberlain handed Central Europe to Hitler for “peace for our time.” By 1938, the Nazi regime’s policy towards the Jews was as well-known as Rouhani’s plans for Israel today. Following fast on the heels of Chamberlain’s kowtowing on September 30th was Kristallnacht on November 9th of that year.

Rouhani, a prolific Tweeter, offers platitudes for those who prefer to think reality is what they hope it is. Only today his Twitter account had this gem: “Iran has so much to offer the world as a top tourist destination; hence investment in aviation, hotels &railways [sic] is more important than ever.” Really? Only someone who lives his or her life under one of those Italian sculpture boxes would consider care-free touring in Iran, where any mullah’s excuse will make you a prisoner-pawn for negotiations.

I am sure there are plenty of things to see in Iran, including beautiful statue-free mosques, homosexuals hung in the streets, women stoned for adultery in the public square, and the glow of nuclear sites after sunset, but I think it is better to pass on these delights. I would prefer to visit the Bargello in Florence, which is full of sculpture that Rouhani and his ilk cannot stand. However, as a Jew, visiting Western Europe has become a less-than attractive option. Living there is an even poorer option; these days European Jews are wondering where they will go. These days a liberal attitude excludes Jews and especially Israel, that Jew among nations.

What is nominally known as world leadership has decided that it is easier to bootlick than to grow a backbone, and easier to kick Israel than state the truth about Iran (or any other Islamic theocracy). The U.N. is no stranger to this mode of behavior either, opting to censure Israel repeatedly while saying nothing and doing less about genocide perpetrated by Islamic actors.

Events are moving ever faster in the ascendancy of Iran as the hegemon in the Middle East. With over $100 billion added to its pockets thanks to Obama, as well as trade deals with Italy and others, Iran is now free to buy nuclear weapons and technology and fund its terror proxies worldwide. There is no realistic Western opposition to stop them.

Those who reject the spread of Islamic imperialism must double and triple down on their efforts to arouse the people and protest the actions of their weak and morally bankrupt governments and replace them with actual leaders. If not, we will see the long era of intellectual growth and achievement which began in the Renaissance draw to sputtering close—because its inheritors refused to defend it.


The EU is pathetic.

It’s only Jewish homes that the EU has problems with, not the Arabs.


IDF demolishes two EU funded illegal Palestinian structures

“Enforcement steps were taken against two illegal constructions which were built without a permit in Rass Azria,” the Civil Administration said.

The modular gray structures which were clearly marked with an EU logo housed area Beduins, that live near an unbuilt area of the Ma’aleh Adumim settlement, known as E1.

Just last week, right wing Israeli politicians had accused the IDF of failing to enforce building laws in that area.

Atallah Mazar’a, a representative of the Jabal Al-Baba Beduin community said that four structures were destroyed.


Courtesy of Professor Stephen Plaut for the translation from Hebrew:

Dafna Meir, the mother of six murdered yesterday, composed a prayer, published on her blog, based on her experiences in distributing medications to neurosurgery patients at Soroka Hospital (my translation):

May it be Your will, oh Lord, Who created the world and runs it with mercy and grace, that You bless me with the power to distribute medication to Your people of Israel who are in need of salvation, as well as to members of other peoples, under the care of Your faithful servants who perform sacred duties by day and by night, on sabbath and holidays, ceaselessly.

Let me be blessed to comprehend, to understand and to remember at all times that medication is a gift from You and work thanks to You. Let me be blessed to see their effects and to rejoice… Let me be blessed in learning to empathize with the sufferings of patients and let me serve in good health to help them with the tools You provide every day. Amen.

One side heals and loves, the other destroys and hates, how any Westerner could side with the Paleostinians is beyond me.
ramallah slaughter of idf soldiers


A truly obnoxious, sanctimonious jackass of a FM

margot wallström

The SDP and the rest of the Swedish political elite are just as bad

  • “It is a shame for Sweden to have a Foreign Minister who creates a diplomatic crisis as soon as she opens her mouth, and who so one-sidedly allies herself with anti-democratic forces against Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.” — Political analyst Mathias Sundin, in Aftonbladet.

