Islam is a political theory of military conquest, religion is but a beard to the ideology.

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Thousands perform conquest prayer in front of Hagia Sophia

Thousands gather to mark the 563rd anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul by performing prayer in front of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, demanding museum be turned into mosque again

Editor / Internet 10:17 May 28, 2016 Yeni Şafak
Thousands of people performed prayer on the 563rd anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul as part of an event held by the Anatolian Youth Association in front of Hagia Sophia of Turkish province of Istanbul.

The prayer was performed by Murat Mustafa el-Hasan, a Hedjaz imam, and the prayer was followed by slogans for the opening of Hagia Sophia.

The head of Anatolian Youth Association, Salih Turhan, said that they are hoping to perform prayers inside Hagia Sophia.

“Hagia Sophia, which was turned into a museum in 1934, should serve as a mosque again because the decision was fait accompli without public’s will,” he said.

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Lebanese bishop


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A very unique lecture (of ~23 minutes) by, Dr.Andrew Bostom, for the Education Policy Conference has just been placed online at YouTube. Dr.Bostom’s lecture on “Islam and the `Sexual Ethics’ of Jihad Slavery,” was presented on January 29, 2016 at The Education Policy Conference in St. Louis, MO.

It’s important to “learn this critical if terribly disturbing information in its ancient cum modern context—from Muhammad through and the Arab & Turk & Tatar Muslim invaders, through present ISIS and the Islamic Republic of Mauritanian (in West Africa)—and the New Years Eve horrors of Cologne, Germany!

NOTE: Please take the time to view the video of Andy’s talk, and the very brief Q & A which establishes that he still works with, and mentor Muslim women MD colleagues as a medical researcher.

Q & A:

Breitbart published Andy’s speech here.

A short Q & A is here. 


A very prescient article for our times……..

“You cry like a woman because you couldn’t defend like a man,” said Muhammad XII’s mother as the weeping emir left the Alhambra Palace for the ceremony in which he surrendered to Spain Islam’s last West-European realm.

“Like ancient Rome, Europe has effectively opened its doors to an underprivileged workforce that brought with it a triumphalist faith’s zealots, while the Europeans themselves had fewer children, worked short hours, paid high taxes for grand public works and demanded of their citizens less and less military duty.”

Foreign Affairs: The war ahead of Europe

Sat, 26 Mar 2016, 03:05 AM
Photo by: REUTERS

“You cry like a woman because you couldn’t defend like a man,” said Muhammad XII’s mother as the weeping emir left the Alhambra Palace for the ceremony in which he surrendered to Spain Islam’s last West-European realm.

That was in 1492. Now the pendulum has swung. As Muslims this week again sent Christian Europe running for cover, the one shedding tears was European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

The attackers’ affiliation, motivation and aims became clear shortly after they murdered dozens and wreaked havoc in the EU’s capital: They were activated by Islamic State, which in turn explained through its news agency that it was out to attack “the Cross-bearing nations” – meaning Christendom – and that it has in store for them “black days” that will be much worse than what Europe has so far endured.

French President François Hollande’s statement following November’s attacks in his country “France is at war” this week became “Europe is at war.”

The Islamist war on Europe has now reached the very headquarters of the EU, shaking the flagpoles that line it, shortly before a major EU member – Great Britain – issued a travel warning to the EU’s capital.

Few measures could vindicate more harshly the growing suspicion that the EU is a failed experiment, and that the Muslim challenge that has been the doing of many European governments will be their union’s undoing.

THE CURRENT Muslim challenge evolved over hardly three generations, after Western Europe opened its gates to the immigration it has largely failed to absorb.

Historically, however, Europe and Islam have been at loggerheads intermittently since the eighth century, when Muslim armies conquered Spain and then invaded France through the Pyrenees before landing in Italy and reaching Rome.

Consequent Muslim rule, from Barcelona to Sicily, may be trivia to current-day Christian Europeans, but to some Muslims it is a recollection both vivid and instructing. Similarly, the Ottoman conquests at Europe’s other end remain traumatic memories in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary.

Now this legacy of disharmony is returning to the fore.

