There is a huge difference between Israeli and paleostinian (homicidal/genocidal) society, and those who fail to see the difference, do so intentionally.

I know that Israeli medicine is impressive, but if her entire body is burned, the odds are really really stacked up against this defenseless 16 year old girl.

‘I was looking for my daughter, her whole body was burned’

The bus (Photo: Yarden Litner)
The bus (Photo: Yarden Litner)

Racheli Dadon was with her 15-year-old daughter Eden on the bus when it became engulfed in flames, while the bus driver did all he could to save the passengers and says no one aroused his suspicion.

Ynet reporters Published:  04.18.16, 23:31 / Israel News

Racheli Dadon was desperately looking for her daughter, 15-year-old Eden, after the bombing on bus number 12 in Jerusalem on Monday, “when I found her, I saw that he entire body was burned.”

Police investigation found that an explosive device blew up at the back of the bus. Security forces are investigating the possibility that one of the wounded is a suicide bomber.

From her bed at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem, Racheli recounted in tears the terrifying experience.

Racheli Dadon, injured in the bus attack (Photo: Gil Yohanan)
Racheli Dadon, injured in the bus attack (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

“My daughter and I got on the number 12 bus, and my daughter went to the back to find us seats while I paid the bus driver. We hadn’t even sat down when all of a sudden we heard a huge explosion, and glass began to fall on us. Everything was dark and full of smoke,” she recalled.

“I collapsed. Her whole face was black and burned. It was impossible to see her,” Dandon continued. “Paramedics had to carry my daughter out of the bus because she couldn’t move under her own power.”

After breaking down in tears, she added “I’ve always watched these things happen from the outside, but when it happens to you… I can’t believe that I’m here and that my daughter isn’t. She’ll be 16 in a month, and now she’s sedated and on a ventilator. I’m praying that she’ll get out of this ok.”

Racheli also requested that the Israeli public pray for her daughter’s recovery.

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Representative democracies working in tandem to protect themselves from their neighbors.


Over 50% of Israeli water used daily is derived from the sea.

Blue State Blues: Israel Solves the Water Puzzle

The news from Israel is sensational this week: more Palestinians stabbing Israelis, the release of spy Jonathan Pollard from a U.S. prison, and so one. In the day-to-day of news events, it’s easy to overlook long-term developments that are sometimes even more dramatic. One of those is Israel’s steady and successful struggle to solve the water puzzle.

Water is scarce in the region, and Israel suffers periodic droughts that make it very difficult to meet the daily needs of eight million people and a growing economy.

I have on my desk a glossy newsletter from the Jewish National Fund (JNF), the charity that has raised money to buy land and plant trees since well before Israel declared independence in 1948. Typically, I skim through or ignore these bulky publications. But this one is different. It is a celebration of Israel’s success in overcoming chronic water scarcity through desalination, recycling, conservation, infrastructure, and innovation. The opening letter from JNF chairman Ronald S. Lauder is worth quoting at length:

Nearly two decades ago, I surveyed the Kinneret–the Sea of Galilee–and I was in shock: the only freshwater reservoir in the land of Israel was running dry. I vowed that Israel’s drought and water issue would be solved. We at JNF were going to make a difference…

Prior to 1995 there were only three reservoirs in Israel. Working with Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL), JNF built 200 reservoirs between 1996 and 2005. These reservoirs were desperately needed to store recycled water and rainwater, which would then be utilized by Israeli farmers to bring food to the markets during the country’s dry season.

We started to recycle water for reuse. Everybody told us desalinization was the only solution; however, we knew that desalinization alone was not only too costly, but also years away from coming to fruition. We needed a stopgap solution. We built recycling plants and reservoirs, and began seeing a difference every day…

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Don’t sell it to them, only lone-lease with IDF men operating them, and only if they recognize the Jewish state of Israel.

US brokering talks for Gulf states to buy Israeli anti-missile system as Iran defense

Bahrain and other Persian Gulf states are in negotiations to buy the Israeli-developed Iron Dome anti-missile system to defend against “a growing arsenal of Iranian missiles”.

The Israeli weapon, which has reduced the effectiveness of rockets fired out of Gaza into Israel by about 90% would be bought through Raytheon and other American contractors who developed the Iron Dome with Israeli arms giant Rafael.

A deal for the entire Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, would be worth tens, perhaps hundreds, of billions of dollars.

It would also include longer range interceptor missiles such as David’s Sling, and the Arrow I and Arrow II which are capable of intercepting supersonic intercontinental ballistic missiles – also a joint venture between Israel and the U.S.