  • “Wallström portrays [Palestinian President Mahmoud] Abbas as a pacifist who has denounced terrorism…. He has not condemned a single one of the murders of 20 Israelis during the last few months. On the contrary … Abbas said in September, regarding the violence against Israelis, that ‘We bless every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem’, and we know that every Palestinian assassin apprehended by Israel is rewarded by the Palestinian Authority. So how can Wallström claim that he denounces terrorism, when he is actually rewarding it with money from the Swedish taxpayers? … Is Wallström aware of the praising of terrorism? Is Wallström aware of the rewards paid to terrorists? Yes or no?” — Kent Ekeroth, Sweden Democrats Party.

It seems that pretty much everything is going wrong for Sweden’s Foreign Minister these days.

Margot Wallström, of the Social Democratic Party, ascended with much fanfare to the post of Foreign Minister in the fall of 2014. She had introduced a completely new concept: a feminist foreign policy. In the Statement of Foreign Policy of 2015, she asserted that “A feminist foreign policy is now being formulated, the purpose of which is to combat discrimination against women, improve conditions for women and contribute to peace and development.”

One year later, we now know the outcome: “Feminist foreign policy” is not so much about protecting women’s interests, as it is about fawning over the Arab states and the Palestinians — and constantly attacking Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

Zvi Mazel, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden from 2002-2004, wrote for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on December 14, that,

“The Swedish Social Democratic Party is not known for its sympathy toward Israel. Its current duo of leaders, however, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, have gone overboard and are waging a systematic campaign against Israel… Although the recognition of a Palestinian state was a continuation of the Swedish left’s hostile policy toward Israel, it was also aimed at the country’s large Muslim minority — comprising about 700,000 people — with the aim of attracting Muslim voters to the party in the next elections. During my diplomatic tenure in Sweden in the early 2000s, all my efforts to conduct a dialogue with that party fell on deaf ears. … the two countries’ relations have turned into a cycle of altercations.”

Is Ambassador Mazel right? Let us take a look at what the Swedish government, and its current Foreign Minister, have said and done.

On October 30, 2014, there was the unilateral recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state. The same day the government made its decision, the Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter,published an opinion piece by Wallström:

“Today’s recognition is a contribution to a better future for a region that has too long been characterized by frozen negotiations, destruction and frustration. Through our recognition, firstly, we want to support the moderate forces among the Palestinians: Those that are set to govern the complex formation of a Palestinian state, and those who are about to return to the negotiating table.

“Secondly, we want to facilitate an agreement by making the two parties in these negotiations more equal. The goal is for Israel and Palestine to exist within mutually recognized borders, based on the borders of 1967 and with Jerusalem as the capital of two states, only allowing land swaps if both parties negotiate it.

“Thirdly, we hope to contribute to giving more hope and belief in the future to the young Palestinians and Israelis who otherwise risk radicalization in the belief that there are no alternatives to violence and the status quo.”

The reactions came immediately. As soon as Prime Minister Löfven made his Statement of Government Policy, and made public his new government’s intention of recognizing Palestine, the Israeli Foreign Ministry called in the Swedish ambassador to Israel to protest the decision, and Israel’s then Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, was openly critical. The same night,word came that Israel called home its current ambassador, Isaac Bachman. Lieberman even said that he was considering removing the Stockholm embassy permanently, thereby downgrading Israel’s diplomatic connections with Sweden. This move, however, did not happen.

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About time!

clapping orson


Israel ‘bans’ Swedish visit over deaths row

Israel 'bans' Swedish visit over deaths row

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

Published: 13 Jan 2016 07:51 GMT+01:00

The Times of Israel reported on Wednesday afternoon that Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely had declared that Stockholm officials were no longer welcome in the country following controversial statements by her Swedish counterpart.

“Israel is closing its gates to official visits from Sweden,” the newspaper quoted Hotovely as saying.

But a spokesperson later confirmed to Swedish newswire TT that the ban only extended to Wallström herself.

More here. H/T: Fjordman


good buddy of mine once coined many years ago the phrase: “If not for Jew hatred, the War Against Israel could never exist.” It still holds true to this day. 

If not for outright hatred of the Jews, the Arabs could have lived in peace and in harmony with them. There could have been not just one ”Paris of the Middle East” (Beirut, which is now a Heznazi stronghold) there could have been multiple numbers of them dotting the region, all helped by the little dynamo that is called Israel.

