The parents thought that a permit involves their decision making, in what’s best for their son, apparently not.

German Parents Fined €300 for Refusing to Permit Their Son to Visit Mosque

Parents in the German town of Rendsburg were assessed a €300 fine for refusing permission for their 13-year-old son to participate in a school field trip to a mosque.

Apparently the “permission” that parents were asked to give was pro forma. It was not really optional. The visit was mandatory. The parents were fined. The boy will go to the mosque. Ve haf vays of making you visit the mosque…

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this brief item from

Student refuses mosque visit: €300 penalty

Parents are lodging an appeal. But still a €300 penalty is looming, and a forced visit to a mosque

According to the syllabus topic “The Orient — power factor, water and crude oil”, a school class in the German town of Rendsburg was scheduled to visit a mosque. But one 13-year-old student did not want to make the visit, as the online portal reports. The parents sought a dialogue with the school after the announcement of the field trip destination. Since they aren’t members of any denomination or faith community, they were of the opinion that no one can be forced to step inside a religious facility. “Why should we send our child to people who generally despise and condemn unbelievers?” the parents asked the school.

€300 penalty and forced visit

German Constitutional law would agree, but the responsible parties at the school see it different. The school’s headmistress filed a complaint with the police and the county school inspector issued a penalty charge notice against the mother as well as the father of the student. Reason: The child did not attend the “information event” at the mosque.

More here.


We live in extremely evil times……..

Fury as German primary school ‘forces’ children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Muslim prayer

Merkel koranGETTY

Pupils at a German school were ‘forced’ to chant Allahu Akbar

PUPILS at a primary school were forced to chant “Allahu Akhbar” and “there is no God but Allah”, an appalled father has claimed.


The father of the pupil at the girl’s primary school in German ski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen discovered that his daughter had been forced to learn the Islamic prayer when he discovered a handout she had been given.

He claimed she had been “forced” by teachers to memorise the Islamic chants and forwarded the handout to Austrian news service unsertirol24.

The handout read: “Oh Allah, how perfect you are and praise be to you. Blessed is your name, and exalted is your majesty. There is no God but you.”

It had been given to the girl during a lesson in “ethics” at the Bavarian school.


The handout was discovered by the father of a school pupil

Headteacher Gisela Herl did not confirm the incident when questioned, but said the school would issue a written statement detailing its position in the coming week.

The incident comes just weeks after parents complained to German newspaper Hessian Niedersächsische Allgemeine (HNA) that their children’s nursery was refusing to acknowledge “Christmas rituals” to accommodate the “diverse cultures” of other pupils.

The Sara Nussbaum House daycare centre in Kassel refused to put up a Christmas tree, tell Christmas stories or celebrate Christmas in general because it said only a minority of pupils were Christian.


This is exactly what the prolific writer, Fjordman, has written about over at Gates of Vienna blog many years ago, and derided for fear mongering and advocating violence by the Leftist run media.

It’s a very stark warning, and if not heeded, we will be witnessing armed rebellion from these Muslim enclaves, with calls for exclusively ”muslim run cities” increasing as Leftist academics and policy makers try to assuage the beast in our midst.

NOTE: And jackass Finns on the Left demand an increase in number of Muslim settlers to Finland.

French Scholar of Islam Gilles Kepel: Prepare for War

Expect the jihad to worsen across Europe, to the point that many states fall into civil war over what to do about the terror.

BY CounterJihad · @CounterjihadUS | September 13, 2016

How much worse will Islamist terrorism in Europe get?  According to French scholar Gilles Kepel of the Sciences Po institute, it is likely to get so much worse that European states fall into civil war over government inability to stop it.

Professor Gilles Kepel, from the Sciences Po in Paris, France, said a growing ‘Jihad Generation’ is likely to continue to carry out terror acts in European cities.  The aim of their terror activity is to both incite hatred towards Muslims and, in doing so, cause further radicalisation among young people, the professor of political science said.

He told the German newspaper Die Welt that this in turn could lead to the point where Europe enters into civil war.