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For a change, a story not jihad related!

Startup ventures in Israel leading to the next level abroad, as others capitalize on Israeli ingenuity and grow them into big business, spawning more future startups in Israel in the process. It will be interesting to see if Israeli entrepreneurs  begin to take that next big step inside Israel themselves, keeping potential budding mega businesses ”in house”.

“The amounts invested in Israeli hi-tech are going up, many funds are raising money and new investors are joining. The entrepreneurial bug’ is spreading across’ Israel, and we are thus expected to see ever more start-ups popping up.”

Israel Grows From Startup Nation To Exit Nation

The Human Impact Of The Industrial Internet Of Things

Editor’s note: Dennis Mitzner lives in Tel Aviv and is the Chief Editor of Inside3DP. He writes about startups, technology trends and politics.

Thanks to a string of big exits over the past year, Israel’s technology companies are moving the country from a startup nation to an exit nation.

With nearly $15 billion in exits through mergers and acquisitions and public offerings, 2014 was an all-time record year for the Israeli hi-tech industry, compared with a mere $1.2 billion raised in 2013, according to a PwC report for 2014.

The exits were spread out between a variety of tech industries, including Internet, IT, life sciences, communications and semiconductors. Semiconductors had a 38% of the share, but just one semiconductor IPO out of the 18 in total. The road accident avoidance technology developer MobilEye raised $1.023 billion in its August IPO, a record an Israeli company.

As for new giant exits emerging, most argue that Israel’s hi-tech diversity is its strength.

“While there seems to be a general hype around IoT, security and fintech, I find Israel to be a very unique place in the fact that entrepreneurs don’t tend to have group think and as such, we are seeing ventures tackling a very wide array of industries.” said Yaron Carni, the founder of two Israeli VC funds Maverick Ventures and Tel Aviv Angel Group

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The U.S. is not the only player and pal on the playing field.

India is truly a wonderful ally of the Jewish state, and is a partnership that will truly prove beneficial to both nations. If not for inherent Islamic anti-Semitism (that is alien to the Hindi nation except in their Muslim communities), the Middle East would be teeming with economic opportunities and a have a bright future.


Friday, 03 October 2014 | Arsen Ostrovsky |

Even though the India-Israel relationship has remained low-key, both countries now have leaders at the helm who truly appreciate the benefit of better bilateral ties and are sincerely keen on developing them

The India-Israel relationship which is already warm and robust, is a rapidly growing work-in-progress, grounded in strong foundations of two proud people, united in shared values of democracy, tradition and innovation. In this context, the meeting between  Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday on the sidelines of the UNGA was historic and ground changing, putting the two nations on a turbo trajectory.

This was the first meeting between the Prime Ministers of India and Israel in 11 years, signifying the importance both these leaders attach to cultivating this relationship. It is noteworthy that this was also Mr Netanyahu’s first meeting with any world leader upon arriving in the United States for the UN. As for Mr Modi, there is no doubt that he gets the India-Israel dynamic — He gets how special this relationship is and the prospect that even stronger ties, especially in trade, would be a clear win-win outcome for both nations.

Sunday’s meeting was predominantly focused on increased trade, diplomatic and defense ties between the two nations, and Foreign Ministers Sushma Swaraj and Avigdor Lieberman, who met on Wednesday, expectedly followed-up on the broad proposals discussed between the two Prime Ministers with more specific deals and timeframes.

Two areas received special attention. First, water and agriculture technology: Here, Israel is a world leader and there is a real demand for its know-how in India. Second, defence cooperation: Within this sector, there was special focus on cyber-security, which both leaders identified as a key strategic threat and where both nations have much experience and technology to offer. Mr Netanyahu even extended an offer for India to participate in a joint cyber-defence project, which would unite both the military and civilian high-tech defence sectors. India is already one of Israel’s most important trade partners in defense. In fact, at the same time as the two Prime Ministers were meeting, the ink was just set on an Indian Navy purchase of advanced Israeli missiles from leading Israeli defence company Rafael, in a $143 million deal.

When Israel and India established full diplomatic relations in 1992, bilateral trade was $200 million. Today it is $6 billion. If the current trajectory is continued, by 2020, two-way trade can surpass $10 billion. This has been the culmination of a lot of behind the scenes work and effort from the respective foreign and trade ministries. And even though the India-Israel relationship has remained low-key, both countries now have, at the helm, leaders who truly appreciate the benefit of better bilateral ties and are sincerely keen on developing this.