Yet unlike previous Muslim penetrations into Europe, which followed military conquests, the current presence follows a mostly peaceful immigration whose causes and results bring to mind not medieval Europe’s struggles with its Muslims but ancient Rome’s decline and fall.

BEFORE ROME was “delivered to the licentious fury of the tribes of Germany and Scythia,” as Edward Gibbon put it in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, the number of Romans joining its army was steadily declining; the middle classes were overtaxed to finance grandiose public works; the cities that once were the empire’s social backbone were crumbling under the weight of foreign migrations; a hedonistic elite increasingly shunned politics; and a new religion’s believers threatened the social, political and cultural order.

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NOTE: The EU cannot reform itself, it’s based upon a very flawed model, the only sane thing left to do, is to leave it for good. Winning the hearts and minds of Muslims in Europe is a fool’s errand. Not even Israel has managed, with any great success, in winning their own fifth column’s hearts and minds.


In other words, don’t rape our women.

Why would we want to import people who need to be told that unwanted sexual advances/harassment are a prosecutable offence?


Asylum seekers’ “sex in Finland” lesson

Asylum seekers get guidance on sex norms in Finland

Finland is reportedly giving asylum seekers information on issues regarding sexuality, sex related law, and sexual health, Ilta-Sanomat writes.

The paper writes that the programme, led by the Immigration Service and the Family Federation, is aimed at clarifying the differences between Finland’s more liberal western attitude towards sex and cultural boundaries between genders here.

The sexualised media of the west could be confusing to a newcomer, the paper writes.

The paper writes that asylum seekers are being told:

Pornography is theatre of sorts, not the same as sex, and viewing it is not obligatory; unwanted sexual advances are illegal; that women dress to be looked at, not touched.

The guidance also delves into Finnish law regarding consensual sex, sexual harassment and sexual assault, the paper writes. They also detail the issue of equal rights of women in Finnish society, how divorce works here and that homosexuality is legal in Finland.

Director of the reception centre in Oulu Jenni Korpikari says that many asylum seekers are interested – with some fascinated – about Finnish gender and sexual norms, the paper writes.




This is the history of Islam.  In weakness, it is tolerant and “inclusive,” in strength, it is aggressive and demanding of conformity — just as its prophet’s career suggests: when he was in Mecca outnumbered, Muhammad preached tolerance; when he went to Medina and became a warlord, he preached war.  Compare the Mecca verses of the Koran to the Medina verses for an idea.

ROP facts on koran burning

Read the entire article here at FPM.



Yet Muslims say they are for ”co-existence”.

Next time someone broaches the subject of ”interfaith dialogue”, don’t fail to mention this reality happening to Christians throughout the Levant and elsewhere Islam holds the upper hand.

It’s why the Muslim Arabs are at continual war with the Jewish state as well, according to Islamic law, the sharia, nothing non-Islamic is allowed to have equal status with Islam, let alone to survive competing with it.

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Christianity ‘close to extinction’ in Middle East

Christianity faces being wiped out of the “biblical heartlands” in the Middle East because of mounting persecution of worshippers, according to a new report.

EGYPT Coptic Orthodox Christian's at the saint Bishoi church in Port Said, famous for it's icon of Mary which oozes a holy oil

The most common threat to Christians abroad is militant Islam Photo: ALAMY

By Edward Malnick

7:20AM GMT 23 Dec 2012

The study warns that Christians suffer greater hostility across the world than any other religious group.

And it claims politicians have been “blind” to the extent of violence faced by Christians in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The most common threat to Christians abroad is militant Islam, it says, claiming that oppression in Muslim countries is often ignored because of a fear that criticism will be seen as “racism”.

It warns that converts from Islam face being killed in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania and Iran and risk severe legal penalties in other countries across the Middle East.

The report, by the think tank Civitas, says: “It is generally accepted that many faith-based groups face discrimination or persecution to some degree.

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A couple of days ago I published a piece on the Burmese problem with the Muslims Rohingyas, who are basically Bengali Muslims who have moved into traditional Burmese Buddhist areas. TT reader and commenter, Gerald, forwards the following information with links to the original for those who are interested. This clearly shows the hegemony of Muslim/Islamic societies, that has continued ever since Mohamed left Mecca to Yathrib, the former Jewish city now known as Medina.

