File this under things Jews have to endure from well meaning non-Jews.

The seriousness of the reason of why they ere all there, offset by the stand-up comedy of the Ugandan president. It’s actually hilarious….but knowing the history of the that raid, I have to control myself.

H/T: Vlad

NOTE: I once sat in on a pro-Israel event organized by the local Finnish community where former Israeli Ambassador to Finland, Avi Granot, was invited to deliver a speech. The speech was wonderful, but felt odd since he was doing it in front of a massive cross made out of railroad ties. The blowing of the shofar only added to the oddity, though they meant well enough.



According to Israeli media reports, an anonymous bomb threat prompted Swiss authorities to send the F-18 jets to accompany the El Al flight.

El Al

An El Al airliner.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Swiss air force F-18 fighter jets were scrambled on Tuesday to accompany an El Al flight due to a bomb threat.

The flight from New York to Tel Aviv was over the Swiss-French border when the jets were scrambled.

Once the El Al plane passed out of Swiss territory, the jets returned to their bases and the plane continued on its way to Tel Aviv. The flight was scheduled to land at Ben Gurion Airport at 12:37 p.m. local time.

According to Israeli media reports, an anonymous bomb threat prompted Swiss authorities to send the F-18 jets to accompany the El Al flight.

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The Journal for the Study of anti-Semitism has published a lengthy review on Dr.Gerstenfeld’s book The War of a Million Cuts.

Pragmatic, Prudent, Prolific

Manfred Gerstenfeld’s The War of a Million Cuts: The Struggle Against the Delegitimization of Israel and the Jews, and the Growth of New Anti-Semitism (RVP Press 2015) 504 pp. $29 paper

Sheri Oz* One small paper-cut on a finger is painful and distracting; a million of them inflicted onto one’s entire body surface would be unbearable. With growing virulence, this is what Jewish people face today observes Manfred Gerstenfeld.

Manfred Gerstenfeld has a singular ability to tackle this topic in a way not many others could. He has academic degrees in chemistry, economics, the environment and Jewish Studies. With such a broad interdisciplinary background, he brings both scientific and goal-oriented processing to a number of contemporary problems. Perhaps its his pragmatic problem-solving approach from years as a corporate consultant mixed with holism that allow for creative new solutions and thinking “outside the box.”

Defining the Problem

The first step in solving a problem is defining it. Is the problem growing antisemitism? Is it reawakening of antisemitism that has lain dormant, in at least part of the world, for a few decades after World War II? Is it the metamorphosis of antisemitism into anti-Israelism? Or are these just facts of life whereby the problem should be defined as the lack of an effective approach to combating antisemitism/anti-Israelism? Why does this make a difference?

If the problem is antisemitism, then we are going to spend a lot of time studying the issue of antisemitism. If the problem is lack of an effective approach to combating antisemitism, then the focus of our attention is directed toward studying alternative pathways for fighting it. This may seem like a small distinction but given the fact that there has, to date, been no coordinated effort for confronting global hatred toward the Jews and demonization of Israel, it seems the time is ripe for a focus on action.

I can make this clearer with a specific example. Defining the problem as antisemitism per se results in forums with recommendations such as those summarized in The Action Plan for Combating Antisemitism in 2013 and Beyond. 1 In this report, distinguished faculty and experts offered recommendations for fighting global antisemitism but to my knowledge, no action was taken. A recipe 2 ripe for inaction–there was no overall strategy and no evaluation procedures for assessing positive and negative results. Success in the anti-Israel propaganda war will not emerge from working groups such as these. What is required is a sustainable program that has been provided with the budget necessary for mobilizing all the resources that can be brought to bear in the international arena in which the war is being waged.

Recipe for Action

We can look at Gerstenfeld’s The War of a Million Cuts as a collection of small volumes on a shelf, the Introduction and the final chapter serving as bookends holding it all together. In his Introduction he defines the problem when he states:

It is the responsibility of Israel’s government to defend its citizens from all types of attacks. This should be true for the propaganda war – also called “political war” – as well. However, despite the great intensity of this major battle against Israel in the current century, no comprehensive and systematic approach has yet been undertaken by the Israeli government to fight it. (14)

The final chapter is entitled: “How to Combat Demonization of Israel.” Contained in these 35 pages, is a counterpropaganda blueprint detailing what needs to be done and how to do it in order to successfully overcome the war of words on Israel. Gerstenfeld points out that no other nation has been globally demonized as has Israel. And the need to invent something out of nothing, is something Israelis can do–they did it with a desert–they can do it with words.