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This is another aspect to the Iron Dome defence system that needs to be mulled over. I for one support the use of it, it’s been a life saver, but it does come at some cost. That is the brunt of the op-ed by Jack Englehard.


Op-Ed: How I Learned To Hate The Iron Dome

The Iron Dome has become the answer for everything.

Published: Tuesday, August 05, 2014 8:30 AM

The Iron Dome, well this particular hi-tech defensive shield certainly has been splendid in protecting Israeli parents and their kids from rocket attacks coming in from Gaza – and we’re speaking about thousands of Hamas rockets over a period of a dozen years.

So the Iron Dome keeps being blessed for all the wonderful work it’s been doing, and Amen to that – but is this the answer?

Not for me.

I love the Iron Dome for all the right reasons. But I have learned to hate the Iron Dome because it keeps Israelis conditioned to expect a lifetime of warfare.

It means there is no end to the terror.

It means that Israelis cannot expect their government to fully protect them.

It means that Israel has surrendered into accepting a life on the run.

It keeps Israelis trained into believing that they have no right to expect peace or tranquility, ever.

It means that Israeli kids can never be tucked into bed safely. The next siren can go off at any minute. This time, will the Iron Dome succeed?

This time – will it fail?

Is this any way to live – for parents, for kids?

It means that the Iron Dome has been accepted as a substitute for Jewish sovereignty.

It means that the Iron Dome is the answer to everything.

It means the Iron Dome is the answer to all our prayers.

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If not for the war crimes of launching mortars (as well as rockets, missiles etc.) into Israel, the system would not have to be invented.

Israeli Iron Beam laser air defense system ‘brings down mortars like flies’ creator says

04/02/2014 16:16

Innovation of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems company is designed for threats too small to be dealt with by existing systems.

US laser weapon technology

US laser weapon technology Photo: US Navy Illustration

A new air defense system being developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which uses lasers to shoot down low altitude threats, is able to bring down “mortars like flies,” Rafael’s CEO told the Israel Defense website on Wednesday.

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Yedidia Yaari, former chief of the Israel Navy, said the Iron Beam system will be “very effective” once it becomes operational.

Israel Defense cited Yaari as saying that that Iron Beam successfully passed a feasibility test, and is currently in development stages.

Iron Beam fires lasers at mortar shells, and has proven a high rate of accuracy, Yaari said, describing the system as “highly impressive.” It was first unveiled formally by state-owned Rafael during the Singapore Air Show last month.

The system is designed to deal with threats that fly on too small a trajectory to be engaged efficiently by Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries.

Iron Dome is complemented by Arrow II, an Israeli interceptor designed to shoot down ballistic missiles at atmospheric heights. Israel plans to integrate them with the more powerful rocket interceptors Arrow III – which will intercept ballistic missiles in space – and David’s Sling – designed for large rockets and cruise missiles – both of which are still under development.

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If only the Arabs would end their hatred of Jews, and see the benefits of having them as neighbors, the war would be over.

Egypt-based LNG plant to receive Israeli natural gas

Internationally-owned liquefaction facility in Damietta is set to import natural gas from Israel’s second-largest field to replace Egypt’s diverted supplies
Deya Abaza, Tuesday 6 May 2014
gas pipeline

Gas pipeline (Photo: Al-Ahram)
Partners in the Tamar gas field offshore Israel have signed a preliminary non-binding agreement with Union Fenosa Gas SA (UFG) to supply gas to its liquefaction facility in Egypt to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export.

The letter of intent (LOI) contemplates a contract term of 15 years and a total gross sales quantity of up to 2.5 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas, or approximately 440 million cubic feet per day over the period, according to Tuesday’s press release from Texas-based Noble Energy Inc., which operates Tamar with a 36 percent working interest.

Egypt, which owns 20 percent of UFG’s LNG plant in Damietta, has been unable to honour its contractual obligations to provide the facility with natural gas for liquefaction and export, as fuel shortages have forced it to divert its resources for domestic consumption.

“This is especially damaging as LNG plants are by nature highly capital-intensive, compared to, say, a pipeline,” explains Mohamed Abu Basha, chief economist at Cairo-based investment house EFG-Hermes.

Last April, UFG – a joint venture between Spain’s Gas Natural and Italy’s Eni – filed a complaint against the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) with the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) International Court of Arbitration, alleging that EGAS had failed to keep up its contracted payments – regardless of production – needed to cover operating expenses, investments and debt servicing, Reuters reported at the time.