Specifically, Kepel is concerned that this continual wave of terror attacks cannot be effectively stopped by traditional policing methods.  The French government seems to agree, as French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said this week that there would definitely be more successful attacks even though his government is stopping attacks “every day.”

Partially this is because police do not have anything like the resources they would need.  The numbers of Muslims on terrorism watch lists in France alone tops 15,000, having tripled in recent months.  It takes many police officers to establish a full-time watch on one particular suspect.  The French have far less capacity to watch these suspects than does the American FBI, and even they have only “a few dozen”surveillance teams — far too few to watch the thousand-plus suspected Islamic terrorists here.  There is simply no way for police work alone to deal with so large a problem.

Thus, terrorist acts on the scale of the recent Paris attacks are likely to continue, and the European populations will eventually find it intolerable.  They will then move to expel Islam from Europe by endorsing right wing parties, Kepel says, and that will lead to the civil wars he fears.

Nor will that be the end of the violence.  The Islamist radicals will not be satisfied with destabilizing Europe, in Kepel’s view.  They will want to build an Islamic society from the wreckage:

The long-term goal of the Jihad Generation is to destroy Europe through civil war and then build an Islamic society from the ashes, Prof. Kepel said. The strategy is similar to the expansion of Islamic State in Syria, Iraq, and Libya where the terrorist organisation was able to use the chaos of civil war to slowly build its forces, grow in power, and rapidly seize territory.

More here.


Exactly, one has to give way……

sharia bloody

‘You can’t have TWO laws!’ Former Bishop BLASTS Government for even considering Sharia law

A GOVERNMENT inquiry into Sharia law in the UK has been blasted as a politically correct whitewash by an expert called to the investigating committee.

Sharia lawGETTY

A former Bishop has blasted an inquiry into Sharia law in the UK

The Right Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, blasted the Government’s ongoing inquiry into the Islamic law system.

He warned Sharia law is COMPLETELY incompatible with the British justice system and that the Government is wasting its time investigating its legitimacy.

In written evidence to the Commons Home Affairs committee he said the investigation, put forward by Prime Minister Theresa May during her time as Home Secretary, could even jeopardise the entire justice system in the UK.


Very open about their plans….

Muslims gathered outside parliament: “We must make Muslims of them all”

Published October 13, 2016 at 21:00
By Mattias Albinsson

POLITICS. Hundreds of radical Muslims gathered on Wednesday at Coin Square in central Stockholm including to praise Iran’s former dictator Ruhollah Khomeini.

– We have to make Muslims of them all! shouted an Afghan man.

It is the moderate senator Hanif Bali on this note Wednesday’s demonstration just outside his own workplace.

“Today was quite a lot of noise outside parliament – prayers proclaimed and people chanted. When I look out at first I thought I saw scenes from the streets of Tehran,” says Bali in his remarks.

Behind the demonstration was Imam Ali Islamic Center in Järfälla outside Stockholm, a Shiite Muslim mosque that invited media attention for having Islamist so-called “hatpredikanter” calling for the murder of homosexuals.

More here in Swedish. h/t: Fjordman


The merchants of victim-hood are at it again with more cultural jihad……

big ben

Nation states of the West must kowtow and prostrate themselves to every whim and fantasy the Muslims come up with, and too many weak-in-the-kneed pansies in position of power/authority are willing to cater to their every demand.

NOTE: Islamization cannot happen without a dhimmi mindset.

Hugh Fitzgerald: May God Save “God Save The Queen”

Queen Elizabeth

A Muslim student at King’s College London, and an officer of its Student Union (3 of its 5 top officers are Muslims), one Mahamed Abdullahi, has called for “God Save the Queen,” Great Britain’s national anthem, to be omitted from the school’s graduation ceremonies. He claims the song is “outdated” and “not reflective of the global values the college espouses.” Abdullahi – who is, by the way, a Danish citizen, though not exactly a Dane – insists that this anthem is dangerous “in the context” of the “increasing far-right nationalism across Europe and the legacy of the British Empire.” His obscenity-filled rant can be read here.