The substance of the book is a treatise on a modern history of antisemitism and conflation of open antisemitism with anti-Israelism, symbols easily recognized as antisemitic have been transformed and used in the demonization of the Jewish state. The material covers the playing fields in which Israel’s legitimacy is attacked: national and international bodies, academia, the media, faith groups and more. Its impact on Jews in Israel and the Diaspora are examined as is the phenomenon of Jews joining the fight against the Jews. It is a well-researched and documented compendium of the contemporary situation.

For many Jews involved in either Jewish community life or some form of pro-Israel activism, the material will not be totally new and will perhaps trigger, as it did for me, memories of personal encounters with antisemitism, making it heavy reading; at the same time, the wealth of information provides a depth of understanding and a wider context within which to comprehend the nature of Jew hatred and battle being waged against us.

Each chapter addresses a key issue in the propaganda war and each stands on its own merits. In fact, I was unable to read more than one chapter at a time. While I am no stranger to the phenomenon of antisemitism in both its pure and its recent anti-Israel form, I needed time to digest each chapter separately before going on to the next.

Fighting Contemporary Antisemitism: The Gerstenfeld Proposal

In contrast to extant approaches to fighting antisemitism which can be characterized as responding to events of the past and present, Gerstenfeld puts forward a structure that would also promote strategy and planning future developments. His proposal resembles military strategizing. In fact, he suggests that the body in charge of the anti-Israel propaganda war approach it in the same way as the Israeli security forces are now tackling cyber warfare.

While it may seem natural that the Foreign Ministry and the diplomatic corps engage in this war, our diplomats cannot be involved, according to Gerstenfeld. They have a distinct role to play on the international stage and cannot participate in anything that may negatively affect the relationships they 3 need to build in other nations. The anti-propaganda efforts must be run by professionals who are expert at dealing with an enemy and not with making friends.

The structure of the body fighting antisemitism/anti-Israelism would include three branches, each with its own personnel and tasks, as listed below:

1. Research Branch

  • a. Identification of:

i. Key motifs of demonization

ii. Origin of these attacks

iii. Main perpetrator categories in detail and interactions among them

iv. Means by which hatred is transmitted

  • b. Create profiles of leading anti-Israeli media and other actors
  • c. Anticipate medium and long-term societal and global developments in order to anticipate their impact on Israel and on the Jewish people as a whole

2. Monitoring Branch

  • a. Follow and document:

i. Incitement and aggression against Jews in specific countries (for example, had this been done, the antisemitism among the previous left-wing government in Norway could have been fought more effectively before it reached the extremes it has because there would have been a powerful Israeli agency to work together with local allies)

ii. Specific hate generating organs, such as media, extreme leftists, Muslim countries, Muslims in the west, Christians, NGOs, trade unions, fascists, academics, lawfare operators, etc

iii. Specific types of incidents, such as boycotts, divestments, sanctions, false accusations, application of double standards, false moral equivalence, scapegoating, and more. b. Establish a database of enemies into which to record the above

3. Operations Branch

  • a. Identify bodies best suited to respond to incidents and threat of incidents: government, NGOs in Israel or abroad, or even individuals (this was done successfully for Durban II, but not generally applied)
  • b. Devise campaigns for each case

Gerstenfeld also describes broad strategic principles that should underlie the anti-Israel propaganda war. I will list but a few of the twenty ideas:

–No more free lunches
– Every attack will be met by a counter attack.
–Sunlight is the best disinfectant
– Establish local blogs that would make valuable material available and facilitate exposure of anti-Israeli inciters in each locale.
–Use clear language
– Stop referring to the land beyond the armistice lines as “occupied territory” and call it “disputed territory”
— call the armistice lines just that, and not borders, refer to Jordan as the first Palestinian state and the current negotiations as considering giving rise to the second (Palestinian Authority-ruled) Palestinian state and possibly a third (Hamas-ruled) Palestinian state. Expose the lies and manipulations of a small number of big players (journalists, media outlets, politicians, NGOs, church leaders, academics) with the aim of destroying their reputations and many others will think twice before attacking Israel.
–Use resources efficiently
– Select the battles wisely.
–Encourage promising individual activists.

4. Is the Government Ready?

In May 2015, Gilad Erdan was appointed Minister of Public Security, Strategic Affairs and Information. In December 2015, Mr. Erdan appointed Sima Vaknin-Gil as Director-General of the Ministry The retired brigadier general brings 30 years air force intelligence and ten years as the IDF chief military censor to this endeavor. Together with a staff of eleven and an annual budget (2016) of approximately 100 million new shekels (23 million EUR/$26 million US) Dr. Gerstenfeld might have hand picked her to lead the campaign against demonizing Israel.