One of the two largest gas fields in Israel, Tamar was discovered in the eastern Mediterranean in 2009 and holds an estimated 10 Tcf of gas.

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They even got a Finn, a Venni Vähäkangas from Oulu.


Israeli Hackers Strike Back at Anonymous OpIsrael, Expose Participants With Their Own Webcams (PHOTOS)

APRIL 10, 2014 6:19 PM 

A resident of Indonesia that participated in OpIsrael. Photo: Geektime.

An Israeli hacker team published on Tuesday images and personal details of members of the Anonymous hacker collective who participated in the OpIsrael attack against Israeli sites earlier this week, Israel’s Channel 2reported.

Israeli Elite Force gained access to the computers of 16 Anonymous members and was able to capture screenshots and photos of the anti-Israel hackers with their own webcams. The Israeli team published the information in a Dropbox document via their Facebook page, saying, “Anonymous, next time do not mess with us.”

The file includes the names of the attackers, their countries of origin, and usernames and passwords to various websites they use. Most participants were based in Malaysia and Indonesia, while others were from Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

The lead pro-Israel hacker named on the document, Buddhax, said the ease in which he was able to infiltrate the computers of Anonymous members proves how amateur the anti-Israel attackers are.

“I’m not a great hacker, but I’m at least good enough to expose you,” he wrote. “Next time do not take part in an offensive against Israel. We know who you are, we know where you are. Praise Israel.”

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Israeli tech turns jellyfish into paper towels

Diapers choke landfills, and the icky sea creatures choke beaches and waterways. Cine’al has one solution for both problems

BY DAVID SHAMAH April 8, 2014,
A dead jellyfish on the beach in Haifa. (photo credit: Shay Levy/Flash90)

A dead jellyfish on the beach in Haifa. (photo credit: Shay Levy/Flash90)

Cine’al Ltd., an Israeli nanotechnology start-up, is developing technology to turn jellyfish into “super-absorbers,” making the much-disdained sea creature suitable for use in diapers, tampons, medical sponges, even paper towels.

Jellyfish have been the bane of Israeli beaches in recent years, as warmer ocean temperatures have made coastal waters more hospitable for the creatures. During spring and early summer, millions of them appear near beaches, shoot their poison into the water and make swimming next to impossible. Where jellyfish abound, the water is likely to be empty.

Unlike most sea creatures, jellyfish are mostly useless. Some species are eaten in the Far East and mucin, a chemical extracted from the creatures, is used in drug delivery systems. For the most part, they’re useless, even dangerous, pests, as jellyfish swarm not only near beaches, but near intake pipes as well, often clogging them up. This happened last November in Sweden, when jellyfish got into the pipes and clogged up the water intake systems of a nuclear power generator in Sweden, forcing it to shut down.

Cine’al sees a potential use for the scourge. Hydromash, the dry, flexible, strong material Cine’al is developing, is made from jellyfish and is allegedly several times more absorbent than the “quicker picker-upper” paper towels from the popular TV commercials.

“Right now, these items are made of synthetics, which take hundreds and thousands of years to break down,” said Ofer Du-Nour, chairman and president of Cine’al and head of investment firm Capital Nano. The latter invests in early-stage nanotechnology companies that are based on research emerging from Israeli universities.

“The technologies we chose [in the medical and environmental fields] are proven technologies. The only issue is the engineering to bring the products to market,” Du-Nour said. “We cherry-picked through thousands of companies to find these.”

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And I would assume at tenth of the cost of Iron Dome rockets.

Israel’s ‘Iron Beam’ laser defense system ‘brings down mortars like flies’

US laser weapon technology

‘Iron Beam’ by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems company is designed for threats too small to be dealt with by Iron Dome anti-missiles defense system.

A new air defense system being developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which uses lasers to shoot down low altitude threats, is able to bring down “mortars like flies,” Rafael’s CEO told the Israel Defense website on Wednesday.

US laser weapon technology – Photo: US Navy Illustration

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Yedidia Yaari, former chief of the Israel Navy, said the Iron Beam system will be “very effective” once it becomes operational.

Israel Defense cited Yaari as saying that that Iron Beam successfully passed a feasibility test, and is currently in development stages.

Iron Beam fires lasers at mortar shells, and has proven a high rate of accuracy, Yaari said, describing the system as “highly impressive.” It was first unveiled formally by state-owned Rafael during the Singapore Air Show last month.

The system is designed to deal with threats that fly on too small a trajectory to be engaged efficiently by Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries.

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Israel, it’s what they do, it’s who they are.