The End Of The Green Line

You know what has ended? Widespread acceptance in Israel of the lie that towns and villages one hour’s drive from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem are the main thing keeping alive the Palestinian desire to kill us.

I think the average Israeli has got it. We can and should live, as Jews, wherever the damn we please in our land of Israel. Arabs who don’t try to harm us can too. That’s the new reality.

The Green Line Lie is over. It’s only a shrinking minority of increasingly extremist dinosaurs who cling to it.

I posted that on Facebook yesterday and it was prompted by a tour I took in the hearland of Israel last Thursday with Ryan Bellerose. We had a stop in a tiny place started 16 years ago where they farm nuts and fruits and run a music pub in the summer looking out on the edge of the desert. From barren rock they made things grow, building terraces and planting and composting to make the land good again. They certainly helped reverse the negative images of settlers that one journalist from The Telegraph in the UK had.

Neve Eretz with Ryan panorama view Binyamina
Neve Eretz panorama view

After one thousand years of neglect, suddenly Jews return to their indigenous land and it’s fruitful again.

This place, this hill top that has NEVER been lived on by anyone, with its newly hand made terraces, fruit trees and music pub, founded by two Jews, one whose family came from Iraq and the woman he met there and who became his wife: this is stopping the Palestinians from having their nation? It would be laughable if it wasn’t a kind of religious dogma believed by millions. This should be celebrated not condemned.

Neve Eretz Cohen
Noam & Tehila

It’s a one hour drive from my home in Tel Aviv. It’s thirty minutes from Jerusalem. This is the problem? It’s surrounded by empty space. Nobody ever lived there. If they had there would be signs in the ground and if there were signs they’d almost certainly be Jewish.

So why can’t Jews live there? We’re indigenous to all these lands and more besides. Nobody is seriously saying we should invade and take back all of Trans-Jordan but neither do we need to be embarrased by the progress we’ve made rebuilding our homes on the sites so clearly mentioned in the bible and spoken of by our people for millenia.

What do we do with the descendents of Arabs who moved in (and probably a good many Jews who converted away)? How can we go on without giving them their precious country and citizenship? What about our oppressive occupation?

Yes I’m fine with belligerent and rebellious people not receiving the honour of full citizenship in the ONLY free, functioning and safe state in the Middle East. They should be begging to earn back our trust.

More here @ Israellycool H/T: Brian of London


Not all Israeli Arabs support becoming a 3rd world islamo-hellhole, but far too many do.

“There are many among Muslim Israeli citizens who have come out against the violence and are crying out for full law enforcement in their towns. At the same time, we all know that there is wild incitement by radical Islam against the State of Israel in the Arab sector. Incitement in mosques, in the education system, on social media,” he said, vowing to continue efforts to stop the incitement.

Those are the words of someone who has a grasp on the situation, at least understanding the threat of allowing sustained incitement within the muslim community. The bloviating Tel Aviv mayor, well, what his solution? Crickets chirping.

Tel Aviv mayor on PM’s response to shooting: ‘His thesis has blown up in his face

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the site of the shooting on Dizengoff, January 2. 2016.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the site of the shooting on Dizengoff, January 2. 2016.. (photo credit:HAIM ZACH/GPO)

Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai said in an interview with Army Radio on Sunday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to provide security for the citizens of Israel. “I felt as though the man who was standing in front of me was frustrated that his thesis has blown up in his face, and he has no idea how to solve security problems,” said Huldai, referring to Netanyahu.

Huldai’s remarks came after Netanyahu’s comment’s on Saturday, which accused some Arab-Israelis as having dual loyalty to both the Israeli and the Palestinian cause.

“He is looking for others to blame in this situation,” said the mayor. “I felt that he is a person who has no answers, and instead of addressing the nation and telling them that, he lashes out at a different population.”

On Saturday, the prime minister visited the site of Friday’s shooting on Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street.

“There are many among Muslim Israeli citizens who have come out against the violence and are crying out for full law enforcement in their towns. At the same time, we all know that there is wild incitement by radical Islam against the State of Israel in the Arab sector. Incitement in mosques, in the education system, on social media,” he said, vowing to continue efforts to stop the incitement.

The prime minister said he is unwilling to have a state within a state in Israel, in which some citizens live in “enclaves with no law enforcement, with Islamist incitement and an abundance of illegal weapons that are often fired at happy events, weddings, and during endless criminal incidents.”