Erdan recently stated that every time Israel has been threatened in the past “we knew how to come together and fight it and we will do so now as well.” He was proud to announce that all government ministries are cooperating with the efforts of his office and that they are in the advanced stages of designing a working strategy. It even felt to me as if he was paraphrasing Gerstenfeld when he said: “Until now those who delegitimized Israel got away with it. That is about to change – there will be a price to pay.”

At the same conference, Vaknin-Gil addressed coordinating the activities of all organizations, government and otherwise, so that each contributes what it does best. “We have not succeeded yet in getting our [Israel’s] message across because we do not yet have a unified message.” As a first step in gathering together a team over and above ministry staff, she said that 300 people came forward when a call went out asking for volunteers.

Vaknin-Gil said that antisemitism cannot be overcome if we deal with it on an emotional level. Those who demonize Israel, “operate experientially and emotionally and we will work cognitively.” The statements I heard from Erdan and Vaknin-Gil offer new hope and encouragement in that they are strongly committed to take a stand on the international stage, both overtly and covertly.

We may eventually find out that Erdan and Vaknin-Gil have patterned their recommendations along the lines of Gerstenfeld’s final chapter in The War of a Million Cuts. His notions are simple and clear. Israel has taken a global lead in cyber warfare and intelligence. Using the experiences gained from our increasing cyber warfare capabilities, Gerstenfeld notes that “offensive” and “defensive” operations are now redefined while formerly disparate anti-Israeli groups are interlinked and cross-fertilizing. The same must occur if we are to succeed in the global war against Israel.

I can think of no better way to conclude this review than by quoting Gerstenfeld, himself in his penultimate page of this weighty tome:

If the delegitimization process with its million cuts [is successful,] it will have an additional consequence. Except for those committing the actual murders, few will feel responsible for what has happened. Not the many enemies who can claim that their individual contribution to the million cuts was insignificant, not the false friends who will say that they did not attack Israel, nor the many bystanders who looked away from the clear genocidal intentions proclaimed in parts of the Muslim world. At the same time, Israel will be accused of being responsible for its own fate because it turned the Palestinians (in reality a crime-permeated populace) into victims. All these lies together may flourish in an increasingly opaque society. (406)

None of this has to happen. There is no reason to be fatalistic unless the present Israeli incompetence in the propaganda war endures. It is not too late to turn the tables on Israel’s enemies. It requires, however, an effort that is radically different from what is taking place at present. Let us hope that Erdan and Vaknin-Gil are making just that effort.

*Sheri Oz is Haifa based author and psychotherapist who blogs on 1 Action Plan for Combating Antisemitism in 2013 and Beyond (accessed April 13, 2016) 2 Erdan lecture (accessed April 13, 2016)


Video of attack……..

UPDATE: Four Dead, 4 in Critical Condition from Tel Aviv Sarona Market Terror Attack

.”>Kaplan Street shooting
Kaplan Street shooting
Photo Credit: Screenshot

Four people are dead and 4 more are in critical condition and are being treated at Ichilov Hospital on Wednesday night, in a “Ramadan” terror attack in the Sarona Food MArket, on Kaplan Street in the heart of Tel Aviv. There are additional wounded. The attack happened just before 9:30 PM

According to eyewitnesses, the two Arab terrorists were sitting inside a restaurant dressed in their Ramadan finest clothing. They ordered food and then they stood up. They began shooting their Carl Gustav submachine guns at the other restaurant guests. One of them, after he emptied his gun, threw it down and the two started running.

Both terrorists have been neutralized. One was captured alive but seriously wounded and is undergoing surgery at Ichilov Hospital. The second one is now undergoing interrogation.

Police sappers are dealing with suspected bombs in the area.

Police issued a statement that the situation is under control, as both terrorists have been neutralized.

More here


YLE describes the Paleostinian areas as ”occupied”, yes, only in the sense that it’s occupied by the Islamonazi mindset.

Soini negotiates in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Moscow

On Monday Foreign Minister Timo Soini heads to Moscow after a busy week that has included meetings with Iranian, Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

Ministeri Timo Soini Yad Vashem -holokaustimuseossa Jerusalemissa 1. kesäkuuta 2016.

Soini donned a yarmulke at Israel’s main Holocaust museum on June 1. Image: Atef Safadi / EPA

Foreign Minister Timo Soini, the leader of the populist Finns Party, did not appear at Thursday afternoon’s government press conference as he is on a foreign trip. Standing in for him at the Helsinki announcement of possible tax cuts was Justice and Employment Minister Jari Lindström, who led the party’s parliamentary delegation until taking office a year ago.

Soini left Finland on Wednesday for a three-day visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The first day included meetings at the Knesset or parliament in Jerusalem, as well as a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum.

According to an official handout, Soini is to talk about bilateral relations, the peace process and regional situation in the Middle East and other topical matters with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

On his agenda are meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as the Palestinian Authority’s Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki.