One of the biggest lies out there is the antisemitic trope of the vengeful Jew. It’s repeated ad nauseum by the international media, various politicians in Europe, anti-Israel activists and pundits and the average knuckle dragging neo-Nazi. But this is what the Jewish state stands for, even in the face of one of its worst enemies, they show humanity. That’s the essence of Judaism, that is what being a Jew is all about.

NOTE: So for me, it’s not really a major story in itself, but only in the context of the continuous demonization of Israel and the Jews, does it become a story of note, because it proves that all the lies said about the Jews, are just that, lies.

Israeli hospital treats Hamas PM Haniyeh’s granddaughter

11/19/2013 00:29

Girl admitted to Petah Tikvah hospital for digestive tract infection.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh gestures during an interview with Reuters in Gaza City May 10, 2012.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh gestures during an interview with Reuters in Gaza City May 10, 2012. Photo: REUTERS

The granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh was transferred on Monday to an Israeli hospital for treatment, sources in the Gaza Strip confirmed.

The sources said the girl, Amal, had been in serious condition after being diagnosed with an acute infection of the digestive tract. She was admitted on Sunday to Schneider Children’s Medical Center for Israel in Petah Tikva, and was later returned to a hospital in Gaza City.

She is the daughter of Haniyeh’s eldest son, Abdel Salam, who confirmed on his Facebook account that the one-year-old girl had been transferred to Israel.

“Dear brothers, Amal has been transferred inside the Green Line,” the father wrote. “I pray to Allah for her recovery.”

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Just another reason why the Jewish state is a value to the world.

As EDL Buck recently said to me, this will be of help to millions of people. I agree, the possibilities for this invention is limitless, people are freed from the confines of their homes, and able to complete the more simpler of tasks that we with good vision take for granted.

israeli glasses help blind to see




From 2000 a month to two, I call that significant, wouldn’t you?

Don’t let anyone tell you that borders can’t be controlled, all that is needed is political will and action.

israel border fence see drop in illegal crossing to 99.9 per cent 5.6.2013

“The fence that we built in the south is achieving the result for which it was erected,” Netanyahu said. “As opposed to the over 2,000 infiltrators who entered Israel exactly one year ago and dispersed to various cities, in May 2013 exactly two infiltrators crossed the border and were detained. Now we need to focus on repatriating the illegal infiltrators who are here, and we will meet this task as well.”

The main, 144-mile section of the fence was completed in early 2013, according to a January report by the Wall Street Journal. It is sixteen feet high and includes “barbed wire, surveillance cameras and radar.” By comparison, the U.S.-Mexico border is roughly 2,000 miles long, and only about a third is fenced off. The Israeli fence’s construction was accelerated due to security concerns in the years since Egyptian autocrat Hosni Mubarak left power, leaving a vacuum eventually filled by a Muslim Brotherhood government.

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Nothing happen inside Lebanon without the Heznazis’s colonial masters in Iran knowing about it first.

People really do not understand the very short window of response time for Israel to any action taken by its sworn enemies, who have consistently stated their goal to wipe the Jewish state from existence.

Mideast Israel Palestinians

Israel points finger at Iran over drone from Lebanon

Israel believes that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was responsible for the unmanned drone launched from Lebanon that was shot down in Israeli airspace on Thursday.

Phoebe Greenwood, Gaza City 7:44PM BST 27 Apr 2013

The United States has urged Israel to demonstrate restraint in its response to the alleged incursion, according to Lebanese media reports.

“The Israeli military command doesn’t treat drones launched from Lebanon lightly, since their goal may be not only taking pictures, but also an assassination of senior officials, military or political,” an unnamed Western diplomat is quoted in Nahar newspaper.

The Israeli prime minister was flying across northern Israel when the drone was spotted above the sea on Thursday, 10km west of the port city Haifa. Mr Netanyahu’s helicopter was forced to land and was grounded until the Israeli Air Force had secured Israeli air space.

Initial media reports presumed the drone had been launched by Hizbollah. In October last year, the Lebanese militant group has claimed as a great victory their successful piloting of an unmanned drone in the skies above the Israeli Negev for more than half an hour before it was downed, several miles from Israel’s Soreq nuclear facility. In fact, the Israeli military had stated only that an unmanned aircraft had been launched “from Lebanon”.

Iran’s involvement in this cross-border incident, and Washington’s pleas for restraint, may explain Benjamin Netanyahu’s failure to threaten retaliation for the incursion. The Israeli prime minister said only that he has taken “the attempt to breach our borders very seriously”.

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