“That time is over,” Netanyahu declared.

Netanyahu said he, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Police Insp.-Gen. Roni Alsheich put together a plan to dramatically increase law enforcement services in Arab areas throughout the country, including building more police stations and recruiting more police officers.

“We will demand loyalty to the laws of the state from everyone,” he stated. “One cannot say ‘I am Israeli in my rights and Palestinian in my responsibilities.’ Whoever wants to be Israeli, must be Israeli all the way, with rights and responsibilities, and the first and foremost responsibility is to follow the laws of the state.”

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It’s not called a “fifth column” for nothing.

Newsflash, Israel has always been a target of jihad, that this islamonazi managed to get a (real) assault weapon, and use it, owes more to a crack in the intelligence community’s early warning radar system than to anything else (PC politics at play here?). That he wanted to save his own life by fleeing doesn’t necessarily mean he has nothing against being a shaheed, it’s just that he wasn’t quite finished with his overall murder spree.

NOTE: The koran in his backpack should be a good indicator for his motivation to murder Jews.

Tel Aviv shooting may have been Israel’s first taste of Paris-style jihadism

Nashat Milhem, a 29-year-old Israeli, doesn’t quite fit the profile of a Palestinian terrorist. Is Israel becoming vulnerable to a new kind of homegrown terror?

BY AVI ISSACHAROFF January 3, 2016, 9:00 am
Memorial candles spell out the names of victims Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi, outside the Simta pub on Dizengoff Street in central Tel Aviv, on January 02. (Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)
Memorial candles spell out the names of victims Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi, outside the Simta pub on Dizengoff Street in central Tel Aviv, on January 02. (Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)Memorial candles spell out the names of victims Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi, outside the Simta pub on Dizengoff Street in central Tel Aviv, on January 02.

At this point in the investigation, while the main suspect in Friday’s attack in Tel Aviv has yet to be apprehended, it is hard to see many similarities to the Palestinian terror attacks we have known in the last three months, or even in past years.

If the attack was indeed carried out by Nashat Milhem, a 29-year-old Israeli citizen from Arara, a village in northern Israel — as police suspect — then it is not part of the “third intifada,” or an attempt to identify with the Palestinians. It’s different in style, in method, in the attacker’s flight from the scene. It wasn’t a suicide attack, or the sort of self-sacrificial attacks that took place in 2001, when armed Palestinians would charge restaurants or other entertainment venues and shoot indiscriminately until they were shot dead.


Was Nashat Milhem inspired by IS? Possibly. The Shin Bet busts cells or individuals planning to launch Islamic State-inspired attacks on an almost weekly basis. Islamic State succeeded in inspiring more than a few Arab Israelis to go fight in Syria and Iraq. It is possible others prefer to remain in Israel and murder apostates here, rather than make the long journey to the lands of IS. It is possible that, in the end, someone from the Israeli Arab community will be able to evade and penetrate Israel’s imperfect intelligence coverage in order to carry out an attack of this sort.

Islamic State’s own leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, emphasized the importance of the Palestinian theater in his last public address, even vowing to attack the Jews, so it is not unreasonable to conclude that the speech may have inspired a few bad seeds in the Arab Israeli community, or even a single bad seed who reportedly already suffered from other problems, including a drug habit.

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Massive snowstorm hits Israel

Just as predicted gale force winds and rain pelt the country, with snow in the offing and Mt. Hermon in the north already covered in white.

By Ari Yashar  First Publish: 1/1/2016, 7:31 AM

Mount Hermon already covered in snow

Mount Hermon already covered in snow
Basel Awidat/Flash 90

Israel has been bracing for its first massive snowstorm of the year, and on Friday the weather did not disappoint, with gale force winds and heavy rains visiting upon various regions, and Mount Hermon in the north already under heavy snow since late Thursday.

As of 7 a.m., Mount Hermon, Israel’s only ski site, had already recorded around 30 centimeters (nearly 12 inches) of snow on the lower levels of the mountain alone.

On the upper reaches of the mount, a full 60 centimeters (over 23 inches) had already fallen, with the snow anticipated to only get heavier throughout the day. The temperature in the morning hours has remained below 0° C (under 32° F). Mount Hermon is to remain closed over the weekend due to the growing snowstorm and road closures in the region.