Contrast to outspoken predecessor

The visit is timed to celebrate 20 years of educational cooperation between Finland and the Palestinian Authority, aimed at boosting access to education in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Soini, who describes himself as a devout Catholic and a friend of Israel – in contrast to his predecessor, Erkki Tuomioja. The long-time Social Democratic minister on several occasions drew Israeli ire over comments such as his 2001 comparison of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the Nazi treatment of the Jews.

More here.


How about a cup of ”I couldn’t give a crap”?

Soon enough when the mohammedans inside Europe demand autonomous and then separate states, the Israelis can then wag their fingers at the tough measures Europe employs in dealing with their own islamonazis and illegal homes they build.

EU warns Israel continued Palestinians home demolitions will harm ties

EU flags

EU flags. (photo credit:AFP/ DANIEL ROLAND)

The European Union has warned Israel that its policy of demolishing illegal Palestinians homes — including construction it has funded — is harming ties between Israel and its 28-member states.

It issued it’s warning at a closed door meeting last week between EU officials in Israel and representatives from the office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories. Among those present were EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg Andersen and COGAT head Maj. Gen Yoav Mordechai.

Earlier this month the EU issued a very public condemnation of such activity, particularly against Beduin in the E1 area of the Ma’aleh Adumim settlement, just outside of Jerusalem.

“The regrettable trend of confiscations and demolitions since the beginning of the year, including of EU-funded humanitarian assistance, was confirmed once again this week by demolitions of temporary shelters in Jabal al-Baba, a Bedouin community in the so-called E1 area,” the EU said.

More here.


If this took place during the earlier half of the last century, the Islamonazis of Gaza and elsewhere, would be decimated.

IAF thumbs up

IAF strikes Hamas targets after rockets launched into Israel

gaza rockets

Rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, July 13, 2014. (photo credit:JACK GUEZ / AFP)

In response to rocket fire launched towards Israel late Wednesday night, the Israeli Air Force attacked two locations that were part of Hamas’ terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF spokesperson released a statement in which they promised to continue to work in order to maintain quiet in the Gaza border communities in Israel.

The rockets launched from the Gaza Slanded inside Israeli territory on Wednesday night.

The rockets landed in open territory and no red alert siren was sounded.

There were no reports of injuries or damage in the incident.

Wednesday night’s rocket fire came after a flare up of violence on the Gaza border earlier this month which saw Hamas operatives target Israeli soldiers in several mortar attacks, followed by Israeli reprisals with tank fire and air strikes.

More here.


Dr.Gerstenfeld’s interview with Ambassador Emeritus (ret.) Freddy Eytan on French-Israeli relations under President Hollande.  It was published in Israel National News in anticipation of the visit of Prime Minister Valls of France to Israel in the coming days, and republished here with the author’s permission.

Freddy Eytan1


Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Freddy Eytan

Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld“Prior to his election, François Hollande, President of France, had not developed close ties with the Jewish community, in contrast with the two previous right wing presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and Jacques Chirac. As far as Israel is concerned, Hollande follows a basic policy line similar to that of previous socialist leaders such as Leon Blum and François Mitterrand. Their guiding principle is support for the existence of a Jewish state in secure and recognized borders. At the same time, the Palestinian people should have self-determination in a state alongside Israel.”

Freddy Eytan is a journalist and former diplomat. He was Israel’s ambassador to Mauritania and also served in Israel’s embassies in Paris and Brussels. He is an expert on France’s Middle East policy and has published twenty books, among them Sarkozy, the Jewish World and Israel, published in French in 2009 by the Alphée publishing house in Paris.

“One key element of Hollande’s foreign policy is that he wants a strong France closely bonded with Germany in the European Union. He is suspicious of the United States and was furious with Obama for his second thoughts on overturning the Assad regime in Syria, reversing his position on the issue at the last minute. Since then relations between Paris and Washington have remained tense. In military operations, such as in Mali, Hollande prefers that France should go it alone.

“In his program for the 2012 Presidential elections, the Palestinian-Israel conflict only figured in 12th place. In the Middle East, apart from his desire to get rid of Assad, Hollande saw the rise of ISIS and in particular that of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a strategic menace. In contrast to Obama’s actions, Hollande has reinforced France’s relations with the Egyptian President General El-Sisi, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. He was also far less conciliatory toward the Iranian nuclear project than the Americans, who sought an agreement at any cost.

“Hollande keeps the Palestinian-Israel conflict separate from bilateral French-Israeli relations. Bilateral French-Israeli relations have significantly improved and are currently the best they have been since Israel’s honeymoon with the French socialists in the 1950s. Both countries now have more interests in common. The wave of Muslim terror in Europe requires collaboration and exchange of information between their intelligence services. Military relationships have improved, together with economic interactions. Nowadays several major French companies are represented in Israel including the EDF energy group and the Alsthom transport company.