What makes “God Save the Queen” outdated? Has the monarchy fallen out of favor with the people of Great Britain? Or is their interest and enthusiasm for the Queen and the idea of the monarchy perfectly understandable, for the Royals are a human symbol of stability and national identity, in a world more dizzyingly in flux than ever before? Look at the British popular press, which appears to devote half its space to Kate Middleton’s children, and another quarter to the Queen. Clearly the British people have no wish to jettison their monarchy. If there were no royal family on which to focus, popular attention might instead be given, as in the United States, to empty celebrities, such as the Kardashians, or to the mix-n’-match couplings and uncouplings of assorted jolies and pitts.

“God Save The Queen” is mild in its winsome expression of national fervor (compare, for example, the martial theme of La Marseillaise); the first two verses go like this:

God save our gracious Queen!
Long live our noble Queen!
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God save the Queen.

O Lord our God arise,
Scatter her enemies
And make them fall;
Confound their politics,
Frustrate their knavish tricks,
On Thee our hopes we fix,
God save us all!

There is nothing conceivably “far right” about these sentiments. I doubt if Mahamed Abdulllahi comprehends the useful role of the constitutional monarch in Great Britain as a focus of national identity, unity, and pride, providing the British with a sense of continuity and stability. What enrages him is the very idea that the British people in this deuteroelizabethan age should permit themselves to have feelings of national pride, and what’s more, to express them. For Abdullahi, that is enough to constitute “far-right nationalism.” When your child pledges allegiance “to the flag and to the republic for which it stands” and wishes “liberty and justice for all,” is he being “far-right”? At a baseball game, do you feel part of a “far-right” crowd because you listen to, or even join in singing, “The Star-Spangled Banner”? Of course not.

More here.

NOTE II: If they are offended by British tradition, THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF THE COUNTRY!



All too little, all too late……

French presidential candidate Francois Hollande dust up

pardon our muslims

President Hollande has admitted ‘France has a problem with Islam’ and warned that the country’s national symbol will one day be a woman in a burka

  • Hollande said France ‘has a problem with Islam’ in a private conversation
  • Said ethnic minority footballers are ‘guys from the estates without values’
  • Conversation contained in book called ‘A President Should Not Say That…’

French president Francois Hollande has admitted the country ‘has a problem with Islam’ and warned France’s national symbol will one day by a woman in a burka.

Hollande also branded ethnic minority football stars as ‘guys from the estates, without references, without values, who leave France too early’, it emerged today.

The words were all part of a more general attack on people from Muslim backgrounds whom the Socialist Mr Hollande views as a major difficulty for his country.

French president Francois Hollande has admitted the country 'has a problem with Islam' and warned France's national symbol will one day by a woman in a burka

French president Francois Hollande has admitted the country ‘has a problem with Islam’ and warned France’s national symbol will one day by a woman in a burka

He claims France ‘has a problem with Islam’ and warns that the national symbol of his country could one day be a woman in a veil.

In explosive revelations made by investigative journalists, the Socialist Mr Hollande emerges as every bit as right wing as his hated opponents from the National Front and Republican parties.

Read more: 


This is exactly the rotten fruits of Islamization we’ve been warning about…..

The knee-jerk dhimmified reaction of public officials to placate to those of the mohammedan creed comes at the expense of our own culture and mores. Jews have long been a part of all these societies and have never demanded the majority to amend their belief system (to curtail itself) in order to suit their own sensibilities.

Islam however, not only does just that, but they insist on importing their value system as well, including their laws called the sharia.

Principal to parents: – Avoid using the word Christmas

The principal of the primary school in Rygge asked parents to steer clear of the word “Christmas” for the sake of the children who do not celebrate it. Now Rygge FRP calls for the principal to be held accountable.

NOT CHRISTMAS: Rector of Ekholt School in Moss do not want parents to use the word "July" at the approaching feast. Photo: Google Maps / Screenshot

NO CHRISTMAS: Rector of Ekholt School in Moss do not want parents to use the word “Christmas” for the approaching holiday. Photo: Google Maps

It was perceived as a Christmas ban, that has set the minds ablaze in the municipality of Rygge. The local newspaper Moss Avis (behind paywall) has gone so far as to mention it as a “Christmas rebellion.”