Snow has started falling from the morning hours also on the mountains in the Golan Heights where it is expected to reach 20 centimeters (just under 8 inches), and is likewise predicted to spread to the Galilee later in the day where 15 centimeters (just under 6 inches) are anticipated.

The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) rose 3 centimeters (just over 1 inch) in the morning hours, with at least 60 millimeters (over 2 inches) of rain falling in the morning in the Upper Galilee and the Golan, with a similar quantity falling in the Jerusalem area mountains.

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Necessary questions needed to be asked.

If the French Socialists are defeated in future parliamentary and presidential elections, should Israel indeed have any preference for contacts with them over the Front National? The very act of voicing such a question may seem heretical to many due to long term cultural constraints, but given the ruling Socialists’ recent negativity toward Israel in the international arena, it must be asked. It is clear that in the event Israel does choose to develop contacts with the FN, the connection should be built up very gradually, constantly reviewing that party’s attitudes on issues important to Israel. This is particularly true if Jean Marie Le Pen returns to the party.


Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldThe recent regional elections in France have once again confirmed that the right wing Front National (FN) has become a major force in the country’s politics. In the first round it won 28% of the vote, more than any other party, coming first in six of the thirteen French regions.1 However in the second round, the FN did not win in any region. This was due to several factors, primarily the elimination of small left wing and right wing parties which had not passed the voting threshold, the significant increase in the number of voters and the withdrawal of Socialist lists in two of the regions. Even though the FN has not achieved control of any region, its tally of 6.7 million votes in the second round has set a new record for the party.

Many French Jews have consistently watched the FN with great suspicion. Its founder, the now 87 years old Jean Marie Le Pen, has always been an outspoken anti-Semite, and frequently minimized the importance and extent of the Holocaust. In April 2015 he called Nazi gas chambers a “detail” of history. The older Le Pen was condemned several times for anti-Semitic statements. He was expelled from the FN in August 2015.2

Marine Le Pen, his daughter, has been FN party leader since 2011. In an interview with the German weekly Der Spiegel she explained her views.3 The younger Le Pen is in favor of bringing back the French franc to replace the Euro. She wants France to exit from the European Union. The party is against globalization, and seeks to pursue an economic policy with strong isolationist elements.

The FN does not mention Muslims specifically, but is explicitly anti-immigration and non-integration. Le Pen has come out against alternative school menus which do not contain pork, for example.4 In 2010 she compared Muslims praying in the street to the German occupation of France. It led to a court case, in which she was acquitted.5

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Yeah, in that state which supposedly practices institutionalized bigotry against Arabs.

The five justice Supreme Court of Salim Joubran, Neal Hendel, Uzi Vogelman, Isaac Amit and Zvi Zilbertal cut his jail sentence considerably after many observers believed he was given an overly harsh sentence even given the bribery convictions.

Supreme Court sends Olmert to slammer with reduced sentence

The Supreme Court on Tuesday partially accepted Ehud Olmert’s appeal of his spring 2014 bribery convictions, but he will still become the first prime minister in history to go behind bars.

The court knocked out one of Olmert’s convictions for taking an NIS 500,000 bribe, but convicted him of taking a NIS 60,000 bribe. He will serve only 18 months, rather than the six years he was originally sentenced to. Olmert was set to begin serving his sentence on February 15, 2016.

If he had won on appeal, he would have reversed a string of losses over the last approximately 18 months, and escaped the longer of the two jail sentences hanging over his head.

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Uh…Daily Mail, it took place in Judea/Samaria and it’s occupied, but not by Israel, but by islamonazi Arabs.

Two Palestinians shot dead after stabbing Israeli soldier in second attack in one day

The bodies of two Palestinians, aged 17 and 23, who the Israeli military said stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier, lie on the ground after they were shot dead by Israeli forces  near the West Bank city of Nablus

The bodies of two Palestinians, aged 17 and 23, who the Israeli military said stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier, lie on the ground after they were shot dead by Israeli forces  near the West Bank city of Nablus

  • Two Palestinians shot dead after attacking Israeli soldier on West Bank
  • Palestinian health ministry have named them as a boy, 17, and a man, 23
  • Earlier on Sunday, a Palestinian man stabbed a soldier in Jerusalem 

Israeli forces have shot two Palestinians who stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank on Sunday, the army said.