“At the same time however, France maintains its ‘automatic’ favorable attitude toward the Palestinians. Chirac offered the PLO a diplomatic office in 1974. Mitterrand received Arafat in 1989 at the Elysee Palace in Paris, and under Sarkozy, France voted in favor of the Palestinians joining UNESCO.

“In line with this automatic stance, under Hollande’s leadership France supported a scandalous motion ignoring the Jewish connection with the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Israeli Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent a strongly worded letter to Hollande to protest the motion. In Hollande’s somewhat bizarre reply, he explained that there had been a technical error and a misunderstanding. French Jewish leaders, including the Chief Rabbi Haim Corsia reacted far more forcefully than the Israeli foreign office, which limited itself to the publication of a communique on the matter.

“Another negative development is the almost obsessive French plan for an international conference on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. France sees here an opportunity to insert itself in the vacuum left by the Obama administration.

“The French parliament, with its socialist majority, voted in favor of the recognition of a Palestinian state. This was an important, albeit symbolic vote. Only the government can formalize such a decision, something it has not done. Hollande had to take into account here the power of the pro-Palestinian left wing in his socialist party, as well as the Green party. As Hollande is the least popular post-war French president to date, he will need all the support he can get if he wants to have a chance in the 2017 presidential elections.

“Under Hollande’s presidency, France has known a number of murderous terrorist attacks by Muslims, both against non-Jews and Jews. Since last November a state of emergency has been declared. Since the murders of four Jews in Toulouse in 2012 the security around Jewish synagogues and schools has been greatly reinforced.

“France’s current Prime Minister Manuel Valls, has on many occasions expressed great admiration for French Jewry. Both Hollande and Valls have come out strongly against anti-Semitism. Yet they viewed Netanyahu’s calls urging French Jews to move to Israel in a bad light, seeing this as interference in the country’s internal affairs.

“All deadly terrorist attacks against Jews have been committed by French Muslims. Despite the state of emergency and the massive presence of police and the military in the streets, there is still a feeling of insecurity in the country. This feeling is particularly strong among Jews.

“The first round of the French presidential elections will be held in April 2017. The political campaigns have already begun. It is already apparent that this will be a rude and noisy battle, which will strengthen extremists in both the left and right camp. What that means for the Jews remains to be seen.”


If you listen closely you can hear chanting in the distant background. I can only assume that the nut-roots were all out in full force in protesting the Ambassador’s speaking engagement.

H/T: Aussie Dave: “Mark Regev, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, recently addressed the Oxford Union. Besides a few points, he nails it.



Just Another Day In Israel: 16-Year-Old Invents New Math Theory

We’ve seen Gil Benjamin’s amazing Rubik’s cube robot solver.

We’ve seen Roni Oron’s  system for the production of oxygen in space.

Now behold the latest Israeli child prodigy: Tamar Barabi, who just invented a math theorem!

Photo: Courtesy photo/Marina Sun/Shutterstock

It’s common for some high school kids to need the help of a math tutor. For others, numbers come naturally. And then there’s Tamar Barabi. The Israeli teenager just invented a new geometric theorem.

Like most discoveries, the eureka moment happened by accident. Tamar turned in her math homework and the teacher said the theory she used to solve the problem didn’t actually exist. “He said if I could prove it, it could be my theory. So that’s what happened,” Barabi told From The Grapevine.

With help from her dad, who is also a math teacher, they sent the theorem to experts around the world.

Known as the Three Radii Theorem, or “Tamar’s Theory” for short, it goes as follows: “If three or more equal lines leave a single point and reach the boundary of a circle, the point is the center of the circle and the lines are its radii.” Believe it or not, that’s the simple explanation. To compose the actual theorem, Barabi had to write up three proofs, a series of conclusions and some sample exercises.

More here at Israellycool


In a world void of antisemitism, the war against the Jews/Israel could not exist. (TINSC).

Mazel Tov !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

History-Making Wedding Secretly Performed on the Temple Mount


The Temple Institute initiated an actual wedding ceremony on the Temple Mount, only the second time this has been performed in some 2000 years. The following is a press release we just received, describing the clandestine simcha.

An engaged couple recently approached Rabbi Chaim Richman, the International Director of the Temple Institute, and asked him if he would supervise their marriage on the Temple Mount. After scrupulously examining the detailed halachot (Jewish law) concerning the marriage ceremony, and consulting with other rabbinical authorities, Rabbi Richman happily accepted the task upon himself.