It all began with a meeting at Ekholt primary school in September, where parents who wanted to hold a Christmas lunch in December, the school’s principal was asked instead to call it a winter lunch or December lunch, writes Dagbladet.

This prompted parents and others in the community to react strongly.

– Some things should not be done to unsettle others

Michael Torp (Rygge FRP), who has called into the headmaster onto the carpet, was telling the newspaper that many parents have contacted him.

– Celebrating Christmas is a tradition deeply rooted in Norwegian society, and in the Norwegian school. Some things should simply not be done to unsettle others, Torp says to Dagbladet.

– It is important to facilitate minority students, but this should not be done at the expense of Norwegian culture and Norwegian traditions, he says to Moss Avis.

Parliament Ulf Leirstein (FRP),  on Twitter that he thinks it is tragic that one can not be allowed to use words like Christmas, because it may offend some, Moss writes.

More here in Norwegian. H/T: Sami Kuisma via Rahmispossu


Though this is well known fact to the TT readership, this is an excellent breakthrough for the Left.

I couldn’t help though, but post a comment to the article that encapsulates my initial feeling after reading it. 🙂

Pedric: Dutch scholar discovers water is wet! Dutch progressives shocked! News at 11.

To anyone who’s been paying attention, Machteld Zee offers no surprise. She only puts details in a well-known story. She reports the sharpness of the teeth of the wolf attacking Little Red Riding Hood.

We didn’t really need that information to understand Little Red’s peril, or what needs to be done. The wolf must be terminated.

Islam is merely Arabism decorated with religious flower-boxes. Islam is no more than the vehicle for a triumphalist Arab racist imperialism. That’s the whole ball of wax.

Islam exists to make the world safe for Arab men. Period.

Arab women suffer the abuse of their men. But for this price they get the right to abuse everyone else.

All that said, it’s great to know that this is finally crossing over into the realm of the Left, it’s a truly watershed moment, especially for us who have been demonized for years for both criticizing Islam and warning about Islamization. Just ask Bat Ye’or.

Machteld Zee: “Islamization is Planned”

A young Dutch political scientist is causing consternation among the bien-pensants of the multicultural Left in the Netherlands with her analyses of Islamization. Her impeccable liberal background and credentials make it more difficult for the establishment to discredit her.

Dr. Van Helsing has translated an interview with this iconoclastic young woman. He includes this introductory note:

Machteld Zee Ph.D. is a Dutch scholar who investigated sharia courts in the UK for her Ph.D. thesis. This interview was published in the Algemeen Dagblad, a nationwide Dutch newspaper, on October 4, 2016.

The interview is relevant for several reasons:

  • Very few non-Muslims ever have gained access to the world of sharia courts in the UK. She has.
  • The University of Leiden is fairly highbrow in the Netherlands, because it is not only one of the oldest universities. but also because the heir to the Dutch throne traditionally studies at this university (for example, our former Queens Juliana and Beatrix did, just like our current head of state King Willem-Alexander). The reputation of this university gives authority to her voice.
  • She has become a target of attacks by leftist apologists for radical Islam since she published her thesis. She could do with some positive publicity. Similarly, Islam-sceptics could benefit from her work.

The translated interview:

“Islamization is Planned”

Investigating Sharia

The Islamization of Europe follows a strategy, according to Machteld Zee in her book Holy Identities, which was published today. ‘Once you have knowledge of it, you understand what is going on.’

‘I discovered a comprehensive system of law that contradicts our secular laws.’

Investigating sharia courts

Machteld Zee (32), a Dutch political scientist from the University of Leiden, studied sharia courts in the UK and wrote her Ph.D. thesis on it in 2015.

She was one of the few outsiders who gained access to the sessions of these Islamic courts. 95% of the cases before these courts are divorce cases. Her investigations resulted in a pamphlet, Holy Identities.

‘If you compare the Netherlands in the 1980s with today,’ says the political scientist and law school graduate Machteld Zee, ‘you will see an increased influence of Islam everywhere. Saudi Arabia and other countries flooded the world with thousands of imams, Islamic text books, mosques and tons of money.’