The attackers, named by Palestinian authorities as two male relatives aged 17 and 23, died at the scene in Huwara, near Nablus, in the northern West Bank.

The incident was the second attack on Sunday, and followed a stabbing of an Israeli soldier at a bus stop in Jerusalem, where the attacker was detained.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said the two Palestinians killed were 17-year-old Mohammed Sabaaneh, and Nur Eddine Sabaaneh, 23, from Qabatia near Jenin in the north of the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

‘Forces on site responded to the imminent danger and fired towards the attackers, resulting in their death.

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Reports that a Katyusha rocket has landed near the city of Nahariya: No one was injured



Now if we can only get their focus on N.Cyprus.

Notice how quickly they backtracked and were fearful over Wallström’s (unbeknown to her at the time) dissing of sharia law in her criticism of Saudi jurisprudence and social laws. They dig in their heels with the Jews however.

International law prof.Eugene Kontorovich is having a field with them in his twitter feed:

Sweden in hot water again over foreign policy

Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The Swedish government’s foreign policy made headlines again on Monday, after Foreign Minister Margot Wallström took a stance against an EU court’s annulment of a trade agreement with Morocco, over the latter’s occupation and annexation of mineral-rich Western Sahara.

It appears that within the EU, Sweden stands alone against the annulment, which would seek to prevent exports from the territory being sold in the EU, as has been occurring under the agreement since it was signed in 2012.

Swedish domestic opposition parties have heavily criticized the government for its stance, reminiscent to the growing unease inside the country at the government’s strong support for the labeling of Israeli settlement products, which has been likened to tacit encouragement of a boycott.

The government’s position on the Morocco trade agreement appears to radically depart from its line on West Bank labeling. In the case of Israel, Wallström has regularly been seen as a major driving force inside the EU for harsher measures against the Jewish state.

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The BDS movement is just anti-Semitism dressed up in new rags.

Those of you who regularly follow this blog have seen me, from time to time, calling out the BDS movement for its overt hypocrisy in leveling their sanctimonious rage exclusively at Israel. They demonize the tiny state for daring to defend itself, call for a boycott of its products while turning a blind eye to states who are real violators of human rights.

This Czech MEP faces down Marxist Federica Mogherinithe EU’s fake Foreign Minister who rushed to stinky Yasser Arafat’s aid during the Arab’s second jihad against the Jewish state of Israel.

Watch how this woman completely ignores the Czech MEP while he addresses her. She’s contemptible, as are all the other EU lapdogs and sycophants.

h/t:  Vlad


…you, Mrs. Mogherini, have decided to harm our main ally in the Middle East, Israel, and are forcing it to label products that these are Jewish products from the West Bank!  You wouldn’t dare [force] Russia to label Crimean products, or China to label Tibetan products, or Turkey to label products from the North Cyprus Turkish Republic! You dare [to do this] to Israel and I am ashamed of this policy!



In 2015, Israel is under constant assault in an asymmetrical war to demonize, delegitimize and deny her history, deny her values, deny her very right to be counted as an equal among the nations,” he said.

All Jews are targets, from the streets of Jerusalem to the campuses of our universities. How should lovers of Zion respond? By telling the truth, the truth about an unparalleled love affair between the people and its homeland.”

UNESCO exhibit showing Jewish roots in Israel opens at Knesset

Knesset hosts Simon Wiesenthal Center-UNESCO exhibit on 3500 years of Jewish roots in Israel, a first for the UN.

By Arutz Sheva Staff

First Publish: 12/1/2015, 8:12 PM

UNESCO Exhibition

people book land

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, acclaimed author of over 20 books and a frequent Arutz Sheva columnist, is considered today’s foremost expert on anti-Semitism. In fact, a review of his recent and timely book on modern day anti-Semitism, The War of a Million Cuts, can be read on Arutz Sheva.

It was only natural, then, that he attended this week’s opening in the Knesset of the Simon Wiesenthal Center-UNESCO exhibition “People, Book, Land: The 3500 Year Relationship of the Jewish People to the Holy Land.”

Another reason for his attendance was that the author of the exhibition was his late good friend, Prof. Robert Wistrich, head of Hebrew University’s Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism and a world-famous expert on the subject as well, who died suddenly several months ago.