The couple met with Rabbi Richman early one recent morning in the Old City of Jerusalem, at the headquarters of the Temple Institute, where the blessing over wine was made, a prerequisite to the marriage ceremony. Two appointed witnesses then met the couple at the entrance to the Temple Mount. The witnesses were obligated to both hear the declaration of marriage from the lips of the groom and see him place the gold wedding band on the bride’s finger. All members of the party were instructed by Rabbi Richman that this had to be done without drawing the attention of the Israel police or the Muslim Waqf guards who would be accompanying the group of Jewish worshipers on the Temple Mount. Were they to notice they would certainly arrest all the parties involved and remove them immediately from the compound.


More here.


The Left in Israel is very much like the Left is elsewhere, highlighting small failings while overlooking the general good, etc. etc. highly typical. Also, the beating up of one’s self in order to appear more pious on the world stage, is similar to that of a monk mutilating himself through flagellation, with the big difference being, only he feels the euphoria and pain of his actions.

Tzofar This Week

Leftist Tempests in Teapots Add to Demonization

A number of years ago someone asked me why I listen to the Israel Broadcasting Authority newscasts. Answer: So I can figure out what the Left is up to. For example, many years ago during a Labor government when an IBA “expert” confidently stated that the Israeli economy was strong and everything was fine, I knew it was heading for the dumps. And, indeed, a downturn followed shortly.

Yesterday, Reshet Bet, the main Hebrew news radio station, was all over a cooked-up story about alleged discrimination in Israel’s maternity wards. Later, other media outlets picked up the story as well. For years, many hospitals have often opted to put Jewish women in with Jewish roommates and Arab women in with Arab roommates. It is not an official, inflexible policy and the care and the facilities are exactly the same for everyone.

Since the care here is less deluxe and a lot more short-handed than what you would find in the U.S., there is a certain logic operating. Women with the same language can support each other after labor. Many Arab Israeli women do not speak Hebrew, and these days far fewer Jewish Israelis speak Arabic. Anecdotally, in my own experience, a laboring Arab woman who spoke impeccable English was put in the room I shared with another Jewish English speaker. We, the Jewish ladies, were post-birth and ended up labor-coaching the Arab lady for hours, as her family had dropped her off and left. So much for apartheid.

This total non-story, which anyone could have reported more than twenty-five years ago, was an excuse to show the allegedly dangerous racism “rampant” in Israeli society. Reshet Bet produced several chest-beating moaners to wail over this horrid “discrimination” and demand forced integration. (And just to ramp it up a more, a right-wing MK managed to open his mouth and insert both feet. To be fair, one of the leftists also managed to slur the Sephardi population while hysterically hyperbolizing.)

What does any of this have to do with politics?

There are two recent stories in the news that the left has been pre-occupied with and imaginary racism was connected to both.

One story, which we have already seen, is that of the soldier in Hebron who shot to death a terrorist who was not neutralized. While the left-wing media has run a kangaroo court to try the soldier, the evidence also shows that there was a fear that the terrorist, who had already knifed one soldier, also had a bomb.

The other story is even more to the point. Meir Ettinger has been held in administrative detention for eight months. Allegedly he has been linked to a lethal hate crime, but no charges have been made against him, nor has he been tried. He is being held in solitary confinement. He was just denied a temporary release to attend the circumcision of his newborn son.

Meir Ettinger is a right-wing activist. His late grandfather, Rabbi Meir Kahane, was assassinated by a terrorist belonging to the group that tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993. Rabbi Kahane was also a controversial activist who started the right-wing Kach movement. He was also the only elected member of the Israeli Knesset who was removed from the Knesset solely for his views. Not an Arab, a Jew.

The whole brouhaha over the maternity wards is to show not only that the right wing in Israel is a danger to society, but to show that the whole society is tainted. Only by throwing these two young men into the maw of the over-reaching judicial system can Israeli society atone for its “racism”. This story smacks of group hate and propaganda, à la Orwell’s 1984. Both the Left—including members of the judicial system—and members of the government who are cowed by the accusations of the left seem to feel that punishing Ettinger as an example is acceptable. Sadly, Ettinger is not the first of the “hilltop youth” and right-wing protesters to be treated with Orwellian justice.

What is needed in all cases is a fair examination of the facts, not a trial in the media, and not a travesty of justice. Israel as a society is better than Orwell’s dystopia, and strong enough to hold a diversity of views.

What the Left has failed to grasp is that trying to appease its so-called liberal peers on the world stage by beating up Israeli society with false accusations and punishing the voices of the right-wing does not work, except to demonize Israel further. And demonizing Israel is something that those same liberal nations have already done themselves. No need to add more fuel to that fire.