Machteld Zee needed barely 150 pages to describe the background of Islamic fundamentalism, which is gaining ground in Western countries. Her book Holy Identities: On the Road to a Sharia State is an analysis of the problems of the multicultural society.

More here.


The fools…..

Don’t expect any reciprocity from the Muslims once they overwhelm the country, there will be no ”Christian heritage month”, that would be un-Islamic. No wonder the stealth jihadis are feeling uppity, they have these dhimmi morons being led by the nose.

October is now Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario

What began as an NDP private members’ bill has been unanimously passed by the legislature.

Ontario Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says Islamic Heritage Month is an opportunity for Canada to celebrate and learn about the history of Islamic culture.Ontario Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says Islamic Heritage Month is an opportunity for Canada to celebrate and learn about the history of Islamic culture.  (PETER POWER / THE CANADIAN PRESS)  

October will now officially be recognized as Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario after the legislature unanimously passed an act Thursday.

It began as an NDP private members’ bill, and party leader Andrea Horwath says it’s an opportunity to celebrate and learn about the history of Islamic culture.

Horwath says she also hopes it’s also a step toward eliminating Islamophobia, noting that in her city of Hamilton, a fire was set at a mosque recently.

Canadian Islamic History Month has been officially recognized federally since 2007.

Fareen Khan, with the International Development and Relief Organization, joined Horwath at the legislature and says it’s important to profile and highlight the positive contributions of Muslims.

More here.


Muslims belong to a political organization called Islam, and I reject it.



HT: DM: “Only the beginning……”

Police puzzled: Three beaten because for being Finns in Helsinki?

Astound police beatings took place in Helsinki Mäkelänrinne swimming complex terrain.

The police are astounded that the beatings took place in Helsinki Mäkelänrinne swimming complex area.

Police are investigating and incident in which three people were beaten up in Helsinki because of their Finnishness.
The special assaults occurred in the Mäkelänrinne are of the Swimming Centre on Tuesday morning at around 10-11.30.
The first victim was a twenty-something woman. Detective Chief Inspector Mikko Halme from the Helsinki Police Department says that the girl had been sitting on the lawn when two foreign men came to discuss with her.

The men talking with the woman completely and unexpectedly spit on her.

– The young woman moved to an other area, and the same guys came back after half an hour. This time the girl was beaten in the face with his fist and had not even had time to say anything, Halme tells of the incident.

The woman attempted to leave the premises, and her bike had been taken a hold of, but the woman had managed to the wrench the bike to herself.

The next victim was asked about whether she was a Finn

After about an hour, apparently the same men had approached a fifty year old woman sitting on a park bench. She was asked in English: “Are you Finnish?”.

– When the woman replied in the affirmative, one of the men kicked the woman in the leg. Nothing else took place, Halme wonders, and tells that the men left the scene.

The fifties something woman called the police the scene. The police, however, did not manage to get to the scene, before the men struck for the third time.

– Now, a 75-year-old man who was seated in front of the Swimming Centre was asked, are you Finnish. After this, one of the men struck the old gentleman’s face, and the second man kicked him.

The man fell due to the kick, but the injuries were relatively minor.

Do you suspect that the motive behind the attacks were their Finnish identity?
– It is currently being explored in the questioning. A little bit of a peculiar thing, when there was no other interaction or dispute. Ask whether you are Finnish and then beaten.
Halme does not tell at this stage, the contents of the interrogation. The men were born in 1966 and 1976. According to Halme, the men were not, at least not visibly intoxicated at the time.
The case reported on the first Iltalehti.


Concrete sign of islamization……..

If it was meant to find out what the enemy is saying, writing and communicating with each other, then it would be useful, but it’s not:

“It’s a beautiful language, a beautiful culture,” Mr Porter said.

“The seeds we plant now might blossom into acceptance and respect.”

SARCASTIC NOTE: Gee, maybe when they begin to rule over us they’ll be nicer to us since we’ve learned their language?