At the event, chaired by Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Center and hosted by Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein (Likud), the Simon Wiesenthal International Leadership Award was granted to Dr. Gerstenfeld and to Danielle Wistrich in memory of her late husband

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Dr. Gerstenfeld  said that he had had no idea that the honor was to be conferred upon him until he arrived at the Knesset, and, talking about his friend, stressed the importance of a visual exhibit that can show the Jewish people’s connection with the land from the dawn of its history and the centrality it has in Jewish tradition.

Rabbi Cooper said that Israel’s need to respond to the world’s delegitimization and denial of Jewish historical rights in its land was the motivating factor leading the Wiesenthal center to initiate the exhibition, convince UNESCO to back it and charge Prof. Wistrich with creating it.

In 2015, Israel is under constant assault in an asymmetrical war to demonize, delegitimize and deny her history, deny her values, deny her very right to be counted as an equal among the nations,” he said.

All Jews are targets, from the streets of Jerusalem to the campuses of our universities. How should lovers of Zion respond? By telling the truth, the truth about an unparalleled love affair between the people and its homeland.”

“Our truth-teller, of blessed memory, was a respected scholar and a prolific author”, he continued, alluding to the late Professor Wistrich. “For decades, armed only with the truth, Robert took on intellectual anti-Semites and a world largely apathetic to history’s oldest hate.”

This is the first time, thanks to the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s efforts, that the United Nations has hosted an exhibit that outlines the rationale for the UN decision to grant recognition to a Jewish state in the land of Israel. The exhibition was originally scheduled to open on January 20 of this year, but the opening was cancelled due to pressure from Arab UNESCO delegates, who argued it would disturb Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. There remained “unresolved issues relating to potentially contestable textual and visual historical points, which might be perceived by Member States as endangering the peace process,” UNESCO said in a January 17 press release.

This is such a betrayal. To do it in this way is so disgraceful,” Wistrich had responded, but the event was postponed and finally opened in Paris in June. After the postponement, the US State Department decided to become a cosponsor of the exhibition, joining Israel, Canada and Montenegro.

The exhibition consists of 24 panels of about 800 words each, detailing various aspects of the Jewish people’s connection to Israel throughout the generations, showing clearly that there was always a Jewish presence in the land of Israel.

The exhibition is to travel to various countries around the world and is due to open in the Vatican on Wednesday.


Screw the EU, ya bunch of Jew hating hypocrites!

collapsing EU

But EU – ChiCom relations couldn’t be better, in spite of their real occupation and genocidal tyranny of Tibet/Tibetans.

Label Europe anti-Israel: The EU is poised to make a huge mistake and hand the BDS movement a major victory

Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 4:09 PM

Delegitimizing Israel

On Wednesday, the European Union is slated to officially announce guidelines mandating the labeling of products from Israeli settlements. This form of economic warfare unfairly targets the Jewish state and lays the foundation for a comprehensive boycott. Put simply, the EU’s punitive act is discriminatory and undercuts the peace process with the Palestinians.

Former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. and current Knesset member Michael Oren put it bluntly last week” “The EU decision to label Israeli products is anti-Semitic.”

To expose the absurdity of the EU sanction — and reciprocate in kind — Oren placed “Made in Europe” stickers on products in an Israeli supermarket.

As he put it: “There are dozens of border disputes and ‘occupations’ in the world, but the EU decided to single out Israel. They are not labeling products from China, India or Turkey — only Israel.”

Eugene Kontorovich, a professor of law at Northwestern University and an expert on the EU’s anti-Israel economic policies, told me the bloc is mandating discriminatory labels on Israeli products at the same time it is actively fighting in court to be able to continue labeling goods from Western Sahara as “Made in Morocco.”

The EU views Western Sahara as not legally part of Morocco — just as it views the West Bank as not part of Israel.

The EU’s anti-Israel policy prompted a strongly worded bipartisan letter from 36 U.S. senators to Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy head. In the letter, sent by Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Ted Cruz, the lawmakers wrote: “We urge you not to implement this labeling policy, which appears intended to discourage Europeans from purchasing these products and promote a de facto boycott of Israel, a key ally and the only true democracy in the Middle East.”

Putting aside the EU’s singular treatment of Israel, it ought not be lost on us that Europe’s action comes precisely when Palestinians are engaged in a fresh wave of attacks on innocent Israelis.

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