The following is a book review of the War of a Million Cuts by Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. It appeared originally in Justice, the journal of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists.

war of a million cuts

NOTE: This review is republished here with the author’s consent.

The War of a Million Cuts: The Struggle against the Delegitimization of Israel and the Jews, and the Growth of New Anti-Semitism

by Manfred Gerstenfeld RVP Press, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (2015). ISBN 978-1-61861-341-7

Rabbi-Abe-CooperBy now, many Jews and other supporters of Zion have experienced one or more of the million cuts inflicted by Israel’s enemies in their burgeoning and multifaceted asymmetrical war against the Jewish state.

I recall vividly the first of many painful blows I experienced myself, as one of the spokesmen for Jewish groups at the ill-fated United Nations World Conference against Racism that was held in Durban South Africa just before September 11, 2001.

I was speaking with a veteran Egyptian journalist who accompanied Anwar Sadat on his historic visit to Jerusalem, when a younger Arab journalist from Jordan happened to pass by. “Ahmed, come here, I would like to introduce you to someone from America.” In the middle of our handshake, the Jordanian abruptly pulled back. “Are you a Jew? Had I known you were a Jew, I never would have shaken your hand,” as he reached to “clean” his hand on his jacket. Throughout the next week, and in full view of over 3,900 NGOs from around the world supposedly united by the goal of “Civil Society,” we Jews were taught a brutal lesson: Israeli policies were not the issue—Israel’s very legitimacy as a state was under assault, led and validated by the official caretakers of global human rights.

Ever since, similar scenarios have played out in leading Protestant denominations, on university campuses, and throughout the media.

How did we get to the point where the memory of Kristallnacht in Germany generates more support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) movement than remembering the innocent Jews who suffered the Nazis’ pogroms, where Israel’s Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day) is desecrated by “Israel Apartheid Week,” when First Amendment supporters of free speech in the U.S. can call for total boycotts of Israeli schools and academics?

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld’s definitive analysis of the current war on Israel and the Jewish people is a must for anyone who has suffered the indignity of such attacks and wants to develop strategies to defeat the haters.

Gerstenfeld begins with a historic overview of post World War II antisemitism and the mutation of medieval anti-Jewish motifs, and how they help sustain and legitimize highly discriminatory anti-Israel attitudes. The pivotal roles played by United Nations agencies, Arab and Muslim states, Muslims in the western world and the media are documented in a vivid and compelling way. Others include extreme leftist and extreme rightists, many social democrats, NGOs, trade unionists and a variety of mainstream politicians.

A short but critically important chapter provides an outline of one of the most insidious threats—“Lawfare”— where legal institutions and international law are manipulated to demean and delegitimize Israeli officials and cripple the Jewish state’s ability to defend its citizens from terrorist attacks launched by Hamas from literally behind the skirts of civilians in Gaza.

Gerstenfeld also touches a raw nerve in discussing the impact of the tsunami of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish campaigns. Jews have a heightened fear of antisemitic hate crimes. Some Jewish leaders in Europe caution their constituents not to walk in public with a “Chai” necklace or a kippah. Few synagogues in Europe can function without security. Meanwhile, many heavily biased media rarely give a platform to defenders of Israel. In Europe and in particular in France and in Scandinavia, many Jews have opted to hide their identities in public; many thousands in France and the UK have opted for Aliyah.

In covering a multiplicity of many other fronts of the newest forms of the world’s oldest hate, Gerstenfeld does not shirk from detailing the especially painful and harmful incitement by Israelis and Jews against the democratic state that is home to the world’s largest Jewish community. For these critics, the Jewish state can do nothing right and the Palestinians can never be held accountable for any atrocity, however heinous.

Throughout the book, Gerstenfeld asserts that he should have never had to be the one to write it; that it is the responsibility of the Jewish state to formulate proper strategies and tactics to battle and ultimately win this war.

We at the Simon Wiesenthal Center agree with the author that the State of Israel must create a single address to effectively counter the many fronts of this war. The toxic propaganda left unchallenged will not only weaken the Jewish state but also poison attitudes towards the Jews the world over. Gerstenfeld provides the overview of the enemies’ game plan. It is time now for Israel to approach this war as creatively and effectively as it has done in combating its enemies on the military front. The coherence of Gerstenfeld’s analysis and the compelling, if sometimes depressing, narrative of this definitive work, makes it a must read for Israeli officialdom and all lovers of Zion.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper is the Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and a founding member of The Global Forum on Antisemitism.


Fat chance that ever happening, nor should it.

jihadi speaks

Family of Dead Hebron Terrorist Complain No One Has Apologized to Them

 By: David Israel
Supporters of the Israeli soldier under arrest for shooting and killing an Arab terrorist on the ground in Hebron. The sign reads: "Fighter neutralized terrorist."