Gerald: Hi, Recently you published some news on the so called “Rohingyas” who are basically Bengali Muslims of Bangladesh who have invaded Burma. I have included some background information on this dating to as far back as WWII. I hope this helps when you are writing about this problem.

Troubles in Arakan: 1949 British Perspective!

Peter Murray was a pre-war British administrator who spoke fluent Burmese. He was the British Ambassador to Cambodia during 1961-62.

Peter Murray was also a territorial CAO (Civil Affairs Officer) with the British Army in Northern Arakan during the Second World War.

He was the same Peter Murray mentioned by Robert Mole in his memoirs”The Temple Bells are Calling”about his time in the Arakan.

Following is his 1949 Foreign Office memo outlining the so-called racio-religious troubles in Arakan due to the Bengali Muslims’ relentless intrusion into Burma.

More here.

Gerald: The second blog link is an indication of what will happen to the Buddhist population of the border regions if the UN were to meddle in western Burma and succeed in establishing a Muslim majority area under the tender ministrations of the rapacious Bengali Muslims.




Please do be reminded that J’lem only became of interest when Jewish immigration to the land became noticeable. Before then, the city was treated like an open latrine, only of late has it become a rallying cry for the Muslim horde.

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The jihadi flags and allahu akbars fill the square. That’s right folks, totalitarians in the center of Amsterdam dare fly the black flag of Islamic Jihad and demand …democracy. We all know what kind they are referring to, one man, one vote, one time. These are not Jeffersonian democrats by any stretch of the imagination. KGS

Demonstration in Amsterdam on 07 may 2011 for democracy in Syria / Libya / Yemen.



Oh it’s true, because Ata Abd al-Aal says so! KGS

Egyptian TV Station: “The U.S. Will Be Islamic Republic”

by IPT News • Dec 31, 2010 at 3:53 pm
Egyptian journalist ‘Ata Abd Al-Aal told an Egyptian religious channel that “the U.S. will be transformed into an Islamic Republic” due to the large number of converts each year. He also gave advice on how to raise the number of converts and encouraged them to participate in the U.S. electoral system.

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Oh and remember, the problem with Islamic fundamentalism, are the fundamentals of Islam. KGS

Radical Nigerian Muslim Group Claims Terror Attacks

JOS, Nigeria — A radical Muslim sect has claimed responsibility for the Christmas Eve bombings and church attacks in Nigeria that killed at least 38 people, and the group threatened new attacks to avenge local violence against Muslims.

Religious fighting has left more than 500 people dead this year in the deeply divided region where Jos is located. Authorities had already blamed the Boko Haram group for some of the deaths Friday.

“Therefore we will continue with our attacks on disbelievers and their allies and all those who help them,” said the group, which also said it has taken on a new name.

Two bombs went off near a large market in Jos where people were doing last-minute Christmas shopping Friday. A third hit a mainly Christian area of Jos, while the fourth was near a road that leads to the city’s main mosque. Officials said at least 32 died from the blasts.

That same day, two churches were attacked in the northern city of Maiduguri about 320 miles away, killing at least six people. Authorities said a Baptist pastor and two choir members preparing for a late-night carol service were among the victims.

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Islamic Crusades 6: India’s Millenial Burden…….

Occidental Soapbox has a new video uploaded to Youtube, and it’s worth checking out. When the word “crusade” is mentioned, it’s always placed in the context of Christendom’s military campaigns in the Middle East to regain it’s holy places. Occidental Soapbox does us all a favor by pointing out the military campaigns of Islam, which invaded the Indian sub-continent and sustained it’s invasion for centuries.

Murder, rape and plunder, as well as the forced conversion of the hated polytheists was the standard rationale for extending Islam’s reach into the region. This is a history not well known outside of India, and why most Indians the Tundra Tabloids has talked with, have a well deserved fear of Islam. Check out the video and visist Occidental Soapbox for the transcript. KGS

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OS: “This video gives you a general overview from approximately the 8th century to the 18th century. In Episode 7 I will cover the period following the Mughal Era to the present day, including the post-colonial partition and modern acts of terrorism. Enjoy.”