Revealed: The nine Northern Ireland schools set to teach Arabic

By Ann W Schmidt


Students across Northern Ireland will be learning Arabic this year. Stock image
Students across Northern Ireland will be learning Arabic this year. Stock image

Students across Northern Ireland will be learning Arabic this year.

Nine schools in Northern Ireland are participating in the initiative started by the British Council’s Arabic Culture and Language Programme.

The council has ranked Arabic as the second most important language to the UK over the next 20 years – but only 1% of schools in the UK teach the language.

Paul Porter, the head of modern and classical languages at Belfast Royal Academy, said he wanted to bring Arabic to his school partly to combat the media’s negative impression of Arabic and to “change people’s perceptions of the language”.

More here.


925 000 to be exact……

Of course the article highlights that the majority doesn’t, at least in varying degrees, but all movements for change, good and bad, were brought about by a minority.

One in four French Muslims SUPPORT burka, survey finds

A POLL has revealed that around one in four French Muslims support the wearing of the burka and 80 per cent believe public school canteens should offer halal options.


A quarter of French Muslims support the wearing of the full veil

The survey, which was carried out by Ifop for a major study of French Muslims by the Institut Montaigue, a liberal think tank, showed that the majority of Muslims accept curbs on religion in public.

The right to wear the headscarf and access to halal food both had support among all Muslims.

Six in ten of those surveyed said that girls should be allowed to wear headscarves in school.

Muslim womanGETTY

The report grouped Muslims into three sections

Six in ten of those surveyed said that girls should be allowed to wear headscarves in school

In 2004, the headscarf and other religious symbols were banished from the classroom.

Around one in four, 24 per cent, supported the wearing of the burka and niqab, which are the full-face veils that were banned in public places in 2010.

The survey asked 1,029 people and was published in Le Journal du Dimanche. It was carried out between April 13 and May 23 before this summer’s controversy over the banning of the burkini.

More here. H/T: 


This is a bad, really bad idea to accommodate this kind of monstrosity…..

Muslim fashion designer makes history with hijab collection at New York Fashion Week

 Anniesa Hasibuan’s collection featured silk hijabs in ivory, peach and grey silk

A Muslim fashion designer has made history as the first ever designer to feature hijabs in every outfit on a New York Fashion Week catwalk.

Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan, 30, delighted crowds with her Spring Summer ’17 collection D’Jakarta. Models wore flowing trousers and skirts in silk, lace and chiffon in an array of pastel colours. One stand-out garment included an intricate gold lace dress, featuring metallic embroidery at the bust and a fringed lace train.

Each model wore a hijab in gold, pale pink or dove grey silk. It is believed to be the first time a New York Fashion Week catwalk show has featured hijabs on every model. Ms Hasibuan also made history as the first Indonesian designer to be featured at the fashion week and says her designs were inspired by her home city of Jakarta, where she also has a boutique.

More here.


The dumbing down and islamizing of America for the naked eye to see.


ILSP/SHARIAsource Open House

Come learn from ILSP/SHARIAsource, a new initiative at Harvard Law School’s Islamic Legal Studies Program, which offers content and context on Islamic law. ILSP/SHARIAsource will feature a portal built in partnership with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. Meet the faculty and staff involved in the project as well as other interested students and fellows. Brief remarks at 4:15p. Light refreshments will be served.

Wed, Sep 21 | 4.00-6.00p | Austin 102

Paul Beran  Executive Director, SHARIAsource

Islamic Legal Studies Program, Harvard Law School


NOTE: Paul Beran’s wife is Palestinian Christian, Hilary Rantisi, who works at the Kennedy School. She used to work for (anti-Israel) Sabeel in Jerusalem.


Update: Vlad had a story on this from a couple of mos ago, I don’t know if this has come up again, so here is Vlad’s as a background info primer.

The rotten fruits of Islamization……..

Mo-doggie 2

All the more reason to walk your dog in public and past every single mosque in the vicinity.

This is how it (islamization) begins to take shape, first they’re quiet and behind the scenes influencing politicians and law enforcement to a more Muslim perspective friendly point of view, then as their numbers grow, begin to enforce their norms on the non-Muslim host society, then even more aggressively to the point of violence.