Supporters of the Israeli soldier under arrest for shooting and killing an Arab terrorist on the ground in Hebron. The sign reads: “Fighter neutralized terrorist.”
Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The family members of the second terrorist who was shot dead in Hebron last Thursday have been seething in a rage. For one thing, they are upset at what they had seen on the B’Tselem video: that their son, who, together with his buddy, tried to murder an IDF soldier using knives, was killed while lying on the ground. And then as the dead terrorist’s uncle has told several Israeli TV channels: no one has come to apologize to them for the killing, not the prime minister, not the chief of staff. It’s as if would be murderers can be executed in broad daylight nowadays, and no one cares.

OK, the UN cares: the international organization’s Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nicolay Mladenov has condemned the “gruesome, immoral and unjust act that can only fuel more violence and escalate an already volatile situation” (see today’s story: UN Slams IDF Soldier’s ‘Gruesome, Immoral’ Killing of Terrorist in Hebron). But you’d think someone from the IDF would come to say they’re sorry. Maybe a procession of MKs gathering to honor the brave martyr?

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If they were the SOB’s that Europe regularly portrays them as, they wouldn’t even care about what happens to Europe.

Europe never learns, that would mean acknowledging mistakes, and that Israel has been at the forefront of keeping its civil society safe from the islamonazis Europe has been funding.

Analysis: What Europe has to learn from Israel on security

What happened in Brussels on Tuesday was the result of years of negligence.

A policeman stand guard at Midi train station following bomb attacks in Brussels
A policeman stand guard at Midi train station following bomb attacks in Brussels. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The 11 are visible security and inspection points at Ben-Gurion Airport. They spread from a roadblock at the airport entrance to the airplane gates.

It is not just because the Tel Aviv hub is a relatively small airport compared to major European and American airports, which can afford to exercise the strictest security measures regardless of the cost – it is the byproduct of a holistic security doctrine engraved in nearly 50 years of experience from blood and tears.

Since its first tragic failures, Israel has improved and upgraded its security measures on land and in the air. For decades, security experts from international airlines, police forces and security agencies have come here to learn Israeli know-how and doctrines.

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And today, the UNHRC is unleashing its vitriol at the Jewish state in one irrational diatribe after the other.


This news is well known in circles dealing with the Arabs’ war (propaganda and violence) against the Jewish state of Israel, but it’s great that it’s now being mainstreamed by the UK media.

The EU is a duplicitous, hypocritical and demonstrably corrupt political entity, spouting off virtue and truth in one breath, then backstabbing, wheeling and dealing in another. They are, and have been actively involved in the propaganda war against Israel, through the many NGO’s they pour tax money into. This story is just one facet in many of its underhanded dealings with the Jews.

Read also Brian of London’sThe Illegal Conquest and Colonization of Israel by the EU

EXCLUSIVE: Outrage as EU claims diplomatic immunity after using OUR aid money to ‘meddle in the Middle East’ by building on disputed West Bank land 

Outrage: This Palestinian settlement in the Adumim area is covered in EU flags and also has mocking, anti-Semitic graffiti daubed on the buildings by residents

  • The EU has built more than 1,000 buildings on the West Bank without planning permission, as well as roads and other infrastructure 
  • They are at 40 locations in Area C, which was placed under Israeli jurisdiction by international law 
  • The buildings are given to Palestinians and paid for using aid money from European countries, including Britain
  • Regavim, an Israeli NGO, launched legal action against the EU
  • But the EU is claiming diplomatic immunity to avoid being taken to court, MailOnline has learnt 
  • MPs have expressed their fury, branding the EU’s actions ‘dodgy’
  • An EU spokesperson said its actions were illegal because they were ‘humanitarian’ 

The EU is claiming diplomatic immunity after using taxpayers’ money to build unauthorised settlements and roads on Israeli parts of the West Bank, MailOnline can reveal.

An Israeli NGO launched legal action after photographing EU flags flying above buildings on land placed under Israeli jurisdiction by the Oslo Accords, to which the EU is a signatory. EU bureaucrats are avoiding court by citing diplomatic rules.

The buildings, which are given to Palestinians, are intended to ‘pave the way’ for more land to be brought under Palestinian control, according to official EU papers. Many are bulldozed by Israel only for the EU to repeatedly rebuild them, generating more costs for the taxpayer.

Leaked documents obtained by MailOnline show that the EU – which receives £350million per week from Britain – is using diplomatic rules to place officials above the law, foiling attempts to hold bureaucrats accountable.

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Here’s once again the classic response by JPOST editor, Caroline Glick to the Danish ambassador to Israel over EU / European duplicity towards the Jewish state.