Muslims DEMAND Locals Don’t Walk Dogs In Public – Violation Of Sharia And “DISRESPECTS” Them


In Manchester, pamphlets have been distribute by a group called Public Purity have demanded that Brits do not take their dogs out in public as dogs are considered impure in the Islamic faith.

The groups message is that British citizens must do certain things that may be considered uncomfortable in order to make its Muslim citizens feel more at home. Why exactly this type of whiny, ultimatum inducing behavior would make citizens of a non-Islamic nation care how its Muslim residents feel is unclear.

What is clear, however, is that this type of intrusive behavior from Muslim immigrants helps to explain British citizens unwillingness to remain in the European Union.

British citizens were roundly denounced as xenophobes following the #Brexit situation, but if this pamphlet is any indication the Brits way of life really was being challenged by these new visitors.


It is wholly irresponsible for people who are essentially living in your guesthouse to demand to you how your house should be run. The British took in exiles and refuges out of the kindness of their hearts, and pamphlets like this show the lack of appreciation those guests have for their hosts.

In a certain sense maybe it is not the Muslim visitors fault for distributing pamphlets like this.

They are used to an entirely different way of life, and the culture shock of being introduced to a country where citizens are free to do as they please regardless of whether or not it offends somebody, must be shocking.

That is not meant to imply that the leaflets are reasonable, they are completely ridiculous and should be disregarded by anyone who sees them, but there is an element of culture shock for people not accustomed to living in free countries.

More here. H/T: Beers and Sandwhiches

NOTE: I disagree in part, we can very well blame the Muslims, it’s their superiority/supremacist complex that drives them on to impose their norms on the greater society. I would not (most wouldn’t) extend the courtesy of the benefit of the doubt to neo-nazis, full throated marxists or to any other brand of boot crushing totalitarianism.



Sacre Coeur hospital in Montreal now broadcasting Islamic call to prayer at prayer times on public PA system

I just received a call from someone who is visiting the hospital who heard the first two sentences of the Islamic call to prayer on the hospital PA system at exactly 12:51 today.

safariscreensnapz132Prayer times in picture are from this site.


Everything changes because of islam………

Nudist beaches with Arabic signs. The vandalising of a mosque. And why ever more Germans envy Brexit: ROBERT HARDMAN on the substantial shift taking place in Angela Merkel’s backyard 

Nudist beaches with Arabic signs. The vandalising of a mosque. And whey ever more Germans

Has sunbathing ever been quite such a hot political issue? French politicians – and British ones, too – have spent all summer arguing over a woman’s right to wear a ‘burkini’ on the beach, writes ROBERT HARDMAN

Here in Germany, in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own backyard, there has been a pretty toxic debate over a woman’s right to wear nothing at all. ‘People are angry. It’s always been in our culture to sunbathe naked. Now our naturist beaches have to have signs which say “No Photography” in Arabic because these so-called refugees are filming them,’ says Jens Schneider, a local candidate and activist for Alternative Fur Deutschland – Alternative For Germany – in Mrs Merkel’s home state.

More here.


Shut the hell up moron!

French presidential candidate Francois Hollande dust up

Without these imbeciles, we wouldn’t have to be fighting the jihad on our own soil.

NOTE: Marxists and every flavor of socialist are brain dead maroons.

Deeply unpopular Hollande calls for France to ’embrace’ Islam and rejects calls for a nationwide burkini ban

  • Mayors in around 30 towns across France banned burkinis this summer
  • Amid much fanfare several of the towns later revoked the ban shortly after
  • President Hollande said Islam can co-exist with Christianity and Judaism 
  • His popularity is waning but could still run in next year’s general election

Islam can co-exist with secularism, President Francois Hollande said Thursday, warning in a speech seen as preparing the ground for a re-election bid that the anti-terror fight should not undermine French values.

The deeply unpopular Hollande has yet to announce whether he will run for a second term next year, but is widely expected to be a candidate.

In a passionate plea for tolerance, he defended the country’s Muslim minority following a vitriolic debate on the banning of the Islamic burkini swimsuit.

Read more: